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‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Plunder Part 7/10 .. Cash cow

Cash cow.

If you have had the patience to read Plunder this far it should not be hard for you to recognise Farage 2now that politicians whether Jewish or traitorous whites, are buying loyalty from the non-Europeans imported by the alien Jewish parasite. A divisive element, ambition of the import are cultivated and elevated to a superior position over and above the European. Further friction is engendered through the pretence of sexual persuasion, religion or politics. This is achieved in order that the strongest are under the control of those who have given their loyalty to the Jewish occupying parasite. This creates the right mood and conditions for every criminal element and elevated minority construct group to turn on the European, a well-used insurance to be sure that these favoured foot soldiers eventfully unite and protect their new found gift. The occupying Jewish tribe are well aware of this, having used the divide and rule method on smaller occupied nations for centuries. Today we are witnessing the same method used throughout all our tribal nations. Piecemeal the Jews have been agitating and accelerating ever faster racial, religious and sexual tensions right across Europe.

From their seat in occupied Palestine, the land the Jewish tribe stole in 1948, this parasitic tribe casts its web over all European governments. This includes Brussels but also their UN constructs over in New York and the US senate, including their US Crown Heights vipers nest of cult leaders through a myriad of financed networks. Then when the spark ignites (see here) the Jews will cunningly detach themselves from their whiteness and show solidarity and declare their own tribal cast as being immigrants of Middle Eastern blood and will by default still be leading the charge and the well-groomed mob with their short term inducements and distorted Kalergy child allegiance will still blindly follow.

Notice how when describing racism, the Jews have an exclusive word ascribed to (((them))) known as ‘anti-Semitism’. They have created back door media and literature infrastructure making racism, and anti-Semitism inseparable terms. So in reality the Jews having made themselves a completely separate group in the world yet, are not in fact a racially distinct group. Thus I refuse to see them as such. They piggy back the racist term to agitate, rally and to manipulate so that any consideration of the Jewish condition is a contradictory equation. Decades of literature, Hollywood and media baggage has made the Jew word toxic. The manipulated mass is manoeuvred into his back door “poor Jew” method which immunises the Jew from blame and keeps him leading the pack. Naming and showing evidence to support that the main perpetrators tearing apart the social and economic fabric of nations are Jewish is not racism….. It’s fact !!!!!

Shaare Tefila Congregation v. Cobb 481 U.S. 615 (1987)

Notice how relaxed security has become for these so called “asylum seekers” apparently fleeing their homeland. Now they are suddenly able to take leisurely holiday jaunts back to the so called “land of persecution”. This is all financed with prepaid money orders from soft Pregnanttouch Europe. Such excursions are to entice his other brethren back to Europe exist in a land cursed by credit and usurious compound debt slavery. While these imports are ignorant of the long term goals of the ideology, the money changers having induced them massively through favoured affirmative action (anti-white) accelerated on the back of feel good Zio-Marxist propaganda. They are a suicidal mission to advance the global village scam. Zionist democracy is anti-white and these Zio-Marxists advancing Communism through the back door and an unnatural order that condemns us for defending our tribe from genocide.

It is equivalent to a serial killer having butchered your family, displaces you and then attempts to soften you up with inducements pointing towards his home for resettlement with the objective of having you adapt to his devouring consumer debt based system of control. Under the guise of ‘refugees’ from lands ravaged by the very parasitic terrorist occupying European Governments Jewish insurgents are used to drive the Jewish ‘racist’ ideology. It is an example of the dialectic again as the Jew plays both sides for his interests leaving the goy in total confusion.

This is why recognising a Jewish state called ‘Israel’ or excusing Judaism or Communism makes you a Zionist. The reason to have a piss-on-israelphobia towards advocates of politically correctness is in fact because they are Zio-Marxist promoting the criminal acts identified above. My vote will always be self defence and the return of natural order.

A Trojan horse.

I see it so clearly. All these so called ‘compassionate charities’ set up in occupied nations for the ‘displaced’ are in fact lucrative tax free fronts; half way houses for political insurgents. They are preconditioned Oppressionfor people trading to money launder, socially engineer and to accommodate the mass exodus of well-informed immigrant imports on a promise of easy money and easy jobs en-route to Europe. On arrival imports are instructed by their Marxist babysitters to stay silent about their lucrative head start over our folk. While in comparison our people are being asset stripped and levelled into poverty and their charitable trust pretence of a ‘safety net’ and in some cases to be socially cleansed and managed back into the Jewish construct of benevolence. We are being driven into their method of reorganisation.

How do we compete with a self-serving global system in which Jews control the infrastructure in their favour while setting their own free monetary system … 1,2,3,4,… etc etc. Nothing will change unless we target and identify the tribe.

The Jewish use of usury is also a means to fractionalise on the back of Bonds 2their importation scam.    While we Europeans have no other option other than to kiss the parasite Jewish arse for loans were terms and conditions from the outset are on a carpet bag downward spiral to plunder. Proof is in the pudding as we witness land banking and carpet bagging across the Western world. From the same European purse Wahhabi Zionist Jews also administer a Sharia interest free system to Muslims imported into Europe. It is imported to note here that like the European mass the Islamic mass are blind to the fact that their leadership-the Wahhabi-are Zionist Jews or in the pay of Jewry consequently mosques leaders throughout Europe are buying loyalty from Wahhabi Zionist from Muslims who scurry to pray each Friday to their place of worship or else financial help will be refused. If your tribe is the tribe who creates and controls the digital flow of news and money on the world stage then it doesn’t take much to keep ahead of the psychological game.

Once a skilful or talented member has been identified to take the baton jewish-nancy-goodman-brinker-leader-of-the-global-breast-cancer-movement(career) in whatever part of the infrastructure they are eased into a position of influence and given open credit/£ to manipulate who and whatever compassionate cause. The same applies not only to political figures but also to the corrupt vanity driven goy slaves within the fashion, entertainmentart media and even the politically correct industry. Here leadership and money laundering is in abundance.   It is promoted through      constructs      like    ‘anti-racism’,       Homosexual pride,       the   Ho£ocaust fable, and anti-Semitism. There are tens of thousands of pro-black, anti-European support groups forming a Zio-Marxist network of front groups disguised as fake charities, causes and direct action groups in order to manipulate our compassion and guilt trip us. You will find a Jew or Zio-Marxist gate keeper somewhere on the board of directors or in some other key position away from public scrutiny laughing away their lucrative tax free money laundering industry. A legitimate conduit for undetected MossadB’nai B’rithSayenim, young Turk Donmè JewsSabbatean Jew and other Wahhabi Jew and Marxist operatives to move in and around.

It’s not hard to figure out how, from their position of privilege so called fashionable celebrity and public figures enthusiastically reinforce the global village scam. They are obligated to endorse and promote a particular charity to advance their career because the Jew has the ‘celebrity’, political or public figure secured with the odd indecent photo or compromise depending on the situation and or exclusive venue. This leverage or currency of cooperation compromises such characters and insures complicity with the Jewish agenda. These are the new royal celebrity pets setting the standard endorsed and marketed by the ideology like the 2 degenerates Lady Ga Ga and Madonna promoting Kabalism and Tophet Satan worship andhip-hop-jew lifestyle through their music. This compounds the dialectic materialism into the mass manipulating the vices of envy, gluttony, lust of other easy prey narcissists. It is a faithless contagious modus operandi sinking and bear baiting within the structure of a Zionist debt based society that underpins internationalism. This is slowly eating away natural order by corroding the spiritual and moral compass of all European tribes.

“Wealth is the parent of luxury and indolence, poverty of meanness and viciousness, and both of discontent.” – Plato, Greek philosopher (427 BC – 347 BC)

All positions of power are taken up by eager Jews or their goy slaves as a business career and opportunity to create so called ‘respectable’ foundation fronts. Money and PR seem to be no problem elevating them to prominence. It is not hard to dictate who and what represents talent when you have that much influence. Thus the Jew allow through their own to be the bench mark of prodigy while relegating outsiders to a position of their choice.

Meanwhile the immigrant issue now leaves 90,000 of our own orphaned British angelina-jolie-2children homeless. Children who are really sacred to our survival are now relegated to the same despot network cycle, cast aside to favour the immigrant influx. Rendered unfashionable, our own children are dumped or kidnapped by the occupied state. They will likely spend the remainder of their childhood exposed to paedophile predators, here and here but ultimately to be held as asset surety in global tax free charitable institutions for livestock bond trading to bolster corporate metal.

It certainly brings enlightenment to the phrase…

‘Tax free charities for the Jews Ltd Companies for the stupid goy’

All these Jewish constructs are either eased in or in our case bled through both their Shetar and Companies house keep!

Their own corporate legal system and in our ignorance they have covered all angles and had us pay for it! Yes we have paid for our own demise-Chutzpah of the Jew.


It’s not hard to conclude from all the above that the castroite system is selective when screening our own displaced folk yet relaxes security, rules and regulations when processing immigrant imports. Allowing battle trained boy and youth soldiers ie here from the Jewish terrorist organisation -Israel’s African and Middle Eastern conflicts and Trojan horse charity fronts to arrive unscreened who may have raped, pillaged and murdered their way across continents. The emotionally charged public are unaware of who they are rubbing shoulders with as this Jewish plutocracy of race destroyers lines up all its corrosive options to ethnically cleanse Europeans out of existence. The parallels with rehabilitate-2their Morgenthau plan of September 16th 1944 are obvious to the observant.

Yet critically the most audacious act of piracy that this criminal parasite commits is effectively teaching our people to hate themselves. How the Jew must laugh (chutzpah) when through his parasitic trickery he has trained the goyim like cowardly lap dogs to avoid the Jewish issue. Now traitors they help remove even more power away from our people into the hands of the corporate global village ringleaders. Knowing if we bring attention to these matters we put ourselves or reputation at risk. We are likely to face incarceration in either a jail or a mental health hospital as the Jew has made identifying his criminality a mental condition ODD (Opposition Defiant Disorder) in their DSM-5 instruction manual or more notably a domestic extremist’; a “threat to national security”, a dark irony and euphemism really meaning a threat to Jewish hegemony. These methods were previously used in their Soviet construct to silence truth that the parasite had seized sovereign European land in 1917 and tortured and mass murdered them ever since. Thus the Jewish Marxist regime has placed Zionist gate keepers to judge and cherry pick selective targets for silencing always resulting in steroid type media frenzy to platform the insignificant story.


Show me another small immigrant community who has this sort of peter-sanger-animal-rightspower and influence whereby –

1/ Kosher slaughter alone evades scrutiny yet Halal slaughter can be publicly boycotted and no global animal rights group dare touch the Kosher issue.

2/ Has the power to buy up all the top premier league Football Clubs along with their Wahhabi Jew cousins. Swap match days to midweek so as not to interfere with their Sabbath (family unity) while continuing to socially engineer and feed their new opium of the masses ‘football’ to the distracted and predictable fans. Meantime the same Talmudic hand induces and persuades councils to socially cleanse and displace long established residential communities surrounding clubs for FC land banking in the wake of CPO’s/Eminent domain.

3/ Can influence statutes for Sunday trading to consume and corrode European traditional values yet preserve their own Sabbath.

4/ Can manipulate change to surrender Christmas and other traditional European festival days as being insulting to atheists, materialists and occupying cultures.

5/ Can, through media pre-condition the mass to view International Marxists as the spear head of resistance by agitating racial, religiousjewish Scat-tv and sexual tensions in whatever direction suits their divisive program while plat-forming their rainbow multicult scam as the new normal.

6/ Monopolise, direct and present TV and media programs on European history and current affairs to agitate and suit their divisive objectives. TV is not entertainment it is a social engineering tool working against us removing free will. Government schooling does the same by undermining our ability to bond with our heritage unless it falls within the accepted narrative.

7/ Have the ability through multimedia to Kalergi mix or feminise and smear our men folk. Then in contrast elevate their imports as the moral and physical leader making them look like better breeding stock to the mass.

8/ Can overnight dispatch their own Shomrin Police force to cities across Europe in the shadow of dubious threats while monopolising their long worn out Holow’cause sympathy vote.

9/ Can be the most prolific haters of their supposed Arab and Muslim cousins. Yet they make being Jew savvy a criminal offence and a mental disorder through Semitic trickery to protect their lies and deceits through a weaponised conduit system of psychiatry and mental health that has far more power than the law. This is a self-administered market supported by unconscionable politicians, unethical individuals or chains of Jewish high priests of medicine drug companies such as “teva” 1, “teva” 2, Eli Lilly, GlaxoKlineSmith, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, MERCK. Such companies also offer lucrative deals £££ to induce and encourage schools to create, register and diagnose an infant customer organ-harvestingbase. It purposely targets the genetic code through medicine and our food chain to lower defence or alter sex. No wonder Self-harm, PTSD and mental illness continues to soar amongst our people 1,…   2,….   3.…..  4.….. They have created an industry ‘victimhood’ that preoccupies each of us with aliments, distracting us from seeing the bigger picture.

10/ Can have their own cyber Minister in Great British parliament to convince the British Army to widen the Israeli “Hasbara Cyber War Unit” by cherry picking a British brigade based on political, religious, sex and ethnicity as Facebook Soldiers to combat Jew savvy Europeans against revealing facts about Jewish plutocracy.

11/ Can influence the law to incarcerate some intellectuals or ordinary folk who dare to question their fabled Holocaust or Anne Frank while hiding their criminality and their ongoing genocide against Europeans (Russian forced famine Holodomor Genocides) thereby convincing the masses to keep silent to their controlling hollow bluff.

12/ Can be the leaders in organ trafficking and have an unnatural influence over birth control destabilising the population growth of European nations. Organ harvesting and trafficking here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here etc etc…..

Pied piper.

jewish-leader-admitted-jews-planned-the-world-warsEven prior to WWI the Jewish tool of Democracy (a hijacked Greek philosophy) has managed to circumvent reality in its circular dialectic game. Their cunning harks back to 1908 when the Jew Count Alois Lexa von Aehrenthal secretly engineered an agreement between Austria and Russia to annex Bosnia instigating the Bosnian crisis and destabilising that whole area of Europe, thus fracturing Europe’s exposed and delicate treaty system directly leading to WWI. The Jewish inception of WWI neatly concealed the Jewish double land seizures; the 1917 Jewish Bolshevik seizure of Russia and the Balfour Declaration that would see the 1948 Jewish seizure of Palestine. The 1918 ‘November Criminals’ were the instigators of a further Jewish take over in the Weimar ReChurchill 5public. This culminated in the 1933 international Jewish boycott of German goods, a declaration of war that positioned the Jewish tools Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt being Zionist leaders of 3 of the biggest empires on the planet. It is critical to note that these Jewish tools managed to conquer the nation of Germany, a land fighting for European interests and at that time the only one with a truly democratically elected leader out of the big 4-Great Britain, America, Russia and Germany. If our fighting men had been given the truth about what they were fighting for they would never have supported the true objectives of what most European allied lands had been conned into; the template of which all Europeans are exposed to today.

The Europeans are still part of a planned Jewish ‘retaliation’ against all the crimes they have committed against us i.e. the Jew punishes the European with the cry of Holocaust to conceal the Holodomor genocides and others (chutzpah). This is why for over 70 years (((they))) have stealthily brought a gradual genocide upon us in case we realise and try to correct their evil usurious system. Accelerating, it ISIS Bolsh 1is now in its final stages across Europe and other white nations. We are now witnessing the sudden ISIS phenomena on their killing and destructive mission across the Middle East vandalising and destroying evidential archaeological artefacts relative to a European footprint. It makes me very suspicious of what is presented to us from the Rabbis lantern “TV”. Again it is a distraction primarily set against the Jewish enemy-an Islamic jihad of terror against kafir. I see it for what it really is-Jewish chutzpah.

If this parasitic community of wandering Jews has this sort of control over policy it certainly gives a new meaning to the biblical reference ‘poisoning of the wells’. Who else could benefit long term from the shale oil fracking scam affecting our food chain? Now imagine the power these creatures would have if they could manipulate Mother Nature leaving a huge void for their tribal friends ‘Monsanto’ with their indestructible toxic products. All these global monopolies are connected to one Yiddish umbilical cord holding back real technology of free energy and staving off a global interest free banking system as has been preserved for their own tribe.


These genocidal race destroyers have been grafting all their criminality and guilt onto us for millennia and now use their politically correct scam to break the back of the European before he, once again, becomes Jew savvy! This is how our so called “elder brother Jews” as the pope calls them, globally manipulates harmony through statute, and uses their strategy of tension to divide and achieve global martial law (Indoctrinating white guilt into the mass is a criminal act). The contrived US presidential Trump result may (if the mass don’t face Black boarddown the Jew) continue leading us down their “Yellow Brick Road” of destruction; Yellow Brick Road being another entertaining classic, a parable with hidden messages exposing evil capitalism and sinister political forces, without mentioning the (((Talmudic hand of chaos))). This was the (((hand))) that was asset stripping and tearing apart the social fabric of America at that time. The same (((hand))), now globally stronger and more coordinated continues to do so today, warring or just (((Shetar plundering))) nations at its leisure.


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3 comments on “Plunder Part 7/10 .. Cash cow

  1. John
    December 9, 2016

    “We must not ask if it is possible to attain this goal, but whether it is necessary. If it is impossible, we will try it anyway and be destroyed. But if it is necessary and true, we must believe that it is possible just the same. And we need this faith. A thousand years look down on us, the future demands sacrifices.” (Hitler, pg 168 Hitler beyond evil and tyranny)

    A man who knows a thing, who is aware of a given danger, and sees the possibility of a remedy with his own eyes, has the duty and obligation by God, not to work ‘silently,’ but to stand up before the whole public against the evil and for its cure.


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