Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

A Zionist Hypnotic Trance

Compassionate Pirates 

To get to the full ”impact” and ”understanding” of this chapter when reading move cursor onto photographs or highlighted words and press to open links.

The coming New World Order is the creation of the Zionist oligarchs/Jewish Zionist criminal families who own the global Banking along with most of the leading corporations and industrialist. Their goal is to have absolute power and dominion over all sovereign Governments so individual nations are puppets Israel did Sep11 attacksusing the power of the State to suppress internal dissent.

In order to maximise the power and profits of the evil Jewish controlled corporations, Zionist democracy controls and funds all the election campaigns of the world’s political parties to shuffle the apparent ‘authority’. All this is supported by big Jewish Marxist media corporations that get politicians elected into govern, while the unconscious masses have a habit of obedience and will stand in line for anything and vote ‘Not If’ WHEN the state media create enough rage and the right environment, especially the European who have not yet realised the ballot box is over for them.  

The right environment and right conditions are not too difficult for them to create when they are that same Judaic controlled media! Israel’s false flag-911 destroying the Twin Towers a hugely significant episode springs to mind.

This was ‘merely’ an excuse to steal civilian’s guns and bomb the Middle East (the War on Michael ShieldTerror). Yet on a much much smaller scale an incident took place here in Great Britain circa 2009 creating a mood swing concerning two high profile prisoners. Held at Her Majesties pleasures were the ‘Michael Shield’ and ‘Ronald Biggs. Mutually shams, both had high profile media campaigns for freedom and both were being Ronnie-Biggs-001exploited on all sides as leverage by self interest political figures like the Jewish politicians MP Louise Ellman and MP Jack Straw to capitalize on PR and achieve a huge political mood swing. The ruse of ‘Compassion’ was the spear head and  both ‘Michael  Shield’ and ‘Ronald Biggs’ were in a prominent position in the media circus for the Zionists to achieve that goal. Shields and Biggs were nothing more than political pawns to be played as and when.

I watched this deception unfold and saw it as a prime example of the corrupt Judaic controlled media changing the national mood. On the surface it seemed to be a moral crusade for freedom for both MS and RB under the banner of so called ‘Compassion’. In Michael’s case rightly so as heGadaffi had been a victim not the perpetrator, were as the Ronald Biggs issue had a tactical split result no doubt to signal a message to other opportunists not to steal from the Jewish purse or history will pursue you.

Lay the foundation

The whole charade involved the creation of a plausible reason to free these 2 high profile figures in order to justify releasing on the same ‘compassionate’ grounds ‘the alleged Libyan Lockerby bomber Abdelbaset_al-Megrahi and send him back to Libya to his people. High profile trade-off was the underlying reason behind these events and the Jewish Secretary of State for British Justice Minister Jack Straw was right in the fray. How else could they lessen the impact on the public, or more to the point how else would our nefarious Jewish controlled government get away with releasing this man after all the public hysteria to find a symbolic architect?

It was another strategic political move by the Judaic banker crime families to coordinate the release to try and appease the Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and have him puppet for Israel. (unbeknown to many outside of Libya Gaddafi was worshipped by his people and Gaddafi like many others around him knew the truth that Abdelbaset al-Megrahi had no doubt been used as a patsy!’ recognising the black hand signature of Mossad all over it! (Lets not forget we are ‘TOLD’ how to view these so called rogue political figures) Eventually the trade-off took place, however, it wasn’t long after the so called ‘Compassionate’ trade off that Jewish Zionism realized they had failed to curry favour from Gadddafi which led to them manufacturing other methods to unsettle Libya in 2009 by covertly arming the minority and contracted mercenary groups to oust the moral leader in case we in the West were alerted to the real reasons for his success and people’s love, and demanded a similar model for our own nation!’, Gaddafi banned usury!’. Just like Germany did in 1933 that triggered WW2.

Gaddafi was a common sense leader a ‘Protectionist a Distributionist’ trying to escape Zionism just like Bashar Hafez al-Assad of Syria and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, Gaddafi kept his nation debt free and shared the wealth of that nation among his people. This was one of the main reasons he had to be ousted and killed. He had become an enemy of usury, anti-Capitalist, and anti-Jewish Zionism leader. How else were Israel going to bring Libya back under the control of the criminal Shylock bankers and take that country back in to dependency, to burden that once solvent nation with massive debt, that massive debt ‘Zionist Democracy’ predators fixes on us and other nations … Gaddafi had to go!’. This is the reason why we have witnessed the same thing happening in Syria, Iran, Turkey and Egypt’ civil unrest spurned on by minorities, Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaedaand contracted mercenary groups such as ISIS all fighting towards one goal to proxy embed the Judaic Central banking system for the criminal money changers in those regions for the benefit of Israel.

So Michael Shield needs to thank Abdelbaset al-Megrahi for his release otherwise he may still be languishing in a foreign jail waiting to be used for some other future political gain. The Biggs issue was just a low level topical matter at that time, a throw away to reinforce the compassionate move by the Judaic controlled government. Michael Shield! he was nothing more than leverage fodder for these Jewish political figures Jack StrawLouise Elman and the gentile puppet Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson while Biggs, although having stole from the 1% (Jews) and not from the 99% (Public) long term had served his purpose.

At this point stand back and compare the differences-how Jewish Zionist Democracy put a ‘value’ on crime today. Notice how far the dialectic’, being the distorted psychological science of cultural Marxism has advanced our culture. The Biggs type of crime falls into insignificance, in comparison to how the immoral Shetar system deals with murderers, rapists, and let’s say paedophilia and, cash swindling ministers, these people are now managed like victims or, when it benefits long term the one sided multicultural agenda ie white on black race attacks the PR lasts for decades to weaken the subconscious of the nation.

What is the objective

How and why was the European manipulation to this point?

Significant points in our contemporary History that have helped accelerate Jewish Zionism against the world were the outbreaks of WWI and II.

Both Wars saw a huge rise in Nationalistic feeling. Nationalism was the main buzz word for recruitment. Patriotic men and women fought for what they were led to believe was constitutional monarchy in King and Country, every sovereign loyal subject was recruited to fight for what they believed was to retain our own National sovereignty not realising all true Nationalists (the nations last line of defence) had been rounded up and incarcerated under Regulation 18b or some had fled the Jewish criminal bankers Iron grip. All those Patriotic Heroes who were mislead have justifiably been commemorated these past 70 years for what they thought they were saving not realising they had been blind sided and are the ones who secured Zio-democracy for the Jewish banker crime families without the need for an election to overturn constitutional Monarchy and the same sleight of hand deal goes for all the folk of the Allied nations who took part. Those same naive soldiers who fought alongside the tribes of our European brothers and sisters doing the same for their respective territories were also being indoctrinated into believing their National sovereignty was at risk when in fact Germany had already liberated itself and Europe from the nefarious Jewish banker families, our German cousins were battling to prevent the spread of Usury and Jewish Bolshevism (Communism) over Europe. No way was Churchill going to let the European public know that as it would have given the game away! Defy his Jewish Banker friends!! Never ”!! press link

The dead among our soldiers would turn in their graves knowing the result of their efforts have delivered us straight back in to the hands of the same war mongering Jewish money changers who were in FACT the real cause of that war! The enemy within! The nefarious Judaic Bankers enabled through their polluted one sided Politically correct agenda! The German Nation was free of Jewish debt, an enemy of Jewish Bolshevism and our last defence against the murderous Cogniative disidanceJewish invention of Marx sweeping Europe. Unbeknown to them as allies of Jewish Bolshevism our soldiers were not liberating Europe but handing her over to enslavement and control of the Jewish banker crime families.

What did we achieve

Today these same Jewish Marxist manipulators controlling the anti-White parliament and Politically correct ‘rainbow agenda’, see our great War  veterans (WWI+II) as nothing more than a useful embarrassment to sustain the holocaust myth but crave the day when the last one dies so Marxists can end their charade of praise towards them. 

Misplaced revengeThe Marxist is fundamentally a coward yet as if in contradiction and under protection of the state aggressively preaches pacifism in the guise of Anarchy it is not his nature to emphasis with the dutiful soldiers who would sacrifice all to protect his heritage. During and after WWII Parliament was and has been flooded with foreign blood, Parliamentary Marxists and Jews who have managed to embed themselves today even deeper in towns and cities across the nation. Is it just an innocent coincidence that 1936-37 MI5 alone recruited at least 10,000 Jewish agents by order of the head of MI6 Frank Foley giving them licence to kill, join Anarchist or Nationalist groups in and around Europe to internally subvert and boost the confusing dialectic.

They have steadily rooted themselves through peace time policy, which has  allowed them access to the enabling structure of the civil service bringing us all to heel having walked us directly in to the constraints of cultural Marxism…‘Political correctness’!

Churchill was recruiting Jews well before 1940 from newly arrived Marxists Bolsheviks leaving Germany and Europe to fight within and alongside our own forces. He was also covertly ensuring they were comfortably placed in positions of influence here in Great Britain long before the start of the war.

At the outbreak of war there were around 80,000 potential enemy aliens in Britain who, it was feared, could be spies, or willing to assist Britain’s so called enemies in the event of an invasion. All Germans and Austrians over the age of 16 were called before special tribunals and were divided into one of three groups:

‘A’  ‘high security risks, numbering just under 600, who were immediately interned; (ethnically cleansed)

‘B’  ‘doubtful cases’, numbering around 6,500, who were supervised and subject to restrictions;

‘C’ – no security risk’, numbering around 64,000 who were left at liberty, More than 55,000 of category ‘C’ were recognised as refugees from German ‘oppression’. The vast majority of these were Jewish and Marxist Bolshevik sympathisers and supporters.

The outcome was a well primed group of ready and willing Marxist and Bolshevik communists supporting a totally different agenda. The complete opposite to what our own people and soldiers were led to believe they were fighting for. We were supposed to be fighting under the National flag for our own sovereignty so too where France and all of Europe! Like fuck we were it was a total lie! The allies were working together during WWII to further the plan for one world governance under a Marxist banner.

Over the years it has gradually revealed itself as a Jewish Zionists Global Ideology, advanced using the weapon of Cultural Marxism in the guise of DEMOCRACY ! open all borders Capitalism ‘A global village scam’

New York Publication “Jewish Life,” informed readers that Anti-Marxism is Anti-Semitism,” The same position: “Anti-Marxism is anti-Semitism” appears in The New York publication “Jewish Voice,” July and August of 1941, page 23. 

Followed by a scare mongering warning in a later issue of “Jewish Life,” 1941 “Scratch a professional anti-Marxist and you’ll find an anti-Semite.” This is of course intended to be picked up by gullible or spineless do gooders … ‘bleeding heart liberals’ 

The first law passed after the Jewish Bolsheviks seized power in Russia was anti-Semitism was a crime punishable by death.” (Izvestia, July 27, 1918.)

There is only one reason for commemorating WW2 and it is not for respecting the memory of dead Patriots! It is to reinforce victim status for the Jew and to instil their Hollywood rhetoric of hate and guilt that projects from their Jewish lantern ‘TV’. 

All the celluloid brain washing retain a submissive sense of guilt not only laid on the noble Germans and what the Jewish tribe falsely say they stood for, but to indoctrinate and induce the European psyche with the same. It has been used to target and smear any opposition to Jewish Zionist Democracy keeping us all obedient especially the remainder of the unprotected European tribe who buys it all.

Critical theory

A Jewish Marxist theoretical tool that ‘criticizes’ systems of White Western society but fails to supply a counter theory. This is the reason that the Steven Laurence and all other black race card issues stay so long in the public eye. It is not because they are concerned for a human being. It is to reinforce long-term the divisive oppressive tools of Multiculturalism helping to retain the Jewish Zionist oligarchs in power. Pitting black against white as they do all over the globe. The concept is perpetual breakdown and disunity.

You might also want to consider the unnatural phenomenon of the new contemporary black iconic figures that are being elevated at an accelerated speed. Being favoured into superior positions of influence, or lucratively showering the more talented if they play along with the concealed game, allowing them a mutual symbiotic relationship with Jewish great-white-shark Zionism. The same symbiotic relationship that the minion pilot fish has with the shark…. together cleaning and preening for safety, while still believing they are free….. when in reality, all that has happened is that Judaism, has gifted their black pets a divisive heritage against the European that bonds them in anarchy!….  Thus turning the black issue SLAVERY’? into another Holocaust myth to oppress the enemy of Judaism……… the European/Caucasoid (The Aryan)! Degrading the black man…For what? …….The price of???????? ……..   The Race Card!!!!! and a hand full of pop scat poetic celebrities to attack the moral fabric of nations which suits the Zionist ideology with their Kalergi plan.

Ring fencing 

Since the end of WWII Nationalism has become a dirty word. Why is it a threat now? It worked back then to recruit for nations to fight against what we were told was an ‘enemy’. Who benefits from demonising and shepherding us away from our European culture and tribal people, and most of all our last line of defence… ‘Nationalism’ ? While the culture and customs of the non European is encouraged and funded by the host state which includes rapes, stabbings, drugs and yes!’ shitting in the street!  

The answer is quite clear as I’ve said before the world wars were NOT wars for individual national sovereignty. Our peoples were lied to and consequently the victorious Jewish Bolshevik leaders (The Judaic Banker families) were allowed to carve up Europe as they saw fit. The larger or more ‘global’ the Jewish Zionist ideology America/GB and the Jewish dominated EU-the wider Shylock’s controlling purse and the more sanctions are imposed to restrict society.   1……,       2…….

Marxism is totalitarian and cannot function without Capitalism having total control this inevitably results in the loss of freedom provided through closed borders Nationalism Socialism hence its de-ionisation.

Has anyone thought to ask this question? Once the plundering Bolshevik Jews conquered their innate enemy ‘the European Russians’ (Christians) in 1917, then renamed the land mass ‘USSR’ and then went on to win WWI/II! Were do you think they fuckin went afterwards? Have they just disappeared? vid here 

No! They have been masquerading since as ‘Democracy’. A common scam of Parliamentary Marxism is to call their parties ‘Social Democrats etc playing good cop bad cop with artificial cold wars to create an illusion of division, controlled opposition. Democracy asholohoax we think of it does not exist we are living within Jewish  Zionist Democracy a  Talmudic dictatorship for the wandering Jew, which unsurprisingly entitles dual citizenship and loyalty to Israel (Aliyah).


Consider this

To look at it another way, since the end of WWII America covertly has gradually become ‘Bolshevised’ under Jewish occupation so an official merger become unnecessary and here’s why.

From 1941 to 1945 the US Army and the Red Army were military partners and worked closely for another three years to slaughter, ethnically cleanse countless millions of helpless Germans and other Jew-wise Europeans until the lucrative Cold War began. Suddenly, these partners became “enemies.” In a few decades, the Jewish Bolshevik Regime under its guise of the ‘Soviet Union’wall had served its purpose and was slowly dissolved between 1989 and 1991. America then became the Communist monster in the guise of so called Democracy with no counter-balance. But for the name the US Army is now the Red Army filled with naive gullible goy fodder that the Jewish controlled White House send off to distant lands to collapse or occupy nations for the benefit of Jewish Imperialism and The UK is no different. Since the end of WWII Europe and America has been under.. proxy rule.

The evidence has been getting played out in full view for decades i.e. the wars in Vietnam, Korea, China, Cuba… All wars we have fought since the end of WWII against Marxism/Communism have been a waste of time for the European. Each war has ended with the illusion that the West lost when in reality that was the success of the illusion to send European goy cannon fodder to proxy help boost White houseMarxism/Communism and reduce the population of its goy enemy for the Jewish criminal banker families. Then we witnessed the Berlin wall come down in 1989 meant to be seen as the end of communism when in reality it was an expansion.

Today we are witnessing communist China (Marxism/Communism) land banking and asset stripping nations across the planet Africa, USA, Canada, India and GB to name but a few. Covertly asset stripping before our very eyes. ie parks, gardens, Road ways, council buildings, housing stock as well as huge waterfront sites etc. 

In some cases proxy asset stripping again under the guise of friendly terms’!, such as ‘Twinning’

My understanding of twining a city such as Liverpool with Shanghai like Liverpool’s Council leader Frank Prendergast did with our city back in 1997. Shylock in the Town Hall has in fact covertly pawned our city’s assets to Communist China in return for impossible terms of credit debt slavery, knowing long-term a tactically structured default on payments will eventually deliver our city to the creditor beast. The same is happening throughout Great Britain as they divide and gift our nation to the Jewish lead globalists into a Yiddish Ambush. 

While consumer driven Hong Kong, Shanghai and Macau on the surface looks to be a contradiction to communism. If you look a little closer it actually reveals the classic formula used by Zionism to indulge the few but ultimately to oppress the inland majority by using these Capitalist land banks to self finance the ideology. The same formula is in play with the Wahhabi Royals masquerading as Islam in Dubai when in fact they are Jews not Muslims.

Ask yourself how do you think such a small country masquerading as Israel with their forever wandering community out in the diaspora has so much self interest influential power on the world stage, and the public are still refusing to listen, see, or acknowledge the warnings.


The Jewish Lantern ‘TV’

For the last 50+ years almost 365 days a year we are fed Jewish Marxist propaganda that continues to seep in to the mind of the gentile. I personally have witnessed a continues loop of decades of the indoctrination and the Holocaust protection racket has been and still remains their free bus ride.

The masses have been part of a Global re-modification through the Jew lantern ‘TV’, decades of controlled media programming. I make no apologies for not being convinced by what I was being programmed to believe during my early life. I pity those who are, the brick wall is about to hit them right in the face. Lucky for the Germans though, we still have the eye witness accounts of the Red Cross who charted the treatment of detainees in these camps and rightfully contradict that which we are being spoon fed. 1……,   2….,  3……,  4…..,    5…….,   6……., etc etc etc

The truth at one time was rooted deeply in the control of Jew infrastructure but has gradually surfaced to help burst the bubble of their lucrative industry thanks to the likes of the unofficial thinker, the late RIP ‘Ernst Zundel’ who has helped expose their lucrative cash cow for what it really is!’ a toxic illusion!’ that they have thrived on for decades. It’s now time for the Jew to reimburse the extorted reparations back to the German people and apologies for the sick racket.

Or maybe sorry is not enough!

I’ve went to Krakow in 2008, walked the Schindler factory and the Auschwitz reproduced set, and listened and questioned town’s people and staff myself. It is an area of history which theWere are the hun Jew has deliberately embedded in to my conscience so much so I feel I must question everything from that period. Why did my relatives fight and die in that war just to gift, and reinforce administrative and financial powers to a (((Minority group))) who have since advanced a rainbow of chaos in the guise of Cultural Marxism/Politically correctness at lightning speed who have us paying for our own demise. 

Eluding to the Jews killed by Zionists for propaganda purposes , Mosha Sherrat the former Israeli Prime minister said at a memorial service 1958 it is necessary to sacrifice the few in order to save the many.

Lucky bag’s

Over the years during my time in the Antiques trade I have come across many unusual German artefacts. Auschwitz legal tender and post cards were two bizarre finds found in one of the established Antique shops within Quiggins. ‘Survivors’ are able to purchase old collectors items of prison camp currency and picture post cards of life within the camps from a Jewish stall Regina Steiners currency from the Theresienstadt concentration campholder Jim Linderman. An economy with habitable living conditions inside Auschwitz! Yet hadn’t we all been getting told for decades that this was a death camp. Money suggests it was an involuntary labour camp filled with political prisoners such as Marxists, criminals and some Jews producing for the war effort. What use would an economy be to people on death row or maybe I was just dreaming and Linderman didn’t have these tangible items.

Family war stories

I can recall, during gatherings at my Nan’s home, overhearing all the war stories of many old Army and Navy friends that would always end in pointing out the distrust the majority of our population had for Churchill during the events of WWII. The contempt Churchill had forTransport strike Liverpool was pointed out, especially highlighting the infamous Liverpool Transport strike of 1911. Churchill had his Birmingham Police shipped in to cover Liverpool, the general strike was in its  main and the strikers organised a family fun day ending with Churchill having his Birmingham Police raid the festival. My granddad and great granddad were victims of that raid and were  severely injured, battered to fuck by Churchill’s Police as well as  Churchill turning naval guns on Liverpool.

I recall my Mum, Dad and Granddad saying many times about Churchill’ if the whole war was about wiping out tyranny why didn’t he continue on to the capital of the USSR and close down the Bolshevik Genocidal killing machine for good!  One such story was about sending humanitarian food aid to the Northern Russians when he was in reality supporting his Bolshevik friend and ally Stalin. This pointed out the misleading tactic in the news papers and radio broadcasts that used the word Russians or soviets or Red Army making the deception more palatable for the public.

Winston Churchill’s explains in his memoirs why he depicted Hitler as the incarnation of evil when the war was on: “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” (Churchill in his book, “The Second World War”, 5. Book, Vol. II, “From Tehran to Rome”, p. 338)

The unspoken  Jewish crimes

“You guys burnt the place down, turned it into a single column of flame. More people died there in the firestorm, in that one big flame, than died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.” –Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Vonnegut was in Dresden when it was bombed in 1945, and in 1969 wrote a famous anti-war novel, Slaughterhouse Five.

More than 700,000 phosphorous bombs were dropped on 1.2 million people, one bomb for every 2 people. The temperature in the centre of the city reached 1600o centigrade. More than 260,000 bodies and residues of bodies were counted. But those who perished in the centre of the city can’t be traced. Approximately 500,000 children, women, the elderly, wounded soldiers and the animals of the zoo were slaughtered in one night’

The Zionist puppet Churchill, who ordered the Dresden massacre, was eventually knighted for his Bolshevik support. The cold-blooded atrocity of the mass execution was brushed away by his biographers, who could not write how the aspiration of one madman to “impress” another one led to the mass murder of up to a half million men, women and children.

Then of course the unspoken of ‘Holodomor’ as shown in this link 1…..

When Marxism failed in the West the Bolsheviks had to come up with another method and so they introduced the Frankfurt School in 1923. From this cultural Marxism was developed which became the next wave for the west. To put this in to perspective, Jewish Zionism took the Ideology of Marxism and fused it with Jewish psychology, which come from the minds and work of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. The fusion of these 2 Jewish minds resulted in what we are now exposed to today and is the reason why our future is now failing. These two Jewish minds Marx and Freud have advanced the Zionist machine across the planet in the guise of so called Democracy.

Democracy at the point of a fuckin gun = Jewish Zionist Democracy

This has led us into a Jewish Talmudic Zionist New World Order controlled by a capitalist Oligarchy of the same elite Jewish fewIt is amazing when watching RT and other news programs when world events are questioned they always seem to have a Jewish representative to advise or question the issue statistically how the hell would it happen so frequent! Under normal circumstances it just would not happen, not by coincidence take in to account this small minority group of people who do not recognise world borders like we do. Who’s tribe is thinly spread across the world who retain dual citizenship to Israel (Aliyah) once again the balance of probability of it happening by coincidence is virtually impossible yet as if by magic it seems to happen at every political juncture. The shylock media is laughing at us. 

We are even witnessing today media interviews by Jewish senior political figures making us aware of the Jewish influence and their inevitable take over-making statements like ‘The West have to come to terms with what they are about to do, and those who don’t then TOUGH. I wonder what ‘TOUGH’ really means in their language is it going to be like the old Bolshevik system deliberately induced famines as well as mass ‘disappearances’ and executions just like the Jewish Bolshevik seizure of Russia. Listen to what this confident Jewish cabalist has to say on the European matter in this video.

I wonder were the Zionist EU gulags are…Just  remember this! The day before WWII it was a normal day!  So therefore the day before it happens again it will be a normal day.

Once this take over happens you will see how many Jewish public and media figures reveal themselves throughout the Film, Media, City Councils, Politicians, civil service etc… Their covert infrastructure is huge but at the moment goes unnoticed. Although it is common knowledge we have an endless amount of gentile Councillors who themselves come from big business backgrounds, and who have narcissistic ambition to be elected as MP’s, to represent the interests of their Blue-chip paymasters they work or worked for. That’s why so many ex-government ministers end up as directors or working for massive global Companies and big business when they leave Parliament, it is their pay back time for representing the interests of their Jewish corporate pay masters instead of the people whilst they were in office. How many more ‘anti-English’ and foreign Semitic leaders do we need colonising and killing our culture? Why has self defence become anti Semitic? 

Set yourself a task ‘When watching the Jewish lantern ‘TV’ or listening to their radio broadcasts sit back and count how many Jewish presenters, film directors, advertisements, show hosts, children’s programs, news correspondents or advisor’s are being plat-formed for our consumption. Subconsciously I have played this game for decades and would advise others to do the same because it is this infused influence which has indoctrinated and contaminated the naive and innocent minds of our unsuspecting population. Video of the sort of psychology used on us from these bastards.

when the herdOnce again, if you equate the law of averages, to the percentage outcome favouring the ‘martyr’ race, the probability of it happening under normal circumstances would be very unlikely if it hadn’t been for the guiding hand of the Shylock Hollywood and media mogul blood line…. Yes Race matters!! 

 ‘Racial Nationalism in European countries is about Love not  hate‘

If Racial Nationalism across Europe dies diversity dies with it’

4 comments on “A Zionist Hypnotic Trance

  1. Roger
    February 1, 2014

    Our political leaders of today are unabashed and quick to heap praise on their (our!) real leaders. Just look at the American polilitical system and every presidents fervent support for AIPAC…you don’t even need to look at just the presidents or presidential candidates either, every person holding high office has willingly bowed their head to else do they hold onto their corrupt positions? Canada’s prime minister just recently:

    As for 6m and victimisation:

    Can any one of us claim to be happy and confident with the current and proposed direction of the political standing in our respective countries? I can’t say I meet any one that is…but no one asks themselves if a “British” or “American” politician would willfully take their country down the road of destruction, thinking it to be the best course for their culture and people. There isn’t one person, even the most politically detached, that can’t see this is true. If it isn’t for their country, culture, or people that the current politicians make these destructive decisions..then who’s benefit is it for? (read the above article…)


  2. france england vs germany 2013
    September 29, 2014

    Many intresting posts on this site. I`ll add it to favorites


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  4. Tommy Roberts
    March 9, 2018

    Reblogged this on Tommy Roberts and commented:
    Excellent article by Peter Quiggins that helps to explain Cultural Marxism, contemporary Western Democracies, ZOG’s, the symbiotic relationship between Capitalism and Marxism, what I refer to as the Crony Capitalist Crypto Communist #NeoHegeMonopolistic Corporate Supremacy NWO end game and ultimately WHY what I refer to as #WCNS seems to me to be the most credible solution.

    You may also be interested to check my various Google+ posts where I discuss the ‘White Supremacy’ misnomer. Reading what I have to say, particularly if you identify with The (so-called) Left, may help to illuminate for you the nature of your cognitive dissonance as it pertains to contemporary political narratives. – Tommy R


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