Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

A Symbiotic Collective

Footnote: Although this chapter focuses on Liverpool the reader should realise these tactics are being used in Towns and City’s across Europe and America to break the back of the European.

The Fairy Posse

At one time it wasn’t so easy to identify the symbolic omen’s of the destructive forces of Political  correctness as being a major factor  corroding our nation elephant-in-the-room1and culture. Today  however as we move through  our daily  routine it hits us” Smack bang in the face” and only occasionally do we  overhear a constructive outspoken  opinion from an intrepid individual. i.e All leading supermarket chains and DIY super stores for example are Jewish controlled corporations and a main source for the Ideology. This advances the unnatural phenomenon of politically correctness and affirmative action. A biased formula used to recruit a specific type, coloured, gay or political persuasion that suits the Ideology- a gay and Marxist mafia of foot-soldiers to advance the Jew agenda. This group is elevated not on merit but for their sexual, ethnic or political persuasion.

So does it make me homophobic if I observe these homosexual Liberals advancing Zionist ideology, or is it only when I point it out?

The likes of Elton John is a prime specimen for accelerating and making the ideology palatable to the masses. A high profile figure such as him is used by Jewish Zionism to legitimize and gain copycat support. His contemporary high profile civil marriage and baby adoption serves onlyElton John Mummy and Daddy the ideology. Again this fits the narrative but does nothing for the victim baby as that child has already had choices made for him by the fraudulent corrupt state. The baby has become an asset. The ideology is unconcerned about whether he/she ends up mentally scarred or medicated up to his eye balls. It will be just another customer for their pharmaceutical brethren. The only concern for them is constructing a new groomed member for the regime to exploit and no doubt to become another iconic figure to hold up to the gullible masses. Either way it will be a political or financial gain for the Talmudic beast.

The regime has managed this particular area socially modifying public perception so sexual abnormality becomes insanely fashionable. In fact more has been done to encourage homosexual marriages, civil partnerships and single parenthood subversively discourages the normal family unit all in the guise of equality. Not only is it rewriting hundreds of years of British legal traditions it also undermines thousands of years of cultural heritage by 1003447_442167439223514_1399549360_nredefining  marriage. These new empowerment laws are already having serious consequences for school teachers who refuse to endorse same sex marriage across the curriculum. Books and roll play will  inevitably challenge the child and the home  lives of the traditional heterosexual family unit. There will be no legal rights for parents who object to these divisive and polarized Marxist changes which their exclusively controlled Shetar legal system is now busy altering. Specific laws, of which 3000 make reference to marriage, words like ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ and ‘Father and ‘Mother’ will be removed. Oh yes they know exactly what they are doing ‘The traditional European family unit is the ultimate enemy of the Talmudic beast” NWO. 

To the regime this community is a lucrative recruiting ground for their destructive ideology enabled through subtle changes within governmental policy. It helps to dismantle the moral boundaries of our nation’s culture. It is an ideological gap filler especially used to advance and swell the ranks in the political arena. Candidates are carefully cherry picked and then immediately advantaged because of transgender then shuffled into influential senior positions of power, Parliament, local Council, Civil service,entertainment, corporate marketing etc…

MEP Nikki Sinclaire says she was “accepted as a lesbian in UKIP” – WTF are you sure !!

Transgender, is the politically correct term for ANYTHING that is not normal/heterosexual. This is a typical Jewish divide and conquer technique and once their puppets are placed in position they are sure to priorities self- interest issues that benefit their arcane community, leaving long term destruction for our folk. As I watch them break down the moral fabric of our culture by increasing the amount of corrosive issues once elected I find the sexually depraved vindictive and self-serving. In many cases these homosexual ‘liberals’ have no responsibility or duty towards the longevity of their own blood  line. Responsibility to them is a conscious liability and interferes with  their fun.

These selected candidates are most dangerous because once they accept these gifted positions their paymasters know that major concern of these special groups is for the acceptance of their way of life. Therefore, all  

Liverpool homosexual Civic Lord Mayor 2014 Cllr Gary Millar accompanied by Peter Tachell and friends….

other considerations are secondary when considering changes to local communities and culture. In which case they are useful as  a means to corrupt ethnic European society but refrain, even distract from Jewish Zionism’s criminal activities. As such when a candidate is identified he/she are comfortably elevated so they can strut vindictively and lord over whatever they see as threatening to their  new endowment, wielding their ‘fluffy baton’, especially at the  enemy of their paymasters. This can only ever result in corroding the moral fabric of our communities.


Early in 2005, before my business Quiggins was totally extinguished the city council had a very nice couple standing in an honours list queue; the Chief executive David Henshaw and Libdem leader Mike Storey both waiting for their knight hoods! Which they eventually gotboth waiting for payment after clearing the route for the Duke of Westminster to fleece and privatise 46 acres of the city centre in the guise of Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

In the late 1980’s in political circles and around the city of Liverpool the nick name for the LibDems was the Altons boys referring to the Lib Dem MP David Alton. The Alton boy’s was a collective name often used by Joe Kenny and Steve Radford in my presence to describe this immoral cabal. Joe Kenny was an ex walk the floor’ LibDem

Middle – (Spiky Mikey) Mike Story LibDem and council leader 2003. right of him David (off Shore) Henshaw chief Executive.

councillor, Radford was a proud and very confident homosexual Liberal leader for Liverpool. He would often frequent Quiggins for lunch looking for snippets of political gossip from Joe Kenny who was by that time working for Quiggins. Kenny often told me he was repulsed by Radfords presence and life style. Often overtly grimacing and avoiding him if possible every time Radford visited. 

Radford bragged to me many times that he had personal experiences with the Alton boys during his early political career and was somewhat friendly with that sweet political circle. Radford would often accuse ‘Spiky Mikey’ (Mike Storey) of hiding behind respectable linen! His pet name for Storey was the Queen of Mossley Hill. Radford would point out that the masonic cult member Sir Trevor Jones was the main puppet master of the Alton boy’s. Jones was the old libdem leader of Liverpool. Radford would say Jones was the ‘lord of  the rings’ referring to the entire nefarious goings on.

The big Magnus Hirchfiedrevelation to me was the information revealing the relationship between the chief executive of Liverpool David Henshaw and Tony Blair’s then personal male secretary in number 10 Downing Street. At this time this information was totally bizarre to me but made sense as to why all my efforts had been in vain. It soon  become obvious that the city was in the clutches of an illicit evil cabal who’s priorities were to some other entity. I tolerated Radford because of his egotistical ways, if you massaged his ego he would vomit out all the goods. I’d witness Radford on occasions having cat fights with Mike Storey in the Town Hall. As I sat in the public gallery during the Save Quiggins campaign often witnessing this immoral cabal theatrically perform. Radford’s liberal displays left him a bit of an outcast to the rest of the council bitches. Spiky Mikey and the chief executive David Henshaw so as not to draw attention preferred the usual masonic silence. I would observe the uncomfortable butt cheek fidgeting from them during his performances.

In 2005, when these liberal bitches were extinguishing Liverpool’s cultural nucleus Quiggins for their Yiddish paymasters, before we had been completely crushed, a massive proposal was put forward to gift an area of the central city centre to those with the abnormal condition, the ‘homosexual Tachellcommunity’ wished to build a so called fashionable homosexual Village for their pink collective with council approval that would encourage and harness more sexual corruption to Liverpool. I couldn’t believe the blatant shift of cultural preference. It was all part of the Jewish degenerate plan to point Liverpool in the same depraved direction this same Jewish influence took Amsterdam, and the Berlin Reeperbahn back in the 20th century. This was a contributory factor that ignited WWII with the objective of wrestling control from the Jew Banker criminals who had been and still are the driving force behind the degenerate ideology.

The homosexual Village campaign in Liverpool 2005 was spearheaded by Steve Radford and Paul Brant. They invited the Homosexual campaigner Peter Tachell to speak in support of the proposal during Liverpool’s acclaimed International Day against Homophobia. Peter Tachell, also a paedophile supporter proclaimed that:

Not all sex involving Children is unwanted’

This advocate of the immoral is also a supporter of PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange), established in 1974 by the homosexual Michael Hanson, it is a facility for other paedophiles to exchanging information (see Labour 25). Tatchell also campaigns for lowering the age of consent. Harriet Harman and the Pedophile information exchangeThese are the same leading media darlings who are influencing change and who the Jewish Zionist media encourage because it suits their ideology. Meanwhile the Liverpool  lesbian MP Angela Eagle is campaigning in Liverpool for Homosexual and lesbian to adopt vulnerable children. It is no coincidence that these ideology martyrs have succeeded in moving themselves into positions of influence when they have the might of the Jewish media to make sure the route is clear and heavily weighted to suit the Ideology. Any publicity which elevates them they grab tight hold of. They see Homosexual attacks and murders as opportunities to accelerate the Ideology. One such episode was the death of Michael Causer who was killed in Huyton in 2008. The reaction of the Liverpool Liberal leader Steve Radford was to organise a demonstration and March through Huyton to scream the wolf cry ‘it is the rise of the Nationalist which is causing it’ staring up social and racial tensions again. He had in-fact taken advantage of the death of the boy before even seeing the facts. It turned out his death was caused by Michael’s own friends. This was told to me by Radford himself who turned up at my shop weeks after the boy’s death to apologise for his reaction. This was obviously pre-empting a visit from me to remonstrate my views.


It is this dramatic pseudo-moralising from these so called leading figures which has inspired me to contribute to destroying this one sided ideology that hides beneath a Politically correct smoke screen. It was enough having to deal with the so called racist killing of Anthony Walker-the new cherished ideology mascot that gave Huyton and most of all the people of St Johns the racist Stigmata. Radford knew I was coming after him after I found out he had been staring up hatred and division around my family’s community. Radford and his ilk use minority empowering incidents and issues such as this to advance the Ideology and point hatred towards whoever is against the politically correct regime. This engenders a clear opportunity for Radford representing his community to get what is seen as just retribution against heterosexuals and make them suffer as social outcasts-targets for bitchy homosexual bitterness at its best. These substituted empowered individuals do not take prisoners.

I had recognised for a long time the ideology was using and empowering the minorities above that of the majority. However, I had not realised how fast and dangerous it was becoming to my own family, nation and cultural make-up until it was on our doorstep.. Huyton. Until that point I just concentrated on trying to exist not noticing the problem was now like a loose cannon. Prior to this I had no problem with the so called minorities. I was in fact naive to the reality of the political objectives of the controlling Jews.

The homosexual influence alongside the endemic Hatton militant Trotsky influence in senior positions in Liverpool city council, making decisions over people’s lives expands and gets stronger each year. These vindictive ideology gate keepers have the power to destroy your life if something they are dealing with does not fit the multicultural ideology or clashes with the minority controlling regime. Not forgetting it was the Jewish joe-anderson-rooting-for-piehomosexual Mandelson who created the New Labour Party for Lord Levy and Tony Blair merging his objectives with liberal to bolster this one party state. It was all Mandelson’s work that coaxed all his militant Village People, all his sweet culture to positions of influence.

When you look at labour now it certainly dispels the old image of the Masculine testosterone fuelled robotic militant labour man. What is it the gullible labour supporters think they are following now that the black Transvestite Munroe Bergdorf and Eddy Izzard lord an administrative position within Labour and the pirate Government funding quango’s continue to induce in order to galvanise the pink pound.




3 Liverpool Jewish councilors Luciana Berger, Louise Elman MP, Beatrice Frankel all British Labour Co-operative politicians in senior positions who spear headed Pathways euthanasia across GB.

In 2012 I attended a public licence committee hearing in which the licence of a particular premises in Wavertree Liverpool was being revoked because the licensee had commercially allowed the British Nationalist Party (BNP) to hold a party conference. The conference was held over 3 days Friday to Sunday in September 2011. The first day of the conference was quiet and peaceful. The 2nd day attracted 3 Trotsky Labour councillors and a handful of Trotsky labour and Unite trade union card carrying members and was assisted by the local 18year old camp’ councillor Jake Morrison. This Nancy boy is just out of nappies what the fuck does this fluffy puppy know about life’s experiences other than his indoctrinated hate against those who oppose his Zionist masters! He and his friends arrived to support the Trotsky labour leader and paedophile participant Joe Anderson who was at that time leader of the council. The whole episode was encouraged by the Local Jewish MP Luciana Burger, (Burger, from London  was the  chosen councillor comfortably parachuted into her warm seat during 2010 local election) Anderson and his Marxist rent-a-mob had been chaperoned to the event by the Police. Anderson arrived at the door of the premises and went into a theatrical frenzy threatening and blackmailing the licensee if he didn’t shut down the event, screaming that he would revoke his licence. Of course in hindsight that the BNP are a bogus ‘nationalist’ front party provides regime front men like Anderson with this sort of confidence to be able to dictate over the mass even though he was only elected by 26% of Liverpool’s electorate. For two days Anderson and his Marxist Trotsky militant rent-a-mob choreographed a PR display for the media outside the private premises. They howled all the anti-English, anti-white hate messages and made sure the disturbance was being recorded by the Police. The Marxist wanted proof footage to use as leverage as a possible security risk in order to revoke the licence even though Labour, LibDem and Conservative also hired the self-same premises on occasions. It was a well-staged managed opportunity for them to gain huge press coverage, a cunning PR stunt for Anderson’s Mayoral campaign. It was only afterwards we learnt that it was Griffin’s media tweets which had alerted the Marxist to our annual AGM meeting. This was something we had recognised he had done on a number of occasions previous. It confirmed our long standing suspicions of Griffin as being the main instigator informing the Marxists of our movements.

The licence hearing eventually arrived where the council staged evidence to be heard from witnesses from in and around the community who were opposing the licence. It was amazing to watch how these Marxists all work together as one huge brick wall of lies and anti-English hate spin smearing our flag. The meeting turned out to be a one sided judgemental tribunal presided over by a homosexual hard core group of vindictive sweet hearts. It consisted of two homosexual councillors one being councillor Gerald Woodhouse supported by the councils pink legal representative Robin Tomiadis (one of Joe Kenny’s associates), then the 18 year old fluffy puppy councillor Jake Morrison blackening the landlords name. Alongside them giving moral support were all the old face Marxist Trotsky militants who had leafleted the area of the premises in question prior to the hearing. It was a stitch up from the beginning so as to send out a warning to our followers, an obvious tick box public exercise to justify the destructive outcome. It was amazing the faces of Marxist councillors who turned up to send in the boot at what is usually an insignificant committee meeting. All these councillors are supposed to be elected to work for the community and have no cross party alliances. Yet this meeting was full of cross party anti-English support. It was interesting that the only people who supported the revocation of the licence were all self-interest Marxist groups such as Unionists and Party members not one ordinary person from the community. Seeing Cllr Warren Bradley ex LibDem leader of the council in attendance at this public flogging was no surprise, only ever a stone’s throw away if his cross party paymasters need support.


With his 26% support stirred up during the propaganda of the mayoral election in 2012 Anderson now stares up sectarianism amongst the Liverpool people and is protected while doing so. He took this opportunity on 18th February 2012 as well as Saturday 21st July as he marched his IRA friends through the city of Liverpool. In the past the IRA have driven a true Nationalist and patriotic message against the Jewish Zionist puppet government of Great Britain. During WWII the IRA recognised the advance of Jewish Bolshevism across the world including Great Britain being one of the main seats of power and identified it as a threat to their joe-anderson-british-labour-party-communist-copycountry, culture and people. Yet once the IRA was crushed in the 1940’s it was soon replaced with a Trojan horse that still exists to this day. Today’s IRA exists only as a Jewish Zionist tool impregnated with Marxist  foot soldiers to create anti-English sentiment. The modern IRA (Sinne Fein) are in-fact Marxist pro ideology puppets for their Jewish Zionist paymasters. They allow the private sale of the Republic to the EU’SSR then once signed up let the  regime open up the flood gates for immigration changing Ireland’s racial demographics. At the same time this is almost collapsing the republic’s economy. When the people of the Republic achieved the ‘wrong’ answer to the Lisbon treaty it was told to rethink.

In reality its ranks are swelled and fused with Trotsky republicans to cause and sustain division with Great Britain and ultimately it’s European tribal cousin’ One blood, one European tribal blood. Yet the mass are led to believe SiFne Fein and the IRA still holds a Nationalist ideology. The IRA is well infiltrated just like the British government. The British government now is infused with Jewish Bolshevik anti-English blood. It is they who sustain all this divisive sectarianism it has nothing to do with the English folk. The English don’t even have a parliament! They have well and truly been driven out of Westminster by the Bolshevik Jews. Since the end of WWII the Jewish influence has been deliberately staring up all this religious hatred with the troubles in Ireland. They have been using these divisive tactics against our culture for decades to prevent White unity. The English do not have a voice it is the Jewish lead British government with its posse of immigrants misleading the nation.

These orchestrated marches on our city streets being manipulated by the Jew controlled Town Hall is strategically planned to manipulate Nationalists in to gathering. Many travelling from all parts of the country on mass and are prepared to stand and lance this boil on days of IRA left and rightgatherings not realising they are being sucked into another European v European (white v white) factional divide. Beware any European who carries the Israeli flag during these staged events it is the mark of the beast. It is the regime we are against not the Irish people themselves. Anderson and the chief of Merseyside Police manipulate and have tried many times to unleash sectarianism on our people in Liverpool. It makes me vomit watching this Trotsky New Labour card carrying UNION puppets getting voted in at every election. Even with his record of participant in paedophile activity somehow this perverted chunk still became Mayor. Yet there again as we have all witnessed with all the shallow promises and personal fiddling from all these cross party shite no one is allowed into positions of influence unless they are shown to be corruptible. So instead lies and deception are smeared over anyone who supports the common sense Social Nationalist cause that advocates Distribution-ism and Protectionism and an Interest free monetary system.

The Star of David (Israeli flag) is a symbol of a Jewish terrorist organisation it will be banned from a racial Nationalist Europe. Similarly the Pirate flag of the European Union (EU) only represents the Jewish parasite that occupies Europe. No real white racial nationalist would fly or allow such symbols at any nationalist rally or Demo. Therefore, that this Jewish terrorist symbol appears can only confirm a nest of collaborators and race traitors.

We don’t need sectarianism we need unity, not division or devolution. United England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to form once again a united Archipelago (The British Isles) – 4 governments under one Albion Nation of European blood! Not the 4 disparate factions which are at the moment being shipwrecked by the rogue Government in Britain a puppet for the Jew.


The technique of the Jew is to teach unity along racial lines by gathering the coloureds, but wolf cries if the European uses the same for our folk. White Unity it is the one thing they have always feared amongst ‘The Caucasoid/European’ race. This is why they have spent so much time and effort trying to cause as much division and chaos as possible. In fact, this generation of Jews are left with no reason to worry at all as currently the white mass are more divided and baffled than ever before. This is proven by the days I speak of above when moronic so called ‘nationalists’ turn up wielding Israeli flags.

Our Irish folk have been swallowed up, our Welsh folk another gulp and now our Scottish folk…What sort of Nationalist independence do our The Marxist MurderersScottish and Irish kin think they are voting for? The firkin gates are now open to far greater dangers. The Scottish and Irish are regarded by their Jewish masters as racial  trash.

 “when the class war happens there will  be primitive societies in  Europe who will be  two stages behind because they are not even  capitalists yet’ referring to the Basques, Serbs, the Bretons as well as the Scottish Highlanders calling them ‘Racial Trash’ ‘Volk fera ab” ... 5mnts in

These Marxists have had a free ride far too long. Holding back the rise of the social nationalist, the Jews use coloureds (children of Kalergi) , Homosexuals and Feminism to create a street army of limp wristed gimp men. Figures only empowered by this temporary symbiotic relationship that currently suits the Jew. It is only now they are in need of male testosterone for the final push so it is necessary for them to call up on the mythical image of the IRA to/stair up this sectarian fear. 

Poor victim

Question ? Holodomor v Fuck 6m

People have to question history and look at instances were examples of a crude divisive tactics were used against bonding our race. Which tribe would benefit most from a historical slogan which would divide a potentially strong, cohesive race? The BBC’s Jewish anchor Esther Ranson reinforces comparisons on the program ”Who do you think you are” using the slogan ”No Jews, Blacks, Dogs or Irish” in her effort to punctuate a symbiosis. Another well-orchestrated mantra from as far back as Victoriana, being strategically placed knowing it would be picked up by gullible nationalists and used as a battering ram to sustain hate and cause unrest with the host nation. However, it ultimately benefiting the more affluent of the subject particularly given that they (the Jew) used it as propaganda to emphasise their fictional ‘victimhood’, a recurring theme throughout history.

In fact empathy and compassion in commerce are not profitable and the Jew knows it. For this reason many wealthy Jewish landlords encouraged a more profitable tenant by discouraging the poor Jewish, Irish or black with such signage.

Even within the synagogue a class system exists, but imagine the long term benefit for them using this inventive slogan. It has to date been a massive divisive weapon, to stain factional IRA support, with the added bonus of dividing the European tribe and still expanding the Jew purse. Revisiting history to question why these sorts of tactical separatist messages (Jewish constructs) have gained ‘victim’ status supports how they have established and sustained themselves for so long.

During and since WWII the parasitic Jewish tribe have firmly occupied ethnic European governments following subversively deposing of both constitutional Monarchy and European National Socialism now using the pirate tool of ‘democracy’ they oppress Europe via political correctness (Cultural Marxism) veiled under universal relativism called  Liberalism’. 

This is an oppressive weapon that in reality is a contradiction!! Whoever follows this Marxist ideology becomes the extreme opposite of the dictionary definition of the word liberal. Liberalism is a complete genocide of all cultures, whilst preserving the supreme tribe of the Jewish puppet masters. ‘Liberals’ are like a pack of hyenas, pack animals that rally against anything threatening to their ideological masters. They are irrational and aggressive, and why not when they are provided empowerment through the ideology. The ideology of Zionism advances Liberalism’ as a rabid virus to destroy our European nations. This cancerous parasite slowly does the job for the Talmudic beast. It empowers their Marxist street army of militant sexual deviants and non Europeans. These are in-turn empowered to stop the rise of any sort of patriotism that forms a cultural or historic links to Great British heritage. The same is happening across all Nations inhabited by Europeans. These Jewish Zionists manipulate us all with a false historic guilt, projected and perpetuated through their tabloid and media controlling friends who lay a selective medieval fantasy of suffering. The reality is they have cherry masking-the-holodomorpicked race traitors and twisted history into stories of suffering from European cultures grafting it onto their constructs to reinforce their rising ideology, and the sleeping European giant has swallowed all as fact. Meanwhile, the genocidal murder of 16.5 million ethic Europeans by Jewish Bolsheviks goes unchallenged. The Holodomor genocides are a prime example of Jewish hidden crimes concealed behind their Holocause construct. So get behind the fight back the ballot box is over for the European/Caucasoid so get behind National Socialism spread the truth Holodomor v Fuck 6million’ and support the annual Ernst Zundel Remembrance Day 27th January.

In 1919 the Jew Trotsky invented the word racist for the Jewish tribe to use as an emotional weapon against ethnic European empathy staunching common sense debate and protecting them from world criticism. They have carefully used the Holocaust extortion racket and turned it into a self-serving Jewish safety repellent. Judaism is a very 6mmanipulative secular cult that provides an emotional bond only to the Jewish bloodline and most of all their leaders. They use the Holocaust extortion racket as a potent tool in Jewish money-raising campaigns a massive resourceful industry for financial gain, and is used to  justify US and UK aid to its symbolic seat of power Israel.

Racist worked so well as a weapon to cripple common sense debate the Jew cunningly re-packaged it as politically correct word play. It is now used as a baton primarily used by coloureds who temporary benefit from this symbiotic relationship put in place to divide and conquer, a creative wolf cry to use against the majority and securing the Jewish tribe a criticism free future, and of course a wider protection base. 

The outcome of the race card is Africa for AfricansAsia for Asians and all white countries for everyone. Apartheid in South Africa was supposed to be about abolishing white minority rule within a majority white sovereign nation. After abolition black guests went onto be empowered and in doing so sent that nation into decline. Now look at our folk in Europe who are almost living under by proxy Apartheid, we now live in a world of coloured dominance controlled by a Yiddish  minority blood line. This tribe enslave and clash us all together, all these divide and rule middle eastern wars arming all the minority factions against sovereign nations is no coincidence. So when you analyse the African apartheid era or even today’s African chaos you will find the same parasitic Talmudic beast behind the political curtain straddling both sides.

The mantra from Russia Today news program continuously implants in the mind of the viewer that Western countries could be arming the factions to destabilise Middle Eastern countries! This neuro-linguistic hook is purposely structured to target the gullible viewer into believing it is the western countries when in reality it is Israel setting the agenda sitting comfortably in the seat of power in all western parliaments in the US and across Europe masquerading under the flag of its host nation. The Jewish Zionist lobby across the planet has allegiance only to Israel. The same Jewish News program Russia Today steers us in the wrong direction. 

Pure cowardice has led to our country falling in to the hands of Shylock. If you coloureds think that this short term arrangement will be sustainable then think again this land is under siege not from combat but from an entanglement of legal paper cuts bleeding us dry! Once they have used you they will turn on you too and enslave you to fetch and carry for them

The ideology attempts to manifests for their bloodline an almost impenetrable shelter of security against criticism. In this light all laws have been and continue to be changed to suit and run alongside their so called ‘moral’ bible the Babylonian Talmud. We have been living under the Jewish jurisdiction of the Talmudic Shetar for decades. It is the Jew who has the monopoly in the biased media and legal system. Their bloodline friends pave the way, this whole system is being used as a weapon against us, to distract us into looking in the opposite direction making sure we  fight their enemy, mostly in the direction of the Muslim.  

Talmudic law by proxy.

We blindly walk with our eyes wide shut while they deceitfully allow themselves to live a care free life using the symbiotic fortification of the politically correct race card and Holocaust extortion racket, turning the race card into some sort of endurance moral currency which ultimately benefits them, pampering to the coloured imports and sexual perverts.  For decades now these Judaic politicians have encouraged other cultures to hang on to their distant ancestry, or rainbow flair and have made it so comfortable for them to do so but have discouraged us from retaining our culture or anything that anchors us to our heritage and natural order.

It has been more prominent these past 60 or 70 years with the development of their Frankfurt school of psychology. This is a deceptive school that has delivered a breed of Marxist termites that successfully manages each individual to view themselves as a victimised minority, black, homosexual, women, disabled, immigrants, Jews etc. Once all these manipulated groups are embodied with self-belief and able to identify themselves as victims, the Marxists successfully use them as an empowered fortification, an empowered militant army of street activists and pressure groups. The result is that they monopolise political influence over the majority with their minority and corrupting self-interests distracting the mass away from real issues.

These empowered groups have been getting fed inducements for decades pacifying them into contentment. Yet now some more aware individuals amongst these empowered minorities, for selfish reasons are recognising that they are being used by these self-serving Jews as they watch them grab more and more power. They are seeing the inducements decreasing for them and are noticing the floods of immigrants are getting prioritised above them. First they came for the Sovereign, then for Industry, then for the communities, then the pensioners, then for the unemployed, then for the smokers then the drinkers, and then for the disabled and it will go on until they rule the fuckin lot. All this has been done to silence what they say are the wicked white race, we are all getting corralled in to manageable units to be used or disposed of at will, a clear case of a social engineering, a preparation for their fast approaching New World Order for global dominance under their Nohide Laws. Once the Zionist Jews extinguish the European into insignificance, a new dawn will deliver a replacement for them to manipulate. The future race issue will be ‘black on brown’.

After the Marxist Gordon brown transferred the remnants of our sovereignty to the EU’SSR, the mantel was handed to the Jew Cameron, Milliband, and Cable all serving and favouring the one party state which long term favours only their community. Gordon Brown was a Marxist at university and so were all his cross party predecessors and replacements. The three tenants of Marxist philosophy; Destroy the economy, create anarchy, out of the chaos build a new totalitarian state. That makes all of them totally successful in their ambitions. The homosexual Jew Peter Mendelssohn must be laughing his socks off.

Surely people cant be blind to this Politically Correct corrosion! It has to date given Jews a free road to go unchallenged allowing them world financial and media dominance. Meanwhile all the gimp minorities shout the temporary politically correct message as if it is about them. One day all these groups will be put back in their little toy boxs when the racist and homophobic message has served its purpose for Jewish Zionism. Dont be misled by their short term objective of minority equality it is a big con.

 Multiculturalism empowers the few at the expense of the many! But!  

                              Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown

Fire fighting.

Through their tribal media buddies Shylock manipulates the masses to view Islam as being the major problem in Great Britain, Europe and the wider world. The objective is to distract and use us to fight their battles-Wars for Israel. Radical Islam and terrorism is the war cry of the Jew Media in the knowledge that radical Islam is far from being Islamic they are Wahhabi Zionist Sabbatean dogs of war fighting in the interest of the Jew. The Jew straddles both sides of chaos to disconcert and confuse the masses. Radical Islam is an Israeli commodity of Sabbateans unleashed on us to have our Christian Europe view it as a gruesome advance of that belief on our culture. It has been a lucrative investment for the Jewish criminal banker families Inc. It is this Talmudic shadow government ‘The Kehilla’ who have caused this serious problem for our European folk. It is the political influence and the might of their Shetar that allows them to dictate the pace, the beast has his Judaic finger on the button of immigration harvesting fatigued or fleeing refugees from their contrived war torn countries, countries whose leaders refuse to accept Usury or kneel to Jew corporate pressure. 

Islam is only a symptom of the real problem. Islam is a ‘tool’ of the Jewish Zionist used to‘Divide and Conquer’, to crush Christianity and ISISoppress our nation. European history has shown Christianity to be an enemy of the Babylonian Talmud which is the reasoning behind targeting Christianity. Numerous Popes have been well aware of the condemnation of the gentile contained within its pages. Jewish Zionism has an immediate order of long-term enemies and biblicalally it is mandated to bring to heel :- 

1. The European (White Man)

2. The Christian.

3. Islam, 

The world is now witnessing that all 3 of their significant enemies are fighting each other.

 It is not hard to realise religion has a “psychological, value-giving importance” to a creative race and must be preserved. Once a race becomes essentially agnostic or atheistic it loses the idealistic sense and becomes self-centred/ egoistic’ McLeod

I myself believe religion should be retained and kept personal so as to retain those moral qualities that were previously passed on to us from our ancestors and should not have any political influence. 

The Torah to the Jewish community is used by them to portray a moral respectable image of religion to the worldHowever it is the Babylonian Talmud, the covert book of commerce, death, slaughter that is the Jewish Judaism is CommunismZionist gospel and is evil. It gets absorbed by tribal members Word for Word. If the sleeping masses’ knew what was in store for the gentile in the Babylonian Talmud they would soon sit up. It seems like we the Gentile/Goy’ or Infidel’ are really a  sort after race!! I feel so wanted


Islam walks around my country confidently empowered while we the indigenous have witnessed by peace-meal Britain’s Christian faith covertly sabotaged. We have been subjected to decades of self-flagellation making our tribe passive, submissive and neglecting our own. Having had both hands tied by these Jewish Zionist controllers using government policy and quango funded organizations like the equalities commission lead by the alleged  homosexual black racist and vindictive’ Trevor Philips’. Phillips is a typical empowered ideology gate man and figurehead. He has been placed in a prominent key position to help groom immigration objectively to change the demographics of our nation for his masonic Talmudic paymasters. To swell the ranks of the children of KalergiKalergi a mongrelised generation who are now embedded and on the march throughout Europe, empowered and prioritised through affirmative action  = Dysgenics by proxy. ——- (Kalergi)

I was brought up a Catholic (Christian), my best subject in school was religion. As a child religion had a hypnotic effect on me. It was the only thing that did other than sport!

The stories are a wonderland for kids that can hold a kids imagination. Yet I got to about 14 years old and started to get confused by the mixed messages being presented to us from the Government, teachers, atheists, media and tabloids about religion being the cause of all the problems in the world. Apparently children should not be coerced into it by parents or adults, until they get to an age were by they can choose for themselves the Jew mantra convinced me. I was taken in by it all, so when finally I had my own kids, I decided to try this method and send my kids to a none-denomination school. It was to the detriment, not only to my kids’ lives but my country’s also. My kids along with others were actually cast aside by the school in favour of other more alien cultures (Religions) left in the wilderness, while other religions and cultures prospered, elevated above ours.

In hindsight I now recognise my failings. I too had been cornered into helping contribute to the erosion of our Christian land. Our European culture and ethnicity was being targeted by these Talmudic gate keepers, to be disposed of to the dustbin of history. My kids and others were slowly being indoctrinated into this new global politically correct Ideology of contradicting bullshit; all being herded like sheep to our slaughter…. It’s not until you stand back and analyse the psychology used on us by these Talmudic beasts do you realise the contradiction i.e.

The Government, under the guise of ‘morally’ convince us to allow our kids independence to make religious choices at a later stage when they Confusionunderstand the issues, and yet the same Talmudic governmental beast continue to make decisions for innocent, vulnerable kids and babies by placing them into the hands of same sex couples negating the long term moral and mental damage that Will be caused, the concern in reality is only for corrupting moral values.

As for religion, be it Christianity or Europe’s Anglo Celtic Pagan faith, If we don’t get back to our core cultural beliefs, our heritage to anchor our tribe to Britain and our wider Europe these beasts will extinguish it outright and deliver us a future of digital totalitarian servitude to Talmudic usury, a future of extreme debt slavery and misery. The goy is being led in to a global disaster to make us subservient to the beast.

Islam is no threat to the Jew for Sovereign Islamic states are already being destroyed in wars for Israel and the militant faction in these lands are Zionist stooges. Meanwhile, in Europe the  contrived terror of Islam is Zionist Murder Of Muammar Gaddafi being used to crush Christianity for the  Jewish masters after which Islam will also be put back in its little  toy box. This will leave only the Ideology of Marxism pandering to  Jewish Zionism comparative only to atheism! The Ideology then becomes the FAITH replacing all religions with a new super religion of their choice!

Once these beasts get closer to their goal a world population cull of what they identify as trouble makers’ is inevitable. By this I mean Nationalists and Patriots or anyone who dares speak out in self-defence against the ideology. With this in mind Social Nationalism should be playing a much smarter stratagem. Up to now we have been getting blindly led with our eyes wide shut! No wonder Griffin’s mantra (BNP) is 100% focused on the Muslim he has been sent in to manage gullible Nationalists to fight Israel’s battles. If the Social Nationalist does not get back on the ‘Jewish’ question you can say bye bye to a secure future for our families.

There is no Nationalist leader in this country who has the balls to face head on the one and only issue that all TRUE racial Nationalists should be focused on. These so called leaders only ever lead us with distractions to shadow box. So ask the question who is leading the nationalist movement, but dont be too long because we are at the end game.

Question the knowledge they have been feeding you and compare it to the knowledge you have personally and painstakingly accumulated yourself and ask why is it our nationalist leaders do not direct us to the necessary information which would stop us sporadically fire fighting! It took me and my brother almost 5 years working with and alongside Nick Griffin of the BNP to realize the strategy being used! Is to stall nationalism! There was nothing else, NO solution. So who was manipulating the BNP who is Nick Griffin working for? The ballot box has finished and Griffin knows that. A real leader attacks from the front at whatever cost, the fight is already here and because of Griffin’s stalling the Jewish Ideology is rapidly advancing. When the shit hit’s the fan, and the sleeping giant our European tribe decides to wake up the coming event will be the last opportunity that we whites will ever have again.

It is in the interest of the Jewish tribe to keep alive emotive issues to benefit the ideology through the bias media, and fictionalised whites on black race attacks are pure profit’. This is no different to the way the bias media endlessly regurgitate WWII stories set against the noble Germans. This strategy continues to rub salt into wounds that would have healed long ago but for the sustained divisive Jewish propaganda. Steven Laurence is prime example of the ‘race’ issue. For almost 20 years the Black boardideology has extracted every particle of its message for the masses to absorb into the psyche. Wolf crying long term publicity warnings as if appealing concern for a human being when in reality it has no concern other than to gain the right answer for the ideology whether the accused are guilty or not. In most if not all cases of so called ‘racial’ race attacks the incident is blown out of all proportion having not been a racial’ attack in the first place! However when it is a ‘White’ race murder or attack it has no gain for the ideology and so can be silenced, hidden or downgraded into insignificance. They are even re-categorising records and configure violent crimes by introducing Arabs and mixed races of blacks and Jews into the ‘white British’ category to help inflate the overall white offender statistics and mislead the masses away from seeing the encroaching danger but more towards seeing whites doing their fair share of violent crime. Of course reality the true statistics would show the ‘white’ figure to be insignificant in comparison because real crimes are actually committed by the added mixed’ population (The children of the Kalergi program)

These contrived categories configure these coloured ‘mixed’ sub groups as victims. Therefore, when a half cast report being attacked by a white Briton it is classed as a race crime. However, if that same empowered group attacks a white Briton it is re-categorised as ‘Brit on Brit’. Consequently, they have intentionally categorised to be misidentified not only to bolster the white on white crime figures but to protect the coloured over the white. The Ideology beast uses these politically correct methods to deceive us to be sure the lid of the pressure cooker stays permanently shut and the gullible masses steadily walk through the butcher’s mincer while the Kalergi program goes unnoticed. 

Kris Donald, Ben Kinsela etc.. All these White racial murders have been silenced. Worse yet demonstrators aiming to bring these crimes to light are criminalized under Jewish laws. Kris Donald must be the most grotesque ‘black on white’ race crime there has ever been on these shores. Yet still he remains just a fuckin White Boy’ whose parents and family are denied justice because we Whites dont fit the fuckin multicultural arsehole narrative.

Gavin Hopley was yet another and who the fuck knows about these victimsDo these families get sugar coated justice, do the parents of these victims end up as royalty’ parading themselves as ‘moral icons’ riding the crest of the wave in nothing more than the illusion of justice. Do the parents of these victims have the benefit of pro-regime charities or trust fund foundations set up to channel multicultural funds into government funded quangos (Public Money), just to sustain the ideology gaining issue. I doubt these parents wish to turn the death of their child into a money spinning industry to sustain immoral employment and an annual income. Just thinking about the death of one of my children and then morally justifying it to use his death as commodity to gain myself an income repulses me. I would not care how much money the ideology messengers were pouring into my pockets to convince me it was a noble cause. A noble cause means justice for all not just for the multicultural selective few. This only leads to division.

Remember-Division is Unity for the Jewish Zionist

The conjurer. 

The Jew uses its creative weapon of Cultural Marxism to slowly disenfranchise and disadvantage the culture of the host nation. It first takes it in-to complete chaos, using other grudge bearing cultures to interfere with the moral fabric of that host nation. Local community channels on your TV are full of subliminal ideology messages for multicultural suicide using repetitive common purpose or Frankfurt school indoctrination and strategically selected subjects that use NLP techniques to entrap us in to conforming. NLP is a form of Psychotherapy that operates with the thought that behavioural patterns can be learned through experience and organised to achieve  precise goals in life many organisations praise NLP stop+abuse+of+NHS+staff positively  especially the Jew controlled  government that manipulates the civil  service.  Then there are the Jewish tabloid and global  media i.e.  Hollywood etc. Yet it also has a  huge ugly but fatal side-affect. It is  possible  for its disciples to mercilessly select the  memories they  wish to preserve and dispose  of those they wish to forget and can  have dire manipulative mental and social consequences to either the  user or their targets. NLP can be used negatively and positively to undermine individuals, communities, populations or collectively ‘’cultures‘’.

These Zionist Jews carefully cherry pick ideological techniques, like choosing ethnic or sexually perverse iconic figures, which fit the Politically Correct narrative. They are then chaperoned, media managed, almost elevated to god like status for our naive kids and population to follow, copy and imitate, from sports, Film and Music, Community, civil service or political who are all ideology influenced. A typical example isIn the Army the androgynous war correspondent on the BBC Caroline Wyatt. 

A cherry picked war correspondent used to challenge the viewers tolerance levels and meant to challenge the masculinity the surrounding uniformed soldiers. Even the Army is being sabotaged. Our tolerance levels have been getting challenged for decades, corroding away our natural moral defences.

Another is Gok-the looking good naked the new homosexual media darling exploiting gullible women who fall for the liberal con by voluntary exposing themselves on television all in the name of entertainment. In reality this is all part of the same agenda the exploitation of woman in the guise of ‘feminist empowerment’ to widen the ranks of the Marxist ideology, and naive women fall for it. Explicit sex programs Sin city, Sex in the city, exposure the populous to constant moral decay while to the free view channel 32 Movie Mix airing selective revolutionary Marxist films full of background nostalgic music scores ensures viewers absorb the notion of Communism as a noble cause meanwhile, providing a sinister music score for Germany to be sure of programming the viewer in the right direction of hate.

Britain’s Channel 4 now regularly runs so called ‘artistic spots’ called Parliament Koshered up Random Acts. This is 3  minutes of Marxist  degeneracy, a TV based public platform  which  pushes the boundaries of moral logic pushing us to question the  tolerance of our own views. This all supports the degenerate  ideology of the Jewish masters. Such media vehicles are in reality  creating a foundation for their sinister objective.

Further techniques elevate cosmetic enhanced brain dead sports ambassadors as some sort of royalty, wag sports wives and film stars for our kids to worship. Rap royalty’ is also allowed a political platform to vomit out vulgar anarchist lyrics for the kids to pick up and use. This can only contaminate and twist their adolescent minds!! The same Rap Royalty end up as guests on Political programs for an opinion puff daddy, the Jewish Lady Gaga, the cabalist Madonna, poop dog!!etc. The objective of the Zionist Jew through media has always been to push the boundaries of tolerance further and further with each generation. Consequently the ‘norm’ becomes whatever the Jew has manipulated the population to view and accept it to be. So the question is this!!

If someone turns the tap on in your kitchen and floods your home do you blame the tap?

4 comments on “A Symbiotic Collective

  1. Sean
    October 28, 2014

    “Do as you will shall be the whole of the law.” Mugged of their moral and ethical upbringing from birth, our nation falls into a third world decay of animal inspired egoism; easy to control, simple to quell.

    It’s through well writen articles like this that we can all begin to see what has been in front of us for so long, history has proven these points, and on these points history has always repeated itself, waiting for that final victory where the industry of death is finally buried.


  2. pan283
    March 2, 2018

    Reblogged this on Peter Cooney Enabler and commented:
    As Brexit looms, and looms and looms, so the Jew paymasters of the UK Parliament make sure their Cultural Marxist Political Correctness sticks as some sort of cultural root that’s always been part of the culture and as if nobody would notice. Only the Jew lives in denial of any existence of Judaism as an oppressive, radical and exploitative faith of criminality that they have sprayed over everyone else except themselves. For everyone else thinks that they are angels sent from heaven itself. How wrong everyone else is, the Jew is the very seed of criminality and every rock and stone that’s lifted up to see what they get up to is covered in such disgusting bestial and barbaric behaviour. Please read on…


  3. Henry B
    September 20, 2018

    Peter your reference to “Patricia Eagle” should be edited to say ‘Angela Eagle’


    Liked by 1 person

  4. PeterQuiggins
    May 15, 2020

    Punctuating the New World Order = Jew world order… JWO



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