Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

A subversive straight Jacket ‘Jewish Zionism’

A subversive straight Jacket  ‘Jewish Zionism’

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This corrosive regime of Jewish Zionism thrives on exposing our nation to many guilt wrenching dangers that leaves our folk terrorised, cowing and in submission to this immoral system. The whole population has been rendered spineless inBeginners guide to the Jewish Question. the face of this self-financing commercial commodity that markets through their evil Talmudic controlled legal system, manipulating the sleeping giant (white population) with their unlawful infrastructure.

Their Judaised legal system is now an obstruction to justice. It is no longer a protection for our indigenous folk, but has fine-tuned itself to a dictatorship of predators over the lives of a law abiding people. This is an unavoidable system that sits in wait for us as we try and live just an average life leaving us devoid of justice. This Talmudic cabal entrap us with self-serving manufactured rules and regulations always for substantial monetary gain on their part. A fine-tuned self-serving Jewish led legal system is set in place intentionally for them to circumvent the law, but to secure protection over their out of control Jewish Banker funded government who in turn manipulate the civil service to do their dirty deeds. This is why you don’t see a conquering army in combat on the street because it is already here and has been for decades in the shadows, subversively sucking you dry while leading the nation in to privatisation in the guise of open borders Multiculturalism.

This country Great Britain our united Albion nation and all European countries are at war with an enemy within.  The civil service within these nations is a conquering land army.

stop+abuse+of+NHS+staff A complex infrastructure set in place to  manage our  descent. The Talmudic fueled regime have purposely  demographically replaced the workforce of our own  indigenous folk for the  manufactured politically  correct narrative securing them in positions of  influence whose only concern is to receive the pacifying weekly wage inducement and short term security.

The false charity ‘Common Purpose’ is the new image of the Frankfurt school of Marxism advancing cultural Marxism (Politically correctness) on the Western World. Understanding these two covert schools of NLP psychology, and you will be aware of why you feel frustrated with life and why Britain is no longer Great.

Hidden within the comforting label of ‘charity’ cultural Marxism’s poisonous psychological theories and practices through the Jewish controlled ‘Common Purpose’ have enabled the politically correct agenda to successfully turn the black so called minorities into the gladiator, the illiterate footballer in to the warrior, his immoral consumer driven wag into a sexual spearhead, the vulgar mouthed homosexual into the moral must have fashion accessory. This has delivered the innocent fostered/adopted child to begin life in an abnormal set up-Mummy and Mummy, Daddy and Daddy and provided a pedophile free pass for that fraternity to access vulnerable children. Jewish Zionism has opened the floodgates to immigration and has strategically controlled their Jewish lantern ‘TV’. It has set Islam upon us while at the same time turned it into the demon intentionally to create anger amongst us but ultimately to clash both religious factions to benefit Israel, while that same destructive industry has turned the woman and the populace against the white man. White man is now being multi cast in their Jewish controlled industry to punctuate the evil, awkward slovenly alcoholic or if not will be cast as camp or the cross dressing pantomime dame. Cultural Marxism is at its best when twisting everything to its opposite. All opinions for the sleeping mass have been psychologically predetermined. The Beast As Saint - The Truth About Martin Luther King Jr

These same ‘Common Purpose’ (Frankfurt school) methods are used to choose senior staff working within the civil service. Each are individually cherry picked and so long as each fit the narrative they are then sent to be further trained in the cunning techniques of the ‘Common Purpose’ school of Marxism. This is disguised as being a so called long term moral cause, but is really psychologically programmed or fine-tuned to advance the Jewish Zionist ideology. The cherry picked attain one sided Zionist approved leadership skills, then once trained are each unleashed to advance this ideology on other unsuspecting staff and targets. The job of graduates is to go out in to the work place, schools and communities as well as industry to identify more potential Marxist leaders who fit the narrative for the future, to identify more graduates to become part of this one sided destructive infrastructure. Such people are all induced with privileges once placed in positions of influence. Schools are prime targets for the regime as the Minority Rule-The Rise of Political Correctnessinnocent minds of our children are more malleable. The head master or deputy heads are the usual advocates advancing the Ideology for their paymasters or if not, the position they hold will be substituted for someone who will.

All senior school pupils and parents should research if they have any suspected ‘Common Purpose’ (Frankfurt School) graduates in their schools. There are ways of finding local lists of names – a Headmaster, Deputy or teacher or alternatively have you or your family attended the classes like the Alpha course. This is sheltered under the ethical cloak of the Church, but is in reality a course to outcast, a morally challenging idea to segregate those on the outside or those in the community who stand in the isles. You’re either in the group or outside the group dividing the community into righteous upstanding ‘multicultural’ conformers or demonized as ‘racist’ etc.. If so in the case of the Alpha course you or the pupil in the case of schooling alongside friends have been part of a mass global modification program designed to bring populations into line with ‘CULTURAL MARXISM’ or what we all recognise as multiculturalism and political correctness advocated by all the main stream democratic parties in this one party state, naively leading unsuspecting pupils into liberal cultural, and most of all racial genocide resulting in submissive control.

Pro-regime Head teachers and graduates have been carefully selected or head hunted for their political or gender persuasion and special talents to quality control, track and record the life styles of good and bad pupils as well as their families. This is a selective program that sorts the wheat from the chaff so to speak, scouting for future Marxist leaders who have the same distorted unnatural pattern of thinking as well as cataloging those who don’t.

These graduates record in detail the daily lifestyles of pupils. This then gets data stored until needed i.e. for them to use against you in the future as a compromising bargaining tool to keep you in line. It doesn’t stop there the ideology tracks and keeps ties on you throughout your life. It is the reason why most politicians are complicit with the ideology as maybe they too at one time in their private lives been immorally compromised in some way or fallen for the racial multicultural suicide. These bastards sell their soul to the Jewish capitalists just to be able to indulge in all the immoral materialistic trappings offered.

How many times have you read in newspapers how immoral Government or civil service criminals and perverts have been released back in to the community or returned to their job only to be promoted.joe-anderson-rooting-for-pie

Justice is no longer distributed equally. These ‘Common Purpose’ advocates are shielded, limbo dancing beneath the radar of true justice. It is a pyramid system of control and each piece of the pyramid is needed because if one block is removed it weakens the pyramid thereby acting like an immune system for these perverted criminals which is why the infrastructure has survived so long, they are law unto themselves.

This immoral infrastructure have marketed these changes and established them as fashionable on the back of politically correctness and Multiculturalism. It has indoctrinated our children and youth to stand against not only our own nation but also parents, teachers, and any form of authority which has allowed them to challenge the moral Worldwide Zionist Strangleholdand cultural building blocks  of our Albion nation as well as across the  wider European nations the moral bastion of     common – sense has been compromised. This  is forcing a change to the  fabric of our      cultural landscape in our homes, schools and  community’s pushing our tolerance levels to  breaking point. The youth of today independently think it is  fashionable to be anarchist towards our cultural structure and don’t recognise  it is the sinister forces of psychological cultural Marxism maneuvering them  right back in to the hands of the same psychopathic system they think they are  fashionably discarding.

All this has been predetermined to break down society, to then have it all rebuilt under their new banner of their soon coming Jewish Zionist privately owned One World Order.

‘’Death is not the greatest loss in life! The Greatest loss is what dies inside while we live’’ Norman Cousins.

Have you never thought to ask yourself why it is that every Marxist Government vehemently objects to scores of Government changes before winning the smoke screen symbolic seat and then don’t reverse anything when they get into no. 10. and the unprotected white carries on voting them in time after time, as if seeing their so called Democracy as a ‘moral bastion!’ overlooking the reality of the Jewish controlling Zionist Democracy in place which has delivered a one party state, multiculturalism kills multiculturalism! Fact.

This has been a long standing plan of Labour and its friends Lib-Dems,  Conservatives as well as all the other The Zionist EDLIdeology  manufactured parties they control-UKIP,           Greens, SWP, English democrats, BNP and  the Mossad manipulated EDL in short  Marxism  controlling both sides…… Jewish  controlled opposition that unites the one  party state all   playing good cop bad cop, all conforming to the PC  (Politically Correct) narrative and that is first hand experience.

The one party state have, these past 15 years even set up a sickening new UK  Youth Parliament for their carefully selected investments. Cherry picking selected pupils’ not on merit but on gender or ethnicity. Creating shepherds to guide other vulnerable pupils into the Marxist politically correct brain washing machine and make sure our youth are being coached and shepherded into the direction of cultural Marxism!! Youth Parliament

The regime has reduced the amount of schools to justify introducing multicult merging. These multi ethnic Academy schools, which are factories to manufacture politically correct, multicultural clones for the anti-English, anti-family, anti-white ideology, are being forced on our children to liberally integrate and mix them or else they will be outcast.

Some of our children are even being used as a therapy to cohesively ease in some battle scarred children from 3rd world war torn countries, helping them settle in to their new gifted home. These scars, which long term aggressively bleed intolerance in to our communities as these battle scarred victims achieve adolescence these precious immigrants retain that inherent tribal instinct and the indoctrinated hatred towards the white man fed to them in these Marxist schools and of course through the Jewish lantern ‘TV‘, a tribal instinct which Cultural Marxism has progressively bled out of our people.

The black slave trade is a prime example of indoctrinating our folk with white guilt. Purposely channeled through lies and deception intentionally to shield the truth about the Jewish trade. Jewish Zionists are the masters at deflection.

It won’t be long before the age for voting is lowered to accommodate these new young brains washed clones which will help secure and accelerate the ruling Jewish Zionist ideology. If any of my children were to be involved in  one of Misplaced revengethese rapidly advancing set ups I    would be careful about what I say in my own  house. If it gets picked up by the Teacher I        could expect a visit from the regimes social  services to remove from you the  state              owned children. Whatever you think about  your children belonging to you is a mistake as at the time of registering your Child’s birth certificate at the registrar you unknowingly make them a ward of the state.

If you understand what I speak of you have a responsibility to pass on to other parents and pupils. Our impressionable but innocent youth are at risk of being suffocated with this sickening ideology. Our culture has been sabotaged and reduced becoming almost none existent. Our children have been weaned to accept and appreciate only what remains, and so do not recognise what has been purposely corroded away. They feel they are losing nothing as they

Nobody is white have nothing to look back on to compare. Naively they feel there is no need for change, because what they have now is an abundance of immoral distractions to keep them occupied. As such they are massively encouraged to look at people like me and our group as if we are trying to hold on to a long gone past. This pleases the Zionists, as they do not care about the older wiser generation; it is only the youth they have to focus on.

Our people have been indoctrinated to accept without question everything the Ideology manufactures and feeds our conscience with as fact. They have made it virtually impossible to rebut any of their selective guilt laden Holow Cause interpretations of History that gets vomited from their Jewish  lantern ‘TV’ and creative industries, cherry picking and                manipulating from their ‘Swindlers List’ to sure up their  regime.

I sit sometimes, watching and listening to all the bizarre vomit, all the black propaganda being dished out by the self-servers. Constructing lies and fictions, propaganda stories against our  nation and especially against the ‘evil’ European. If you dare to hang on to any sort of proud bonding heritage and History you are immediately branded heretic by union sanctioned Marxists using created buzz words and slurs to outcast by a strategically Union managed minority of Marxist bleeding heart liberals.


‘Leave our community’ Brrrr ‘ Brrrr’


This wolf cry gets repeated, and repeated until the shit sticks, then the gullible and compliant unprotected white swallow it hook line and sinker, picking it up and use it themselves as fact in their own daily brain dead conversations. All these droning techniques are used to stop debate ‘Critical Theory at its best’  What is the fetish fascination with these people that drives them so aggressively to stand against anyone that flies its own nation’s national flag or defends the rights of the unprotected white man.
In the minds of the ‘unprotected white’ Jewish Marxist have inextricably linked Patriotism, National pride and nationhood with their illusionary atrocities that happened in Europe during WWII. ‘White guilt’ then justifies the nasty name calling and spitting by the anti-English Marxists and bleeding  heart liberals, if any of us attempt to beA Conversation About Race   patriotic, while the ‘unprotected white’ stand  by and do absolutely nothing  about it. The  castrated white needs to grow a pair of balls,  and get some teeth for your family and        kids’ sake.

All the same face political parties use the same tactic. They are complicit with  the narrative to mock patriots, Nationalists and those who dare to challenge them, and the unprotected white whose blood stock has rapidly been getting diluted right across Europe for decades all fall for it.

‘’There’s none so deaf as those who will not hear’’

Ask yourself why do they victimise Nationalists, Patriots and traditionalists, then smear with all the ‘false guilt’ ridden atrocities that happened in Europe during WWII? What are they trying to hide or suppress about this graphic historical period-a period which has become for them a self-financing commodity to profit from and to browbeat and flagellate our unprotected  European folk into submission.The Balfour Declaration  (Benjamin Freedman)  It is so obvious to me that it gets used to empower the Jewish Zionists; it helps stop rational debate among the unprotected white man, as well as hiding the true objective and facts about the genocide of our European folk!

It is so bizarre to watch the sleeping European giant fall for this illusion. They allow this one issue to sustain this pendulum menace which rules over their lives, helping preserve power and control over populations. This same issue has manifested itself into a global ‘racist’, Holocaus straight jacket for the sleeping Aryan giant. This cake is well over baked making it very hard and sickly for the world to digest especially since the advance of the Internet. At the moment people are now able to question, search and find highly sensitive information and documents relative to long gone historical events. We no longer have to accept the Jewish Bolshevik killer’s parody. People now have the ability to choose and judge for themselves how history has been manipulated making sure the chosen path has been in favour of our Jewish Zionist masters. Screw Churchill and his deceiving wisdom! The truth can no longer be surrounded by a body guard of lies we demand the truth.

We have inherited the Chicken and Egg syndrome Holodomor or Holocaust ! What come first – The Jewish led Bolshevik genocide of the Europeans = Holodomor 10m 1930 or was the success of the allied victory an opportunity to hide the crimes of the Jews through the profitable Shoah industry called the Holocaust 1944? ?Was this namesake a coincidence or a calculated deception to graft suspicion away from the Jewish banker crime families, the Jewish bankers were the real cause of the European friction.

My common sense approach to politics has forced me to analyse my past, and question the entire state sanctioned breast fed sequence they have fed us and still feed us today. I fuckin hate politics. Yet these parasites have forced me to back track and scrutinize, log and pass on all my life’s experiences to others even with the character assassination against me, the manufactured smears from the media and tabloids and generally all the repetitive boring snore zzz, snore zzz shite that feeds only their ideology. I still try and dissect and translate and pass on the twisted tales the state controllers inject the sleeping giant with.

Politics is like snakes and ladders. It is about climbing the right ladder to get to a destination and receive the information, step on a snake and it will set you back or distract on your journey; as they feed you all the misinformation and black propaganda. This is all I have done, climbed the right ladders and not been too distracted with all the political snakes and so have been able to receive and dissect the right information.

I am sick of all the misleading so called history programs that the vindictive Marxists and Jewish presenters feed to us on the Jewish lantern ‘TV’. Their objective is always anti-English and/or anti-Christian ‘hate whitey’. The regime manipulates us into accepting only their self-serving objectives; covertly seducing the gullible into believing a guilt ridden creative fiction as fact and forcing it to work into their emerging ideology. Basically squeezing the square peg of multicultural cohesion and politically correctness into the round hole of reality! There’s nothing organic about Jewish Zionist Democracy it Jewish Zionist Democracyis a twisted social construct imposed on us and across the world at the point of a fuckin gun!

When will the sleeping giant question why! Rather than using the many outcast European or British genuine Historians to present British or European history programs the BBC being the state Jewish driven manufacturer of consent always uses other grudge baring cultures-vindictive Jewish, black or white always Marxist presenters on programs such as, A History of Britain and other programs like Coast. These dwell on pointing hate against the British or English making sure it sinks into the minds of the Irish , Scottish and Welsh to secure division in our nation, and it almost always miraculously manages to include the lucrative industry of the holow’caus extortion racket to reinforce the carefully regulated sympathy vote from the gullible masses. No wonder the Muslims laugh at our stupidity.

These chosen ‘Historians’ always distort or mislead our history feeding creative shite to the unprotected white because it is in their interest to do so. The Ideology protects and nurtures these personality ambassadors. When isIran's Ahmadinejad  on the Holocaust the unprotected white going to have the balls and stand up to the fact that this indoctrination is fueling our cultural demise?

For decades I have watched program after program from the BBC’s guilt ridden “hate the Brit, the English, divide the Christians” recipe of fuck the white man. This oppressive self-serving technique has us all in a cyclone of confusion. I often draw back on the 60’ and 70’s to the days when I first noticed the one sided hate machine in action. I now realize that back then they fed us all with the same oppressive guilt ridden images as they still do today.

I have minutely dissected the confusion fed to us and reinterpreted it. Reading between the lines of all this tangled information it now makes and gives sense to what I am faced with today. It is only when you are involved in real Politics- racial and Social Nationalism that the ideology truly reveals itself. It usually tries to be an invisible world unless you happen to touch a raw nerve, then it gets nasty. All the so called main stream parties are all a Thespian act played out for the gullible to bottleneck us all in one direction! A one party state! This confirms the fact that the whole infrastructure is geared towards silencing the white race. In this issue, we are constantly told race doesn’t matter we are all human beings but try applying that mentality to a victim who needs a stem cell or marrow transplant.

We have a strong group of individuals here in Liverpool who has the balls to have an opinion and demand our racial rights. We are often challenged, abused and assaulted when on the street to make people aware. This is just a handful of union sanctioned Marxist militants and empowered black slaves, a Zionist tabloid fed hard core group of Marxist slaves and empowered foreigners. Ironically such like often confront us on the streets of Liverpool using ‘union sanctioned’ looped indirect messages of hate the English and get out of ‘our’ city you’re not welcome! Isn’t it strange? I have lived here for 56 years and have not changed my belief in all that time. It is only now that I am asked to leave by the ideology’s imported replacement population and their indoctrinated few foot soldiers.

‘Don’t forget the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do’

If I talk about my skin colour I’m the Racist, talk about my rights and beliefs I take away their rights, even in front of Police. If I get spat at, slapped or abused they scream and I get locked up. Our group have witnessed and experienced incidents against us which would normally be classed as criminal-Physical attacks including large industrial fireworks thrown into a small concentrated gathering in front of Police and CCTV. The police declined to take action even after I was hit with the dangerous incendiary missile which almost snapped my ankle with the blast.

It is so bizarre to watch these small extreme groups of empowered ‘Police protected’ freaks. They are financially sponsored from the public purse by the pro-ideology unions UNITE, TUC, UNISON and all the same face political parties. This structure helps to sustain the status quo.

These so called minority groups get away with assaulting, spitting and abusing individuals like me and our group. While we are willing to stand up and defy this destructive regime they always trying to achieve a criminal victory against us to make us walking targets for tabloid whores or other small groups of Trotsky foot soldiers. It has been like walking amongst protected hyenas.

The Trotsky Marxist militant street army recognises that they are regime protected and allowed to abuse what or whoever stands in their way. Those sheltered cannot stand up to debate primarily because there is no argument. Therefore, instead they stare up hysteria among crowds seeking out individual support from more brainwashed Marxists at any time from public gatherings. Thus restraining true Socialists”, Nationalists, disqualifying all Social Nationalists from having any sort of a platform. This technique tarnishes all of us protectionists and while we are labelled as ‘fascist’ just in-case the unprotected white man catches on that Marxist are sponsored by the Capitalist politicians they also cunningly and convincingly encompass those in number 10 Downing Street as fascist. In fact the globalist politicians are the antipathy of fascist protectionism, localism and true diversity but this is the type of reverse psychology in play. This technique is used to brand confuse and distract away from the real issue ‘Jewish ZIONISM’ using black propaganda as a shield to hide in full view.

No one should or would use the symbols of National Socialism to identify the Ideology which shepherds us through all this chaos! Unless it is the Jewish Marxist ideology itself that would have us believe the Jewish  Banker crime families and their puppets are ‘Fascists’ when in reality it is the same criminal Bankers who have financed all divisive religious, commerce and racial wars. For decades they use reverse psychology to send us down the rabbit hole, and the gullible mass follow! Jewish Zionism drives the Ideology through the vehicle of cultural Marxism, these people are Marxists, covert Bolshevists in the guise of so called Democracy = JZ Democracy at the point of a fuckin gun.

How do we wake the unprotected European up to this brainwashing? When will this Aryan sleeping giant recognise that these small street gatherings of freaks I speak of above are the same armies of freaks who help sustain the status Quo! Yes Marxism cannot survive without open borders Capitalism and Visa/Versa! Both ideologies feed off each other-they are two sides of the same coin. The one objective all financed by the Taludic capitalists is a global slave village under Jewish Zionist control.

The argument Jewish Zionism throws in to confuse us- Capitalism v Marxism is a ridiculous notion!! They are the same concept, with the same totalitarian captain. This is a dictatorship with totalitarian objectives only known to the Jewish Zionist captain ‘Judaism’. sailing in one direction.

It is a complex pyramid infrastructure with the Jewish  Zionist Ideology at its pinnacle controlling its Zionist  puppet = Prime Minister. The next level is all  the same faced Onward, Christian Zionistspolitical parties  who gain  support from below=UNIONS and their Street   Army of hate groups UAF, AntiFas. UNITE,    TUC, UNISON-unions with their Anti War    Coalition are all complying with ‘Politically  correctness’ and multiculturalism, and this is    the Jewish Zionist regime’s Anti-English, Anti-Family, Anti-Christian, Anti-  White Man agenda. Combined with this there are self-hating white anti-white cohesive so called gender reserved pride groups all politically correct government or EU funded quangos to divide and surrender the white man, not only to collapse our nation, but to collapse all the nations of our European folk off the face of the planet. All backed up with Sayanim, B’nai B’rith, and mossad operatives coordinating

Arriving at my shop in Aigburth on Monday 12th July 2012 made it all worthwhile! The Kosher Childwall mafia (Jewish area) had sent confirmation of how much our work in Liverpool is being appreciated, and how much of a good job our message has been doing alerting our people to the puppet masters pulling the strings in the our local Jewish occupied Town Hall. Our ‘dual citizenship (Aliyah)’ Israeli occupiers-the puppet masters, commonly known in Liverpool as the Childwall mafia sent a reassuring message to me in the early hours of that morning as I slept! Wooo wooo Night time creepy crawlies! Voltaire

On this day written across my shop shutters was a message from them which read ‘Nazi scum’ confirming my ethnicity! As it is politically and internationally accepted that the whites are recognised as the Aryan. This piece of artistic symbolising confirmed for me how sensitive JZ is about our message. It is making things uncomfortable for them. Well uncomfortable is normality for us so get used to it ZION! Our group has opened the tinder box revealing the direct source of Great Britain’s problem something the BNP distract the public away from. Therefore, Griffin can only ever be a Jewish Zionist puppet taking his 30 pieces of silver.

I was so upset 3 weeks later to find that a local preacher Allan Godson had been to my shop on the Sunday and painted over the graffiti on my shutter hiding the symbol of my ethnicity. I’m sure he thought it was affecting me. I know he did it out of good intentions but I must say I am well beyond the fear of intimidation. Their use of these symbols against nationalists is reverse psychology in action again! The only insult to me is being called a Bolshevik or a Marxist. The Marxist hope is that all the artificially manufactured Hollywood hate baggage attached to these ancient Sanskrit, sacred Aryan symbols brands and stigmatizes making Nationalists a target and inciting copycat support! I say to them thank you for stamping truth with such an honorable ancient sacred symbol, the sacred symbol deliberately reviled by the Jewish Zionist done to the white race to “cut us off” from our ancestral religion so we loose our moral and spiritual direction. So although my contribution to advancing the cause is only small in comparison to the magnitude of all the Marxist hate towards such a noble struggle I humbly and gracefully accept my badge of honor! I now thank the Childwall mafia and Town Hall Kabbalah for the compliment.

It was 2006 when my established cultural business of over 20 years was destructively targeted and removed from Liverpool city centre by this evil Jewish cabal. I Look back now and contemplate all the bizarre coincidences  surrounding Quiggins Logomy concern over our cultural demise. Since that time I have to admit that if I hadn’t experienced loosing my    business, seeing the hardships first hand-the destructive forces working against the indigenous people of this nation, against industry, employment, self- employment, against localism, entrepreneurs and creative talent alongside many more life crushing forces; had I not been outcast as I was by a tiny controlling minority and forced to join  the unemployment queue after my life time’s work was crushed alongside my finances being held in litigation for over 7 years from 2006 to date, taking me almost to the brink of bankruptcy. If I had not seen and felt once again the hardships real people have to go through just to obtain a small existence in this rapidly corroding nation, had I not witnessed unlawful bailiff after bailiff from the council sent to my home trying to enforce fabricated demands and unlawful court orders to gain charge over my home that I have successfully warded off since 2006. These for false council tax claims, energy services as well as other uncontrollable unjust debts which relentlessly target the vulnerable. Had I not received financial support from my pensioner Mother, Father and close friends that allowed me time to stall a total collapse of my assets, and gave me time to educate myself on the Legal and Lawful side of the deception. It is because of this crazy road I’ve had to walk since leaving the city which has given me the will power to fight back and expose to others the bubble we are being forced to live inside. Morally I am so fortunate and so glad I was forced down this road and have well come to terms with the fact everything has been for a positive reason and I now thank god for allowing me that precious time to track and gather the knowledge to really see and understand the reality of it all. Whatever the outcome it has satisfied me no end that I disciplined myself to put it all to scribe to help contribute to change for the sake of my children and folk. The more they take from me the stronger I get and realise how having those material things around me was their strength but was my Achilles heel. Materialism and most of all ‘DEBT’ is how they control the mass.

My Dad and Mothers memories of the war years intrigue me to this day. They will tell me about all the ups and downs of the war years, remembering the days when they all skimped, saved and managed. Dad would tell of how his Grandma and Granddad, friends and relatives would always be able to access food and cash so long as they had Jewish communities close by. Somehow the Jewish communities were always able to get support from the lucrative synagogues close by. I was told about the Jewish privileged Mrs Levine who had a shop on Soho Street by the 4 Squares-my granddad called it the war office for extra rations and money lending. Further along would be the shops owned by the 3 Jewish Capelin Brothers. All had shops supplying other shops with hard to get goodies. Suffering was not part of their war!!! One of the same brothers from this impervious minority group went on to become the mayor of Liverpool. (I wonder who he knew from the Childwall mafia) 1964–65 Louis Caplan

The tide soon turned as people questioned what they were seeing with their own eyes. It was not long before Bolshevik names were used against Jewish ‘residence’; resulting in their shops being raided and smashed (all these stories have been silenced or hidden). People started to recognise back then that somehow they were getting special treatment. Bolshevik then was a word used to demonise and isolate an individual, as back then people understood the meaning of the word. It meant Marxist killers and mass murderers Jewish invented and led Bolshevism in fact was a genocidal killing machine annihilating their innate enemy our Russian European bloodstock turning Russia into the USSR a Jewish Marxist slave Republic.
Ironic isn’t it! Britain helped these genocidal Jewish Bolsheviks as our Allies to win a war even after they had killed upwards of 40 million of our own European people. Was Churchill and Roosevelt the gateway for global Jewish Marxism because now the word of discredit is the reversed? The contraction ‘Nazi’ is being used instead as the word to discredit and banish. How could that be, our soldiers back then were fighting for our national flag but obviously were unaware of the covert objective of the Jewish Zionist Banker crime families! There is always a solution which is why Gadaffi is dead and the war and hostilities against Syria still persist today, which is the same reason why Germany was crushed! ‘JEWISH BANKING’ ‘USURY

Most Jewish people in Liverpool back then had to be re-housed elsewhere in the city for their own safety because of that direct action by the impoverished people. One such family a Jewish family of 3 went to live with my Mother’s family after the state requisitioned rooms in many homes across Liverpool (A precursor to Bedroom Tax ?). My mother told me how they welcomed them in at first seeing them as victims of the war, showing them kindness and creating a warm environment for them to live in. Once settled the ‘victim’ family, the family that my Nan had so kindly taken in to help and keep safe, over time, became selfish and unreasonable, treating my mum, uncle, Nan and Granddad as if they were there to serve them. The usual arguments were always  about rations. While my Nan would be at work at the munitions factory in Kirby and my Mother and uncle at school they would often return in the afternoon to find all their rations had been plundered by them. Rows  would erupt The Fable of The Ducks & The Hensand so eventually after 2 years  my Nan had had enough and went to the local  personal services in Huyton to have  them  removed.
Many of these stories that I was told were  inspired and volunteered to me by my parents   as we all sat watching  program after program of guilt ridden war subjects that were in a constant loop on the BBC and other Jewish controlled channels even back then. For years as a child on a Sunday at midday I would sit glued to the TV watching the regular weekly program of All Our Yesterdays.  This was a fascinating program that gripped a young boy’s imagination. The Sunday morning programs I watched as a kid about WWI/II were a fascinating subject for me. An interesting historical opinion fed to us by the Victors apparently – and that was the starting point which fascinated me, this very statement!!

‘History belongs to the Victors’

Consider this! Until recently all these countries used to be very prosperous without the need of Jewish Zionist Banker ‘USURY‘! Afghanistan anti-Jewish Zionism, Iraq anti- Jewish Zionism, Iran anti-Jewish Zionism, Syria anti-Jewish Zionism, Libya anti-Jewish Zionism. Egypt is today trying to escape Jewish Zionism all fighting to resist the americansforhitlerstoremanufactured wars of these Jewish crime families but coincidently a certain demonised comparison emerges at this point! Germany 1933 and on wards were also anti-Jewish Zionist debt slavery and prospered for 11 years using protectionist and distributist ideas without the need for usury until they were forced to defend themselves Bankink usury against the might of these Jewish criminal  Banker crime  families. International Jewry        was not so happy, so they the jewish Bankers  declared fierce global export and import              embargo wars on that nation in an attempt to  bring that nation back under their controlling  debt system- sound familiar’.

I wonder if there is a connection ehm ehm… Are these the same Jewish BANKER CRIME FAMILIES in the Middle East, once again 1527076_472086179569578_1834466654_nspreading Democracy! JEWISH ZIONIST DEMOCRACY at the point of a f….n GUN! Welcome to ‘civilisation’ all kosher prepared. So until you understand the true meaning of National Socialism do not attempt to comment on the subject.

Great Britain our once proud Albion and a united Nation almost 7 decades later dismantled, while the whole of our European bloodstock faces collapse the sleeping giant shadow boxes, fire fighting in confusion watching the Middle East burn under Judaic fire and still the chosen parasites are impervious and walk the untouchable walk.

5 comments on “A subversive straight Jacket ‘Jewish Zionism’

  1. JB
    September 5, 2013

    Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than youselves. Matthew 23:15

    And could we argue that same proselyte is our modern day “secular humanism” known also as marxism, liberalism, multi-culturalism, parlamentarianism, and several other dozen ‘-isms’ that for generations has by the demonic hand of Jewish Zionism been passed around like an infestation of plague ridden rats? Is it any wonder through their (JZ) actions, every country has faced the bleeding heart cry of “democracy!” as if it were a saving grace for us all? As they distract us with their left hand we are being disembowled with their right hand.


  2. Aegisthus
    September 6, 2013

    A great insight to the problem and here is a simplified look into the worlds number one enemy


  3. TonyT
    September 7, 2013

    Zionism follows the same political devisive patern and has done throughout history WW11 was manufactured by them to usurp the european (Aryan) race and culture.


  4. Meniona1
    November 29, 2013

    So lets think about this ehmm !! We had 3 world leaders at the end of the war all Zionist Jews, all paid and sponsored by jewish Bankers! Who won?

    Behhh lol – If you said the Zionist Jew….. Boomshaka, your a fucking scientist your absolutely correct.

    And the same Victors feed us pure vomit as history to suite them, and the goyim cattle stand in line …Please sir may I have more. Wake up cattle and disarm the butcher.


  5. Charlie McDonald
    May 9, 2014

    Just stumbled on your site..its nothing less than brilliant ! Its as if you read my thoughts and transcribed them into words,


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September 2013
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