Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Zionist Fiction! ‘History’

DIVERSITY OR DECEPTIONJewish Marxist media maintains an endless stream of black, gay journalists and presenters employed to sit comfortable and smug vomiting out vindictive, divisive anti-European programming to the nation, ensuring that the one blood of our 4 tribes of Britain-English, Irish Scottish  and Welsh remains divided, and in a wider context, making sure the ideology of hate and disinformation is programmed into the unsuspecting mass against its European brethren. This is interspersed with a daily quota of self-flagellation instigated by the self-hating white who condones the Jewish inversion of reality.  All is engineered to manipulate tribal, racial, sexual and religious tensions, a daily dose of debauched Sodom and Gomorrah conditioning from their selective homosexual cabal to challenge our tolerance levels. Yet only a very few see, or are willing to stand against this constructed social programming which is destabilising the moral compass of European cultures, an attack on the very foundation of our traditional family unit. Yet, all is eagerly embraced by the alien add mix cultures, and new coloured guests imported into Europe to secure them a voting block to displace (ethnically cleans) the European population.

Thus the more convincing, sincere or vulgar the mouth-piece of shit-is, the more secure their celebrity position becomes.

Slowly, over decades, covertly these backroom Jewish agitators have been distorting European history to suit their subversive agenda-corroding, attacking and mocking this “one gene pool” into destruction.

For decades I have watched Jewish ‘lantern TV’ blatantly waft pre-programmed socially constructed ideology messages to the OppressionBritish public. i.e early morning Children’s programs are now presented using 50/50 black and white presenters. The idea is to promote the notion that the same balance is out on the streets of Britain so black presenters are used to reinforce that image. Also morning news programs when out on location dealing with issues such as housing, schooling, commerce or industry conveniently ‘find’ a black face, black family, or homosexual couple for an opinion- the so called random representative of a typical Great British family either for the studio or on the street! This is obviously contrived how all these Marxist news correspondents so easy scour or hunt down supposedly random passersby for opinions on subject issues! It is much easier to visualise them phoning some sort of politically correct rent a crowd agency so as to successfully finish off the PC narrative. Once again giving the impression we have a 50/50 mix throughout our nation.

Even the memory of Patrick Moore ‘Sky at night’ has been filled with Marxist gap filler. Surly many rememberPatrick Moore At His Home In Selsey With His 15 Inch Telescope with fondness the mad author and Astrologer whose brain was filled with astrophysics and array of technical terminology. After his sudden death in 2012 it didn’t take long for the Ideology to commandeer his place and fill it, not on merit but on ethnicity. Now a black female animator from some sort of redundant play school series dumb’s down ‘Sky at Night’ for the imported non-European mass. She explains scientific galactic events using animated explosions and nonsensical descriptions describing these cyclical events like an eclipse, or some solar event as if speaking to a child. It seems like technical terminology has been made redundant. Does the BBC really believe we see her as an astrologist? Maybe she should go back to NOSA, or TOSSER and start again. I bet if Patrick Moore were able to witness this phenomenon he would be up for a belly laugh. If I hadn’t witnessed these introductions myself I would have thought it was an April fool Spaghetti Tree.

The Black Zionist puppet Darkus Howe is another with his infamous White Tribe, race bating documentary using the obvious anti-ParliamentEnglish method of mocking the opposition. Yet his ‘satire’ is lost for this import lacks the intellect of even the Marxist Monty Python team. Even the strategic fumbling background music is meant to demoralise our folk. The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corruption (BBC) allowed this Caribbean ex-yardie gangster to insult and taunt us calling us all pathetic little Englanders without a culture other than football, fish and chips and Morris dancing!! Of course with unlawful Zionist ‘hate crime’ the White recourse is ‘criminalised’ as ‘racist’. The result is the purposeful degradation of the English nation and this is happening to all nations over Europe. Anti-European, anti-family Parliaments and Marxist groups are financed and sponsored by the Jewish criminal banker families (Jew foreigner) who cherry pick parliamentary mouth pieces of shit to represent their ideology in the House of Shabbat Parliament. 

If I were watching British TV (Jew lantern) from outside the country seeing what is implied, I would believe the British nation are now a 50/50 black/white nation.  Yet this socially constructed method does not represent the visual demographic reality, nor the countries historic or contemporary evidence. Out on the street shows a predominant white country, but “Jew lantern TV” shows an artificial construct through a narrow band width. If I went over to India were demographically the population is justifiably the obvious, I wonder if we would get away with using this method on them, would they be as compliant.

African Slavery in America- Jewish-MadeSlavery is a prime example of creating huge wedge amongst tribes, cultures and populations, a useful subject for them to market the European as the demon over humanity. Jews being masters at hiding or grafting onto others their immoral racketeering from genocide, prostitution, prohibition, drugs and ‘slavery’. Sure enough Jew media quality controls this information making sure it flows in one direction to pre-program the naive mass which favours a positive outcome for their Judaic cult. The Slave trade  throughout history both black and White was controlled by Jewish merchants who sustained a lucrative monopoly over the Muslim and European involvement. The European elite played a minor role in comparison, and yet it was a European consensus which finally condemned and prohibited it. So it’s not in the Jewish interest to reveal such facts. 


Blindly we are allowing ourselves and our children to be exposed to nuro-linguistic programming becoming little Pinochiorobotic politically correct clones for the Ideology to manipulate. It’s also part of today’s curriculum for schools. Children are fed lies as fact. Wartime  fablesThe boy in the striped pajamas, The Diary of Anne Frank both fiction have both become directives for the schools national curriculum. No opportunity for independent thought or question only more mental challenge as together chained and chastised European children are paraded before the Jewish construct in the name of educational trips to ‘slave Museums’ all in the name of inducing misplaced guilty self-flagellation.  The same innocent children are being offered guilt ridden field trips to visit very creative and well-funded Auschwitz instillation’s which are being sanctioned by the ideology, staged managed by Marxist artists in cities up and down the country.

6a00df3520ef62883400e54ff0a6298833-800wiOne such installation was staged managed by the Jews in Liverpool Town Hall during the city of culture year in 2008. It was plat-formed in one of the main function rooms, an installation on par with a Steven Spielberg Hollywood Epic. 100,000 + pairs of broken spectacles all carefully heaped, while sitting on a well-constructed railway line that stretched from one end of the hall to the other. At each end hung a huge mirror implying 2 huge Tunnels giving the impression of a train carrying people on a ‘tragic’ journey, staged managed by the Childwall Mafia a visual feast for the susceptible to consume. It was a great place for all the self-hating whites and condoners of White Genocide to visit. I wonder where they accumulated so many pairs of spectacles for this specific work of Guilt indoctrination… although saying that it wouldn’t be so hard as not many opticians today are owned by Gentiles so almost any bloodline disciple would have a self-serving interest in offering their services to help continue the Jew classic free bus ride. Their constant soliciting of martyrdom, is a contrived ransom ‘cry-me an industry’ which feeds the machine that ultimately benefits all their disciples.

Our children are also encouraged to join intense mind challenging offers of Bank Holiday Breaks to Krakow. Here they absorb newlyEngland-Team-Visit-Auschwitz-Memorial-Ahead-Of-Euro-2012 constructed ‘former labour internment camp’ ‘Arbeit Macht Freie’ at Auschwitz. To make sure the message is guaranteed to be absorbed socially engineered Jewish owned football clubs take part in Auschwitz visits adding their celeb status to the Jewish rally cry, or else! This ensures the iconic photo for future mass social programming, giving even more credit to the Judaic ideology.  That the whole performance is owned and controlled by the Jew is carefully concealed and the European public fail to ask even the simple question such as why Europeans should be so anguished about the Jew even as the European dies. The death toll in both World wars signifies this and once the death toll in Holodomor Genocides enters the mix the Jewish monopoly on suffering collapses.

Holodomor v Fck 6mMeanwhile the consequence is that the Jew media controllers embroider our History to their advantage. Carefully they avoid iconic pride bonding subjects so as not to induce any sort patriotism into our tribe such as Caractacus, Alfred the GreatHereward the Wake or Ivanhoe-here were the true noble warriors of these shores whose spirits still stirs the soul of many a true patriot and would inspire even more Captain Archibald H. Maule Ramsey to stand against shylock once studied. Instead we are fed their glove puppet front man Churchill who gifted them Palestine. Other historical figures are carefully cherry picked and structured to support the ruling ideology of Jewish Zionism through its conduit of ‘Cultural Marxism‘. For example they deliver Boadicea over Caratacus to fit in with the Feminist narrative; Henry VIII is presented as a misogyny, Edward longshanks to goad the Scots, Oliver Cromwell to aggravate the Irish, anything that symbolizes or generalizes the folk of England as being a nation of animals and empire bully’s but ultimately portraying the European tribe as an evil race of people.

Boiling the blood of the Welsh, Irish and Scottish against the Royal PuppetEnglish sustains that strategic division between our tribal brothers. This has always instigated the required knee jerk reaction, while the Jew remains in the shadows holding aloft his glove puppet Monarchy giving immunity to their involvement. The Jew socially feeds us all European history in this format to sustain disharmony French, German, Italian just some examples. Devolution in action’ It’s not in the interest of the Ideology to make the mass aware of the fact that throughout all these historical conflicts the mass have only ever been used by the controlling elite. The mass riled into a patriotic fever, indoctrinated with hate towards their own blood brothers and sisters, then used as front line fodder to kill or die to protect the Jewish usurious monopoly keeping us divided. The Jewish Shetar legal system was and still is the method used to sustain such control over us. These deceitful manufacturers of history fuse their global baggage onto the folk of our nation and to our wider European tribe and the naive mass consume the information as historical fact which leaves us with the collective stigmata of being a hateful tribe.

Jew mediaAll these productions introduced by the Jew for Jew lantern TV depicting our history look on the surface to be innocent and to the untrained eye genuinely informative. Marxist Monty Python and their films The Life of Brian and The Holy Grail mock both Christianity and Arthurian legends! Blackadder, a passionate cast of Jewish and Marxist actors and writers, again mocking our history! Time Team presented by the Jewish Labour member Tony Robinson (Levy) unearthing and feeding us miss information, challenging decades of established history. They are ironically commissioned using a very generous budget in part from their extortion racket commonly known as the public license fee which is in reality equivalent to Paying for our own downfall’. The rest comes from land banking, privatisation and usurious banks or more correctly the Jewish theft of European wealth.

Another example of an ideology puppet is the vindictive Jew Simon Schama who presented the £16m BBC production  A History of BritainThis ‘showcase’ was deliberately manufactured to leap sporadically over cultural bonding events and only cherry picking symbolic figures that fit today’s Marxist ideology. The presenter Schama’s construct is intentionally entitled ‘A history…not THE insinuating a possibility for multiple alien views on British history when only the Briton should posit thought on his heritage in his ancestral land. Then, as if for good measure David Starkey with his early kings and Monarchy on channel 4. Yet suspiciously, Jew control makes sure the infamous dark ages of European history remains in the dark. 

It can’t be a coincidence the amount of writers, presenters, actors, musicians across the entertainment world do not align themselves, or openly support common sense nationalism, this shows them to be complicit ambassadors, if not, it can only be to advance their own careers, but then there’s always that calculated lone voice, the public figure seen as if at last one may have broken ranks, yet somehow still hangs on to his career i.e ”Jeremy Clarkson”, or their Marxist ace card ”Russell Brand” advocating national anarchy, chaos and individualist disorder (Marxism), all calculated well in advance to mislead and give the mass false hope.

Bring in the significance of the Jewish banker crime families, Russell” and lets see your balls ‘you fuckin blouse..

As I’ve said before the technique used is part of the common purpose and Frankfurt school. The same techniques have been used on populations for decades in the commercial marketing industry. It has been branded as neuro-linguistic programming along with critical theory used by the global Jewish financial elite to condition us into need and want. They then fill that need with a gluttonous load of worthless shite’merchandise, retail produce and cosmetically enhanced celebrities to worship, global consumerism at its best. Designed purely to gain profit and ultimately Power for the Jewish elite, globalism is dangerously used on us in the guise of Democracy, political correctness and multicultural compliance throughout Great Britain and Europe compromising our sovereignty, divided our folk and destroyed our borders and unbalanced our moral compass.

Another such target that identifies and anchors our culture is symbolic images! The old Red Telephone Box was a significant symbolic icon designed by Giles Gilbert Scott who was also the architect of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Nevertheless once the telephone exchange was privatised to BT, it paved the way to justifying the removal of another piece of British identity. It also applies to the Clyde Cymru Daffodil of Wales high jacked by Marie Curry trust, the Red Rose of Lancashire taken by the Labour Party, and now the Post Office has been privatised the famous iconic Pill Box will no doubt disappear from our streets. The new privatised post office group is now controlled by another global corporation employing only Union grudge bearing Marxists, card carrying new Labour members and voting foreigners who are now charged with quality controlling the countries ballot papers re postal voting during election time. Again this is a profit producing exercise for the global Zionists who are in a win win situation to destroy their enemies while at the same time double dip profiting.

All charities are now incorporated into an international Jewish conglomerate and encouraged or persuaded to adopt British symbols so as to corrode away the significance of their origin i.e Liverpool Liver bird now also Jew owned. Whilst Scotland, Wales and Ireland have on the surface been encouraged to retain their heritage and culture but coincidentally are fed endless amounts of anti-English history, economically they have been disenfranchised as the lie of devolution pulled them further into the Jewish EU net.

Judaism is the master of division because division is their unity SpokDivide and rule!! Yet Jew programming understands the importance of symbolism, and likes to fashionably precondition us into a gradual acceptance of their Judaic cult, decades of Star Trek programming, or even the kabbalist Madonna making satanic chaos fashionable are two prime examples. 

This subversive war (cultural Marxism) would have been so simple to recognise had it been done with guns, bombs and tanks, but it has all been done covertly through psychological terrorism and a glut of governmental policy enforced through Jewish Shetar legal system making it almost invisible. No doubt we are each guilty in some way of taking part, laughing and being entertained by either, or most of these Marxist vindictive media darlings, who sit amused knowing we have been getting sucked into our own cultural demise. In fact take into account this Masonic/Judaic ideology that in a Chutzpah like manner has castrated every avenue of our civil liberties. Yet they sit comfortably in the knowledge of having direct access to the nation’s personal data, names, addresses, even down to biometrics extracted from us when we seek permission to go traveling abroad. Do we have the comfort of owning a database of those same criminal enforcers who prowl society seeking to impose manufactured policy constraints that entrap us into their ransom system of involuntary debt slavery, or into their Kalergi program of social, and ethnic cleansing? Clearly the answer is NO!

Jew Judge

Lord Nueberger, the Zionist Jew president of the Supreme Court who began his career as a banker with NM Rothschild is most senior judge in the country and in a long line of Judaic head judges.

The Jewish controlled media are very generous identifying names and addresses of Nationalists, or providing the information about Mosques, Muslims or rogue Christian clerics who apparently ‘defy’ their system. However, do any of us ever think of collating personal and general information on those who enforce the will of this criminal infrastructure, who globally manufacture on us, a state of terror, fear and paranoia…

A pyramid infrastructure cultivated through Synagogues and their masonic temples and Town Halls, a trickle down infrastructure of Judges, councillors, magistrates, trade union leaders, Masonic Police members, Bailiff enforcers, Tabloid and high street Marxist book shops like News from nowhere in Liverpool city centre, all part of the Jew infrastructure. This is all covertly packaged and groomed through their Shetar legal system to sustain the status quo that is managing our nation, culture and race downwards.

Just like us, these Talmudic enforcers, along with their Marxist foot soldiers have names and addresses. Consider this for equality of arms!

I do not advocate anarchy I advocate discipline, order, justice stop+abuse+of+NHS+staffand equality of arms for all people. Those who naively work within the Jewish criminal infrastructure and recognize they are being morally challenged have a duty to the nation and folk to collate and whistle blow on these dual citizens of Israel (Aliyah)  and their international Marxist puppets whose lives have become a parody of contradictions.

Lessons of Babylon Race mixingIf our culture had been left alone, or encouraged instead of being destroyed by Zionism = Judaism, it would have retained all of our pride bonding traditions the glue that keeps us all together. Our children’s minds feed off all the vomit they produce and show on their Jew lantern’ TV’ and through the states anti-English, Anti-Family national curriculum. Our children are the direct targets for the Marxists. They are feminizing the males of our tribe and our children programmed to be submissive, subservient and ultimately embarrassed of our past; many parents are unaware of our children’s moral and ethical boundaries are being challenged in these so called safe schools we are being forced to send them-having no other choice.

The national curriculum is used against the child, deconstructing the child’s natural ability, by reprogramming in the way of the ideology, or by manipulating the child’s preferred creative study as leverage to force the child to accept subject matter that suits Marxist ideology.

Our children are becoming EU clones for the ideology whose puppet authorities are strictly guided by a distorted document, scaled and produced by infamous pedophile Dr Kinsey. 

Kinsey is the direct legacy of the Jew Hirschfeld who invented the pseudoscience of ‘sexology’. Post WWII Kinsey was commissioned by Jewish Zionist in the US government to continue the work of Hirschfeld. Kinsey’s so called ‘scientific’ research was based largely on exertions into prisons and state penitentiary’s across the U.S. His research studied only child The Kinsey Coverupmolesters, perverts, killers and psychopathic prisoners, male and female. Like the Jew Freud Kinsey also sexualized the development of the child but his ‘evidence’  was gathered from specifically targeted guinea pigs he and his pedophile friends were grooming within his circle of filthy cult followers. His friends were each allocated a daily diary to write and describe in detail how children reacted during and after molestation, what sort of moods, how friendly or distant they become that had to be periodically reported back to Kinsey. Most of the guinea pig child victims were actually sons, daughters, relatives and friends of the cult circle and the results presented as ‘scientific’! Once all the information was accumulated Kinsey then produced a misleading document of statistics based on his findings and related it as if it was based on a cross section of random people from across the U.S.A. The statistics were then approved by Jews and other Zionists in the American government. It was then sanctioned to use and incorporate into the U.S national curriculum and his statistics were eventually adopted by European countries, and has continued to be used within school National curriculum’s across the western World to this day which is why our children are being exposed to radical perverted sex education programming to normalize the abnormal. Google Labour 25 

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

Were fucked nowIf ever you visit Krakow take time out to visit this reproduced SET of Auschwitz but request the Jewish truth seeker David Cole to be your guide he is Jewish himself and will impress you. If not check out his Auschwitz video you will see he also has a target on his back. In fact the Jewish Zionist really didn’t like him pointing out the rather smart community swimming pool at the Labour camp so much so that it now appears to be in the process of being dismantled. Failing that, read the Leuchter report it is a great challenge for all the self-haters who like to self-flagellate to orgasm. I happened to travel to this Spielberg set in 2007.

Velly inte’vesting indeed…£££$$$……… I couldn’t keep a straight face …… Anyone for popcorn !

Remember laying bare their cry me an industry commonly known as ‘The Ho£ocau$t‘ means the end of Israel. Yet the final solution welcome home still awaits them, known as Birobidjan.

“REMEMBER!! Those who control your history control your future”

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