Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Plunder Part 6 of 10 .. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

OppressionTraveling in and around Liverpool I observed the subculture that often used the day and night time network of public transport. Through this, I have experienced first-hand from the top down what it is like being used to fund this self-financing infrastructure. It has enabled me to see for myself a dependent underbelly class of pacified third-world immigrants and indigenous folk who, once accommodated, service a manufactured back-door infrastructure. This part or full-time workforce is being incubated, a black economy used in public and foreign businesses as chefs, cooks, cleaners, carers, security and other civil service industries especially for these so-called ‘charities’. Such fronts are engaged, some on import arrival, to manage the homeless, professional street beggars, prostitutes, deranged drug addicts and vulnerable mental health victims who also come to life every evening like a tight-knit continental night shift of cheap obedient labor feeding the descending cycle.

Then there is the Liverpool Mayors hope fund and corporate Trussell Trust foodbanks. They offer back food parcels to folk who critically have beenjoe-anderson-rooting-for-pie lowered to substance level through this Zio-Marxist dialectic. This is our own prepaid for food parcels for baiting loyalty to the Zionist puppet Mayor Anderson. This is the same character voted in through their ‘Zionist democracy trick’ who then employs an army of private bailiffs to pursue and seize property from the public for bogus council and parking debts etc (again see dialectics)

Also, take into account the more fashionable trusts like the stealth tax of the national lottery pandering to the vanities of the mass while internally corroding us. This is just another front to drain the pockets of the public and cunningly financing parts of the Zio-Marxist agenda. This is achieved through their community fund specifically concerning demographically displacing/replacing Europeans through importation and economic aid of non-European immigrants into our lands. ISSN: 1461-4235

The fact is the Jewish victors of WWII have created an unconstitutional money- laundering infrastructure of international Marxist Tabloids, media, trusts, foundations, and charities that make a pretense of a benevolent safety net but in reality indoctrinate and manage not only bloody wars but also society in general. These are the same victors who have their finger on the pulse of land registers, Companies house, DVLA, Tax office and all significant patents and trademarks, as well as the endless network of abortion clinics, Monsanto and other big Pharma and so-called food industry watchdogs, all private trusts enforcing Shetar policy and Israel Shahak israel-shahakprinciples squandering to their advantage. The Israel Shahak principles (Talmudic Law or basic  Jewish rights) to abuse, plunder, defraud, deceive or cause slow or outright death to the gentile, the pattern of which undoubtedly corresponds nicely with the protocols of the learned elders of Zion.

Another venal so-called ‘charity’ is the Jews trendy puppet ‘Bono’ foundation Make Poverty HistoryThe tax-free laundering list is endless Live Aid, Comic Relief Richard Curtis and Trustee wife Emma Freud then Save the Children or Jewish Esther Rantzens childline, then the illusive Kids Company, the Red Cross Charity scam, NSPCC rape, and abuse scandals.  Globally it is a coordinated selective bunch of quango administrators all under the umbrella of their unilateral ‘Shetar’ and Israeli Shahak principles. The BBC Trust is also a Jewish monopoly working in alliance with the PHT (Peel Holding Trust) another Bonds 2laundering front group for Wahhabi Jews and their Chinese communist mafia allies. Such allies incubate a global Police force in waiting  but in the meantime people trade and account juggle their own folk into economic slavery thus leaving a trail of devastation and plunder here, plunder here, plunder here, plunder here. The fact is Chinese Zio-Communism (an elite cartel of pliant crime families) have an open chequebook from the Jewish NWO to harvest all former European assets in South Africa now Zimbabwe. This paves the way for full-scale communism under the banner of the puppet Zio-Marxist leader Mugabe. Already a European bloodbath, this will lead to the genocide of Europeans from Africa.

This is what managed descent looks like, each having its use to feed the descending cycle, meanwhile the wider population sleep unawares of the well-oiled construct. This is why Jews have been undetected for decades, feigning compassion whilst delivering the cost to the feet of the goyim. Media propaganda for all this rests on the back of a Hollywood epithet meant to view them as; tongue in cheek “the poor persecuted victim” the complete inverse of reality that this global scourge makes the world its victim.

europe-wake-up“The aim of all social activity must never be merely charitable relief, which is ridiculous and useless, but it must rather be a means to find a way of eliminating the fundamental deficiencies in our economic and cultural life.” Adolf Hitler

“Shylock” your days of “Problem, Reaction, Solution”  (Dialectics) are numbered, your benevolence is nothing more than a poison chalice.

In fact, in some cases, the naive pubic bequeath their will on death to some of these pirated social mechanisms. It is so darkly ironic that the Jew is can manipulate our European spiritual compassion while killing off our European heritage. Yet the donor in life remains unaware that his well-meaning gift to either of these corporate charities feeds European demise. Again just in this ‘simple’ devious act of manipulation (bait and switch), you can see the dialectic (Jew working both sides) at work. These charities are nothing more than a ‘legal’ conduit for depositing and legitimising dirty money and plunder through creative bookkeeping and their Shetar legal system. This blind-sides the gullible goy having kept him busy protecting his chattels. It is a similar manner to that of a squirrel protecting his winter horde of nuts. What better way for a wolf crier to hide and plunder through so-called ‘benevolent’ account keeping. It is an almost impervious shield of protection.

These so-called ‘charities’ are a ready-made market for goyim to be harvested and fed to the network of quangos. Properly brainwashed such goyim propagate the front-line of Zio-Marxist fronts issuing the appropriately Judaised health check, advice and activity programs or to do productive, Job centrecommunity or private work labeled voluntary’ ; In this fashion Zio-Marxist organisations effectively have slave labour within reach to farm out or service whatever well-funded construct their charity quango network sets in motion to validate or account for its existence.

The Zionist METRO (trust) and Big Issue (trust) newspapers are other prime examples. Founders international Marxist John Bird and Jewish immigrant Gordon Rodick reinforce the so-called ‘moral’ Jewish infrastructure and make no bones about their relationship to the Jewish nuclear terrorist organization calling itself Israel. Such groups are taking limitless hazard bond signatures from our own homeless as well as the immigrant imports, employing and legitimizing them by proxy. Then there are the usual methods of legitimizing imports by using the ‘slavery’ tag to play on European compassion further increasing the trading stock discarding the Jew monopoly over such a heinous Yiddish trade.

At the moment the tribe’s methods are quite covert and unclear to the mass. However, the balance is tipping in their favor and our folk will begin to experience the subversive methods that these same perverted race destroyers subjected our Russian and Ukrainian brethren following the Jewish Bolshevik Mossad 3seizure of Russia in 1917 (Holodomor Genocides). Bolshevism is the militant form of Judaism used to genocide the Europeans and substitute for Asiatic casts. This parasitic tribe will then have the freedom to execute European patriots Chabad and Shahak style on their doorstep and scatter the Aryan remnants outside of Europe. It will be simple for them to position allied MossadSayanim or B’nai B’rith agents amongst all their well cared for imported Muslim and African immigrants and have them take the blame.

The compassionate Jew.

Friday 13th November 2015 left an indelible memory. Still, in the YMCA refuge, I was awakened suddenly to the shrill of their fire alarm. It didn’t take me long to realize the significance of this date when later coming face to face in the reception with the Talmudic sadist, local MP Louise Ellman. A mysterious cohen’cidence maybe, or more like a visit to the warehouse to inspect the temperature of her tribes holding stock; making sure the charity director is not holding any toxic assets that could cause problems. This dual loyalty citizen stinks 5th columnist, Mossad,  B’nai B’rith, and Sayanim agent. In Liverpool alone, Ellman is one of 3+ influential Jews in the area of public health and security with their fingers in the administrative pie the others being Luciana Burger and close friend Max Steinburg-Roy castle cancer trust chair another pink ribbon Jewish bond trader of death and misery. It cannot be doubted that these 3 tribal members have allegiances with other influential town hall brethren and with 3 influential Jews in Liverpool undoubtedly all networking tribal loyalty throughout the nation. Or can it just be a coincidence, Mathew Gouldwhen (Christ killer) Jews only represent a maximum of 3% of the population, that when it comes to the health and security of a nation 3 Jews sit at the helm of administration waving their Talmudic controlling hand of chaos?

In one month alone the political influence of Jewish sadist MP Louise Ellman  diluted our entitlement fund by £1b. This now flows generously into the Jewish immigration scam to flood Britain with their potential army of appeased well informed and paid for imports. This same influence also permitted another divisive donation of £20m to teach Muslim women English. Yet our own IDP’s (Internal displaced people – homeless) are allocated a derisory £23m almost equivalent to that of a language social fund set up by the one-party state slated as ‘British’ a clever way of using our wealth to finance imports. This equates to nhs-death-camp-for-gentilesBritain giving more aid than most of Europe COMBINED. Meantime their program of internal home possessions, evictions and inheritance plunder from our folk continues unabated; rampant across the nation like a devouring locust or plague while the victims remain oblivious to their indemnities through the public hazard bond and EU 2006 directive as described previously.

The European Union also committed 61.7 million euros, about $68.4 million, in development aid to Burundi in Africa, of which €15.5 million went directly to the government. Meanwhile $multi million of EU ‘benevolence’ also goes to drug aid the Philippines.

On the surface, Jewish influence is all about absorbing credit for compassion and benevolence while manufacturing the greatest horrors the world has ever known. Specifically, about lies and deceit, the reality is that they use compassion (Matzpunthe Hebrew term for “conscience”) like a trojan horse to shield Charitythe Jewish tribe from criticism and suspicion.

The Jews have removed our ability to self-sustain, they are the ultimate masters of illusion, plagiarism, manipulation, organ trafficking, insurance bond fraud, and off shore plunder.

Up until a year ago on the British Charity commission website there were 190, 000 charities registered but when it was suddenly transferred to the Gov.UK website 30,000 mysteriously disappeared from the radar. Seems the Jews are starting to feel the heat.

These charities are a convenient harvesting ground for a wider criminal Jewish network.

The homeless are filtered through a grading system along various routes, depending on need, this was another eye-opener, witnessing drug addicts being allocated accommodation within a certain run-down area close to the city center. Useful pawns to accelerate the area’s decline and intensify corporate speculators the myth of “regeneration” in action. There is nothing natural or organic about concentrating addicts in one location. Landlords serviced by both the charity network and criminal dealers it is clear to see it is artificially engineered. I happened on a couple of these decrepit setups and it wasn’t hard to recognize the objective in play. Here was the lucrative source for unscrupulous landlords, criminal and immigrant gangs to force or cajole vulnerable victims to drug mule, deal and where girls were groomed for prostitution. Both reinforce the cycle of chaos imposed across Europe by this alien parasitic infrastructure. It cannot be a coincidence that the “charities” have some sort of c03f9-primesightsots28-11_low-res_low-ressymbiotic association with the criminal element. This was no different than what I had observed during my 30 years working within the city center. The same criminal fraternity was being mutually favored by council executives within the Town Hall through respectable conduits. 

As I wandered through the city of Liverpool among an abundance of other displaced misfits and other known outlaws I used my time efficiently by observing the amount of destruction and depravity. This ‘work’ has been achieved by the usual tax-free trust groups who are all working to the same criminal EJU (European Jewish Union) and EJA (European Jewish Association) criteria to make unofficial thinkers and protectionism a hate crime. This brought it all back particularly the rapid growth of the new EU school academies tracking our children and turning them into clones for the Zio-Marxist agenda. Then there are the major building projects such as high rise multi-residential accommodation for harvested foreign EU engine room 2students and student exchange to fill up the university trusts the Jewish harvesting ground for their Rhodes trust foundation that grooms future world leaders (Cecil Rhodes the double agent for the Jew Rothschild British and Dutch East India Company). It is a lucrative business for these criminal trust fronts not only to make huge profits for apparently respectable business facades but also on completion to incubate and indoctrinate future Zio-Marxist clones into conformist robots. It is an EU money laundering, the tax-free utopia of quango front groups for their Jewish Marxist infrastructure. All our social mechanisms now go through these front groups. They are processing us from cradle to grave.

School AccademyNotice how the politician Keith Vaz launders his seedy life through a charity front. However, when retirement from high office beckons most are suddenly commissioned outside of the UK to benefit from so-called tax incentives or aligned to some other useful part of the mechanism. This is similar to the Zionist Jew David Miliband formulating his red resume heading the International Rescue bond trading scam helping shepherd into Europe a subversive invading army of obedient pawns under the auspices of displaced people.

‘victim celebre’

While other useful (keep ye mouth shut career puppets) like e-hem!! Barone$$ Doreen Lawrence OBE front the (fit the narrative) ‘Stop Hate UK trust inflated by former London Mayor Ken Livingstone with £1.9m of taxpayers money from his ‘Development trust Fund’. For 20 years this pseudo Barone$$ baroness-doreen-lawrenceLawrence has surfed the increasing wave of her dead son Steven Lawrence almost making her, and his legacy black power martyrs, patron saints on the back of “tit for tat” turf war disputes. It is comparable to that of the ‘Anthony Walker’ phenomena agitating one-sided anti-white rhetoric in the guise of “Anti-Racist” Hysteria in a pretense of attempting social cohesion; a dialectical contradiction that the silent majority are forced to abide.
This entire black license allows for death threats and violence towards whites, yet repulses any justified defense of the white race even tweets alluding to blacks. In a wider context, this can be ascribed to “anti-Semitism” thus african-invasion-ruins-streets-of-franceconcealing Jewish crimes suddenly warranting policy change in global governments! Yet still, we have to spell it out to the silent majority that we Europeans exist within the Jewish Zio-Marxist agenda.

Bogus debts one course of action: Victims (natural person) who are constantly subjected to oppressive and unacceptable conduct from these Zionist puppets through unjustified harassment amounts to either,  or both criminal or tort caused by these pirate corporate bodies including any knowing person acting for the company were persistent conduct of threats amounting to impunged conduct identified as either consistent computer generated unjustified letters or not is of course…. (while still accessible to us) contrary to the protection from harassment act 1997 1(1) (a) (b) (2) – Offense of harassment 2 (1) (2) – Civil remedy 3(1) (2) 7(1) (2) )

The (((Vati’sc✡m)))

Having usurped the moral responsibility of Church and State (Rerum Novarum) the Jew has incrementally been able to corrupt and transpose morality into a business transaction. Now under International supervision being used as a carrot and stick to control the goyim through people trading and money laundering. The truth is that the people are the state and or, church body and nothing can be raised or work without them” We cannot be separated, so the bond exclusively belongs to us, for our use. Indeed we are the preferred stock. The Jew and his corporate monopolies were only ever supposed to act as the agent (middleman) for the principal (buyer) if and when there was a corporate encroachment on us, and in return, we were to instruct them to initiate settlement but; They have conditioned us to accept all corporate encroachment as our liabilities. Our labor and production into the nation’s infrastructure is the ‘insurance’ trade-off, the moment we switch this back on them, indeed, remove the middleman (Jew), to re-establish ourselves as the legitimate shareholder” it will mark the beginning of the end of their reign. It is we who are supposed to have the power to dictate what is acceptable and unacceptable in public discourse. Yet the silent majority are conditioned to believe if they exceed these confines publicly, they, and their families will pay a price.

Once again it’s not hard to deduce from all the cohen’cidental patterns that these unconscionable Jews have had an intoxicating influence within the Christian bible, still in its infancy this 2000 yr old submissive dogma has allowed them to plagiarize and achieve supremacy over the goyim, having construed and distorted “ancient prophetic script” in a dialectic, which shows us (the capable, spiritual Europeans, and our achievements) as the pariah over humankind and sees the Jew as the selective “dower” by legitimizing their usury scam. Once done, it only took a mathematical equation to conclude a global outcome for themselves using the guise of prophecy to deceive what they see us as being “goyim/animals”.

“The Pope was Jewish says historian.”

Securing “the Shetar” within all guest nations out in their diaspora was another positive “increment” and by “accretion” supremacy was guaranteed by proxy, the crest wave arrived once a homeland “Israel” and two concepts had been secured within its Zionist politics “anti-Semitism” and the “elusive 6m” both secured into law, the two main conceptual scams that their agents out in their diaspora lobby into patent within guest puppet nations which has helped clear a route for their zio-Marxist, racially driven foot soldiers, goy proponents who help secure Usury while rolling out “internationalism”.

ChessTo maintain their pseudo-image as ‘victim célèbre’ the Jew insists we keep the past buried or they will make resisters economic targets, which is certainly viable under their ‘politically correct’ (Jewish Bolshevik) system. What better way to roll over a lucrative wolf crying scam than through an exclusive ‘gate-way’ of inherited trauma which allows their Yiddish offspring to continue to claim on the lucrative ‘free bus ride’ reparation cycle. The unspoken of European Holodomor and white cargo survivors will not be recognized, or compensated for what truly is a re-transposition of Jewish crimes ‘unless’ we remove this unilateral parasite from administrative power. The only trauma these parasites have at the moment is being aware of the swinging pendulum of a mass awakening to their pseudo-image of ‘victim célèbre’ protection racket.

Feders Autarky

Britain needs a real leader who would dissolve all leases attached to the nation’s infrastructure and would immediately outlaw fractional reserve lending and restore the bank to the people to have it serve the people. It would enable us to issue our interest-free money, removing it from the Jewish destructive business cycle, self-interest privateers who expose the target nations assets to their unconstitutional Shetar gatekeep based on psychological terrorism.

All European nations need an economy of “Autarky” being a closed economy for self-sufficiency, a protectionist economy which can, if needs be, temporally cease to trade with the outside world until it has reinvigorated internally its own industrious, in house economy of “labour and production” which propagandists (WWII victors within their zio-controlled literature) allude to (deflective intent) as being a Marxist doctrine which is the complete opposite to the reality that “Autarky” is the “unspoken of secret, and antithesis” to (((their NWO))) which (((they))) had to shut down in 1945.

Gottfried Feder National Social economist “Autarky” = Protectionism.

“Autarky” belongs to a nations last line of defense who’s social-conscience inspires the stance of Nationalism against economic and, or warring aggressors (all wars are bankers wars) who have, in so-called “peace time” passively created this Marxist need and greed, self-absorbed, “mummy state dependency” where the wielding baton of submissive guilt policy, statute rules and, regulations have caused the reduction of birth rates, killed off agrarian production and local-ism, as well as small/medium industry, faith and culture, and in its wake made us all demographically vulnerable to their stampede of capricious, grudge-bearing invaders who in their ignorance are used to fill the “elusive” labor void, spurred on by zio-Marxists with their gender dysphoric foot-soldiers, all clambering onto the same usury road to misery.

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5 comments on “Plunder Part 6 of 10 .. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  1. Roy
    November 3, 2016

    “Britain needs a real leader who would dissolve all leases attached to the nations infrastructure and would immediately outlaw fractional reserve lending and restore the bank back to the people to have it serve the people.”

    I too believe Britain needs this, but more importantly, Britain needs a leader who is aware of these things and their chief causes. Britain needs someone willing to sacrifice everything of themselves to achieve everything for Britain. The actions of a few determined men can affect the fates of millions, and without making an attempt at that change, hoping someone else will come along, we could be missing that opportunity fate is providing for us today!


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  4. randolph fuller
    December 2, 2017

    some good reading here. once we have an independant as prime minister, we can abolish party politics thats designed to devide the people.


  5. PeterQuiggins
    May 15, 2020

    Punctuating the New World Order = Jew world order… JWO



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