Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Plunder part 3/10 …… ‘Unlawful Eviction’

It was not necessary for me to lose my home in September 2013 but for the thieving 1%loan predators and their third party Jewish bank who by design baited the trap in anticipation of a land swipe. The birth bond was originally a mechanism of social and national security but the Jew has hijacked it to gain access to the nation’s treasury on par with an identity theft. This parasite manipulated the system to gain total credit from my pre-paid account (the dowry owed to me) to use at no risk to their tribe. Consequently wealth in terms of property that should remain a NATIONAL asset is floated on the international stock markets profiting the Jewish bankers and impoverishing European people.

I was enticed via this bait and switch operation to consent (signature) for the Jew to use my £350k home as security. What should be a debt free loan from the National European Social fund (birth bond) the Jewish tribe has deceitfully switched into a debt laden private mortgage. Again using word play it is insinuated that he is the lender not the European Nation from which he has plundered. The agent involved in this corporate plunder could never have raised repayments in the first place without my signature as surety on the bond for my “small” short term (1 year) borrowings of £47k. This created a bill of exchange that the agent transferred to a third party Jewish bank. At this point the Jew is able to access my birth bond pre-paid account (public hazard bond). When I defaulted it mattered not that I had previously repaid £32k towards the £47k borrowed, personal borrowings from my mother, the Jewish banker claimed all leaving me-the European destitute.

This is how the Jewish racketeers do it….

A loan is signed by the mortgagor (grantor/home buyer) with the agent (legal dept.). The signature gives the predator your permission or more correctly makes it look ‘lawful’. The agent (legal dept.) then hands it over to his associate the facilitator ofID the mortgage (Bank). As security the bank are now in the position of the mortgagor’s power of attorney and from this position they are able to securitise our worth by trading, in their new position as donee, (person who is given power of appointment) on the likes of the IMC financial markets having cunningly circumvented the mortgagor (grantor/home owner)  “Read warning here”. Now from the outset the bank is obligated to indemnify the mortgage and mortgagor against default (European Parliament Directive 2006/48/ECEU.) However, unbeknown to the mortgagor (Home buyer/holder) a prior agreement between associate (bank) and Bank of England must first be reached by the agents associate (Bank) if it is their intention to waive any indemnity in favour of an alternative method. If no such agreement was made the liable sum involved in any default should in reality be the responsibility of the Bank, if not, the EU protocol still stands in favour of the mortgagor (homeowner). Consequently, in the event of a continued default the agent is able to trigger the indemnity for full settlement but because of ‘Shetar rules’ the banks are able to circumvent the mortgagor (homeowner) and prevent all communication between both the ‘insurance company’ and ‘mortgagor’ and deal direct with the insurance company’ thereby leaving the mortgagor unaware of a claim or settlement having ever taken place. This cuts the mortgagor out of the deal enabling the Jewish racketeers to walk away with both the property and insurance settlement. This is also against public policy (Constitution) and RICO act securities.

Land Reg 1MORTGAGE (VOLUME 77 (2010) 5TH EDITION)/1. DEFINITION AND CLASSIFICATION/(1) IN GENERAL/103.  Validity of charge on mortgagor’s whole estate. See Re Clarke, Coombe v Carter (1887) 36 ChD 348 at 352-353, 355, CA; Re Turcan (1888) 40 ChD 5 at 9, (Re- our livelihood etc)

CA (covenant to settle after-acquired property); Re Kelcey, Tyson v Kelcey [1899] 2 Ch 530 at 532-534; Syrett v Egerton [1957] 3 All ER 331, [1957] 1 WLR 1130, DC

The deceit was revealed in the 2006 EU directive. This proves that there exists an indemnity for the mortgagee protecting home owners not the Jewish banks or lenders, who from the outset spread and lay off your insurance bond once bundled as a gamble investment on the futures stock market. It matters not to us if they make bad investments over the lifetime of a mortgage. However, the 2008 financial crash shows the Attorney general in the government (House of Shebat) to be complicit in the criminal deception as they deferred liability over to the public purse when in fact the EU Directive 2006/48/EC; Article 44 6* – Article 1. 1 – Article 4 (1) (a) (b)  7* – Article 117. 1 (a) 8* shows the investors should have absorbed the loss themselves not the home owner (mortgagor) who is currently acting as surety for the combined sums raised that allows the Jewish tribe to play their high risk game of roulette. Prior to this loss and throughout the period of this unilateral agreement the property owner had never received any share of the lucrative profits from the banks initiative. In fact the home owner only gains security insurance through the retention of his home and he doesn’t even realise that he is gambling!

It is similar to the way a professional gambler places a large, short or long term bet in a bookmakers. The bookie lays the punters high risk off with other bookies to indemnify against a large win and large pay out. From the minute the punter pledges funds with the bookie the bookie can start using, investing and increasing it, but the punter has no right over the profits of the bookies initiative. However if the punter loses his bet, he only loses the amount pledged and the bookie continues to enjoy unhindered all the profits raised prior through the punters pledge. In the case of the mortgagee a contract has been introduced which gives them power of attorney allowing them to swiftly ‘fire sale’ sell the property and settle all and any additional debts attached to your name if you fail to make payments. This agreement would never have been in place under normal circumstances (debt free loan from the National European Social fund) (birth bond)

The clock starts ticking against the home owner from the day he defaults on repayments. The Jew only has to ‘prove’ that a contact exists between him and the home owner allowing him to claim possession of the property. An appearance in a County court has only to prove that this contract exists. The appearance is the admission, at which point they kick start the eviction. The insurance indemnity that protects the European social mechanism is written in the European Parliament Directive 2006/48/ECEU and suggests that the mortgagor (home owner) can challenge the claims and jurisdiction prior to the hearing. However, while it looks like you might have a chance of defending your position by counter-claiming with your argument in this climate it will only serve to delay the inevitable. Though the true court jurisdiction of chancery/admiralty is a lethal position for the banks as it can if argued competently expose the banks bait and switch for what it truly is-a criminal deception; in an atmosphere in which Jewish chutzpah can overrule evidential proof as yet the only line is exposing their criminality.

Maxim – “Equity regards substance rather than form.”

The Jewish Shetar and banking deception is absolute piracy. An “intertwining web of criminal plunder” that by default procures possession over property by a clever Refugee 2practice that property owners or so called debtors who once enticed into commercial redemption are unaware of. Once blindly mired it is an entrapment that cannot be reverse via their system. Do not expect one of their officers of the court (Solicitor) to help you. He is well aware that his role is to gate keep and favour an outcome for the Jewish tribe by entrapping you into the slow death of high cost and complex procedure that contributes to the solicitor’s slice of the poison cake. (Commercial redemption v money changers  1…….,   2………, )

At this now fragile crucial point in the long term game of Judaic Zio-Marxist global plunder litigating your own defence in person can expose the Jewish game. Allowing you presentation the Judge in his capacity of administrator of the trust recognises his own weak position bearing witness to the inequality of arms and will artfully show a semblance of impartiality. Nevertheless, this is all part of the act. In my case it took 5 evictions, 2 being physical at my home before the Jewish cabal were able to plunder my assets outright. At the court I navigated through some basic methods to get a reprieve on 3 occasions but it was the 4th unsuccessful eviction that revealed even more of the scam. On their first failed attempt the contracted county court bailiffs turned up waving a carefully folded piece of unsigned paper. This masqueraded as an ‘official’ letter from one of Her Majesty judges ordering me to surrender. Yet curiously they held it firmly away from my inspection knowing that if I was to have full disclosure it would reveal the scam. My reply to them was to quote my constitutional right to resist “The Protection of eviction act 1977 and The Criminal Law act 1977” and Magna Carta chapter 61. Due to my none-compliance the pirate Unbalancing justicebailiffs immediately contacted their Shetar mercenary enforcers AKA ‘Police’ for backup. They soon arrived with sirens blaring for full visual effect. The idea is that the entrance of ‘law enforcement’ will disorientate and strong arm me to consent to their scam. Before long an array of occupied police vehicles were on full display outside my house waiting for the signal to assist from the leading female officer. She was standing alongside their Bailiff friends with approx. 15 other Policy enforcers trying to convince us they had a lawful right of possession. Now consider the numerous misleading fear programs like the BBC’s “The Sheriffs are coming” preconditioning us to accept their Jewish Zio-Marxist Shetar construct as a lawful institution-well let us test the water!

My property was surrounded by high walls and gates. I along with friends and associates who had volunteered to stage a “lawful” standoff remained within the boundaries while others defended their position from the inside of my home in anticipation of repelling the pirates. It took us 3 hours of defiance, including filming and recording the events before the bailiffs realised I was not going to volunteer consent. They then decided to call off the attack citing their concern for the safety of the Police and the uncertainty of what and how many were securing the property from within, warning me that they would return with reinforcements the following day. I informed the leading officer that none of this would have been necessary had the bailiff openly given me full disclosure of the folded document. They and the Police had unconstitutionally aided and abetted in a criminal act. I also informed them that when they return it better be with a real document from a lawful Judge acting within the common law and not in his corporate capacity and not another photo shopped possession order which had been offered that day.

The following day we staged another standoff in anticipation of the enforcers returning. We stayed 4 hours before we stood down knowing they had not applied for another warrant. We suspected that they were planning a forced entry without any form of documentation. This did happen 2 days later while absent on a family visit. It didn’t take me long before I retook possession and reporting the criminal offence to the Police station. Here I was told it was not a Police matter and they refused to Policemake out a report only compounding police complicity in this property grab. I remained in the property a further 21 days before the agents for the Jewish bank, Bailiffs and the so called impartial Police, combat style, arrived back at my home. They were accompanied by 4 large military matrix style Police vans and smaller vehicles filled with mercenaries to reinforce their impartiality. They showed me another dubious folded document to take possession. It was now obvious that the Shetar was in full plunder mode and shylock was not going to let this one slip through the net even though it contravened the bullshit of article 17 of the EUHR and the right to resist “The Protection of eviction act 1977 and The Criminal Law act 1977” etc. Within 20 minutes of arriving the Police that we depend as public peace keeping officers to enforce public law were operating instead as private commercial mercenaries and did aid and abet the private bailiffs to trespass and force entry to my property thereby overriding constitutional matters. Our small resistance group tried their best to protect our position but were overpowered by the mob of Shetar enforcers. Also in this final episode representatives from the bank who had facilitated the loan and eventual court action suddenly took a back seat. Meanwhile bizarrely 6 strange representatives from an alternative Jewish bank were allowed to infiltrate and take control of the situation this alone exposed the fraud taking place. This was all under the supervision of the Police(y) officers who restrained our group while protecting the Shetar pirates who were free to attack and physically carry me off my own property.

Maxim “Equity abhors a forfeiture.”

Having gifted power of attorney over my affairs to do with what they please I have not heard from any of the Jewish banks, or their third party interlopers from that day Copsto this. However, interestingly after making enquiries into their fire sale of my property I found that it was covertly sold to a mixed race family within the Police and probation service both attached to the same Shetar legal system. How’s that for Jewish Zio-Marxist ‘legal’ money laundering…The Jew has contaminated the civil service, police and convinced the Military into fighting their enemy, yet it is we the European public who are on the front line of imported criminality and the fallout from Jewish wars. Are the police and civil service blind to the fact that they are protecting the infrastructure of the Jewish elite and caring for an invading army of imports or is securing their job more important than preventing the genocide of our race…

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