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‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Plunder Part 4/10 .. ‘IDP’ (Internal Displaced Person)

CopsAlthough it wasn’t until the Jewish event, with the uncertainty of impending evictions I arranged for my disabled son to stay with his brother who had ‘for geographical reasons’ previously taken up full time residence with his mother. I had thought it would be a short term solution not realising it would take me almost 18 months to remedy some sort of secure residence to get him back into my full time care.

From infancy, my son no doubt a vaccine damaged child has had border line autistic/aspergers and later on symptoms of OCD and is under outpatient psychiatric care. Such fear and anxiety disorders are associated with hyperactivity of the amygdala or having one amygdala that is smaller than the other. The sudden development within the last few decades of Clown doctor vaccinatesuch syndromes as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and social anxiety disorder must be linked to the rise in artificial chemical food additives, environmental pollutants and vaccinations. Basically, says Weinberger, “the behavioural level of the person’s anxiety was related to the biological level of his amygdala activity”  indicating that artificial chemical manipulation whether internal (in the womb) or external will effect mental health. In my sons case over producing high levels of “Homocysteine” a corrosive organic chemical associated with Alzheimer’s. Consequently at 16 having negotiated his young life through the chaos of government sanctioned normal, through the likes of drug infused MTV etc a fashionable introduction to ecstasy lead my son to experiment one night, from which point his condition was seen to accelerate and made even worse after I unknowingly delivered him into the hands of so called intellectually superior psychiatrists and psychologists who from the outset failed to take a simple blood test which would have identified and able to treat the corrosive chemical. Such a test should have been done well before initiating injurious anti-psychotic treatment. Such people have almost ‘legally’ lobotomised him with a toxic mix of hallucinogenic remedies leaving him in a type of suspended animated state as another damaged long term customer of the unethical industry who’s power far outstrips the law.

With actions against himself getting more serious my son had been rapidly deteriorating for some time following our eviction. Still more confusing to him is the loss of all his own property and personal belongings, bed, furniture, TV, music equipment and clothing etc.. The most dramatic effect on him has been leaving behind his peaceful garden and surroundings that had brought stability to his isolated world. I having had decided, for practical and financial reasons, to abandon the contents only walking out with a rucksack each. I honestly hadn’t realised how much the pressures of my son’s condition would affect both him and his mother. Yet all this time staying at his mother’s home he was still choosing to live out of a suitcase; a major factor in his inability to feel secure or have the privacy his condition demanded. Even more so his condition had developed reliance on me-his dad and the separation caused anxiety. Consequently, I found that I was taking him to the hospital A+E for treatment more frequently affecting all the family. At this point I knew I had to take immediate action to bring some security to my son’s life. I had to bring a halt to my yearlong couch surfing, empty property squatting and temporary position myself back into the despotic system.

An indication of our plight occurred during my son’s last episode. My son’s mother registered him with the council to get him a place of his own, the privatised group trusts that constitute ‘council housing’ now, knowing as his carer I would move in with him. From the outset he was awarded level C on the housing need scale, a low level band from their so called trust group partnership that could have taken years to remedy.

Goy slaveryA major problem contributing to my not finding a solution sooner was my inexperience and suspicion of the complex despotic social system. At the time of our eviction I only had the income from my carers allowance or jointly my son’s disability allowance that was being drained by the DWP (Department of works and pensions) over court and bailiff costs to work with and after decades of being independent I could not comprehend how from this disadvantaged position I was ever going to be able to afford a home for us both. Witnessing my son’s increasing trauma I realised I had to do something fast and dramatic thus I registered myself as homeless in the hope that it would be an advantage in gaining stable refuge for my disable son as soon as possible.

I had been previously told of organisations like the Whitechapel centre, or alternatively the Salvation Army in Liverpool. Both registered charities offering shelter to occupying imports invading our land but were also obliged to take in displaced locals. This was another eye opening journey for me. I was now seeing first hand at base level the objectives of the castroite system constructed by the Jewish infiltrators. They offered that which already belonged to us back as a baiting benevolence rendering us all subservient and ready to accept any small mercies.

It was Monday July 27th 2015 when I decided to first try the Salvation Army. I started at the Green lane shelter L13 who, after completing initial registration papers, sent me onto to the Whitechapel shelter in Liverpool City Centre. This is just another part of the same despot network that delivers our inheritance as Jewish benevolence (word play).  Here I fully registered as an IDP (Internal displaced person). At approx. 3pm I arrived and immediately after explaining matters completed their applicatory papers. Afterwards I sat in the makeshift canteen for an hour with other IDP’s and occupying imports. I contemplated events while waiting to be screened. Then I was called back into the office to be further interviewed, this time by the management and one staff member. Here I was pilloried, told to read their equality rules and warned they had researched my back ground through media articles on the net. Informing me that I was still a member of so called ‘nationalist’ parties (governmentTruth is set ups full of wandering Jews that I left in March 2012) and that I had made my nationalist politics public. They needed reassurance that I would keep to the rules and keep political opinions to myself, telling me the shelter would be full of (occupying forces) immigrants early in the morning (keep in mind most have left their women folk alone and are collaborating with Jewish engineered African and Middle Eastern contrived conflicts).

The European grammar of self Tollerence Johnathon BowdenIt was obvious from the outset that the first interviewer, who had registered me, had all the hallmarks of the Marxist Frankfurt School and had alerted management to the ‘situation’. I could not believe the hypocrisy of the one sided rules they had lorded over me. So I immediately replied with…..

Screening and singling me out with implied questioning re ‘racism’, ‘hate’ and ‘homophobia’ is full of bigotry in itself …… You people are so ignorant of your own politics of ‘racism’ and ‘hate’……………..How have you associated all this implied hate with my social conscience and national principles? ………….. First off I am not with any Zionist democracy party and especially not their BNP….. My time with them ceased after uncovering the Zionist friends of Israel shill Griffin who was another controlled opposition puppet for the Jewish banks. ….So you’re implied questioning is positively biased in that………‘Will the same line of questioning be used with the immigrants concerning me having had to register here?’ ………. I will answer that for you…… ‘no it won’t’.

(It’s as if these imported pets are now passified by the same serial killer having butchered their families and or displaced them, now softens them up with preference inducements, pointing towards the killers home for resettlement with the objective for them to adapt into the killers consumer debt system of control.)

Before long I was in a full on back and forth blazing row with both staff who were stunned by my replies.

I continued ….. I have been levelled to an IDP the same base construct that expedites your new imports into a secure shelter or permanent home and other inducements. CharityYet I’ve not questioned their head start on me even though I have  worked and input all my life………….. I have compassion and respect for all people and only see the imports used as nothing more than well informed and cared for pawns in this Zionist game of displacement and replacement …………… used to cause racial, sexual and religious tensions……  So don’t warn me on how to behave to your guests…………. I am not here for charity I am here for my entitlements, interests and social insurance…. yet since arriving at this shelter under no provocation I have been insulted and degraded by your staff and I have refrained from reacting …. but under these circumstances you give me no other option but to establish my position ………………. During my tick box screening I have been racially and sexually abused having been singled out as well as being asked my nationality, ‘gender’ and mobility, by definition all these are my disabilities, I am well aware that if a fail to tick the right box’s I could jeopardise my position on being allocated a position on the PC register for a home ‘relegated’ which has serious ramifications to my sons life………………….. You warned me if I am to be accepted here, to keep my politics to myself and yet you have shoved your politics in my face to read and bait me to accept and you IDexpect me ‘not’ to have an opinion……………………… It’s your despotic politics that removed my independence bringing me to this position of dependency ……………..From the outset you asked me for my National Social insurance number followed by my signature which, obviously you are aware initiates the flow of credit from MY birth bond account which makes me an integral part to this so called benevolent agreement (commercial redemption), or more like a bait and switch to your private held trust of our true none profit State social mechanisms of entitlement and interests which you help plunder tax free for your off shore corporate financiers……………….. It is….my allocated bond….. My allocated account…. Me paying you and your corporate body for my own care ………. It is I who am the stock asset……. you know like “cattle” up for sale in the farmers market…. …………… Do not think that I am just another naive or gullible drug addict, mental or alcoholic victim you’re obviously used to kicking about…… I recognise your private company sees me as the stock asset to be flouted for profit……………….. so with respect I am claiming my position within your pirate construct as being identified as an IDP (Internal Displaced Person) under siege from your tyrannical government who have taken away my independence having plundered my business, home, property and split up my family while my son throughout all this has had failing health……………….I will expect nothing less than what your new live stock (immigrant imports) are being induced with.………….But if this is too much would you like me to take my business elsewhere. 

It eventually ended with a long silent pause!! When suddenly the manager replied ‘Ok we apologise’ and would I like to wait back in the canteen, which I did. I realised I had touched a nerve and no doubt it was the ‘racism’ button. They recognised it was volcanic and the fact that I had enough to bring a discrimination charge, duty of care and breach of contract action against their so called benevolent charity. This could jeopardise their lucrative cash cow of people trading and EU and Parliamentary money laundering feeding a linked network of tax free, back up quango support groups, a place to farm new arrivals, like Crisis, Centrepoint and other local and national and corporate charity fronts, 2,… 3,…. 4 ….5,….. 6, 

Twenty minutes went by until I was called back into the office by the manager who continued with the paperwork. I was Screw yougiven a further apology being told I had been clever with my replies….. I stayed silent… This last statement revealed a lot more about her and the institution than she realised… I knew from that point they would be putting my name on alert. Nevertheless, before long I was accepted on their little interim scheme and was soon afforded a temporary overnight sit up shelter allocated elsewhere within their solvent network of charities within the town. This was on the condition that I would return to the Whitechapel at 8pm that night to be privately taxied over. Otherwise I could lose my long term eligibility to the service of this overnight, keep the homeless off the street, shelter.

The arrangement was a small waiting room (debtors prison) in the basement of their network hostel. All goyim (cattle) were allocated a floor space and for my ‘comfort’ given an almost clean worn out pillow and an old crispy sleeping bag. We were all monitored by an overnight male warden sitting at a computer in the same room, a compassionate guy who had himself previously been driven through the same despot system. Deep in thought, I soon settled amongst 9 other livestock assets (people) and we began exchanging life stories while in the background the Rabi’s lantern TV projected the usual daily preconditioned instructions to the global mass.

“How the hell was I to stay silent and not have an opinion amongst all this political commerce?”

I was amongst a mixed bag of multiracial imports and indigenous youth. This included unwanted battle scarred British military that will be at risk of arrest as trained I delivered democracy for the Jews ! Didnt I do well -subversives when the shit hits the fan but until that time they are useful pawns. The Jewish occupier sees them as a lucrative resource when it comes to fundraising and charity foundation fronts or to acerbate the open wound of political conflicts in order to affect social mood swings. This is how diverse this sub-group of apparent ‘social misfits’ is given that in a healthy homogenous society the last person to be a displaced misfit would be a patriotic defender of his fatherland. However, my first overnight stay went without incident. We were wakened by the warden at 7.30am and privately taxied back over to the Whitechapel. Here we signed the routine register that insures the flow of tax free credit and were breakfast and shower facilities were marginally catered for. My foremost responsibility at that time was to get to my son as soon as possible. I dare not leave him alone once his mother had left for work. I had previously alerted the management to my responsibilities and it was agreed that I could leave as soon as I had the all clear from duty wardens.

Soon the management had me back in the office interrogating me as to where all the money re Quiggins insurance compensation had gone; informing me that they had read that I was a millionaire. It is a huge joke that typically I was still being judged through Jewish media programming, a technique used by the Yiddish business for decades towards disobedient cattle that stray beyond the fence. It wasn’t long before I was again in a heated back and forth discussion. I was told I would remain under investigation by the Department of Works and pensions (DWP). I continued to smile at the fact they had revealed another piece of the jigsaw. The flow of money was defiantly being credited from my account.

I was now in the thick of it, and able to see first-hand the symbiotic relationship between the DWP, council and how the tax free trust charities control the housing stock unchallenged. PregnantThis enabled the Jewish occupier to ‘gradually transplant’ urban areas with their politically correct quota of non-Europeans in-line with their inner city achievements through their Zio-weapon of rainbow pride and forced integration. This is what affirmative action against our tribe looks like.

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