Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Plunder part 9 of 10 Jewish Supremacism

The Jews appear so hypocritical portraying their tribe as ‘racially’ pure and applying mechanisms of apparent ‘racial’ identity for entry into their stolen territory. Ironically the Jew itself isn’t even a race but a TRIBE of mixed Semitic blood. Nevertheless, when racial purity is applied to any other the Jew is the loudest to shout racism; incidentally a construct invented by one of their own tribe Leon Trotsky. It should prove to the fearful mass that the vitality and good health the Jews apply to their tribe can only be achieved through pride in one’s own race. Indeed it is fact that Jews are the leaders of forced diversity in all occupied nation states across the globe. Their objective is miscegenation, to breed out the pure races and destroy all their cultures so that the world will be populated by an easily manipulated unidentifiable global soup. This is the Jewish Zio-Marxist Kalergi program set up with imports and half-casts that the Jewish tribe encourages to assert their mixed or alternate heritage over that of the host nation. As always there are many motives behind this Jewish move. While it increases racial tension it also   encumbers loyalty from imports etc… bringing them in-line with internationalism and their new modern day anchor to nowhere else other than the ideology of international Zio-Marxism.

Let us not be spineless individuals who kowtow to anti-Semitism to appease the Yiddish politically correct gate keepers; they who use confusing dialectics to obstruct and slow down the awakening! Instead you need to to take off your slippers and face reality with full on factual truths. Bear in mind throughout history to suggest Jews are ‘White’ has been ‘convenient’ though an insult to Jews who have waged constant war against the ‘White’ race. Indeed isn’t it the Jews who see themselves as non-European rather a distinct state within all nations and their actions support this by constantly petitioning for their own exclusive tribal areas as evidenced in many nations across the globe. i.e special standing within all nations, London, Manchester, Ukraine, Germany,  Europe, Palestine and most of all one being the size of Switzerland established in Russia ‘Birobidzhan!!

I am also making you aware of how easy it was for the Jewish owned Bank of England to spear head the “diversity and inclusion” ruse. Money is used to dictate state policy in an occupied nation because it holds the power to digitally record, print and issue the flow of state money. Therefore, the Jewish occupiers can enforce an immigration policy or turn off the money supply and do this to any Nation they occupy (their global village scam). Consequently, for the mere cost of the paper or digital recording they were able to prostrate or manoeuvre the mass into politically correct servitude while “we” the real shareholders are conditioned to use their network of banks no different to growing our own veg yet still paying a fee i.e. downloading from one of their vending outlets or at one of their service tills… either way… buying Jewish usurious money at ransom “compound interest”. Diversity or Deception vid

Looking back through history though, it’s ironic how prohibition in the 1920’s was a Jewish criminal underworld lead by the likes of Meyer Lansky that Jewish Hollywood has concealed as ‘Italian Mafia’. Today that same mind set of “prohibition” is applied to truth. However, being “censored” is even starting to intrigue the apathetic so the lies become even more demanding. So don’t be disheartened by the (((pursuers))) who are now having to change laws to protect lies, but at the same time don’t ever become complacent, keep that pressure on. At the moment it’s an open door, always keep in mind forced immigration into European nations is racial mass murder aka Genocide. The myth of ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ are breeding out real diversity while the ‘racism’ construct distracts. We are being blackmailed to teach our children to integrate and tolerate non-Europeans yet these grafted in and well cared for imports are bringing intolerance with them. At the same time policy and media with their sanitised news are fuelling them to hate us. The Jew has criminalised racial awareness in ‘Whites’ and let’s not forget Caucasians are the only race who can legally be discriminated  against. This is happening in our own European ancestral lands because Jews are involved in administration and policy to change laws to encourage and promote it. Remember diversity dies with the European and the ignorance of the Zio-Marxists and self-hating ‘White’ will accelerate it, so diversity can really only mean chasing down the last ‘White’ person.

As with all racial identity ‘White’ consciousness is a natural fundamental drive grounded in kin and culture; it is the Jewish Zio-Marxist press that have completely inverted this to insinuate resentment of other races. Other imported racial groups are encouraged by the Jewish tribe to laud their heritage over the host and in so doing trample over indigenous ‘White’ sensibilities. Part of the Jewish agenda is to create racial tension, hate, and disharmony inevitable when alien cultures/species are forced into one territory.

For decades ‘Whites’ have been and continue to be bullied into some sort of submission on the back of (((Hollywood))) manufactured fictions against our tribe. This is a complete transposition of criminal acts of genocide and slavery yet there is no recourse for equality of arms; no chance for our race to defend ourselves against centuries of false accusations.  This outright bigotry, piracy and slavery has always been the monopoly of the (((Jewish tribe))) cast upon us using their (((media network))), a psychological dialectic pincer move affecting every aspect of our lives.

Angry ‘Whites’ have been trying to wake people up to this slow kill cleansing for decades and only now are their efforts being accepted. Yet the (((paid for))) Marxist media whores continue to platform them as ‘haters’ to steer the newly awakened away from truths, facts and mainly the officially accepted narrative of ‘History’ that these angry outcasts are fully aware are lies. Aware also that well primed and cared for leading ‘White’ political figures are nothing more than front face slow kill policy enforcers protecting the (((shadowy hand))) of the real perpetrators being (((the money changers))).

It was only a matter of time before our people stepped beyond the era of invisibility and more willing to hold ground and revert back to a distinct spiritual calling of identity, faith and culture. In doing so we are beginning to cast aside indoctrinated guilt and made it more difficult for the (((perpetrators))) to manage both sides of the dialectic’s that have been used against us for decades. It is now time to face down this anti-family, anti-‘White’, anti-men, anti-elderly “politically correct” soul destroying crap and shove it were the sun don’t shine. The sooner it is acknowledged that the Zio-Marxist ballot box is a dialectical control mechanism of the Jewish tribe, and thus slavery for all a long term stalling tactic, advancing back door Judaism; only then can a real awakening take place. A racial aware European is the only way to expose the Jewish chameleon our racial awareness is the only solution to reenergising the spirit of European man.

Why else would the European be made the ultimate target of the (((perpetrators))). Diversity dies with the European and the Jew knows ‘White’ identity politics lays bare the king maker Jew for what he truly is ‘naked’. Europe is bubbling and the Aryan removeler’s are gathering to once again wave the true symbol of our race and the symbol of life itself-the Sun!!!


In London in 1921 the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations a (((Jewish inspired))) think tank was set up to study the ‘breaking point’ of humans. The NHS become their most lucrative resource; a laboratory which was instrumental in developing their mental health bible. It is used as part of their  dialectical strategy (problem, reaction, solution) for restraining, and other social engineering techniques such as Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors patent US 6506148 B2″ ……video here. This, alongside big pharma is now affecting the dyspathetic (hypersensitive) portion of the population.

Those of you who have witnessed mental health within the family or amongst friends will tell you many victims suffer from preternatural (hyper-acute) hearing and often refer to TV and radio receivers interfering with their brain patterns. This affects their personalities. These claims fall within the remit for Schizophrenia that conveniently supplies ((big pharma)) with an abundance of customers. It is well known that anything interfering with wave patterns will cause a chemical imbalance (melatonin and pineal dysfunction) leading to a trauma, tragedy, depression response. This results in one victim (customer) in a family thereby isolating most of the family to a reliance on a Pharmaceutical lead NHS = ‘care’ and prescriptions. This is how the population has become a negotiable instrument, no more than merchandise = stock market bond trading the biggest game in town = underpins big Pharma = prostrated population.

A prime example of this unconscionable trade that suits the vulgar notions of the ideology is the well-known side effects of Parkinson’s drugs. As they interfere with the central nervous system they can create problems with impulse control resulting in compulsive behaviours such as sex or gambling addiction further details here. Another drug the epilepsy drug Lyrica is almost a death sentence that causes brain decline all supplied through the chain of Jewish drug companies, Eli Lilly, GlaxoKlineSmith, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer.

Abortion is another weapon assisted by ‘selective’ governmental policy even on grounds of sex of the foetus. They even market the contraceptive pill as a cancer deterrent that gives 30 year immunity. It is an industry encouraged to assist population decline and what more lucrative farming methods to suit than their Global Planned Parenthood Federation Trust (PPF). abortion 1,... abortion 2,abortion 3,abortion 4….. abortion 5…. etc etc

Another target area for the ideology is the very lucrative music industry. For example, notice how in the 1960’s anarchic ‘pop’ music was able to devour traditional/classical/national. Traditional music that anchored spirit and identity, securing us to our ancestral land is now cast in caricature (((in the hands of))) while Zio-Marxism dominates with modern pop pulp with its ability to affect the decibel, bio rhythms and emotion of society, especially the malleable youth who’s schooling has irreversibly indoctrinated them with a distorted version of history and twisted logic. The new EU cloning schools continue to suffocate the male character in a bid to breed out our national spirit as seen here in this video.

Is it coincidental that Tavistock has always used these methods for social programming?

The wandering Jew Kurt Lewin (1890 – 1947) was born into a Jewish family in Prussia.  Lewin believed that by terrorising people you can control their minds. He is credited with much of the original Tavistock research. Like Freud, Lewin is associated with the Frankfurt School and the brains behind ISIS = (Israel) and the torture of children. Lewin became Tavistock Clinic director in 1932 when research into mass brainwashing began. The results of repeated trauma and torture (of individuals) were applied to mind control to society at large. What is most significant is that the influence of the Jew Lewin’s practices in Prussia alone inverted the philosophical format of Prussia’s Johann Gottlieb Fichte into a (((Frankfurt school))) model. This is the format imposed on us today as cultural Marxism/political correctness and is responsible for attacking the very foundation of European culture. This is a total reversal of Fichtes ideas who instituted a system of national education (Nationalerziehung) that applied to “every German without exception”.

Johann Gottlieb Fichte was a true social nationalist, a patriot who was seen as one of the fathers of German Nationalism. He was responsible for putting the faith, pride, spirit and unity into a disenfranchised German folk through a structured education system that bypassed Jewish influence.

It’s also critical to note that almost the entire global entertainment, media, pharmaceutical, food industry and vaccination program is in the hands of Kurt Lewins tribe. This makes vaccine damaged children and the nutrient void national diet a great asset resource and a convenient gateway for GMO suppliers likes of Monsanto. Such global industries are fluorinating waters, toothpaste, adding aluminium’s and other toxic metals to food and drinks. This calcifies the pineal gland (brain function) resulting in increasing sexual distortions, the Autistic and Asperger’s spectrum also linked to the Dementia pandemic; ie 1, Atrazine… 2, Bisephol A … 3, Soft kill..  4, Oxycontin’s.. 5,Vaccine damage... 6, Gardasil… 7, Glyphosate.. 8, Tramadol the addictive and killer prescription painkiller drug, combined causes untold collateral damage Self-harm, PTSD and mental illness soar among young women in England – survey etc. Yet it is interesting that Israel’s kosher food chain in comparison is much safer and apparently far richer in nutrients, that which is important to the health of a strong nation. In fact an example of one natural and important life sustaining nutrient in abundance in Israel ‘Boron, is no longer absorbed into our food chain due to the emphasis on modern farming methods. Instead it has been legislated as poison and even removed from shelves as a cleaning agent in the UK. Then there is fluoride now classed at long last as a neurotoxin in World’s Top Medical Journal, as for inoculation programs like the dangerous ‘flue jab’ these do more to increase the bonds and gilts market as well as causing vaccine damage to the public than do to stop ‘seasona£’…… ‘annua£’….. ‘indestructib£e’ viruse$ ….. Oy Vey!!

Consider this, it is only with governmental legislation that slow kill toxins are able to contaminate the food chain via the food industry. As such elements must exist in governments that influence or direct mass genocide. Given the global slow kill population cull the only answer lies with the shadowy internationalist tribe and their Stasi and KGB type methods successfully used in Jewish Bolshevik seized Russia to control or dispose of populations. First dehumanising an army of loyal automatons with common purpose methods/Frankfurt schooling similar methods are now being rolled out by obedient civil service puppets across America and Europe. A particularly harrowing example is the social worker acting out Zio-Marxist policy, induced by increased salaries, to rip away children from loving families. Here they use any vindictive or trivial trigger mechanism to justify kidnapping the state bond tradable asset (child). These local council quango’s not only bond trade these children for profit and to balance account figures but it is a purpose build arena meant to feed their sexually perverted ring such as Jewish homosexual paedophile Labour Lord Greville Janner who spent 60 years torturing and raping children. Meanwhile the same Shetar system makes sure to cover it’s tracks by hiding crimes away from public scrutiny. It is not only a protection racket but also useful way for the pirate system to terrorise the mass into compliance, our children are being used as ransom and each passing year the likes of Tavistock tightens the noose around our civil liberties. Listen to the attached American podcast re KGB and Stasi tactics being used on us.

A simple experiment: enter the following phrase ‘European people art’ into ‘Google images’ to see how (Joogle) manipulate web algorithms to favour the ideology.

The Jew thrives making a franchise out of the disenfranchised (divide and rule) and by division Jews unite. It is no wonder Johann Gottlieb Fichtes Prussian education system, that created moral order become a prime target for dismantling. This certainly happened in 1908 when Jew Alois Lexa von Aehrenthal covertly engineered the means that lead directly to WWI and a firm foot in the door of European power for the Jewish tribe. This is why Tavistock and the Frankfurt school will always downplay or vilify Fichte, portraying him as a plagiarist or schemer. (((Sigmund Freud))) was Tavistock’s first director, followed by his daughter, (((Anna))). Tavistock always had secret ties to Freemasonry, being the aristocratic and narcissist foot soldiers of their more dominant Kehillah network now being implemented over the world.

(((Oligarchs))) in Britain used Tavistock to shape and control public opinion in order to manipulate the unaware British/European public (and later the American/European public) into accepting the notion that war with Germany, while collaborating with the genocidal Jewish Bolsheviks, was necessary in order “to secure a lasting peace.”

The plan to ‘create’ (anti-European) public opinion began in 1913 as a propaganda factory centred at Wellington House in London. Funding was provided by the (((Rothschild’s))) and the (((Rockefeller’s))). Tavistock’s main target has always been the brains sensory inputs and how to interfere and or rewire the Neuroplasticity of it in order to retard target groups. Tavistock still operates a $6 billion a year network of foundations (((Trusts))). Now doesn’t all the above give you an understanding of the wise Rabbi who always refers to the incredible vision given to his tribe through the Torah!

Of course and why not when covertly acting out ‘prophecy’ through their dialectical strategies (problem, reaction, solution); manipulation, brutality, hate and in ‘charity/compassion’ exploiting our stupidity and always standing on our shirt tails. Cabalistic trickery is a Yiddish business and why Jewish propaganda is filled with anti-Islamic hysteria to distract the masses from their manipulative schemes. One of the reasons the Jew manufactures false flags and why we see their Police puppets acting out a feigned fight back against the chaos across Europe is to initiate further Jewish dispersal across the globe. Falsified ‘anti-Semitism’ protects their deception. However, their sleeper cells in Europe will be activated whenever their masterminds decide to unleash them as is (happening here) , here… and here….

Stasi bonds

The Jewish Bolshevik with their finger on the button of non-European importation far from being victims are in fact purveyors of hate, discrimination and genocide nevertheless still hold the monopoly on suffering. When it comes to human emotions the unconscionable Jew have such power over the media that they are able to graft onto others anything which benefits their tribe to gain massive victim credit. The Jew has agitated a powder keg of racial, cultural, religious and sexual tensions across Europe engineered through various fractural means like immigration and feminism. This staged uprising will collide and destroy races while reducing to further minority status the remaining 8% of their ultimate enemy the native European peoples in all sovereign nation states. I refuse to accept my people’s racial genocide and see nothing worse than witnessing ‘White’ people fighting for a future without ‘White’ people.

The warnings of the Jewish destruction of Europe were being sounded by the nationalists across all continents even before WWII. However, the Jewish media spin doctors and their puppet Churchill put an end to that. Instead our folk were deceived and sent off by the Jewish banks to fight for Jewish international interests against our own European folk. Coincidently the largest munitions factory in the world stationed in England Vickers manufactured arms during WWI, now supplied WII had very Jewish connections…Oy Vey!!  The Brothers wars (WWI/II) were the Jewish tribes’ previous and quite successful attempt to kill off ‘both sides’ the best of our race and still to this day the masses are sleepwalking into a repeat of history. It is also important to note that many Jewish owned passenger liners and their merchant shipping vessels became troop carriers during WWII. Peace time they were re-commissioned and contracted to carry, paid for, passenger cargo from the Caribbean to Britain spearheading the multicultural agenda known as the Windrush generation…… the forever available unconscionable Jew!!

The Jewish tribe have now established the politically correct policy to silence and criminalise the European race. Now based largely on coloured tools imported into ancestral Europe it is still underpinned by false guilt shaped by books like the fictional Ann Frank. This helps the lucrative victim industry, protection racket and the Jewish claim to Palestinian territory that they seized in 1948, occupied ever since terrorising and murdering the native people.

Roll up roll up get your reparation free bus ride here and we will also allow you to set up your own Shomrim Police state within our own cities. Oy Vey!!

The whole Zio-Marxist infrastructure is secured and defended through Jewish deception and public ignorance. Their new feminised military, police and civil service are lost in fear or their own self-importance are either naively or knowingly complicit in ensuring the transfer of our nations sovereignty to these parasitic aliens. The corporate police, not to serve and protect the public but the ‘military wing’ of the (((global elite))) and are already marshalled up to steal European resources for the Jewish tribe. This only highlights their vested interest in facilitating the importation of non-Europeans into our ancestral land. The organisation is first point and main body for registration on arrival which increases their assets and stake holding on the bond (gilts) futures market. It is another reason why the corporate police are encouraged to arrest and charge everybody; this being the business transaction, a stock market tradable gilt bond.

Traffic control and regulation is another lucrative money laundering operation along with their cheap alternative to policing that likely will ‘deputise’ only alien imports making Europeans targets for robbery, rape and murder. Already so called ‘community support officers’ are on the street intelligence gathering for their ‘Semitic’ masters and manufacturing crimes for the corporate federation under the auspices of ‘law’.

All of these organisations have gradually been subverted and are now trading as private bonded corporate entities while covertly rolling out (((Bolshevik methods))).

Jewish Zio-Marxism controls policy and allows internally for the progressive recruitment of more and more Zio-Marxist clones to gate keep their infrastructure. These puppets are procured early and their vices whether greed, ambition or pervasion are nurtured so they are easily corruptible. This makes for a society that is open to manipulation and blackmail thus in constant turmoil (Trotsky’s constant revolution). It is these cherry picked foot-soldiers that protect the Jewish elite their elaborate fabricated infrastructure. Only revealing that the Jewish scheme has no foundation will we be able to put normal back into order and bring a self-financing system into play.

How safe do you really think your pension scheme is in the hands of Shylock you gentile puppets?

The following pod-cast lays bare Jew control. The information within applies to Britain and all European nations….. The  Sovietization of America (Edited 2) It is also important to note that the term ‘Soviet’ was a Jewish Bolshevik term used to conceal that unified ethnic groups were ruptured and torn into ever smaller opposing political factions.

Chameleon network

These Jewish aliens have driven Europe into manufactured chaos. For decades they have us prostrate on the back of false constructs and historical distortions like their murky Holocaust fable. This is all held together with their ‘anti-Semite’ trickery and their Trojan horse of radical Islam so that the public shadow box anything other than the real culprit. Now ask yourself will ‘I’ continue to gate keep this perverted fable!!

All gentiles both coloured and ‘White’ are cattle to the Jew but as the end game draws ever closer some are more useful than others. In the final push towards the Zionist Jew world order (Zio-Marxism) do you ever wonder why no high office Imam does not mention that ISIS are Jewish terrorists and did 911; or why Jewish media avoids policy on border security because its lack and (((conflicting interests))) aids importation into Europe!!! Just like Europe has been infiltrated, occupied and in many cases its leaders subverted so too have the leaders of the Islamic community in Europe and across the West. Like the Jewish chameleons who occupy the governments of Europe the Islamic mosques across Europe are filling up with Young Turk, Donmè, Sabbatean and Wahhabi Jewish foot soldiers and this cannot be denied. However, what is more noticeable is how politically fashionable it has become to boycott and rally against them only highlighting the Jewish dialectical strategy (Playing both sides to achieve their ‘solution’ to their constructed ‘problem’) The encouraged boycotts/rallies are designed to create racial/cultural tension between the native European and the imported Muslim. Yet these too are Jewish constructs prepared primarily for media consumption lead by fraudulent ‘nationalist’ movements with Jewish infiltrators.

As long as the Jewish Wahhabi are graphically seen in Saudi Arabia performing Sharia law, as in this public beheading…. video, which by proxy attaches globally to all Muslims. Unless your able to see through the dialectic of AIPAC Europeans will remain ignorant to the fact that this is Jewish media propaganda concealing their pincer move that is helping finance against Europe and keeping their Jewish brethren above suspicion. There’s nothing Islamic about the Jewish Wahhabi they are parading as Muslims just as the Jew can act as a European. This is backdoor communism but ultimately Judaic law by proxy.

The success of this Zio-Marxist pincer move that will prostrate us into submission will be augmented through martial-law in collaboration with their Serco and G4S mercenaries and other marshalled up criminal bedfellows. Nevertheless they already have contingencies plans in readiness, safe houses, zones and bunker shelters from which to control the chaos or to escape to if things go wrong. In Liverpool alone we have an unspoken of network of tunnels and caverns accessed through governmental and public service buildings that the public are unaware of. Midnight raids will soon follow, picking off any seen to be preserving racial identity. ‘Anti-Semitism’ will be criminalised just as it was under Bolshevism thus the Jew savvy active truthers will continue to be classed as enemies of the (((global federation))). This will make it easier for the tribe to set in motion their final solution to finish off our race making the Jewish 20th century of European Genocides-the Red Terror following the 1917 seizure of Russia, the Holodomor Genocides, the starvation of the Weimar Republic, and Eisenhower’s Death Camps look like a breakfast snack in comparison.

To add insult to injury we now see our long-time subverted and occupied British government awarding their Synagogue trust over £13.5m and their B’nai youth ‘loyal to Israel’ group £10m from our coffers. This passed through whatever back door conduit in order to help the Jewish parasitic tribe secure their lies and deceit in secrecy just in-case our folk become once again Jew savvy. It is vital to note here that these are European resources (money/bonds) now in Jewish hands and should be used to re-house our own IDP’s (homeless) evicted by these very parasitic aliens instead of their (((victim-celebre imports))).

All of our European tribes’ need to wake up to these facts NOW because there will be no ‘later’ for our race. We must unite to take back and rebuild our ancestral land. A united European race is the only solution to bring an end to this chaos. Our awakening is the Jews ultimate threat and the reason we are their target, and clearly their blood sacrifice in waiting. Internationalism or their racial soup mix and global village scam has been made fashionable to kill off the European race so their various genocidal methods tend to go unnoticed. Linked to chemical dependency and big pharma, global food outlets are designed to force public dependency notice the adverts encouraging people away from home cooking. They have already vacuumed up localism and will suddenly grind to a halt only then will the helpless mass recognise the ambush. We need to assert the nation’s last line of defence, the immune system “national Socialism” using the principles and social conscience of the Nationalists that will pave a route of protectionism and distributionism for a safe future. We need to reclaim our racial roots and educate our folk on how to use the social mechanism to reenergise our economy.

In fact here are 2 prime examples of remedies in waiting; the national social mechanisms that could initiate a full 100%+ re-employment program through infrastructure already in place that would at the moment be hijacked for tools imported to destroy the European 1….. 2… Both show an abundance of self-financing initiatives that would reinvigorate a nationalised bank and economy once the (((pirate shareholders))) have been removed and our folk, as guarantors are reinstated as the true shareholders. The guarantor is our labour is the property.. is the money .. Bingo !!!

No wonder Jews are trying to kill off their worst nightmare “National socialism”. Decades of gluttonous mercantile policy has been instrumental in officially taking the Europeans spiritually out of sync with the natural spirit and bio rhythms of the Earth and re-synchronising our folk into their distorted material and Jewish banking

When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.’ Alexis de Tocqueville.

My reaction to becoming an ‘outlaw’, not wanting to assimilate in a diseased system is a normal reaction for any normal person when faced with a loss of common sense values, ancestry, culture, faith and heritage. I earlier woke to the criminality and dangers of the Jewish forced alternative that uses political policy to continually corrode away our ancestral socio-cultural footprint. This is constantly replaced with their own signature of a global disposable identity and debauched perversion that must pass as the new ‘normal’.  The Jew has created a massive phobia against nationalists to keep the mass ignorant of our true social mechanisms for remedy which has given them freedom to plunder and none more so as was seen during and after WWII.

If Jeremy Corbyn is proud to be a Godless unapologetic Global Communist undermining true European values bought, paid for and lead by Jews. Then being an unapologetic National Socialist is our European people’s moral duty.

Have you ever wondered why for decades the Jews outlawed Mein Kampf (my struggle)?

Well here is the reality check!! Press the following link and hear the warnings given to our German brethren regarding the dangers of immigration and multiculturalism then ask …. why complain???? Has it sunk in yet? The cat is out the bag it’s now time for the Europeans to wake up, you are part of something great the spirit of Europe is on the rise again!!

Always keep in mind the days before the Holodomors Genocides and WWI/II they were just normal days.

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4 comments on “Plunder part 9 of 10 Jewish Supremacism

  1. DSB
    April 1, 2017

    John 8

    44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

    46 Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?

    47 He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

    48 Then answered the Jews, and said unto him, Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil?


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  4. KingEdwardIwasRight1290
    October 1, 2017

    In a letter to W. W. Hull, dated 27th, April 1836, Dr. Arnold wrote:

    “The Jews are strangers in England and have no more claim to legislate for it than a lodger has to share with the landlord in the management of his house. If we had brought them here by violence, and then kept them in an inferior condition, they would have had just cause for complaint; though even then I think we might … remove them to a land where they might live by themselves independent; for England is a land of Englishmen, not of Jews.”
    (Page 402.)

    These wise words, written before the works of Darwin, deserve to be
    better known. They have been taken from Dean Stanley’s LIFE OF [DR.]Arnold


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