Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Scrounger Britain?

Scrounger Britain ? 

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Are we witnessing the growth of a new class, the “precariat”, where people exist without predictability or security in their lives? In the UK, almost 7 million working-age adults are living in extreme financial stress, despite being in employment and largely independent of state support. In addition, 2.2 million children live on the edge of, or in, poverty, despite one or both adults earning low to middle income”.

Looks like this regime have us eating out of their hand, exactly were they need us, who really manufactured this precariat condition for us? Unemployment has enabled an advance for them, a well measured commodity for there machine to coral us all. The regime have over decades orchestrated a financial power shift from the west over to the far east helping collapse every bastion of our Industries. At the same time harvesting in their immigrant pets from their colonies as a replacement workforce to make our folk dependent on the Zionist regime.


Jewish Zionism has been using many sabotaging methods to destroy our ability to sustain a self sufficient nation offering divisive inducements in the respective industries to assist in diverting business elsewhere in the world, implementing hair brain ideas like free trade which is in reality farming out work to other nations which has no benefit to sustaining a self sufficient nation for ourselves.

I remember the cod wars which were a 1970’s phenomenon we were all coaxed into accepting changes and restrictions within the fishing industry for over fishing which altered our nations economy it was all part of the great global ‘Hoax’ over fishing by the empowered big fat cat monopolies vacuumed up fertile fish stocks which ultimately caused restrictions to be placed on deep sea and coastal fishing which then collapsed the British fishing industry which was made up of hundreds of small family businesses the slaughter inevitably created mass unemployment, fishermen and families were left stranded while huge foreign business swallowed up the carnage for themselves, one of our main cheap national foods ‘fish and chips’ become a extravagance for the socially underprivileged.


Examples like this are ten fold, Dockers, Miners, Farmers, Car industry workers and so on, but these were the days of the government phenomena of back to work programs publicly funded private agencies now known as quangos it was the start of

Keep sending the Baillifs because the more we have the less passive we become..

Let the Jew keep sending in the Baillifs because the way I see it is, the more they take from us the less passive we become..

corralling us all into the unemployment mincer laying foundation thereby securing the future of this private industry which Legally siphons off public money by the bus load, and as a consequence you will continue to fall down the machine-made rabbit hole until you define and compare the word Legal to Lawful : Lawful is the Law! while Legal is a the Private and Corporate!. Void of Justice ! It’s all business ££.



 These cunning methods have been purposely manufactured to surrender 841272_132064683627196_156045399_o us all slowly to there evil objective of complete  servitude. These Marxist puppets in the house of  swill (Parliament) have no allegiance to the people  only to Zionist Party line objectives they are  purposely managing our nation downwards how  the f**k people are still in worthless debate, trying  to work this out traumatizes me.



The only choice you make during elections is what bailiff you would like to crush you.


So called minorities are used to control the majority reinforced with so called political asylum seekers, also cherished and empowered by this cabal of ‘anti English anti white’ above our own folk, above our own pensioners, Just this one issue alone, pensioners are being asset stripped, forced to surrender there families inheritance over to the state, not even accounting for what each have contributed in life to the infrastructure of their own nation. It is the state who should look after our pensioners. We need to take a good look at other cultures and compare our selves to how other cultures treat their elderly, it will impact on, and show how our culture has been fractured.


All this immigrant influx has purposely been done to create competition amongst us all. Foreseen well in advance by the Zionist, it has allowed them to control and freeze wages at inadequate levels, causing division amongst the population and the regime’s voting immigrant!

Multiculturalism is for white countries only and kills diversity!!!”


Under the current Zionist system we have been manipulated to become reliant on the regime’s big business paymasters for either commodity yielding unemployment or low skilled service industry jobs, choice of supporting ourselves has been taken away helping crush the spirit of our nation.

The Regime continues to destroy small industries with new destructive rules and regulations they conjure up. The option of self-employment wont even save you from the poverty trap, as these ‘Zionist governments’ are making it more & more difficult for you, by imposing an obstacle course of sanctions using their castrating employment or health a safety statutes, rules and regulations to bottleneck all work in to the corporate sector. These Private members Bills rules and regulations which are not really laws, are slowly corralling us in to state or corporate reliance. Try using these destructive castrating rules on people in any of these third world countries and watch the country go into civil war.

If we continue under this capitalist, Jewish, Zionist driven ideology  our country will THE ISRAEL LOBBY IN  UNITED KINGDOM disintegrate into the  abyss.

 Do you think the Jewish-Zionist  thespians,  CameronMilliband and Cable,  consider the welfare of the  indigenous folk of what they  view as a host nation? Well  people you better catch up, because there is no party in  this one party state who is looking out for your interest, any party advocating multiculturalism along with the politically-correct con is a Zionist puppet! We are in a one party state! This country is a puppet to Israel. Try using multiculturalism in this impermeable country!

Westminster and number 10 are well occupied, our Town halls ie (Liverpool) are the same up and down the country they have been harvesting city and municipal councils for decades getting empowered from the Zionist infested house of swill (Parliament) using unlawful laws on us to justify their actions.

We are under a constant barrage from them using manufactured debts which they relentlessly impose on communities, home owners as well as motorists contrived The Marxist Murderersdebts which are crushing the lives of our people, Traffic, Parking, bus lanes, dog owners, council tax, planning fines and even more taxes on FOOD not forgetting the new Bedoom invasive Tax, at every turn we encounter uncontrollable debt being forced and corralling us, we are the only living thing on the planet that has to pay to breath!

Once these unmanageable targeted debts become like a pendulum provoking you, they stealthily move in to expose you to economic failure, a step closer to land grabbing more control from your life-times input.

These Marxist Councils which are time after time mysteriously preserved to take care of your communities, are in fact the main enforces of these contrived debts, these cross party accomplices sanction our downfall.

So what Bailiff did you vote for ?

First they came for Industry,  then they came for the Communities, the Unemployed, the Pensioners, the Youth then the Disabled, then the Pubs & the Smokers & the Drinkers, and it will go on until they have total rule! All this has been done to divide and silence the indigenous folk of the targeted host nations across Europe, in this  case Zionist Murder Of Muammar Gaddafi it is GB, and we are all getting  corralled in to manageable units to be  used or disposed of at will. Poverty and  insecurity is the objective! A clear case of  a social engineering  modification, for the fast approaching Jew World Order for global dominance and at this point in time we are in the last  throws of the dice.

They continue to crush nations like Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and other solvent Sovereign Countries by invading or using economic sanctions against for no other reason than their banking systems are independent of Jewish Zionist usury, the same tactics were used against Germany in 1933 when Judea globally declared an economic war on them, which almost brought that noble country to its knees which was well before WWII.

“History belongs to the Victors!”

Unbeknown to the masses, the Zionist network of trade workers unions, long established in host nations across the  world, are infused with Trotsky footsoldiers.Judea declares War on Germany They can rally at the tip of a hat to embargo and declare war on any business nationally or locally that interfere with their insane political or economic ambush. This is the reason many independent business men are so passive against the system and continue to struggle against the tide as they are scared sh**less to put at risk their perceived security.


It is the huge strangulation of accumulated debt which makes people passive! A significant factor of the Jewish Banking control,  secured like a steel blade pendulum over Goy slavery nations. The assets of those who think  they have managed to weave through this  Jewish agenda are living in cloud  cuckoo land. Be warned you are as secure  as a computer file in their banking system because when the time arrives for you they will pull the plug.

Politics are too serious a matter to be left to these Jewish Politicians’’ = Imigrants”

These writings may sound negative but I can assure you that there is hope for the future for our nation, you people need to take direct action yourselves to remove this psychopathic ideology and replace it with the ideology they themselves use against us which preserves there longevity ‘Protectionism and Distributionism’ A Byzantium method used centuries ago to keep these creatures at bay.

Distributionism and Protectionism, if morally used in its truest form secures and reinforces the energy of a community’s economy which eventually redistributes the economy of that nation from bottom upwards and not Jewish capitalist top downwards. The reason the masses are unaware of this common sense approach is, it directly affects the Jewish purse and ultimately their global banking control. 

Judea use a self serving deformed version of Distributionism and Protectionism on the world to castrate nations at will bottle-necking labour and industry into Jew corporate control.

Not only does Jewish Zionism use it, there ultimate enemy the Anti Zionist Muslims also use the formula in a more inward-looking way as intended by its creator for people and communities endorsed by the Imam making sure it is being recycled through their economy amongst there own people, but the world community of Judea, manipulated by these criminal Jewish Banker, corporate and media families use their distorted version to advance Zionist self interest groups on gullible Goyim. Their Legal system and Democracy are the face of Jewish Zionism who have turned TRUTH = radical,  debt = fashionable and chaos = the order of the day. Understand Political Correctness (Cultural Marxism) then question what you see! 

The enemy of Capitalism and Communism is Distrabutism and Protectionism, the formula which would turn this country right back as a self sufficient economic power base. I used this method for over 20 years myself in our little community known as Quiggins which was a shelter for protecting small and cottage Industry limiting competition and reinvesting inwards which helped build our economy ‘bottom – upwards’ our motto is ‘Small is Better’ our small community were the ultimate anti capitalists as Capitalism works its economy ‘top – downwards’ their motto is ‘Big is Best’ it inevitably crushes competition and vacuums the carnage in to fewer hands.

This corrosive regime thrives on exposing our nation to many dangers which is terrorising and cowing our people in to submission, this immoral system has rendered the whole population spineless, turning population order in to a self financing commercial commodity, marketed through their Jewish – controlling Shetar legal system, manipulating the masses with their illegitimate infrastructure in anticipation of the imminent carnage of the “Talmudic New World Order” if the people don’t wake up to it, you either take heed of these writings or smear them at your peril as a paranoid rant only time will prove me, as well as other awakened ‘Ethno (Racial) Nationalist’ right, but remember don’t be sucked into what they mislead you with Atheism, Individualism, self indulgence and chaos or an attitude of just ‘live for today’, they never encourage discipline as that is the enemy of chaos. Diversity depends on the survival of the European ‘Multiculturalism kills Diversity‘!.

Our children are the generation who are being cloned away from common sense opinion but can voice, with confidence when it suits the ideology, who are being told they have no history, heritage, nationality, they are the generation who have lost their country, security, liberty, they are the generation who have to cower and be Who's killing us? subservient to other cultures in the guise  of multiculturalism and the politically correct con, who are forced to integrate  and accept chaos and mass  unemployment, or if not, sent to the  treadmill of creative government workshops as obedient  fodder.

 Remember your family and children don’t need chaos, they need order and discipline and most of all faith and hope, to help create a safe and moral future for their families.

‘’A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing’’  



7 comments on “Scrounger Britain?

  1. Sabino Arana
    February 4, 2013

    It is happening in all occupied nations.


  2. Frontline
    February 4, 2013

    Great read thanks brother.


  3. Roger
    February 4, 2013

    The American Hebrew stated on Sept. 8, 1920:
    “The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish Planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.”

    They have admitted it themselves for decades, but the main stream media, owned by the very same people and ideologues, will tell us otherwise.


  4. Clark
    February 13, 2013

    Paying for our own downfall:


  5. Anthony Migchels
    October 8, 2014

    All this poverty is caused by Usury, all the wealth in concentrated in ever fewer hands because of it…….

    Without Usury, the Jews have nothing.


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