Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

A Gullible Goy

Eye’s wide shut.

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It was the loss of Quiggins in 2006 that caused a reaction in me and forced me to question and intensely study the regime now in power. They use a twisted Ideology to control, and inwardly manage our nation downwards. My devastating loss of a unique cultural business became a strength for me. Inspiring me to scrutinize and search, looking back at my historical knowledge and track the workings of those involved in the destruction. I asked myself how I had not recognised it sooner, and started to draw on the memories of my early business experiences and the people I helped, recalling on one particular memory of a long standing unwritten contract I’d had with an organisation which at the time never occurred would have a massive destructive impact not only on me and our little community but on the whole cultural foundation of Great Britain.

In about 1981 I was finding it very difficult getting on to the employment ladder in and around Liverpool so decided to go the route of self employment instead of relying on the conventional route. It was the new government initiative called ‘enterprise allowance’ that motivated me to go self-employed. This was an allowance that gave advocates an inducement of £40 a week life line if they failed to get work. At the time I had a small pick-up truck that I regularly used for small random jobs for friends and relatives. This inspired me to go in to transport and commercial removals.  I was accepted on the scheme along with others as one of the first groups on Merseyside.

As I now needed an accountant, I searched the city and chose King Nagley and Bakerman to represent my new business. I remained with this practice for about 14 years. My accountant was a polite sort of guy, fanatical for detail and control so staying with him seemed a logical route as accountancy was not the sort of area of business I personally liked to get involved with, so having this accountant my thinking was he may discipline me to organise the future of my business and keep it in order!

It was during my first year of being with him when he approached me, asking if I would like to do a small job delivering a large amount of camping equipment to a camp site in north Wales. The job was to be done over 4 split random days that may not be profitable and may even isolate my truck for periods that could render me unable to make wages for the 4 days of isolation. Telling me it was for a kids youth club and that he was a voluntary scout leader, I thought it was a good gesture from him to do this for kids and so compassionately I also offered to give him a helping hand at the next event, an arrangement if he paid the costs! It turned out my accountant was a scout leader attached to Jewish Youth a boys and Girls scout brigade based in Harold House, which was relative to the King David Jewish school both based in the location of Childwall, well known as the Jewish area of Liverpool.

At the time nothing connected politically, although I would soon learn this was the area were Liverpool’s controlling Jewish elite all reside- leading councillors, legal solicitors and the controlling business infrastructure of Liverpool-well known faces I would come to recognise. I observed known individuals many times over the years attending what I come to believe as a strange singular club for business and or worship!

Back then was I being blessed by the hand of the controlling few or was I just another gullible goy being shepherded because of my ‘weaknesses’-compassion.

I got to recognise most of the kids, parents and relatives during this time, on occasions when travelling to the camp site I had accompanying me in my truck volunteer parents, passengers who would sit in conversation amongst each other. I would sit attentively listening as each built a picture of their personalities for me to overhear. Most appearing to take delight in strutting a far superior image over me just being the mere van driver. It was not hard to recognise I was not part of their culture or community and not hard for them to let me know it, even the youth had a similar attitude as well as having a guarded detached like stare towards me, as if it being part of there genetic make up. I would often over the years question myself what are these youth being told about people outside of their little community. I was offering my services to these people for a token, a gesture to help out my Jewish accountant as well as them and still I felt I was encroaching. I always left the camp feeling as if they were doing me a favour which become a bit of an irritant.

For 14 years I naively continued to do this job for these people always for a nominal cost. It was always done the same way year after year. Me arriving at the site and then being hurriedly moved off after unloading leaving them to enjoy what I eventually realised to be their little private Shoah, a bonding break to teach righteousness and the importance of remaining the victim through repetitive wolf crying and public displays of self flagellation. 

Yet I never would have believed that the people I had volunteered to help back in the early 80’s into the 90’s taking their kids for their annual bank holiday would be the same people who would eventually destroy my business Quiggins. These are the people I now nick name the kosher Childwall mafia, leading key figures who controlled the infrastructure of Liverpool city council all anti-British and hell bent on dismantling to then control Liverpool’s culture using ransom political policy.

Since leaving the city I have intensely studied the reasons why such destructive forces were working against us. I well understand now why Quiggins was destroyed. Independent culture is being corralled into all government funded quangos for their Ideology to control and manipulate. This nepotistic recruiting Jewish mafia is not just embedded in this city council they have secured themselves senior positions in Town Halls up and down Great Britain. Well placed, like Louise Ellman quality controlling Jewish Zionist ideology objectives and are displacing other more common sense ideas. Everything has become anti-English, anti-family anti-White carefully rolled up in politically correct word play to brow beat our tribe (Europeans) in to submission.

In Liverpool and across Great Britain groups like this Childwall mafia find it easy to make cross party alliances as they occupy all seats available in all the parties to secure control over the masses. It is a tactical procedure embedded into their culture during times like the Jewish youth Shoah gatherings I spoke of above, to educate tribal members into joining all social groups available in and around the communities of all host nations, this world wide Jewish Youth start out in branches like the B’nai B’rith world wide Jewish freemasonry organisation to instil Jewish Zionist supremacy over the Goy.

Here in Liverpool alone for decades this elected Jewish cabal have targeted social unity collapsing anything that smelt of community  bonding either by strategic neglect to justify displacement or by having MP’s like Louise Ellman, Beatrice Fraenkel and or Marxist/Trotsky foot soldiers join nhs-death-camp-for-gentileslocal    community action groups to insulate and  control the flow of information. This makes sure it bottle necks in one direction to be sure it is completely crushed for the Jewish Town Hall cabal all in the moral name of regeneration.    

Jewish Zionists have slowly dissected our city dividing it into so called Trusts, sinking more  and more into the private hands of a selective few. It was Liverpool’s infamous Trotsky militants who worked alongside these Jewish elite few in the late 70’s and 80’s and were the most rampant and obvious accelerators, but for the sake of the mirage of so called Democracy kept a discreet distance from each other. Meanwhile certain venal’ Trotsky individuals ended up with huge money laundering property portfolios, private city centre car parking sites and even their own Golf course, from the coffers of Liverpool’s public purse. Yet still Labour Hatton shouted Power to the sleeping mass: whilst amusingly shouting his arrogant catch phrase’ I bet you havent got one of these’’ pointing to his gold Sekonda! Socialist my arse Marxist more like”, this thing exposes the true side of open all borders Marxism/Internationalism, and didn’t all the Jeremy Kyle masses follow. The ideology and objective is still the same ‘Cultural Marxism’. To understand this corrosive ideology take time out and study what’s in store for the future. It will give you answers to why our nation is in such chaos.

The Cancer.

Since Communism failed in the West the Bolsheviks had to come up with another method to destroy the West. They introduced the FrankfurtSchool in 1923 and produced cultural Marxism which became the next wave of Communist ideology for the West. To put this in to perspective academic Marxist took the Ideology of Marxism and fused it with Jewish psychology which comes from the minds and work of their Jewish brethren Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. The fusion of the 2 Jewish minds resulted in what we are now exposed to today and is the reason why the White (race) future is now in peril. These two Jewish minds Marx and Freud have advanced the toxic Zionist machine across the planet in the guise of so called Democracy a vote for their sort of Democracy is a vote for Genocide, Murder and Jewish Zionist tyranny.

Marxists/Internationalists are the foot soldiers of Capitalism. They are the mass consumers of Globalisation engaged to fight the enemy of Capitalism which is Nationalism. Capitalism finances the ideology through all the manipulating government quangos and Trade Unions. The Unions then pay members subsides to specifically Labour as well as all the rest of the Political Parties to help retain the status quo!!  Psychological Marxism manipulates its puppet members to slowly dismantle industry under the banner of the Unions using fabricated or misguided moral causes to enable the Marxists to start class wars and cause cultural divides. Capitalism then vacuums up all the carnage in to huge Jewish Global companies and the cycle goes on land grabbing asset stripping piecemeal by piecemeal more for the Jewish Zionist purse.

Open borders ZioMarxism (Internationalism) is the acceptable face of Marxism in the West inducing its followers from an early age with ‘equality’. Offering the global village scam and a free meal to any follower, ultimately a sit back, spliff up and peel me a grape ‘Utopia’ a world of heaven.

Is this for real! Do these gullible followers actually believe this? Of course they do they read about it in the self serving Marxist books of fiction that they have cleverly been indoctrinated with using the Jewish Zionist controlled national curriculum during schooling. Here Jewish Zionism have had decades of a head start to pervert our children against White values. Marxists are told that the world belongs to every one and there shouldn’t be any borders or that all borders should be open to all aliens! If that’s the case you are being manipulated by the Ideology of Jewish Zionism whose weapon is cultural Marxism. This only applies to White countries that Jewish Zionists are flooding with Kalergis coloured immigrants, and try and apply this same method of liberal open borders to Israel and see how far it goes! Africa for the Africans Asia for the Asians and White Lands for everyone! Open borders Marxism (internationalism) contributes nothing and only survives off a host.

What people don’t realise is that Shylock uses the public purse to hold back the nations last line of defence “Nationalism”. Yes we pay for our own downfall. One such Marxian social engineering technique is holding free annual or weekly arts and music events in Liverpool and around the country cunningly funded from government quangos. One regular funded wolf cry is Love music Hate Racism and has unsuspecting youth follow as if it is all about music and culture when in reality it is about gathering unsuspecting youth to support their one sided issue. This is a hate group indoctrinating against nationalists and patriots identifying them as ‘racists’ and anti-Semites. They are a contradiction and are in fact anti-English and anti-white and with their ‘Love Music Festivals of Hate’ the majority of youth are so hypnotised and blind to the evil underlying message they are being indoctrinated with. Using this word play misleads these unsuspecting followers. Even words like mono meaning singularly White or more ruthless words to that effect helps these Marxist define our culture as ‘racist’ when degrading our lost British spiritual bonding festivals referring to them as being long gone.

They use all these Marxian pre-judged statements on the naïve to draw in support for their well-rehearsed displays. The youth are too distracted by the music or are too programmed by this Politically Correct regime to urlstand back and think about what they are doing to themselves by following this corrosive doctrine.

If this inadequate symbolic Queen is not a prisoner herself to these criminal Jewish banker families, who are by far wealthier than the symbolic mirage of our so called sovereign, she can only ever be seen as a distraction and a traitor at least 5 times over, but then of course her treacherous actions would make complete sense if she was found not to be a valid Monarch…. (U.K.: Landmark Case Could Stymie Legal System – Queen not valid monarch)

1. She has broken her Coronation oath.

2. She signed the treaty of Rome.

3. She signed the treaty of Lisbon.

(Making her a Vassal of a foreign government, which is unlawful under English law?)

4. She is letting the Government pass statutes detrimental to the British public.

5. She has not called for a referendum at any point in her reign; she is now being seen by the gullible public to be slowly corroding our traditions away, diluting the historic significance of the honours list, which is now obviously quality controlled by the Jewish Zionist regime, liberally handing out to individuals who fit the politically correct narrative.  This makes sure it encompasses the degenerate world of pop scat, football corporate bozos or Paedophile DJ’s and even obscure foreigners from distant lands, and manufacturing Jamaican poetic characters to refuse such Talking shitoffers from the Queen to gain that ideological underpinning ‘victim story’ to continually loop for public consumption plat-forming through the tabloid  and media as a noble cause when in reality it is to  elevate these urban Rap star ‘intellectuals’ on political programs for their Marxist opinions. Take  these cherished figures out of their cotton wool comfort zone and ask yourself what have these regime ambassadors ever achieved or contributed without the race card or corporate jack up.

It is the ideology who benefit long term from all this. It is all part of their artificial social construct to create and elevate multicultural, multiracial social heroes to mislead and pied piper the public in one direction while turning the tradition and significance of the Honors list into a satirical blue Peter badge.

Christmas, Easter and other significant Christian festivals and celebrations have been relegated to politically correct happy holiday status while introducing Marxist Labour days, black History month, Hanukah, Yom Kippur, Gay pride and even the MOBO awards. More is done to encourage our so called guests as well as open all borders Marxism (Internationalism), while even more is done to corrode away our pride bonding traditions and moral fabric of our country. Yet ask yourself what culture ultimately benefits long-term from this manufactured social construct. This immoral community of swindlers who are inherently desolate of compassion but thrive on victim status. Who swear loyalty to Israel and less than none to our nation or other host nations. Who by birth have dual  citizenship (Aliyah) but historically have been banished from many countries through out  time for their criminality and still they press on and even faster since the introduction of their Marxist doctrine of the politically correct mantra which has individuals of the occupied host nation viewing the parasite as victims which helps the Jewish Zionist regime persistently advance. 


The Jewish Zionist conception is to socially construct certain groups within the West via their divisive methodology. Feminism is a good example as its wolf cry of ‘equality’ for woman socially separates the White man from the White woman a paring that nature designed to be biologically and psychologically different to complement each other. The idea is then to identify‘victim groups’ elevate and put them in control. Such groups are susceptible and more than willing to conform to the common purpose Frankfurt school leadership skills once given lucrative inducements. 

Sometimes the media pathetically drop hints-pointing out how multi ethnic integration of all these alien cultures flooding into Europe has ‘failed’. It has not ‘failed’. It worked exactly as the Ideology of Jewish Zionism planned because they have achieved the exact result they set out to achieve and that is culture clash against each other divide and rule ‘division is unity’ for Jewish Zionism.

I am neither left nor right wing. It is Marxism which has labelled common sense politics right wing. Left and Right is purposely plat formed this way left and rightneatly packaged by Jewish Zionism to psychologically challenge the masses to identify what is good and what is bad everything is predetermined for us. Left wing is a code word for Marxism.

I am pro Race as well as pro-life unlike Jewish Zionist Democracy which is anti-life advancing on the back of factional wars, race wars, liberal abortion in essence ‘world chaos‘. Jewish Zionist Democracy is and has been for decades a destructive force to all races who oppose the ideology. So if common sense politics is right wing lets hope common sense accelerates even faster than they are expecting.

Close all borders racial Nationalism is about the preservation of all cultures not destruction. This is the job of Jewish Zionist Democracy liberalising and mixing us all in to an indistinguishable toxic modification resulting in no identity or loyalty to any culture. This makes it easier for the Jewish elite to control the masses.

The public purse is a cunning way of self financing our own demise ’Paying for our own downfall ‘. A double dip technique used at no cost, only gain to the ultimate world free trade advocate ‘Shylock‘.  For a nation to loose world free trade does not mean loosing cross border trade with other nations. What it would expose is the wrath of the Jewish Zionist banking crime families putting embargoes on rogue nations who decide to free themselves from the iron grip of the Jewish Zionist banking system.


The March 2013 Cypriot bank collapse, the only people who were content with the Cypriot bail out were individuals who had salvaged remnants of savings, not realising the full potential of a complete collapse would have benefited the whole of the population and could have re-started immediately a new invigorating protectionist economy without interfering with the established infrastructure on the island, similar to the Gottfried Feder method used by National Socialist Germany 1933 without the aid of gold or Jewish Usury.

Close all borders racial Nationalism is inbuilt and progressively organic. When a nation’s people are under threat nationalism is their last line of defence an a natural road to follow- culture, heritage, history, hope, spirit, patriotism, Protectionism, Distrabutism, security, pride, self respect and choice. Close all borders racial Nationalism naturally evolves at its own pace when morally governed by its own people. It is NOT an artificial social construct manufactured and forced to work. It not only protects its people it Socially protects its Industry and Workers .. Not the Globalists.

Under Nationalism, my example and experience of Quiggins would be the norm within small industry. With the use and access of limited finance I used the same common sense approach for our small community which become a protective shelter for creative, cottage and micro industries all contributing to the local economy and identifiable to Liverpool. It was part of Liverpool’s signature, without culture Close all borders racial Nationalism will die. The whole ideology of Quiggins was based around small industries. Independence allowed our small community to be progressively organic, the method of Protectionism and Distrabutism we were able to discount a redistribute all costs amongst our balanced community to support ourselves without interference from Government, Therefore, our small community was able to ride the storm of economy highs and lows supplying all the niche markets offering choice and contributing, as opposed to diluting our local economy. Quiggins become the moral umbrella for a self sufficient community to survive as well as being a small proven template for future locations. An ideology in complete opposition to the status quo.

unbeknown to each of us we use the same method in our own home to protect, distribute and secure the safety of our own families.

Apply the Feder model of Distrabutionism to a country and there would not be Marxist contrived class wars or cultural divides! Had our country not been purposely managed downwards and all our mineral wealth had not been asset stripped, hijacked and leased off, our nation’s assets-gas, water, electric, rail, post office, banks, farming and Industry would still belong to our nation. Our last line of defence “Nationalism” needs to remove the pirate administrators in order to extinguish the leases. Under Nationalism our assets would have a moral shelter for a true government to Socially redistribute our wealth through out the Nation for our people discounting services, NHS, Transport, Gas, Electric, Tax, all heading back in to our National Bank. No profits would be paid out to private profiteers who only weaken and siphon out of our economy to greedy speculators, share holders or off-shore companies. A nationalist government would allow our own finances to be re distributed into national productive industries using protectionism and most importantly would Socially secure a future for our indigenous tribe. The same goes for other vulnerable 3rd world nations around the globe whose existence has been relegated and dependent on charities. The same contrived self interest begging charities designed to play on our emotions and compassion like save the African child or save the child brides! We are being emotionally challenged to engage in this Marxian deception which is not just killing the vulnerable poor in these neglected distant lands it is also a consenting manipulative way to harvest more white hate voting guests in to Europe for the ideology. All this Jewish Zionist deceptions would be of the past as these nations using Protectionism and Distrabutism would be self sufficient being liberated from Jewish Zionism.

A Protectionist government here in Great Britain alone would help rebuild our manufacturing, farming, fishing industries, armed forces and borderCapitalism control. This would allow our Armed Forces do the proper job of protecting within our own borders instead of protecting the wider borders in distant lands for the Jewish multinationals. For example we work and make profits for the National services, water, electric etc. We then take our wage pack from the National services home to pay for those services supplied to our homes by these same national services. We pay our interest free mortgages that we have raised from the National bank. The same bank that the National services pay into!  Our National bank in turn invests in small creative cottage industries, entrepreneurs that feed back into the national bank, working and feeding our economy upwards instead of capitalist created debt downwards.

This is Distrabutionism in action, a total recycling of our national and local economy. Surely we would all soon face a greater standard of living, working fewer hours for a sensible salary. If only the masses woke up to this common sense approach and Socially take back what is rightfully ours anyway. This is the only way for our people to get access to our country’s assets and mineral wealth, commerce industry for sharing and redistribution amongst Great British society is “Nationalism” not the global village scam which the ruling Jewish Zionist regime indoctrinates the masses with. It is Nationalism for the nation’s sleeping indigenous mass. (The Anti Thesis

When our last line of defence “Nationalism” socially secures its rightful place in our homeland there would not be a need for Marxist contrived class wars. New born babies will be born debt free but asset rich, no need for this treadmill we survive on. Close all borders Nationalism would just take it all back using the same method used to take it from us. That was all nominal, with the stroke of a pen, long term leases given to private (((corporations))) who then became long term agents to supply utilities and public services at inflated cost, a self-financing gift for the selective Jew Globalists financially draining our economy, bringing us closer to their goal of complete servitude.

For every pound paid to offshore utilities or to any fat cat monopolies or any foreign high street shop we have to increase our long term borrowings from the Jewish Zionist fractional reserve Banking. Once that tangible money spent off-shore it is no longer in circulation it has to be replaced with more of shylocks printed quantitative easement worthless shite. Somewhere in the future this worthless printed shite acting like a steroid to our economy will have reduced its value to worthless and so Just like Cyprus in Greece March 2013 the crash for us too is inevitable which will also leave the Jewish Zionist crime families vulnerable! But these shylocks have well forecast this contrived coming disaster and are already gearing up towards introducing a new monetary replacement, as well as globally shifting their financial power base to China and Russia enabling them to go unscathed, to double dip profit and leave the goy/gentile like startled rabbits in the headlights of an on coming train. 


What Are They Hiding from Us? All property of all other Nations belongs to  the Jewish nation, which consequently is  entitled to seize upon it without any  scruples: 


 Jewish Zionists have been using many sabotaging methods to destroy our ability to sustain a self sufficient nation offering divisive inducements in the respective industries to assist in diverting business elsewhere in the world. Implementing hair brain ideas like free trade. This is in reality farming out work to other nations and has no benefit to sustaining a self- sufficient nation. However, it is by definition a complicit advantage for this Judaic self imposed exilic community who double dip profit from the global village scam and world commerce free trade, whose motto is ‘division is unity’.

I remember the cod wars which were a 1970’s phenomenon. We were all coaxed into accepting changes and restrictions for over fishing that altered our nation’s economy within the fishing industry. This was all part of the great global Hoax on fishing by the empowered big fat cat monopolies who vacuumed up fertile fish stocks which ultimately caused restrictions to be placed on deep sea and coastal fishing that collapsed the British fishing industry. Fishermen and families were left stranded while huge foreign business swallowed up the carnage for themselves, one of our main cheap national foods ‘fish and chips’ become a extravagance for the socially underprivileged.

Another obvious destructive policy change was for the Jewish Zionist Oligarchs to create a plausible argument to abolish apparently ‘outdated’ Sunday trading laws. This was then systematically indoctrinated into the psyche of the population to help Jewish Zionism gain public support for the corroding of White traditional values. Before long the population demanded it strengthening the argument for the Jewish Zionist Oligarchs. At first it looked on the surface to be an innocent but practical objective, when in reality the Jewish Zionist benefited from all levels of its success, undermining our Christian values and culture. This turned a 5 day week into a 7 day workload for the Oligarchs to manipulate and distribute amongst an army of deprived groups. What used to be full time employment became a cheap part-time workforce of now vulnerable employees, allowing the Oligarchs to circumvent employment laws enabling them to use and abuse the system to their advantage, having no loyalty to the cherished immigrant or the fodder native.


Not only has Sunday trading abused employment it has fractured small industry allowing them once again to vacuum up its remnants into fewer 550183_550237808324896_1752727743_nhands. Furthermore it dislocates the home lives of our families as our traditional day of bonding has been stolen from us and replaced with their day of vulgar mass consumerism. All these corroding ideas of cultural Marxism have systematically undermined the very foundation of our Christian country.

The issue here is about loosing our faith, our cultural and moral values from our country! It is not about a specific religious denomination although the Anglican Church has lost sight of its traditional Catholic heritage and consequently moral and social code. Symbolically Christianity is a fundamental part of our country’s foundation whether we all agree or not and those who retain these values will secure a safe future for families. Religion should be a personal thing.

Of course the Zionist Jews are always keen to retain their symbolic days of bonding, securing the longevity of their bloodline culture. These manipulating hyena methods offered to the masses help manoeuvre the Jewish Zionist closer to their ultimate goal of world dominance whilst at the same time widening shylocks purse.

The Zionist BUTCHERS Behind CommunismThe longer Jewish Zionism is allowed to condense global control into fewer and fewer hands, the faster our lives, our future, our investments, our inheritance will be taken from each of us. For the time being the Jewish Zionist controlling state returns to us a lesser numerical digit than we invest but for how long.  If we still don’t comply your source of income will be disconnected or as in 1917 in the Bolshevik USSR you yourself will disappear.

The Squirrels horde.

Whatever you believe you have earned and then safely secured for your families future will have to be revisited and thought out again as the legacy you leave for your children is far more dangerous than you can imagine. The regime has been very successful in distracting those who believe they are safe by allowing them to temporary weave and avoid. It is like living within the confines of an electric fence! So long as you do not touch the  electric fence you will Zionist Murder Of Muammar Gaddafiavoid attacks from  the regime, but that fence is reducing and as  the years pass it will become unavoidable  for any of us not to be touched. The more  security wealth and property you  accumulate in a life time the more passive you become to the system and so are less of a threat to the Jewish Zionist. long term it makes their job much easier in the future once the time arrives for the ideology to take it from you as unbeknown to you, you also have been consolidating wealth into fewer hands for them.


If this regime can walk into any sovereign country and take over that nation-Romanoff’s Russia 1917, Serbia, Croatia 1991-1999, Saddam Hussain’s Iraq 2003, Afghanistan 2010, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya 2011, Greece, Spain and Italy and establish their Jewish Zionist democracy as well as their own private banking system, then what is it that makes you believe your little accumulated nest egg is safe as it resides in the same shylock legal system they themselves own.

Using their unlawful legal system it was far easier to destroy Quiggins. To take from one man than to individually destroy 250 people who worked within our community.

Our Jewish infiltrated town and city councils have been getting empowered from the Zionist infested house of swill (Parliament) for decades using unlawful statutes on us to justify their actions. Issuing contrived debts that they relentlessly impose on people, communities and home owners contrived debts that crush the lives of our people, Traffic, Parking, bus lanes, council tax, planning fines and even more taxes on FOOD. At every turn we encounter uncontrollable debt being forced on us we are the only living thing on the planet that has to pay to breath. Once these unmanageable targeted debts become like a pendulum swinging above you they stealthily move in to expose you to bankruptcy a step closer to land grabbing from you, widening the shylocks purse and reducing the control of the gentile/goy.

These Marxian Democratic Councils who you elect to take care of your communities are the main enforces of these contrived debts. These cross party accomplices in this one party state sanction our downfall. These cunning hyena methods have been purposely manufactured to surrender us all slowly to their evil objective of complete servitude. These Marxist puppets have no allegiance to the people, only to Jewish party line objectives just like the regime it embargoes and declares war on Libya, Syria and other sovereign countries today in the same way they did with Germany in 1933. They also embargo and declare war on those who resist, including individuals as well as businesses locally and across the world who interfere with the Jewish Zionist Political process it is the reason why many business men prefer to be passive against the system and continue to struggle against the tide for short term security as they do not want to risk their short term security or income (Credit). I myself have never held money as my god and so have managed to see through the illusion. My track record confirms this as the Marxist puppets continually interfere with me moving forward by smearing my name, closing my businesses and or even as simple as planning permission on my own home which in 2012 they threatened to demolish if I didn’t minutely comply with certain legal conditions alongside putting a charge on my property caused by manufactured debts from the Town Hall cabal which I still treat all as mere progressive flesh wounds. Thank god possessions are not my weakness.

I don’t use the term cabal loosely I use it in its truest form ‘Jewish cabal. The same ideology the Jewish anti-Christian (crutch wipe) singer Madonna proudly declares herself as being, a proud Jewish cabalist, an inborn Jewish Zionist. This explains why she reinforced her support for the Marxist group Pussy Riot attack on the Christian church in Russia in 2012. Her strategic support encouraged copy-cat attacks from Jewish and other cosmetic enhanced high profile pro-regime ambassador puppets, assaulting once again Judaism’s enemy “Christianity”.

Under the current Jewish Zionist system we become reliant on big business for either commodity yielding unemployment or menial service industry jobs. For example cashier, cleaning, bar or security work etc…Choice has been taken away and we are being made to rely on the corporations or private government funded quangos (public purse) rather than being able to have the choice of supporting ourselves. Being self-employed in the future will not be an option as these Jewish Zionist governments are making it more difficult for us imposing an obstacle course of sanctions using their castrating employment or health and safety laws that slowly corralling us into state or corporate reliance. Try using these destructive castrating legal laws on the people in any of these 3rd world countries and watch the country go to war.

If we continue under this Marxist/capitalist-Jewish Zionist driven ideology our country will disintegrate into the abyss. Immigrants and minorities are used to control the majority. This ideology is destroying our once proud nation as well as ethnically cleansing our tribe, diluting our blood stock and must be stopped. Every thing in moderation’ even visiting immigrants.

So called political asylum seekers and all other migrants are cherished and empowered by this Jewish Zionist anti-English anti-White infrastructure maintained above our own people by White traitors. Above all our own pensioners are being asset stripped, forced to surrender their family’s inheritance over to the state, this issue alone is not just isolated to the elderly in social care homes, but also to those out in the national community without even taking into account what each have contributed in life to the infrastructure of their own nation. (Stop Elder Torture) It is the state who should look after our pensioners. We need to take a good look at other cultures and compare ourselves to how other cultures treat their elderly. This will impact on, and show how our culture has been fractured. Even our grown up children are finding it more and more difficult to get a foothold or look forward to any sort of positive future either in the work place or starting a family, most moving back in with parents to help them exist.

This immigrant influx has purposely been organised to create competition amongst us all. It was well structured in advance by the Jewish Zionist and has allowed them to control and freeze wages at inadequate levels causing division amongst the population. With the white native becoming ever more divided the regimes voting immigrant helped to destroy small industries with destructive new rules they conjure up as their influence held sway with the traitorous like the Jewish Miliband brothers so called party politicians pandering only to the Jewish Zionist line.

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing’’

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    April 1, 2013

    Mitteilungen fur die Truppe (Information for the Troops)
    Anyone who has ever looked at the face of a red commissar knows what the Bolsheviks are like…We would be insulting the animals if we were to describe these men, who are mostly Jewish, as beasts. They are the embodiment of a satanic and insane hatred for the whole of noble humanity. The shape of these commissars reveals to us the rebellion of the Untermenschen (sub-humans) against noble blood.

    The Germans knew well what we are suffering now. That “noble blood” may well mean the nobility of a virtuous heart, that same virtuous heart possessed by all of us who can see through the foul lies of Jewish Zionism.

    Excellent article Peter.


    • peterquiggins
      April 4, 2013

      In 1941, New York Publication “Jewish Life,” informed readers that Anti-Marxism is Anti-Semitism, “ also “Jewish Life,” 1941 “Scratch a professional anti-communist and
      you’ll find an anti-Semite.”
      The New York publication “Jewish Voice,” July and August of 1941, page 23, is the same position: “Anti-Marxism is anti-Semitism.”
      So if it is anti-Semitic to oppose Marxism it confirms Marxism is a Jewish means and serves Jewish interests.

      The first law passed after the Jewish Marxian Bolsheviks seized power in Russia 1917 made anti-Semitism a crime punishable by death.” (Izvestia, July 27, 1918.

      Lazar Kaganovich from Stalin’s USSR was the single most genocidal murderer of all
      time he was a Jewish Bolshevik known as the butcher of Ukraine he passed on to his
      nephew the basic rule he expected young Jews to guide their lives! quote’ whatever is
      good for the Jews follow only that line of reasoning’ ………….A rule of conduct which
      drives all NeoCons (Zionists) and OTHER covert world followers to this day.


  2. igraine42m
    April 1, 2013

    WOW What a piece choc full of common sense grass roots politics. This article truly gives an insight in to the artificial Jewish invention of Marxist Communism. Its destructive intention has been to strip the globe of its individual identities leaving it in the hands of a few ultra rich Jewish oligarchs. Grass roots closed boarders Nationalism is Communisms enemy because by its nature it protects the identity of its own and fight against the slavery of mass debt.


    • peterquiggins
      April 4, 2013

      Jewish Zionism using Capatalism through its weapon of Marxism = The Financial power shift started many years ago, a manufactured set up which has culminated in what we are being offered as a world solution to our problems, we are being programmed to view these Marxist Republics across the globe as being the solution to stabilising the world economy, when in fact all this financial power is only a union of the darker nations uniting there computer generated numerical digits borrowed from the Jewish Zionist criminal Banker Families who have shifted their wealth in to these Marxist Republican countries purposely to collapse all the white nations on the planet, All this so called wealth in these darker nations is acting like a steroid and can be switched off by Israel at any time they step out of line.


  3. Jay
    April 1, 2013

    Few people can get their head around how diabolical these creatures are, and in fact many times refuse to believe any human can act in such a manner. Con-artist, mugger, murderer, liar, and fraud wrapped into one cunning package. What their practiced management of manipulation and misinformation can do to the moral fabric of society is evident in everything society has to complain about: financial collapse, children killing children, corrupt police and government…the list is endless.

    It’s time to get people to open their eyes to see beyond the illusion of “right-wing conspiracy,” and see what it really is, a deliberately orchestrated scheme for the furtherance, and ultimately complete control, of material greed and power, the victims of which are those that would naturally stand against such evil: mankind.


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  5. SerpentSlayer
    April 30, 2014

    That was an excellent article Mr.Quiggins, it took me a while to read but you summed up our national situation comprehensively and with clear vision.
    If only we had the ability to take these parasites on, it seems they have successfully destroyed any real opposition and we now wait for a man to pull the sword from the stone and become a Hitler like saviour of our race.

    Liked by 1 person

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  8. lynchylaa
    October 11, 2016

    Great piece Peter


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