Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

The Yidish Pansey Scheme.

The able bodied white male is not just under attack from the well We helpedfunded and elevated femen group indoctrinating our women folk with preconditioned idea’s against natural order. Attack’s are coming from a plethora of distortions.

In a normal, healthy heterosexual society sex is the mechanism by which new life is produced within the stable structure of the family. Under occupation of the Jewish Zio-Marxist global hegemony sex has been weaponised to break down Traditional religious values by elton-john-neil-patrick-harris-kids-photos-vacation-6distorting and sexualising the normal family unit. At its height the father or male in general is constantly in fear of the paedophile label while, counter-productive to the sustainability of the natural order, the homosexual, statistically, 4 times more likely to rape a child is hailed as trendy, modern and in many cases comfortably elevated to administrative positions of responsibility. A homosexual lib’turd mafia advancing their distortions on the mass objectively to destroy the moral compass of Europe.

Forcing society to accept Homosexuality and its structures is split into 5 stages:

Stage 1) Request for ‘tolerance’ (or initially the ‘right’ to be left alone)

To a naturally altruistic race on the surface this cry from an apparent ‘oppressed’ section of society seems rational-we only wish to be left alone to be ‘ourselves’. Yet like the Jewish tribe who are masters at playing the ‘eternal victim’, the homosexual corupters are taught a similar manipulation. However, it is critical to note that the short term Pedo 5useful homosexual gentile is a malevolent, destructive tool that the Jewish tribe intends to progress.   

Stage 2) Demand acceptance/equal status.

Stage 3) Celebration by everyone and each must promote it as a righteous value.

Stage 4) Forced participation = i.e The sexual indoctrination of children etc.

Stage 5) Punishment: Those who disagree will be outcast, criminalised and or incarcerated.

The Jewish Zio-Marxist ability to raise the profile of LBGT lies in the Tachellanti-discrimination policies based on ‘sexual orientation’. Such are railroaded through with the flagship cry of ‘Human rights’. In particular a suspiciously $olvent globa£ pressure group The Human Rights Campaign that spear heads first and foremost LBGT ‘rights’.  The dialectic is further served by Lively himself as he contrasts this with the so called ‘rights’ of imports (immigrants). It is critical to note that human welfare abuses, murders, tortures, displacements of individuals and communities are less likely to take place in a world free from Jewish oppression. That LGBT are prioritised over normal people reveals the true objective of Jewish Zio-Marxist oppressive policies. The objective is to undermine the very foundation of our European Traditional religious system/natural order which is demonstrated threw traditional sex roles usually placing man outside the home (patriarch) which the woman is Pedo 7the home maker. The Jewish Zio-Marxist are inverting the natural order by fronting all organisations with their homosexual puppets and wrestling for total control of societal structures in all nation states across the globe.

This Human Rights Campaign will instantly coordinate an attack on any organised or isolated opposition by springing into action local LBGT agitators. They then perform unnatural, perverted behaviour for the controlled media. Favouring the objective a positive spin will be placed upon the footage (oppressed victims) and will always show the actual violated public (the parents whose children have genitals waved in their faces) as bigoted Dorsal nudityand unreasonable. Any arrests of opposition will be scorned, criminalised, or as in the case of Georgian prisoners raped and humiliated at the hands of Zio-prison guards. Treatment similar to that in Georgia this is likely in store for the European men of Ukraine who do not cooperate.

While the mainstream Russian TV programme below has a dialectical agenda on many points but more notably to maintain the notion that Communism is gone and Russia/Putin is the new saviour and as suchpedo 1 conforms to a strict narrative that fails to reveal the Jewish Zionist hand. Nevertheless, what is undeniable is the inversion of societal norms engineered via media, peer pressure and government sanction.

So does it make me homophobic or anti Semitic if I observe these homosexual Liberals imposing on us their LBGT exposedmatriarchal Tranny pansy scheme advancing Zio-Judaic laws inverting nature! Or is it only when I point it out?

1, Daniel Cohn-Bendit Jewish Pedophile MP ….-….. EJU../…EU ….

2, Wilhelm Reich 

3, Making the hate men agenda trendy

4, Their own Marxist instruction manual to advance the Zionist plan against nature.

5, Another cute Zio-Marxist separatist money laundering movement unbalancing natural order for the Jew Rockefeller foundation. Fronted by his anointed tribal members Baroness Joyce Gould, comic relief’s Richard Curtis the husband of Emma Freud puppeteers to Sir Lenny Hendry.


6, More Zio-Marxist debauchery from campus Zio-student union regulators of the femen and pride extraction.

7, Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz  British Labour Party politician  one of the most influential MPs in the House of Commons and is currently overseeing the biggest shake-up of Britain’s prostitution and drug laws in a generation.

8, The Rabbis lantern “TV” forcing conditions over natural order.

9, No wonder Homosexuality has become pandemic Atrazine: Used to Induce Homosexuality  

10, Bisphenol A – Makes Girls Mean

11, Bisphenol A- Feminising men

12, Jewish Dave Goldfein general chief of Staff US air force guiding Transgender airmen policy  memorandum for In-Service Transition for Airmen Identifying as Transgender.

When will the sheep wake up to the facts that Europe is at war with an internal enemy infesting each of our respective nations administering a slow kill genocide of our European tribe.


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