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‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

What is Juche ?

Juche political system

Unbeknown to us we may have an ally against Zio-Marxist Maoist China and worldwide Jewish Zionism in the country known as

North Korea!!

Chinese JewsThe usual reason for Zio-Marxist China and Jewish Zionism to feed us misinformation about a land and its leader is because it lies in opposition to Jewish Zionist ‘democracy’. North Korea is a nuclear power with 25M+ inhabitants all on military standby in case of an invasion from Zio-Marxist China. China is financed by the Jewish Zionist banking crime families. Consequently this indicates that North Korea may have something to offer nationalism and suggests that the White movement should peruse a detailed study of the Juche political system operating in North Korea.

It would be good to know if North Korea truly is a friend rather than a foe if all Social Nationalist around the world are beginning to unite with intentions of securing their own borders.

In his 1955 speech, the first known to refer to Juche, Kim Il-sung stated:

“To make revolution in Korea we must know Korean history and geography as well as the customs of the Korean people. Only then is it north-korea-military-parade-super-169 possible to educate our people in a way that suits them and to inspire in them an ardent love for their native place and their motherland.”

The concentration on educating indigenous people in their history and culture is a dramatic reversal from Communisms internationalist drive.

Here are some links for starters. 1, … 2, … 3, …

Think about it! The labour and manufacturing of our respective Unite union 2countries has been internally sabotaged using Jewish controlled government policy and their shill Union leaders to distract the labour force. This has enabled a free route for both manufacturing and labour to be transferred to China and India and take advantage of the cheap slave labour. Then suddenly the financial power gradually shifts into these so called developing countries and the White West ends up realising it has thrown the baby out with the bath water!

That was forward thinking of so called mighty Union men, paid from the Jewish purse, encouraging the labour force to accept redundancies so the Jewish capitalists end up with fewer men to deal with. The cycle goes on and on until they have us on the hamster wheel wondering what has happened to our industries. Our country ends up with nothing to trade with. It has become a land out-sourced to consumer driven call centres.

Remember North Korea is not China!

North Korea must be a source of worry to the Jewish banker Crime Jew bankersfamilies. This could always be the trigger that courses the west to catch on to the illusion of what we are living in ourselves. We must introduce interest free banking system and  delete the usurous ‘money changers‘ from our society like Hungary and Iceland have supposed to have done, to name but a few.

From my study to date, and if I am to believe what I am seeing, North Korea replaced its initial Zio-Marxist dogma because it has broken through the illusion of international Jewish Marxism and has now fine-tuned the real meaning of Socialist within its true nationalist context to mean a Protectionist Distributionist Ideology. Thus it has removed the Marxist ‘internationalist’ mentality and then applied their new ‘Juche way’ on a ‘National’ level meaning for its people making it Kalergi2a ‘Social Nationalist state of clean, healthy and moral living, free from debt, and perverse debauchery of Jewish Marxism. We white men in the west have been duped into believing that international Jewish Marxist debauchery is the reality of ‘Democratic Modernity’, when ‘democracy’ is only the new choice of Jewish Marxism.

Sod Marxist modernism! Send it back to Gomorra! Give me a moral ideology of common sense Social Nationalist politics any day. Screw ISIS is Israel jokethe degenerate Damien Hirst, and the Tracey Emin mentality at last it is finally being seen for what it truly is

‘The emperor’s new clothes’!!.

Meanwhile in applying the ‘Juche way’ it seems North Korea has removed the global village scam that the Jewish global imperialists impose on us here in the west. They appear to have recognised that you cannot apply and manage Zio-Marxist Socialism globally without causing cultural unrest among a soup mix of different cultures = Cultural Marxism (Political correctness) concluding that Marxism has Chessonly one objective ‘to divide communities’. This is why when watching any of the videos about the new leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un I don’t see any immigrants in senior positions, among any of its military, public or youth during any of these National pride bonding celebrations. The only time I have ever seen national soul wrenching has been during the least 50 or 60 years of propaganda of globally hate attached to ethnic Germans issued from the Jewish lantern ‘TV’. I have overtime learned the true facts surrounding the real German struggle against the Jewish Bankers. The ethnic German people were saved by a leader who released them from the bondage of Jewish capitalist Zionist Usury. This German leader also lead his folk into a life of judeawar prosperity, all structured in 1933 well before the official recorded date of the beginning of WWII in late 1939.

Are we now seeing the same established Hollywood dialectic clichés of reverse psychology of americansforhitlerstore to North Koreans to steer us once again in the wrong direction.

North Korea in brief: I have read that the father of the ‘Juche way’ Kim Il-Sung recognised in the early days that he was being manipulated and that Zio-Marxism could only ever suit a higher master. I can only assume at this point that he must have recognised without saying out loud, the Jewish Zionist agenda. If this is the case it is no wonder the Jewish banker crime families are trying to smash North Korea with their Juche! It is like one of their own has defected and now becomes like a loose missile.

The track record would seem similar to that of Gaddafi with his little Green Book and Saddam both we were falsely told were ‘evil monsters’, when in reality they applied a similar Social method for their people by out casting the money changers ‘Usury’ and replacing it with an interest free currency. The Jewish Zionist global debt collectors did not like their prime method of power being cut.

Yes we are all ‘Socialists’ on a national level but the controlling regime advocates Zio-Marxist international socialism’A bastardized version advocated by the Jewish Karl Marx with his gangster bankers. They in turn market it through their insular blood line to the naive masses glamorizing it as a noble struggle through its brain piercing projectile the Jewish controlled media, as well as through all the Zio-Marxist manipulating trade Unions. With all this misinformation the masses cannot differentiate between a true Social nationalist and the psychological challenges of Zio-Marxist socialism, a dialectic challenge.

The true Socialist considers tribal boundaries. True socialism is Protectionist and Distributionist meaning to protect and share among its indigenous people on a Nationalist level = Social Nationalist to protect its blood stock and its culture. A social conscience with National principles.

Zio-Marxist Socialism is internationalism and advocates the global village scam. It tears down tribal borders under the illusion of ‘free Pregnanttrade’, outsources industry to cheap labour and imports and exports people across the globe like merchandise. The illusion is a ‘global village’ with a disposable ‘lifestyle’ of coca cola and MacDonald’s to match the reality is a world and people levelled to the lowest common denominator without history, culture or identity.   This sits perfectly with the Jewish Capitalist bankers and to help them achieve total Globalization they covertly fund Jewish international Marxism. Capitalism and Communism (Zio-Marxism) 2 sides of the same coin. The naive majority of these cultural Zio-Marxists don’t even realize who they are advancing and protecting because deciding factors have already been pre-programmed to stop them thinking for themselves.

‘Capitalism’  =  ‘Jewish Zionist Capitalism’  =  ‘World Jewish Imperialism‘!

All roads lead to the stolen land called Israel!

The cunning regime in power today have been psychologically interpreting information being fed to us for decades and have distorted and outcast the true meaning of the ‘Social Nationalist’ smearing the organic common sense ideology with cliché Hollywood hate rhetoric by attaching it to mass murder.

The true Socialist is the true enemy of international Capitalism and Globalization, a prime example of this is the North Korea ideology of Juche which I have described above.

As I have said earlier in North Korea’s early days starting out in the early 50’s when it formulated its constitution it naively and wrongfully attached itself to Marxism as well as Leninism. It wasn’t until the leader Kim il Sing started to implement the ideology that the country’s then leader recognized he was being manipulated by outside influences ‘Namely the Jewish international Zionist criminal banker families’. It was then that he decided overtime to discard all that Zio-Marxist influence and introduce HIS own organic interpretation of an Ideology to benefit his people, his nation. This is why the Jewish occupied west regarded him, and now his son today Kim Jong Un as an enemy of the Global regime. The reason that North Korea is now being globally demonized is that he refused debt usury and instead went into protectionist and distributionism mode making that nation solvent, independent and self-sufficient.

Are we in reality being programmed to hate something we should be applauding!

It is also the reason why Gaddafi of Libya is dead and the same reason why we are told to hate Assad and Hezbollah in Syria  they too use these methods for their nations.

North Korea is ‘NOT’ a Communist country like we are being programmed to believe. Militarily they are in fact in a self-defence mode against the advance of the Global Zionist banker families who are forcibly trying to advocate Democracy!!

lol …  ‘Zionist Democracy’ at the point of a f…n gun!!

‘Take our debt Usury and get under the umbrella of the Jewish Zionist banker crime families or we will put economic sanctions on you and starve you and your people out like we Judea declares warare doing in Syria, Libya, Palestine and did to the Germans back in 1933’

Unlike these Middle Eastern countries North Korea is well advanced in nuclear defence which is why they rightfully retain the balance of power in that region. It doesn’t matter how globally huge the Zionist ogre is. When it comes to the finger on the button in the threat of invasion from Israel North Korea’s fingers are the same size so we have stale mate for the Banker families.

So there we have it solvent North Korea refuses to accept Banker controlled debt Usury unlike Zionist occupied South Korea who is drenched in global debt. Yet because it now owns the modern LED TV and watch the usual Emmerdale soap vomit as well as all the rhetoric Hollywood brain washing they think they are doing well and don’t realize until they each sit back and calculate that their assets really belong to the criminal bankers.

A similar thing is happening around the world in some of these former Communist countries Bolivia and Venezuela etc.. They are seeing through the illusion of the psychological weapon of cultural Marxism and compound debt usury (Fractional reserve banking) and are now discarding ‘modern Jewish internationalism’ and reverting back to protectionism. They advocate local-ism nationally alongside ousting the Jewish Banker criminal families to be sure of rebuilding their economy bottom upwards instead of capitalist top downwards as well as protecting the blood line and culture of these nations.

So what about the left and right paradigm?

These bastards manage this method to identify good and bad for public consumption!

The public are programmed to view ‘left as good’ and ‘right as bad’

So let us just show what they are hiding in my estimate:-

Right wing means common sense politics! Left wing means senseless politics!

Right means Social nationalist! Left means Internationalist!

Right means Protectionism! Left means Globalism!

Right means birth right and is socially the re-Nationalisation of asset wealth to its own people! Left is to gift and privatise a nation’s wealth to foreigners!

Right means racially aware! Left means no racial boundaries

Right means Pan European Social-nationalist! Left means Marxist anti-European and loss of identity!

Right means protect your blood stock! Left means protect Marxism and dilute the blood!

Right means culture! Left means loss of cultures through forced integration!

Right means Christian and spiritual to retain moral a moral compass and cultural foundation! Left means Atheism no moral boundaries!

Right means order! Left means chaos!

Right means love your people! Left means flood and HATE the indigenous peoples of Europe!

Stop the hateSo do you have a thread on how it all works yet!!! LEFT THRIVES ON HATE. IT IS HATE WHICH PROTECTS JEWISH ZIONISM.

So remember how they secure Marxism in the left and put Protectionism in the right. Then the globalists and their politician puppets market using covert psychological techniques to portray themselves as ‘fascist right wingers’ which couldn’t be further from the truth and the cultural Marxists pick it up and use it against the ‘capitalists’ lol. It is a low level dialectical political game to keep the masses distracted. In fact all this reverse psychological marketing is a well thought out science conjured up by Karl Marx. It has been getting used on us for decades and this is why so called ‘politics’ burns out the brain of Joe public.

The masses are not supposed to figure out all the confusion. Yet that is Screw youbecause ‘right’ and ‘left’ is merely a low level psychological game played by the controlling Jewish Zionist regime telling the mass what to think. The reality is beyond what is vomited from the Jewish lantern TV and boils down to the protectionism offered by Social Nationalism or poverty, destruction and death offered by Globalism.

So where do we go?  Well the logical thing to do is stick with common sense politics meaning ‘is it right’ or ‘is it wrong’ as simple as that, that is the basis of politics which our parents taught us.

Common sense politics is neither right or left it is organic which is why they confuse us with lefty Zio-Marxism, we are, and have been for decades under a barrage of psychological terrorism twisting almost everything we have come to believe as common sense to the opposite. I.e. making the criminal the victim and the victim the perpetrator that’s how psychological Zio-Marxism works.

‘There is a burglar in my house’ ‘Well says the Policy officer you have no tax on your car’ you’re nicked!!

So before the masses can even wake up to this suffocating mess they need to be educated about the ‘Zionist issue‘. The masses don’t even know the word ‘ZIONISM’ let alone understand its meaning because it has been getting managed away from them for decades through controlled opposition groups like all the so called political democracy parties who are all friends of Israel and all protect multiculturalism and politically correctness and that includes the BNP and the UKIP bottleneck scam all to protect the Zionist issue with complete silence. A dialectic to keep us all shadow boxing.

So the true controlling mechanism which keeps Jewish Zionism in total power is ‘DEBT’. We must start naming and identifying the bankers for who they really are, instead of using the Zionist pre-programmed word ‘Banksters’ use the proper words


These Zionist money drenched families are the criminal families who need to be identified. These are the ones causing all this chaos around the world through a network of their administrators and has done for decades. Until we start educating the masses and pointing directly at the perpetrators, the masses will continue shadow boxing the imported immigrant who the same Jewish Zionists harvest and import to anger and divide us all, but with whom they will ally with when the sh…. hits the fan.

These immigrants are in reality the new ‘PETS’ of the regime and the regime doesn’t care if they are exposed to dangers and care even ‘LESS’ for our welfare. So until we get all this info out to the masses all this carnage will continue on its well-planned destructive path to eventual collapse.


Juche also advocates private ownership for entrepreneurs so long as it benefits the greater nation which is a key point.


by KIM IL SUNG, JUCHE 80 (1991)

Hope you see what I see in everything contained herein, because to be quite frank I am inspired at the level of an enthusiastic patriot. I think what’s happened is Kim Jung-il has chosen the right son for the job, though it’s a mystery as to why the other two sons weren’t considered first, unless they were got to while in Switzerland. When Kim Jong-il found out he’s dying then he’s took out the word Communism from the Constitution, died and now the executions begin because North Korea really has found its feet, especially in this world wide National Socialist rebirth that is becoming relentless on the you know who.

One argument against this theory is called ‘The Perestroika deception’ but it could be another googly placed to confuse the Europeans, another dialectic challenging us moving forward ….

Welcome to the nightmare!!

The diplomatic triangle of MongoliaJapanNorth Korea

Japan’s nationalist lurch dents U.S. hopes for stability, alliance, Japanese politicians’ provocative remarks trouble Washington’s strategy in Northeast Asia .

Zionist hate propaganda against North Korea

Propaganda against North Korea

The Spanish Aristocrat Who Works For North Korea

First couple of lines here “North Korea’s Juche (literally self-reliance). Idea was improvised in the 1950s for the purpose of cutting off the Soviet Union’s influence…”

From Kim Jong il Juche …

North Korea has very strict border controls and no-one except DPRK people in the higher ranks of office.

I think these idiots in the United Kingdom in this article are managing the image of North Korea to be seen as Communist for a reason

South Korea owes a massive debt to Jewish occupied America the South Koreans had a revolution, and the guy who led was assassinated in 1979

Independent self-sufficient North Korea

North Korea looks towards Hitler

Mein Kampf how would the Jew media spin this ?

North Korean Motorcycle Diaries

You have to see this:
And this:

The first line of their Constitution, among many lines, is a perfect!

“The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a socialist fatherland…”

list of diplomatic missions in North Korea.

North Korea disappointment with Cuba

China Rothschild’s

The China connection-Jews in China

China is also having problems with nationalists who are now advocating high culture and heritage it seems Marxist/Maoist Communism may be losing its strong hold there too

Equadors Correa

Ecuador re-elects Rafael Correa to third term.

The Yiddish Ambush – Remember this!!….. WWII was the death of “good” and the survival of “evil”.

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