Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Politically Correct Clones come of age.

MP’s support giving 16-year-olds the vote

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MP’s have voted in favour of a proposal to lower the voting age in all UK elections from 18 to 16.

This next move by the Regime is more serious than people realize,

They have been using submissive methods as depicted in the attached meme, decades of suggestive blame and guilt programming to give the masses the impression that the white race is becoming weak and inferior it is blatantly obvious for those who have the B***’s to see and voice out loud. It begins in school, which more and more schools are being levelled into multicultural brainwashing  ‘Academies’ to serve the Ideology. It is here that the notion of healthy competition is dogmatically engineered out of the  ‘pupil’ or potential Marxist clone. This can be seen in various areas of school life – from the desire to ‘congratulate’ everyone on the sports field down to the failure to correct school work for fear of affecting a child’s ‘self esteem’. Effectively this attitude destroys any fighting spirit. This has helped demoralize our Nation and switch the focus to the chosen minorities who help accelerate the ideology, any child who is identified challenging or refusing to be force fed the deceptions of the Ideology is singled out for re programming. These Frankfurt school methods have for decades been indoctrinating our children with self hate and fabricated guilt all done to deliver them to the regime as multicultural EU clones all hypnotically united with this one single view ‘multiculturalism’ which is an anti white code word, a one sided ideology and contradiction to blend out diversity while disarming a host nation.

Democracy using the UNLAWFUL legal system which is an obstruction to justice, it is no longer a protection for our folk, it has fine tuned itself to a dictatorship becoming a predator over the lives of law abiding people, an unavoidable system which sits in wait for us as we try and live just an average life, they entrap us with self serving manufactured rules and regulations always for substantial monetary gain. Not only have they fine-tuned their self serving legal system to circumvent the law, it also secures the protection over the out of control government who in turn manipulate the civil service to do their dirty deeds this is why you don’t see a conquering Army on the street in combat because it is already here and has been for decades the civil service is that conquering army managing our descent, the regime have demographically replaced the workforce of our own people for the politically correct narrative securing them in positions of influence whose only concern is to receive the weekly wage inducements.          

Common purpose is the new image of the Frankfurt school of Marxism; Advancing cultural Marxism on the western world, a global coordinated attack against the Caucasoid, understand these two covert schools, and you will understand why you feel frustrated with life, why GB is no longer great.

Senior staff working within the civil service are individually cherry picked then sent to be trained in the cunning techniques of their common purpose school in the guise of a moral cause, each being programmed to advance the Zionist ideology attaining one sided leadership skills, then once trained are each unleashed to advance the ideology on unsuspecting staff and targets. The job of graduates is to go out in to the work place, schools and communities as well as industry to exclude and identify more potential Marxist leaders for the future, more graduates to become part of this Marxist infrastructure who are all induced with privileges once placed in positions of influence. The national curriculum in Schools, a prime target for the regimes gate keepers “Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services” (Ofstead) knowing the innocent minds of our children are more malleable. The head master or deputy heads are the usual advocates advancing the Ideology, or if not, the position they hold will be substituted for someone who will, not on merit but on gender, ethnicity or political persuasion which is in reality there Zio-Marxist multicultural scam. Track down the board of directors of OFSTED, or maybe it’s just a coincidence that Amanda Spielman the new head of Britain’s education watchdog is a spiritual “Jew” pushing ‘muscular liberalism’ in schools…link here..


The politically correct regime has indoctrinated our children and youth to stand against not only our own nation but, also parents, teachers, authority, which has allowed them to challenge the moral bastion of common-sense forcing an unnatural order and a change to the fabric of our cultural landscape, in our homes, schools and community’s pushing our tolerance levels to breaking point. It has been a long standing plan of Labour’s friends Lib/Con as well as all the other Ideology manufactured parties they control, UKIP, Greens, SWP, English The Marxist Murderersdemocrats, BNP and the Mossad manipulated EDL etc in short…… ‘The Jewish controlled Left all playing good cop bad cop. The Ballot box is over for the Caucasoid/European/Aryan. 

All this has been predetermined to break down society. Then to have it all rebuilt under their new banner of the coming Yiddish privately owned One World Order = a Jewish dominion.

These leading Marxists have, these past 15 years even set up a sickening new UK Youth Parliament for their carefully selected investments, cherry picking selected pupils not on merit but on gender or ethnicity creating shepherds to guide other vulnerable pupils into the Marxist politically correct brain washing machine, to make sure our youth and (((their))) imported voting block are sexualised and shepherded into either silence, or in the ways of Anarchy as punctuated by the new Zio-Femen attack against men. ‘Feminism’ and ‘gender identity’ are other parts of the dialectic fashionably set up to unbalance, displace and cause anarchy while undermining the patriarch of the Caucasoid being the main irritant to (((their))) power struggle within target nations. ie 1. The children marching to remember the Suffragettes,   2 University…,      3. Swanlea School ……. 4..Gender dysphoria ……... 5, Parents’ outrage as transgendered woman is permitted to use the women’s locker room ‘exposing himself to little girls’.  6, (((Sexual Bolshevism))) has even added a new mandatory town planning condition for businesses to contain the sexual orientation of target markets ….  7, Drag Queen Story of inclusion.

The regime have created less schools to justify introducing multi merging Academy schools which are factories to manufacture politically correct, multicultural clones for the anti English, anti family, anti white ideology, our children are being forced to liberally integrate and mix or else, be outcast. Its not long now before the age for voting is lowered to accommodate these new young brains-washed clones which will help secure and accelerate their ideology. If knew or had known that any of my children were to be involved in one of these set ups, I would, seriously, be careful about what I say in my own house, around these kids in case it gets picked up by the teacher and in turn causing a visit from the regimes social services to remove from you the state owned children because whatever you think about your children belonging to you is a mistake because at the time of registering your child’s birth certificate at the registrar you unknowingly make them a ward of the state!

If you understand what I speak of, you have a responsibility to pass on to other parents and pupils.

Our naive and innocent youth are at risk of being suffocated with this sickening ideology, our culture has been sabotaged and reduced becoming almost none existent, our children have been weaned to accept and appreciate what remains, and so do not recognize what has been purposely corroded away. They feel they are losing nothing, as they have nothing to look back on to compare, so naively they feel there isn’t a need for change, because what they have now is an abundance of immoral distractions to keep them occupied, They look at people like me as if we are trying to hold on to a long gone past. This pleases the Zionist, as they do not care about the older wiser generation; it is only the youth they have to focus on.

People should ask themselves this one question why every Government that has vehemently objected to scores of slow kill Government changes before winning the smoke screen symbolic seat, don’t reverse anything when they get into no. 10 and the masses carry on voting them in time after time, as if seeing Democracy as a moral bastion!” Democracy! Do as we say, get into f****ng debt, or we will f****ng kill you = Jewish Zionist Democracy at the point of a gun!

It’s not hard to determine after many years of tracking politics that the silenced majority of British folk agree that political correctness has been a major cause of Britain’s problems having had it imposed on us as a result of EU membership. So unless the Brexit means disposing of PC and implementing the Feder economic model then what is the point if it still allows the Jewish criminal banker crime families to keep us in their Central Banking repressive cycle.

The regime have set up many divisive groups to distract and disadvantage us all! ie Operation Black Vote for the obvious! Then we have the labour Party because granddad voted for them, but is in reality a haven for immigrants and a safe haven for paedophiles. Then to tighten the noose around our neck (((they))) have George Galloway for the Muslims. All the same face main stream parties cater for the Jewish voters who can straddle unnoticed in all parties. All of these political parties are anti white and advancing cultural Marxism. Pseudo politicians gate keeping the Yiddish trick of ‘forced integration’ and all friends of Israel who have by proxy molested Europe almost into submission. Then of course the (((their))) first Brit pseudo science nonsense thrown in to the Yiddish construct mix. Science itself is showing DNA can be fabricated.    

I relentlessly try to bring awareness to the swindle of the democratic bubble, a message to the masses to recognize no ‘all white’ party is allowed into there Marxist Democratic politics, it is they who use unity along racial lines, it is they who have created the void for a white party and so I see it as my job to campaign for equality of arms for my own blood stock! Just as our guests are encouraged to do so for theirs because no one else has the balls to do it! I will point at the Emperors new clothes, at what ever cost, it has been a very successful socially engineered recipe for our cultural disaster. White nations across the world are involved in a war of self defense for our continued survival as our birth rates are plummeting and if it is allowed to continue this road of destruction it will be impossible to reverse.

I am neither left or right wing, it is Marxism which has labelled common sense politics right wing I am pro life unlike Zionist Democracy which is anti life advancing usury on the back of genocide, wars, liberal abortion and world chaos, which is and has been for decades a destructive force to all races who oppose the ideology.

Here are some links giving examples of how the Jewish funded Frankfurt and Common purpose School of thought works against our European folk grafting blame away from the true puppet masters –

White privilege Conference 2014 Part 1 of 4: Racism Invented in American Colonies

White privilege Conference 2014 Part 2 of 4: Rape is not intrinsically evil

White privilege Conference 2014 Part 3 of 4: Getting White privilege in to the elementary classroom.  

White privilege Conference 2014 Part 4 of 4: Little red corvette of oppression.

Our own children are being asked to spy on their own family unit


The Yidish Pansey Scheme.

From ‘Order’… into a Rainbow of Chaos:

18 comments on “Politically Correct Clones come of age.

  1. Longbow
    January 29, 2013

    Oh didn’t you know they are the chosen people! They have there own European union within the EU like a parasite eating its way outward having loyalty only to there community and ultimately Israel and use the Semitic wolf cry to hide murders and mass killings.

    How come Israel are part of the European Union in the first place, please make me understand how they are eligible to enter the European song contest.

    But I do see how clever they are, in the fact I recognize them having puppet control of all workers party unions like the UNITE,SWP and other parties like UNISON and have witnessed for decades them collapsing industry into fewer kosher hands for there ultimate control.


  2. J
    January 30, 2013

    Few people are trained, beyond the indoctrination centers they have graduated from, to use independent thought to see through the destructive ideology of Zionist Marxism (aka secular humanism, liberalism, modernism, etc,.) The world is now an ideological battlefield where the crown of the current regime would be the funeral wreath of mankind if enough of us don’t take notice. History has shown that 1 man in a group of 7 can make earth shaking changes!


  3. Kev Bryan
    January 31, 2013

    Very good article Peter, keep exposing these people for what and who they are.
    Kev Bryan


  4. fústrendel
    January 31, 2013

    Cultural Marxism in its truest form = Jewish Zionism’ Period.


  5. fústrendel
    February 3, 2013

    ‘Not many people know only socialists publicly advocated genocide in the 19th and 20th centuries a very convenient little known fact Ingles wrote when the class war happens there will be primitive societies in Europe who will be two stages behind because they are not even capitalists yet, they had in mind the Basques, the Bretons and the Scottish Highlanders as well as the Serbs calling them racial Trash ‘Volk fera ab’ all will have to be destroyed because being two stages behind in the historical struggle it will be impossible to bring them up to the point of being revolutionary he spoke of vulgarity and the dirtiness of Yugoslavia and Slavic also saying Poland had no reason to exist !

    Karl Marx ‘They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust’ ‘Marx is the ancestor of modern political genocide and there is no other EUROPEAN modern thinker before Marx and Ingles ever publicly advocated racial extermination so that means it all started with them ‘The Left’

    The Communist Bernard Shaw in 1933 publicly advocated death by lethal injection for the disabled and infirm stating if they could not justify there existence there life cannot be much use to the ideology or to themselves and so should be terminated, he believed in mass killing of the idle and disabled even appealing in the 7th Feb 1934 publication of the Listener for a chemist to develop a humane gas to use on these folk ‘Deadly by all means but not cruel’.

    haha the truth is not so cute after all, it is the Jewish Zionist who have twisted the truth making sure through there media friends it smears the Germans, the so called nasty whites.

    The Left wing government in GB led by the Zionist puppet Churchill won WW11 with his Bolshevik alias who were propped up by the Jewish Government of the USA! That means the communism.
    History belongs to the winners, and the inconvenient criminal evidence is then transferred to the losers for the atrocities they done themselves


  6. Sabino Arana
    February 4, 2013

    It is happening in all occupied nations.


  7. Roger
    February 4, 2013
  8. Frontline
    February 8, 2013

    (TESCO) TESSA COHENS real network


  9. Mohan
    September 8, 2013

    Yes Pete, some very fine distinctions indeed. It’s about time I gave you some feedback 🙂
    I have for quite a number of years realised this basic agenda but have not been aware of the terms of reference you use. As a British born Asian I can certainly speak for myself as an individual. It is blatantly obvious to me that the powers that be are in full force pitting us up against each other and staring the shit racially in the false guise of their pseudo multicultural bullshit ideology in which they impose their PC and twisted definitions of so called multiculturalism. It has been clear to me for years that they are aggressively attacking the white man of Britain and marginalising the white race of Britain. Yes as you say, almost to breaking point. It’s about time that we became vocal across all races to make people aware of the agenda. Ultimately the “New World Order” wants a homogenised ONE race across the planet, that has no racial, cultural, religious, philosophical uniqueness or distinctions. Yes, and these f–kers have also been undermining communication and clear expression and critical thinking with their bullshit Orwellian “political correctness” speak. They are the most insidious engineers of evil and oppression and we need to unite to stop the fkers. It’s good that people are really waking up to some degree and it makes me happy that caMORON had his arse kicked while trying to kill off more British etc kids by sending them to kill in other countries (Syria). People ain’t as asleep as they once were. Hopefully this is a sign of some tangible awakening. I don’t think that the controllers could have pulled off some double-bluff by manipulating so many MPs to vote against the proposed act of aggression against Syria………….. but to be honest I wouldn’t put anything past the conniving scum that pull-off that kind of shit. So it really appears that caMORON had his arse whipped I think.
    Chou 🙂


  10. chairs left
    July 5, 2014

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    is a very neatly written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your helpful info.
    Thanks for the post. I will definitely comeback.


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  15. Don Hermiston
    August 17, 2018

    In a sane world, voting would only be allowed to those who work and contribute to society after the age of 25. Criminals would not be allowed to vote but servicemen would under the age of 25. Also, in a sane world, the family would be venerated and state rules kept to a minimum. But, we are far from having a sane world.


    • PeterQuiggins
      August 18, 2018

      With Jews we loose …….. Campaign Stop at General Patton Museum, Coachella Valley –

      #patricklittle #littlerevolution #VoteLittleWinBig
      @a #NS #MightyWhite #killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #EndCorruptionNow #GDL


      • Don Hermiston
        August 18, 2018

        I think Patrick Little is a very brave guy. I’m just not sure his approach is the right way of doing things.


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