Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Jewish ”Trust”

Jewish ”Trust”   

If it was Swedes, Britons, French, Italians, Greeks, Germans any European or even Mexican causing global chaos I would say so. It is the Jews and one of the many methods used to challenge us has been to set up many distractions to pre-occupy us with guilt. This forever challenges our compassion and Jewish commercial ventures are a prime example of these. Often ‘moral’ groups  registered and sponsored as off- shore holding companies and charities.

To get to the full ”impact” and ”understanding” of this chapter when reading move cursor onto photographs or highlighted words and press to open links.

The formula of the Ltd Company, ‘Trust’ or corporation represents the life blood of the Jew, a self regulating private club of rules and regulations imposed on us, for this is their method of trickery to harvest away the wealth of the Goy” there is nothing benevolent about our so called’, National Trust” when the beast is involved. These trust charities alone are very lucrative and self financing for the Jewish purse giving the industry huge profits. These so called moral groups contribute to our downfall. The Ideology feeds or financially supports and willingly media platforms these seduction groups; the new bucket of water challenge is a prime example of seduction, the biggest scam of the lot are the cancer charities, and even deeper are the animal trust groups i.e. The world wild life fund, stop all blood sports, stop the fox hunt, save the Tiger and Donkey or even save the red squirrel from being ethnically cleansed by the nasty gray one-all employed to distract us away from the real issues. These groups are nothing more than distractions challenging our compassion’s while the cult relentlessly harvests from the gullible goy. charity fronts,    2,…    3,….   4….      5…..     6….. and here … YMCA

If animal ‘rights’ groups were really concerned for animals and their care more effort would be concentrated towards the barbaric industry of ritual’ slaughter (Kosher and Halal). However, this Kosher Slaughterhousecruel and vicious form of slaughter forbidden to British farmers under threat of fine or imprisonment is ignored by animal ‘rights’ groups when performed by what should be our transient Jewish and Muslim ‘guests’. This is an example of animal cruelty that doesn’t suit the objective of the animal ‘rights’ pay masters. Therefore, attacking this barbaric trade is classed as ‘racist’ and instead we give these ‘guest’ cultures special status to appease and empower them over us, a show of gratitude for the ‘privilege’ of Jewish Zionist Usury (IOU) and their war for the monopoly on Middle Eastern Arab oil.

The Jew purposely focuses our interest on these manufactured moral crusades. They are nothing more than decoy groups to shepherd us along!! Anything other would not be ‘politically correct’.

If animal rights were to campaign against Kosher and Halal ritual slaughter it would expose another scam perpetrated by the Jews happening right under our noses. All butchered meat and processed food in Europe is labelled and stealth taxed by the synagogue.  No meat in Europe can get on to the retail market unless it has been passed by the Rabbi FOR A FEEI call this Jewish chabad mafia Protection money.

Now explain to me where the animal’s rights are when animals seriously need them! Where are these so called passionate radicals that spearheaded stop the hunt campaign and stop the fur trade, allowed to dominate the tabloids and managed to manipulate frenzied public support by Government and media, when cattle are left choking out their lives in their own blood and vomit …These groups are only ALLOWED to shout and scream to preoccupy us away from the real issues. 

The same methods are being used to contain issues surrounding the Palestine atrocities around the globe. It is so noticeable how Jewish Marxist have inserted themselves in order to confine the discussion. The issue of the Jewish states illegitimate occupancy is never exposed and the Jew continues to parade like a race without a homeland.

Also during the Jewish Bolshevik seizure and occupation of Eastern Europe an independent country called’ Birobidjan, the capital city of the eponymous Jewish Autonomous Oblast of the Bolshevik controlled area was declared, but no effort is put in to making the world aware of this. So the Jews had land specifically set aside for themselves prior to 1948 even within a Jewish controlled area. Palestine is a political weapon. These Marxist groups controlling the message focus on supporting multiculturalism to further create long term problems for the Palestinians after Israel has been returned to them. When will their avaricious demands be curtailed.

So it’s not hard to see all these groups as controlled front groups managing the message. All life should be respected animal and human although front groups like these Marxist radicals don’t think so. Instructed on who and who not to campaign Marxist managed front groups challenging our compassion’s for the ideology to gain the exact political outcome needed to eat away at our civil liberties.

The Injection

I was 9 years old in 1966 when the Biafra war was at its peak. The BBC fed us all the images of the civil war, the victims of children and families that were left starving and dying. So graphic to me and my siblings that we decided to do something about it in our own little way. So we went knocking on neighbour’s doors asking for contributions towards a jumble sale we were to soon have outside our house in Huyton. The jumble sale was to produce a fund of £7, which was almost more than my fathers weekly wage, my Mother sent it on to the Liverpool Echos Over the Mersey Wall. As kids we were so proud of our achievement and contribution and the response forwarded to us from the Echo. Those images stuck with me all my life. BUT! As I grew older, watching the same horrific wars year after year and being fed the same gruesome images, I soon realised the same chess board pieces of victims are still being used on us. It raises cash for these trust funds who only drip feed a small percentage to the marketable product The Victims. It is a lucrative industry for all these Jew engineered ‘charitable’ corporations. 

The wars have not stopped in 51 years. These countries still get asset stripped, brain drained, governments destabilized and fractured. Then they are replaced with a Bling Bling puppet dictator to sure up the Jew profits in the Target Country, whilst refugee survivors get scattered across Europe and used to change the demographics, political chess pieces for the Ideology. Feed the puupet beast Only the poor, elderly and infirm are left behind to suffer and continue the cycle. It’s not hard for the Jew to infiltrate and seduce,  (2) the government of these vulnerable third world countries-to sit alongside these puppet dictators and keep the country unstable. Look how easy it has been for them here in the so called intelligent west. Even Marxist/Maoist China’s government is infused with Jewish advisor’s making sure the Chinese economy travels the same destructive road of Jewish usury. It is in the interest of these Jews to sustain instability in these countries. Life is worthless to Shylock.


Social movement

Like it or not before the Europeans arrived in Africa it had remained constant for thousands of years, well before colonisation. It was the infrastructure that the European put in to India and Africa that caused development which never would have happened otherwise. In many cases the same infrastructure which Britain and the Dutch Boars gave them is still being used today. Yet now the whites are either being slaughtered or leaving Africa only now we see the natives struggle to sustain the skills to maintain that nation, let alone invigorate itjust like the population of Haiti after the Hurricane, at least under Victoria the Commonwealth educated, medicated and Banking usury cured. What we didn’t realise is it was all spearheaded with Jewish  usury. It was the industry of the European that built the infrastructure  for these 3rd world and developing countries, impacting on  population growth. Yet allowing the Jew control the purse has allowed them to use it as a compromising weapon against our political elite hence the paedophile scandals allowing the transfer of power to the Jewish banker crime families and the rest of their Zionist capitalist elite. 

So European benevolence in helping the African and Asian nations change the natural balance of their own populations has come back to haunt us. These controlling Jews now use these fertile groundsthe Empire ‘guests’ for harvesting and filling our confetti size island up with grudge bearing immigrants… fancy a Town Hall job in LiverpoolShylock thinks in long, not short term especially through their UN constuct. Contraception and abortion, birth control and vaccinations have been encouraged and marketed as a privilege to target groups here in the West, but in reality it has been used in all European countries as a useful method to make room for the foreign womb – the ticking time bomb for the Ideology to change the host Nations Demographics. The Jewish influence in this area has been catastrophic for our tribe 8m abortions since the 1960s White so called humane … Genocide. Yet Western abortion is silenced into insignificance so as not raise suspicion or create debate amongst us. Imagine if these same murdered babies had lived these past 50 years and had 8m families. Imagine the significance and contribution they would have had to our national workforce. Instead the regime has filled the genocidal void with the coloured immigrant and the foreign womb to successfully sabotage everything from demographics, social housing alongside our national industries. A well thought out social engineering program used on us by the so called ‘moral’ elected. Democracy is being used as weapon against us, a so called ‘moral’ word to oppress white unity to make sure we do everything for the immigrant and if we complain we are racist. 


Jewish Zionist Democracy is Europe’s suicide.

The British so called Empire has been replaced with a new world imperialist state Israel.  An Imperialist Empire which has infested and plundered every nation’s banking and political system. It uses termite methods based on guilt ridden martyrdom, usury and their Sheter which Shylock plagues other nations with to gain control. 

We witness daily the fabricated excuses for justifying away the biblical land mass Israel from the Palestinians. Compliant world governments and their controlled tabloids have for decades been using ‘moral’ excuses on us all, to mislead us into supporting and condoning the Israeli land grab. Imagine applying the same mentality, of giving back Britain to the original Celt the indigenous Britains here in our own Albion Archipelago, The Celts our Nordic tribe being the natural inhabitants of these lands for many thousands of years! Do you think it would have the same impact and support from world governments? And yet, as if by magic, Israel has taken a mere 60 years to establish a new world dominating Imperialist nuclear super power, based on usury, debt and Talmudic cult termite tactics.

Yet the Saxons have only been a major influence on this island for 1500 years. And yet!! World  governments would laugh and scoff atHollywood lies the mere thought of the  Celts, Druids our Nordic race reclaiming. Yet it would be  different if the Anglo Celts owned ransom Banks, tabloid or  Media assets as well as Hollywood.

The European has underestimated the wide spread dangers of cultural Marxism in the West. Taking control of governments and countries has not been hard for them. Trotsky militants have been getting control of village, Town and City councils for decades. Here in Liverpool alone the venal militant Derek Hatton, who lived opposite the Jewish school King David, was suspiciously intimate with this Talmudic tribe well before his climb to infamy securing his position within the council. The militants back then, infested, like rats, the municipal building, which accelerated contamination levels within the council’s infrastructure that is still in play today. This is spear headed by the paedophile accomplice Trotsky militant mayor Joe Andersonanother compromised puppet to the Jewess MP Louise Ellman.  

Mind twist

As Ive said before I do not need to apologies for being an able bodied heterosexual white male, patriotic and with common sense. All my lifes experiences have forced me to question that particular manipulative cult, which thrives on its lamented ‘Martyrdom’. We 6mgullible in the West are continuously spoon fed stories that help their cause, stories that castrate debate and opinion in case we cause offence to these self imposed Talmudic Martyrs. 


There is no doubt the Jewish controlled media have had decades to create, establish and indoctrinate the world’s population with impermeable stories to help them sustain global victim status. They relentlessly remind us to accept what Hollywood fiction tells us happened to these Jews and Bolshevik Marxists during WWII. How they where singularly identified, attacked and then given their own identifiable religious symbol to wear to be sure they could be seen. This cattle branding practice they lament was a mark of leprosy practised by the Germans. Germans were merely imitating what had been done to all European (German) Christians following the seizure of Russia by Jewish Bolsheviks in 1917. Jewish Bolsheviks were torturing and murdering ethnic Europeans from the early 1920’s onwards, the death toll in the Holodomor genocides alone was 16.5 million. 

The Jew controlled media run a complete blackout on facts about Jewish genocidal crimes against ethnic European (German) Christian civilian prisoners. Such victims were isolated in Bolshevik controlled countries like Danzig forced into slave labour workEthnic cleansing camps and their   clothing marked with our own identifiable European  religious symbol,  namely the swastika. This was well before the Germans had adopted the method.

 It was united world Jewry who, in 1933, declared world war on the  Germans by embargoing German commerce in the hope of crushing  that nation in an attempt to bring them back under the control of the Jewish criminal banker families. Attacks were encouraged against small and Judea declares War on Germanylarge German industry across Europe and America but this sort of information is silenced because of the Jew media monopoly.

These vicious attacks and cattle branding with the European  symbol of light– the swastika were encouraged against Germans, but history belongs to the victors and for the past 70 years Zionist Jews have concealed their atrocities behind a derivative of the word ‘Holodomor’ to create their marketable brand of Martyrdom in the guise of ie. Spielbergs Swindlers list etc, imposed on the goy resulting in the reversal of the truth and complete immunity for the Talmudic death cult.  

So we arrive here today and those who are exposing the Jewish criminal banking families and defying the regime are similarly Cogniative disidancebranded and out  cast. For having the audacity to criticise or debate usury while claiming our natural birth right of race and nation, the Nationalist is ostracised just like the Jews ostracised  Germany in 1933. This is forced on patriots all over Europe and the wider world of nationalism, although so far they have yet to brand us with the  European religious symbol that they have purposely vulgarised. Yet it is not hard to single out patriots as they are soon identified by the ideology’s weapon of consent-the Jewish lantern TV, and the smearing Jewish tabloid who signal to their pro regime Trotsky anarchist foot soldiers to attack targets physically even in front of Police. This has happened to me many times over a period during rally’s and demonstrations and it is getting more personal smearing hate graffiti over my shop shutters as well as vicious vandal attacks inside and at my home. 

Pin point

The Jewish controlled media single out and publish word play to encourage their foot soldiers to use against a target to intimidate those who refuse to comply with the Ideology. This also wards off other would be whites who have the balls to stand up and shout back. Another technique is to fabricate a campaign based on their ‘hate lie’ phenomenon and saturate the internet with fictional eye witness accounts of situations so the future can ‘recall’ events that did not even happen. ….. Israel’s Internet Censorship War – If Americans Knew! the same applies to Europe.

According to many stories on the internet I have been involved in many situations in and around Liverpool since stepping up to the plate as a nationalist. Nine times out of ten the story was either twisted to suit the political ideology or in most cases I wasn’t even there. I have first hand account of how the sinister machine works. 


The intention of the Zionist controlled media is to expose Patriots to life threatening dangers, attacks and constant abuse by creating a media frenzy of hate towards them. The media photograph and display their targets identifying them as ‘anti-Semitic’, ‘racist’ or ‘homophobic’, manipulating physical attacks from their minority or Marxist voting block to be sure of branding their target with the stigmata of hate. There is no other political affiliation other than Nationalism that the ruling ideology purposely goes out of its way to identify and discredit known supporters, encouraging others to attack or outcast. 


The public are forever exposed to psychological Marxism through the Jewish media. They entrap the masses into accepting pre-programmed decisions gift wrapped in multicultural global marketing and party politics played out on the Jewish lantern TV and through the main stream political parties drawing us all to the same cattle market to be slaughtered, and at this present time I’m embarrassed to say it also includes the Nationalist vote. 

Shadow boxing

Having experienced party politics through BNP and National Front I now recognise why these leading figures are allowed to enter the political arena. They keep the message flowing towards Islam and the coloured immigrant and stay clear of the Jewish problem. These so called nationalist groups are allowed a limited stage to perform so the opposition have a target construct to oppose.

My involvement within the BNP revealed the party to be burdened with Christian Zionist and Jewish Zionists Onward, Christian Zionistsmarginalizing the message. Our Liverpool group recognised the control once we had gained the trust from the chairman Nick Griffin who represents a front for the Jewish Zionist regime.

Significant responsibilities followed our rapid climb. It wasn’t long before we recognised if we stepped outside of certain parameters  we were drawn back in. The Jewish problem was a bone of contention with us which was the reason for our bitter departure. Our group had many heated discussions with Griffin about the real perpetrators but as always a brick wall of Griffins laborious waffle to justify his strategy would follow. It was these private meetings and his reaction towards our group that revealed Griffin’s real motives. The unspoken law for Zionists is to manipulate the message in one direction towards Israel’s enemy which can only mean Griffin was the front man being managed as a controlled opposition.

Our short lived experience in the National Front (NF) also revealed that the party had dropped the Zionist message of the John Tyndall 1970’s era in favour of today’s ‘politically acceptable’ message of attacking Islam. This has caused division with our folk across Europe and ultimately Christianity which coincidently suits Israel in its quest to collide and destroy the two religions. 

Radical Islam is a Jewish commodity bought and paid for by the Wahhabi Sauds and others working in the interest of Israel. It is a war horse of Islamic Zionists covertly enforcing the Palestinian Talmud in the guise of the Koran and Sharia law and the Jew media make sure we only see it working in the interest of Islam, when in fact there is nothing Muslim about these radicals. It is Talmudic law by proxy. The Koran is a distraction the real threat comes from Judaism. Civilisation faces far more dangers from that Talmudic cult than from these radical front line puppets. For example-ask yourself why Al Qaeda or ISIS never attacks Israel or here. 

These radical so called Muslims are being trained up as dogs of war using the same Jewish Bolshevik psychological tactics that were used by the Jewish Checka against Europeans during the Jewish Bolshevik capture of Russia in 1917. The Jewish Bolshevik signature was to leave a barbaric trail of butchery and horror as a warning now concealed under their Holocause construct. Today it perversely flourishes across the globe with the guiding hand of the Jewish media recruiting an endless supply of volunteers to advance Israel’s objective. 

During our period with Britain’s so called ‘nationalist’ parties BNP and NF our discussions with top table about Jewish Zionism and radical Islam highlighting the dangers facing our folk was like pissing to the wind. Nothing penetrated other than being told the Jew word was a vote looser. This is only because the ballot box is controlled by the Jew, staying silent about Jewish Zionism has rendered our folk defenceless to the impending onslaught, allowing Jewish Zionism a covert free rein to go unchallenged while advancing chaos across the globe in the guise of Terrorism and Radical Islam to divide Europe and the rest of the world. 

We are being shepherded into a “Yiddish Ambush”!

Oil and water

The mood of the nation has been bubbling towards common sense politics (national socialism) for many years now as more and more folk become aware that our freedoms, culture and ethnicity are rapidly being corroded. We have witnessed the demographic changes that expose our folk to inevitable dangers, and for decades all hopes have focused on BNP or NF to harness the incensed mood. Yet to this day no competent leader has stepped forward to take up the noble struggle which has left possible nationalists aimlessly adrift. 

Knowing we are aware of Europe’s true history and can see through the illusion fed to us, the Social Nationalist is like oil to Jewish  Zionism water. The Jews recognise we are gaining ground on them through our ability to smash through the lies and spread the true message to the world through social networking. This is why BNP and NF have failed to recruit followers many seeing BNP as nothing more than a controlled time wasting group to stop the rise of the social nationalist. As for the dead end National Front if The Zionist EDLthey don’t strike at the jugular of Jewish Zionism and get the respect of the nation behind them they too will continue to shadow box Israel’s war horse’ Radical Islam and by proxy will help Israel in it’s quest for a global Christian and Islamic war. 

The black man and the Muslim is the sand the Jew kicks in your face. 

Karl MarxIt doesn’t take a genius to work out-if someone turns the tap on in your kitchen and floods your home you don’t blame the tap! So who has control of the tap? 

The leading political parties including Labour, Libdem, and Conservative implement a policy of political correctness that is based on cultural  Marxism. Therefore, our so called ‘democratic’ choice is confined to Marxism. The invention of Karl Marx, it follows each are friends of Israel and each party lead by Jews. Nothing changes in any of the so called nationalist groups, UKIP, English Democrats, Britain first, Liberty GB, EDL and BNP. All are friends of Israel none of these parties or groups identify radical Islam as a front for Israel. Instead they combine and use the Muslim and immigrant excuse to point us in the wrong direction. In these parties would be nationalist members naively follow their leader in the hope that he is using a clever tactic to gain political ground. 

The Hidden hand

Hollywood’s Jewish media moguls have manufactured an imaginative path that lays collective blame to Islam, and have been even more creative with the immigrant, black and Jew issue, preferring the sympathy vote to lower our defences misleading our natural instinct to pursue common sense politics.

 Now tell me all this support that benefits Israel (Jews) is just aCancer  coincidence. I suggest when it comes to party politics it’s more like some sort of distorted compromise or a lucrative financial arrangement? All roads lead to Israel. 

The true nationalist cause was  compromised yet again the day Nick Griffin, like a good little puppet, changed BNP policy to allow multicultural race mixing within the party. This was a cunning tactic used by the puppet equalities commission and was nothing more than securing the position of the Jew. It was to send a warning to other political groups to change their policy because before that tactical change Jews were sitting in a vulnerable position. So for all you liberal fucktards the change was not about the black issue like it was plat-formed in the Jewish media. It was actually to protect the economic and cult interests of the sinister Talmudic tribe. This is the reason why all fucktard liberals are now experiencing the might of Jewish capitalism through the black hole of their Talmudic Shetar   

The Jew can only hide in a multi racial party so any nationalist party allowing a multi racial mix of members is immediately a puppet of the Jewish Zionist. It is this racial mix that is needed to stop the rise of the targeted nation’s indigenous folk. You will notice any Nationalist group only allowing ethnic European ‘WHITE’ into its ranks will be the most hated and victimised by the Jewish press because it is protecting its own. The Ideology’s useful blacks and sleeping white giant only ever see that group in the negative. The Jewish media constantly precondition our opinions making sure the masses pick up and use against the rise of common sense politics. Nationalists are always judged by these well orchestrated false opinions and NLP (Neuro Linguistic  Programming) and critical theory is the formula used to achieve Jew success. 


The neo Cons of America are the equivalent to the Conservatives here in Great Britain. They shelter the same manipulating tribe while the other main stream parties are infused with the same at senior positions of influence. The annual party conference is the platform to act out democracy for public consumption but as always Shylock  straddling all sides is more than happy to show a clear division between perceived opposition witnessed through very creative speeches (rhetoric). Yet these Jewish Zionists can promise what ever the public need to hear because they know with impunity whatever they offer to the European can easily be withdrawn as the split  loyalty for this cross party cabal have what they see as a moral get out clause during Yōm Kippūr (Jewish Holy Day) permission from the Talmud to lie = Kol Nidrei.


“All [personal] vows we are likely to make, all [personal] oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our [personal] vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.”[6][7]  and that’s why we live in there one party state.


In this instance America depending on the situation is seen by the world as either a war monger or as the ‘moral’ peace keeper. The truth is the American flag is used to globally mislead the masses into believing it is the American Europeans who are the trouble makers when in reality it is the Jewish Zionist Israeli lobby, neo cons and AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) who are in reality an Israeli foreign agent who occupy the I delivered democracy for the Jews ! Didnt I do well -White House and Senate to name but a few, a shadow government manipulating consensus for the deep state, who send our European folk to be seen as the face of Imperialism. The American people are too busy supporting plastic patriotism (McDonalds an Israeli company) and the so called American dream to be aware of the foreign beast involved in the George S Patton and JF Kennedy assassinations or even the 911 and US Liberty Jewish events. 

As for UK Inc Ltd: The Royals here are nothing more than front line glove puppets shielding Zionist Jew trickery, the same immoral puppet master resides here in Great Britain’s Parliament who secure tribal members in Town Halls across the nation, coordinated from Europe seen as the European EU, and for safe measure they have an EJU Parliament in the same building, and just like America, this shadow government (foreign agent) manipulate policy towards their objective. For decades the Jews have been feeding us many distractions to keep us busy while they feast. 

Serbia, Greece, Spain, Italy! They have all been absorbed into the Jewish so called Democratic Banking system of DEBT to accelerate descent of the host nation.

Having had this unconstitutional encumbrance “EU membership” imposed on us thanks to Britain’s childless leader and confirmed homosexual and paedophile PM Sir Edward Heath. This dirty pervert delivered our folk into a system covertly controlled by the same Jewish criminal banker families and their global Rabbinical Kehilla network that not only controlls Britain but also the whole of Ireland too and delivered both impossible national debts, but at the same time anaesthetised both nations with their well orchestrated dialectic to keep us divided and silenced with their political correct construct that has helped shield their Jewish trickery which has left our children and folk defenceless, and in fear.

Their global infrastructure is huge and maintained through their Kehilla and Talmudic Shetar global network. Their own private star chamber courts sit and dictate over the host nations law not just here in Great Britain but all over the US and Europe. A tribal nepotism concealed beneath the nations flag, a tribal loyalty’ and like a virus moving in one direction!! Israel! 

Israeli policy offers inducements to its extended tribe in an attempt to legitimise its stolen Palestinian land claim by offering  citizenship and lucrative property claims as it advances. So how can a foreigner (Jew) globally sitting in prominent seats of authority of a host nation holding two passports ever be loyal to the host nation who has protected him. 

It is this Talmudic infrastructure that covertly manipulates economic wars and genocide on nations across the globe while using our European folk as front line fodder and as the face of war who inevitably become hated and seen as the aggressors. Throughout all this manipulation the Judaic parasite has miraculously managed to retain a clean a face and have for decades walked impervious  through all the chaos while we the European shadow box their enemies. Yet I can feel change in the air and am witnessing it on the street as more and more people are willing to speak openly about the dangers posed and at long last the eyes of the world are now focusing on the unspoken Jewish crimes of Holodomor and are more  prepared to speak about the Judaic beast, its atrocities, and the new cloths it now wears.


Globally the Jews have almost total control of the information highway and continue to breast feed us with whatever suits their agenda; feeding us snippets of stories and current affairs to confuse us, a dialectic interpreting a totally different outcome, distracting us away from reality to preoccupy us into worthless debate.

Who said there is no profit in peace!!! War! The Jew doesn’t think so! 

WWI/II  Christian v Christian and today Christian v Muslim combined with multicultural Jewish democracy, manufactured debt, mass unemployment, birth control, and the contrived pharmaceutical nightmare” poisoning our food chain, combined with being world leaders in the trade of harvesting and trafficking human organs. So be careful when you make yourself a donor on your driving licence they have a price on our heads whether dead or alive! It’s all business! This is how the cult thrives. It is the gentile who is being cattle herded to serve the Jew and no one has had the balls to hit the bacterium head on since WWII. 

Straddling both sides in both peace and war to dictate the outcome has helped widen the Jewish purse. This has allowed them to covet and dominate powerful positions to fracture or destabilize at will any government. The Jews use wars to socially and ethnically cleanse and shift cultures on mass around the globe but the biggest problems for the Jews are Islam, Christianity and ultimately the Europeans.  

Well if it’s their objective to mix and match and fuck around with our civilisations it is now time to fight back! Do not support multiculturalism for Israel as it creates long term problems for the Palestinians when Israel is returned back to them.  The same applies to Europe’ If the Judaic cult continues on it’s mission to ethnically cleanse Europe of the European! diversity will die with us, multiculturalism kills diversity, and that was the success of the brothers wars.

The Talmudic message for tribal Jew has always been Division is unity!! 

So the next time you feel the need to support the Jew remember what the Israeli politician Naftali Bennett Minister of Diaspora Affairs stated according to Israeli mainstream outlets: There could be as many as 90/15om  Jews out in the diaspora, so when these wandering dual passport holders within occupied nation states coordinate support rallies to sway public opinion for flooding in immigrants, it is to accelerate demographic changes in order to kill diversity.

Rememberer Jews have been very successful destroying a nations last line of defence  “Protectionism/Nationalism”

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