Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

The Talmudic Shetar

To get to the full ”impact” and ”understanding” of this chapter when reading move cursor onto photographs or highlighted words and press to open links.

The Shetar is a Jewish distortion of commercial law in that it has been allowed to override the laws of the occupied nation, it has become the driving force behind their self regulating legal system for decades. The solvent law of the Shetar method is – when used in banking, it allows pledges (land or property) in return for usurious loans, and if the borrower defaults on pay back instalments, the Shetar allows the Jew to keep and sell off all the pledges! cunningly enriching himself while enticing the goy/gentile into an endless spiral of debt

In public office in whatever occupied country the Jew resides he follows a different law than that of the host nation. By allowing the Jew to swear (by default) his oath on the Talmud instead of the nation states oath of office the alien Jew retains clean hands as he subverts all within European nations it occupies. Their stolen land called “Israel” has even, for their Jew diaspora, entered it into policy allowing the Jew to be above the law….. Knesset can legislate [concerning] any place in the world, although it is entitled to violate the sovereignty of foreign countries” 

Talmudic law is incompatible with that of the occupied nation making ‘justice’ a farce for the native folk. Talmudic law confines that there is one law for Jews, and another for gentiles.

This is why such a small community wields so much influence globally. Their Shetar legal system infiltrates and enforces over the host national law just as the Jew infiltrates, occupies and enforces over the host nation socially.  

In fact!, according to the itinerant Jewish judge Chief Rabbi Neuberger of their very own (((Supreme))) Court based in Britain, before his resignation he alluded to: Winning or losing is (((their))) con’ju’ring trick, also confirming their historical and contemporary devious methods in his 17th May 2017 speech presented to another Jewish lobby group. It confirmed his belief that they had the upper hand, explaining just how Jews concealed themselves in what was known as “Domus Conversorum”, (from Latin meaning “House Converts” explained on page 3 in section 8 at end of paragraph). Link here…, Then of course during WWII Britain!, already a gate keepers paradise’ become a bolthole for recruits. 

To these Talmudic cult followers the gentile/goyim masses are nothing but cattle, stock assets for them to use or abuse, no matter if it’s to entice us into their controlled consumer world, or to kidnap us to feed the corporate machine, courts, prisonssocial services, unemployment etc, a private sector machine that can only survive if it sustains an abundance of customers.. ie “Black Country councils call in bailiffs to collect £21m debt”. Jewish Zionist democracy delivers us nothing but a choice of bailiff which the Shetar use as footsoldiers to bully the target in to submission’ rich or poor’ the signature of the target victim is the objective, it triggers the flow of money from the birth bond account. The Bailiff is the face of Jewish Zionism enforcing their bogus warrants. Locally these tyrannical civil enforcement contractors visually look to be ordinary people usually in official attire, unlike globally were military uniform replaces the deception with a more dictatorial shrewdness to make populations homeless, creating upheaval. These race destroyers move populations around the world implementing the Kalergi program. The objective of the Social Nationalist is to reverse this process by removing Zionism locally and globally so people can return safely back to their homes. 

Every last one of us is worth £££$$$$ for them to trade and balance their books, and our birth certificate is the bond trade-able asset. They have created a world around us that gives us a false sense of security, and yet, at all times our family’s are at risk to these psychopaths.

We are the trade-able bond ”!! 


The sinister Talmud is were the Jew justifies his conscience, or lack of,  with the fact that Jews Karl Marxare not allowed to own  possessions, instead they ‘hold’ possessions in wait  of payment and in the case of ‘default by a borrower’  is allowed to sell  what ever was pawned to replace  the money (credit) loaned!


 History tells us the Jews were only allowed to do business via the King,  today that authority is recognised as the Government, bought and paid for  by the Jew, today the King/Queen is still recognised as the (Puppet)  figurehead of the People, and from him all Justice is said to flow, hence the  saying ‘The King is the fountain of Justice”. Hahahha!!!! I’ve split my side laughing”….  


Wars have always been the economic feast of the Talmud, and it’s usurious methods because of the need for monies to buy arms, goods, food and also to pay a military force to battle, during these unsettled periods many Kings in Sovereign nations soon depleted their coffers and would seek to borrow from these creatures. The main stay of the tribal Jew is the business to loan, 69624_100427386804264_1800912797_nthe creature’s long term survival depends on acquiring enough compromises (levy) on the borrower (King) or Government officials!- so by attacking the vanity or sexual depravity of these targets insures their silence allowing the Judaic parasite to covertly plunder a nations wealth. (The Bailiff). Divisive tactics for the Jew is still the mainstay of business.


The Jew has to use a vehicle of a legal personality or fiction, in order to operate inside the realm of a Nation State and so devised the birth certificate and has used as a trade-able bond

Jud Suss The Jew does this like a tape worm, feeding on it’s weakened by  war, prey,  and begins its economic siege of the realms by advancing  unlimited amounts  of loans, justified because their sinister ‘so  called’ religion allows them to  off-set interest burdened debt  infinitely into the future.



The Shetar or ‘Star’ soon became a Chamber (star chamber = their own private courts) for inquiry as to who is adjudged to owe monies to the Kings property. The Jew Merchants were allowed to operate their loan businesses in order that the King may tax them, in payment for allowing them to do their business and peddle loans to unsuspecting customers, who may not understand the Talmudic faith. By allowing the king this trade off, it grants the Jew the belief of justice. When the reality is, the convenience of a puppet for the Jew to manipulate and retain clean hands. for further info:


So the Judaic Shetar is the tool used by the Imperialist Jews who over millennia have encouraged wars, division and religious sectarianism to create a cycle of debt to control the hypnotised Goyim/gentile. The law of the Shetar is a popular proven formula. Scientifically and mathematically fine-tuned to coral the Goyim/gentile in to complying too the Talmudic cult.


One of the methods used on us is the ‘Jewish Lantern’ (TV) through which a consumer based society of self-indulgent individuals is encouraged to entrench themselves even deeper in debt, thus making sure the goyim/gentile is completely distracted, trying endlessly to reduce their Jewish Zionist Democracyliabilities! While in full control, the Judaic shetar system is well ahead of the game in that it has the goyim/gentile in a constant paper chase of legal changes. These changes are designed to draw us willingly or not in to further debt, and Judaic Democracy (Zionism) has been the political method used to entrench us all.



"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." - Frédéric Bastiat

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” – Frédéric Bastiat

 The Talmudic Shetar is the main legal formula of sustaining complete  control over the masses. It upholds their new contemporary class system    that consists of narcissistic celebs strutting above the wanna-be’s! This  Talmudic system is void of compassion, created to make people landless  and unemployed, to use as a slave commodity. All overtly maintained  through their politically manipulated civil service. a fully employed  machine sustaining the cycle of control over the goyim/gentile.

 All this power is wielded over us from a divided so called persecuted    people. A portion of who left Europe in 1946 as so called victims. They    stole Palestine from the Palestinians and amazingly 20 years later in  1967  dominated the whole of the Arab world. Now do you recognise how  well  this tribe of destroyers have done from fresh air by making use of  their  exiled position? They use it to unite their tribe with the incantation  of  ‘division is unity’. Now Jewish Zionism is initiating world domination      and a New World Order under the Talmudic Shetar.

  What sort of advanced knowledge do these race destroyers have over us     that allows these psychopaths to dominate political and economic policy.


These psychopaths take their instruction straight from their sinister Talmudic book. Justifying death and destruction of the goyim/gentile today recognised as Zionism taking its foundation from the Talmud. Judaism has for millennia been following the same biblical pattern to liquidate any opposition to their Talmudic Shetar. This has been witnessed by all the world’s political leaders at the time of the 1917 Jewish Bolshevik seizure of Russia-the unspoken genocide against ethnic European Christians and again during the Holodomor Genocides 16.5m Europeans in the Ukraine alone.

The Jews view the Europeans as the number one foe because throughout a 2000 year history once the European recognised the sinister controlling cult they were expelled over 109 times from the respective European nations.


To this day the European is unaware of the dangers which lay ahead for the continued survival of our tribe. As Jewish Zionism implements the laws of the Shetar allowing mass immigration in to our lands and the Jewish controlled media sees to it that the masses see the European issue as nothing more than a divisive issue when in reality they are interfering with the natural order of humanity. This makes the European issue integral to protecting true diversity across the world.


The world’s monetary system feeds through the Judaic purse. This is the reason why they are able to influence so many political decisions on the world stage. The whole political Banking usuryinfrastructure has been hijacked by the Judaic Shetar. This is why key political figures in public office only ever voice scripted speeches written for them to protect their golden handshake (Shetar) !! All roads lead to Israel.

F…..k the Shetar along with its Judaic control expose the CULT for what it truly is the world’s largest death cult and financial accountant. Force the tribe of people who practice the mechanics of this sinister cult to recognise they already have a homeland of their own an independent country called’ Birobidjan, the capital city of the eponymous Jewish Autonomous Oblast of the Soviet Union  and once returned to a safe position of ‘Quarantine’  in this region it will help bring peace to Europe, Palestine and the rest of the Christian and Muslim world.


The driving seat for these creatures is the occupied region of Palestine commonly known as Israel which today prides itself on being one of the world’s strongest economy’s living off the fat of unlimited funding coming from puppet nations were they enforce the Talmudic Shetar! America, UK, France, including the ongoing German reparation racket to name but a few.

All this unlimited funding being extracted from these puppet nations has allowed these  Israeli duel citizens to create a multi-billion dollar export and manufacturing industry. A state of the art military, soft and hardware, a dominant nuclear power which has given them the most powerful position on the world stage, over 300 billion dollar contracts across the world and ticking.


Another initiative is to sponsor and train up an infrastructure of young and able entrepreneurs like mercenary spies to spread across all world continents to gather information and or embed themselves into positions of influence. A solvent insurgent infrastructure of covert Kabbalist, B’nai B’rithSayenim, ADLfriends of Israel and trade Unions alongside many community based positions which manipulates public opinion in one direction.


‘To win the opposition’ Control the opposition and point the gentile in the wrong direction,  get them to shadow box or fight each other Christian v IslamIslam v Christian it will reduce the problem of the goyim/gentile for our Judaic masters. These creatures have permission from their Talmud to slay their amakelite enemy = goyim/gentile’ so the Jew question can only be about’  Judaism and Gentile.


We are now witnessing their United Nations (UN) being moved over to their symbolic construct, Israel to consolidate even more control within Shylocks engine room


The Muslim issue has been the new focus of hate. The Jews make sure the European shadow boxes a fictional enemy of ‘radical terrorists’ grafted in from war torn Arab states by the Talmudic decision makers, victims of Israel.


Meanwhile this expensive immigration floods Europe and makes sure the demographics alter drastically implementing white genocide. It is the Jewish law of the Shetar importing the immigrant element making sure it angers and divides us. The Muslims don’t recognise that the Bruder you killed me European struggle against this sinister Talmud is the same as their struggle,  covertly Judaism has had our own European tribes fighting each  other  ‘brother  fighting brother’ no different from what is happening over  in the Middle east  dividing all the Islamic brothers creating disunity.

 The Muslims are being  played just like the Europeans and the worst thing  that could happen for the  Jews is that some sort of alliance was operating  between Christian Europe and the Islamic world.

 There is no doubt that the Jews have already forecast some sort of joint  alliance happening and have set in motion their radical Islamic commodity of Zionist ‘Islamic radicals’. Ushered along using their tribal Hollywood spin doctors and ‘Jewish lantern’. Jewish Zionism performs a psychological terror on the unsuspecting masses drastically altering public opinion and distracting away from the true enemy.


Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopaedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).The PDF file in this article showing the Shetar is obviously written by a Jew and just like the rest of them like their superior position to be known. There is no doubt the other objective of this document was to show England as a mongrel nation of immigrants when in reality our nation is a mix of our own European tribes ‘One blood’

The unity of European blood is a contention of the Jew who is of mixed stock. This makes mixing of European blood a priority for them making it as degenerate as their tribe hence’ mass immigration.  This is why we face these dangers today and will get even worse if the masses continue to ignore the dangers of the Talmudic Shetar controlled through the Jewish Banker crime families. 


Judaic Zionism has disabled Europe’s fight back by plat-forming the religious symbols that identify Europeans as symbols of hate.

European religious symbols decimated by the Judaic victors

European religious symbols decimated by the Judaic victors

 Their Hollywood friends have been  integral to the destruction of  European culture making  sure it neutralises any signs of common sense  politics such  as ‘Social Nationalism’.They instead romanticise, glorify and  legitimise Bolshevik Communism in the knowledge that Marxism is a  Jewish construct but the gullible masses fashionably follow it like lambs  to the slaughter.

Now listen to what the black man is saying in the following video.The time has arrived once again for all Europeans to unite and accept its true identity of the-awakening-has-begunSocial Nationalism and take control of our own destiny.  


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