Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

The Removalers

Let the following statement sink in before you continue further :

“The most dangerous man to Jewish usury ‘Adolf Hitler’ who against all odds and many assassination attempts on his life by the banker crime families  still managed to revive Germany’s European pride and spirit and created using the Feder economic model without the backing of gold or Jewish illusion, the only truly socialist ideology to have ever existed. No way were the Jewish Banker crime families going to allow this ‘broken free’ rogue nation to retain for its folk 100% employment, protect agrarian production, ban mortgages, offer interest free loans and pay married couples to have children. This contagion had to be stopped in its tracks before it liberated the whole of Europe!’.” PQ

Europe’s Childless Leaders are sleepwalking the West to Disaster. Their one party state is configured to play cat and mouse with Populism in order to confuse the ordinary majority. ie:

It’s not hard to determine after many years of tracking politics that the silenced majority of British folk agree that political correctness has been a major cause of Britain’s problems having had it imposed on us as a result of EU membership. So unless the Brexit means disposing of PC and implementing the Feder economic model then what is the point if it still allows the Jewish criminal banker crime families to keep us in their Usurious and repressive cycle.

The objective is to induce and create multi politically correct minority groups to trigger them into action, and yet, if the surge in populism spins out of configuration back into it’s natural order of natures way, the (((Zio-ballot box))) (((Smartmatic electronic voting))) will reconfigure an outcome to favour the managed minorities, and the controlled opposition of ‘left and right’ will be neutralised, or reduced to disheartened yet easily manageable fragmented groups, while the politically correct sheep are returned to the program cycle to see us as the oppressors of none whites with a dialectic chutzpah that race doesn’t exist yet as if in contradiction being told to love racial diversity and celebrate our differences because were all the same, meantime the theatre of Anarchy and burning is allowed to continue in Paris or other European towns and cities to stoke the religious and immigrant and gender tensions.

The understanding of the real hidden agenda of South Africa apartheid issue has enabled me to identify the anti-white template being formulated across the globe through these contradictions and confusing logic of politically correct trickery. There is no end to their gate keeping Jewish Labour movement and Jewish labour committee etc etc …. Cmon fight

The following is a generic note I leave on certain public forums I’ve now decided to publish on my blog for easy access. It is intended as an introduction for the quivering public to introduce them to the Jew industry of lies and deception without using the Jew word.

On my blog here I have punctuated the Jew element which you may need moderate depending were you post.

”Amended note a bit more fine tuned and politically palatable for those who requested it ”

This is a generic written networking note, Ltd in content that needs serious thought. I leave this on all forum threads, a welcome message posted on random links and forums to make people aware and to keep me up-to date on issues within Greater Liverpool and wider. If you don’t know how to navigate the … In this instance – “Street life forum” it can isolate you to a small area and restrict the flow of information …….

No reply needed ………

Welcome to the private company of Liverpool Inc Ltd, that being a satellite corporation of UK PLC, one of the many private satellite corporations throughout the Britain’s, were transfer of public and private title has been fine tuned into governmental policy. Were societal structures and responsibilities are now being managed through trusts and charities, where our own public hazard bonds are being traded as gilts on the stock market then contracted back to us as benefits, democracy and Justice only has to be seen to be done, covertly guarded through their secret Masonic Temples which shields their own self regulating legal system above masonry called ‘The Shetar’, a foreign legal system of Jurisprudence that runs parallel but yet undermines the law of the nation thereby negating justice and Democracy for the masses.

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” – Frédéric Bastiat.

i.e The One Party State :

Their 2015 national elections as always for them attracted the usual 100% turn out at the ballot box !! ??
The Ballot Box is Zionist trickery leading to a one party state of controlld opposition and is useless to the security and sustainability of European nations and people, and by design used to blend out diversity by replacing our people and culture.
“At each election the despot ideology in control gets 100% turn out” !! ??
Lets put that into perspective.

To be allowed a place on their political circuit all party’s ‘must be friends of Israel’ and follow their program against all their enemy’s. …..

I pose the question .. “What does it mean to be a Labour friend of Israel” , Concervative FOI, …. Liberal democrats FOI, …… UKIP FOI,…… BNP FOI,….. George Galloway’s Respect Party FOI…….. and the democracy list is endless!

Controlled opposition is the name of the game to take away power from the people and workers.
The One Party State = all party’s comply with Politically correctness = Cultural Marxism which is Communism repackaged for today’s cloned youth generation,  the Ideology having discarded the older generation or in the case of the EU Brexit scam bait them against the youth to cause a generational divide.

When it comes to the electorate, by design, only the minority vote…. while the mass having been disenfranchised refuse to vote… but unbeknown to them, by default they have tacitly voted for the successor.

The only people the cross party gate keepers need at the ballot box illusion are their indoctrinated and favoured minorities along with their new pampered imports who most are well aware of, and sell their soul to their Marxist and Zionist guardians for short term inducements.

The reality is your only choice offered from them was only ever going to be ‘Marxism’ and which ‘Zio-Marxistimmigrant or criminal Bailiff/Debt collector you preferred from the ‘Zionists’… ie  “Black Country councils call in bailiffs to collect £21m debt”. or here..…….

So, The political fight was only ever ‘an act’ between the controlled parties for top job to be the leading party.

For the 2015 election by design the nation chose Cameron = Conservative = right wing of the ‘LEFT wing’ = ‘LEFT WING’ = all ‘friends of Israel’ = 100% Turn out at the ballot box.

The absurdity of this dilemma for the public is to continue to argue over their preference of ‘Zio-Marxist’, no reshuffle changes anything, the reality is –
WINNER = ‘Supremacy’ = ‘Zionist ISRAEL’.

Having dual citizenry “Aliyah” and more allegiance to another nations affairs is killing the Europeans…. These well positioned Zionists need to be forcibly removed before they totally kill off diversity.

All roads lead to Israel in all town halls across Europe who’s main stronghold is based in New York USA holding seats of power in Washington DC and the square mile of London influencing Zionist Democracy across the world…….
‘At the point of a gun’ …..

“History belongs to the Victors”

Winner takes all and the public gets Chutzpah’d.

I will add .. Well done to their Marxist finger puppet and paedophile aid and abater ‘Joe Anderson’ Mayoral election Liverpool 2016 now trading the public hazard bond against our constitutional rights …. ‘Israel’s Choice’.

So what is the solution PQ?

Answer: We need a strong and genuine leader to collapse Usury and reaffirm our stolen trust inheritance back to our folk, away from the criminal Jewish bankers, which can happen when the public face up to white genocide and the Jew question. Follow these 4 issues which will give you a start:

1.Demand the Gottfried Feder principal, 

2, Say “No” to the “Shetar” 

3, Publicise Ernst Zundel day, 

4, Cast aside the lies.

Win the hearts and minds of our folk and Unity is our power !

11 comments on “The Removalers

  1. Pild
    April 25, 2017

    Whilst not exactly many, there are others aware of what is being done to, and against, our folk. We MUST find ways to unite, come together and organise. We have to do ALL within our powers to educate as many as we can. Without unity and without numbers we are done for. The TV absorbed, BBC believers truly rhink WE are the enemy! We who would sacrifice everything to give this nation and her peoples another chance would be the target of their wrath. Crazy. But there it is.

    I have joined other groups, paid my dues and been completely underwhelmed. Is there an answer? Do we have an Adolf to lead and save us from this slow, painful, repulsive death? Multiculti is becoming unbearable to me. Flight or fight bad.

    Is there an answer?


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  8. PeterQuiggins
    May 25, 2019

    National Socialists have the proven record of remedy for all goy!!

    Don’t give up on all of the military or civil service …Remember most of Germany back in 1930 before the actuarial anomaly was elected…(their famous chancellor) …almost 80% of the population was Marxist leaning. That was until the elected anomaly (Her Wolf)) worked his economic magic with his Feder model at which point, or at some time thereabouts the 80% realised they had previously been enslaving themselves under (((Marxism))) and now gathered with the National Socialists.

    Once the Military, Police and civil service recognise that it is them who are protecting their own debt slavery through the elites Usury scam, that will be the point of no return.

    For the uninitiated to understand the usury scam for instance ie : your mortgage from the outset was raised through their criminal banking system, loaded up into infinity with compounds interest in order to enslave you for decades before each of us achieve settlement. However the J’sh Bankers recognise their pirate system sits on a knife edge of destruction once the people recognise they have been duped and that race is pivotal to bringing forth the sitting in wait alternative “interest free system” the remedy for all global economic freedom which will ban and null and void all mortgages while safe guarding our inheritance that will accrue for each of us into infinity. This is the reason the divide and rule J’w media agitates race and religious tensions to cause division amongst shadow boxing groups in order to stop the whites blowing the gaff on J’w control.

    Many of us “Goy” recognise that the ballot box is over for us, or more to the point has it ever existed beyond just a )ew public exercise.

    One strategy for non compliance that will destabilise their pirated money system is to remove the guarantor (us) from their system by way of mass non compliance ie utilities, mortgages, credit cards and other corporate and Town Hall demands as we are the initiators of the flow of digital money through our signature. When it comes to the public service infrastructure (which they now hold and rent back to us as if it belongs to them) it needs to continue to run smoothly in order NOT to disrupt our daily lives. The Japanese worker use a system to force through changes ie their transport system ….the “worker” continues for the convenience of the public but without charging the public, thereby affecting the solvency and control of the pirate corporation….. A mass coordinated attack would be an uncontrollable phenomenon. This is not an ultimate remedy it is a strategy which needs coordinating on mass. But take note! In doing so we are implementing by proxy the NS Gottfried Feder social “interest free” principal that must eventually replace the existing system. If one understands this method it shows we are a self financing force and their pirated system is nothing but a “scary bag of wind”…

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  9. PeterQuiggins
    September 26, 2020

    Not one party or so called front line leader would advocate this simple remedy…… 

    It’s a simple solution to take down this parasitic rat system that has us in this phony Coroni lockdown! 

    “Autarky” is the way forward; “Autarky” = Protectionism and distributionism = interest free banking which must be absent of the well poisoners/money changers (((Central Banking))) which is being held up by blind faith Military and Marxists, Police and civil service, Anarchists and the indoctrinated public who are clueless to it all ….
    Democracy is the Zio-Communist trap that sustains chaos.

    Autarky will allow for 100% employment through public works and “agrarian production”, interest free mortgages which will neutralise evictions and all bully boy bailiffs at your door.

    The Gottfried Feder economic model/money is their best kept secret…..Bingo!! 

    But this won’t happen if the solution is silenced into obscurity in order to keep it from public knowledge who are kept in a continuous firefight loop of endless issues.

    # Peter Quiggins “EU is not Europe” or

    # Peter Quiggins “not so kosher holocaust business part 2-4 the antithesis”

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  10. PeterQuiggins
    December 7, 2021

    The ballot box is over for the Europeans!

    To save Europe, and our folk from the hordes of “non Europeans” who are being used by the Jewish central banker crime families to take us to extinction, these hordes are encouraged to destroy and miscegenate a “dysgenic mentality” into the fabric of European nations. To stop this suicide we need immunity from Marxist psychology and the only way is to “separate”, “outlaw” and “punish” these democratic, Communist and libertarian architects who continue to advance this destructive force. These architects sustain power by gifting “status” and “inducements” to these grafted in imports alongside the most degenerate, least capable, or to anything outside of natural order by programming them to “hate” or “outcast” those who try to preserve all western civilisation. These architects are well aware that minority groups, naively, or knowingly will fight tooth and nail to defend the enablers who empowered, and gifted them this “temporary status”. This logic triggers guilt, and herd mentality into the “quivering mass” who would rather follow, and self flagellate with “self hate” and “programmed guilt” than be socially outcast which is leading to depression, suicide, or suffocating them into submission. Miscegenation and sexual confusion has been weaponised against our folk to kill “diversity” … Diversity only survives if the Europeans survive.

    The Removalers

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