Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

The Pseudo Leader

Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervour for patriotism, is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind…. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded with patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader, and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar.

Julius Caesar, Shakespeare

To get to the full ”impact” and ”understanding” of this chapter when reading move cursor onto photographs or highlighted words and press to open links. 

Griffin puppet 2 Patriotism today in what should be the united  Isles of the Britain’s the Archipelago of our  Albion nation has been cast adrift without an  anchor. Jewish propaganda easily corrupts  Britain which is why it has been easy for this  controlling force to deliver us an illusion  through the likes of the BNP, EDL and UKIP, or a wider choice of plastic nationalist groups ready to programme our attentions on anything other than the real problem. Such groups are full of easily influenced angry and frustrated members, unless your name is Jack Buckby, the new face of BNP.The the only frustrating thing for Buckby is, his Jewish blood plagues him. 


To past homogeneous nations patriotism meant something because it spoke to a share cultural and racial unity. Patriotism is nothing without homogeneity and cultural Marxism is the corroding doctrine behind the loss of our ability to unite our folk nationally and more widely racially.


So what is Cultural Marxism and what sort of mind sanctioned it?

Marxism was invented by Karl Marx the 19th century Jewish political ideologue under the title Communism. His thinking was fused with Black boardFreudian-ism which come from the works of Sigmund Freud a pseudo-scientist, both these Jewish minds delivered us Marxism. This Jewish genocidal ideology managed to overthrow the European Russian empire, establish USSR under Bolshevism and ethnically cleanse most of its European Christian folk at the early part of the 20th century. Although Marxism managed to establish and control USSR under savagery it failed to take hold in the west. It was at this point a new approach was needed cultural Marxism was the outcome a complex psychological doctrine devised to challenge every bastion of common sense and covertly inseminate Europe with a corrupt and ruinous ideology. It has turned logic on its head in the form of Political Correctness which manipulates our European tribe to accept one sided policies supporting affirmative action against our own people. I use just this one element to define the bias and contradiction of Cultural Marxism, and yes globally you are all part of a Jewish social modification program. 

The question is often put “why and how could a clandestine force have gained such influencing power over our country, government and folk. Goy slavery This is the 21st century and we live in a  Democracy.”  The reality is that this Jewish  (representative) democracy is a construct  where ”failure is the objective”. This is the  world of complex politics were common  sense no longer exists and radical solutions  seem to fail at every juncture. Political  correctness is a forced dogma which divides, multiculturalism divides, integration divides, feminism divides, affirmative action divides, gay pride divides, anti-racism divide, minority groups divide. Therefore, it is not hard to identify the objective as ”Division” in whatever package political programming delivers us Europe and the wider world is divided and this for the Jews is the success of the failure. Also in this vein the Islamic question has now become a by word for radicalism, terrorism and global domination but is fed to the public from the same source as political correctness i.e. Zionist media propaganda.


Now if you are in agreement with these writings so far you may be one of the lucky ones who are becoming aware that there is some sort of other dimension influencing our demise other than those in the public eye.


We have all done it for far too long now, sat and watched the world through someone else’s eyes thought the TV. Many have believed A Zionist streamsomething does not ring true with what they are programming us with. This results in completely switching off, only ever hearing it as background noise or absorbing the material completely and contending that it is your own argument as if it was all your own study. This is the success of social programming for the masses. Whatever we end up with it is they who decided the outcome using clever neuro- linguistic programming on us to achieve the answer they want and the mass lose the ability to think for themselves.


The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” Vladimir Ilich Lenin  Jewish leader of Bolshevism.


Who’s choice!

This is why we ended up with a choice of glove puppets leading the so called nationalist cause BNP, UKIP etc. Such groups are encouraged to recruit a multiracial mix of members thereby neutralising the rise of ukip-friends-of-israel common sense politics which would  instinctively come through a protectionist  National Socialist ideology of common sense  politics. UKIP’s mandate is to focus our  attentions on controlled immigration which  just as effectively displaces the indigenous  white population and pretending to challenge  our EU membership. Through this method it attracts the plastic or phony nationalists who would rather bury their head in the sand and run with the mixed bag while other so called patriotic fringe parties the likes of the BNP draw our attention mainly to Israel’s enemy the Muslim! This intentionally distracts and points us in the wrong direction. Both ultimate are friends of Israel.

To remain in the political arena your allowed to be Semitic wise to the Muslim, Islam wise and Immigrant wise and It’s called free speech….. Yet if your Jew wise it suddenly becomes anti Semitic!


People must realise we live in a one party state. All parties comply with the dogma of Political Correctness in line with the teachings of Marx and Freud = Cultural Marxism. Therefore, the choice is no choice only Cultural Marxism from the Jewish mind. This is why the Jews created cultural Marxism to divide ethnic Europeans while unifying their tribe through all the confusion.


In the larger scale of things the Jewish tribe is such a small impermeable community yet their influence is far reaching. Having total control of a nation’s legal system (The Shetar), global media and the flow of Global finance makes it possible for them to have such control to reinforce a hey-rabbi-antisemitic-cartoonmerciless system over the masses while advancing their own self interests.  These Talmudic creatures controlling this Judaic system have the ability to self-promote on all levels! They have managed a very lucrative industry of martyrdom through their Swindlers list and The Ho£ow’cau$t industry. This in itself holds the world to ransom, while feasting on global economic wars and divisive chaos across the political spectrum, ahh but the poor creatures are really victims and the Goy owes them


Social Nationalism is the only way forward! Work, Produce and Protect. Yet the path has been distorted with forced multiculturalism and a one sided ‘diversity’ diluting all races but not as fast as the white race. This is a genocidal policy of ethnic cleansing against the White race and it is the Work, produce protect white race which is the key to ending this merciless  attack against humanity. Europe, Australia, Canada  and America are the battlegrounds for this ethnic  cleansing  which is tyrannically accelerating the  remainder of our  races plunge into extinction

Social Nationalism for a nation and it’s folk is likened to an anti biotic that wards off disease. 

Outlawing Social Nationalism through governmental policy, in all nations removes it’s resistance and exposes the indigenous people to decease and their right to sustain their own tribe which equates to ‘genocide by proxy’ and nowhere more so than in European nations = Institutionalised European genocide.


Yet those who can see through the illusion of Jewish  Zionist Democracy can see all the so called democratic  parties including the controlled opposition-BNP,  Britain First, British Freedom Party, Liberty GB and EDL – Race controls them ‘The Jewish race’. All roads lead to Israel and these creatures are globally the Talmudic purveyors of death, legal and financially control through economic war and massive Usurious criminal debt. The plunderers need removing before we can implement a Gottfried Feder solution.

money changersThesef Jews are the ultimate enemy of humanity and if we don’t replace usury with an interest free system to loosen the Judaic grip of power of the money changers our European tribe will be condemned to the dustbin of history.

The Jews do everything by proxy behind the scenes so as to remain impervious to their trickery ie BNP (British National Party) :

Nick Griffin, changed BNP policy to allow the Kalergi import to join the ranks. The change was not about the ‘black issue’ as it was globally portrayed by the Jewish media, causing racial tensions. It was to protect the economic and cult interests of the sinister Talmudic tribe, a Jewish construct, managed by the black racist Trevor Philips through the Equalities Commission to be sure of its objective to penetrate ethnic European organisations, and by proxy, securing the position of the Jews to allow them to infiltrate all party’s.


The Jews corrupted the term ‘Socialism’ so that it has become synonymous with international Marxism. Indoctrinated masses presume that to have a ‘social conscience’ identifies them with the Marxist left but the gullible masses don’t recognise the contradictions used against the masses to send them down the rabbit hole. The true Socialist uses common sense politics of Protectionism and Distribution-ism based on the kinship of its folk. On a National level it flourishes in whatever country  because it is based on racial and cultural unity.  Therefore, uniting our pan European tribe  across all white nations is no different. So f..k  the global village scam advocated by the  International Marxist. It is a Jewish Zionist  construct full of deviant perverts, while all the  puppet national groups mentioned are full of  shit house plastic, naive or shill patriots who are each underpinning a slow death for us all, including themselves when their usefulness runs dry. None of these groups dare touch the Jewish question. It is for this reason that our tribe continues to shadow box an elusive intangible enemy whilst pursuing the groomed diversion ”the Sabbatean Islamic carrot”.


These foreign Talmudic creatures in parliament who retain dual citizenship with Israel (Aliyah)use race as a tool to protect their position in the guise of their racist, homophobic and anti-Semite hoax and Politically correct bullshit to advance their Talmudic supremacy while denying us our right to secure the longevity for our own European folk. This foreign cult of creatures infesting our Government are race destroyers. Multiculturalism kills culture and destroys real diversity. This is the reason why the glove puppetBritish Jews Farage of UKIP focuses our attentions on the immigrant while all the other so called patriotic parties draw our attention to Israel’s enemy the Muslim. This intentionally distracts and points us in the wrong direction and is all paid from the public purse. Consequently the impervious self-promoting Judaic martyr, the chosen creatures can comfortably walk impervious under the protective veil of martyrdom using division across the political spectrum, ahh the poor creatures are really victims and the Goy owes them.

”If someone turns the tap on in your kitchen and floods your home do you blame the tap!!” Peter Quiggins.



The Jews are so cunning with their tool of Marxism. All the recent outrage against food and consumer product re Gaza issue! 

Jews construct and manage these Marxist action groups who target and damage the purse of the private corporations who supply, deal or produce from or for Israel. A cunning creature the Jew ultimately knows Corporate money it will be guarantee support from the Corporations  against the rise of common sense ”National Socialist”  politics because they rely on international Jewish  capital that the common sense politics of  protectionism reviles. So the Jew encourages and  leads the anarchy against the corporations but also  fuels their extortionate wealth. Jewish internationalism  is a vicious circle that culminates in global poverty,  war and cultural deprivation.



Anarchist speakers at these demonstrations project and control the message to the confused crowd by using constructs invented by Jewish propaganda like “Nazi” and Fascist Hollywood clichés. The confused crowd are being indoctrinated to view Israel and Zionist world heads of Gov Camstate as ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’ to reinforce the Jew fiction of global Zionism being a National Socialist ideology when ironically the motif used in any Hollywood dystopian future is clearly Jewish Bolshevik and lifted straight from the soviet construct. Examples are big brother style public monitoring leading to sub- dermal ID tags, limited freedom of movement (passport or papers), artificial regionalisation with enforced ethnic integration all enforced by Government fear tactics. In fact it closely parallels the Europe we currently reside in.       


We are entering a new game change for global supremacy. There are even more Jew controlled opposition groups BNP, UKIP, Britain First, Liberty first, British Freedom Party and the puppet street group EDL to name but a paul-golding few. The job of these plastic groups is to have  naive patriots join their ranks but smear and  outcast true National Socialist patriots with the  sanctioned Hollywood rhetoric of skinhead  and knuckle dragging or by attaching the same  rhetoric to leading political figures. This helps reinforce misinformation and the fiction of there being a ‘Fascist’ conspiracy to take over the world. The Jews have been collecting and spreading fiction and misinformation across the web for decades.

Now this attack on the Global corporations across our nation re the Gaza issue is their new platform. I will guarantee the next general election the regime will conjure up their well-groomed Jewish Bolshevik David Milliband as the new spear head of labour to receive with ease our nations Premiership to guarantee security for the Jews in the stolen land of Israel. Question why these well organised Anarchist groups, fearless and almost immune from arrest don’t target the many Global or UK weapons and military suppliers who contract to Israel? Let me answer that question because it doesn’t fit the Jewish agenda. Wake up to the evils of the Jewish cult allow, and accept your innate duty towards common sense The Marxist Murdererspolitics. Social Nationalism for all nations! Remove and stop the Jews from holding any political, financial or public office in any host nation. This incubates their ability to cause global division and unrest. Disable the money changers global supremacist power and influence through Usury by replacing it with an interest free system.


At one time the BNP was the manufactured rouse to bottleneck and pied piper all angry nationalist. Always plat-formed in the Jew media as speaking so called far right politics thereby manipulating naive nationalists to see it as the only party of choice. In reality it was the Jewish way of condensing angry patriots into one manageable block and creating a target for the Jew media to attack to gain mass publicity and Marxist support.  left and rightThe BNP has to date served its purpose and    now sits in a micro fringe position securely    managed by 5 or 6 suspect individuals who  continue to focus our attentions on Israel’s  enemies. The BNP purposly have been cast  aside by the Jew media because the masses are  seeing the rise of common sense politics and  UKIP is now being mass media managed as a new common sense party  when in reality it is Israel’s choice.


The Jews as usual ahead of the game are now spear heading a new face of nationalism in a bid to harness the more spirited of our folk through their new phenomenon British First This party is led by the Jew Paul Golding a classic Jew swap to show the new spunky image whose job is to radicaliseRight and Left British patriots into attacking the Jewish enemy-Islam and Muslims. His recent visit to one of the local mosques was nothing more than an easy confrontation to gain mass support. This shill and his posse would shit blue ollies if the remit was to do the same at a Synagogue or to confront a Rabbi and a lot of naive nationalists are being lead to the slaughter by him.   


The new front line puppet for Israel is Nigel Farage. The leader of UKIP this shill stays well clear of protectionism. His manipulating policies are conducive with allowing British production to go abroad. His mantra is also British jobs for British workers which includes the politically correct quota of Kalergis coloured immigrants (covert affirmative action) those who have been harvested to settle here by the impervious creatures controlling all the parties in the house of Shebat Westminster harvested here to inseminate our nation and expand the Kalergy tribe, immigrants who are themselves naive pawns in this global modification!! Why don’t any of these so called leaders expose the Jewish control over Parliament? Why don’t any of them passionately scream from the rooftops ”fuck  Jewish Bankers” and UsuryParliament Koshered up Why don’t they  advocate an interest free  system? Why don’t  they shout Muslims don’t  own the Banks,  media, Hollywood or the Jew Shetar legal  system? Why don’t they or any of  these so  called nationalist groups scream ISIS  and  Wahhabism is Israel’s trojan horse  (Sabbateans). Why don’t any of them explain the differences of true Islam?

By their actions I dont think Muslims are paying Farage and Golding sheckles? If not I wonder who it could be!

Radical Islam (Sabbateans) is a commodity of Israel and the ISIS crisis is no different – 


All these shadow organizations like the “Muslim brotherhood” Al Qaeda and now ISIS that at times includes the word “Muslims”, are being used to programme the masses into believing all Muslims around the world are no different from all these psychopathic private Zionist mercenaries, dogs of war involved in these radical groups.

Well take this in to account before judging.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and ISIS kill Muslims and Christians, but not Jews.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and ISIS don’t care for, or represent Muslims by any mean.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and ISIS do not follow Islamic Law, it is Talmudic law by proxy.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and ISIS enforce what Israel wants.ISIS

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and ISIS murder whoever are against Israel.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and ISIS members don’t have Christian friends unlike true Muslims.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and ISIS only protect their non-Muslim members. Unlike Egyptian Muslim and Christians who protect each other.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and ISIS are hired terrorists to advance Zionism, true Muslims are not.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and ISIS was created to let US Citizens and the wider world think that the Zionist puppet Obama is fighting terrorism, while he is actually invading countries and killing innocent people for Jewish Zionism and ultimately Israel.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and ISIS were created by Jewish Zionism to allow their puppet Obama to gain control over the Arab world for Israel to build the greater Israel.


There is nothing Islamic about ISIS they do not represent Muslims they covertly represent Jews no different from the Wahhabi Royals


Zionist guilt ISIS are Israel’s terrorist radicals trained to  imitate the  psychological methods of Jewish  Bolshevism. This  was used in 1917 to take  over White Russian Europeans. It was a  terror ideology that sadistically inflicted  genocide and pathological terror on our tribe  to bring the European Christians in to line.  ISIS is Judaism by proxy ”satanic and godless”.  


Today we are being offered Assad or Judaism (Zionism)!! Is this the choice?

Assad is not Europe’s enemy or the world’s enemy. Judaism (Zionism) is the enemy of mankind. Rid Judaism (Zionism) and all other problems can be sorted out. The problem will remain as long as Judaism (Zionism) continues to play us all off against each other. Judaism with its monopoly on world banking, finance and economy manufactures explosive Banking usurysituations that from ground level appear highly complex. However, the reality is that the whole setting is being manipulated by the Jewish Zionist monopoly. The simplest way to understand this is a marionette being worked by strings. The following explanation will give you a practical example of the issue.

We are now witnessing Radical Reversal-ism. Our so called governments are telling us they are reassessing the Middle East situation and that they got it wrong. That’s what we are being programmed to believe when the reality is Jewish Zionism has created the exact conditions for a full The Objective of Isreal takeover of the Middle East and expects us to  support their decisions. Having taken out  sovereign Arab lands using the ‘might’ of  fodder European and American troops Jewish  Zion has inserted pro-Zionist factions into the  Middle East. Maybe you will understand this  better!! All roads lead to Israel. This is why  radical Islam (Sabbateans) never attacks  Israel!


George Galloway and his RESPECT political party is another gate keeper. Galloway has always been aware of the Jimmy Saville, BBC and Labour25 Paedophile scandal. Just on this issue alone what sort of sordid  compromises does Judaism have on Galloway to make him their puppet galloway-the-abomination-party…and how do true Muslims see this Zionist shill as an ally is  beyond me. Up until recently this rat had been strutting free and safe around Parliament and London as if on a holiday jaunt when in reality he should be an enemy of Great Britain. Yet get any true nationalist running for a seat locally or in the house of Shabbat (Parliament) and all is revealed, suddenly all parties merge as one including Galloway’s ‘RESPECT‘ Muslim party shouting anti-racist and anti-fascist Hollywood rhetoric at the nationalists to silence the common sense message.

Shouting down the Nationalist suits the Zionist agenda yet do you not recognise that Galloway is supposed to be supporting Hamas? They are supposed to be the Palestinian Nationalist resistance against Jewish Zionism! He is a deliberate contradiction. On one hand he helps and supports Hamas with his clever moral buzz words yet he condemns ethnic Europeans in his own nation from that same protectionist resistance when we apply that same logic to our own tribal folk against Jewish Zionism. There is obvious hypocrisy being played out here and the Muslim community are being manipulated just as ethnic Europe. The true Muslim is caught in a psychological game of controlled opposition. Galloway’s contradiction is easily conceived once you understand that he is a Jewish stooge. Galloway’s track record reveals his twisted logic-Palestine for the Arabs!  Europe for every one including Arabs whilst insisting all Ho£ocau$t deniers be put in prison thereby legitimising that which the Arabs Iran's Ahmadinejad on the Holocaust themselves believe is a manic Jew fiction.  Can’t Muslims see it is he and shills like him  who advance Jewish Zionism and ultimately  Israel, all these things should be ringing alarm  bells for ordinary Muslims? Then ask yourself  what sort of Muslim does Galloway walk  with? Openly supporting Hamas begs the question-Who is Hamas! Who sits at their top table. May I remind you that Islamic sovereign lands in the Middle East have been hijacked and replaced by pro-Zionist factions.   


Meanwhile, the shill stays silent on factual ‘Jewish genocidal crimes‘ against 16.5m Europeans during the 3 Holodomors. The true genocide of our European folk by his Jewish friends …While the Jewish Zionism advances across the world using the same psychological formula 


These writings are not to favour Islam over Christianity! Spiritually, Europe is predominantly Christian living alongside other faiths. Faiths today that are being morally challenged by evil influences identified as the Talmudic cult of Judaic ZIONISM!

So once we crush the snakes head ‘Judaic Zionism‘ and deleted its evil influence from East and West, North and South only then will true Christianity or true European paganism reassert themselves. Zionism will no longer be a global threat to us or the Middle East.

Every Egyptian Syrian and Muslim already knows what Jewish Zionism has set in motion. The issue is taught within their daily practices and has Syria standing against Jewish Zionismbeen for decades. This is why the Talmudic beast created the division in Europe to disable any attempt Social Nationalists had from forming some sort of mutual alliance to combat the one universal enemy.

The true nationalist cause in what should be a united Albion Archipelago (The British Isles) was compromised yet again the day Nick Griffin, like a good little puppet, changed BNP policy to allow the Kalergi import to join the ranks. For all you mealy mouthed race traitors who expand the Kalergi tribe of laboratory guinea pigs the change was not about the ‘black issue’ as portrayed by the Jewish media causing racial tensions. It was actually to protect the economic and cult interests of the sinister Talmudic tribe. This was a cunning tactic by a Zionist institution –the Equalities Commission to penetrate ethnic European organisations and was nothing more than securing the position of the Jews. It also send a message to other political and social groups to change their policy because before that tactical change it was the Jew who was sitting in a vulnerable position as there was legislation preventing its parasitic ‘inclusion’ into all ethnic European endeavours. This is the reason why all fucktard ‘liberals’ are now experiencing the might of Jewish capitalism through the black hole of their Talmudic Shetar. 

Jewish Zionist Democracy = Choose your bailiff’‘ fucktard !!


As I keep repeating that a party that calls itself ‘nationalist’ but who allow a multicultural, multi-racial mix of members is NOT nationalist and should signal suspicions of Jewish influence. The Jew requires racial-mixing to stop the rise of the targeted nation’s indigenous folk. You will notice any Nationalist group only allowing ethnic European ‘WHITE’ into its ranks will be the most hated and victimised by the Jewish press. This is because it has the audacity to protect its own just as other races and cultures are encouraged to retain theirs.


With all this cynical media conditioning and the Ideology’s useful blacks, sleeping white giant only ever see nationalist groups in the negative. The Jewish media constantly precondition our opinions making sure the masses pick up and use their programmed propaganda against the rise of common sense politics. Nationalists are always judged by these well-orchestrated false opinions and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and critical theory is the formula used to achieve Jew success.


Cancer The neo Cons of America are the equivalent to the  Conservatives here in Great Britain. They shelter the  majority of the same manipulating tribal cult while  the other main stream parties are infused at senior  positions of influence. The European Union (EU) is a  Jewish Construct and therefore Vassal of Israel  swearing allegiance to Jewish Zionism helping  mange the Jewish approved infrastructure like all the opposition. We are all being used by the Jewish elite Banker crime families while Sayanim, B’nai B’rith sleepers are the foot soldiers for Mossad on 24/7 standby to assist the advance. Israel did 911!! 


Why has all this knowledge been overlooked! Why do nationalist leaders refrain from exposing these dangers? Why is it only people like me who see through the illusion given to us? Why is it only outcast groups and certain individuals willing to speak out?  How come the Jews have their own satellite European Jewish Union (EJU) attached to the larger building in Brussels? Is it in fact the covert engine room for the larger building? Why don’t Italians, French or any other group have the same, why the fuck do we allow these assumed martyrs to rail-road over our European lands and cultures.


The ballot box is finished and the sooner the sleeping white giantThe 548757_579038365446868_15533673_nEuropeans‘ recognise it the sooner we can start reversing the mess.

Everyone should be passing and sharing this with friends to let the world know how and why the races of mankind are being divided for the benefit of Jewish Zionism to enable dominance over the Middle East and expand the promise land in to a greater Israel.


This Global village scam has deprived nations of their most eligible and knowledgeable people. It undermines the infrastructure of single nations in favour of global conglomerates. National conservation means closed borders so the economic and ethnic (people) wealth cannot be siphoned Global Village scam off by international (Jewish) conglomerates. The  people take action for their own nation not leave  their own people stranded yet saying it seems to go  in to hyperspace on most people.

 If the masses don’t focus on the problem ‘Judaic  Zionism’ instead of the distractions they keep  throwing at us Europe is F…d and the Jewish global village scam becomes another success for the Jewish globalists who’s mantra has always been ‘Division is unity’.

The Global Village scam.

The symbiotic relationship between Jewish Zionism and Marxism is to advance the global village. Jewish Zionism is the instrument of Internationalism through its economic, financial and banking monopoly’s and corporate control. Judaic Internationalism drives and encourages consumerism for which it needs all international borders open and ultimately benefits from the Global village construct. Judaic controlled Cultural Marxism (Political correctness) advocates the global village under the guise of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism destroys diversity and questions identity. Rootless the mass is presented an international but disposable ‘culture’ (MacDonald’s, Coca Cola). Jewish Zionism and Marxism are good buddies £££££$$$$!  Internationally Judaic controlled Marxism is well organised, publicised and solvent managed through a mannipulating infrastructure of united workers unions etc…the list is endless, and the world still thinks it’s just another organic phenomena.

Marxists are the temporary useful foot soldiers of the Jewish Zionists.

The public are forever exposed to psychological Marxism. For example like the lies we have been told about Jesse Owens during his 1936 Jesse Owens 1936 OlympicsOlympic success in Germany-it was in fact it Roosevelt who refused to meet with Owens on his return back to the USA. It is the Jewish media who entrap the masses into accepting pre-programmed decisions gift wrapped in corporate, multicultural global marketing and party politics, played out on the Jewish lantern ‘TV’ and the main stream political parties draw us all to the same cattle market to be slaughtered in the one party state.

Welcome to the Matrix Global Village scam


“[English ruling classes are] Freemasons thoroughly infected by Judah. British people must be liberated from Antichrist Judah. We must drive Judah out of England just as he has been chased out of the Continent.”   (former) German Emperor Wilhelm II, 1940

German Emperor The Kaiser believed that Freemasons and Jews  had caused the two world wars, aiming at a world  Jewish empire with British and American gold. 


 The masses should be asking WHY the Jews have  instigated, and coordinated a Global attack against the European tribe! If the Jew has identified the European as the problem then it follows the European must be the solution to all this chaos.

Diversity dies with the European tribe. It follows then that the supremacist vladimir-lenin-genocide 1Jew takes full control of the confused tribal-less puppets of the Kalergi program.

The war has always been Judaism v Gentile!

The Muslim, the coloured nations or any of the other misleading distractions, do not own Hollywood, Tabloids, the Shetar legal system or the Banks. The Muslim, the coloured nations and the feminist gender bender is the sand the Jew kicks in your face.

Peter Quiggins.

4 comments on “The Pseudo Leader

  1. Mr.G
    November 26, 2014

    Why is it that no one questions, no one looks to history to gather the information needed to factually prove the above, that for generations the Zionist forces in positions of power (media, politics, courts of law, etc) are only ever refered to as scape goats? Cognitive dissonance is the answer. Since the age in which we gained the ability to demonstratibly absorb and repeat knowledge we have been subjected to the incessant indoctrination of the multi-cultural, feminist, homosexual (read Jewish) slant.

    Fear of reprisal is another answer. These murderous thugs (UAF, etc) hired by the very agents who co-operated with their brainwashing in “higher education institutes” have set against their own people in violent retaliation on social media outlets especially, thanks to the workings of Zionism against the teaching of morals and ethic (one used to get these from Christian religion – BANNED!!). Being devoid of any direction in life and character, save the gutter media and schools that teach the same, society, having been ruined by Bolshevic Zionist teachings, has over come what power a proper family might have over a misguided youth. Where do we expect to find ourselves in 10 years…25 years..?

    In the fight against Bolshevic Zionism, our very lives are at stake, and without the knowledge needed, we too would become subjected under the same murderous supression that Russia suffered during WW2.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. cigpapers
    December 29, 2014

    Dear Mr Quiggins – just popped in from the cigpapers blog to have a look at your blog and have now linked.
    Keep up the good work – for the first time in my life I actually think we’re starting to win.
    We’ve got a National “multiculturalism Is Genocide” sticker campaign going you might be interested in.

    Liked by 1 person

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