Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Kosher NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Kosher Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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The Marxist BBC and the rest of the so called independent media Spoon fedchannels,  are all complicit in using manipulative wordplay  (NLP) during the Nations  daily fix of brain  washing an obvious essential trait needed to beallowed a  broadcasting licence  ‘Nepetism’

History programs streamed through channels such as free view 19 ‘Yesterday’    and 32 ‘Movie Mix’ are a constant torrent of Marxist propaganda. Such TV  documentaries and movies romanticise Marxist communism and demonise  using sinister graphics and back ground music when it comes to nationalistic  subjects these channels alone are prime examples of how the Jewish controld media have helped preserve the mood of the sleeping masses and projected submissive guilt on populations throughout white nations, and the European German folk have been the main focus and victims of this controlling Ideology.

We are constantly fed misinformation about our history, indoctrinating our Albion archipelago with how the nasty English oppressed our Irish, Welsh and Scottish blood brothers and sisters, through the constant stream of the old long gone class division all fed to keep us mentally divided and in a constant cultural struggle. But what would one expect when most of these programs are either produced or presented by Jewish or Marxist self interest groups. Why is it that the masses overlook the fact that our Anglo Saxon/Celtic racial culture is being divided but yet other racial cultures at the moment are progressing but not as fast and comfortably secure as the impervious Jewish communities. Ask yourself does Marxist diversity take care of our race. Is this what the sleeping masses have accepted diversity to see as ‘inclusive’ when the reality is ‘EXCLUSIVE’ of us. Only one race of people inherently moving in one direction ‘Jewish Zionism’ ultimately benefit from this global village con and that is the Jewish exilic race, the race who stole Israel from the Palestinians on the pretext of them having a homeland to return to but yet still prefer to remain exiled adhering to the kosher motto of ‘Division is unity’ and wide open for business! but only for them.

True Diversity  and Anti racism message

These Ideology selective presenters and producers are masters of  illusion  when televising anything which mentions WWI/II  by these  nepotist  groups, I can’t help but notice the carefully selected word  play to distract  and confuse the subject when it comes to explaining our involvement during that period. One technique used is to always identify so called ‘allies’ with terms like Soviets, Russian and Jewish or partisans , the aim is to conjure up images of victims when explaining historic events! In doing this they have been able to mislead and distract us away from the truth. Replace the word Soviet, Russian and Jew with! Bolsheviks, which is a barbaric, race annihilating ideology created and led by a mongrelised people known as the Oskenausi-kesarian (Ashkenazi/Khazars).

The Mongrel mixture.

This tribe, many centuries earlier a semi-nomadic race, mix with Mongol, Turkic middle eastern, barber African and their European cast rape victims out of the Asian Steppe whose nations bordered two ideologies Christianity and Islam. This cunning barbaric tribe back, then recognised how it could manipulate business on both sides of these borders by adopting a dogma which could remain impartial, so for commerce reasons adopted and then converted on mass to Judaism and retained a cunning lucrative impartiality between the two religious factions for centuries. Once you understand the origins of this financially solvent mongrelised mix of peoples it is not hard to realize this Bolshevik ideology led by the Oskenausi-kesarian Jews were the same people who led the 1917 revolution against their innate enemy , the Russian European people! A Jewish Oskenausi genocidal killing machine of Bolsheviks now using a new psychological weapon of Marxism to divide Russia, these were the same Jews, driven by Lenin (Jew), who killed Czar Nicholas Romanoff as well as all the rest of the European Russian people, (in excess of 40 million) who refused to follow their Marxist ideology. This financially solvent ideology still exists, even stronger to this day but is now contaminating every Capitalist so called Democratic seat of power in the world as Jewish Zionism headed by a cabal of Shylock banker crime families, there has been over decades a silent covert political power struggle within host nations around the world enabled through a Jewish ideology called Marxism, a powerful psychological weapon which has manipulated the minds of generations of gullible people across all white nations delivered to us in the guise of cultural Marxism, or better known to us as political correctness. The Zionist BUTCHERS Behind CommunismThe ultimate winners of WWII were the Oskenausi-kesarian Jews advancing their ideology of Marxist Bolshevism who are now the puppet masters of humanity.

All these televised indoctrinating history programs I speak of above, you will notice when speaking of the British there is always one fundamental issue which these Jewish Historians love to punctuate, and that is to infuse into the minds of the viewer that the indigenous Britain’s are also a mongrelised nation. What they neglect to point out is that Briton’s are only a mix of our own white European peoples,  therefore we are a pure European white race. It is only at this point in time, with the Jewish Zionist guiding hand through Marxist government policy that Britain is being colonized (invaded by proxy) with African and Asian nations, thus turning us into that mongrelised race and nation that the Jewish Ideology need us to be, to level us to their own mongrelised position ’We are a pure race of European white Blood unlike the mongrelised blood of the Oskenausi Jewish Zionist’.

It is an undisclosed but proven fact that these barbaric people only used the religion of Judaism for commerce reasons-to double dip profits from both borders. It was a neutral kingdom between Christianity and Islam which proves that Judaism per se is not a race but a Talmudic commerce ideology of death and a fundamentalist power which can only ever be the true axis of evil.

The people, who formulated and practice this ideology, however do have tribal Semitic blood ties amongst their mongrel DNA. These mongrelised people have over many centuries integrated themselves into the original Jewish Sephardi blood line to become Semites. These adoptive Semites identify their Ideology as the ‘religion’ of Judaism, and conveniently they also use the religious name for protection and that protection manifests when you use the word JEW and all hell erupts when the JEW shouts its anti-Semitic and we all have to bow. It is proven that these mongrelised people of the historic kingdom of Kasaria are not of Jewish decent but have over many years integrated with their adoptive religious Judaic Semite community which makes their claim to Israel nothing more than a fictional claim reinforced by their selected puppet leaders of each occupied nation across the planet. No religion can lay claim to that region only Semite Palestinian Arabs.

This ideology of Judaism is nothing more than a pack of cards structured around fear, debt, misinformation and psychological terror. Their control of debt, including their information network is vast, secured in their solvent adoptive Semite bloodline across all borders, and the Jewish Zionist banker crime families are at the heart of all the global usury enabling them to manipulate financial disasters and power shifts over nations using the global financial markets. Swindlers List

Historically the international Jew has manipulated the nature of his ideology pretending that it is merely a ‘religion’. His motives are obvious  given that he blames the 109 Gentile evictions from within host nations  on ‘prejudice’ against ‘religious differences and continue to hide his  criminality. The line bleared with the unlawful seizure of Palestine in  1948. Now with the ‘law of return’   inside the so called Jewish state being  Jewish is racial! This does not stop Jews outside Israel whining over the  intricacies of European ‘hate law’ and because of this said law has been  tightened just in case the European tries to cast a Jewish slur. Nevertheless, while there is devious Semitic Jewish blood it is not a pure race but mongrelised with many and most other lines. Ironically to occupy and maintain their claim to the land of Palestine.

The psychology the victors have used is having us believe Judaism is linked to their race/tribe. This is a complete pretence. It has however, long-term given ‘Jewish Israel’ a protective shield to shelter it from world criticism. This needs rectifying before the Judaic ideology as Marxist Communism destroys our nation and pan European blood stock to extinction.

It is so obvious to me, despite the abundance of information available, no one political contemporary figure, Democrat or so called Nationalist in this country who purports to be concerned about our inevitable downfall has the testosterone to step forward and offer a sensible alternative to our destructive path, only ever pointing at distractions or decoy symptoms that send us all in to confusion. Yet this information is available to everyone on the planet, but is still conveniently overlooked by these so called concerned parties and leaders, or is shrouded by them using a sea of black propaganda to make it difficult for the sleeping masses to decipher credible evidence. If the sleeping indigenous mass took the time out themselves to research the truth, they would also see the world through their own eyes and not the eyes of the manipulating Oskenausi Jewish Zionist. I am so glad I can think for myself to see through this illusion.


The world’s economy and culture has been purposely and systematically corroded away for decades, ignored or loosely plat-formed by the Jewish Zionist controlled media. Their usual technique is to only platform the typical professional or plastic cosmetic personality who can concentrate debate on any part of a symptom rather than on the deep rooted problem, preoccupying the sleeping giant in worthless debate helping confuse and disjoint society.

Any political party tactically using German and British Imperialist clichés to punctuate and bench mark historical guilt when being challenged by genuine opposition-racial Nationalists-just to entice gullible public support, yet skims over sensitive questions about the cataclysmic Jewish Bolshevik genocide of European populations and cultures must be suspect. i.e  Holodomor, Ukraine etc, and many other silenced genocidal massacres perpetrated by this kosher cabal well before WW11 was even contemplated.

HolodomorThe puppet political organisations controlled by these  Jewish Oskenausi  Zionists are very clever using ideology  piercing hate and buzz words to  skilfully detach and single  out whistle blowers away from the real issue  ‘Jewish Zionism’. This does not exclude the BNP!

For almost 5 years my brother and I worked closely  alongside Nick Griffin,  saw him first hand for what he was,  another paid decoy. He is against true racial Nationalism  and for fighting for the unlawful Jewish Israeli occupation on  the streets of Britain another friend of Israel. Griffin’s format is to distract the flag waving BNP member into believing Islam is the main problem when this is imported by the very government he is imploring to deport. The truth is the so called ‘British’ Government is occupied by a Jewish 5th Column AZL flag holder Transparent whose interests are purely self-motivated Cameron, Milliband, Cable all Jewish Zionists internally destroying Britain and our people.

I do not consider myself a writer. I am just an ordinary person with an average education who uses spell check so often it gives me cramp! Yet still, even I see, and have seen for decades the obvious problem that I now prefer to highlight to educate others, rather than continuing to exacerbate the problem. We have for some time now concentrated on Islam as the major ‘problem’ not just in Great Britain but across Europe. We have all been conditioned to point at this Jewish Zionists decoy as the prime enemy. This makes me feel like some English Defence League (EDL) Mossad puppet! Meanwhile, this manipulating Ideology continues to laugh at our stupidity. The Muslims have been empowered through politically correctness and multiculturalism to impose their Islamic culture on us whilst we the true indigenous folk of this The Zionist EDLnation have been disadvantaged, pulled back and covered with a politically correct straight jacket of kosher controlled government policy to keep us in a permanent state of submissive anger. Whilst at the moment this has massively advantaged the Muslims in Britain we have all been focusing on the symptom rather than the problem. However, although there are still many groups who focus on the Muslim as being the source of most of the troubles you must ask yourselves ‘who benefits from this?’

Who has encouraged it?

Who slips in the back door whilst we are busy focusing all our energies on the symptom?

Consider this- Islam does not own the legal system, media, world banks or Hollywood, Arabs are however a legitimate pure Semitic race of people. Therefore, surly it is the Palestinian Arabs that have the only legitimate claim to the stolen land of Israel. Yet the Jewish Zionists fill their Jewish Lantern ‘TV’ with messages of hate towards their Muslim enemy, enough hate and spin to gain support from the gullible goy. The profitable objectives to invade and land grab Middle Eastern mineral rich solvent countries for kosher imperialism. The same psychology is used to uphold division between our English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh folk. This is no different than manipulating whatever cultural divides are currently prevalent in any European nation-race, (due to Jewish Zionism’s importation of the darker race) and ethnicity (petty historical inter-white ‘wounds’ are exacerbated: Loyalist/Republican, English/Scots/Welsh) also gender, religion while rubbing white Europe’s face in the  ‘Holo-caus’. Of this last piercing issue I speak certain Muslim leaders vehemently refuse to accept as the ‘sacred cow’ with which Jewish Democracy terrorises Europeans. Iran's Ahmadinejad  on the Holocaust. Instead they continue to stick to legitimate evidence they themselves own on all these subjects and refuse to accept the kosher controlled global consensus that has created a lucrative useful industry for the Victors. Consequently many Muslim nations have proven a hard nut to crack. This is why it has been so hard for Jewish Zionism to take total control of Middle Eastern countries usually resorting to demonization and war (Libya, Iraq).  The last bastions of this stronghold are Syria and Iran. These peoples are not our enemies; they are the enemies of usury and are making a stand against the Jewish Zionist banker crime families who are globalising the monetary system into their own hands. This strips nations of their internal wealth.

Iran is a variation of the term Aryan and supports a historical Aryan migration to Iran from Europe in ancient Treetimes. It also explains the pale skinned blue eyed people that pop up among the genome in Iran.

 ‘The Muslim is the sand Jewish Zionism kicks in our face’

Ask yourself how come we never hear about Muslim attacks against Jews in Arab Muslim countries other than in Palestine. They are supposed to be historically sworn enemies living alongside each other.

Who benefits more from all the terrorist bomb attacks that were perpetrated on all the Christian Churches in Nigeria during the 2011 Christmas festivities, which were surprise surprise’ attributed to so called Muslim extremists.  Divide-and-conquer

Who benefits more from all the constant Christian attacks in Syria, India and Israel?

Who benefited more from the Boston Marathon bomb attack April 2013? This the opportunist puppet Obama  was first to voice out and imply the usual Hollywood created cliché suspects ‘Islamic or White supremacist‘ to keep in our minds. He dare not put in the frame the Sayanim or B’nai B’rith and Mossad these covert and overt Jewish fundamentalist supremacist sleeper groups who have for decades been hibernating in unsuspecting nations throughout the world waiting for that call to attack targets. Yet they sale through suspicion from so called governmental intelligence agencies so as not to alert or bring to the attention of the public. These statically coordinated Jewish supremacist inspired attacks tactically create many confusing distractions to gain calculated support for Israel from the western world by directing an abundance of hate via their Jewish lantern ‘TV’ towards the Muslim, and other Hollywood created cliché groups like racial nationalism. This helps towards the ultimate goal of the Jewish Zionist NWO to create that global village which ultimately extinguishes all but them by advancing globalism through capitalism  resulting in ultimate usury, debt and food control over the world

The Enemy Within

Who ultimately benefited more from the 911 sacrifice and many other  false flag decoy scams which get immediately pointed as the obvious,  even giving out through the Jewish lantern ‘TV  ‘the alarming news  that the Salomon brothers building next to the twin towers commonly  known as building 7 had collapsed 26 minutes before the event?

How come with all the evidence against Israel for the 911 sacrifice Aljazeera never point the finger. Aljazeera are supposed to be the voice of the Islamic world but deny them a voice unless it suits the Jewish Zionist ideology and yet the recent exposé revealed Al Qaeda is openly allied to Israel were we not told it was this group who perpetrated 911! Wake up from your slumber!

When I was with the BNP I witnessed its slow liberalisation, watching the party ridiculously conforming to the destructive kosher PC brigade, leading it in to being another Jewish Zionist manipulated multicultural, multi-racial civic nationalist party, just like the English democrats and UKIP. True nationalism sticks like glue to the JZ message it was the legacy John Tyndall left us, Tyndal was the true advocate of diversity!, genuine nationalists should be fighting our struggle on racial lines entitled to indigenous peoples under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Britons-Welsh, Scots, Ulster-men and particularly English our Albion nation is being purposely disadvantaged and by stealth! Proxy ‘ETHNIC CLEANSING’ for the sole purpose of contributing to helping reduce the remaining offensive figure of 8% of the world’s white population. This is guaranteed by each consecutive anti-English, Jewish Zionist government, who have for decades been purposely corroding away our freedoms, civil liberties and cultural identity with politically correct government policy, allowing a smooth takeover of our country by managing our nation downwards. The manipulation is provided by way of Sayanim, B’nai B’rith or Mossad, and their covert terrorist attacks on our soil which get attributed to the enemy of Israel ‘Islam’ when in fact all the evidence points to there own long term investment ‘Radical Islam’ fundamentalists ‘so called Muslims’ paid by Israel to leave a global footprint trail of terror to re-enforce the Zionist agenda.

I wonder what would happen if the disadvantage of Politically correctness was removed to allow equality to the white man! Think about it! Remove the constraints of the politically correct agenda and lets see how fast multiculturalism expands without the Jewish Zionist guiding hand.

I wonder why they are so scared of the Anglo Saxon/Celtic ‘brain’. Although saying that! compassion to the Jewish Zionist is a weakness and so can easily be manipulated.’ The European man’ (Aryan) is genetically fuelled by this one trait which has been a strength for us, but it is also a weakness’ our compassion has been exploited by Jewish Zionism for decades. It is the creative brain of the Europen, our contribution to this planet which threatens the Jewish Zionist and we must be destroyed at whatever cost, because they know if the European brain ever wakes up and recognises this manipulated social construct that is used on us it is game over for them.

End of your comfort zone When it arrives here there will be no differentiation. Anyone who refuses to comply with this Jewish Zionist One World Order will be starved, brutalized and annihilated just as they were in 1917 during the Bolshevik revolution. 10% of the European Russian population where murdered in what would become the USSR under Jewish control. Millions of European Russian Nationalists, Christians white fodder were systematically starved or exterminated to create submissive terror amongst the remainder of state opposition HOLODOMOR. It is coming here to people in the Western World, but it will be on a much bigger scale. It has already started with endless government policy changes supporting ever increasing food prices to purchase smaller amounts, all price fixed by the global corporations as well as many other policy constraints, they are bottlenecking each of us towards financial disaster and starvation, but ever closer to dependency on the system.

You think 60 million is a lot just how many can they slaughter throughout the entire Western world. We are being led in to a Jewish Zionist trap of Marxism in the guise of Capitalist lead Democracy. This is Jewish Zionist ‘Democracy’ or the ballet box controlled by the money and force. We are all living in a bubble which is about to burst’ and the White Race is the prime target.

We watch our country’s demographics, its natural balance being meddled with and by evil forces. Although these evil forces we cannot literally see, we cannot help but feel the dangers being placed in front of us. It is blatantly obvious now they are interfering with our nation’s ethnic make-up. As I have said we are all part of a global social engineering project modelled to ethnically cleanse the white race off the face of the planet. Jewish Zionist Democracy is the destructive driving force behind it all, fuelling and making it accelerate with their Marxist weapon of PC multiculturalism. The advantage of ‘mixing’ cultures works both ways for them. Not only does it wipe out the White race it also destroys all the cultures of the black race. The result is no identifying ethnicity other than the One World Order controlled by the kosher few;

Racial nationalism is about diversity and preservation of all cultures not destruction. For millions of years human behaviour has naturally chosen the ethnic culture and make-up of Nations, each culture taking its own natural evolutionary course. This resulted in each tribe being identified by their own distinctive National identity (ethnicity) until today when we find all racially different cultures being manipulated to breakdown all divides and liberally mix to have no identity other than to become identifiable to the ‘UNESCO man’ of the United Nations which was a 1934 plan to modify man as one identifiable brown colour, which has become more prevalent since the onslaught of multiculturalism and Globalisation.

The controlling Jewish Zionist has been secretly re-programming populations in all white countries through government policy, education, TV and film. They use their weapon of Cultural Marxism disguised as Politically Correctness slowly over decades drawing the majority into compliant control. These cunning Jewish Zionists have deviously been using the minorities  as a collective levelling community to use and protect their own small but ruthless community, a protective barricade to call upon through the hypnotic trigger signal of racism and anti Semitic. Meanwhile, the Jewish Zionist strategy of divide and conquer portrays Whites as the privileged majority and insists they view these manufactured minorities as oppressed victims. In this light, to the fearful majority the favoured minorities have become like an arrogant conquering army flaunting an empowered strut at any one who challenges the contrived arrangement, even becoming the equivalent of a fashion accessory during socialising, to been seen with a black or a homosexual friend is socially or most importantly politically essential to temporary advance whoever is using the accessory. Consequently, it has become very hard to view many friendships as genuine in this contrived politically correct environment. Its impossible to tell when anyone is being used as a political fashion accessory just for the user to be accepted in and around his/her communities? This is the ruthlessly shallow environment that we are forced to live in, an  artificial atmosphere, but remember it is cowardice which will prolong it.

Keep sending the Baillifs because the more we have the less passive we become.. Today we live in an ideology which has for decades been empowering and strategically placing Marxist Trotskyite militant cells, anti-English, pro-regime ideologists and anarchists in Towns and Cities across our Nation. These are allowed freedom to create problems for Nationalists, Patriots and traditionalists or anyone who has the audacity to mention with fondness our proud history. The ideological Regime that controls us empowers the weakest above the strongest, empowers immoral above moral, bad above good, Cultural Marxism (political Correctness) at its best.

Being a white Nationalist it has not been hard for me to recognise all these creeping corrosive policy changes happening to our country and cities for example devolution (divide and rule) and the multicultural anti white policies invoked on us to cower the weak amongst us in to submission! at least when the time comes I will die a man.

I recognize now we are at the end game of what is to become an easier route for entrapping and dividing our Nation in to smaller manageable units in order for the Jewish Zionist EU and PC Multicultural conformity.

My accumulated experiences gave me no option but to join the political fight back. This bottlenecked me in to what I thought was the only party for whites in Great Britain-the ‘BNP’. Yet to my disappointment it failed on all counts which made me cautiously consider other parties eventually deciding on the National Front just as the Mayoral election in Liverpool England in 2012 was on the horizon. It was the Mayoral trap which inspired me to join the political charade to highlight the dangers of devolution. Election video !!!!

As a rule close all borders racial Nationalism using localism (The enemy of Globalism) alongside protectionist and distributist common sense policy which is progressively organic would oppose Devolution as it would be unnecessary, but under the circumstances of the inevitable Mayoral launch in 2012 we had no other option but to contend the seat against the pro-regime cabal.

The council were not expecting me to move from the BNP to the National Front. A vigorous move forward which our group had been planning for some time, and not the usual cowardly move backwards like most disillusioned so called Nationalist have been doing! This having realised the Jewish puppet shill BNP are nothing more than a time wasting group. We did not move backwards into one of the state accepted groups like the multi-racial UKIP friends of Israel, another Jewish Zionist set up controlling both sides of the fight back; this is the reason for all the TV coverage on UKIP. It bottlenecks the confused in the wrong direction. Although UKIP tell us they want to get out of the European Union they also want to retain free trade and assertively resist protectionism. This supports the employment advance of ‘British’ passport and union card  carrying migrants already embedded here in Great Britain. Another kosher delivery.

Even though my application went in only 20 minutes before the  closing dead line, somehow I was chosen as the number 1 candidate  on the front page of the mayoral booklet for the Mayoral election on  3rd May 2012. This stimulated a frenzy of attacks from the pro-regime  infrastructure and also scuppered the pre-planned bear baiting Question time show which was to be held at the local University with the entire Marxist student and UNITE union members and officials.

The stage had been set well in advance for the usual tabloid accepted or state pressure valve nationalist candidate the likes of the multi-racial groups-English Dems, UKIP and BNP; but me moving to the NF caused the show to be cancelled. This revealed to me all the research which they had done to smear nationalist tendencies in general, the regime had not expected this sweeping political move which produced an unexpected NF candidate, they had presumed no white nationalist would attempt such a blatant manoeuvre thinking NF had been well extinguished using all the racist rhetoric which had been previously used against John Tyndal the original NF chairman to silence the Jewish Zionist message reaching the masses, the move totally threw them! our Liverpool group had moved forward making a political statement to bring awareness to the swindle of the democratic bubble. It was a message to the sleeping indigenous white that no all white party is allowed into their Marxist Democratic politics. It consists of self-serving groups like operation black vote for the obvious, George Galway for the Muslims and any party for our Jewish controllers, but no all white party for the unprotected white.

It is Jewish Zionism who have created this void and so we see it as our job to campaign for equality of arms for our own blood stock because no one else has the balls to point at the emperor’s new cloths. The only thing which is going to rid us of this multicultural politically correct con is an all-white party and they know it. This is the reason why they stop the rise of True racial Nationalism. So remember whites are not the problem they are the solution. True white nationalists are no friends of Israel, any friend of Israel is a Zionist supporter and only those puppet groups supporting usury (Globalism) and Israel will be allowed access to the ballot box.

As the election unfolded following the university question time cancellation other alternative arrangements were being offered to the other 11 candidates. However, the offers for me to attend were not forthcoming!

Eventually the one and only interview did arrive, it was the typical regime choreographed talk show. A so called ‘open and public debate’, the usual state-managed media interview being plat-formed in radio Merseyside by the state voice Roger Philips and his studio research back up crew being sure to feed him polluting messages to dislocate and confuse a target speaker. Phillips and his state studio crew had set the scene outside on the street for his Marxist UNITE and SWP (Socialist Workers Party) militant unionist egg throwers to be in attendance for after show ‘antics’. This to capture the usual embarrassing stage managed egg splatter photo opportunity for a particular target! I refused the offer but did ring the show to vent my opinion. Philips offer just represented ‘opportunity’ to enter into another “Question time” episode of bear-baiting against a barrage of pro-regime candidates and a state presenter just to debate policy budget and worthless statistics. This usual memorised rhetoric from the Thespian pro-regimer’s is meaningless only spoken to elevate or demean a target speaker, ultimately to confuse and entrap the listener with weasel words.

One thing I do recognise is being surrounded by phoney Thespian speakers it is like being surrounded by the ideology-paid Thespians. Public speaking is my weakness, it is not my area. My area is direct action. I am a ‘doer’ and so this time they had a genuine nationalist and they knew it. My message was clear common sense and no frills-Protectionist and Distributist, the ultimate anti-Jewish Zionist, anti-Capitalist Pro- ‘Inclusive’ contender.

This is the transcript of the my call in before it was all edited by the BBC :- 

Before I start Mr Philips, I would just like to inform your listeners the full statement I was to convey to you and your listeners ….can be found ….at this address….!!!!!!!!!!. ……….…..this is to avoid your usual trickery….. …….And to reassure myself …that no matter what happens …during this interview……… the public had every chance I could make available to them……….. To be informed!! …….

….No Mr Philips allow me to speak without interruption……

…………… you will have every chance to ask your questions once I have satisfied myself…………..

If you interrupt me I will switch you off !!……… I would like to put record straight about me not attending your masquerade:………… You offered me protection after your successful media …………..fabricated stories of me burning a Koran…………… and my so called Andre Breavik connection…………………………..

I’ve been put in Hospital for exposing the Labour 25 paedophiles ……………….the same new labour and union foot soldiers………. you have outside your studio today…………… waiting to egg and attack a true Nationalist when I leave the studio! …………….

I left the BNP and joined the National Front to give a white voice in this city …………….BNP is now a multicultural/Multi racial party ………………..pampering to the Zionist agenda and fighting the Israeli battle……

Before I let you know ………..where I will be drawing the funding from …………..for my projects …………….let’s just analyse what all the pro Regimer’s are offering!

1, 20,000 New jobs!! ……… Peel Holdings and friends ……………………all from the corporate section……………’ Service Industry no skills…………….. more Private sector sell offs.

10,000 New homes!!….  Again …. investing our money in the private Trust funds of their corporate friends……………… The Militants Mulhearn, Hatton and good buddies Joe Anderson ………….all sold off ………..our Housing stock in the 80’s disabling our ability to reinvest back into the communities. ……………

…………….12 new schools!! ……………………..They close 20 and merge them into 12 new private Ltd company academies ……………..grooming new EU clones………….. and brain washing children with multicultural rhetoric……………. to secure the ideology future vote. ..

….. Cleaner City! We haven’t got the work force……………. Hatton and his Militants….. including….. Anderson………. and…. Mulhearn……. sold Jobs and services off to the private sector in the 80’s……

……… I intend to rebuild that work force back in house. …… 

I will deliver … manifesto…………I do not have to toe any Zionist party line……….. That’s if the New Labour saboteurs haven’t left any in house land mines for a common sense leader……

….. I’ll not …talk about detail… of my ….manifesto….. Worthless stats …….and crooked Budget figures ………….just to make Mulhearn and Anderson look intelligent……. 

I’ll now tell you where I intend getting the money from……………… I’ll call in and review all compulsory purchase orders………….. which are dividing our communities ……….and …renegotiate the contracts in favour of harnessing ………….and retaining the communities in the same area ………. which will have massive savings on administration ………………Avoiding staged managed public  enquiries ………………..resulting …..only in steeling more from our people…….

……… I will reinvigorate our local economy……….. by encouraging localism……and allowing young independent entrepreneurs ……………and cottage industries to have access ………to our city ……….to compete with your corporate buddies ………and move away from feeding your buddy boys purse ……..clone city…………. which is designed to drain our local economy……

……. I will cut the budgets of all the divisive multicultural………. anti-English programs …………………..which are created to distract and divide us all…just for you ……….to empower the minority vote.

I will cut the Budgets of the anti-family pride festivals……………….. Including the proposed Gay village ……..again designed to pamper to the minority vote……

……. I will discourage …………our so called quotas of immigrants being forced on us from the EU ……………..and prioritise our own people here.  ….. The quotas are only to demographically replace us and dilute the budget………..

………….. I will remove the corporate dictatorship which… has for.. far too long had a destructive influence over our city………

…………Other cultures are encouraged to hold onto their distant cultures ………Except me ………Instead I have to apologise……………………..

New Labour and the cross party alliance organise Operation Black Vote ……George Galloway organises the Muslims against the Jewish Zionist as well as against the indigenous …

..Me ….as a white man……I ….. have the National Front………… and you call me racist…………………….

I don’t have a problem with Immigration……………You do ……….I will just deal with it ….

Anyone interested in collapsing this regime ………..starts here with me…..

I hope you enjoy your stage managed debates today………don’t do too much debating or it will make you blind………….. I’ll leave you now Mr Philips…………….. You voice of the state terrorist …. And you can deal with what I have said ………..without interruption from me…. ……………Bye Bye.

Until this election arrived the electorate had not experienced “a true principled candidate of the people whose soul was not for sale. Although I knew there was no way they were going to let me at the decision making or at the budget as they have a water tight destructive infrastructure set up at the ballot box against the rise of close all borders racial Nationalism; a common-sense approach from me would have exposed their privatisation stats policy and decision making as self-serving and socially destructive. It is the reason all racial Nationalists are considered a threat to politics because common sense no longer exists in local or central government and they don’t want a racial nationalist bringing it back.

A vote for me would have seen the beginning of the end of privatising our city. This would have brought a redistribution of our city’s wealth and budget back into the direction of its rightful owners ‘the People and its Communities’ seeing homes for our sons and daughters, and a comfortable worry-free life for our pensioners and helping to reverse the damage caused to the schools education system. This has for decades been indoctrinating white children with self-hate and fabricated guilt all done to deliver them to the regime as multi-cultural EU clones, my office would have presented a clear road to for all communities based on merit not on multicultural or gender priority and that was a guarantee!

I am not anti-Black, I am pro-Race and pro family. My objective was to right the wrongs of the one sided inequality towards the white communities, those white communities Jewish Zionism tell us have white privilege, my objective was to shove the one sided policies of politically correctness right up the backside of the regime. This included the slave museum created to reinforce white guilt in to the cowardly majority. The truth behind all these slave myths about white dominance needs correcting to show the truth about how Jewish traders globally ran the trade. white and black ‘’Barbarian Cruelty: An Eye-Witness Account of White Slavery under the Moors‘!. I’ve struggled and contributed my life’s work to this country only to be delivered like snakes and ladders back to the beginning. I am still yet to witness that white privilege. The sooner the sleeping giant wakes up and recognises the big foot killer of diversity standing on his head the sooner we can get back to living a decent life without the constant struggle of pushing water uphill, and if it wasn’t for this fortunate delivery of this snakes and ladders situation iv experienced to date I would not have recognised how local and embedded the Zionist infrastructure is.

Using their self-serving methods through government  quangos and creative industries, I know how careful the  Jewish Zionist have established themselves and platforms  who ever uses its ‘anti-Semitic’ or ‘race hater’ policies. This  has always been self-provoked and incited by them to  increase victim status and gain support from the so called  minorities to advance the JZ cause, even accusing Jewish whistle blowers of being self-haters. All this has been a clever screen to psychologically steer the public away from the destructive issue that has allowed them a free road to crush whatever stands in its way.

Since when has attacking an ideology or truth been ‘anti-Semitic’. That would mean any opinion against any political Ideology is ’race hatred’ all these parties are complicit with the Marxist doctrine of PC and multiculturalism, the doctrine created by the Jewish Zionist Karl Marx to advance his ruthless community of usurers! Shylock plays a cunning game and thrives on death and misery across the planet making the accusers in reality the enemy.

History They Dont Teach You In School

During the build-up to the mayoral campaign my team were singled out and exposed too many days of intimidation by the paedophile co-conspirator Joe Anderson’s NEW LABOUR foot soldiers and his stasis Police. They followed us or if not were being sent to my shop or home to boycott. This all failed dismally to discourage me or our group entering the mayoral election. Also failing to discourage me were the constant smearing from the kosher controlled newspapers written by cherry picked Marxist journalists.

‘David Bartlett Liverpool Echo ‘Norway mass murderer Anders Breivik emailed National Front’s  Liverpool mayor candidate Peter Tierney with his manifesto’ ‘Liverpool Mayoral candidate Peter Tierney was on the distribution list for the manifesto of Norway mass murderer Anders Breivik ‘ ‘ Liverpool mayor quote of the day: Anders Breivik considered Peter Tierney to be on the same wave length as the murderous mind’

Always careful not to mention me by my common and election name of Peter Quiggins as they knew it would restrict the public gaining access to my 20 years of history in helping cottage and micro businesses, culture and the local economy, as well as local communities. These misleading stories given to the public about Breivik’s objective was another fine-tuned repellent to distract away from Breivik’s real Zionist politics! Something I am diametrically opposed to!

For a start I myself am pro-life as well as a devout anti-Jewish Zionist, anti-Capitalist, unlike Breivik, a devoted Zionist fighting the Jewish Israeli battle against the Muslim. As a disciple he has done his job well, advancing once again Jewish Israeli Zionism. Their ultimate goal of world domination is to accomplish their kosher one world order  which is once again diametrically in opposition to what I believe in. The tabloids twisted the Breivik issue to smear my name because I refused to follow the kosher Zionist line nor would I step into their bear baiting arena to defend my position.  Zionist new world order

There have been a number of significant mass killings of Goy around the world these past few years Batman, Colombie, Breivik all Zionist mass killers. Isn’t it significant that  this never gets mentioned, Breavicyet somehow Breivik managed  to survive? The kosher media well understand how  confused the masses are about the Zionist issue and so  continue to feed them manufactured scat to pre occupy them with worthless debate.

By attacking my political and personal lifestyle during Liverpool’s Mayoral election yet keeping silent on the individual life styles of other potential candidates reassured me that I was giving the right message out as it was clear as day I was the only threat. If the Jewish Zionists wanted shady back grounds they didn’t’ have to go very far! This mayoral campaign enticed all the debauched pro-regime-faces, being lined up were BBC radio Merseyside voice of the state Liam Fogerty, alongside the phony philanthropic Marxist ambassador Phil Redmond. He eventually stood down ehmm. Then we had the Marxian Trotskyite militant and Hatton accomplice Frank Field. Also there was the ehem! alleged elections LibDem fraudster Warren Bradley who failed at the first hurdle. Then there was Joe Anderson the labour militant who obstructed justice in 2012 by aiding and abetting a labour councillor paedophile. Anderson is an old Hatton Trotskyite militant who we all know eventually won the mayoral for his Peel Holdings paymasters. Then we had the convicted curb crawler and Radio Merseyside voice of the state Roger Philips moralising the whole episode for public scrutiny. To top it all we had Mr. nice guy Herbert a regime classic who also stood down ehhm cough for the doctor all these beneficiaries were pro-regime faces masquerading as common sense opposition. Yet all have been and still have the same destructive pro-regime anti-family, anti-White tribe objectives to uphold the status quo.

As I have said before cultural Marxism is a psychological science created from a Jewish mind to advance his race on the back of fragmented groups an artificially constructed ideology that was manufactured to turn everything upside down or into the opposite of what it should be. Common sense no longer exists. This ideology has managed to culturally dislocate our once proud nation by manufacturing their kind of liberalised fucked up mix!! Creating total chaos is the objective of Jewish Zionism, paving a road of madness to slowly absorb power and control over to themselves and out of the chaos seize ultimate power.

This system is known as Cultural Marxism.

1. The creation of one sided racism offences.   2. Continual intrusive law changes to create confusion

3. Teaching of sex and homosexuality to young children.  4. Undermining school and teacher’s authority

5. Huge immigration to destroy demographics and identity.  6. The promotion of excessive drinking

7. Emptying of churches while marketing atheism.  8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime

9. Dependency on the state or state benefits.  10. Fear mongering as well as dumbing down of the educational system.

11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family.

‘Woe unto them that call evil-good, and good-evil ; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter’ Isaiah 5:20

12 comments on “Kosher NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

  1. Aegisthus
    August 9, 2013

    Thank you Brother.


    • peterquiggins
      August 11, 2013

      It is only TREASON if the people committing the crime against the country are of the same race and nation. The government of America as of Britain, Germany and all other White Western Nations have been infiltrated by a parasitic ideology that has intern infused these governments with peoples with interest other than those of the respective hosts (Israel being the prime player) YES THESE PEOPLE ARE ABSOLUTELY CRIMINALS but they are not traitors for they have not defected from their own tribe they are stealing from ours-the White tribe. Only a Government created of its own race can truly have its own land and peoples National interests at heart. Introduce the foreigner and he will automatically place HIS interests before those of the host Nation.


    • Peterquiggins
      August 11, 2013
  2. Branchus
    August 11, 2013

    The mood is rapidly changing as more and more people realise the big lie is a reality, the Lie they have smeared with conspiracy to be sure the mob stay asleep!


  3. Mcnish
    August 11, 2013

    “Judaism per se is not a race but a Talmudic commerce ideology of death and a fundamentalist power which can only ever be the true axis of evil.”

    No greater truth. And our so called “Christian” parlamentarian politicos are of the same ilk the world over. The deeper they try to bury us in their lies, the harder we will all start to fight to escape.


    • peterquiggins
      August 12, 2013

      Socialism is a term used to describe a political and economic movement that emerged in Europe during the early 1800s. Primarily a response to the Industrial Revolution, this was a hopeful time of great change. Periods like this tend to occur in Europe every couple of centuries making her the vibrant creative civilisation she is. Initially there were various expressions of socialism, distinct to each nation, its circumstances and sensibilities. Noted amongst these include Charles Fourier and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in France; Eugen Dühring and Karl Lueger in Germany and Austria; Mikhail Bakunin in Russia; Robert Owen, William Morris and Henry Hyndman in the United Kingdom. However, Karl Marx, descended from rabbis and a relative of “Lord” Rothschild, also invented Marxism a materialistic socialism rooted in an ideology discarded by Europeans. This Jewish infiltration of European socialism inserted anti-socialist ideas like cosmopolitanism, boundless internationalism, radical feminism, Europhobia, and sexual Bolshevism into the movement to make socialism seem negative, destructive and unattractive to the implicitly patriotic host nation. Such agendas are promoted so real socialism never gains enough influence to reform the monetary system that Jews dominate. Jewish leadership roles in all parties are also desired so when political upheaval takes place, they are in a position to push Jewish tribal interests ahead of the interests of the host population. Lenin used Marx’s pseudo-socialism to manufacture Bolshevism, and overthrow Russia in 1917 aided by Jewish bankers like Jacob Schiff. The Jewish Bolshevik regime murdered at least 60 million nationals.

      A counter to Jewish hijacking of the name socialism emerged through new political movements. These reconnected with the original essence of European socialism and were patriotically race based. Such included the Fascists in Italy, the National Socialists in Germany, the Falange in Spain and various sibling social nationalists who allied with them in France and other nations. As these movements were working in the interests of their own people, against the conspiracy of international Jewish finance, the forces of plutocracy and Bolshevism combined in an open union as the Allied forces during WWII to destroy true socialism of the Europeans and murder Nationalist leaders.


  4. Carnforth
    August 17, 2013

    The sleeping masses will not beleive the odacity of this video. These are the tactics now being used on the gulible masses.


  5. Achilles
    August 18, 2013

    The future for all nations is on it’s way ‘Social Nationalism’ yes! which will send JZ packing off to their promise land, to then put sanctions on them as they have done for decades on others, see how they like it, I’m sure we could come up with some other creative ideas to repulse this evil cabal .


  6. TPM
    August 19, 2013

    There will come a day where we will need to put our lives on the line in order to take that next step towards victory or defeat. On that day you can rest assured that we, who have everything to gain, will be victorious against the international JZ robber barons who have only material wealth and the abject slavery of our nation to gain. By all means that will be stopped, and our determination will be undetered in the face of the corrupt power that manipulates the blind masses who have yet to see the truth before their eyes. On that day can you count yourselves among those who would give their life so that life could be won? Will you do what generations past have unquestionably done for their country? There is no greater cause in which to set your life before the iron stare of death. To stand under the sword is death indeed, just step in, and there is life.


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  9. PeterQuiggins
    May 15, 2020

    Punctuating the New World Order = Jew world order… JWO



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August 2013
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