Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Zionist Government Policy = Cultural suicide

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The Liverpool ‘City of Culture’ celebrations back in 2008 were nothing more than an expensive VIP party hosted by ‘The Lib-Dem Cabal’ with cross party support from all the self-serving persons of Liverpool Town Hall. It benefited only the Capitalists, Solicitors, Bankers, Accountants, Surveyors and all the rest of the Brown nosed pro regime fed yes-men.

It was this well organised unlawful but ‘morally’ legal Judaised infrastructure that financially gained from all the controlled media-hype, carefully censored by their Zionist Tabloid friends. The destruction of Liverpool was sanctioned by Blair and his labour controlling party in no.10. They managed to destroy our City’s heart and soul and it was paid for by us using the public purse!


Our Culture” is whatever the immoral State Gatekeepers allow us to keep! An Ideology controlled by them to sabotage actual White culture and heritage rapidly disenfranchising the sleeping giant.

The whole city has been carved up and shared among the so called big 3 main political parties for their Zionist oligarchic puppet masters.

The LibDems were sanctioned by Great Britain’s Labour kosher controlled government to pave a clear passage for big business Tories headed by the symbolic distraction of the long gone class system-the front man the Duke of Westminster,  (there is only one class system which is killing us all ‘Jewish Zionism’). 

The council used the might of the bandit legal system to compulsory purchase prime city land from small loyal long term investors prior to the city’s celebrations. This paved the way for their global corporate paymasters to build and present us with their Global Homogenized version or the replicated Clone City!  It also allowed the LibDems to channel public money into a conference centre, the Echo Arena, securing themselves an annual Party conference platform to champion themselves as a newly emerging ‘clean faced’ party for Britain!! Very good forward thinking as the contrived death of new Labour had to be visual to be believable to the sleeping giant ‘Our own indigenous folk.

The Conservatives ended up with the prime Liverpool and Waterfront locations. To date in this city alone, the cross party alliance has been very cunning, favoring only their paymasters pet projects, to the detriment of more desperately needed social and community programs. Cloning and privatising even more of our city in to fewer hands ie to the Jewish Saudi Wahhabi Arabs including their communist Chinese partners all guided by the Jewish hand, there is nothing Muslim about these Arabs and certainly nothing Socialist about these Chinese communist investors they are all ‘ZIONIST IMPERIALISTS’ intent on removing the quintessential uniqueness of our city by replacing it with a Disney-fied image for the mass consumers of their multicultural Globalised order! They are and have been for many years progressively homogenising and removing Choice away from our nation while displacing communities and culture all in the name of the magic buzz word ‘Regeneration’

To benefit who ?

The back door funders !  The Jewish criminal banker crime families. 


On the surface all the celebrations in Liverpool back then looked so innocent and appealing yet it was in fact a big shrouded build up to advancing the regime of this unlawful government. With Devolution in its sights the city of culture celebration was the inducement given to appease locals as new Labour had well in advance forecast their manifesto that city Mayors would be the future in all cities. Devolution or in reality Divide and rule allowing them, once visually ousted, a rout to regain power in the near future! This was all done to uphold the illusion of democracy, with an added bonus of more devolution for New Labour. As such it was in their interest to allow freedom to the LibDems in Liverpool to bulldoze whoever or whatever stood in the way during the early 2000 preparations.

At the time all the cross party squabbling was just an illusion to once again show a ‘healthy’ democracy in action. Unfortunately it was at the expense of massive social asset stripping leading up to and during the celebrations and was ultimately a self-serving political exercise at the expense of urgent and essential social community projects in and around the suburbs of Greater Liverpool. The people in the suburbs were being neglected in favour of the big 3’s pet projects, allowing a queue of pro-ideology self-helpers to trample and elevate themselves. 

Only when the face of the “Walt Disney’s Bambi” that the anti-English displayed for the sleeping giant (our indigenous folk) has faded from Liverpool ‘City of Culture’ will they realise the damage done by the Global Zionists!

Housing for our children! – Out of reach! High cost of living and massive Debt! Menial service-industry jobs catering for them, the almighty! Local economy drained by the ‘chosen’ Global Zionists! 300 acres and more of prime city land gifted, then privatised into Land Banks!

The City’s assets, parks, beaches, Airports, coast line, canals and shipping lanes further across the region and lucrative council commerce deals were stripped off and gifted again to the ‘Chosen’. Over £1m of Silence Severance paid to 1 Council Chief Executive David Henshaw not to ‘Whistle-blow’, and a similar deal paid later to his successor Colin Hilton for the same silence after he resigned his lucrative paid position before he could be challenged.  Meanwhile the sleepwalking giant (Our folk) were given a balloon, a concert, and even more’ Shepherded into Historic slave guilt surrendering festivals and exhibitions on the Albert dock. The masses were all injected and fell for all the ‘controlled – media hype’.  

African Slavery in America- Jewish-Made How grateful and proud of them, you should  be! Handing you flowers with one hand while  their other hand is in your pockets! I’m  ashamed to witness these ‘freeloading few’  who have had carte  blanch to do whatever………all in the name of regeneration-and  the ‘the sleeping mass’ have swallowed it! The Global Zionists used  the cultural badge to gain control of our city, land grabbing anything  which stood in its way, under the guise of CPO Compulsory Purchase. They had to create an illusion of supporting culture to gain the prestigious cultural badge, allowing them a moral crusade to steam roll over anything which stood in its destructive path. The city was to be gifted to the private sphere and culture was the moral cause used to gain ‘naive public support‘. This strategy also has the added bonus of being able to ‘multiculturalise’ and manipulate for the ideology.


A politically correct cultural Industry financed by a Jewish Zionist government is more susceptible to control


The manipulative tool of multiculturalism evidently justified them looking beyond Liverpool for art and culture, using the Politically Correct wolf cry on the gullible, all helping to justify their actions. This, while still covertly conforming to the ideological criteria of the EU, trampling over local culture unless it come from the well-financed cherished and carefully selected so called minorities, or from the heavily financed Marxist conformists. Back then, if you were a talented creative artist with an imagination that did not fit the multicultural narrative or were not thinking in the ways of the Tracey Emin art of scat then you were conveniently overlooked. Culture was being stifled, accelerating even faster today. Liverpool was and always has been brimming with fine talent but unfortunately the public are unaware of it because culture is being stifled and quality controlled by an immoral Jewish Zionist infrastructure massively marketing and manipulating ‘culture’ towards so called modernism and pulp Marxist pop art scat.

Culture is now being manoeuvred into a government financed and manipulated industry, censoring forward thinkers, and their creative talent. Here in Liverpool we have many government funded, pro-regime art based organizations all strategically chosen and encouraged to manipulate the art world for the Ideology. Artists and organisations who all suckled from the Ideological Mother, feeding their families off the down fall of Great Britain so long as it fits the anti-English politically correct narrative, arts festivals African OiyeBrouhahaCaribbeanChinese festivals as well as Gay pride and arts based organisations! Great Britain haemorrhages public money to these politically correct groups 365 days a year while at the same time discouraging Christian and other white cultural bonding festivals.

The Multi-Million ‘£Charity’ The Novas Cultural Centre in Parliament Street is run by a Marxist group, A so called charity which is being covertly funded by Ideology Multicultural grants (public money) , a narrative vacuum cleaner for harvesting and empowering immigrants. This organisation was comfortably encouraged to establish itself in the shadow of Quiggins downfall. Novas now tries to replicate what Quiggins had been doing for 20 years. However, Novas’s major driving force was always going to be the multicultural narrative, always a side issue for Quiggins. Quiggins allowed only tenants on merit and not on gender, ethnicity or Multi-‘arsehole’ influence. 

Then, in the same area of Novas, you have the charity based Picket music venue. This is a covertAffirmitive Action Antics cover for all hate racism love music festivals that in reality is a multicultural regime funded hate group, itself managed by very low level pro ideology puppets working for as well as suckling funds from the regime mother. Nevertheless in 2012 the main director of the Picket did himself cross swords with his Jewish Zionist town Hall paymasters only to realise even after 30 years loyalty, Zionism outranks Marxism and so was himself discarded.

This even following a sucking and chewing apology brit milah to lock jaw was still replaced, but not before securing a contingency plan to safeguard his pension and sickness benefit signed himself in to a cookoos nest Hospital!  Also in this vein the News from nowhere  an ‘innocent’ book shop in Bold Street Liverpool that spews out Marxist anti-English, white anti-White propaganda all covertly hidden in politically correct word play. This multi cult farce funded by the regime so long as they fit the narrative or else they are not allowed a place at the table. All these Marxist funded groups and organisations are recruiting grounds for all the Marxist anti-English anti -White hate groups who rally together against any of the nations indigenous or racial Nationalism at the tip of a hat wolf crying that the world is a global village for all and any one! This inevitably secures the continual flow of third world immigration feeding the capitalist regime (Jewish Zionism) notion that the White West requires its labour. If this was true why are so many White men unemployed!  This army of Marxists canvassing and fund raising in the guise of selling Marxian ‘socialist workers party’ newspapers on the streets of Liverpool at present go unchallenged. Yet these are the regime puppets in all cities across Great Britain who are collapsing our nation for their capitalist paymasters. It is a vicious contradicting circle and the naïve sleeping giant (Indigenous folk) just stand by observing unaware of it all.

Conform, work with us, stay silent or we will remove your funding


The Enemy Within Our political fight back to save Quiggins went  public in 1999. This was 13 years after  opening the doors to our new community and  therefore getting involved with politics was  not the reason for our demise like many people have been manipulated to think! That’s like saying it was all done to teach me a lesson! In fact it was a long term plan of the Town Hall cabal to destroy all signs of local culture or small micro businesses, above all, that which was controlled by a strong independent organisation such as Quiggins. This was seen by them as an enemy of the fat cat blue chip multi nationals it was obvious our footfall of customers interfered with their plans.

Creative talent oozes from Liverpool, but unfortunately for us, it has become a liability to be indigenous to our great country and or city. Quiggins contributed over 20 years to the cultural industries, supporting self-employment and elevating small micro and cottage industry. This together with sponsoring artists, bands, and playwrights, yet it has been written out of all the contrived hype. It was as if we were never there, a prime example of cultural Marxism in play.

As I look back now and witness the absence of Quiggins from Liverpool’s urban and cultural history when visiting any of  the new ideology supporting museums, it does reassure me that our message is clear to those who are willing to open up their minds. It is like leaving out The CavernProbe records or the Liver building from the history of Liverpool. City of culture was a contradiction resulting in ‘A Blue chip multinational world in one city’ branded by Japanese degenerate modern ‘art’ in the form of a Lambanana  This ‘ironic’ representation of genetic engineering  was foisted on the people of Liverpool without consent and is meant to replace the symbolic Liver as a trademark thus eradicating centuries of Scouse heritage.

Most of the performing festivals which happened around that era were shored up by many

liverbirdGovernment funded quangos who then spoon fed all the cherished multicultural groups to suffocate our corroded annual historic pride bonding celebrations by distracting us with their new heavily funded multicultural festivals. This creates a visual politically correct Disney image for the press and visitors, a publicly funded act, cleverly staged managed by ideological politicians and PR whores. They are now able to lift and use all these historic images to create synthetic political résumés for the same ideology during future elections.

How much longer will the sleeping giant (our folk) turn a blind eye while our Countries and cities are being absorbed into their cunning plan of total globalization under their control? This is limiting our freedom of choice and they get to demonise anything they choose to demonise. What more destruction will be allowed to happen before we stand and resist this onslaught of Cultural Marxism, our identity has been sabotaged by all these traitorous white anti-White controllers! Multicultural is another PC code word for anti-White.  

The Battlefield is You Has this so called democracy done us all proud or is this democracy  as I suggest a Jewish Zionist mirage. We go to the polling stations  to vote for our so called preferred party-Armed with a fuckin  pencil.  We listen  to all the thespian politicians telling us they’re  here to help us through the complicated mire of ‘red tape’ that they  themselves create. Then we watch them recoil when faced with Real  issues. We see for ourselves these carefully groomed democratic thespians in action on TV. Stage managed actors that sell us the buzz words to hook us in like a predatory parasite just before it devours its prey.

To the sleeping masses it looks like these parties are individual democratic parties, whose manifestos are each, different. This could not be further from the truth a cigarette paper could not squeeze between them. Democratic Party politics does not represent the people it represents only the party. Under ‘close all borders’ racial Nationalism it would be a Distributionist, protectionist government, and would be the complete opposite to that which is at present corroding us from within.

These same face parties are all endorsed by Jewish Zionist Newspapers-a kosher controlled industry catering for the immoral ideology of Marxism. They subliminally inject us with their choices, allowing us to see in print the fight of the three or four major parties for political power!!  When in reality behind closed doors it has already been decided whose turn it will be by the Jewish Zionist Oligarchs! They play musical chairs with the seat of power as if to demonstrate democracy in action when in reality it’s just a show for us all to watch. The only fight we see is all parties squabbling and back biting over the position of top job, whilst the other parties end up with the booby prize of 2nd and 3rd place in Westminster’s house of swill.

For decades they have purposely switched our minds off, disabling the majority’s historical instinct to vote! Yet they have manoeuvred and empowered the minority vote to a high level of political influence over the majority. The sleeping giant our indigenous folk must wake up to the damage they are doing to themselves by not getting involved in the fight back if it is not too late already! Until then they deserve what is coming to them and their children. What a proud legacy to leave for your kids!!

 What did you do to stop it Dad!! Well son, I was at the Kosher Gillet and Hicks social engineering football club with my tribe watching a fuckin’ football 


The Truth IS anti-Semitic  I myself have watched the pretense in action  for many years, and have been let down by  them all. The ‘so-called’ democratic parties  have a proven track record of destruction  committed. I have relentlessly tried to challenge this mirage and rally others to do so. What I bring is awareness through my experience of social injustices and cultural destruction caused to Liverpool by these so-called  democratic parties, who refused the cry for help when the call was put to them!

I have been working since I was 8 years old starting out as a news paper boy and then moving onto various jobs from there and so have had experience of a wide range of businesses. This eventually culminated in me establishing Quiggins. Quiggins was so embedded in Liverpool’s culture during the 20 years following the opening of its doors in 1986 that even the day we were destructively sabotaged the business was still screaming out for a massive expansion to accommodate the massively neglected industry. Even the government had forecast small industry was a threat to the corporations and needed to be slowed down or disbanded. It was only after we had left the city that Labour started to reverse its ‘Big is best’ policy and started to focus on common sense ‘small’ is better. Blair sabotaged many cottage industries across the country for his Jewish Zionist paymasters even though common sense tells you small local industry works and steadily establishes the NATIONAL economy upwards. The one party state knows exactly what its doing in sabotaging local. Making way for the multinational destroys the independent and the national economy.

All this has inspired me to search for reasons why “Britishness” culture and Industry has been relegated and demonised in Britain. Why are these social injustices allowed to happen year after year, corroding away our identity and traditions bit by bit. How do these anti-English, anti-family parties, traitorous white anti-white groups all nourish themselves from our ruin?

By attacking Quiggins from the outset the Ideology exposed and subjected me to the realities of the manipulating Jewish Zionist subculture. This is the same evil cabal that is drawing our country and World in to this new world order. After leaving the city I was determined to track down and identify the cabal at any cost. I had put decades of hard work not only in to my own self-employment but enabling many others to do the same. My main objective being to focus on local culture, harnessing small independent craft and cottage industries to secure a long term foothold in city centres, only to have my life’s work and financial infrastructure totally extinguished by them. This enabled me to grasp that culture was the very reason for Quiggins demise. In actual fact what I had failed to comprehend was that I was flogging a dead horse. Trying to re-establish local culture from the outset was an uphill struggle as Zionist Democracy is in fact intent on destroying all signs of distant traditions or the individual ability to sustain an independent living. Using the power of an unlawful legal system they have enticed the sleeping indigenous mass into believing the use of ACTS and STATUTES is the Law when in fact these require YOUR consent! I now understand after years of painstaking work added to the period of isolation the 2 main arteries keeping us in a state of submission are Legality and Democracy. These are unlawful or against the law of the land (common law).

I was not going to go away that easy, one minute I am an ordinary man working contributing to our country’s infrastructure next minute I’m out of the way and being slandered just because I love my country, tribe and culture. Who are these controlling few who have the ability to influence and target hate at will on individuals or communities who refuse to bow down and comply!?


These controllers are not content with destruction on a mass scale as Dresden, Hiroshima or Chernobyl but now use small alphabetic letters in a sequence in order to have a huge devastating effect on peoples hope and community spirit.

The use of critical theory to exploit constructed formulated words to comatose populations into compliance, influencing the minority to silence the majority and the majority like good little sheep follows.

It is so typical that anybody speaking the truth and alerting people to the main cause risks being called Nazi, anti-Semitic or racist, If you want to avoid all the name calling you must turn a blind eye to crucial world events! However, then you remain defeated and most of all soulless, until that is you understand what is behind all the hate rhetoric thrown at you. The subject of Jewish Zionism has for decades managed to filter only through a narrow band width. Once you deal with the subject only then you will find being called ‘Nazi, anti-Semitic or racist is not an insult. You will see it only as a tactical plan used by them to disarm you. They have been conditioning us to hate ourselves and conditioning us to accept hate from others. We have all been complicit in accepting guilt and allowing others to prosper.  


The only real White man is the awakened Aryan. Anything other can only ever be a socially John Alan Martinson speaks on Jewish Racismconstructed coward pandering to the 92% of the world’s population of none whites. It is not the puppets I hate! It is the puppet masters.

As for the name calling! Just deal with it by accepting all with PLEASURE, it’s the only way to reduce these Marxist truth cheaters. It stuns and confuses-and you will find that naive stand-by observers witnessing these bizarre statements usually walk away baffled! The word ‘Nazi’ is a contraction of National Socialist and this referred to the Aryans of Germany.  The word Aryan means Noble people, and whether you like or not we have inherited religious symbols which have historically represented our noble European people and culture for millennia. This was until of course Marxists got their filthy genocidal hands on them and indoctrinated us to self-flagellate, seeing them only as symbols of hate. According to their scheme these symbols must be discarded along with our culture, a cunning reverse psychology to have us view Bolshevik Marxism ‘instead’ as the noble cause.

If you are loosing the argument! Use the long worn out zzz whistle race card!

You will find most people are of the same common sense opinion but afraid to voice it in case of victimisation by the “Guilt-ridden” media prison curtsey of the successful politically correct fraud we are forced to suffer. The successful fraud they hold us down with is the Big Brother fear a contrived environment being carefully manufactured by them. What will it take for the ‘sleeping white’ to face this vulgar Zionist regime, a kosher cabal of big business oligarchs that dictate over our Country and Cities?

We need to dismantle and break down this mirage of Democracy from its pontificating perch in Liverpool, and ultimately from our country. Give back control to the people! Democracy has been hijacked by the Jewish Zionists. They market it throughout the world very liberally, making it a palatable buzz word of distinction and merit, a so called moral word which has become the war cry of the gullible masses demanding it for themselves. When in reality their sort of Democracy is kosher self-serving owned by the Jewish Zionist’ enforced at the point of a gun!!

Jewish ZIONIST DEMOCRACY’ ‘if you don’t conform to our self-serving usury and accept suicidal debt we will fuckin kill you’

It’s so predictable those who benefit from this regime trivialise the corroding issue or accuse those who speak out about Jewish Zionism as ‘eccentric’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’ to be outcast and ignored, always insisting conspiracy cannot be proven. Yet if you compare the pattern of corrosive coincidences throughout today’s society in general then what more do we need to be convinced. Manipulation and factional warring methods around the world are the hall mark of Jewish influence that start wars and divide all civilisations. Closer to home is the obvious destruction of our White tribes in all white countries due to the importation of the Third World by Jewish occupied governments. Our white blood stock is rapidly diluting

Under this regime the White tribe has always been portrayed in a negative light. It gets blamed for The Marxist Murderers anything and everything, it is only we who can be racist, it is only  we who are rendered as evil in history! Brainwashing generations of  compliant robots who unwittingly accept all which is plat-formed by  the regime as fact, dividing us, securing mass subservience, drawing  us closer to our own demise. We are all part of a global social  engineering programme to modify the mass which can only elevate  the Jewish Zionist ideology and ensure that particular bloodline remains untouchable. How many corrosive coincidences need to occur to White cultures across Europe before Jewish Zionism, the so called conspiracy, becomes accepted as fact. Yet that is the technique, to smear truth with Conspiracy theory, so that the true plan of their ‘CONSPIRACY FACT’ is hidden in confusion.

I recognise that less than 100 years ago my ethnicity represented 33% of the world population! After 2 world wars Pan European Nationalist v Nationalist, Christian v Christian, English v Irish! Or to put plainly White Tribe v White Tribe flanking covert Jewish internal government 

A Stark Warning to Jews!policy i.e. encouraging career woman birth control, ‘Western’ liberal abortion methods’- 8m+ to date alongside liberal multicultural cohesion the new weapon to guarantee demographic replacement! The fertile foreign womb! Together with mass vaccination programs. My ethnicity now makes up approximately 8% of the world’s population of which only 2% is of child baring age,! How’s that for white fodder ethnic cleansing or covert eugenics by proxy!

Is there a future considered  for our Pan European tribe our blood stock or does the gun, fighting Jewish commerce wars and the rest with candidly concealed Jewish government peacetime policy consider you to be the majority. Are you part of that 92% who we are told are the minority! FUCK YOU bris milah I have a family and a responsibility for their safety. Those who don’t wake up to all these ‘coincidences’ and recognise that it is Mossad, B’nai B’rith and other Jewish fundamental supremacist groups like Sayanim covertly moving around the world manipulating all these factional divides which long term helps Zionism retain power and benefit only Israel. You and your family are walking blindly in to a dangerous future. It is the whole population of the world who are the puppets for these psychopathic fundamental Supremacists, leading us in to this totalitarian new world order. In their view a blood line birth right to achieve only their individual privilege.

Right wing means common sense politics! Left wing means senseless politics!

Right means Socialnationalist! Left means Internationalist!

Right means Protectionism! Left means Globalism!

Right means birth right and is Socially the re-Nationalisation of asset wealth to its own people! Left is to gift and privatise a nation’s wealth to foreigners!

Right means racially aware! Left means no racial boundaries

Right means Pan European white Socialnationalist! Left means Marxist anti-white and loss of identity!

Right means protect your blood stock! Left means protect Marxism and dilute the blood!

Right means culture! Left means loss of cultures through mixing!

Right means Christian and spiritual to retain moral foundation! Left means Atheism no moral boundaries!

Right means order! Left means chaos!

Right means love your people! Left means flood and HATE the indigenous peoples of white nations!

So do you have a thread on how it all works yet!!! LEFT THRIVES ON HATE. IT IS HATE WHICH PROTECTS JEWISH ZIONISM.


It is Jewish Zionism using cultural Marxism who have re-packaged all these meanings in to a Right and Left dichotomy to be sure the gullible masses absorb Right as a signal of Hate, and Left as a signal of Love. A cunning way to psychologically challenge the masses to outcast pan European Nationalism to dilute the blood stock of white nations only. Everything is predetermined for us.

The old genocidal Bolshevik smear is now the new Nazi smear. Up until the 1970’s it was the complete opposite. Historic atrocities are now bottle-necked and grafted wholesale onto the Germans and all white nations to keep us all in perpetual guilt.

Left wing is a code word for Marxism to undermine a nation’s cultural foundation. This can only ever be based on Hate and that is exactly how cultural Marxism works by turning everything to its opposite meaning.  According to the Marxist every historical detail is the opposite of its true history. They deal with History by feeding us decades of misinformation-History belongs to the victors. Take the silenced genocide of Holodomor. Between 16.5 million Europeans slaughtered in Stalin’s mechanised famine of 1932-1933 a legacy inherited from Lennon.  This holocaust is a prime example of the atrocities of these psychopathic victors. The self interest group grafted on to themselves the 6m buzz word. A guilt trigger steering us in the wrong direction to pale their genocidal atrocities into insignificance in comparison. So remember the Jewish controlled media call of ‘Nazi’ and its demonization of such in images and interviews is propaganda for Marxist revolutionaries who will deliver you right back into kosher hands when the collapse comes.

The Jewish Zionist knows how to do it best not just here but all over America, Australia, and other sacrificial white fodder countries including Serbia, Slovakia that are all being socially and ethnicly managed downwards.  It is the reason why we know more about the Middle East and Africa than we do about Europe. Yet what we don’t hear about is White ethnic cleansing in Africa and Serbia. All this news is purposely being stifled as it would obviously cause a reaction for the regime, not only towards their alien immigration but also to their politically correct con that takes place in White countries only.

Feed the puupet beast The White tribe in all White countries is being led by the nose into  a disturbing future. Any White family who manages to resist this  perilous global multicultural modification, the modification that is  reducing our people to minority position, will face far greater  dangers than we are being forced to face today. Our families will  see the indoctrinated minorities advancing even faster, they will  progressively be gifted even more of the upper hand from the Jewish  Zionist puppet masters, and their off spring will inherit a very bitter embroidered history embedded in to their genetic makeup. This will no doubt be used as a currency 
excuse for just retribution against the so called evil white as they climb the heights of the global market to become the major Zionist puppet.

It won’t be long before the so called ‘minorities’ take that free dining out race issue and turn it into a killing machine. Then we will have genocidal ethnic cleansing similar to that of the white farmers in Africa we see today. This like I have pointed out the vassal West turn a blind eye to, remember the media punishes belief not actions.  

When White countries are forced or coerced into mass integration, the blending of races will Stop the hateresult in white genocide.

Quote unknown “Genocide involves the attempt to achieve the disappearance of a group by whatever means. It does not have to be violent; it could be a combination of policies that would lead to a certain group dying out.” How is this not genocide?

Do you recognise yet that you are being targeted? If you do according to this politically correct regime you are a ‘racist’ for being aware so hand yourself into the nearest Politically Correct police station for having such awful concerns or take BLUE pill and slip back into your coma alternatively swallow the RED pill and join the fight for White survival.

“The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races…and by the establishment of a world Republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order

the Children of Israel…will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition…” Baruch Levy in a letter to Karl Marx quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574).

To be accepted within this regimes Ideology, this identical cross party so called Democracy, you must first learn politics from the Bolshevik killers themselves. Use their fine-tuned methods and school of thought to help compliant students graduate, adding more political thespians to uphold the illusion. Each are taught manipulating methods from their Marxist books of carefully selected historic events which fit today’s multicultural politically correct objective. The whole set up has been carefully quality controlled through a narrow band width. Souls are not hard to procure as the financial reward for these snakes has become so glamorous and very lucrative. It has created a fortification of babysitting thespians that are able to stand and face the public or media and blatantly confuse with their excuses and justifications for the successful political trials and errors which are being made against our nation day after day. I emphasise successful as all this corrosion is being carefully stage managed.

A typical example occurred in 2012. With public opinion reaching boiling point since the national census Zionist controlling puppet masters decided parliament would have to be seen as if it was starting to consider restricting the migrant influx. Great Britain’s Home Secretary Teresa May was employed to platform political manipulation. The thespian puppet proposed a £40,000 minimum qualification for voting immigrants to bring in to Great Britain other family members from their distant ancestral homelands. This would once again expand the demographic and economic competition. Although she was met with contrived opposition from other cross party thespians (DEMOCRACY ha-ha) her proposal was reduced to £18,000 to be more acceptable which was meaningless ‘now didn’t we get a good deal’ and another short period for worthless debate amongst ourselves.  No doubt somehow the £18,000 will be freely awarded to the new guest using some other public funded loophole.  The idea was that immigration was on the table, an issue, in Parliament consequently the public would let off a bit of steam and that will be sufficient to appease the nation.

We have been led to believe politics is confusing and should be left to the politicians to run councils and Governments. Yet in reality experiencing politics from them has always been to our detriment! Real politics is as simple as ‘right and wrong’ common sense, that which we are taught by our parents. This is all that is needed to run a country a nations self-financing economy or local council. All our people should be versed in political common sense from an early age. We must rid ourselves from the concealed commerce road of the debauched Babylonian Talmudic self-serving road of usury, enforced on nations by Jewish Zionist tribal members. We have a responsibility to our children to stand against this offensive psychopathic regime of “vanity driven and power hungry” leadership now … before it’s too late!

It is suicidal lunacy for any nation to elect or advantage to high office of social influence any self interest groups like split loyalty foreigners from other nations or the heavily weighted vindictive so called pride minorities. Proof is in the pudding and the pudding is the broken chaotic liberal society that endangers White lives on a genocidal scale.


69624_100427386804264_1800912797_n The ‘sleeping giant’ needed to wake up to this  scam long ago. On  average    only about 35%  of people vote and it is that small  minority  who dictate what  happens to us!!!  Just those  little  minority empowered groups. It is in the  interest of the Jewish  Zionist controllers to  distract the White majority away  from the  ballot box. It is they who have created its all useless a negative    mentality absorbed over the years by the sleeping giant  disembowelling the  vote and transferring it to their imported  population. Again that little  empowered 35% that appreciates what  the Zionist does for them and votes so it will continue. You scratch  my back and I’ll scratch yours-it is the origin of minority block voting.

‘’However no one can make you feel inferior without your consent’’

They have used many corroding techniques to steer the main body of voters away from the ballot box. The core vote of the sleeping mass has slowly been dismantled and made to be fully dependent on the same system that is killing them. Mass Unemployment or Government work program scams have become the commodity of the ideology-generations of compliant, orderly, obedient and passive customers for their bottleneck UNIONS to harness. There now exists a full circle system, managed by private agencies and extreme Marxist government quangos that are self-financing and keeping buoyant the common purpose (Frankfurt School) Marxist infested Trade Unions and civil service, a true corrosive machine.

These days the only way you or your family members can be advantaged in business or profession, to have opportunities for progress in your life, is to surrender to the regime’s plan as white flight. Have the White tribe migrate spreading whites sparsely across the world, or better still arrive here as a foreigner, transgender, gay, disabled…as this is divisive and can advance the regime ideology. The idea is always to separate, split and break apart White community. It has become a form of currency for travelling to any Zionist occupied country in the world-set up a business to advance whatever culture is opposite to that of the host nation’s. Africans or Asians look to be prioritised in the West although in reality the African and Asian nations are being head hunted, brain drained asset stripped to dislocate that nation’s ability to sustain a Nationhood itself. Even Zionist controlled Aljaseera market TV programs offering jobs all over Europe –“Wanted from Africa endless amounts of full time workers to be comfortably grafted all over Europe” = Wanted slave sperm donors and wombs to annihilate the white tribes of all white countries by demographically replacing the host nation of its white blood stock for the Jewish Zionists. 

Islam is ultimately anti-Jewish Zionism and yet as a Zionist slave the Muslim channel Aljaseera dare not mention the subject. Instead it focuses more towards portraying factional divides across Zionist guiltthe Middle East. The channel has been a major media front for conveying instruction to the swelling ranks of commuting puppet mercenaries from across the globe no wonder Al Qaeda never attacks Israel, or here, instead all the Zionist mercenaries travel to specific sites (countries) and demand the Western war cry ‘Democracy’ under the pretence of in house liberators.This ultimately helps Israel insert a Zionist banking system of usury as well as a puppet leader for that region. We see a similar parallel with RT (Russia Today TV). Aljeseera and RT are both arms of the kosher driven Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). It seems every nation on the planet is being programmed in one direction.

Today the financial power base of Europe has been shifted over to Russia as well as India and China-the excuse-to help them out of poverty. It is in  reality to bring the West to its knees. We are The Marxist Murderers at the doors of collapse, at risk of a take over  from our foreign creditors if it hasn’t already  been done! Our Country has been  deliberately sabotaged using debt Usury from the money  changers, quantitative easement shite to make us vulnerable to  occupation by our creditors as opposed to combat.

Over decades this well-orchestrated financial power shift has collapsed and then transferred every bastion of our Industries. We have been misled shepherded like sheep to our own demise.

The March 2013 South Korean fiasco can only be seen as a flexing of muscles and therefore, nothing more than a mutual agreement with Jewish Zionism in that kosher westernised state to plat-form another manufactured cold war for the sleeping masses to absorb. For instance China! The idea is to show that Communism still exists but only as a foreign entity in alien nations. This distinctly identifies a clear fear mongering division to mislead the masses and gain public support for Jewish Zionist Democracy! This dance was already performed between Capitalist America and Communist Russia during the cold war of course these two Ideologies are 2 sides of the same coin. Once again ‘Kosher Capitalism injects a steroid of banking usury to support Maoist/Marxist Communism in the likes of China to confuse and silence us all into obedience. Meanwhile Maoist/Marxist Communism covertly but in full view advances unchallenged- land banking in all nations across the planet. The Jewish crime families use the kosher promissory note trick of worthless steroid inflated numerical digits and creative bookkeeping leading China in to a false sense of security. This just like the Jewish Zionist bankers did to Great Britain and the USA during WWII, advancing and stabilising Communism in small cells across all continents, overtime it has revealed itself to be a covert mutual agreement with their chief planners ‘Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt.

What! we were supposed to be fighting to retain all which we have gradually lost since that supposed victory!

It is so visually evident that the Jewish Zionist Industrialists, and criminal banker families won WWII.

We are now witnessing the collapse of all these targeted european countries as that steroid debt %22We'll Kill the Dollar!%22of inflated kosher usury has now come home to roost and the sleeping mass don’t even see it coming. Remember the Muslims do not own the banks, media, the internet or Hollywood and neither do the true non  Judean Christians, or the glove puppet symbolic Royals. So do not be distracted by Jewish Zionist black propaganda with which we are being mentally overloaded with, It is pointing you in the wrong direction. Jewish Zionism is the cancer of humanity.

So lets get back to the issue of South Korea (controlled by the USA) flexing its muscles against North Korea, marketing the North as an advancing Marxist state when in fact it may well be the opposite. My study to date, and if I am to believe what I am seeing is that North Korea replaced its initial Marxist dogma because it has experienced and seen through the illusion of psychological Marxism and have now fine tuned the true meaning of ‘Socialist’ meaning a protectionist distributist Ideology by removing the Marxist mentality and then applied their new ‘Juche way‘ on a ‘National’ level meaning for its people making it a Social Nationalist state of clean, healthy and moral living, free from debt, and perverse debauchery of Marxist modernism, is this the reality of what we in the so called Democratic arse whole west have become ‘Modernised‘!?

Sod Marxist modernism send it back to Gomara give me a moral ideology of common sense Social Nationalist politics any day, your degenerate Damien Hirst, and your Tracey Emin mentality is finally being seen for what it truly is ‘The emperor’s new clothes’!!.

Meanwhile North Korea applying the Juche way it seems they have removed the global village scam that the kosher globalists advocate on us here in the west, and have recognised you cannot apply and manage Zio-Marxism globally without causing cultural unrest among different cultures = Cultural Marxism (Political correctness) , recognising Marxism has only one objective ‘to divide communities’ which is why when watching any of the videos about the new leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un I don’t see any immigrants in senior positions, among any of its militarypublic or youth during any of these National pride bonding celebrations, the only time I have ever seen this sort of national soul wrenching pride has been witnessed by me for at least 50 years of the one sided propaganda slant they market a nation that was hypnotised by a mad man , globally attached to the Germans from the Jewish lantern ‘TV’, I have slowly overtime come to terms with the true facts surrounding the German struggle against the the Jewish Bankers, the German people too were overwhelmed by a leader who had released them from the bondage of kosher capitalist Zionist Usury, the German leader also took his folk into a life of prosperity, all structured in 1933 well before the official recorded date of the beginning of the second world war of 1939. Are we now seeing the same established Hollywood cliches of reverse psychology of hate being attached to North Koreans to steer us once again in the wrong direction.

Lets just brief North Korea I have read that the father of the ‘Juche way’ Kim Jong Ill recognised early days that he was being manipulated and that Marxism could only ever suit a higher master, and I can only assume at this point that he must have recognised without saying out loud, had seen through the Jewish Zionist agenda, no wonder the Kosher banker crime families are trying to smash North Korea its like one of their own has defected and now becomes like a loose missile.
Similar to the track record of Gaddafi with his little green book and Saddam who we were falsely told were also dictators when in reality they applied a similar Social method for their people by out casting the money changers ‘Usury’ replacing it with an interest free currency both anti Jewish Zionists.

Now back to Moist/Marxist China In Liverpool and the North West alone Peel Holdings owns 180 acres of Liverpool waterfront, Liverpool Airport, Leeds and Liverpool canal, Birkenhead Docks, Ellesmere Port docks, Manchester ship canal, Manchester airport and the Trafford centre! Headed by John Whitaker his major shareholders and partners are China and Saudi Arabia Wahhabi Royals. Now when I played monopoly with my family as a young lad even back then I knew if I bought all the services supplying all the properties then I would pretty much have control of the board. In this case it is the transport infrastructure road, water and sky. It is Marxist/Maoist China land banking here in Liverpool and I hope you know any Chinese investment is state owned and pulling the strings. So no wonder the new Liverpool Mayor comrade uncle Joe ‘Stalin’ Anderson is cuddling up to Shanghai and Peel Holdings taking orders from his sponsors. Just like the other Marxian socialist militant John Prescott was doing in July 2012 with his numerous visits to china cuddling up to his sponsors for his inevitable return to Westminster.

Even Obama’s free trade agreement in July 2012 has opened up to Panama and Columbia and Cuba and Korea are also settling in nicely. All these so called Republics are covert Marxist countries governed by Marxist Political parties. You must take into account the U.S is free falling in to chaos and just like our Jewish Zionist led government, the Zionist puppet Obama is also favouring out sourcing industry to hostile governments instead of using protectionism and keeping the work in house for his own U.S people. Obama and his wife relish the anti-White mission it has become a personal as well as a mutual arrangement for his puppet masters. His wife’s body language (coldly cuddling the white school girl) during the visit to Great Britain in 2000 give an insight in to the mind of an indoctrinated ‘victim’ who now has the upper hand.

Covertly all this carnage around the world is being manipulated from the symbolic seat of power ‘Israel’. This is now the new Imperialist power on the world, using Jewish Zionism to manipulate countries into financial collapse. Jewish Zionism is in reality theft disguised as Jewish nationalism. Parasitic Zionism grows fat by consuming sovereign wealth across the globe in order to domination the world and Cultural Marxism has been its chosen weapon. 

We are being told to look to China for financial assistance, to view Marxian/Maoism as the prosperous and only route! Israel’s Zionist Banks across the globe finance Marxian/Maoist China injecting their economy with a synthetic steroid of numerical usury (Fractional reserve banking), while all industry under puppet governments in their Western host nations have collapsed. It is this that has been channelled to Marxian/Maoist China businesses.  Far better for Jewish Zionists to have their wealth in their Marxist network than in White Western countries since America will collapse, Europe will collapse– in other words All Pan European WHITE COUNTRIES WILL COLLAPSE as they have been designed to. Once bankrupt and with no one to provide direction our Marxist and Maoist creditors managed by Israel will lay claim to our assets-our country’s infrastructure Road, Air and Sea, Bye Bye freedom. 

Shalom Amerika!  All nations must rebuild their own land  through closed borders racial Nationalism.  Take back the country’s assets and mineral  wealth to Socially distribute for its own  commerce needs and to help rebuild and finance the country’s own infrastructure instead of relying on usury from Jewish Zionist Oligarchs who allow us to breath! They have no right to privatise all that belongs to us. JEWISH ZIONISM suffocates nations at will.

The Third World arrives in Europe/Great Britain often with no knowledge of the native language spoken language and is immediately and individually coached and advantaged above our own people, either by:

1 Marxist funding quangos that are set up to manage against us and protect the migrant through complicated systems of interpreters, passports, birth certificates, housing/benefits, self-employment, cash grants, tax breaks, interest free loans inducements or fast track queue jumping-the list is endless and all paid for by their protectors-the white anti-white, anti-English, anti-family and Parliamentary Jewish Zionists-from the public purse. They have made it easy for them whilst at the same time disadvantaging us.

2 help from embedded relatives who for many years, using the same Government baby sitters and the many gifted evasive tax breaks, have financially established themselves here.

3 in the case of imported Islam the Mosque is the banking system in terms of Wahhabi ‘Shariah finance (Protectionism and Distributism). Muslims are enticed to the Mosque and given whatever interest free finance needed from the Imam! Proviso’ They must attend regular prayer, and so are allowed to slowly drip back the interest free borrowed funds. Or even offered interest free loans from the big high street banks as interest loans are against their religious and cultural beliefs and so are culturally exempt.

4 As for Synagogue members they are even far more advantaged and privileged’ by the same covert formula they themselves control in their kosher legal system.

This is the Protectionism and Distributionism that our own people should be applying operating for a foreign community’s convenience on our own soil yet the British government (Jewish Zionism) discourages White Natives from using it and will even go out of its way to destroy those businesses that do! and Quiggins was a small example.

These guests are being coached into taking advantage of all the neglected Marxist legal loopholes. One such loophole has been taken advantage for years by immigrant mothers and daughters who have become breadwinners for their families with it. Making babies to get financial benefits from the State for the family is nothing new for them. Nothing short of an immoral scam, the Grandmother calls the Department of Unemployment, and states that the unemployed daughter is not capable of caring for all of her 7 kids. Once the Dept agrees, she gets told her children will need to go into foster care.

Surprise the Grandmother volunteers to be the foster parent, she then receives a cheque for £700 per child each month. This brings the annual income to: £58,800 soon to become £67200 when the 8th child is born. All this income tax-free and not a day’s work done! In fact, there is more income to be had if no husband/father/man lives in the home! The brother does not count.  More bonuses include free dental treatment, free housing, free council tax, free school dinners, free tuition fees at college or University, free eye care and glasses, free prescriptions and various other benefits…The total combined benefits fast approach £100,000 pa which would require an income of around £148000 to create.

These methods are how the Marxist liberal politicians have been breaking the back of our economy. When this generous programme was created by these Marxists in the ’60s, the Great Society architects conveniently forgot to craft an end date… The success of this has been self-serving for all these Marxist governments-we are now colonised with people who only vote for those who will continue to keep them on benefits….. No wonder our country is insolvent! Worse, our immigrant visitors have been paying attention. With the reduction in demographics of the host nations population now being replaced with the help of the foreign womb New Labour’s voting immigrant will soon replace the voting bloc altogether. Eventually harvesting more and more inducements for themselves leaving us the indigenous white bastards socially and morally bankrupt. Don’t forget to pay your taxes – There are a lot of “breadwinners” depending on you! This is part of the Jewish Zionist methodology of divide and conquer-if the Marxist Socialist Liberals hadn’t explained the charitable technique to our ‘guests’ in the first place the new Liberalised British Spice girl single mother would not be copying the same method now!  Zionism's replacement population

CSA is another prime example of manufacturing debt on our people. This results in many innocent fathers being unjustly pursued ending in many suicides, mental breakdowns, bankruptcies  and property confiscations. Some mothers even going as far as registering their childs father unknown to keep the father protected from being pursued by the regime for finances which don’t all go towards the child but to the business infrastructure of the CSA. Just like I have experienced it always involves the private company Works and Pensions, masquerading as CSA bailiffs scrambling for their profitable cut. Use the wrong approach to these fraudulent so called officials and they use the corrupt legal system to absorb like a parasite your whole life away. While the system demonises and outcasts the likes of Fathers for Justice they have no other option but to try and fight against and highlight the heavily weighted anti-father one sided issue. Yet democracy and the whole legal system is stacked against you.

The bedrock of a culture is the family unit. A secure husband and wife-a loving relationship this is the enemy of the regime which it continues to attack and undermine, fracturing the foundations of the family structure. This is a quality controlled formula that the Jewish Zionist condones, influences and accelerates even faster downwards through immoral pulp men and women’s magazines and TV programs these are prime examples for advocating anti-man, anti-family, feminism and extreme liberalism which helps advance their own culture by undermining ours.  The whole ideology is in place to break down the family unit-social security benefits, one parent family inducements, tax advantages etc.

As for their voting guests this is the end of the line. Once these immigrants arrive they are here for good. They are not allowed to go further, and even Liverpool docks have American military based here to stop them leaving any of the Ports! The immigrant’s job here is to help destroy the homogenous makeup of the main body of the host nation’s indigenous demographic population. The immigrant is a small part, a chess piece in a huge chess board to destroy Great Britain for big Israel (U.S.A). The military presence is really a destructive management team. Immigrants are in reality an asset investment for big Israel (U.S.A)

Wake up, and crush this mentality. Rise up and take back what is rightfully ours! We are about to loose our country to the same ideology which suffocated the true Russian people-the Russian nationalists, Christians and state opposition. This Ideology replaced them with the Jewish lead Marxian Bolsheviks. This has not only contaminated Russia, but also the U.S.A and Great Britain spear headed from and sitting comfortably in the Jewish Zionist infested White House of America and No. 10 Downing St. in London. The seat of power for the whole of Europe is the Jewish Zionist cover of the EU.

So you sleeping indigenous masses need to shut down the empowered minority and the constraints of politically correctness. Release yourselves from the straight jacket of multicultural submission.

‘Multiculturalism kills diversity! Diversity dies with the European’.

3 comments on “Zionist Government Policy = Cultural suicide

  1. Chapper
    May 9, 2013

    The oppressed oppinion of the cowardly white man


  2. JC
    May 11, 2013

    The Jewish Zionists and their puppet politicians have manipulated society to their ends:

    The reaction of many is a conditioned response, like the conditioned response of Pavlov’s dogs-trained by ‘perception manaement’ not to see the hostile action and presence of the enemy which operates in plain view. To regain truth and understanding, they must rethink their current preconceptions, and carefully and anylitically search for the truth. Most people are unwilling to do this. Instead many people are prisoners of their own conditioned, and therefore biased, mindset, incapable of the critical judgment needed to attain the truth. Whether for vanity of self-interest, but always in order to remain within the safe parameters of socially acceptable norms, the tendency for ‘normal’ people is to uncritically reject out of hand the convictions and arguments of those whom ‘society’ has been conditioned to designate to be outside of the normal range. One’s career, reputation and standing in the community are at stake and that is for most people far more important than determining the answer to the question, “what is truth?” For such people, living a lie is the acceptable price willingly or grudgingly paid to avoid undesirable consequences that may negatively impact their lives.


  3. Illy Al
    June 20, 2014

    Yes just as you said!

    All beaches, Parks and Gardens and all public open space is being privatised to the Corporate speculators.

    Jewish Zionism is driving this insanity.


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May 2013
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