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Plunder… part 5/10 Refugee

My time in the sit up…..

I took advantage of this arrangement for 10 nights and was able to openly and attentively interact Nazi 2with a number of switched on individuals even though I knew I was being monitored. Discussions during my time in the sit up were varied, but a notable one taking place was the recruitment drive in full swing concerning a well-funded trade union group called the ‘Love activists‘. This group have a regular stall in the city centre, feeding on the homeless and interacting with ‘immigrant imports‘. A coordinated, solvent ‘charity’ front, they also have a discreet symbiotic relationship with the network of Marxist trade unions and occupied council. As such they were keen to offer ‘homeless individuals‘ and ‘immigrant imports‘ indefinite bed, shelter and food on the condition that they camp at a local park close to the city centre in Aigburth or other such sites in the north west region like Manchester etc.

Control the opposition.

(It seems the Jew has monopolised, on the back of the Actuarial  science“, the industry of ‘Insurance of prediction of success or failure’ by betting on both sides. This is the science of contingency that he applies to all his dirty dealings-Also see dialectics)

The trade union puppet-masters are able to affect a favoured outcome for them alone by embeddingHey Rabbi a sinister construct in-between opposing principles. This compromises the workers but at the same time arms the anarchist agitators to favour the Jewish monopolised corporations and creates a guaranteed cause and effect. This in the short term goes unnoticed but the unity of the worker and anarchist is now at the beck and call of the Jewish manipulator. A similar formula is used within all occupied societal structures. Thus the Zio-Marxist politically correct construct now rampant in all European Nations guarantees an unnatural outcome by generating “cause and effect”. This chutzpah is a lucrative Jewish business while it beats our race into submission.

The Jew manipulates from the side lines and it is glaring obvious with the immigration and charity issue. It is they that engineer the chaos through the mass importation of non-Europeans and evicting native Europeans from their homes. Then using the guise of benevolence and compassion send in their ‘charity’ fronts that while attracting voluntary help from those with a social conscience is in actuality benefiting the Jewish purse. Indeed ‘the art of war‘ here is to trap the mass within their dialectic. The Jew is always the schemer rather than the worker.

I have witnessed systematic hordes of their trained up leaders alongside their Marxist trade union lookbehindthecurtainagitators and trolls that shadow true nationalists on public forums and on the street holding back the organic rise of nationalism. However, the mood is rapidly changing now that the Talmudic hand controlling the ‘bluff’ ‘bag of wind’ is being exposed. Now the Jewish Zio-Marxist are having to rapidly despatch plastic laws and ransom packages to divert the public away from knowledgeable nationalists or anyone who is willing to expose the Jewish criminal  establishment. Nevertheless, to reinforce the illusion some sacrificial targets and high profile figures are being detained in custody to reinforce the toxicity of the subject and generate enough PR to ward off other would be Jew savvy whistle blowers and terrify the mass into compliance. The public are so programmed that it disorientates them so that they fail to consider anything other than the Jew controlled official narrative; yet every law changed by the Jew is a marketable product of ‘fines, warrants and charges’ (Gilts) to sell on the futures stock market which are then included in creative economic bookkeeping “Trade Accounts” in central banks.

The Love activist charity I speak of above were supplying the Sefton park meadows. This was an arrangement were a well organised trade union ‘protest’ front were dug in with low level Trotsky anarchists, a Marxist cell acting out opposition to the council’s sell off of public space. On the surface naive volunteers were offered tents, food and other aids to care for the homeless yet since Jewish Zio-Marxism had arranged these circumstances in the first place  they are in merely pacifying inducements to endorse and widen the ranks of this Marxist sub group. Local residents involved in this ‘moral’ crusade to save public open space are lured into a false sense of security and duped into supporting the Marxist activists in their 24/7 land swipe. This has allowed the residents to stand down and relax their own vigil allowing the Trotsky militants, local green party puppets and their rainbow warrior friends to control and manipulate the site and message. Locals, unaware of the underlying political objective, compassionately feed these artificially placed people for many months not realising that it is a contrived situation. The whole system is dialectical with the Zio-Marxist controlling all sides. “All parties adopt political correctness or Marxism so you’re only (((CHOICE))) is their choice hence one party state.” The current ‘moral’ ideal is channelled through one of their political (Green) opposition ‘friends of Israel’ front groups. Green being the new puppet party, their alternative safe house to manipulate easily led moral crusaders and a new spring board for more global village anarchists.

Confirmation that this situation has been produced for the cameras was highlighted when this same camp suddenly expanded on the day of Mayor Andersons contrived opposition to the so called ‘White Man March’. Coordinated in Liverpool City Centre with other Anarchist 3Trotsky anarchists posing as ‘opposition’ to the Jewish Zionist occupied Government engaged to publicly perform a violent clash for the media. Afterwards these Trotskyites went onto attend the former Trotsky militant, ‘Mayor Andersons photo shoot as part of a TV documentary in order to maximise the Zionist message against a nations true last line of defence Nationalists‘, the setting was all so cliché.

These obscure rallies that bear bait a political or racial opportunity suddenly appear from nowhere are led by covert (Police/military) or militant Trotsky anarchist front cells. Always ‘colourfully’ coordinated and unified they often face relaxed Policing and false opposition from the Zio-Marxist regime in order for the cliché narrow angled photo opportunity. You can bet a pound to a penny the Jew or one of his finger puppet politicians will be in the isles agitating and skimming the PR. There’s nothing worse than witnessing Jewish Zio-Marxist and White traitors forcibly fighting for a future without Aryan people. This is an artificial process forcibly breeding out our race by miscegenation with the darker races. So why would any numbskull support the forced acceleration of breeding out the racially pure beauty of one race to Unite union 2forcefully destroy the beauty of the other? Connect the dots people! The Marxist united international workers union is a Global Jewish coordinated network. A goy harvesting and dividing industry that profits from reducing societal structures into fewer (Jewish) hands. Meanwhile, it is pre-conditioning the public to eagerly accept its divisive Zio-Marxist political policy changes.

The well-funded ‘Love charity’ has also been involved in other local and Northwest  ‘occupy’ campaigns including the recruitment drive to seize the redundant bank of England property opposite the Town Hall in the city centre. All these Trotsky anarchists go unscathed during these so called ‘hostile’ clashes at what are really staged rallies. We must always observe that Police intervention is deliberately lenient in favour of the anarchists as ordered by the Zio-Marxist regime. This is the dialectic in play-the Jewish tribe controlling both sides of the ‘game’.

Analysing parallels.

I was keen to note during our overnight stays in the sit up that a young Muslim amongst our company, a 24 year old Somalian individual named Faisil, was agreeing heartily on all points raised concerning the Jew problem. He informed us that Jews were also the main cause of the problem back home in his native land of Somalia and across all the border nations. He stated that Jews by proxy, from their privileged seats of power in occupied states, committed genocide against Muslims by manipulating European governments through political policy. Thus the Jew has used Europe to bankroll his war against the Middle East invading Muslim lands, using our people as their proxy police force to torture, maim and slaughter. Consequently the cunning Jew agitates Muslim hatredBoko Haram 1 against the West from his privileged seat of covert power while benefiting long term from the mass transfer of populations into our lands embedding dangerous conditions for the European. Yet he still screams An£i-$emitism at those who become Jew savvy to their criminality which reinforces their wolf crying protection racket. It is in the interest of Judaism to miraculously ‘discover’ ‘anti-Semitic’ images daubed on walls and doors in and around Jewish areas as this automatically increased their ‘victim’ quotient in the eyes of the mass.  jewish-chutzpah

Faisil, I and a number of others interacted throughout the stay. Faisil willingly told us all out loud of his own experiences back home. He explained that before being shot and wounded by rebels he had a simple and wholesome life as a herdsman which allowed him to cross all borders freely-Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya and could speak five languages. Faisil had witnessed the same Jewish parasite causing unrest in all these Middle Eastern and African countries under the guise of ‘radical Islam’-ISIS, Al Qaeda or Boko Haram among others. He concurred that they were not Muslims but in fact a Trojan horse of mercenaries.  All armed criminals paid by the free rein nuclear armed terrorist organisation calling itself Israel fighting to advance Talmudic law by proxy. The innocent Jew Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu of Israel being the Political head of their Zio-Marxist agenda.

“When the Jews step forward as innocence itself, then the danger is great.”

We also spoke about the nature of the Jewish military arms dealer who is supplying the mercenary groups. They are in-fact open cheque book bond traders for the Jewish tribe who supply the credit to enable the trade to function through their controlled opposition agents in Africa-MandelaMugabeZumaMalema ANC and ZANUPF. The controlled opposition are all part of the same Jewish foundation network and are a coordinated attack against the Europeans in both Europe and Africa for their new BRICS banking ambush over the West. Further discussions involved the sinister reasons behind aid pouring into the above developing countries. Bypassing the apparent crippling poverty advertised in the West It is going directly to the puppet leadersfracturing the small industry that it could help. In fact so long as the finger puppet continues to encourage and pamper to these foreign donors he will remain in power. It was also agreed that the Bolsheviks still controlling Russia and Jewish mafia occupying Palestine since 1948 control the drugs and sex trade in the likes of Goa, Thailand and all over Asia etc……

Faisil also recognised that he too was an asset of the manufactured mass exodus over to Europe. He said if he had the option he would willingly return to his native land because he could feel the racial and religious tensions building up having witnessed it back home in his own country. Faisil then explained that the structure here entraps them into staying. He agreed that the Jew Kalergi2occupied British and European governments and the media. The mass influx of immigrants heightens racial and religious tensions while the Jew uses his position in government and media to agitate those tensions. It was clear even to Faisil the immigrants building up on the borders and now on the move are of fighting age like boy soldiers. It is unclear whether the initial plan was initiate race war however; it is now transparent that disarmed and subdued whites have little chance against these empowered imports. Really a collection of crypto Jewish sleepersSabbateans, Young Turks, the Donmè , Wahhabi militants   and some naive Kurdish bedfellows organised by Zio-Marxist baby sitters, and carefully  choreographed by MossadB’nai B’rith and Sayanim agents. Once here it will only take a small false flag to ignite anarchy allowing the Jewish Zio-Marxist to call for Martial law this being the Jewish objective. It is a typical Jewish Strategy of tension (also see dialectics.) By continuing to attack random public targets they sucker the masses into accepting more state control (security) and less freedom. It is often seen across the Middle East with ‘well armed’ uprisings mysteriously appearing from thin air. Notice these so called terrorist attacks across Europe never attack government buildings orInsanity full scale invasion - Scott Roberts high office officials. It makes sense because the Jews have used this formula within occupied nations, to divide and rule for centuries. Even agreeing that immigration into Europe was likened to genocide killing diversity, Faisil also volunteered his respect and envy for the nationalist and the courage of their self-sacrifice. He acknowledged how Jewish Zionists have killed off the natural order and like a virus has replaced it with international Marxist anarchy and individualism. Capitalism has steadily been supporting all communist uprisings for the Jewish oligarchic victors to advance their tribe throughout history.

Two occasions afterwards I was in the Whitechapel office being screened about my stay and I was quizzed about our late night discussions. However, I was reassured that the overnight warden had made his regular morning reports back to the office and had informed management that all was well and on balance could not disagree with any discussions raised from any of the group. It wasn’t until I mentioned it 2 days later to Faisil who told me he had also been questioned about the discussions and had replied to them ‘so what’ I was in pleats laughing as he told me.

It was obvious they were after me.

Storing assets.

It took 10 days before I was sanctioned to be further screened by their YMCA offshoot in Leeds Street Liverpool. They took me to view a self-contained bed sit in Wavertree close to the city centre. It took me just 5 minutes to accept this temporary arrangement having shook on an acceptance deal. So off I went to make preparations for the move. However, 3 hours later YMCA staff telephoned to inform me that things had changed and were removing the offer since learning I was a member of a Nationalist Party and that area has a large population of (invading) immigrants. My reply to that was –

Me – I am not a member that Zionist front and do not be worrying about your immigrant imports because I have compassion towards all peoples blahh, blahh, blahh …

YMCA – Oh right that’s fine if you no longer have them political views our offer still remains …

Me – I didn’t say I no longer have those views I said I am not a member of Zionist Front blahh, blahh, blahh …

YMCA – Oh right … ok I think it will be ok … End…

30 minutes later I was called back to be informed that management had been in conference about the situation. It was decided to remove the offer on the Charitygrounds that I was of high risk and the bed-sit being in a sensitive area. Instead I was offered a temporary alternative within their multiplex charity shelter. This came with an inducement to be re-categorized on the Liverpool property pool trust partnership to move up the scale to level A. I immediately recognised that it would give both my son and I the same opportunity as their new immigrant imports to expedite a place so I disregarded the discrimination element against me and immediately accepted the new offer. I was told to call in to be further screened. It wasn’t difficult to determine that it really meant to transfer my bond account to credit payment. Once settled I was shocked to learn that the 75 room YMCA is a classed as a Registered Charity! Yet the cost of my keep was £188 per week from my NI (National Social Insurance bond) plus additional £12 cash from my subsistence allowance totalling £200. Some goyim (cattle) were being charged £200+ because of other needs. I don’t call that charity!

Accommodation consisted of a single 10 x 8 room with bed, cupboard, mini fridge and an attached wet room. The bonus of shared cooking facilities on each landing for approximately 20 persons, a hot shower was dependent on resident’s not smoking, a regular occurrence which would trigger an alarm and default the boiler at the top of the building only to be reignited at the discretion or convenience of staff, a useful trade-off to keep order. Another facility was open shop dope dealing as well as free access to as many hazardous psychotic dealings with other Internal Displaced Person (IDPmisfits as you could handle. So it was advisable to be alert at all times because instruction from the onsite caretakers was not to intervene with the affairs of were-theres-a-jewIDP’s. Overnight staff was limited and were themselves exposed to extreme conditions associated with body solids, fluids, blood and mental health etc. An additional bonus as a detainee was 24/7 logging and tagging the movements of all IDP’s for the DWP. This bargain basement chaos was all mine for £200 a week which under this castroite system could no doubt still finance a £200k mortgage for a family. Having witnessed how this system works it explains the reasoning behind why the DWP pay interest only to unemployed mortgagors prioritising shylock’s pound of flesh.

IDHaving now registered (contracted) to this YMCA tax free trust group the paperwork I was receiving re the charge payment for my accommodation made sense; and could if needed be presented as evidence of my negotiability in any chancery/admiralty court action.

Now compare the amount being drawn by the YMCA to the small contrived debt previously forced on me through the Jewish Shetar that allowed the Jewish banks to asset strip my home and chattels. It was for far less than the charge made on my new refuge. This also allows the tax free corporate ‘charities’ to continue the cycle haemorrhaging away new digital money tax free into criminal corporate offshore accounts. Now it wasn’t hard to recognise that I’d had my means of independence taken from me forcing me to rely on the system. Although only a stalling tactic at this point in time the system is still vulnerable and open for challenge. As such I was in a position to access their court construct if I chose to through the same financial social mechanism to fund a chancery/admiralty claim in my favour.

The council have a fiduciary duty of care to re-house or find me suitable accommodation under  the Housing Act 1996-Part VII section 193 and Section 189 (1) –  iii). So my being on the property pool register allows me access (a one time discretional appraisal = comformity!!!) to the so called social housing list within the Liverpool boundaries. Once I choose and accept a property a business contract is drawn up with the trust partners and offered back to me to sign and accept. From this point a bill of exchange (transferable Bonds 2instrument) is created that the tribe use to access my birth bond account NI (national social insurance number(commercial redemption). Acting as surety my signature gives authority to the DWP and national treasury to credit and transfer the weekly rent into the tax free property trust, which at this moment in time on an average trust property is approximately £106 pw. This rapidly leaves our economy into a Jewish bank offshore.

Counterpoise concept.

Though it is possible to initiate a challenge to this corrosive method and produce a structured argument to manoeuvre a Shetar gate keeper into accepting that the amount being paid for my rent is the negotiability created through my own social mechanism, and that the contract in place is in fact enriching a foreign trust body outside of our national interest. This would safeguards the nation’s interest to have the contract switched to an investment mortgage of the same value in my name so as to reverse the funds to circulate back into our economy to enrich our own social needs. Ideally this would bypass the Jewish banking system and indemnifies property against attacks from the Jewish Shetar thereby protecting the nation’s assets from corporate Jewish plunder. However, while the tribe have yet to install a ‘moral crusade’ against the European as they have with their holocaust construct, the truth is still little defence. Sylvia Stolz was in fact jailed for defending Ernst Zundel to well at his trial and it is usual for defence lawyers in Germany to be threatened with imprisonment if they expose the truth. So while the economic system may not be completely secured they are as likely to ignore your evidence, tie you up with red tape or even just imprison you. As I stated this is merely a stalling tactic until the parasite is removed.

This is no different to what Germany did in 1933. Using the German economist Gottfried Feder’s ideas they turned their economy from one of the poorest into the world’s number one super economy by eliminating Weimar Jewish banking usury and creating their own interest free monetary system. Within 6 years Germany had achieved the pinnacle of civilisation stirring up the wrath of international Jewry prompting them to start WWII. Economically this began with the boycott of German goods in 1933. Nevertheless, the German leader was still nominated for the Nobel peace prize in 1939, by a member of the Swedish parliament, an E.G.C. Brandt for his undeniable economic achievements to the chagrin of international Jewry. Eventually withdrawn voicing these facts is obviously too anti-Semitic and totally ‘Racist’…… LOL well I’d rather continue to give my respect to all those who are Jew savvy.

The Jewish tribe has been encouraged to harness a career giving them access to an open cheque book that bolsters their lucrative industry while £aundering and socially enslaving us. Even the parasites anti-Semitic trick is played through the quango, a myriad of so called ‘foundation trusts’ set up to manage all societal structures. To break the back of this deceitful Jewish leased/contracted off network of quango’s, we need to assert ourselves and take back that which is rightfully ours. The proper use of the public hazard bond would be the way to make unemployment history. By each of us working a £ in and each taking a £ out leading to a cycle of 100% employment, inspiring responsibility through performance which will release us from Interest slavery. The cycle of compound usury that we are conditioned to accept as international capital is currently being absolved through the stock exchange then whittled away into Jewish accounts. They have us in a destructive cycle of planned obsolescence (short life cycle) as applied to consumerism. If Europeans bring an end to the usury scam Jews know it leads to National pride so will destroy anything in its path rather than lose control.

We are the principle and priority stock holder we must assert our inalienable rights and use our allocated pre-paid accounts to settle any corporate debts. I myself do, retaining my sovereign rights and refuse to recognise any lien over my rights. I also reserve my right to settle all debts incurred through my entitlements. Our infrastructure protected the social and national economy. The Jew demonises National Socialism in case people wake up to the reality that Democracy is a tool of the Zio-Marxist regime.

We need to take back control of each our respective city’s CAFR’s Chess(comprehensive annual financial reports)” which were at one time our sovereign ledgers. This was our means for raising finances (signatures) and funnelling capital back into our social economy. Now it is pirated and abused through a corporate network of devious representations using our mark as triggers to initiate the flow of cash. This creates an open cheque book for the Jewish tribe within their usurious monopoly. All our city’s/nations assets will be hidden in plain sight within their creative book keeping no doubt identified as notional values (small investment leveraging control of a large) You only have to walk about Liverpool to see a large part of our net-worth, acres and acres of property and infrastructure being privatised and land banked by unconscionable corporate front puppets in the likes of the –

  • Rope walks = Jew Max Stone.
  • Liverpool One = Duke of Westminster,
  • Urban Development = Tom Bloxham.
  • Albert Dock = Jew Michael Heseltine.
  • Peel Holdings = Wahhabi front man John Whitaker,

The above are only a select few-a Jewish Max Steinberg conjuring trick the Liverpool vision director carving Liverpool up using our own assets as guarantees/securities negotiable transferable instruments for the price of a signature on leases and contracts. The same happened to my business. Quiggins was forced to sign a bond. It was my/our signature that they used to raise the £55m to increase their coffers and these things will continue unless we take back possession of these back room CAFR’s. Police them ourselves or our people will never realise our true net-worth!!!!

As I stated it was achieved in Germany in 1933. Remove the corporate Jewish shareholders and burn all lease guarantee/securities agreements attached to the wealth of the nation and return favour back to the folk of respective nations. This is OUR wealth and OUR infrastructure that the Jewish tribe have usurped and have the CHUTZPAH to rent back to us. We are in fact the stockholders. Once we reverse this Talmudic piracy we can open up these CAFR’s in respective councils up and down our nation. This will All roadsreveal the unspoken net worth of securities/guarantees ransomed over our assets. It will also expose the lucrative back door dealings and creative accountancy that have enriched these Jewish race destroyers. By now you should recognise the symbiotic relationship between the predatory banks evicting debtors and the so called ‘compassionate’ corporate tax free trust facade laundering the societal fall out. The whole ‘legal’ Shetar system is based around this cyclic system on which the Zio-Marxist stands all sides (see dialectics.)

The Irony

This is the unspoken history of Jewish trickery and plunder. Although claiming to be a charity sheltered as I was in the YMCA I was still exposed to eviction. This due to defaulting on the additional £12 of ambiguous payments that I was supposed to pay from my allocated subsistence, which I was using as daily travel costs; getting to and from my sons temporary accommodation. These costs were never taken into account when being assessed. The DWP and Shetar legal system were already stealing from my allowance for previous council and bailiff debts that left me on the breadline, basically destitute. This highlights that once in their vortex of debt it becomes an inescapable downward spiral. In fact in cases like this within the same week of eviction you are cycled right back into the YMCA or other charitable trust touting for tradable bonds. Alternatively the end is death as happened to one medically unbalanced male resident. This occurred because he had fallen into arrears re the £12 service consequently management moved him to a high risk area of the hostel. I often had discussions with him comparing notes re my son’s condition. He often voiced concerns about his daily prescription-a toxic mix of medication that experts findings assert cerebral consequences to brain functions. This can include distorting emotions, inhibitions as well as lowering our defence mechanisms through tablet or vaccination, likening it to the chemical dubbing down of populations.

How much chaos do we have to experience before the masses realise that this global meltdown is contrived and the abundance of land (food) and people (labour) in the world is under the control of the Talmudic hand!

I have identified some Lawful acts of interest below that are constitutionally bound with a lawful lien insuring the interests of the people. This proves that councils are obliged through the public hazard bond to honour and protect the public when any corporation debts (bills) cut into the public trust account. These are demands upon the council and they themselves carry all liabilities and duties for the adjustment of the accounts i.e. paying my nefarious rent for my YMCA adventure from my public hazard bond. This highlights that in this climate the Yiddish controlled infrastructure of dependency, charity and service industry runs smoothly enough for them as they displace and replace us with their new livestock assets to have them administer the system over us via stock markets. This opposes (inverts) sovereignty that secures production and an interest free banking system in our own homelands. This is evidence that we are the shareholders not the corporate offshore flunkies.

Indemnities = Social protection acts are as follows –

1) LGA 1888 section 79 (2) [ LGA 1985 Repealed at section 17 ss (1) sss (b) ]

Our rights (entitlements) are being denied by those informing us that rules only applied to previous county councils whose liabilities died with that previous council. Now liken their defence to having a gift voucher from a retail company and overnight that same company is “sold to a buyer”. The following day you present the token for its value to the transferred company only to be told the token is worthless because only the previous company was liable to pay its value and all liabilities died with the previous company. This is the trick being used by each preceding council/government and can be seen in the repealed act above. Behhhhh!!!

3) Trustee Act 2000 29 part 11 section 3 (5) (6) = banks etc given permission to pay from my trust bond.

In the shadow of the Sept 11th Mossad False Flag attack the term “National” was reinforced in the Special measures act section 9.

4) Special measures act section 9 Nationals and residents ss (1) sss (a) ss (2) sss (b) = Corporations being identified in this act as the “Resident”.

5) HRA 6 (Human Rights Act) Acts of public authorities. (1) It is unlawful for a public authority to act in a way which is incompatible with a Convention right (constitution)… (3) In this section “public authority” includes —(b) any person certain of whose functions are functions of a public nature.

Therefore, the use of our signature re trustee act (power of attorney) amounts to false representation………. In other words identity theft!!!!

A matter must be expressed to be resolved (Heb. 4:16; Phil. 4:6; Eph. 6:19-21.)

Legal maxim: “He who fails to assert his rights has none.”

As our backs are turned the Jew has incorporated our justice system making it a business into which he can insert ‘laws’ to suit his needs. The lawyer (gatekeeper) is assigned to insure that the goyim do not discover how the Jew has inverted his infrastructure (Shetar).

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    Excerpt… “The Jewish tribe has been encouraged to harness a career giving them access to an open cheque book that bolsters their lucrative industry while £aundering and socially enslaving us. Even the parasites anti-Semitic trick is played through the quango, a myriad of so called ‘foundation trusts’ set up to manage all societal structures. To break the back of this deceitful Jewish leased/contracted off network of quango’s, we need to assert ourselves and take back that which is rightfully ours.”


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    It’s very refreshing to read what you have to say; these things you have seen and the public is blind to. I hope you never cease in your fight!


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    Eye opening , food for thought and very educational for anyone wanting to be educated as opposed to edjewcated


  4. Ronnie Richie
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    P, LGA 1933 is the one they are hiding and the LGA 1888 refers to it. The reason why they are hiding it is because it makes provision for the corporate take over of our governance which is totally treasonous. It was put in place by the Bankers just after the BoE moved to FIAT currency and it ties into the Cestui Que Vie Acts that turns us all into the dead so that “….we are forbidden all contact with the Goyim except through commerce…” Talmudic law is fulfilled. They protect themselves with a dead corporation that deals with dead corporate persons and hence we now have the dead dealing with the dead. Like Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.”.


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