Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Europe is bubbling –

Norse warriors ! Europe is bubbling and will bite back soon – 

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All my family are Holodomor and Gulag survivors just like the remaining Europeans today. We are survivors of Jewish Bolshevik, genocidal crimes Nose Warriorsagainst our tribe. Why do we have to suffer the continues wolf cry of the confusing 6m!!


The question should be :-  Holodomor v Fuck 6m

These Jewish Bolsheviks for almost 100 years have been covertly, or overtly persecuting Europe, and the wider world since occupying every bastion of government in sovereign nation states. Exposing our people to distorted history, global false flag, and unlawful wars, flooding Europe withAfrican Slavery in America-  Jewish-Made alien guest cultures, or by enticing us into impossible debt usury. By asset stripping the  inheritance of our folk at the flip of a coin, all structured and protected through their parasitic, self regulating legal system Talmudic Shetar


My relatives survived WWI, then luck would have it my parents and most of my relatives survived the second Jewish attack WWII – then luck almost run out when my dad being a merchant navy seaman, happened to be contracted to one of the Jewish Ellerman shipping lines out of Holland destined for the mystical promise land. The stolen land now temporary called Israel, where he helped deliver Jewish passengers from Europe to be settled. My father was witness to a significant event a catastrophic near miss situation whereby if he had he been killed at that point it would have given the Jews less work to deal with today.


That fatal error by the Jews inspires me to this day. That near miss situation was when the now infamous King David’s Hotel was blown up by the Jewish Zionists, in 1946. My Dad was in a   Bar in History They Dont Teach You In SchoolJerusalem, close to the targeted hotel, immediately chaos ensued on the streets and the British Army were ordered to    round up all the British working in Israel, and get them back to    the Ships and Airports to evacuate before the massive blood bath gripped the country.



An army land rover pulled up outside the bar my Dad and his friend were drinking in. Two British soldiers ran in and asked for British citizens to come forward, which my dad and his friend did. It turned out the soldiers were from Kensington in Liverpool and recognised my Dad and his friend as scousers and offered them a lift back to their ship, which of course they accepted. This was just before they could witness the slaughtering of the hosts, the Palestinians.

The Zionist British government led by the Jews were abandoning the Palestinians to their fate.


I think this incident alone makes me and my family Bolshevik survivors never mind the earlier attacks! I wonder if Spielberg would ever consider making one of his swindlers list epics on Jewish Zionism and Bolshevik genocide of the Europeans but this time using facts.


My Dad could never understand how such people as these Jew Bolshevik beasts who globally were being plat-formed to be seen by the world as ‘martyrs’, turn out to be the most ruthlessly powerful, aggressive and wicked, towards such an accommodating people as the Palestinians.

He explained the initial politics and ideology of both cultures and witnessed the Palestinians to be friendly, accommodating, and humble people!! So long as you did not encroach and respected their culture of Islam you were welcome.

It was the Jewish Zionists ‘Irgun and B’nai B’rith who first lit the fuse paper. Since then they have established year, after year, a more extreme assured Government, all Beginners guide to the Jewish Question.financed and supported by the might of all their Jew global companies who manipulate and control the Puppet Governments of the West, including their puppet USA seat of power. Still today these Talmudic creatures continue to land grab, year after year, day after day, more and more assets from the Palestinians, and we in the West stay silent in case we upset the ‘precious martyr’ race.


Are we supposed to believe that back then, 1947, this so called new emerging micro country, which was now being occupied and controlled by these poor emaciated victims from Germany’s labour camps. They somehow built from scratch the new countries infrastructure with just 3 loaves and 4 fish and took only 20 years from 1947 to 1967 to dominate into submission the whole of the surrounding Arab world – now that is a miracle! Divine intervention Hahaha!

Peter Quiggins (Tierney)

                                      ‘Juck the Fews’ J S. 2014


                             Common sense politics is the solution!

The Paredise of National Socialism

2 comments on “Europe is bubbling –

  1. Rider
    October 28, 2014

    I remember watching a television documentary several years ago about the King David hotel. The criminal perpetrators of the bombing were held in very high regard (heroes) in Israel. The whole farce of a program was heavily slanted towards the Zionist cause, no doubt we can all guess as to why…

    The insane blood thirsty maniacs have no human qualities of compassion and empathy.


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October 2014
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