Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

The Zionist Poodles

The world is now witnessing the ‘new’ game change. Obama and Putin are play acting some sort of steroid ‘flex the muscle’ peace deal or stand-off event. This is just another illusory cold war stand-off between Syria, Israel and the rest of the surrounding Arab states to appease world critics giving Assad a false sense of security. It is merely a display of division to show a strong ‘good cop and a ‘weak bad cop for their propaganda project the Jewish lantern TV.

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Decision, for the shepherded viewer, won’t be hard to make for the Jewish lantern sees their choice is already made through basic psychological media programming,, to be sure it all comes out in the Jewish favour, all done tactically in anticipation of the masses adopting the right mood. No doubt the likes of our own ‘so called’ nationalist groups in our own  Archipelago (The Britain’s) will support Putin’s sudden rise. I will guarantee only a REAL Social Nationalist leader will ever attempt to step outside of  the politically correct comfort zone to voice the truth  about these covert illusionary ‘War games’.  A Zionist stream


 So let’s list a few tactics used to elevate this new  kid on the block.

Showing the strong, dominant face of Putin is the game changer. Grandstanding his support for the Orthodox Church has been a key element to this ruse. This Walt Disney display has gained him a massive vote and mood swing across the globe. In reality he is displaying an image of there being an existing truss with the orthodox Christians and the State. This is not something new it is the second time this approach has been displayed in the history of Jewish Bolshevism ‘The Bolshevik has new clothes!


Putin once again displays state support for the Orthodox Church as opposed to the old state objective of Marxist atheism. Nice touch Puty butPutin and Jews it has all been done for your friends before matey.

Stalin did the same siding with the Orthodox Christians calling a truce on atheism and reviving the Christian faith to make sure the Church and Christian masses sided with Stalin and not Germany.


”After [National Socialist] Germany’s attack on the Soviet Union in 1941, Joseph Stalin revived the Russian Orthodox Church to intensify patriotic support for the war effort. On September 4, 1943, Metropolitans Sergius, Alexy and Nikolay had a meeting with Stalin and received a permission to convene a council on September 8, 1943, which elected Sergius Patriarch of Moscow and all the Rus’. This is considered by some as violation of the XXX Apostolic canon, as no church hierarch could be consecrated by secular authorities.[22] A new patriarch was elected, theological schools were opened, and thousands of churches began to function. The Moscow Theological Academy Seminary, which had been closed since 1918, was re-opened.” ...


Stalin was aware that Christianised National Socialist Europeans were intent on freeing Russia from the iron grip of Jewish Bolshevism. Masses today are unaware that all of our European National Socialist leaders were trying to stop the genocidal massacre of our European folk advancing across our continent. But the truth of the matter is that Judaism had been torturing and murdering ethnic Europeans since the early 1920’s. The death toll in the Holodomor genocides alone was 16.5 million. This information has been concealed because the Zionist stooge Churchill, Roosevelt and the rest of the Zionist puppet governments throughout Europe discouraged attempts to reveal it. Churchill’s financiers the Jewish Banking family criminals, who were also financing Stalin, needed him to succeed in wiping out and taking full control of Europe under the auspices of the EU (a Soviet Republic). This is self-evident today as we witness the corrosion of civil liberties of our folk through the constraints of politically correctness and the multicultural con. Stalin was advantaged in that he was getting the full picture of the economic and psychological art of war games from his Jewish comrades-the Jewish Banking family criminals who had caused the world carnage. These tactics are still being used by the Jews to this day to advance their sinister agenda.


Spying and selling off secrets of host nations they reside in is an innate trait of this parasite that cannot medically be cured.


During the lead up to WWII the Jewish Bolshevik’s visual slaughter of European Russians and Ukrainians, including the Holodomor genocides have been silenced. They have grafted Jewish crimes on to the European and concealed with lies and deception their unilateral illusory swindlers list version the failing construct that is the ‘Holocaust. It is only controlled Jewish media and Hollywood propaganda that supports Jewish claims of horrific brutality. You don’t have to dig deep into History to prove Jews are race destroyers.


Well before WWII National Socialist leaders in individual countries across Europe, Africa judeawarand Asia were trying     to rid their own nations of Jewish Marxist  Bolshevism (Zionism). Yet it wasn’t until the true visionary leader of Germany took a stance against the financiers of the Bolshevik onslaught the Jewish Banker criminal families that Jews declared global    trade war sanctions against Germany. (Just as they do today  in the middle east Syria, Libya, Iraq, Palestine freezing trade and bank accounts to crush resistance).

It was this noble visionary who the Jews have portrayed through Hollywood as the global focus of evil to bottleneck all hate towards him and keep the illusion of evil tight within a narrow band width. By doing so the masses are unaware of other noble National Socialist leaders back then from Europe and the wider spectrum ie, Africa and other Asiatic nations. These combined forces back then were identified as theDiversity Waffen SS who passionately fought alongside the Germans within the same struggle to destroy the global threat of Jewish Zionism once and for all.


The German visionary and other National Socialist European leaders did not want to conquer Russia. National Socialism wanted to free our European blood folk from the clutches of the Jewish Bolshevik race killers to stop it’s genocidal advance across Europe and the world.  Failing to listen to the warning signs being offered by the Germans and other national socialist leaders across Europe back then has delivered us into a politically correct nightmare of Jewish controlled Multiculturalism.


This forced diversity and psychological ‘war game’ tactic is still being used on us. It elevates the weaker tribes (rainbow minorities) to fight the stronger tribe in its own territory distracting us while at a distance they sit back and feast off the disunity and absorb more and more power, Welcome to  Jew Zionist Democracy! Now ask yourself does it feel like  we won WWI/II?    

 Putin is a puppet in a game that represents the  new generation of Jewish Bolshevism drawing  us ever closer to the final chapter of this never  ending game of Jewish global banking deception of credit. For those who believe WWII ended in 1945 along with the so called  Hollow cause’ they are about to witness one of the biggest arts of    war deceptions in their life time.


If you believe Jewish Zionist Bolshevism just faded away back in 1945 then you better think again. While VE day punctuated the Putin 3end to a fratricidal (brothers) war the real enemy Jewish Zionist (Bolshevism) covertly morphed into psychological subversion of the masses. Across Europe and the western world it changed its combat attire for Bond Street, Fleet Street and Wall St suit and tie now leading and managing congress in the US as well as Parliament and Town Halls and civil service across our own nation controlled through Jewish Banking and wide spread puppet governmental policy.  The Art of War 


As for the Putin and Obama pantomime these two public faces are both aligned to the Jew purse ‘Israel’. We have been getting bottle-necked towards Putin for a more sinister reason. The BRICS banking phenomena benefits the Jewish Global banking Agenda a consolidated financial safe house to give immunity from the structured global financial collapse. Set up to kick start the new  power house for world Jew governance.


Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech at the ceremony to unveil the Jewish Ideology symbol of Communism in the 'Victory Monument' in support of Netanya on 25 june 2012The Putin Syria alliance seems to show Putin siding with the Arab world when in fact he is the guardian angel over Israel for his puppet masters the alliance benefits Putin and Israel in all ways. It gains the support of the Orthodox Christians back home seeing him support the Orthodox Christians in Syria. It also shows a clear cold war divide between America and Russia justifying a military build-up in the area. So while we focus all our attention on that area the North Korea issue is side lined, and once again a typical Art of war tactic.


North Korea plays a significant roll in this nuclear stand-off. A Social Nationalist country based on the unique Juche system Consisting of a mere 23m folk it seems to be holding the balance of power over communist China and the Jewish  American congress who covertly control South Korea within the debt structure of Jewish banking strangulation. China of course visually appears the dominant power having more nuclear power over that area.

The balance of power boils down to one thing – the size of the finger on the button! So unless the Chinese have special fingers it is the size of the finger rules the day. So the noble North Korean militarily justifiably stand in a permanent state of self-defence to quell the advance of Jewish Zionist democracy and while in this position North Korea can remain solvent and absent of Jewish debt control.

Fuck the Jew steroid banking control of endless credit. 

But then of course Israel does have another option at their disposal that could be seen as the true Samson optionrace and individual specific which may be the mechanism holding the world to ransom to this day. 


So what is the significance of China and Israel? 

One of the richest Marxist entrepreneurs in China has been offloading some of his massive real estate portfolio he held in Marxist China and has conveniently reinvested his ‘CREDIT’ over in Israel.

When we speak of wealth we envision cash and tangible money but not when it comes to these selected few. Those who control the global finances can embargo at will and freeze the accounts of nations across the globe. These few deal in Bonds (IOU’s CREDIT’) and computer digits controlled by the push of a button from a central banking system so these creatures have the power to make or break you at the push of a button. So that the Marxist Chinese entrepreneur reinvests his digital wealth in Israel comes as no surprise as he has to do whatever the Jews tell him. Just another Zionist shill and its payback time for the support given to him over the decades of his success. Israel now prides itself as one of the most wealthiest and productive countries in the world now I wonder how that has happened.

The Zionist Jews need to collapse the USA by way of so called Putin’s BRICS banking system. This consists of a multicultural mix of former ‘colonial’ Marxist Zionist controld countries, United aginst one mutual enemy 'Jewish Zionism'Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa whose Zionist puppet heads of state see the people of European decent as the trouble makers, the spear head and face of all wars across the planet. This is a tactic of the Zionists to use European folk as front line fodder.

The BRICS is just another clever rouse, a safe House for the Sorros and the rest of the Jew banking syndicate to hide their wealth. These sick bastards are the puppet masters for Putin and Obama. The Zionist money changers have carpet bagged nations and spear headed the drive to sink the US dollar and the Euro to swing the balance of power to their new BRICS phenomena which favours the Jewish bankers who have in turn scuttled the Federal Reserve leaving a graveyard of lead based metals. It cannot be a coincidence that by sinking the US dollar and the euro it also suits the Zionist Jew infested EU anti-White global agenda the final chapter to WWII all safely manipulated through their Talmudic Shetar legal system.


These Jewish race destroyers have finally reached their objective to see the  final destruction True Diversity and Anti racism messageof white Europe. The top  table of the European Union is in Jew  suffocation even having their own so called  separate Jewish EU  parliament running in  tandem, in reality” the engine room”. The same goes in the US white house  a Jewish infrastructure driving world banking and chaos. JUWO.

 We can see the hypocrisy of Jewish Zionism. Take into account  ‘Israel’-how this barbaric uncivilized parasite that created Marxism  forcibly injects itself into the host nations that their bloodline invades whilst eugenically preserving their own bloodline as a supremacist race over the gentile.The Last Days Of The Big LIe This covert war they have waged on mankind has only ever been about Jew, gentile and control managing to retain a clean face to the world under the guise of victim. Straddling good and evil controlling the opposition can be so rewarding on all levels politically and financially.


How have they managed to sustain all this?

During WWII the smack head gambler Churchill was cash strapped in his private life and vulgar Jewish inducements attracting him. Thus he gifted Palestine to the Jewish banker Rothschild using the Balfour deceleration. This so called gift brokered the deal that enticed Roosevelt and his Jewish Federal Reserve puppet masters allowing Britain long term credit to support the smack head gambler to make alliances with Jewish Bolshevism to spear head the destruction of Europe’s  WinstonChurchillzionistrace and culture.  Getting Palestine was a massive symbolic  result for all of  the Zionist Jews in the White  House including all their Judaic world  comrades. It mattered not how many lives  were sacrificed for that goal, during or after  the war. For as long as the short-sighted Europeans fought each other to achieve this biblical symbolic result for the ‘imaginary’ Jewish Promise Land a base for Jewish world terrorism would  be a reality.

Is it any wonder that so many Jewish families were left stranded in Europe until the end of the war. Just like all refugees today used as political pawns in a power struggle, The outcome of this chess game was to establish the Imperialist state of Israel, all brokered covertly by Churchill, Roosevelt, Rothschild and Stalin through the Balfour Declaration. This became the long term death nail for the survival of the Europe and Palestinians.


So it’s not hard for the world to see Great Britain as another poodle of USA (ISRAEL). We are far from being the 51st state of America we are in fact a satellite county to the Jewish Banking criminals. Churchill personally pawned us off, aiding and abetting Jewish Zionism to asset strip our Nation and Empire enriching the Jewish purse with more blood money from yet another Jew inspired economic war to gain ultimate control over the gentile.


During that same period America seemed to be doing well from the war as all the profits appeared to be flooding back home into their US economy. Yet as we witness today that artificialWhite house steroid has only ever been based on long term credit, drawing the US population into a synthetic future of perpetual indebtedness to the same Jewish Bankers. The future for European American’s has always been channelled through the Jewish purse giving its population a false sense of security for the continuance of its own nation. It is only now reaching its final conclusion as the world witness’s the U.S economy free-fall into collapse encouraged through open all borders, free trade and mass immigration. Do you recognize the coincidences with what we witness here today in our own ‘Archipelago’ (Great Britain)? The same Jew policies (The Shetar) are coming out of the house of swill (Parliament) to divide and sink us and we know it is happening to the rest of our pan European folk in other European nations.


Churchill destabilized our economy creating a massive National debt based on credit. This helped his Zionist controllers castrate our nation into bankruptcy and financial ruin. Shylock has slowly over decades been advancing and getting his pound of flesh by asset stripping Nations using  Jewish Zionist DemocracyShylock debt usury to control nations into  complying with Jewish Zionist globalization.  Now the great American dreamers too are  realizing they have been swallowed up by the  Jew Zionist Democracy mirage.


 Lenin and Marx and later Stalin all agreed before international Marxism could triumph, England and her Empire must be destroyed. … (Quoted in Washington Post June 11, 1984). 


Churchill handed over our nation to our Shylock creditors who still to this day reside in the White House on Capitol Hill. Since that sell off over time our parliament wholesale has been turned into a National theatre, full of ambitious pro regime Thespian puppets working for the Jewish world corporation giving us the illusion of Democracy, but turning our House of Lords into a politically correct zoo filled with an ideology quota of multicultural foreigners deciding our future. Aren’t we doing well.


This Marxist structure has tactically removed the power of the law lords and gifted it to their private corporate legal system run by the same Shylock gate men to obstruct justice for us the common man. An infrastructure of Jewish law lords, Judges, Solicitors who are all officers of the court each bound by Judaic masonic rules to uphold their own form of legal system. This is a separate entity from the European lawful system. Their Judaic law only has to be seen to be done. They have been shaping and influencing British politics and abusing the law to serve themselves for decades.

They have well and truly broken the back of our true system of LAW, subjugated it with their huge profit based Shetar” Their own Jewish legal system overriding our Law, slowly castrating us into submission as they apply their financial constraints on us day after day. Do you recognize now why the Law takes its instruction from the Jewish Legal system and if we don’t reverse it soon” sometime in the future expect their Bailiff enforcer to ”coma a knockin” as the parasite imposes debt after debt to your daily life.


There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.” -John Adams.


Entrapment by consent

Let me attempt to show you how the system works in my home town of Liverpool. Liverpool city council is a branch of a larger company known as the United Kingdom Ltd. UK Ltd is a satellite country attached to the Global Jewish Banker Crime families (Rothschild, Goldman Sachs) who own a pyramid structure of many satellite corporations.

Liverpool City Council is identified in their system as a Municipality. We live within its private corporation governed under their Private Corporation of UK Ltd. Yes a private Ltd company control through its Metropolitan Borough Council incorporated and administered as the Liverpool city council (The names City or Town are explicitly interchangeable but subjectively are owned by the same Principality and corporation = Jewish Banks).


Politically these private corporations impose charges on us through their puppet infrastructure in return for their services. The income is then reinvested into the private sector to increase their personal wealth. Periodically these corporations get their puppet politicians to sell off public assets i.e. the city’s infrastructure to other corporate bodies (Privatization) and it follows that the city councils puppet hierarchy after personally creaming off their own inducement cut payment for silence. They then have to submit something similar to what the USA call CAFR (comprehensive annual financial report) at every end of business year to the ‘US Government Inc’ or as in our case the ‘United Kingdom Ltd’ (Government).


CAFR in the USA is the financial report given to the government showing a full disclosure of all assets and liabilities owned by our Jewish Masters through their combined Ltd Company’s within the satellite country. For example, like the collective Taxes and charges received from the public, VAT, schools, NHS, Police, DHS, Ambulance, Fire service, Military, Sea Ports, parking and speeding fines and a colossal amount of other quango partnerships. Once we engage with these corporate entities we Banking usuryeach get processed though our birth and National Insurance certificates. Each default against us is a financial gain to the Jew which is why we see licence after licence rule after rule statute after statute being imposed, a gravy train of hidden taxes slowly killing us. Yet this has been accepted by us through the Jewish controlled ballot box. It is the sleeping masses who have elected these creatures and by consent the carnage follows. The  Ballot box is finished folks”! the ballot box only delivers a choice of bailiff ” so wake up.

The weapon of silence.

All councils and media around Great Britain belonging to UK Ltd and refuse to openly disclose, discus or bring attention to these combined financial investments, assets and holdings of each of the individual councils, municipalities, counties, cities, Towns, Parishes, city councils, school districts, enterprise operations, DHS, waterfront partnership, Docks and Harbour board, Peel Holdings lease’s, canal partnerships, pensions funds and all other governmental corporation, charitable Trust. quangos they hold or have in their possession, and continue to siphon from the public purse.


In America these are listed on the full financial statement called the CAFR (comprehensive annual financial report) which is mandated by Federal law to be filed annually by all their governmental structures. The CAFR is the ‘heckles heel’ of the US government so it must also apply to the UK government (UK Ltd). If the general public were to ever understand what is written in these annual CAFR reports or whatever the equivalent is in Great Britain, and recognise that we are being used collectively as investment products by Jewish multibillionaire parasitic individuals sucking away our life’s blood there would be a revolution within weeks.


In the USA the CAFR is the so called Governments true accounting of its combined investment wealth and is hidden in plain sight. Two accounting books one for the public (Debt) and one for the corporations (Profit)


In the US CAFR reveals that the occupied government has interests in almost all major household named corporations i.e. Brand names and  product like Coca- Cola etc  Karl Marxaccumulating a  colossal amount of annual profits in the hidden  accounts. Yet it only ever shows the public accounts  of ever increasing debt always forecasting disasters at  every juncture sending us off blindly like good little  hamsters back on the wheel of fortune to help rectify  the shortfall.

 So it follows that this rouse is no doubt happening in Great Britain  with UK Ltd which is a satellite country of these huge Jewish  corporations. If you want to see the end of this repetitive cycle of  imposed debt slavery you educated accountants and economists who are  not puppets to these corporations and have a duty to our folk to unravel this sinister cycle.


Why mass immigration? 

Selling off our country’s Infrastructure into Jewish private hands makes it necessary for the powers that be to encourage and implement mass immigration so that it can employ within its enabling infrastructure immigrant individuals who develop allegiance to the corporations and owe nothing to the host nation. These new immigrant pets who they have placed here through the Kalergi program are put into positions of authority or influence most harvested from economic war zones having no problem administering the private corporations authority over our folk as these pets are taught by the Jewish puppet masters to blame our European people for the battle scars they have gained in Jewish economic wars.

These private corporations/councils are selling off everything whole sale or gifted as long term leases, lucrative deals consisting of Pension Funds to Housing stock, Airports and Sea ports, tunnels, parking meters, roads and motorways, water, gas utilities, parks and gardens, DWP, Job centres as well as the city high street all at a knock down budget to Jew banks and other Jew owned corporate billionaire bidders. This is all under the guise of bail out restructures to fill so called budget gaps. These creatures are mortgaging away our future in the form of promissory notes and bonds to balance nothing other than their own private budgets delivering us a future of impossible debt slavery by selling back to us that which we previously owned.


When I speak of housing stock it also incorporates private ownership paid in full or not those people who think they own their own properties, or land it sits on, better re-think again.

As the property stands within their land registry (Corporation) on your deed or title you are listed as a tenant allowing you to reside there conditionally as long as you pay your property taxes to the private corporation or Municipality or whatever they decide is a charge. If you fail to pay the corrosion of your rights and liberties will begin to dissipate and charges on your property will commence. This confirms that voting within this Jewish Zionist Democratic system can only ever deliver a choice of bailiff.

This is what Zionist Democracy has delivered us ‘Jewish lead Corporate Zionism‘ through their weapon of cultural Marxism. Zionist Democracy is killing us but now we are aware of this knowledge it will inevitably kill itself. Show me where in the Magna Carta that our forefathers advocated Democracy yet if you oppose democracy it will come to you and enforce its will.


Then another test if you run as a candidate during election time and you’re not a former corporation lobbyist or advocating the ideological politically correct mantra you will be outcast smeared and never will be elected. Democracy instead manoeuvres their funded structured lobby groups like trade unions and anti-racist, Anti-war, and equality, gay and other charity based government quango trust groups to follow and counter your message to be sure their puppet elected choice is certain of success.

This is why we see one stop loan shops, betting, pawn shops and Casinos and endless amounts of corporate labelling for mass consumption across our nation encouraging the sickness of gambling and debt, or the vanity affliction enticing our folk of all ages into expensive immoral cosmetic enhancements. All these things combined sustain Jewish Capitalism over us and it is this putrid method which has contributed in developing a society of selfish, narcissistic and vanity driven consumer cattle breaking down the moral fabric of our culture leading us further in to relentless debt slavery. All implemented and encouraged through Jewish corporate Zionism by their puppet elected few.


Dracula” Common sense no longer exists in Parliament. It has the sick symptoms of cultural Marxism, which turns everything on its head.

Good into Bad” The aggressor into the victim” Immoral into moral” Common sense into senseless.


It is we the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh who should be deciding how our Albion nation is run. These Jewish Zionist interlopers under the guise of the United Kingdom Government Ltd are destroying our culture. Their parasitic body politic fused with their motto of ‘Division is The Marxist MurderersUnity’ can only ever deliver ‘Divide and Rule’


These evil creatures in the house of swill (Parliament) youthfully seduced by Cultural Marxism have divided our nation separating Scotland, Ireland and Wales dividing our blood folk to weaken the strength of our Archipelago, and cultural Marxism for them has been a significant spear head. Ask yourself who benefits more from division.

Politics are too serious a matter to be left to Jewish Politicians’ = Foreigners ….


Britain is currently being colonized and we are at risk of history repeating itself. We are about to meet the same feat as the Roman Empire. Once Rome filled with the foreign ‘guests’ of the Empire the senate was soon occupied with vengeful senators from distant lands that cared only for cousins in the birth lands of their ancestors. So Rome eventually collapsed under the same strain of vindictive ‘immigration’. A technique now used against us by the Jewish Zionists controllers.


It is the Jews who have become the Imperialists of the world, masquerading under the Stars and Stripes of the American flag, a clever ploy to distract and confuse the ‘masses’ all done by deception and Jewish  Banker controlled usury.   The European Union, the New European Soviet?     These nepotistic parasites are controlling  almost all senior positions in Governments and  the civil service across Europe and the US.  Sheltering under that nation’s sovereign Flag while making sure all world chaos is smeared against the population of that host nation and the mantra of hate is deflected away from the Jew on to our European folk.


Watching all these Middle Eastern wars one fundamental observation must be made! All the people of these occupied nations only see apparent ‘evil white European looking folk’ invading their lands. Consequently all the hate towards the occupiers is against the ignorant white who has been sent in as fodder to police and drain that nation of its assets for the Jewish puppet masters; unwittingly establishing another Zionist Democratic surrogate for the Jew banking families to apply the Jew banking system to that innocent nation for the Shylock master. It is Jewish Zionist Democracy that benefits long term from multiculturalism by harvesting the hate fuelled fleeing natives from these war torn nations and re-settling them as refugees across all white countries. Resentment from immigrants who blame Europeans for their predicament, while Whites turn on each other as politically correct ‘anti-racist’ policies are enforced dividing our folk. Long term this fuels a slow death through displacement and race mixing leading to the genocide of our European peoples. These Zionist creatures have shepherded and moulded the masses to their will.


Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervour, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar.”
— Julius Caesar.

The hidden hand.

The masses are unaware of the true crisis ahead of us because of Jewish media programming. They have been corroding away our financial system for decades intentionally manufacturing crashes and collapses to consolidate control in to fewer hands.  They have lead most of Europe into financial meltdown only to sticky tape short term bail out remedy’s-borrowing from one country to another, borrowings that get swapped and moved around the world like musical chairs! Ireland’s economy failed and needs to borrow money from another EU country! So the gap gets filled by Great Britain. In reality we add further borrowings to our economy, even though we are not part of the EU monetary system. Yet apparently we do have the money borrowed once again from Shylock or France has it because they borrowed it from Germany!! Germany has it because they borrowed it from Great Britain and so on! Greece, Spain, Italy… it is a big cyclical con using IOU’s bonds and promissory notes guaranteed by us the people not the banks it is only us who have the power to create money with our labour but the Banks make promissory future bonds to keep us laden but render us burden.

The tangible money never existed in the first place, only the numerical number existed in the Jewish Bankers log books. This gets added alongside existing numbers which burdens us long term with endless amounts of impossible debt interest to be paid from our economy…and the sleeping European continues to keep the hamster-wheel in motion’

Culture must die.

These cunning Jewish corporate bankers have a more sinister objective. The debts of Europe have been getting sold on to solvent Marxist China, the Bankers lap dog has been waiting patiently for countries to become insolvent. This has made European nations vulnerable to hostile creditors and the time has arrived for China to monitories or demand recompense and so Marxist China is now land banking and asset stripping Europe for their Jewish Zionist masters. Privatising the infrastructure of Europe into Marxist China. It is so obvious to some of us now China has been getting groomed for decades for their new roll to be the Police of the NWO and asset stripping nations has been a clever way to avert suspicion

A concealed rise of the phoenix for the Jew Bankers as they played the easement money card knowing the more easement money they introduce to our economy it automatically increases our borrowings.  The more debt we incur the less our money is worth making us more vulnerable to our asset strippers. All our assets and services are now disguised as trust funds to misguide us into thinking everything is in national benevolent trusts for us the people of our nation, when in reality they are in private trusts just like our council housing stock which has been high jacked from us in the same way.

The problem is who owns the trusts?  Answer – The corporations. So be careful of the moral word ‘Trust’ when used by them! It is not so moral.

It is like our nation has been adopted by a ruthless surrogate capitalist Mother who disabled our independent ability to take care of our own needs by dismantling our industry and life sustaining hereditary skills. This has gone unnoticed for decades because the surrogate has distracted us away from our ancestral skills and instead enticed us with sparkly gadgets and shiny plastic cards feeding us a steroid diet of debt. Thus we are rendered submissive and dependent on that sparkly diet blindly leading us in to a flimsy pre-packaged processed life style without a need for these life sustaining skills that helped us feed ourselves.

Yet as we arrive here today experiencing the collapse of our nation’s economy our surrogate mother has recognized our steroid diet of debt has at last exhausted its life span and has discarded us to either fend for ourselves or surrender to the system as predetermined by the Jewish corporation.

It is only now we find those neglected hereditary life supporting skills which should have been passed down through our families to sustain independence are now needed more than ever. As we realise that all that rich diet of sparkly debt has now become a liability to our survival what we find is all those skills we ourselves should have preserved have become the reserve of the imported migrant making the capitalist surrogate successful in its objective and the cycle just continues until we all become dependent on the cycle.

The Jewish free bus pass.

During the whole of WWII approximately 70m people combined were killed!

Now compare that to Judaic inspired Marxism (Bolshevism) the genocidal ideology the allies sided with. Marxism which has from its inception murdered over 200m, Nationalists, patriots, Christians and most of all over 60m+ Europeans. Jewish Bolshevism makes both WWI/II look like a walk in the park. Yet no puppet Governments in the West will acknowledge the atrocities committed by Jews and their Communist invention in case it overshadows Jewish Hollywood and the pack of lies that these ‘victim’ Jews have indoctrinated generations of us with.  These creative atrocities are fed to us by the same self-serving Zionists from their inventive swindlers list industry. Films like “Schindler’s List” or “The Winds of War” are fictional dramatizations to emotionally challenge and manipulate our compassion. Then there are the Hollywood cliché Black slave films to turn hate towards the European. Unfortunately, the sleeping giant ‘The European’ cannot recognise that he is being brow beaten instead accepts these depictions as true and accurate accounts.

It is common knowledge that the Muslims laugh at the West for being taken in by these creative depictions showing these nasty tales from a fictionalised ‘History’. They laugh at the way the Jewish Zionists have created some sort of 3D world which sits alongside reality like some sort of tangible holographic guilt trip and we willingly suck it up” and yet!.


Historical Jewish propaganda programming always treats the seizure of Russian heroically. Called a ‘revolution’ they identify their military forces as being the Red army, Soviets or ‘Russians’ to mislead you and distract from the fact that this was a murderous occupational Jewish army. Identifying them as Soviets or Russians has helped confuse populations across the world. Zionists have purposely done this for decades. What they are not telling you is that the 1917 October Revolution was organised and led by Jewish Bolshevists to advancemasking-the-holodomor Marxism. All true European Russians were either murdered or forced to end their lives in Gulag death and labour camps in and around Siberia if they refused to conform. It must be recognised that all these Jewish constructs derived from Marxism, Communism, Bolshevism, Trotsky-ism, Stalin-ism, Leninism etc. are all control through Jewish Zionism. Jewish Zionism has created a water tight infrastructure to be sure of superiority over us all.


When Europe was apparently ‘liberated’ by the allied forces Great Britain, USA, USSR in 1945 public executions, rapes and other humiliating scenes in the streets were many encouraged. These men and women were called ‘collaborators’ with the Germans by angry mobs (no doubt heavily influenced by Jewish Communists) and Allied forces and were either shot, hung, tarred and feathered or kicked and stripped naked to humiliatingly walk and be stoned in public. All photographed, filmed and witnessed by the British, American and Bolshevik resistance groups in France, Spain, Greece, Italy. Yet how can you ‘collaborate’ with your own race when your tribe is in collaboration with international Jewry.

A similar thing happened in Lithuania, Latvia, Kiev and other Bolshevik occupied Eastern bloc countries. Only here the retribution was carried out by the people against the collaborators with Jewish Bolshevism. Early in the War when the retreating Bolsheviks were forced to pull back to Moscow they adopted a scorched earth policy due to the advancing Germans. The Bolsheviks destroyed the infrastructure of these nations and killed anything in its path like swarming locusts. Following the retreat of the Bolsheviks now liberated by the Germans the folk in Eastern Bloc countries such as Latvia, Lithuania and Kiev the people themselves dished out retribution on all the people who had collaborated with the previous Bolshevik regime. Any victims of these reprisals in any of these countries were identified as collaborators and followers of the Bolshevik Ideology who had condoned the genocidal massacre of many families of Eastern Bloc country folk (Europeans).

Although creative history programs tell us the ‘wicked’ Germans were responsible for these deaths. Eastern Europeans only ever saw the Germans as liberators and it was in fact their own country folk who were sought reprisals in retribution for collaboration with Jewish Bolshevism.

It was international war time and the word collaborators and reprisals were allowed and condoned by the big 3, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, in France, Spain, Greece, Italy and other liberated European countries. However, they have conveniently neglected to point out that it was okay for the ‘Allies’ to use but in the ‘enemies’ case such matters became the subject of ‘War Crimes Trials’. This sentiment suggests that if you blame it on the other side its murder. It is hypocritical of the Jewish lantern TV that it is only humane when it follows their narrative. They also neglect to tell us that the poor treasured victim race, the cherished martyrs, who we are constantly told were being targeted across Europe back then, were all followers of the race destroying Bolshevik ideology. These are the real Collaborators.


What about the silenced figures of the defeated German Army, the unspoken dead! Eisenhower’s personal death camp holding 1.7m returning ethnic German Christian POW’s who were re-classified as DEF (Disarmed Enemy Forces) and all corralled along the Rhine River at Andernach left to starve and rot. Eisenhower’s ‘Rhine Meadows’ Death Camps 
The (terrible Swedish) Jew Eisenhower used the DEF classification to bypass the Geneva Convention rules that protected POW’s

Toronto Daily Star, March, 9th, 1968, “Former members of an illegal Israeli force which was given absolute freedom to slaughter Germans conceded that “More than 1,000 SS Officers died as a result of eating arsenic-impregnated bread introduced April, 13th, 1946, in an American-run prisoner-of-war camp near Nuremberg.”

A 1953 article in the Pittsburgh Press admits 2.8 million BRICSGerman POWs taken by the Soviet Union have died, and another 700,000 are still listed as “missing.”

Only around 20,000 German POWs held under the Jewish Bolshevik regime would be repatriated to Germany after 1953. The last surviving 10,000 German POWs were not released by the Bolsheviks until 1955. Thus, around 3.5 million German POWs perished while in Jewish Bolshevik captivity.

Jewish blood lust – ‘The killing out of the Goyim’

History belongs to the Victors

Stand back and consider everything you have been convincingly encouraged to soak up about the German death camps. From all the confusing information getting vomited out of the Jewish lantern, their Ideology weapon ‘TV’!! Labour camps that lasted barely 6 years, such a short period in history, compared to the more prolific ‘Gulag death camps’ that lasted approximately 34 years. These were responsible for about 40 million deaths and celluloid images still remain to this day but are concealed from the mainstream just in case we question the bizarre similarities to apparent German ‘death’ camps invented for Jewish ‘Holocaust’ propaganda


Who benefits from this wolf cry!!  Think of all of the same atrocities fed to us that in reality happen in the unspoken death camps of the Gulags in USSR to our own European folk-Ukrainian, Russian, Christian victims. Ask yourself why history omits the fact that the seizure of Russia was a Jewish Bolshevik race war against our European folk, ultimately against ethnic white Russia. It ended with the Russian Czar and Royal family being crushed, one less white sovereign Christian country to deal with. These same Bolsheviks went onto massacre all the countries nationalists, royalists, Christians and millions more ethnic whites, or alternatively interned them in state slave labour gulags for decades.


Why dampen or omit these massive significant atrocities when punctuating historical Genocide. Why refuse to highlight the victims of Jewish Bolshevik mass murderers Lenin and Trotsky and their cataclysmic contribution to the human genocide of over 200m victims during and after both WWI/II since the inception of Marxism. We are constantly force fed the so called ‘atrocities’ of the German tribe against the Jew yet in reality even if true not only would the numbers be insignificance in comparison it only stands as retribution against the brutality of the Jew against our race. Yet Jewish Hollywood weapon glamorizes their murderous weapon of Communist Marxism as a noble, fashionable and trendy ideology.


I feel for the modern ethnic German Nation. I empathize with them because they have to constantly endure the Jewish Zionist media prejudice against them. Ironically this attempts to instil a contrived inherent guilt and self-hate on the nation that stood against the evil that occupied Europe.  If you know anything about this managed period in our European history you will agree that the Germans are at long last justifiably waking up as well as wider European nations.

To demonize the Germans, the Jewish Zionists have re-shuffled history creating a self-serving Martyrdom spin to gain support from the global public. With this they have been filling audience’s oblivious brains up with hate towards this noble race of people for the past 70 years, a yawning tedium for me, but a serious one for global freedom. The Jewish Zionists have rendered Generations of Europeans submissive; using the Jewish controlled Media, book publishing and internet highway. Justice for Germans as well as all Europeans is a long time coming.

 “Creative men and women of all nations, recognise your common foe” AH

The European Culture along with Christianity is the enemy of Jewish Zionism; they do not mix! It is like oil and water. All these decoy tactics are in place to help Marxist militant followers of this putrid Jewish Zionist Ideology. They have for years been busy embedding themselves into Europe’s political and civil service infrastructure using Frankfurt school and common purpose methods as well as covert Jewish Youth,  B’nai Brith and Sayanim, selectively cherry picking and feeding us only ideologically supporting history, or anything which fits the ideologicalstop+abuse+of+NHS+staff Narrative. This allows Jewish Zionism a free ride a clear route. Meanwhile, the majority in the West are oblivious to their Jewish media weapon of mass deception. This mixed race lifestyle desires for us all to be mixed into a shapeless slave mass of children of Kalergi. Yet not with our own European tribal folk that is too European.


All’s not lost! These Talmudic creatures control our nation with corrosive politics and work in 60 and 70 year cycles, in the notion their poisonous corrosive changes go unnoticed – any faster they risk losing control. The problem they face today, is that the masses have access to the web and their deliberate plan is being revealed sooner than they thought.

Jewish founding father of EU Most of us who know the objective of these  creatures, recognise we are at the end game of their  plan for a NWO and, if this collapse happens before  they trigger a controld collapse, it will open up  opportunities for us to try and re-educate and unite  the masses.



 “Germany issued debt-free and interest-free money from 1935 on,  which accounts for Germany’s startling rise from the depression to a  world power in five years. The German government financed its entire  operations from 1935 to 1945 without gold, and without debt. It took the entire Capitalist and Marxist world to destroy the German revolution, and bring Europe back under the heel of the Bankers.” Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People (1984), Sheldon Emry

                                      The Jewish Lantern ‘TV’!!

                                      Listen to a Putin critic here!                                   

Now read The_Perestroika_Deception and fill in the dots, although this book still fails to identify world chaos is driven through Judaism. 

Holow Cause

10 comments on “The Zionist Poodles

  1. john
    July 6, 2014

    peter I liked very much jw


  2. Sam
    July 14, 2014

    Truth is truth. The only problem is how many people dismiss it as fiction. Escape into your shell long enough and by the time you come back out you won’t recongnize the world around you.


  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog
    December 22, 2014

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.


  4. Ibz
    July 2, 2015

    Look, m8, this “white victim” issue has little significance on the world affairs of the ruling people at the top. They care not about what race one is from (unless you’re a so-called Jew, then you get monies from Germany). What the men at the top care about is power and control over the masses, not “destroying the white race”.

    I suggest you best focus your efforts on letting us know the golden knowledge that Putin is in bed with the Israeli government. I never knew that even happened. Thanks, brother.


  5. apocalypse29
    October 18, 2015

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  6. macseafraidh
    October 21, 2015

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  7. PeterQuiggins
    May 15, 2020

    Punctuating the New World Order = Jew world order… JWO



  8. PeterQuiggins
    June 26, 2022

    It seems to me Christianity is the root of the first dialectic, a back up security, a last line of defence, knowing that the Christians would always help the Jew survive!

    “In comparing the two we find that they are strikingly similar, and not opposites. In fact, there are so many similarities in the two programs and in the philosophy of these two creeds that the hand of the same author can easily be detected. That author is the international Jewish network. They and they alone wrote both the creed of Christianity and the creed of communism. Both communism and Christianity preach against materialism. Communism designates those productive and creative forces of our society to which we owe in such large part the benefits of a productive white civilization, as ‘bourgeois.’ It then lashes out with unparalleled fury at the bourgeois and tells us over and over again that they must be destroyed. Instead of giving credit where credit is due, it slanders and vilifies these constructive and productive elements, namely the bourgeois or the capitalists, as the ultimate in evil. Christianity tells us basically the same thing. It tells us that it will be more difficult for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven. It tells us that we should ‘sell all thou hast and give it to the poor’: an insidious piece of advice that, if followed, would make us all a pack of roving bums and beggars. It would most surely cause the breakdown of our society. Christianity further tells us ‘lay not up treasures on earth, but lay up treasures in heaven.’ Throughout, the implication is clear. Don’t accumulate unto yourself any of the good things in life. If, through hard work, you’ve already managed to accumulate some wealth, get rid of it, give it away, give it to the poor, above all, give it to the Church, they’ll take it, with relish. The net result of this fantastically bad advice, of course, is that it will more easily pass into the hands of the Jews, who do not subscribe to such foolishness. They hope to make fools of us, knowing very well the old saying ‘A fool and his money are soon parted’ is only too true.”


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