Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Plunder part 10 of 10 …. Summary

The Kehilla

We are dealing with a ruthless creed whose survival is based on destroying all that represents decency and nobility who’s objective is to create chaos while gaining special standing within all nations Ukraine, Germany, BirobidzhanEurope, Palestine and more etc. To achieve this they stampede all races into miscegenation becoming an unidentifiable global mix while their tribe remain separate as an ethnocentric sociopathic group occupying all these nations i.e. Jewish ‘eruv’ boundary around north London. Jews have always made the dealings of the goy their own business. Master ‘plagiarists’, corroders and ultimate exploiters of anarchy, hate and misery under the sanctuary of the charity method they feign compassion …… It is a Talmudic numbers game of problem, reaction, solution (the dialectic) also known as Actuaral Science  in real terms calculating a win by playing both sides…Oy Vey!!


Maybe it’s just another coincidence that the Jews new puppet leader in Donald Trump is surrounded by a Cabalistic cartel…Business as usual !!…. Can one be as naïve as to think that it is normal protocol for nominated world leaders to dine the night before their inauguration with the chief Rabbi of the nation. Having donated (machatonim) his daughter (entrance fee) to the tribe, Donald Trump’s inauguration was like a bar mitzvah here….  In Obamas case, on one occasion in 2015 unconstitutionally had to remain absent to allow the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu address the US congress, and all told received 25 standing ovations from a full house of ‘boot lickers’ like he is some sort of global superstar here…... Then we have Theresa May the new unelected premier of Britain and Conservative party leader. The night before her inauguration she too willingly sucked bris to lock Jaw here…. here…. here…. taking her orders to feign the EU/EJU exit.. Britain, having been injected with decades of ‘conscionable’ politically correct/multicultural policies will now be allowed to self destruct while she continues to hypothecate away our assets to Jews occupying Saudi.

These coincidences take me back to 1998, the year Mike Storey the Liberal Democrat leader won the Town Hall leadership election for Liverpool. He became the brown nosed mouth piece for the string pulling chief executive; the Masonic Zionist bulldozer David Henshaw. Not long afterwards he took a delegation over to America for a meeting with New York’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Co (Giuliani was also implicated in the 9/11 false flag attack). New York is notably the headquarters of B’nai B’rith, ADL, Tavistock, and their United Nations constructs; the umbilical conduit of the Jewish global finance and power that seems to give credence to the existence of a real secret Jewish Kehilla network attached to the largest 5th Column in the world ‘Sayanim‘-Mossad‘s army of covert little helpers. Mossad operates from Jewish occupied Palestine alongside their high tech agency Operation Talpiot, a warring faction born out of their high tech industry ‘ SiliconWadi/Silicon Valley, Technion Institute of technology and their Tavistock think tank who trade deal contaminated/inseminated hi tech hard, and software around the globe. This enables Jewish sleeper cells to over-lord and ‘kill switch’ (disable), ransom or compromise an individual or a nations industry or population into submission ie the recent NHS cyber attack in the UK. Jewish ‘sleepers’ are not only low level ‘tech’ wizards but leading figures at the helm comfortably seated in Washington DC like ‘Sol M. Linowitz’ advisor to many Presidents he also chairs the global hi tech Xerox corporation. A continuum of the ‘Pinko’ (((spy ring))) back in 1993, 2.., 3…... Overseas sleeper agents can at the flick of a switch intel-gather, harvest, extort, sabotage, or alter all global information and technology through their ‘in wait’ back door high tech systems. Mossad‘s Hasbara agents and sock puppets need to be ousted, they are masters at covertly sabotaging a nation’s infrastructure while deferring blame for global chaos and false flag attacks, on Jewish Zionist free nations like North Korea and especially onto Europeans on whom they use to Police and fight their proxy wars. Europeans are then seen as the forever aggressor. This formula is now being used on the Chinese through their Zionist occupied Jew kosha nostra connections in preparation for the global transfer of power, this being one of (((their))) waiting global Police forces along with Putin’s Zio-Marxist Eurasians. Trumps Jewish son in law Kushner is already arming up the false Muslims ‘Jewish House of Saud’ in readiness for their Eurasian hemisphere policing. Meanwhile terrorist Israel signs £2billion arms deal with India. In fact maybe it’s just another coincidence but Russia is where US president Donald Trump and his Jewish Chabad have been comfortably amassing real estate for decades. This is all safely secured in his/their (((BRICS))) bank account (indemnity). Yes once again ‘banking on the gentile’.

New York is a financial hot bed for their (Kosha Nostra / Murder Inc / Meyer Lansky / Henry Kisinger, CIA / Mossad / The arc of the Perestroika deception / Dialectic / Jewish Federal Reserve Bank) criminal exploits. It begs the question are these the real overlords to their lower minion Masonic secret order, the real shadow government, a congealed toxic pus applied to global politics who continuously haemorrhage tax payer aid £o I$rael from all occupied nations.

Back to the Mike Storey (lol) on their return to Britain it was announced that Liverpool was to be presented with a New York sky line a feature that a European city did not want, need or even ask for. Nevertheless, what was to transpire was a business transaction that produced on our shores a New York Bank or should I say Jew York Bank! This was only the beginning. The reality, concealed under the sweet machinations of twinning of 2 cities, is that our city has been sold into a Zio-Marxist hypothecation (collateral to secure a debt) with (((New York))) and (((Shanghai))) this also being another path to a residency card. So here we have Communist Jews occupying China one side, Ashkenazi Jews occupying New York the other, then to bind it all together there is the fake Muslim ‘Wahhabi Saud Jews’ behind Peel Holdings in Liverpool. All are land banking and back door asset stripping our nation’s infrastructure equalling a (((Kosher Nostra))) ambush covertly coordinated to asset strip us into their Ju’World’Order. Shylock is manufacturing toxic assets and stage managing defaults and bankruptcies through political leadership agents in order to defraud and blind side the sleeping public.

Similar harvesting scams were waged in Liverpool during the Militancy circa 1980/94.

This was spearheaded through their Zio-adversary Trotsky pathfinder Derek Hatton not just with the Zio-Michael Heseltine and his 300 acre waterfront gift, but also with Tom Bloxham/Urban splash and China town (Shanghai’s Jewish occupation). It revolved around one particular Mr fixer….. ‘Charterhouse Estates’ (Roger Zogolovitch) who acquired 56 acres of the city centre from the Town Hall Jews only to become suddenly bankrupt (Jewish harvesting). He made a spectacular reappearance however, out of the fire as the new ‘phoenix’ speculator (((Frensen Trust))) (((Max Stone))). He now owned the land for a song void of previous Town Hall liabilities, but once apparently ‘free’ all spoils were distributed amongst other tribal speculators to be used as negotiability’s to stampede the multicultural and integration scam in their bid to suffocate locals into submission, as is being done today with Greece and other nations. Just in Liverpool alone there is the hypothecation (used as collateral) of the education system i.e. Schools and Universities. The attached photograph featuring the University of Liverpool Harold Cohen Library is a fine example of how much leverage the anti-European victors of WWII propagate to sustain the official narrative. This is handsomely funded from the Jewish Board of deputies who in turn funds the Union of Jewish Students, a lobbying group within the education system that has existed for over 200 years. This keeps tags on all gentile (specifically European) students and anyone falling outside the remit of Marxism is reported! …. Oy Vey!!!

Now apply the same rapaciousness to the earlier antics of the bankrupt Jew Kevin Leech This United Kingdom Lands’ End scammer is now doing the same across the globe yet Lands End of the United Kingdom is still in the hands of his (((family trust))). It all works so well when the supply chain all links into the tribe …. Danielle Cohen is another (((sayan))) operative continues to operate one of the major immigration law firms in Britain facilitating the entry of so called “asylum seekers” and “refugees.” = useful invaders to bond trade the displacement and replacement of our folk……..

The Bard

So the reality is …. Multiculturalism has been an objectively successful Jewish ZioMarxist construct that is now leading towards a Putin style Soviet “Eurasia a Bolshevik template of multi Asiatic casts that is breeding out the remains of the native Caucasian nation’s in that region. This is a Euro’asian Union, the Eastern equivalent to that which they have set in motion in all our white nations-the destructive Kalergi plan. Putin is just another obedient Zio-Marxist puppet at the head of an army of multi minority attack dogs. It is Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu by proxy who are feeding the big bad Ogre that is ISIS. It is a stage managed power game playing both sides. Did you know Moscow has the largest Muslim city in Europe and is home to the biggest Mosque and a new $50 million Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre? It is just business as usual for Putin’s paymasters he’s even sent out a call to all Jews in Europe to take refuge in Russia consolidating the Zionist indemnity even tighter on the back of the forever victim card /another feigned Pogrom.

Orthodox Christianity does not escape either, having been infiltrated by crypto Jews now in high office driving the church on the same corrosive course as (((Vatican II))). Meanwhile others like the so called orthodox Christian ‘brother Nathaniel the Coptic Jew that drives naive nationalists to Putin. This as Putin’s automaton military, his in waiting Military theatre of well scripted proxy terror groups and soldiers, with his partners China all follow the same recruitment format as the Jewish Bolshevik murderer Lenin. His legacy, like a ‘bubbling cauldron’, still prevails to this day in Parliaments and Town halls across Europe managing our nations downwards. There’s nothing Nationalistic about Putin all true Nationalists are in prison while the perestroika deception is in it’s final stages as internationalism (((UN and NATO))) continues to hire Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration Officers to assist in either Marshall law or regime change in America and Europe and other Caucasian nations.  1….,,        2...,       3…,

As for the demographic changes to America’s military! Statistics show 44% is made up of sexual dysfunctional’s and those of indeterminate racial heritage. It’s as if (((Washington DC))) is replicating the night club scene from the block buster movie ‘Star Wars’ were all the obedient galactic aliens socialise, integrate and miscegenate for the universal federation!!! Coincidently ‘Jewish Dave Goldfein’ general chief of Staff of US air force guides the whole Transgender airmen policy .. WTF … its like ‘Sesame Street’ preparing for war in high heels and stockings being pitted against ‘Frankenstein’ ….. how chutzpah is that…….. all European armies are entrenched with the same Zio-Marxist policies reducing our defence to zero and our army to a rag tag band of confused misfits.

So in reality …… nothings getting worse, its just becoming more obvious…. Oy Vey!!

From the Midrash Talpiot, published in Warsaw in 1875, we can see how Jewry envisions ruling Gentiles: “God created the Gentiles in human form, although they are the same as animals… However, he created them for no other purpose than to serve the Jews day and night in never-ending toil. It is not becoming for Jews to be served by animals in the form of animals, but rather by animals in human form (p. 255).”


The Jewish tribe has created a ticking time bomb in their favour that they will trigger as and when (((they))) have tied up the loose ends of political policy and digital money. By this time it will be too late. The occupation has been methodical and subversive. Your mere existence switched off at the whim of this parasite and their tools.

European nations are being ambushed ie London, and Manchester’s Arena bombing in 2017 both Mossad false flags claiming a number of sacrificial lambs in it’s wake. Manchester Arena Operator ‘SMG Europe’, Owned by American Capital who completed a joint merger with Ares Capital Corporation (ACC) January 3, 2017. ACC is owned and founded by the Jew boy Antony Ressler (Antony P. “Tony” Ressler.

Then we have the NHS cyber attack = Mossad and operation Talpiot on Tour! Yet Jewish media propaganda continues to blame radical Islam or North Korea… it is so obvious a major incident is imminent to achieve their Marshall law objective. Remember ISIS is Israel why do you think the Jew question is so toxic! You are being fed the world through the Rabbis electronic lantern “TV” that platforms their new amphitheatre for bear bating and preconditioning their new normal. All administered to maintain control through their one party state and perverted Shetar gate-keep construct.

Thus far their propaganda and double speak has succeeded in its objective to have us all believe it doesn’t exist. However, these Jewish crime lords can no longer buoy up their politically correct signature over Europe. While their new normal has forced the square peg of their militant atheist and debauched rainbow nation dream into the round hole of what unmistakably are traditional European nations. Such nations are becoming more and more Jew savvy and racially aware. Being Jew savvy is our self defence against an aggressive occupier. Notice how politically correct laws have feminised our military with sexual deviantshomosexuals and lesbians; manufacturing an image in order to have Novorossians and Communist china view the West as a degenerative race of people. They have inverted European values turning us into a parody of our former self thus conditioning us to become self-haters, passive and weak. This has curbed our ability to fight back against (((them))).  This enemy has programmed the non-Europeans and society in general to view the Caucasian as the world’s aggressor devoid of a moral compass. It uses fabricated stories of hate and oppression to trigger non-Europeans to seek ‘retribution’ against us accelerated with the help of naive self-hating whites. Their Anti-Semitic trick is just a label attached to those who Jews dislike. This little toxic tribal group occupy nations within nation state and are mysteriously overrepresented within the main body of a nation’s administration and civil service above that of the indigenous people and by dividing they become even more enriched and united. They have had freedom to market anarchy (pro-State cancer) trendy and fashionable for far too long and need to be neutralised before they use their banal stage managed court cases to silence the steady rise of dissenters, problem, reaction, solution’.

Take the test – In your own meagre existence have you been affected by the rapacity of the Rabbinical priest-crafted Shetar –

1) Evicted? 2) Divorced? 3) Children stolen? 4) Bailiffs and Loan Sharks? 5) Suspended benefits? 6) Court Summonses? 7) Land Charges? 8) TV licence? 9) Income Tax? 10) Discarded x military?  11) Inheritance stolen? 12) Politically correct/racism claims = insurance scams? 13) Traffic Tickets? 14) Compulsory purchased = expropriation…etc. All these are charges plundered on our bonds that initiate the flow of new money from your signatures. New money is in affect a fluidity of your labour which you have contributed/invested into building the nation they now rent back to you!

Labour is property and property is money.

How is it that Jews are undoubtedly able to hold onto their accumulated inheritance to pass over to their spouse and their pensioners are well cared for in carefree luxury retirement homes supplied by the synagogue? Yet in comparison our elderly, entitled to financial help during the remainder of their lives, are being asset stripped and exposed to risk in trust homes or a now violent community. All this is carefully managed through a myriad of grudge bearing foreigners and social care work agencies as if cherry picked straight from the French Sangatte refugee camp of none Europeans and all Shetar protected. So what does Angela Merkal think! Well she has already started seizing private property in Germany using similar Shetar rules that favour terrorist Israel forcing integration and accommodating the deluge of immigrants. So the Jews must breeze through their own Shetar rules. In fact consider this! When the Jew encounters a problem, he goes to another Jew to be shown the route. He is fully aware that his tribe is the global accountant, (recorder of digital money) and custodian of debt-based usury, and knows the long term consequences of failing to preserve the cycle to increase tribal inheritance (liabilities over the gentile). Thus he will be baby-sat through some local Government £aundering quango, £rust or charity to secure an ideal and a lucrative income to continue the line corroding the virtues and soul of the gentile; and better still for them through anarchy, or whatever hedonistic immoral scheme that distorts the moral compass of a nation. 26 Billion Bucks: The Jewish Charity Industry Uncovered.

For example, here in Liverpool we have the unlikely figure and Town Hall favourite trendy Jewess and frumpy leading fashion icon Amanda Moss’ hosting her Zio-Marxist one dimensional Lifestyle magazine. This secures patrilineal inheritance for her special (((brood))) of head starters, the Yiddish name and blood being the entrance fee. Then not forgetting her tribal Pirate friend Rob Gutmann on a Yiddish Bankruptcy plundering mission across Liverpool, creative book keeping at no cost, long term for tribal unity. This is why the Jew seems to sail through life and accelerate ideas with an open credit check book ‘a big leg up’.. Could it be relative to the ‘digital recorder’ and the ‘Shetar‘ gate keep? Now compare this to how the international Jew buys up and owns every part of the infrastructure that sustains life on the planet and then rents it back to us. They seem to benefit in every decade on every major catastrophe from the President Kennedy assassination, 2….., sinking of the USS Liberty, 9/11 Twin Towers, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram AfricaAl-Shabab of Somalia, Abu-Sayyaf Philipines and the recent bombings and cyber attacks in the UK, and even more so from the worlds biggest whistle-blower Julian Assange … etc etc etc the list is endless and still the impervious Jew keeps trudging along as the eternal victim crying themselves a lucrative protection racket……….Somali Jew passover, meanwhile Israel’s trojan horse! Al-Shabaab plundering starving Somali villages of cash and children.

Now ask yourself …..What the fuck were the so called ‘nasty’ Germans feeding these ‘golden goose’ Jewish Bolsheviks in the labour camps during the last European crusade ‘WWII’ ? The Communist Jew, the occupying enemy, incarcerated because it was a threat to national security yet it lives to a ripe old age blessed with the Midas touch. Or is the fact that having an inexplicable cheque book in comparison to bootlick gentile nations more to the point? By doubling their air force F-35 fleet in one fell swoop openly declares this golden touch. Or is it that by having dominion of the global ‘fresh air’ Banking, financial markets ‘the real key’. Fact is the unconscionable money game is legal laundering, Global Terrorism, Satanism = Judaism.

By pension age we Europeans as sovereign nationals each should have acquired a reasonable nest egg to continue a normal life and be able to leave behind an accumulated and unbroken family inheritance to secure a safe future for any family member we desire. Is it happening? No! ….. Fact …… Shetar law (Judaic) and Usury is back door plunder.

Sovereign Nationals = Special measures act section 9

Nationals and residents ss (1) sss (a) ss (2) sss (b)

Tick-Tock Tavistock

All this corruption, deception and anarchy acerbate my conscience; having to witness these crime lords manipulating our tribe into cowering to their politically correct scam. This synthetic mechanism designed to race destroy is beating us in to submission and aims to kill off what remains of our Aryan makeup, an enviable unmatched footprint which continues to obstruct their rise and even more so if we unite our racial spirit with our European brothers. Two main stream examples Tavistock uses to de-sensitise, charge up and or herd segments of society and is full of global agencies like: Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, The Ditchley Foundation, Gotham Government Solutions (GGS), Institute for Policy Studies and Stanford University SU etc etc… Trend setting programs,  like homosexuality, prostitution and feminism turning it into a trendy and fashionable industry for children, youth and society. The power of suggestion conditions us ie….. by sexualising or pitting the masses against each other so that they can direct theirnew normal the Kalergi plan of anti-white having had us hate ourselves for decades enough to want to sun ourselves away to a trendy brown tan aided by their super carcinogenic lotions and creams. The Jew is instructed on how to deceive the global community : “The Israel Project’s 2009 Global Language Dictionary” and their Hasbara Cyber-snipers troll the internet distorting truth while advancing Weimar conditions to subvert nations from within.

Opposition to Jewish Zio-Marxist authority is now often portrayed as a mental disorder ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). Defining normal healthy Europeans opposition to Jewish Bolshevik occupation of their land was previously used as a template in Russia and Eastern Europe following its seizure in 1917 as a method to silence truth and oppose our constitutional right to lawfully rebel in self defence against tyrants. It is however an innate responsibility which should invoke reaction in all true European/Caucasian kin to give them purpose and set them free.

How could we ever have known we were part of a global ethnic cleansing and de-population program that involves Jewish companies like Monsanto covertly working for Israel and the KGB? We are inside a ‘global laboratory’ that is covertly targeting our immune system, fertility code, sexuality and brain functions through the environment, food chain, education, vaccination/medicinal programs, Planned parenthood abortion clinics, and global wars. We now have the myth of long term security, education and fertility sold back to us from the Jewish ‘federation’ through our captured public hazard bond; or if unfortunately you have other means to …. pay twice ….. in ‘cash’ for business transactions now pooled into private schools and clinics and soon to be NHS. This is because the Jewish tribe have almost succeeded in lowering Europeans into a herd mentality almost to the level of “functionally illiterate”. (((They))) have farmed us into emotional wrecks, induced chemical brain disorders that combined with anti-white policies and a destructive national curriculum result in an oppressed, terrorised and thus compliant mass.

Is it a coincidence that MATIMOP a global Israeli life sciences company conducts clinical trials  in the UK? These same Jewish squatters bond trade our NHS prescriptions as stock market gilt sureties to be held as ransom in Israel in-case of boycott. Their nice little scam is for Israel to trade back to us medicine and massive technology to manage sickness instead of outright cure.

Open your eyes! Our NHS (National Health Service) in name an asset to our British tribe, is in managed descent (Cyber attack). The Jewish parasitic cartels sit in wait for the hand over (privatisation), while in some sectors of the industry whistle-blower doctors are being bumped off at rapid speed, mysterious deaths of none (((Pharmaceutical))) doctors = Cancer cures. My own city of Liverpool is home to the Jewish initiative Pathways to Murder, a so called ethical euthanasia program for the European. Although being warned to stop the (((cartel))) continues under another ethical name. Link…., Link...., Link....

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food”. ~ Hippocrates.

Remember security, literacy, life skills and of course a nutritional diet are fundamental to a protectionist and healthy sovereign nation. Link here...

Yet these so called persecuted anti-European ‘survivors’ of their Victory over Europe are still forever crying themselves a lucrativ£ protection racket. Somehow in just 70+ years they have engineered themselves the monopoly on life, while warning the Europeans if any attempt is made to oust their terrorist organisation occupying Palestine ‘Israel’ they will use their nuclear Samson option to wipe out all major European cities. Also, if not already in use, these sociopaths have race specific bio-weapons to target population groups or individuals. Operation Talpiot……

I am so glad I have been able to identify these parasitic race destroyers and disciplined enough to forsake the illusion these sociopaths present as the new modern day normal. This will implode someday soon and until such time I will fearlessly hold on tightly to my European roots and spiritual calling that appeals to natural order to maintain our people. I will continue to actively resist without disclaimers and help reverse the corrosion of our ancestral lineage smeared through their weaponised media friends. They will be removed well before they totally destroy thousands of years of our noble influence until then they keep us in a constant state of anxiety on their treadmill that distracts from our true rational.

Yiddish Contingencies

To secure global dominance the Jewish terrorist organisation known as ‘Israel’ have even secured anti-Semitism into its foreign policy meaning unofficial thoughts are a threat to their power structure. This is why Amazon has banned books reporting the truth about the Jewish money £aundering protection racket and why Trump has sworn an oath to protect Jews. The aim is to keep us ignorant of Jewish criminality in particular the Holodomor genocides that resulted in the murder of 16.5 million Europeans and the Armenian holocaust of Christians 1915/23. This is in order for us to accept their lies and business or they will embargo, shut down industry and or freeze all our Bank accounts. This is the strategy used to manipulate pro£itable theatre of war’$ with Gadhafi, Sadam Hussein, Assad, Japan. It was also similar to that used on Germany in 1933 and of course today with North Korea who they now pit against us while freezing $60+ billion in foreign banks yet NK Juche, still maintains a self finances healthy ‘racial’ nation… Further  reading here....   . It seems the unnatural order of Zio-Democracy has a hatred for racial strong nations similar to the spirit shown by the Japanese Imperialists during WWII … but then, of course, the Japanese are cousins to the Koreans both cut from the same racial cloth.

However, it is now becoming more obvious that Japan is under attack from the same (anti-Logos/God) Victors of WWII (Jews). They continue to administer a similar corrosive Tavistock infrastructure to Japan’s social system. Cultural Marxism has slowly drawn them in. A gradual demographic change has gone unnoticed for decades and only now are things starting to be taken serious as birth rates plummet, abortions and suicide increase. Unmarried elderly and youth are being manipulated towards a new type of state dependent social system and away from the traditional family unit were once the elderly were cared for by the extended family. Due to these changes immigration laws are being relaxed to allow in skilled workers to fill the manufactured void. I wonder if they realise the brother of the Japanese Emperor Hirohito Takahito, Prince Mikasa in life was himself a Judaic convert compromised to the Semitic ways after the war. Whether it was for self-preservation or had he been indoctrinated by some other tradable bargain that gifted the tribal Chabad a safe seat.

Robert Oppenheimer vaporized at least 129,000 people (atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 6th and 9th 1945) and regretted that the weapon had not been available in time to use against Germany. What is significant is that the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were both predominantly Christian thereby almost twining them with the truly desired German lands also reflecting the twin massacres of Hamburg and Dresden making the whole of WWII the last traditional European crusade.

“Nagasaki was targeted because it was Japan’s Christian centre, home to some 50,000 Christians. The “Fat Man” bomb that decimated Nagasaki was dropped directly over Urakami Cathedral, the largest Christian Cathedral in the Far East.  A criminally unnecessary act, since Japan had already asked to surrender on the very terms the United States subsequently accepted.” Atomic Bomb Secrets. by David J. Dionisi

The fact is Japan has covertly been getting Jewed into global chaos since the end of WWII. Yet it’s business as usual for anti-gentile Israel and Tavistocks Operation Talpiot …. Oy Vey!!

So the real reason for policy change to our free speech laws in Britain is also to sustain business with anti-white Jewish terrorist Israel. Gentiles need an organisation to globally hunt down these Jewish Bolsheviks and neutralise their bond trade control and have them pay reparations for all this manufactured chaos and unspoken of crimes committed against all nations…..Were are all the ‘Stasi hunters’….

“Take away the holocaust and what do you have left? Without their precious holocaust what are the Jews? They are just a little grubby bunch of international bandits, assassins and squatters, who have perpetrated the most massive, cynical fraud in human history.” 

Meanwhile another European nation ‘Greece’ is plundered into oblivion… The reality is this is a managed deception away from true sovereignty. The EU and its power house the EJU plunders and privatises, opens borders to displace and replace to globally dominate when simply exposing their criminal manufactured debt cycle will help in destroying them.

Be warned; all those who think they have inheritance to pass over to their spouse need to know this. As long as the ((money changers)) are allowed to remain in a nation’s administration, civil service, health service and education applying their banking, Shetar and creative accountancy medicine, education, and wealth are all in their hands. All European property and inheritance prior to outright expropriation will continue to deplete, eventually being delivered into the hands of the itinerant Jewish cartels. From this point all property will only ever be credited from the (((global federation))) to those who they deem fit for purpose. The template for this was used following the seizure of Russia in 1917 by Jewish Bolshevism. Synonymous with international Communism the Bolshevik occupation concealed the theft of property and inheritance under ‘state’

Nevertheless, in the meantime there will be short term security for those who stick to the politically correct program-what’s left of the privileged gentry, and the myriad of narcissist and ‘functionally illiterate’ celebrities will be allowed a hedonistic lifestyle because they are currently maintaining the narrative. They do not realise that even their days are numbered, eventually to be bread out as was done with the real European aristocracy. It is now time for the remaining scraggy end gentry and lost fool celebrities stop resisting nature’s way-National Socialism. The ‘diversity’ being proposed by Jewish Zio-Marxism really does mean chasing down the last white man.


I swear I will defend our position till my dying breath or at whatever mortal cost. I will answer to no authority attached to this satanic creature noting our people is the only social remedy to their forced alternative proven in their objective.

I am so thankful that now I can see my life as a pivotal journey and fully understand why they deem being Jew savvy as anti-Semitic. The Jewish tribe use the term like a shield in order to conceal their pestilent criminality. A particularly vile example is the family of Jewish Homosexual Labour Lord Greville Janner, who spent 60 years torturing and raping European children, labelling people ‘anti-Semites’ for exposing their family member’s crimes. Like the Jew am racially aware but without their sanctimonious ‘Semitic’ shelter crying themselves a lucrative industry knowing they themselves engineer phantom false flag environments in order to feign persecution, change our laws, divide Europeans thereby gaining global credit. It has always been in the interest of the Jewish tribe to ‘miraculously discover’ in and around Jewish areas random images daubed on walls and doors which automatically seems to provide the tribe with access to huge global censure. I mean how lucky can Jews be!! When there is no PR available during their week of celebrating the serial killing of Europeans (Passover) create your own …. For instance here is an example of how United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) keeps the pressure on our folk. Rabbi Shneur Odze, (UKIP) candidate for mayor of Manchester, with (((his))) bible burning session.

Although it is a struggle living on ‘benefits street’ I am so glad that the Jews in Liverpool Town Hall took out this gullible Goy first. It is a mere flesh wound to my character. I now see my 60 years of white privilege contained as my net worth condensed into my well-earned local bus pass. From relegation to an IDP with only 2 holdalls of clothing, shepherded through the YMCA stop over remedy, to being settled nicely in a charity house street numbered 101 (ironically the number of the room Winston was taken for correction in George Orwell’s 1984) located on one of (((their))) housing trust estates liberally fairy dusted with (((their))) multicultural quota. It is a practical little hold up which suits me, my son and little rescue French bull dog and exactly where they need me ‘dependent’! However, I thank god they took away my, independence, security and my family’s inheritance sooner rather than later. They have freed my voice, opened my eyes and ears and have now created another thorn for themselves, like brail to a blind man and sign language to the deaf I am able to see through their dialectic Zio-Marxist scam. An unnatural order which keeps the fire burning in me for justice and to help millions of National Socialists (the way of nature) deliver the truth. It cannot be a coincidence that several Rabbis visited my estate within months of the new occupied build supposedly on a fact find mission. They spoke to residents in their quest for positive feed-back regarding quality and comfort on the said new builds. I was made aware of the visit by a number of naive residents told by the Jews that they were themselves thinking of building a similar project elsewhere. Oy Vey!!!

 Off your knees

Remember the ideology (((controlling tribe))) is fearful of the nationalisation of ordinary people; people choosing to revert to the natural way of protectionism to preserve their own sovereign rights = Autarky. This would include small local private businesses, small property and land ownership, borders, and most of all racial integrity as opposed to the antithesis of the Zio-Marxist multicult. So all those who have the will to fight and preserve true diversity and independence need to get tougher and discard the endless death threats from low level operatives of the ideology that globally follow the narrative. The fact is forced Zio ‘diversity’ is genocide of all races and personally I refuse to accept the racial genocide of my people. I also refuse to accept the conditioned dogma that ‘We are losing ‘ since ‘the fat lady is not singing’ at least not yet, and our kids still need a safe future. Always remember the Jew has been identified and evicted from at least 359 locations around the world. Therefore, take account ‘historically’ Germany’s National Socialism set a president proving a strong national sovereignty for its people = Autarky.  It leads to ‘self-sufficiency’ ‘self- financing’ trailblazing a way forward for all nations. If the Jewish banking cartels and their Zio-attack-dogs had not set against Germany’s template the National Socialists would have freed the world of (((usury))) = (((central banking))) so WWII was the choice between (((Central banking))) or interest free Banking = National Socialism. We fought for Usury = ())Central banking))) now ask yourself was Hitler and Gottfried Feder wrong? …..

For decades through their media propaganda the (((controlling tribe))) have done their best to discourage the popularity of protectionism. Protectionism is key to the nature of race because it fosters the need for security and care for ones kin. Therefore, the parasitic tribe instantly attack protectionism with fractional tactics to breakdown the racial bond. Initially with their class system then decades of religious agitating, sexual perversion and the manipulation of political stats to dishearten the spirit of the like minded silent majority.

I observe that laws are deliberately being relaxed by the ideology helping Zio-Marxists opposed to protectionism when ordinary people campaign to install protectionism/Autarly. Police, an army subservient to the Jewish tribe, are lenient with these Militant Atheists/Zio-Marxists precisely because they are tools of the ideology. Again street marches/boycotts filled Zio-Marxist, second and third generation none Europeans and other fractional PC groups, as well as under cover security services, ideology crisis actors and their new immigrant invaders are tools of the narrative and the police are told to treat them with kid gloves. This obvious alliance cannot be ignored any longer since the silent majority are in a situation whereby they are left as sitting ducks undefended and without a voice. Ordinary folk are now starting to accept that all the main stream politically correct parties are divisive in league with the Zio-Marxists, helping the (((controlling tribe))) to prostrate our people. Remember problem, reaction solution…Destabilise the Middle East, displace populations, point them in the direction of Europe, then send IsrAID NGO to welcome and administer the exodus in order to displace and destabilise the hosts. Most of us are aware that some of these immigrant invaders (pawns) are themselves displaced; had their homes and land stolen. Then they are encouraged with short term inducements to leave and settle within our homeland. The Jewish parasites have formulated this constant cycle of upheaval to entrap all gentiles in (((their))) one world government.

‘This simple rule is not taught in schools….for a (((few people))) in prosperity many have to be in poverty’ Adolf Hitler … We win with committed, determined men with moral objectives

It is well known that Jews have occupied the whole European continent including Russia for centuries. Now having manufactured the coming global crisis just like a Trojan horse the Jewish tribe are now starting to reveal their squatting herd as they agitate and secure alliances across the globe. It is a Tavistock strategy were (((sleeper cells))) feign compassion, love and integration; racial suicide for all. Just like the parody ‘Pied Piper’ they lead the cattle to their own slaughter in some of the most obscure places on the planet.

Jews in Persia (Iran)….

Jews in China…

Jews in Vietnam…

Jews in India…

Jews in Central Asia…

Jews in Africa…

Jews in Australia

Jews in America…

There are even reports of the first Jewish Eskimo! We in the West have been conditioned via Jewish propaganda to see the Jew as white making it easy for them to silently blend in amongst us and politically manipulate. Now that European borders are destroyed, racial and sexual integrity perverted the Jew can reveal its true face.

Burst the bubble

Why do we allow Jews to hide behind a name which they can use to silence criticism and hide their criminality?  They have in effect turned our people into cowards by attaching ‘terrorism’ and mass murder to anyone who becomes Jew savvy; awake to their bestial paedophilic sexual proclivities, race baiting, usury, global plundering and ring leader in organ harvesting. However, it is our children that are most at risk for it is Jewish homosexual paedophiles like Labour Lord Janner that are raping European children in government facilities and stealing them or to sexually pervert a safe harvesting ground for future political pawns.  High office blackmail = Secrets are power.

The Jew is are the only group who have for decades used private security guards, stringent bomb proof security measures and CCTV surveillance in their communities, schools and synagogues before it was common practice. It is meant to enforce the sense of ‘persecution’ unconsciously implementing further guilt on surrounding European host populations. How can you ever think of overthrowing and defeating an enemy if you don’t even know who or what it is? In fact even as you are dying you are tricked into believing that the enemy is the victim.

The Jewish press has always directed reform in whatever direction suits an outcome for (((their tribe))). For decades their politically correct agenda has been their easiest weapon to exploit and castrate the spirit of nations. Depending in what nation cultural differences of those imported into the ancestral land will be the target to socially unbalance.

Throughout history it has been the merchant Jew feeding lies into the ear of the European people, while hanging onto the shirttails of this creative race and cherry picking the spoils using (((his))) divisive tactics. As such by piecemeal his position has grown stronger bringing us here today…..those in position of advisor (Jew) have overthrown the leaders making them puppets in their own nations. Caucasian nations are now depicted as the exploiters and haters in order to stimulate the Jewish narrative as the Jew covertly builds his armies. The Jew controls all politics under the illusion of left and right in the lands of the gentile. Only racial awareness will ever stop these (((parasitic itinerants))).

Folks the last piece of the jigsaw goes way beyond their ‘Zio-Wahhabi Mosque’s’, and their useful black slaves. The final piece exposes their network of Trade unions, underpinned by Fabian Socialism  both connected through the British Labour Party neither that have ever signified European Socialism but a Judaised  international Marxism. While the Wahhabi (Zionist) finger puppets appealing their wolf cry that supports their stolen Palestinian land the Jewish media focus our attentions on false flags the biggest being radical Islam. This is a Zio-Judaic Trojan horse spearheaded by their Mossad…, B’nai B’rith…., Sayenim…, Young Turks…, Donmè…, Sabbatean Jews…, Wahhabi Jews…, all backed up with Zio-Marxists and their hired criminal mercenaries. It is the likes of Tavistock stimulating the rise of extremism their war cry programming is a recruitment drive, similar to how their cunning governmental taxing and prohibition trick triggers their Kosher Nostra to supply the back door demand of drugs…., sex…., booze……, organ harvesting and sex trafficking.

Do you ever question why paedophilia laws are relaxed? Is it so their Rabbis are free to felicio a babies penis during their so called ‘religious’ ceremonies. In fact Talmudic paedophile rape gangs are thriving in towns and cities across Britain. The Jewish Children’s commissioner for England Sue Berelowitz is gatekeeper for these inconvenient truths and also guilty of remaining silent re the Wahhabi, Young Turk, Sabbatean.

They have programmed the West to hold up the Koran as an immoral dogma. This deflects from their Jewish Talmud with its satanic and debauched writings and covert ways against the gentile. This should be studied and held accountable for world chaos. April 10-18th is just one significant date on their satanic calendar; their global Jewish holiday of Passover that celebrates the murder Europeans. The threat of Jewish ritual murder has formed a shadow over Europe for centuries and should serve as a warning to European parents to keep a sharp eye on their children because of the nature of William of Norwich death. The Jack the Rippersaga, whose Jewish murderer Aaron Kosminski is constantly concealed, damningly connects to cold blood organ harvesting while the current Jewish homosexual Janner paedophile scandal is unmistakably linked to missing children. The Jew has purposely inverted nature in an attempt to conceal their perversions.

The Public order act 1936 Chapter 6 “it is an offence to wear political/paramilitary uniforms was installed by an occupied government to clamp down on a public that was a threat to its power and their Yiddisher street gang. It been enforced on these dual passport holders whose yarmulke and paramilitary uniformed police signal supremacism, death, debauchery, paedophilia and global plunder because the one party state is controlled by them. These alien parasites are allowed to wear these distinct types of clothing which identifies and unifies yet if we attempt to unify our folk we are classed as extremists.

The methods used to bring spiritual Europe to heel need to be applied to their symbols and culture. Make use of their places of business-synagogues and Judeo-Masonic halls of secrecy by turning them into pubs, pork butchers, or fish and chip shops and depending on location Farm yard storage once this situation is resolved for they intended other solutions like the Jewish Morgenthau plan to accelerate the genocide of the Europeans.

If we don’t intervene soon the Jews delusional economic system will continue to run the world into the ground. It is a case of ‘us or them’ so get focused, drop the politically correct niceties and accelerate the word. The operative words are not the ‘Koran and Muslim’ as projected through Jewish media. The operative words are ‘Jew and Talmud‘ the former nothing more than tools easy to deal with once our European tribes are focused and free from Jew oppression.…. ‘Politically correctness

It’s not in the interest of the common man to see Jewish asset stripping wars drifting over mineral rich foreign nations rolling out commercial, contract and trust law under the auspices of Human rights and Democracy. Neither is it in our people’s interest to have the blood stained

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” – Frédéric Bastiat

plunder administered back through Jewish multinationals as commercial transactions completely ignoring a nation’s constitution. More specifically what ‘international/commercial law’ (Talmudic or Jew law) does is supersede that of National law as if it does not exist just as the Jew as the chosen supersedes the gentile.

This same contract law (offer, acceptance and consideration) does the same to the common man in a plundered sovereign nation. The only difference this time is that in order to enact the flow of money/property your signature is required as permission. This they then lease back to us. It will take the will of the people to remove these ‘in office’ itinerant parasites and restore their national constitutional power. So you better get your skates on because the insider dealers are pushing for global Marshall Law. Their new best friends ‘Communist China’ and ‘Soviet Putin’ites have their global Police force already conditioned and in waiting. Europe and America, morally/financially bankrupted and defenceless are preparing to protect their offshore assets under their new BRICS monetary system leading to another Jewish slight of hand. Is it a coincidence that the president of communist China Xi Jinping is objecting to protectionism./Autarky Surely this alone reveals the objective of communism/capitalism. God help any nation attempting protectionism / Autarky against any of (((their))) overseas land banks.

If someone switches the tap on in your home and floods it, do you blame the tap… Before you do!!!…. Consider the 1200 Rabbis signing petition to race destroy Europe and America, their immigration nation’ campaign, or the Barbra Spectre advice and maybe you will realise that it is the Jews we should be thanking for the flood … The list is endless.

Your silence = Their victory ….. So the Battleground is you, and while you are pondering!!! ‘Jewish Bolsheviks’ and their ‘Zio-Marxist foot soldiers‘ just keep gaining ground.

The Direction

We need to disengage and remove these Jewish private bankers. It would allow the still breathing live currency to circulate our labour on the land. We are now the guarantors for the Zionist banker money changers ‘Usury‘ through the consent of our signature. Removal of the (((middleman))) would give access to our constitutional rights, real education, and direct access to our national wealth. It would allow us to get back to production in whatever field that produces food and independence that strengthens industry and nation. Our labour is our property. Property is value and, our investment ‘each of us’ being the preferred stock.

So ….by removing the strategic obstacles there can be a return to small cottage, craft industry, localism and agrarian homesteading sounds good to me…No Yiddish banker shareholders skimming production through high interest usury and middleman scams. Ridding ourselves from these Jewish bankers will also remove the Tavistock induced drug cartel network, down to street level criminal gang land and, low level protection rackets which will bring order in society. It will enable us to reenergise a natural organic food chain with high nutritional value. Protectionism / Autarky is what the organic doctor ordered.

Once their paid for Zionist boot licker’s leave their sinking sticking ship, we can return to nature’s way, using national principles and the social conscience of righteous men (Gottfried Feder)harness into our own national bank and a moral government circulating fundamental infrastructure. This will form the structure of back to work programs as is constitutionally protected for racial self autonomy, because if we don’t, 2 or more bread winners within a family of the future will not be enough.
Now ask yourself ….

) Do the Muslims own the banks, media, internet or Hollywood?

2) Does Hollywood and other Jewish media tell us the truth about Nationalism?

3) Do we lose with Jews or does our “so called” white privilege give us immunity.

4) Do you recognise yet the only ones to benefits from all this chaos?

Remember the day before the last European crusade ‘WWII’ it was just a normal day. Link..., Link...., Link....

Then suddenly the Jew bankers ordered their Zio-puppet Churchill to re-enslave Europe back under Shylocks Usury scam away from the National Social liberators who were advocating an interest free system.

You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and victim of Jewish Bolshevism (Zio-Marxism).  ….. Jews and Bolshevism.

Take a peek into their planned format now that (((they))) have opened the flood gates into Europe, America, Australia, South Africa etc for (((their))) planned global crisis Link...

Oy Vey !!! Cry and lie me a toxic river of kosher tears and an impervious Holow’cause protection racket so my tribe can free bus ride the globe on the back of the gentile that conceals Jewish Bolshevik crimes ...

 1, 26 Billion Bucks: The Jewish Charity Industry Uncovered.

2, Meet The “New Jewish Elite” Under President Trump

3, President Donald Trump full speech at 2017 US Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Day of Remembrance

4, Think You Know How Deep Trump-Russia Goes? Think Again: This Chart/Info Will Blow Your Mindenlarge criminal network here.

5, Trump ♥ Putin – Trump Russian Mafia Connections Exposed BayRock Thread Chabad Mafia | Felix Sater Roger Stone

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