Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

The Talmudic hand

People don’t recognize how Jewish Zionism uses their psychological mind control weapon of cultural Marxism (politically correctness). It is a tool of socially engineering against all Europeans to bring them to heel. Those who refuse to comply are either outcast or shunned as if having some sort of social decease when in fact it is the reverse. It is those who CASTOUT who are infected.

To get to the full ”impact” and ”understanding” of this chapter when reading move cursor onto photographs or highlighted words and press to open links.

Question why today it has become a criminal offence to defend ones own race and nation; question why those that do are immediately defamed and associated with the Hollywood cliche names and images of mass murder; question why truth has become anti Semitic or ‘racist’, and most of all question why those who are willing to question why Shylock is controlling the banking and money are instantly attached to genocide and mass murder making sure the public remain ignorant to this crucial subject.

Parliament Koshered up For some time now we each have witnessed our homeland being  sabotaged by a manufactured invading force of immigrant pawns  planted here through Jewish governmental influence. A  Zionist government now identified as the enemy within. It is suicidal  not to defend our nation from this cancerous parasite that sits  comfortably within this prominent seat of power. Show me a people  who would not physically resist under the circumstances such as we  find ourselves in today, or anyone who fails to defend our nation,  culture and above all our European race from this parasitic tapeworm and see a traitor contaminated by forces of the Jewish evil psychological weapon of Cultural Marxism (Politically Correctness) a method tethered in pure bulshit coming from the occupied house of swill!! ‘Parliament’

I pity our naive youth born in to this evil regime, an ideology controlled by Jewish Zionism, and a youth cloned to accept this psychological pseudo-science which is changing the moral structure of ethnic Europe. Common sense is now being challenged, funneled through governmental quangos akin to the Frankfurt school (Common purpose) to purposely reverse the moral order of right and wrong, a corrosive system in place to attack the demographic roots of our tribal folk as they are shepherded along with the masses like cattle (Goy) through this global socially engineered modification. The Jewish Lantern, ‘TV’ is how they pre-program the masses as to direction needed for the ideology. 

Genocide by immigration is Racism’ and indicates ethnic cleansing of our tribal people by proxyGenocideRacism and those who don’t see this need their heads examining.

To the awakened among us it is so visible, a global coordinated attack against all the tribal peoples of European descent in whatever land our folk reside they are being outcast, targeted as haters, racists and bigots for standing up to this one sided agenda manufactured to silence us and the remainder of our European tribe taking us to submission imposed on us through so called democracy. This is what Democracy has delivered us HATE towards us the European all this being implemented in nations as far away as Australia to America, to Africa and throughout Europe or better witnessed in our own home land of our united Albion archipelago (The Isles of the Britains)

True Diversity and Anti racism message Notice how it only effects white nations!!! At this rate soon we will  have no nation to call our own! So why not fight now why we are  still able to secure a safe future instead of a slave future for our  children.

 If you want to visualize an image of the future for our united Albion  (GB) as well as Europe one only has to take the example of  South Africa.

 South Africa was an unoccupied expanse of waste-land bought by the Dutch from the Dingaan the-dead-2-horribleZulu a mutual  deal were the black tribal peoples would eventually benefit from  a harmonious  arrangement with the whites were it prevailed until  the discovery of Diamonds and gold. Soon to be advantaged by the  Zionist Jews then mysteriously Jewish Marxism set into the mindset of the local worker and hey presto divide and rule appears in all aspects of daily life and that harmonious arrangement became fragile.  


Mandela Then in 1910 (Jewish Marxism) ANC (African National  Congress’) was established, soon caused  unrest accelerating the corrosion from that point a tactic used by the  Jews to gain total control of the precious  minerals. Eventually the  Jews became Mandela’s key operators. 

 I have attached some research links  below this article.

 Press on photo of diamond for video. diamond-09

 Now follow the history of the white struggle to survive, were on a  daily occurrence race murders, torture, rape and kidnapping of  whites is an unspoken legal act for any black to perpetrate silenced by the Jewish Zionist controlled media. Tactically they only report these atrocities locally to isolate in-house so as not to seep into the global arena a controlled media that shepherds us through a narrow politically correct corridor destined for the same outcome!! Affirmative action  =  Reverse Apartheid 

farmmurder1 Once you have considered the African issue notice the comparisons  happening to our pan European tribe in America and compare how  these crimes follow a similar pattern to those happening in South  Africa and remember hate is taught through their Jewish projectile  ‘TV’ against us the European tribe.

 The ethnic cleansing in America for the Jewish Zionists in the white  House is still a work in progress, a corroding social construct set in place during and after the two world wars to change the overall ethnic make up of that nation by implementing the Kalergy plan to flood Europe with alien cultures. This was influenced through all leading Jewish multimedia and banking oligarchs which is how they suppress the white on black race and hate Minority Rule-The Rise of Political Correctnesscrimes isolating such news like they have done in south Africa only reporting locally. Yet American statistics reveal these black on white race and hate crimes. It shows the same pattern that has also been used in South Africa against the ethnic European Afrikaans.

Americas ethnic makeup has switched positions in the past 70 years almost making the European the minority in that nation. So my advice to those who care ignore the signs at your peril! It is now we have to take a stand, not soon now for sake of our children.

parents-against-paedophiles-p-a-p-outside-the-bbc-studios-2012 The BBC (British Bolshevik Corporation) is a leader in driving this  ethnic cleansing of our people. Take for instance the Jewish Zionist  BBC’s director of television, Danny Cohen this thing is a leading  senior figure in charge of producing for their Jewish media  projectile which brought and covertly protected the Jimmy Saville pedophile phenomena. Do we continue to trust having these  blood line deviants feeding us what they want us to think? Crush the  Jewish weapon of Cultural Marxism before they totally finish us  off.   

At this point in time in our nation our children are being used as front line fodder by the Jewish Zionist ideology. They are being mentally challenged as the regime has started to implement these new school academy’s bottle-necking our children in to becoming EU clones for the regime. These new academy’s are a threat to our very existence as they shepherd in and out these ideology clones who have been through forced integration like cattle these brains washed clones diminished of testosterone through years of mummy state rainbow feminizing, sexualising and discouraged patriotism to make certain it advances their Judaic controlled orderEnterprise-South-Liverpool-Academy_03 knowing that because they control the schools they control our future you will hardly find Jewish pupils attending any of these schools!!

No they believe in separatism for themselves having their own enabling schools to make certain of breeding and educating a new Jewish Youth B’nai Brith and Sayanim to be sure of pointing them in the direction that suits only their objective and that is to create the Jewish leadership of tomorrow to advancing their rainbow global village scam. Do you recognize how a simple method or part of has been covertly implemented to disadvantage us?

Yet when it come to universities when a need for further education and control is critical for the Jews and so reluctantly have a need to enter and co mingle with the goy. Nevertheless, unawares to us all there care needs are already ahead of ours which is the reason for handsomely funding and preserving the Jewish Board of deputies who in turn funds the Union of Jewish Students a Jewish lobbying group that still exists after over 200 years all preserved to make sure they keep tags on all European students and those who fall outside the remit of Marxism are reported! Try and compete with this financially lucrative infecting growth covertly working against us…… Watch the film the Israel lobby didn’t want you to see!

No university is immune from this parasitic menace. Take for instance my home town of Liverpool. It champions itself as a cultural leader as a student friendly city which no doubt it is but beneath the Walt Disney image presented to the public lies a more sinister objective by planting these multiracial students from distant lands enticed here using pre-planned EU bursary inducements and preconditioned Sodom and Gomorrah type marketing of club scene and a fluffy cloud of rainbow sexual frivolity, it encourages a more liberal student and students are encouraged to retain split loyalty to their own homeland but less for ours. The bonus to all this  cherry picking for the regime is to change the demographics, moral  compass and ethnic make-up within that university, to then long term  encourage a way of thinking and then encourage most to stay and be  part of this same corroding infrastructure of arse hole Jew inspired  modernism (Cultural Marxism) because that is what I  have witnessed throughout my 28 years of working in this one city.  The same pattern is used in all cities across Europe against our folk  these universities are manufacturing tools of the regime.

None of the principals who lead these universities have any allegiance to our nation or culture as can be seen by the continues churning out of these new Marxist leaders in respective industries so they can scuttling the ship of culture, commerce and industry leading our nation and folk in to certain crisis. These are the new academic leaders of the future programmed through a narrow band width of Red, dark Red or light Red subjects to be sure of ending up with the preferred colour Red to suite the Jewish Marxist regime.

Only youth who are immune from this psychological conditioning of cultural Marxism can spear head cleansing our nation of these Jewish Zionist parasitic tyrants embedded in our Government, Town Halls and civil service. Youth ParliamentThese immune youths duty bound to preserve the very existence of our tribal blood folk. No peoples can live without a land and nation and our land is Europe for our European folk. Leading Zionist Jews are making all land and nations their own and justifying it as a Talmudic biblical birthright as seen happening in real time in Palestine Video here. When in fact a land for these parasites already exists elsewhere which has been conveniently overlooked by the controlled media! Their autonomous home of OBLAST.

It is these Zionist Jews who have changed the very nature of law by attaching a lucrative Talmudic controlled legal system to entrap, restrict and castrate the goy, to ensure complete collapse to be sure of a clear route for all their Tribe. I believe the Legal system to be one massive tax fraud run by off shore Zionist corporations, controlled by Jewish criminal banking families. The main interest of the legal system is to criminalize, Charge and Securities ££££££ court Orders from Magistrate or better still from the Crown Prosecution against anyone weather guilty or not. CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) is in reality the representative (gate keeper) of the corporate machine which cycles Capitalism. So next time the unlawful bailiff arrives at your door and he calls the Police for back up, observe the actions of the Police when the law is broken by their court agents’ The Bailiffs”!.

Historically If it wasn’t for Oliver Cromwell allowing this parasitic blood line to remain in our lands and then more contemporary making it accelerate even faster through the methods created and advanced by the Jew Karl Marx combined with the Jewish theories of Froids that resulted in Cultural Marxism, the problem would not exist today. I must also point out that the Law that excludes these tribal peoples from our lands still exists to this day and has never been repealed and hopefully one day it will be acted up on.

As for our own tribal blood folk of this united Albion nation (Great Britain) we have only one land and that land is Albion (Great Britain) which belongs to us. Our allegiance is not only to all our tribes of our Albion nation (Great Britain) but also to our extended tribal families of Europe. It is the embedded Zionist parasite which has covertly been breeding out our natural instinct to resistance.

Europe belongs to the Europeans !! Period.

It is all the immigrant pets that the Zionist Jews have harvested from distant lands. This is a Nobody is white historic method they use to cause division in  whatever country the  Jewish Zionist  occupies. None care for the nation in which  they  now all reside instead they are  encouraged to retain split loyalty  and  allegiances elsewhere unlike our indigenous folk who are  bound to this one land.

 We are told these these immigrant pets are poor fleeing war torn  countries as refugees who arrive with nothing other than the clothes they stand in. Yet as we walk along the high street we see business after business swallowed up by these pets that siphon from our economy back over to their distant families. Ask yourself how do these people get in to these positions of independence, self employed and secure compare that to how difficult it has been in your own lives to scrape together a meager living just to exist thus far.

These pets are purposely harvested here to use as demographic pawns. Then advantage with inducements to be certain it creates a voting bloc of obedient migrants all done to anger and cause division and hate between all cultures these are the harvested voting bloc for the Jewish Marxist regime.

It was as easy as this for the the parasite once these leading Zionist parasitic politicians were embedded in our Government, Towns and City councils, more so during and after WWII as they soon had control of all central budgets. This is when the corrosion started as they placed political policy, act, rule, statute or regulation to slowly corrode away communities, commerce and 69624_100427386804264_1800912797_nindustry always in the direction of collapse or objectively in the direction of their Jewish Capitalist friends for them to carpet bag. How long will we allow this foreign parasitic body to control our means of progress?

It has been a slow advance for these parasites as they have for decades been covertly and progressively working towards their goal knowing that whoever controls these towns and city councils will one day control the country and proof is in the pudding

I have recognized and identified so much since the loss of my business Quiggins back in 2006. Realising that my 48 years of being self employed has led me back at this late stage to the employment scrap heap but I will say this my 28/30 years working in the city has been crucial to my enlightenment and the bonus of my interest came through my career in the Antique trade. The Jewish controlled legal system is a key factor in this industry, a lucrative closed door stomping ground for their blood line. I have been privy witnessing first-hand how this regime has slowly dismantled our culture. Attacking at the very base of its foundation the dismantling of Schools, churches, hospitals, university’s, library’s, communities and social gathering places like Pubs-all dismantled and sold off for scrap value. Beginners guide to the Jewish Question. This is replaced with a system more conducive to  Jewish social controlling for those in the seat of power in our Town  and City halls to manipulate. Our folk end up with a socially  engineered unity of none unity of broken and scattered communities  randomly grafted in from other city locations all done in the guise of  REGENERATION and ARSE HOLE progressive MODERNISM‘!!  all protected by a lucrative Judaic legal system through their Judges, Mayors, Councillors,solicitors and Police a pyramid system who all feed from the same trough and in return so long as they each comply with this corroding system their private lives and shady deals of either their families or their own will not be compromised.

I am often asked how such a small impervious community are capable of having so much influential control over such a complex infrastructure but once explained some not all seem to grasp the complex issue while others remain rooted in that same cognitive dissonance as if Cogniative disidancetrembling when encouraged to step outside of their pre-programmed comfort zone.

We are at this point witnessing the last generation of European children being born. We must recognize how hard it has become to replenish our population with our own blood stock not only from corrosive economic constraints being imposed through this Jewish system using government peace time policy but also by this internal parasite planting in our nation their immigrant pets and alien cultures from lands from the darker continents. As soon as it becomes a Global Village scam public awareness issue they cunningly  target the European element of their guests and use them to punctuate  the admission of having previously made a mistake that needs rectifying  distracting away from the looming threat of the ethnicity changes to our  demographic make up being imposed on our folk. This purposely points  us in the wrong direction creating further divisions between ethnic  Europeans while they continue to fill their quotas.

 The Global Village scam – The symbiotic relationship between Jewish  Zionism and Marxism, to advance the global village.

 Jewish Zionism drives Internationalism –

Internationalism drives and encourages consumerism –

Internationalism needs all international borders open and ultimately benefits from the Global village –

Cultural Marxism (Political correctness) advocates the global village –

Marxism wants all international borders open –

Internationally Marxism is well organised, publicised and solvent, and the world still thinks it’s just another organic phenomena.

Jewish Zionism and Marxism are good buddies £££££$$$$ !

Welcome to the Matrix –

Remove its power ‘Criminalise Usury today’

All money is created out of debt and lent out with the application of ”interest” it can not ever be payed off, we have been entrapped in a criminal Jewish spiral.

Remove its power ‘Criminalise Usury today’ Demand an interest free monetary system.

If you think the mess across the planet can’t get any worse then you are living in cloud cuckoo land. A massive disaster is on the horizon. If you want justice start talking about the Jewish criminal banker families and take away their power.

Talk openly about the Jewish criminal Banker families.

Say yes to localism = To Protect and Distribute

Our forefathers-lied to-fought and died for this Jewish regime. Since that time the Nation’s our forefathers fought for have cunningly become legalized chaos with mass immigration, mass Two dadsn  unemployment, pedophilia, one-sided race laws as well as  exposing our vulnerable children to a distorted image of life by  imposing on these children situations involving the homosexual issue  ‘two daddy’s’ or ‘two mummies’.

 What was it our forefathers thought they were fighting for?

 Our forefathers were in fact duped by these leading Jewish Zionist banker crime families who puppet us all along this narrow corridor of disaster pied piper-ed by their theatrical assemblymen in the house of swill (Parliament) offered to us through their Spoon fedJewish lantern ‘TV’

‘Multiculturalism kills Multiculturalism’

My point in this matter is about how Jewish Marxism has influenced a divide and rule program in all nations across the planet. It is not about the South African land deal. My point is about the global coordinated attack on our tribal folk and that we as a white race are the Jewish Zionists most potent obstacle.

Beware Ukraine two Jewish Zionist oligarchs Igor Kolomoysky and Sergey Tarutanow now appointed shills for the EU. Igor Kolomoysky, 47, a co-owner Imperium Europa The Idea. of the Privat business group and president of the  United Jewish Community of Ukraine will now  open up your borders to to the darker continents. Now tell me this is  just another coincidence. 



Do your own research folks on the South African issue. Here are some links.


Proof of deeds that Dingaan and Boers signed Piet Retief,


Old dramatization of the Piet Retief the leader of the first Voortrekker party met with the Zulu king Dingaan the tribal land owner who sold onto the Dutch settlers a land agreement negotiated on condition that Retief retrieve a lot of cattle that was stolen by a rival tribe plus other gifts, Retief retrieved the cattle and gave the gifts and the deeds were signed. Soon afterwards Dingaan tried to reverse the deal by killing him and his men his body was soon recovered including the official signed agreement.


A few skewed articles on rape in SA. Note that the only reference to rape on whites is made in the first paragraph “Not mutch reference to the extreme violence there, underlined by the country’s rape statistics, that unites the townships of the have-nots and the gated communities of the wealthy.”


Boer Genocide. Collated information- 



Genocide watch Red October movement in SA   


Genocide watch.  Agenda 


Disempowerment of whites in the law, scroll down for the Employment Equity Act. Affirmative action 



Black Police officers organizing gang rapes of white men in South Africa. 



A shocking statistic is that Sweden has the 2nd highest black on white rape statistics after South Africa.


This is the closest SA come to mainstream reporting otherwise it’s only “white” groups reporting.


A decent South African mainstream media discussion on white genocide. 


SA President Jacob Zuma sings about killing the white ethnic minority. The song is called “The cabinet will kill the boere” this is Umshini wam or “My machine gun”  


Can you imagine Jewish Cameron singing the same song about jews or blacks in UK? 


Getting White privilege in to the elementary classroom.  seen here grafting the asset stripping of the country on to the whites when in fact it was a Jewish industry. 


One of the Best Kept Secrets of the 21st Century: The Ongoing Genocide In SA, Kids Suffer World Sees Nothing 2014.


The Jewish controlled media sees cutting a family members head off and raping others is a sign of voluntary selling up. The infrastructure has fallen apart since.


Here are some links giving examples of how the Jewish funded Frankfurt and Common purpose School of thought works against our European folk grafting blame away from the true puppet masters –

White privilege Conference 2014 Part 1 of 4: Racism Invented in American Colonies

White privilege Conference 2014 Part 2 of 4: Rape is not intrinsically evil

White privilege Conference 2014 Part 3 of 4: 

White privilege Conference 2014 Part 4 of 4: Little red corvette of oppression.

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  1. EGP
    March 6, 2014

    We all owe it to ourselves, and to our nation (the nation of our blood and ethnicity) to seek the truth behind the destructive forces plaguing all levels of society. National Socialist German didn’t hold a lottery and the Bolshivik Jews’ name was on the winning ticket, hundreds of millions of people from Spain, Itay, Romania, Japan, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc, saw the murderous decay perpetrated by these malcontents first hand. As time passes, it is becoming easier to see what is really going on.


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  3. Randolph
    April 12, 2014

    All I can say is, this is very true. Ive been researching this myself. Wake up people.


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    June 23, 2014
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