Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Gate Keepers

Lord Justice Fulford (immigrant), another gate keeper for their Shetar scam was Lord Justice Fulford pedonamed last year as an adviser to their glove puppet Queen” = J’United Kingdom PLC Ltd (The Jewish Crown Corporation) = fck the people.

He was appointed as a Lord Justice of Appeal on 10 May 2013.

Lord Justice Fulford was appointed Deputy Senior Presiding Judge for England and Wales, with effect from 1 January 2015.

Fulford (immigrant) was a key backer of the notorious PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange), Police suspect the group of abusing children on an ‘industrial scale’

He is revealed as a founder member of campaign to defend PIE at the time it was calling for the age of consent to be lowered to just four years old. Royal Puppet

The Talmudic Beast –  The Shetar protects the notion of :

‘Self defence, or defending values of liberty and truth without compromise is classed as extreme and is no defence’

With the exception of Jews who will be given special treatment, ie Greville Janner (immigrant) the Labour peer who has for decades’, beast’ed European children.

Janner (immigrant) also served as the president of the Board of Deputies, the main representative body for British Jews (immigrants), between 1978 to 1984, who also worked extensively to secure compensation for any Kalman, Schill’man, or Schamultzi’fart who volunteers to reinforce their lucrative, ”Cry, and lie me a Wo££ow’cau$t industry” charity fronts,    2,…    3,….   4….      5…..     6….. and here … YMCA

Janner (immigrant) also chaired the Wo££ow’cau$t  Educational Trust (to be sure of indoctrinating fables as fact) and served as a vice president of the World Jewish Congress Grevill Janneruntil 2009 and of the Jewish Leadership Council and now is being protected by their Shetar legal system circumventing the law.  Here is Lord Janner (pictured after being sworn in as a Queen’s Counsel in 1971) worked at Garden Court Chambers from the mid-1950s until 1986 – Who is Janner?

The Talmudic Shetar relentlessly asset stripping and subverting justice. 

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” – Frédéric Bastiat 

“We must fill the jails with anti-semites[sic], we must fill the insane asylums with anti-semites[sic], and send them to the school of bankruptcy. We must harass and persecute our enemies [all nations] to the extreme limits of current law, make new law where it proves effective, and must see their degradation taught in the schools to such an extent that none will dare to follow.” ~ From the Jewish “The American Hebrew[sic]” – 1947

Trust haha … It’s their lifeblood”

The formula of the Ltd Company, ‘Trust’ or corporation represents the life blood of the Jew, a self regulating private club of rules and regulations imposed on us through numerous front line charities and trust funds, for this is their method of trickery to harvest away the wealth of the Goy” there is nothing benevolent about our so called’, National Trust, Housing trusts, or cancer charity trusts when the beast is in involved ££$$. 

“JUDAISM is a license to lie, cheat, steal, rob, exploit, prostitute, enslave, destroy, torture, murder… as long as the victim is not a Jew [but is a White Caucasian Real Israelite Christian]. It’s a mental disease somewhere in between bipolar disorder and psychopathy. It’s the membership in a terrorist, satanic death cult.” -Andrew Winkler, Editor/Publisher, ZioPedia

What about this smug immigrant wearing on his face the Shetar shield of confidence….. according to this itinerant Jewish judge Chief Rabbi Neuberger of their very own (((Supreme))) Court based in Britain, before his resignation he alluded to: Winning or losing is (((their))) con’ju’ring trickalso confirming their historical and contemporary devious methods in his 17th May 2017 speech presented to another Jewish lobby group. It confirmed his belief that they had the upper hand, explaining just how Jews concealed themselves in what was known as “Domus Conversorum”, (from Latin meaning “House Converts” explained on page 3 in section 8 at end of paragraph). Link here…

So why should we question such a confident Shetar Judge on this matter? He has already judged the Talmudic/Judaic Shetar to be dominant over English law. We question it because it is international law and it is the nature of the tyrant. While so called ‘nice’ Jews and well-hidden conversos gleam their skewed concept of ‘benevolence’ publicly through charities and trusts they conspire against gentiles globally and their ultimate nemesis Europeans in private.

Lord Nueberger, the Zionist imigrant president of the Supreme Court, beginning his career as a banker with the NM Rothschild immigrants is most senior judge in the country and in a long line of Judaic immigrant head judges. He succeeded the immigrant Lord Wolf, who in turn succeeded the Jew immigrant Lord Phillips. So that makes last three heads of Britain’s Judiciary all Jewish immigrants.

So one must ask the question ? On the balance of probability would this happen under normal circumstance involving such a small impervious community (immigrants) who retain two passports (Aliyah) and allegiance to Israel ?

It shows our justice system filters through their synagogues and Masonic Temples. Which tells me there is one significant election affecting Britain’s national interest The United Kingdom Board of Deputies’  

If observations and truth are anti Semitic”,

Well slap me down with Gefüllter Fisch”,  because as a transgressing gentile”, thank god I’m guilty as fck!

or should I be like the rest of the sheep, thanking nice Jews for their leading role in changing the ethic make-up of my one and only nation, and embrace the genocide of our European tribe, thereby contradicting diversity through forced intergration.

The Britain’s are 4 tribes, of one European blood, and until we start pointing in the right direction we deserve what the Jew has in-store for us. 

So here’s to the beast, Thanks Jews” (immigrants)

Harry Kenneth WoolfCan it be a coincidence so many Jews (immigrants) controlling our nation.

Retired from his position as being the most senior Zionist Jew Judge in Britain – Harry Kenneth Woolf, Baron Woolf, PC, FBA, was Master of the Rolls from 1996 until 2000 and Lord (age 81)

Born: May 2, 1933, Newcastle upon Tyne Spouse: Marguerite Woolf Education: University College London.

Oh what a suprise another one !

Another cross dresser Zionist Jew Judge (immigrant) – Judge lord_phillips

Nicholas Addison Phillips, Baron Phillips of Worth Matravers KG PC (born 21 January 1938)[1] is a former English judge. (English? WTF) 

He is the founding President of the Supreme Court of the J’United Kingdom, holding office between October 2009 and October 2012. 

He is also the last Senior Law Lord and the first Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales to be head of the English judiciary when that function was transferred from the Lord Chancellor in April 2006.[2] Before his Chief Justiceship, he was the Master of the Rolls from 2000 to 2005.

For decades the Jewish victors of WWI/II have been very cunning in how they have used psychological terrorism on us through an infrastructure of gate keepers, a network of political, governmental, civil service, media and Marxist trade workers unions, and America is key to the illusion and depending on the situation is seen by the world as either a war monger or as the ‘moral’ peace keeper. The truth is the American flag is used in the same way as the British flag, to globally mislead the masses into believing it is the American, British or Europeans who are the trouble Cancermakers when in reality it is the Zionist Jews, like the Israeli lobby, Neo Cons and AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) an Israeli foreign agent ‘Kehilla’ occupying the White House and Senate etc. A shadow government-manipulating consensus, which sends our European folk (military) to be seen as the face of Imperialism.

The American people are too busy supporting plastic patriotism and the so called American dream to be aware of the foreign beast involved in the Gnrl George S Patton, and JF Kennedy assassinations, US Liberty & 911 Jewish events.
And here UK Inc Ltd (The Royal Family) is nothing more than a glove puppet show to deflect Zionist Jew trickery! And the same Zionist puppets reside in Great Britain’s Parliament they secure tribal members with nepotism in Town Halls across the nation. These are coordinated from their satellite EJU (European Jewish Union) Parliament “The engine room” attached to the larger European Union building in Brussels. And just like America, this shadow government (foreign agent) manipulates policy towards their objective.

For decades the Jews have been feeding us many distractions to keep us busy while they feast.

Serbia, Greece, Spain, Italy Iraq, Afghanistan and now Iran! They have absorbed all these nations assets into their Jewish so called Democratic Banking system of DEBT to accelerate descent and absorb the host nations wealth into their criminal usurious (credit + interest) debt slavery.

All Police and Military are now being trained up in Israel or by organizations contracted to Israel. Even having a London, Paris, Tel Aviv based Mossad front group in “Black Cube” a private Israeli legal team of ex Mossad and Shin Bett for intel gathering, phone tapping etc in order to protect, and secure Israel’s/Jewish dominance and control of global accountancy/money. link here….. and here..France Jews

The Police now can only be seen as militarized and are in fact covertly an occupying private military force, unlawfully enforcing and agitating for the Jew World Order.

All the forces across the world are having a 2 week course being trained up in the same Jewish Bolshevik wicked methods which elevated the Jews to dominant position.

Jews get one to one Policing on London streets!! See here.
Haaha you couldn’t make this shit up.

What other community has this sort of influence across the Violenceglobe and we have to pay for the privilege for doing so!! WTF … All roads lead to Israel.

Behind the scenes, just like our National Health service, our Military and Police are being managed downwards to justify handing over to their corporate sector, charged with a global UN military mix of politically correct enforces who’s allegiance will be to the Ju’WO.

Jewish Corporations like G4S and Serco sit like vultures waiting for the trigger to exercise the Bolshevik methodology on the masses entrusted to them by the Zionist Jew criminal banker families.

Jew encouraging Jews to join the Police Service – Their page with details of the current JPA campaign to recruit one new officer from every synagogue.

MP Mathew Gould British Cyber security OCSIA working for Israel…. Operation TALPIOT

IDF VETS TRAIN NY JEWISH PARAMILITARIES and the same training for all Jews is happening across Europe. This organization has trained 4,000 Jewish volunteers to keep synagogues safe.

Their global infrastructure is huge and maintained through their Talmudic Shetar legal system. Their own private star chamber courts sit and make sure it circumvents the host nations laws not just here in Great Britain but all over the US and Europe. A tribal nepotism concealed beneath the nations flag, a tribal loyalty, and like a virus moving in one direction!! ISRAEL!

Israeli policy offers inducements to its extended tribe in an attempt to legitimise its stolen Palestinian land claim by offering citizenship and lucrative property claims as it advances (Aliya). So how can a foreigner (Jew) globally sitting in prominent seats of authority of a host nation holding two passports, ever be loyal to the host nation who has protected him.

Now we see their UN (J’United Nations Inc) being moved to their symbolic construct, the stolen land called Israel to consolidate even more control within Shylocks engine room. 

Even the New York Police department has moved an office over to consolidate more Shylock control.

NYPD In Israel: Police Department Opens Branch In Kfar Saba With Lone Detective Charlie Ben-Naim

Tony Blair’s ex-private secretary becomes Britain’s ambassador to Israel to take more orders from Shylock 

Jewish courts already in use in the UK but have been kept quiet while tying up all the loose ends.

The prohibition of « usury » in the Bible

Were fucked nowAll this global chaos caused by Jewish Zionism hangs on the back of 2 things which they own and control,” 

1, The bill of exchange (They don’t need the masses to wake up to the fact their wealth is only based on extended credit of promissory notes,  fiat (money), and so long as they keep to the script, or are useful in some other way will remain solvent. But! move beyond the hamster wheel of their construct, and individually asset credit will be switched off, or frozen, as is done with rogue sovereign nation states who refuse to kneel to Zionist Democracy) … Link here.

2, Their lucrative cry, and lie  me a Wo££ow’Cau$t industry which at this present moment, globally, hangs in the balance (They don’t need the masses to discover their clever Holocaust fable has hidden Jewish crimes of ethnic cleansing and genocide of all races, but not as fast as the European, the beast is scared shitless that the European will one day wake up to the unspoken Holodomor secret which puts their fable into insignificance, but just in-case Europe wakes up, they have a fall back position over all “Goy”…that being their.. Samson option! )


Now consider this….

“The most dangerous man to Jewish usury ‘Adolf Hitler’ who against all odds and many assassination attempts on his life by the banker crime families still managed to revive Germany’s European pride and spirit and created using the Feder economic model without the backing of gold or Jewish illusion, the only truly socialist ideology to have ever existed. No way were the Jewish Banker crime families going to allow this ‘broken free’ rogue nation to retain for its folk 100% employment, protect agrarian production, ban mortgages, offer interest free loans and pay married couples to have children. This contagion had to be stopped in its tracks before it liberated the whole of Europe!’. ” PQ


Pay attention to the attached link “James Perloff – Hitler vs. The Elite Cabal of International Bankers”

The ballot box is finished for the Europeans so get used to living in a one party state.

Their cry, and lie me a Wo££ow’Cau$t fable has for decades been deflecting away unimaginable crimes against European Christians, these race destroyers continue to ethnically cleanse Europe since ie Russian revolution, Holodomor, WWI/II = Christian Europe, and still today using modern day government policy encouraging mass immigration, or sending our European folk (Military) to their proxy wars across the planet, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine and now closer to home once again Ukraine (Europe).

Now consider this: “Israel’s Internet Censorship War – If Americans Knew” and the same goes for Europe…

Taking all the above into consideration, how do you think Aaron Kosminski the Polish immigrant serial killer remained so illusive for decades? 

They have divided our 4 tribes of these Isles‘, the Britain’s” using religious, racial and gender tensions to

Talmudic law by proxy.

Jews use Radical Islam to anger + flood our nation, while advocating Sharia law = Talmudic law by proxy, insured through the constraints of Politically correct bullshit. Question? Who has the finger on the button of forced intergration ?

keep us shadow boxing the illusive intangible, so if we don’t wake up to this internal beast, the Archipelago tribes of our Albion nation will be discarded to the dustbin of history.

Yet! Did you know Jews already had a homeland the size of Switzerland ?…. No, not Madagascar …..  Birobidzhan” ”yes!.

”The Jews of Birobidzhan”, ”Calling Israel!” ”Calling Israel!”….”A calling to all Jews… Stop wandering the globe you race destroyers we have room for you all here. Afterwards all individual nations can then adopt the Byzantium method.


9 comments on “Gate Keepers

  1. Phil Marriott
    May 2, 2015

    Nice article Peter .


  2. Sam
    May 4, 2015

    Jews with dual passports, immigrants calling themselves “English” all subversives. All these “English” immigrants are really only loyal to their blood, their tribe, and in any situation where they would have to choose the U.K. or their third world banana republic, they would without fail choose to their blood tribes advantage (which is never the U.K. in their case).

    Would we argue a British man born in China is a Chinaman? Or if born in Mexico is a Mexican? No, we would well know by blood they were British, so too is that true for any immigrant living in Britain.

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