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‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Wandering Jews come home.

birobidjan-titre Did you know Jews already had a homeland the size of Switzerland ?…. No, not Madagascar….. Birobidzhan” ”yes!.

”The Jews of Birobidzhan”, ”Calling Israel!” ”Calling Israel!”….”A calling to all Jews….While all our  Jews globally wolf cry a failing Ho£o’cau$™®© lament of victim hud, we still have plenty of room here in Birobidjan the Capital City of the eponymous Jewish autonomous Oblast of the Soviet Union for your resettlement”… ”Yes, Siberia” ….. “So now its all a rocki’n please come a knocki’n” ……”and the world, surprising once known, will support the Jewish Zionist resettlement in an instant!!!!!”


Jewish Policing London

The Shetar works in the interest of Jews. Jewish Policing London 2015.

Meanwhile across the globe we see and feel a rise in Jewish awareness to all their self anointed supremacy, skulduggery and covert power structure over the gentile, that awareness they use as a sign of Anti Semitism and make use of it like an atomic shelter which helps turn the goyim into a quivering jelly.

Jews will hold tightly on to their Shetar power structure for as long as possible, even commissioning a military, civil, and private global protection racket against the goyim, in the hope of continuing to project their crimes of genocide and world chaos onto the goyim.

France Jews

Military Law protecting Jews France 2015

No smoke without fire so how do these  Talmudic creatures expect us to view them as  victims, such a small impervious community yet have so much influence over governments and Royals, to order this global atomic smoke screen, and before your very eyes the illusion is revealed!!

109 evictions from various country’s across Europe in the past 2000 years, what other small community could stimulate such a reaction. Well  once again the time has arrived were the  sleeping goyim will be tasked with facing facts or accepting politically correct appeasements. But let me enlighten you to a long standing solution that the Jews have silenced into insignificance.


Did you hear that ! The size of Switzerland ?…. No, not Madagascar….. Birobidzhan” ”yes!.

birobidjan_ Map

Siberia ! Seems ironic …

So the shout goes out to the wider world, to help support the Jewish Zionists in their confusing plight to recognize they already have a Republic homeland called…… Birobidjan, the Capital City of the eponymous Jewish autonomous Oblast of the Soviet Union, although Birobidzhan is also a stolen land, from what’s now a displaced eastern people, the Jews prefer to stay silent, in case the mass are made aware of the Birobidzhan alternative as being, not only a solution to the Palestinian issue, but also towards creating world peace!

So my opinion is:  Do not support multiculturalism for the hypocritical nation of Israel, as is being advocated by the National Anarchists, It further distracts away from the solution, and can only ever create long term problems for the Palestinians. But remember, genocide by immigration has always been used by the Jews to change the ethnic makeup of nation states they occupy, and the Anarchists know this.

Go be Jews elsewhereInstead, support the humanitarian transfer, and resettlement of the poor Israeli Jewish Zionists including those mislead Jewish Zionists, and nice Jews globally, who conveniently depend on that same confusing dual loyalty and citizenship (2 Passports) to Israel = Aliyah ! Those who thrive off the back of wolf crying the diminutive word “Anti Semitism“, these so called martyrs who hide under this atomic shelter of “Anti Semitism” should not be neglected because of their inherent narcissistic cerebral condition, and any prejudices against this humanitarian aid to assist in this global initiative to resettle them in Birobidzhan must be dealt with severely.

It must be recognised there is a continued flow from these victims, covertly of anti Goyanism, and at this point in time especially the Israeli Jewish Zionists have not yet learned how to be culturally humane, and we goyim are going to be part of the throws of a massive transformation which globally must take place.

British Jews

Just a sample of British Jews, split loyalty serving Jew interests.

Israel or Globally their little parasitic communities who covertly entrench themselves in governments, civil service, town and city councils across the globe, are not going to be those monolithic society’s they once were in the past decades, and we goyim are going to be at the centre of that change. Its a huge transformation for the Jews to make, they are now going in to a reality mode, and Goyim will be resented because of our leading role, but without that leading role and without that transformation Palestine and the world, especially Europe and the European as we know them will not survive. A final solution is the silenced solution Birobidzhan.

Obama's Jewish Cabinet.

Obama’s Jewish Cabinet.

We must also take into account that this minute narcissistic community have not yet come to terms with the fact that these Jewish Zionists cannot carry on living in this abnormal monolithic psychosis, that is covertly destabilising nation states to which they occupy, this self serving condition globally needs drastic humanitarian action ‘neutered’ to completely stop the haemorrhaging into the character of the Goyam and these Zionist creatures will have to come to terms with this fact!!!
It must be recognised how difficult it will be at first for these poor souls to accept this resettlement initiative but a fluoride diet and an ethical contraceptive in their water and food chain may assist in this instance, it will also help them and their pharmaceutical Jewish global friends with the cost of disposal of these (toxic) healthy products, the products they have so kindly helped distribute amongst us goyim through there Jewish nepotistic influence within all host nations by way of government policy to that effect.

Goy slavery

We love the Shetar!

Lets be humane about this bountiful global initiative, once they at first ‘although’ reluctantly accept, it may be inevitable for a moral enterprise to evolve among them i.e farming, and hopefully other manual labour initiatives that moral (noble) societies inherently organise.
In-fact a creative and practical infrastructure is already in existence over in Birobidjan, built up over many years by the originating Jewish occupiers. So maybe globally this poor little landless victimised immigrant community of “Wandering Jews” who are now at the moment living freely in many host nations while at the same time bleeding nations dry, can take their professional qualities over to Birobidjan with them! Set up and replicate a similar infrastructure against those prosperous relatives. i.e Infiltrate government, civil service and all political parties, then set up their Shetar Legal system as well as banking and investment and other ponzi schemes……. Insurance, media and entertainment to platform even more NLP hypnotic degeneracy like porn and MARXISM etc! All the usual things they set up to attack the moral compass of the host nation’s they reside in, all these things will help them acclimatize and settle al-goldstein-jews-in-pornographyinto their new environment of Birobidjan, and are all proven remedies for them which helps prevent nausea, hyperventilating and sometimes relapsing because of loss of control over others, as they succeed in spreading degeneracy, which creates the usual by-product for them, of a tidy cash flow that helps sustain their controlling infrastructure and most of all……. their narcissistic dominance over others.

Apart from these minor details, these Jewish race destroyers must recognise how much global support they have from all races and nations across the globe, for such a symbolic initiative, and the enthusiasm still persists to this day from their friends involved in past 109 evictions around the world in the past 2000 years.

I understand like many of you it will be difficult for them at first to accept, because there are so many aspects to this Judaic cult, but please understand the massive bonuses to humanity once this initiative is implemented. The most dangerous aspects of Judaism is banking, secured through their Shetar legal system and the main purpose of keeping alive the ‘Ho£o’cau$™®©‘ illusion is to protect Jewish banking practices, by associating mass murder with interest free money, in case we demand an interest-free system for

Talmudic law by proxy.

Radical Islam is Talmudic law by proxy.


So please show global support for the resettlement of these narcissistic, self serving, Jewish Zionist victims of Israel, including those globally, who hold dearly that same parasitic dual loyalty and citizenship = Aliyah.

I would like to thank the race destroyer Barbara Spectre for her enthusiasm and confidence which inspired me to write and highlight the unspoken alternative. This unspoken alternative awaits this self imposed exilic, and landless tribe. Her perverse show of boastfulness  on her cabalistic knowledge of their covert plan (Kalergi), to destroy and replace the ethnic make up of Europe and kill off the European, was a positive show of Jewish ‘Chutzpah

This display of exulting confidence flowing from this tribal member confirms to me that the Jewish tribe innately flow in one direction. They are privy to a rule-book that only the privileged who sustain the corrosive infrastructure against the mass, are instructed on the long term game plan.  Where better to privately organise, than a Masonic Synagogue.

So thank you again Barbara Spectre for confirming that it has always been the Jew objective to clash the Christian and Islamic world, and create a distraction. It also shows the insignificance of the smaller disorganised, tribe Royal Puppetof soulless British Royals as being glove puppets to their Jew accountants. Proving that when choosing an accountant to run your business, choose carefully or you may become a puppet to your accountant. Meanwhile Vatican two is full of Jew subversion and politically correct propaganda set on a course by them to self destruct.

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” – Frédéric Bastiat  


“We must fill the jails with anti-semites[sic], we must fill the insane asylums with anti-semites[sic], and send them to the school of bankruptcy. We must harass and persecute our enemies [all nations] to the extreme limits of current law, make new law where it proves effective, and must see their degradation taught in the schools to such an extent that none will dare to follow.” ~ From the Jewish “The American Hebrew[sic]” – 1947. 


This is a humanitarian call to action, please stand up and support this humane resettlement initiative to Birobidzhan!Feed my beast

Journey to Birobidzhan, Capital of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast

Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines –

Were in Russia is Birobidzhan?

How many more countries would ”guilt laden liberal kindness” like them to have ?

Radical Zionist sect Chabad seeks to to move to Ukraine from the USA that the sect has already milked dry.

Jews Demand A Jewish State Within Germany

Before long these little cuties will have a Jewish EJU parliament within the EU parliament!!

Wow! their own country in every country !! We must owe them a lot!!!

We do have to applaud them in being so clever perpetuating the mythical illusion of the Rapture on the world!

I’m sure the Ducks and Hens would have supported the Birobidzhan  initiative – The Fable of The Ducks & The Hens

4 comments on “Wandering Jews come home.

  1. Ethan
    March 23, 2015

    As the snare tightens around our necks, how much longer until we say “no more” and take an active movement against the subversive tyranny cited above?

    The pieces are on the board, the hour approaches, it’s time to make our move.

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog
    March 28, 2015

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  3. pan283
    October 14, 2016

    Reblogged this on Peter Cooney Enabler and commented:
    Excellent subject, it’s very much the answer to ridding the world of the war pests and keeping them in their “safe space”

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