Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Plunder part 8/10 Weimar Conditions.

Weimar Conditions

I often sit in disbelief at the lack of resistance shown by the unconscious masses to this criminal

Removelersinfrastructure. It doesn’t matter how much proof is shown that our nation and the whole of Europe is descending into manufactured chaos managed by a corporate Kabbalah of evil paedophile and sexual predators within all of Europe and America’s occupied governments. Not even proof of a former Prime Minister’s involvement in murder and snuff videos arouses a “normal reaction” in the masses. I don’t see anyone being dragged out attached to a “Dockers hook” from any “Town Hall” or “Parliament building”. The Jewish victors of WWI/II have re-written history and are continuing to ethnically cleanse away the best of our folk. The indoctrinated masses now accept everything and anything rainbow as the new ‘normal’ so are driven deeper into the mire of deception, distortion and destruction.

Paedophilia is a basic trait to sort for recruiting within this one party state. It assures the applicant a high office position and the Jewish fifth column a tight knit network blackmailed to keep silent in exchange for a carefree lifestyle. Therefore, whatever is spoken or changed within any of the party constructs that intentionally distracts or helps corrode away our nation and communities should remain secure within this secretive anti-family, anti-European group.Consequently, it is these perverts, under Jewish control, who have power over the national curriculum that contributes to the way our children’s minds view the world. It is also in this vein that Jewish control seeks to normalise sex with children as they weakening the al-goldstein-jews-in-pornographyEuropean male through decades of thinly veiled Marxism known as Feminism. This Jewish propaganda projects a constant “battle of the sexes” through the Rabbinical lantern “TV” that inverts the natural and complementary relationship between man and woman. Globally Jewish women have always played key rolls in building and advancing the so called modern women’s movement like the Pink-Black Block: ANTIFA’s Militant Anarcho Feminist Lesbians.

These controlling corporate moguls have cunningly broken down natural order, successfully youth-80-years-ago-and-todaydivided marriages and families, made relationships politically toxic coercing division between sexes. This has been achieved through dating sites, hotline’s and Jewish porn rings and each wave of Cultural Marxism (politically correctness) digs deeper and deeper into our cultural bonds, suffocating our folk and through (((their))) clever marketing has replaced our native with cosmetic enhanced, or sinister alternatives or celeb figure heads. A more conclusive list of Zionist puppets involved in the methods of ‘problem, reaction, solution’ is the New Year’s honours list here. If you are savvy to the dialectical mind games that are constantly being used against us then this list invaluable to uncovering further Shetar deceptions. Corporate modernism is a death trap leading us into a sterile future of control, agitation, and taunting the European on the back of a Jewish MTV hip hop “niggard” up mentality that signals blacks to demand reparations for crimes which were previously the trade of the Africans and eventually predominantly a Jewish monopoly. This MTV mentality teasing us into a submissive ‘dare encroach us you white boy’, has helped create inner city no go areas and states within states alongside operation black vote groups, just like in Sweden. This all contributes to distorting the moral compass of all European nations, reshaping the present and future.

It’s been an eye opener for me to have had taken from me all the material mechanisms which previously silenced me. I now able to live without that by which their Shetar gate keep controlled me- recognising them as Material Things!!! This is the prostrating mechanism which has hip-hop-jewbrought our folk to a state of submission because of their programmed drive for materialism. As a consequence am now able to clearly see through, and focus more on the fakery while for the time being surviving on my basic needs. In order to sustain race and nation we must all take up our natural position as National Socialists’ to save Europe and all our European folk. The only difference between ‘my situation’ and ‘yours’ is that they did it to me sooner.

Co-ordinated ambush

The manufacture of African and Middle Eastern ‘refugees’ by the (((ideology))) via war andukraine famine is merely a dialectic strategy that has a higher  propaganda rating than our terrorised Ukrainian kin folk. While the survival of any person is a mere collateral damage to these Global terrorists 2million Ukrainian’s remain destitute the result of the continued Zio-Marxist sham tug of war between Russia and the rest of Europe. Ukraine is in the midst of ethnic cleansing, being displaced or being refused movement across Europe. From the European Union (EU), a Jewish construct created not to protect but to destroy all our lands, along with what remains of our tribal folk, there’s nothing but silence or deflection regarding our racial genocide. The same deafening silence is applied to the cleansing of whites in South Africa. Almost 100,000 racially motivated murders since the end of Apartheid and growing, these too are unable to return to Europe because of selective policy and puppet African leaders like Mandela, Jacob Zuma, and Julius Sello Malema all publicly advocating white genocide…. ‘kill all whites‘. Just like the Ukrainians South African whites have been abandoned or what is caudally entitled ‘movement restricted’ to await their fate. Europeans are in a global ambush because white (Caucasian) does not fit (((their))) politically correct narrative. Ukraine of course is another (((controlled))) battle front, another Bolshevik assault against our tribe while South Africa also due to its ‘anti-white’ policies is a blood bath in waiting. In South Africa Affirmative action is Africa 3ethnic cleansing by proxy. Our people are up against institutionalised genocide. This is why protectionism through a unity of all European nations is now proscribed and criminalised. All their diverse rhetoric is a contradiction “nationalism preserves diversity“.

Easily manipulated into a tool of Zio-Marxism democracy is another dialectical device to feign an East West conflict. The building of the Berlin wall and its collapse simply constituted a superficial diversionary tactic by which Zio-Marxism could expand. It is important to recognise that Perestroika emerged out of the East only to flood the West with Political Correctness (cultural Marxism) and claim a global monopoly over media and all civil service administration! Jews continue to signal direct attacks on all Europeans with their anti-white pro-black rhetoric. Hollywood creations such as Inglorious bastards, Jango and the new twisted remake of Birth of a nation are three films alone packed with suggestive anti-white attack programming for their indoctrinated foot soldiers. The more recent programming focuses on their new ‘Denial’ film here.., here.., an adaptation regarding a well known ‘historian’ in a bid to control the official Holocaust protection racket to be sure of steering the mass away from uncooperative historians like Ernst Zundel’ one of many leading intellectual lone wolves of truth.

Their global network created the white privilege rouse an inversion to enhance feelings of white rachel-gilmer-jewish-african-american-2guilt already in place via the holocaust construct. With the Jewish drive to import and occupy Europe with the coloured races the initial response would be that it was to stir up racial aggression against us. Nevertheless, since the white mass has now been chastened into wimps much of what we see is Jewish trickery (dialectics). For example Black lives matter is a tool of the Zio-Marxist meant to agitate. It has led us in to a state of self defence yet if we defend or bring attention to (((their))) suggestive programming or hurt their feelings in any way (((they))) cast us as the racist or aggressor.

The Jewish tribe are now desperately trying to close down all discussion of their anti-white agenda, holocaust protection racket and usurious banking scam in a last ditch attempt to shield their crimes. Books, literature, web posts, blog posts are already under scrutiny. Yet the white theresa-may-2mass remain none the wiser of the occupied government’s movements since Jews have their Kehillah network, Shetar gate keep, and trained lackey, ‘Teresa May driving Yiddish policy through staged Anti-Semitic attacks. In fact the so called legal scaremongering coming from the Shetar gate keep is toxic enough for many quivering gentiles to self-police and steer clear to protect their conditioned treadmill lifestyles giving the anti-white agenda safe passage for racial attacks.

Sinister network

PlagiaristConforming to the Jewish narrative the politically correct speak of white privilege. The reality is this is concealment of white ability. Yet our ability is like a red rag to a bull when it comes to the Jew. Their only ‘ability’ is to plunder and plagiarise. As history shows this parasite has become proficient in already existing ideas plundered from the gentile. Their crimes have been hidden for decades under the cloak of their Shetar legal system, banking and media monopoly. This monopoly adapts and plagues nation states through the success of Zio-Marxist Jewry and their Kehillah shadow government. Jewry was the victor of WWI and II, having covertly infiltrated and influenced all Nation and global policy through their Zionist network, a Jewish shadow government. A rabbinical global network of selective Jews capable of triggering specific goals across the world using a numerical pyramid system based on the number 7. Just “seven phone calls” can reach 1m contacts within hours capable of triggering union labour strikes, student campus and, or street action. This includes major terror attacks against the West, on individuals, groups or against governments unfriendly towards terrorist Israel. There are Jewish sleepers within all nation states, astute administrative gate keepers all working for the Jewish terrorist organisation calling itself Israel operating as Mossad, B’nai B’rith, Sayanim, Zio-Marxists, the Donmè, Young Turks… This is why these Zio-Marxist Jews by proxy have been able to cut up and divide Europe and other European nations into manageable units, it is high tech feudalism. Sleeper cells will be activated whenever their masterminds decide to unleash hell on us. Similar to the way most uprising seem to appear out in the Middle East.

World Jewry accelerates even faster today. Their plan to remove us from the face of the planet has been institutionalised through political correctness and affirmative action leading only to the genocide of our race. Immigration, abortion, contraception, taxation, feminism; anything which social-justice-shabos-goyhas contributed to reducing our people’s ability to sustain our population growth is genocide. Nevertheless, it is sold to us as the new modern “inclusive”. Ask yourself why would the so called privileged white self-annihilate, literally commit suicide by blending ourselves out of existence? It is unnatural thus can only be the desire of an enemy. This is what the Zio-Marxist term ‘inclusive’ means?!!!! Their inclusive is a contradiction equating to “Only if you agree with us” leading to the destruction of the white race. Look at this Jew here caught agitating !!!!

Playing both sides

It is not just the global economy through usurious banking that they dominate. To lose control of the Holodomor would be their Waterloo! People must wake up to the deception of their cry me EU engine room 2an industry/protection racket (Holocaust construct) and contrast it with the real liquidation of the Holodomor Genocides. Only then will the continued ethically cleansing of the Europeans by the parasite be exposed. This will be the beginning of the end of the Jewish narcissistic, psychotic and Bailiff Mentality over others.

The Brexit teaser!! Don’t be relying on this Yiddish dialectic scam with the same tribal cockroaches leading the legal fight to reverse the result. Did you think the tight margin between in or out was a natural outcome? This only makes it a bit easier to reverse and accept what ever direction they decide to stay with.

1, Jewish Alex Chesterman Property speculator.

2, Jewish David Pannick QC.

3, Jewish Sir Brian Leveson (always good for shutting down reports).

4, Master of the rolls gay Jew Sir Terence Etherton.

5, The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Sales.

6, Anthony Julius lawyer, and chairman of the Jewish Chronicle.….reinforced with other Zionist immigrants….. Oy Veh!!

As I have pointed out earlier in my plunder articles these charity fronts are a cover for money laundering, people and child trafficking and organ harvesting,…… Order your preference and delivery here,….. here,….. or if in the US…… here and here with the usual public figures involved in the $billion UNICEF laundering scam …… It’s all Mossad intelligence gathering at its finest.

The Jewish tribe have already publicly nominated (((their))) back up strategy

‘Muslims are our natural allies’ – Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt

FRANCE – Why Are Jews at The Head Of ALL Islamic Institutions?

‘The current president of the ‘French Council Of The Muslim Faith’ and a defacto board member of the new Foundation of Islam, Anwar Kbibech, employee of Franco-Israeli billionaire Patrick Drahi, welcomed the creation of this new Foundation, stressing the importance that the training and appointment of all future Imams in France must be done and co-supervised by Jews. In fact, this is already the case, except that now, it is out in the open.

In other words, we have a unique situation in France where a Jew, Jean-Pierre Chevènement is being appointed the new Calif of French Muslims with another Jew, Dassault, as his banker.’ Article here…

So while the European continues to shadowbox a confusing plethora of manufactured dialectic situations, the Jew through Zionist Muslim leaders is controlling the Islamic community. The same is being done with other none European communities such as the globally coordinated black lives matter phenomenon covertly lead by black Jewess 911 Rachel Gilmer TRUMP VIDEO HERE . Further clues alerting us are the in-actions of the Zionist Imams keeping silent on facts surrounding the Mossad 911 attack preferring to float the official narrative. This is purposely promoted pointing us in the wrong direction to stir up global tensions between Christendom and Islam. Israel having already stirred up sectarian tensions in the Middle East 1, 2, 3, 4 and scurry in back door Judaism.

“911 terror attack good for Israel” Benjamin Netanyahu Haaretz 2008

Has it resonated with you yet!!!!!!! Jews need to be “dragged out” of all European administration organ-harvestingthey have no right to decide on European life and cultural matters. This Pavlov dog reaction from the mass in defence of Jews is an indoctrinated illness.

This sinister Jewish tribe have once again led us into the same Weimar conditions that they swamped Germany with after WWI. Running rampant in society today is a touch of the Chinese Boxster revolution with Sassoon type opium drug control methods care of the war on Afghanistan as well as an in house Bolshevik military Police, civil service and covert CCTV network to enforce and secure these conditions and defend them. We’re now living in a world were trained Police can panic and violently act on impulse to force Jewish ideology yet in contrast the untrained public must remain calm with either a gun, Taser or pepper spray stuck in their face. Many of us have been aware for years how the Zio-Marxist enforces their ‘new normal’ having experienced first hand opposing the destruction of our one and only land. This only confirms that their ideas are Jewish and now all global forces are being trained up in Jewish occupied Palestine; the base of their terrorist organisation Israel.

In case of a massive uprising this parasitic tribe even has control of food and toxic chemicals at their disposal. “Schedule referred to in military list 20150417 of the Export Control Order 2008 MILITARY GOODS, SOFTWARE AND TECHNOLOGY” It is these chemical products that leading political figures invest in because they are toxic and hinder European development. In fact to be sure of blind loyalty they have created an environment were folks are being encouraged to spy on each. Other social challenges affecting the physical and mental stability of babilon befor hitlera huge proportion of aimless Europeans are drugs, drugs, drugs, etc, etc… and British funding continues to pour into the their eternal victim industry protection racket.

I will add at this point that the Jewish influence over Britain can be seen more boldly and contemporary with the introduction of politically correctness. This is synonymous with cultural Marxism introduced incrementally by stealth to silence mass opposition . The introduction of both Marxism fused with Freudianism in around 1897 the year of the Zionist congress, accelerated even faster Europe’s slow death.


So you better face up to it folks our country is at war with an enemy of none Europeans who have entered all European governments by stealth. This is why an all white party in Europe is Mathew Gouldbanned proving that racial unity is the fundamental and only remedy. This Jewish parasite like chameleons can blend in and hide in amongst the background of all tribes and still retain dual citizenry (Aliyah) to their criminal safe haven the stolen land of Palestine. This is now incubating nuclear control of the Jewish terrorist organisation called ‘Israel’ holding the world to ransom. The leading influence of this power also sit comfortably in the US, UK and EU to name but a few. The only difference in the way the Jews plunder land and property in Europe as opposed to how they do it in i.e. Palestine is that no high velocity weapons are used here as of yet.

There can be only one reason that Jews, on an industrial scale, employ or offer grants here…., here..., here…, to hordes of their own people to spread global misinformation on the World Wide Web about their tribe, Israel and other major world events and that is to distract from their true agenda. These despot immigrants have been agitating and corroding, not only our people from within but all other races for far too long and need exposing. In Britain alone and in full view these same race destroyers and victors of WWI/II are displaying so much chutzpah and yet they get away with it. They have weakened our folk through decades of global Marxist psychological programming using the trigger mechanism of political correctness. This is fed through artificial constructs of ‘diversity’, ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusiveness’ artificially engineered to promote self-hatred among white Europeans. Culture clash is reinforced with hordes of their grafted in third world immigrants and a further 15m African migrants to arrive by 2020. It’s polluting and blending out what remains of our gene pool through forced integration and at the same time, as intended is colliding Christianity and Islam together in order to reduce or kill off both. There is nothing organic about society when the Jew has his finger on the button. A single example displaying influence over Royalty was shown when Syrian Christian clergy were refused entry to Britain! Christian hate and suppression is rampant within the halls of government.

(((They))) need the immigrants and the minority preferred groups to displace the working populace (indigenous) of targeted nations, who are then bottlenecked towards unemployment.  Pregnant(((They))) employ many imports and minority groups within the usurped (((civil service))) to manage the unemployment infrastructure. The unemployed have now become the stock for the usurped (((civil service))) to move about. The favoured immigrant and minority groups are empowered to administer instruction to the unemployed (indigenous). The unemployed sign a contract of unemployment which transfers power of attorney over to the (((employment office))) = (((DWP))) (the biggest game in Town). The (((DWP))) contract is an (((employment contract))) to send you on an endless trail from pillar to post shadow boxing for a job……… The shadow boxing is the job. Your initial signature from the outset created a bill of exchange that initiated the flow of money as guarantor from your allocated public hazard bond (National Insurance pre-paid account). Whatever the amount of money the (((DWP))) raises in your name only approximately  e.g. 25% is administered back to you while (((DWP))) as your power of attorney keep 75% for their administration fees to keep the machine continuously oiled. Notice how the stock do not have to produce anything of substance yet fill an ever expanding service industry of the West. Anything of substance is now shipped in from the new financially empowered nations. A transfer of (((financial wealth))) to the far East has disarmed the West. The reality is the stock are in fact the preferred stock which makes them the true shareholders not the corporations who hold worthless paper documents as proof of claim. Using Gottfried Feder principals a nation is self financing and can sustain itself but only when the (((money changers))) have been removed.

Jeremy Corbyn is another paedophile protector, the Zio-Marxist leader of the British Labour movement, whose main director Ella Rose coincidently worked for the Israeli Embassy and is a former president of Union of Jewish Students.. Oy Vey!! This new shepherd leading corbynthe goy masses, Corbyn, tells us multiculturalism brings energy to Britain. Well watch how that energy makes it so easy for all these well informed grafted in imports including protector of Jewish paedophile Lord Greville Janner  MP Keith Vaz to remain impervious and establish a home, employment, income/ business in comparison to your own lifelong struggle. Just on the high street alone localism has been vacuumed into either Jewish corporations or harnessed into immigrant cooperatives leaving you with the choice of Jewish parasite or their immigrant tool who will shift most of their takings offshore tax free. If only we had listened to the earlier warnings from alert patriots in the early 70’s, that one day, Mr Hassan Patel’s little corner shop and Mr Cohen’s pharmacy would be weaponised against us.

Can it also be a coincidence or a concerted effort that almost every petrol service station in Great Britain is now franchised out to one of their well-informed imports? Meanwhile the Wahhabi Royals (Jew cousins) and Communist China (Chinese Kaifeng Jews) are allowed to buy our energy and service infrastructure electricity, gas, airports, canals, rivers, sea ports, road and rail network and London capital…. Next…. ‘Farming’. At the beginning of the 20th century Britain had over 500,000 working farms. Since 1973 in Britain since the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 50,000 barely survive. The same is true with Germany, France and all over the European continent since 1962.

This rabbinical clique has progressively driven corrosive policies through their European union for decades. They have conditioned the mass into low wages and a scavenger mentality thus preconditioning us to their short term palliatives instead of long term economic cures. They are continually indoctrinating the mass through their deceitful marketing and media broadcasting having us in a forever cycle of bargain hunt for that cheap unhealthy end of line or out of date food or merchandise. This psychological system is designed to go unnoticed while cunningly has us accepting as the norm i.e. money supermarket programs…… Their structures will inevitably lead us into an artificially created famine were we will be unable to feed our folk-take into account the collapse of localism now absorbed into their supermarket corporate chain. Logistically when the inevitable collapse arrives the shelves of these Yiddish controlled food chains will be cleared within days unable to restock leading us back into the open hand of the Jew through mass anarchy. Only then will localism as once was be recognised as the backbone of a racially unified national economy by which time it may be too late to stop this entrapment “by proxy communist collectivism.

Following the seizure of Russia in 1917 by Jewish Bolsheviks ‘collectivism’ is the term used to lennin-and-stalinconceal their mass confiscation of grain to collapse and destroy farming in Russia and Ukraine causing famine across Russia and the Holodomor Genocides. These same Jewish mass murders of our Russian and Ukrainian brethren, who also triggered WWI/II are still covertly in total control to this day in town halls and government across Europe.

Wake up people we have been in a covert economic war since WWII. We are silenced by the Jewish press to smother the hand of sovereignty and to spiritually breed out our ability to fight back. I mean how easy does it have to be before the sheep see through the illusion of the Jewish media platform? The so called ‘far right’ is as politically correct as the left. The outcome always remains the same left liking their red just as much as the right-all friends of Israel-it is a Global one party state were the only choice is Zio-Marxism.

The objective of this Jewish Zio-Marxist dialectic that straddles both sides was to enable them to write favoured legislation (anti-European) and consolidate industry into fewer and fewer Jewish hands. This has been achieved by enticing our folk away from the land and into industry, and then over time unconstitutionally using their paid for Marxist trade union foot soldiers to coaxing the National work force into industrial strikes, through created circumstance i.e. wall street crash, and other incidental ‘conveniences’. This is simple mathematical foresight for the Jew having mastered the skills of their most favoured industry ‘Bond trade Insurance’ then used “Actuarial science“, to predict success or failure’. As previously explained it is this science of contingency that he has been applying in a sinister dialectical method to all his dirty dealings for millennia. Well before the IT technology, the Jew has always guaranteed his wager and through Unite union 2his Shetar gate keep he sets all the rules in party politics and state sponsored Usury – (Also see dialectics). Forecasting descent to trigger decline is a Yiddish administrative trickery within targeted nations leaving towns and cities vulnerable to the same solvent carpet baggers who initiated the destruction. This has made it easier to gradually transfer industry, and financial power to the Far East and Third World countries and into the hands of, (((their))) ever expanding, already paid for Zio-Marxist governments all part of their crime family syndicate. This parasite, through their Chinese Kaifeng Jew, Indian Cochin/Malabar Jew, and their black African Jewish network all having an abundance of sweat shop gentiles for disposal in China…..,  India…… and now Africa……Meanwhile back home the European Jew network carpet bags and lands swipes at knock down prices.

The Opportunist

Over time Zio-trade unionists have disenfranchised the European people for their Zio-masters and left even themselves almost prostrate without a negotiable tool or weapon to bargain with. brics-2So Zio-Marxism only helps protect the Jewish parasite and by proxy steal European wealth from the real Socialists (Nationalists). This results in Jewish Zio-Marxists today having a global, (loyal to the cause) well-seasoned communist/Bolshevik Police force that travel to any hot spot threatening their industries; direct transport links from Kaifeng controlled China to London are already in place. Any national economy that does not suit this parasite will be demonised, war declared, launched and a banking replacement for example ‘BRICS‘ controlled by the same set in place in the aftermath. Evermore coordinated Zio-Marxist who now bond trade human resource (human capital) through charities, Trusts and unsecured casual, or employment agencies.

Now let us all say thank you to the Jewish controlled trade unionists for helping legislating the Europeans out of existence by replacing us with their well cared for imports.

Has it sank in yet … Then you better consider this ….The only remedy left for the world is racial unity and national solidarity against this warring genocidal cockroach. Only then will it be possible to reverse the unnatural and perverse activities of the Jew and his Zio-Marxist clones. No significant spirit to remove the parasite has been seen since the 1930’s. Then British Fascism awakened in our folk with the objective of stopping the Jewish war and uniting Europeans against Jewish Bolsheviks. Sabotaged by Jewish instigated WWII and Shetar legislated out of existence by the same special parasitic immigrants who have bastardised our legal language allowing Yiddish to be the exclusive barter system for global trade. The parasitic Jew even now oswald-mosley-europeansruns its own indoctrination machine in our nation dishing out PHD’s on the study of ‘Anti-Semitism’ convincing the mass that Jewish criminality is an illusion and those that expose it are insane.

Since the arrival of the World Wide Web (WWW) the unspoken Jew question has at long last reached a global audience. They are now able to analyse facts, hidden data and conclusive evidence exposing the Jewish agenda. Yet because of this mass awakening on the web the parasitic tribe on the global stage are suddenly able to criminalize any objections to their iron grip ….Isn’t it suspicious that the Jew complains endlessly about ‘hate’ directed towards his tribe and yet his controlled media can unleash endless ‘hate’ at every other creature. The reality is the whole politically correct agenda was always about back door Judaism. However, since many people are starting to see through their Semitic trickery these chosen parasites need a rapid redefinition of the meaning. This is now in the process of being sort through their Shetar gate keep so it continues to protect their lies and deceit and keep the mass away from truth. There’s no better way for them to distract and confuse than creating false flag attacks, produce (((state controlled))) Zio-anarchist street leading-the-packgroups deliberately inverting symbolism of national socialism to make sure their slave public absorb the dialectic and create the conditions to expedite legislation in Jew favour as shown here…., here….., here…., here…… No wonder (((the victors))) commissioned a new annotation of the most demonised book Mein Kampf (My Struggle) by adding about 10kilos of leverage to the official pocket sized book to suite today’s (((ideology))).

Now that their gate keep (((Shetar))) has introduced new statutes to shroud truth it gives permission to i.e Joogle (((Google))) and other tribal gatekeepers to censor or delete anything that exposes Jewish control. Any truth teller who happens to remain on the net after the big purge, Sayanim (((Mark Zuckerberg))) and his Israeli algorithm team will make sure any information bleeding through only ever circulates within a small tight knit community and have us running like a ‘dog after it’s own tail’. It doesn’t take a PHD to observe how the pint-sized stolen country now calling itself ‘Israel’ reveals how capable it is through Mossad, Sayenim and B’nai B’rith tactics to sanction or boycott countries into submission as punctuated in Benjamin Netanyahu’s United Nation’s (UN) resolution response to New Zealand here.., and here.  This sends a clear message to those puppets in power that administer state sponsored usury. Due to Gottfried Feder’s self-financing policies they were unable threaten Germany for noncompliance back in 1933-hence the Jewish declaration of economic war against Germany in a failed attempt to starve them into submission. Now though, being more coordinated, New Zealand is well covered in that their Prime-Minister John Key is Jewish (Sayenim). Another tribal cockroach in the camp negotiating long term favoured strategy.

Yet their most dastardly act of chutzpah regards the Edict of Expulsion, passed by King Edward IRoyal Puppet in 1290 calling for all Jews to leave Britain. This has never formally been revoked meaning that the Jew remains illegal in Great Britain. Yet with talks of sovereign money transferring control from the central bank to national banks the Jewish parasite wants Queen Elizabeth II to sign a contradictory decree making his tribe legal or it risks losing control of the money supply. In a further sinister twist the Jewish  parasite has used the edict revelation to adopt a new ‘pogrom’ (mass Jewish chain migration) and are conveniently using the Brexit result as leverage to secure Portuguese passports, and or German residency. It is their forever useful fat cheque book that guarantees them free passage into any needy economy.. God help the Portuguese and the forever silenced Germans…

Ref: The Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo-Jewish History 

edited by W. Rubinstein, Michael A. Jolles, Hilary L. Rubinstein.

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  1. Dennis wheatley
    January 27, 2017

    Thanks Peter been reading Karen hides Alex Jones roger stone bill smith and many more what do you know of Donald trump Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton your thoughts please


    • PeterQuiggins
      January 28, 2017

      Thanks for the reply DW – Here is my for Trump – Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American real estate developer, author and business entrepreneur who formally announced his candidacy for president of the United States in the 2016 election, seeking the nomination of the Republican Party. Trump initially came to public attention in 1973, when he was accused by the Justice Department of violations of the Fair Housing Act in the operation of 39 buildings. In 1988, Trump acquired the Taj Mahal Casino but by 1989 was unable to meet loan payments and by 1991, increasing debt brought Trump to business bankruptcy. Yet curiously though banks and bond holders had lost hundreds of millions of dollars, they opted to restructure the debt and the Taj Mahal emerged from bankruptcy on October 5th, 1991, with Trump still owning 50 percent of the casino.

      Trump & The Jews….

      Who Controls Donald Trump?

      Trump wouldn’t dare touch the public hazard bond swizz otherwise his credit and breath would cease to exist.

      Big names back Trump tower
      Soros, Deutsche Bank said to be in on 90-story building

      Here is a list of Trumps Jewish administration.

      ZOG 1. Attorney General – Michael Mukasey
      2. Head of Homeland Security – Michael Chertoff
      3. Chairman Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Richard Perle
      4. Deputy Defense Secretary (Former) – Paul Wolfowitz
      5. Under Secretary of Defense – Douglas Feith

      6. National Security Council Advisor – Elliott Abrams
      7. Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff (Former) – “Scooter” Libby
      8. White House Deputy Chief of Staff – Joshua Bolten
      9. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs – Marc Grossman
      10. Director of Policy Planning at the State Department – Richard Haass

      11. U.S. Trade Representative (Cabinet-level Position) – Robert Zoellick
      12. Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – James Schlesinger
      13. UN Representative (Former) – John Bolton
      14. Under Secretary for Arms Control – David Wurmser
      15. Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Eliot Cohen

      16. Senior Advisor to the President – Steve Goldsmith
      17. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary – Christopher Gersten
      18. Assistant Secretary of State – Lincoln Bloomfield
      19. Deputy Assistant to the President – Jay Lefkowitz

      20. White House Political Director – Ken Melman
      21. National Security Study Group – Edward Luttwak
      22. Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Kenneth Adelman
      23. Defense Intelligence Agency Analyst (Former) – Lawrence (Larry) Franklin
      24. National Security Council Advisor – Robert Satloff
      25. President Export-Import Bank U.S. – Mel Sembler

      26. Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families – Christopher Gersten
      27. Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs – Mark Weinberger
      28. White House Speechwriter – David Frum
      29. White House Spokesman (Former) – Ari Fleischer
      30. Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board – Henry Kissinger

      31. Deputy Secretary of Commerce – Samuel Bodman
      32. Under Secretary of State for Management – Bonnie Cohen
      33. Director of Foreign Service Institute – Ruth Davis
      34. Federal Reserve Chair – Janet Yellen
      35. Federal Reserve Vice-Chair – Stanley Fischer
      Current (and past) Members of Senate:

      Representative Gary Ackerman (New York)
      Representative John H. Adler (New Jersey)
      Representative Shelley Berkley (Nevada)
      Representative Howard Berman (California)
      Representative Steve Cohen (Tennessee)
      Representative Susan Davis (California)

      Representative Eliot Engel (New York)
      Representative Bob Filner (California)
      Representative Barney Frank (Former) (Massachusetts)
      Representative Gabrielle Giffords (Arizona)

      Representative Jane Harman (California)
      Representative Paul Hodes (New Hampshire)
      Representative Steve Israel (New York)
      Representative Steve Kagen (Wisconsin)

      Representative Ronald Klein (Florida)
      Representative Sander Levin (Michigan)
      Representative Nita Lowey (New York)
      Representative Jerry Nadler (New York)
      Representative Jared Polis (Colorado)

      Representative Steve Rothman (New Jersey)
      Representative Jan Schakowsky (Illinois)
      Representative Adam Schiff (California)
      Representative Arlen Specter (Pennsylvania)

      Representative Allyson Schwartz (Pennsylvania)
      Representative Brad Sherman (California)
      Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Florida)

      Representative Henry Waxman (California)
      Representative Anthony Weiner (New York)
      Representative John Yarmuth (Kentucky)
      House of Representatives:
      Representative Gary Ackerman (New York)

      Representative John H. Adler (New Jersey)
      Representative Shelley Berkley (Nevada)
      Representative Howard Berman (California)
      Representative Steve Cohen (Tennessee)

      Representative Susan Davis (California)
      Representative Eliot Engel (New York)
      Representative Bob Filner (California)
      Representative Barney Frank (Massachusetts)

      Representative Gabrielle Giffords (Arizona)
      Representative Alan Grayson (Florida)
      Representative Jane Harman (California)
      Representative Paul Hodes (New Hampshire)

      Representative Steve Israel (New York)
      Representative Steve Kagen (Wisconsin)
      Representative Ronald Klein (Florida)
      Representative Sander Levin (Michigan)
      Representative Nita Lowey (New York)

      Representative Jerry Nadler (New York)
      Representative Jared Polis (Colorado)
      Representative Steve Rothman (New Jersey)
      Representative Jan Schakowsky (Illinois)

      Representative Adam Schiff (California)
      Representative Allyson Schwartz (Pennsylvania)
      Representative Brad Sherman (California)
      Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Florida)

      Representative Henry Waxman (California)
      Representative’s Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and
      Maxine Waters, all of (California)

      Representative Anthony Weiner (New York)
      Representative John Yarmuth (Kentucky)

      Don’t forget that 3 members of the Supreme Court are Jewish.

      Now here are his funders and campaign group organisers.
      Some are very familiar, like his daughter and son-in-law. Others are billionaires who supported Trump’s campaign, and others yet are not so famous:

      Michael Abboud (Sephardic Jew) – Communications Coordinator, Donald J. Trump for President
      Paul Achleitner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank (Donald Trump’s largest lender)
      Sheldon Adelson (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
      Elliott Broidy (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

      Michael Cohen (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Special Counsel, The Trump Organization
      Gil Dezer (Ashkenazic Jew) – President, Trump Dezer Development
      Michael Dezer (Ashkenazic Jew) – Founder, Trump Dezer Development

      Lewis Eisenberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Trump Victory Committee
      Boris Epshteyn (Ashkenazic Jew) – Senior Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President
      Stephen Feinberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor, Trump Victory Fund

      Alan Fishman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Ladder Capital (Donald Trump’s second largest lender)
      David Friedman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Co-Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for Donald Trump
      Samuel Fox (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee
      Alan Garten (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and General Counsel,

      The Trump Organization
      Bruce Gelb (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
      Michael Glassner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Deputy Campaign Manager and Former National Political Director, Donald J. Trump for President
      Lawrence Glick (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President of Strategic Development, The Trump Organization

      Jason Greenblatt (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, The Trump Organization; Co-Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for Donald Trump
      Vincent Harris (Ashkenazic Jew) – Former Digital Strategy Manager, Donald J. Trump for President
      Carl Icahn (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

      Peter Kalikow (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund
      Daniel Kowalski (Ashkenazic Jew) – Deputy Policy Director, Donald J. Trump for President
      Charles Kushner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
      Jared Kushner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

      Yael Kushner [née Ivanka Trump] (Orthodox Jewish convert) – Executive Vice President, The Trump Organization
      Bennett LeBow (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund
      Richard LeFrak (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund
      Corey Lewandowski (Ashkenazic Jew/East European) – Former Campaign Manager, Donald J. Trump for President

      Ronald Lieberman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President of Management & Development, The Trump Organization
      Howard Lorber (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor, Trump Victory Fund
      David Malpass (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council
      Douglas Manchester (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Make America Great Again PAC

      Bernard Marcus (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
      Rebekah Mercer (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Make America Number One PAC
      Robert Mercer (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Make America Number One PAC
      Amanda Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice President of Marketing, The Trump Organization

      Eli Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chief Operating Officer, Donald J. Trump for President
      Jason Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Senior Communications Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President
      Stephen Miller (Ashkenazic Jew) – National Policy Director, Donald J. Trump for President

      Steven Mnuchin (Ashkenazic Jew) – National Finance Chairman, Donald J. Trump for President
      Samuel Nunberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Former Policy Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President
      David Orowitz (Ashkenazic Jew) – Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Development, The Trump Organization

      Geoffrey Palmer [né Weissinger] (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Rebuilding America Now PAC
      John Paulson (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council
      Stewart Rahr (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
      Richard Roberts (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for Donald Trump

      George Ross (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Senior Counsel, The Trump Organization
      Wilbur Ross (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
      Steven Roth (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor, Trump Victory Fund

      Felix Sater (Ashkenazic Jew) – Former Senior Adviser, The Trump Organization
      Keith Schiller (Ashkenazic Jew) – Director of Security, The Trump Organization
      Melvin Sembler (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee
      Lara Trump [née Yunaska] (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

      Vanessa Trump [née Haydon] (Ashkenazic Jew/North European) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President
      Ronald Weiser (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee
      Andrew Weiss (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President, The Trump Organization

      Allen Weisselberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, The Trump Organization
      Lawrence Weitzner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President
      Steven Witkoff (Ashkenazic Jew) – Donor, Trump Victory Fund
      Stephen Wynn [né Weinberg] (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

      Is USA openly compromised now or what ?


      B’nai B’rth –

      Sayanim –


    • PeterQuiggins
      January 28, 2017

      Here is my reply to the other dog Clinton – No surprise here then –


      Advancing foreign policy for Israel –



      The following is a list (which doesn’t include lower staff levels) of Jews in the puppet Clinton’s administration.


      Madeleine Albright ————-Secretary of State … or Mossad, Sayanim or B’nai B’rith agent?
      Robert Rubin——————— Secretary of Treasury………………..?
      William Cohen——————- Secretary of Defence……………….. ?
      Dan Glickman——————–Secretary of Agriculture…………….. ?
      George Tenet ——————–CIA Chief… ………………………………?
      Louis Freeh ———————-FBI Chief…. ?
      Samuel Berger ——————Head National Security Council… ?
      Evelyn Lieberman—————Deputy Chief of Staff …………………. ?
      Stuart Eizenstat —————–Under Secy. of State
      Charlene Barshefsky ———–U.S. Trade Representative ……….. ?
      Susan Thomases —————Aide to First Lady…………….. ……….. ?
      Joel Klein, Asst ——————Attorney General ……………………….. ?
      Gene Sperling ——————-Nat’l Economic Council…………………. ?
      Ira Magaziner ——————–National Health Care …………………. ?
      Peter Tarnoff ———————Deputy Secy. of State …………………. ?
      Alice Rivlin ———————– Ecomomic Advisory …………………. ?
      Janet Yellen ——————— Chairwoman–Nat’l Economic Council.. ?
      Rahm Emanuel —————– Policy Advisor ………………………………. ?
      Doug Sosnik ——————— Counsel to President ……………………… ?
      Jim Steinberg ——————– Deputy to National Security Chief……… ?
      Jay Footlik ————————-Special Liason to the Jewish Community (no other group has a special liason) ?

      Robert Nash ——————— Personal Chief ………………………………… ?
      Jane Sherburne —————– President’s Lawyer ………………………….. ?
      Mark Penn ———————— Asia Expert to NEC …………………………. ?
      Sandy Kristoff ——————– Health Care Chief………………………….. ?
      Robert Boorstin —————— Communications Aide …………………….. ?
      Keith Boykin ———————- Communications Aide ……………………… ?
      Jeff Eller ————————— Special Asst. to Clinton …………………….. ?
      Tom Epstein ———————- Health Care Adviser…………………. ……….?
      Judith Feder ———————- Nat’l Security Council ……………………….. ?
      Richard Feinberg ————— Asst. Secy. Veterans …………………………. ?
      Hershel Gober ——————– Food and Drug Admin …………………….. ?
      Steve Kessler ——————- White House Counsel ……………………….. ?
      Ron Klein ————————- Asst. Secy. Education ……………………….. ?
      Madeleine Kunin —————- Communications Aide ……………………….. ?
      David Kusnet ——————– Dept. AIDS Program ………………………….. ?
      Margaret Hamburg ———— Dir. Press Conferences ………………………… ?
      Many Grunwald —————- Liason to Jew Leaders …………………………..?
      Karen Adler ———————- Dir State Dept. Policy ………………………….. ?
      Samuel Lewis ——————- Nat’l Security Council ………………………….. ?
      Stanley Ross ——————– Nat’l Security Council …………………………… ?
      Dan Schifter ——————— Director Peace Corps ………………………….. ?
      Eli Segal ————————- Deputy Chief of Staff ……………………………. ?
      David W. Carey ————— CIA Executive Director ………………………….. ?
      Dr. Ruth David —————– CIA Deputy Dir–Science & Technology …….?

      Here, we see 45 Jews were appointed to the Cabinet of President Clinton.

      So on the balance of probability do you think this would happen under normal circumstances?

      The reality is Jews are only 2% of the American population, in order for non-Jews to have equality of representation in the cabinet to make things fair.

      Using their logic to balance matters it would need 2,250 non-Jews appointed to cabinet positions to achieve equality dividing 100 percent by 2 percent (representing the percent of Jews in America) then multiplied times the 45 Jewish Cabinet Position Members listed above to be equally represented in the Cabinet by their demographic numbers in the US nation = 2,250 NEW cabinet positions in order to have fair representation of non-Jews therein.

      This is why the Clinton Government was a “minority government.” was made up exclusively of minorities instead of majority peoples.

      According to the United Nations, all nations shall be ruled by the majority of its citizens.

      Notice how the fall out of all Jewish genocidal policies continues to be grafted automatically onto the European because visually the Semitic Jew has the face of the European.

      Dual passport Jews have split loyalty and an innate responsibility to the stolen land called “Israel” including an automatic right to land “Alia”

      Only a recent nomenclature the organization now known as Mossad has existed as part of the Judaic infrastructure long prior to 1948. Whispered about as the Jewish ‘hidden hand’ since many ex-KGB headed for sanctuary in Jewish occupied Palestine Mossad is the new incarnation.

      The Independent Order of B’nai B’rith is the oldest continually-operating Jewish supremacist group in the world.

      Sayanim (single. Sayan; Hebrew: helpers, assistants) are Jews living outside Israel who volunteer to provide assistance to Israel and/or theIsraeli Mossad utilising the capacity of their own citizenship to procure assistance.

      Clintons bastard child -

      Chelsea Clinton and Daddy Webb Hubbell’end


    April 14, 2017



    • PeterQuiggins
      April 14, 2017

      Teresa May is bought and paid for. The Jews had influence over the Magna Carta which is why they prefer to preserve it. All debts owing to the Jew of a deceased person, are to be carried over to the spouse for settlement. This is what Zionist Democracy has delivered us ‘Jewish lead Corporate Zionism‘ through their weapon of cultural Marxism. Zionist Democracy is killing us but now we are aware of this knowledge it will inevitably kill itself. Show me where in the Magna Carta that our forefathers advocated Democracy yet if you oppose democracy it will come to you and enforce its will. Oy Vey!!


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