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‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Gottfried Feder – National Social economist

“Once again take note … WWII was fought over who would control the monetary system after the war … The choice was either the retention of Jewish Usury burdened with “infinite compound interest“, insured by the usurped and contracted military of the (((Allied powers))) to enforce their Zio-Democracy on the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) who were battling against these demonic Talmudic materialistic Jews. The Axis was the true Democratic holder of the ultimate remedy for world peace “Autarky” … Their “interest-free” system, inspired by Germany’s moral economist Gottfried Feder and the British economic reformer Major Clifford Hugh Douglas that Japan was using which would have also halted the dispossession and what we now see today as the racial genocide of the Europeans”!.

If you believe Jewish Zionist Bolshevism just faded away back in 1945 then you better think again. While VE day punctuated the end to a fratricidal (brothers) war the real enemy Jewish Zionist (Bolshevism) covertly morphed into psychological subversion of the masses. across the western world, it changed its combat attire for Bond Street, Fleet Street, and Wall St suit and tie now leading and managing congress in the US as well as Parliament and Town Halls and civil service across our nation controlled through Jewish Banking and widespread slow kill governmental policy.  The Yiddish Ambush  PQ

The Art of War


Gottfried Feder – Social National economist anti Jewish Zionism..

(1) nationalization of banks and the issuance of debt-free money;
(2) institution of a monetary work standard;
(3) creation of a debt-free, non-inflationary system of public works; gottfried-feder-intrest-free-money
(4) establishment of a defined economic border; and
(5) barter in international trade.

Gottfried Feder created the goal of “Brechung der Zinsknechtschaft” (Destruction of Interest Slavery) which took Hitler to power —
In 1932 Gottfried Feder wrote:


Understand this clearly ! In all areas, in our iron and coal industry, clothing and textiles, stone and earth, mining and shipping, wood and glass, in our construction industry, in the gigantic chemical factories, in our formerly internationally dominant electrical industry, in our machine and locomotive factories, dockyards and paper factories, transportation and food industries ; short and sweet, in the infinitely broad area of all our industries—again, all our industries—we find not even 12 billion ! Reckoned on the basis of the splendid situation before the war ! But even at that time THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD ALONE POSSESSED 40 BILLION !

And what might it possess today after the gigantic interest that the war brought its way ! You could gather together all the farmers of the entire world and their total cash assets would not approach the 40 billion of the one family of Rothschilds.

Feder became a mentor in finance and economics. He was the inspiration of National Socialist opposition to “Jewish finance capitalism.”

Feder was born in Würzburg Germany on 27 January 1883 as the son of civil Book linkservant Hans Feder and Mathilde Feder (née Luz). After attending humanistic schools in Ansbach and Munich, he studied engineering in Berlin and Zürich (Switzerland); after graduating, he founded a construction company in 1908 that subsequently was particularly active in Bulgaria where it built a number of official buildings.

From 1917 on, Feder studied financial politics and economics on his own; he developed a hostility towards wealthy bankers during World War I and wrote a “manifesto on breaking the shackles of interest” (“Brechung der Zinsknechtschaft”) in 1919. This was soon followed by the founding of a “task force” dedicated to those goals that demanded a nationalisation of all banks and an abolition of interest.

In the same year, Feder, together with Anton Drexler, Dietrich Eckart and Karl Harrer, was also involved in the founding of the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (“German worker’s party”, DAP), which would later change its name to Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, more commonly known through Jew Hollywood clichés as the Nazi party.

Feder became a professor at the Technische Hochschule in Berlin in December 1936, where he stayed until his death in Murnau on September 24, 1941.

In “The Social State,” first published in Auf Gut Deutsch, on May 24, 1919, Feder joined Eckart’s call for a new and better revolution . He demanded the overthrow of domination by “the golden international,” which he associated with the Entente powers, and he proposed the establishment of a form of government which woudl be democratic, highly centralized, and corporatist without usury.

“We were not foolish enough to try to make a currency coverage of gold of which we had none, but for every mark that was issued we required the equivalent of a mark’s worth of work done or goods produced. . . .we laugh at the time our national financiers held the view that the value of a currency is regulated by the gold and securities lying in the vaults of a state bank.” –Adolf Hitler, 1937

“And it proved sound. It worked. In less than ten years Germany became easily the most powerful state in Europe. It worked so magically and magnificently that it sounded the death knell of the entire (Zionist) Jewish money system. World Jewry knew that they had to destroy Hitler’s system, by whatever means might prove necessary, or their own [system of usury] would necessarily die. And if it died, with it must die their dream and their hope of making themselves masters of the world. The primary issue over which World War II was fought was to determine which money system was to survive. At bottom it was not a war between Germany and the so-called allies. Primarily it was war to the death between Germany and the International Money Power.” –William Gayley Simpson, ‘Which Way Western Man’ (p.642)

Gottfried Feder describes it: “In the nation, taken as an organic whole, every aspect of our private life shows pain, bondage, suppression, insecurity, and presents a clear picture of a struggle of all against all. Government against people, Party against Party, … employer against employee, merchant against producer and consumer, landlord against tenant, labourer against farmer, officials against the public, worker against ‘bourgeoisie’, Church against State, each blindly hitting out at his particular adversary thinking only of his own selfish interests. … No one thinks of his neighbour’s welfare, or of his higher duties to community.”

“Our economic principle is: the duty of the national economy is to provide the necessities of life and not to secure the highest possible profits for capital.” – Gottfried Feder

“Our principle as regards social subjects is as follows: the general welfare is the highest law of all. This principle of ours is in direct opposition to present-day practice according to which every class tries to gain advantages for its own particular group.” – Gottfried Feder

Gottfried Feder wrote: “The same must be said of all the coarse, stupid attacks on Christianity. Expressions such as “Christianity has only done harm” merely show that the man who utters them has neither human and political intelligence. It is wrong to abuse in general terms the greatest phenomenon in European history because of the perversity’s, erroneous ideas and defaults of individuals. The Christian Religion has uplifted and strengthened millions and millions, and brought them to God by the way of suffering.” Carolyn Yeager press here.

Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude – by Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel
This article was written for mature and thoughtful people who want to understand today in light of yesterday. It was not written for baboons who start to howl the moment they hear “Hitler” – the way the monkeys of my youth used to howl in front of my window in South America when they heard a thunderclap.

What of today’ we have a great number of such “Rothschilds.” The Mendelssohns, the Bleichröders, the Friedländers, the Warburgs, to name only a few of the most important. And even if none of these equals its gigantic model each has more money to waste than all our outspoken farmers together ! Yet in spite of this it is precisely the landowners whom our “saviors of the people” brand as the worst, even the only, exploiters, while the true vampire is never mentioned even in a whisper. We are intentionally diverted to the far lesser evil so that we will not see the greatest evil, all-consuming loan capital . And this is the way it’s been done from Marx and Lassalle up to Levien, Landauer and Mühsam . Haven’t you opened your eyes yet ? …

Most Germans lost all of their life savings. Their salaries were paid in a currency that soon became worthless. Prices were changing every day, soon it became every hour, and finally every minute. The daily grocery bill now cost billions of Marks. There was widespread hunger and riots broke out. In November of 1923, hyperinflation peaked.

Speaking of NSDP (National Socialist Germany) Interest free monetary system v Jewish Usury .
“And it proved sound. It worked. In less than ten years Germany became easily the most powerful state in Europe. It worked so magically and magnificently that it sounded the death knell of the entire (Zionist) Jewish money system. World Jewry knew that they had to destroy Hitler’s system, by whatever means might prove necessary, or their own [system of usury] would necessarily die. And if it died, with it must die their dream and their hope of making themselves masters of the world. The primary issue over which World War II was fought was to determine which money system was to survive. At bottom it was not a war between Germany and the so-called allies. Primarily it was war to the death between Germany and the International Money Power.” –William Gayley Simpson, ‘Which Way Western Man’ (p.642)

The public hazard bond swindle –Press Here.

What did Hitler’s Germany do for the People of Germany?

Read on:- Residential homes for people were given top priority in the Third Reich. In the years 1933-1937 more than 1,458,179 new houses were built according to the highest standards of the time. Each house was no higher than 602721_3911995458861_735135412_ntwo floors and had a small garden for the cultivation of flowers or vegetables because Hitler did not want people to lose contact with the soil. The construction of multi-family houses was not advised. Rental payments for housing construction were not allowed to exceed 1/8 of the income of an average worker.

Newly married couples were paid interest-free loans of up to 1,000 RM (Reichsmark) for the purchase of consumer goods. The loan had to be repaid at 1% per month, but 25% of the loan was issued for each new born child. So if a family had four children, the loan was paid in full.

The same principle has been applied with regard to housing loans which have been issued for a period of ten years at a low interest rate. The birth of each child also led to the deletion of 25% of the loan to the fourth child, with which the loan debt was completely cancelled.

The farmers also benefited. Between 1933 and 1936 more than 91,000 farmsteads were built in Germany. In 1935 the agricultural inheritance law was introduced. It ensured that all holdings larger than 15 hectares would only be transferred by family reunion.

All trade unions were united into an organization called Deutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labor Front). The rights of workers were protected by a Social Court of Honor, which laid down the conditions of employment. These schemes were better than any comparable legislation in the world at that time – and even to this day. As a result of the harmonious relationship between employer and employee there were no more strikes.

Taxation of workers, especially those with families, has been greatly reduced.

The Reichsarbeitsdienst was created 1934 under the direction of Konstantin Hierl. It initially served to combat unemployment. Later he was required for all men between 18 and 25 years of age for a period of six months as compulsory. Its members came from all classes of society. He served for various civil, agricultural and construction projects. One of his main goals was to communicate camaraderie.

The organization mother and child was created for the welfare, health, safety and financial support of pregnant women and mothers with children. To support their needs, more than 30,000 local centers, kindergartens, children’s day care centers have been provided. Mothers with inadequate funds were paid child benefits.

On July 14, 1933, the law for the prevention of hereditary offspring was created. This law promoted the spread of valuable, healthy newborns, and at the same time prevented a progeny of hereditary people, which meant a heavy burden on the community.

For the young people (10 to 13 year old boys), the Hitlerjugend (14 to 18 year old boys), the Jungmädelbund (10 to 13 year old girls), and the federation of German girls (14 to 18 year old girls), organizations were established to sign And prepare young people for citizenship and nation.

Sports and recreation were actively promoted. All major commercial and public concerns with recreation in shipyards, sports grounds, swimming pools, modern canteens with separate smoking rooms were freely provided. In August 1936, the Olympic Games took place in Berlin and were a complete success. Germany was the most successful nation with 100 medals, including 41 gold.

Summer camps were provided at subsidized prices, while sea voyages on large cruise ships abroad were made possible with the “Kraft durchFreude” program. These journeys were available to workers earning more than 300 RM per month, but those workers who earned 200 RM or less were preferred. The British government did not allow these ships to dock in England, for fear that their oppressed workers would learn the truth about working conditions in Germany.

Most Christian confessions were tolerated in Hitler’s Germany, and the two great churches, the Evangelical Lutheran and the Roman Catholic, were subsidized by the state. On September 10, 1933, Hitler decided a concordat with the Vatican.

Since churches are focused on spiritual things rather than on secular matters, worshipers returned to their church in increasing numbers. During the Third Reich, 640 new churches were built. It was not unusual for a priest or priest to complete his ministry with the words “God Bless The Leader”.

(Remark by Thyl Steinemann: Imagine, today a priest in the pulpit would complete the service with the words “God bless our government!”)

In the winter of 1933-1934, the winter relief was known as a great relief for the work. This was done to help the millions of poor and unemployed. Those who had a job were asked to donate a small portion of their wages to the unemployed in exchange for a glass or a wooden badge. On the first Sunday of each month, families with a good income prepared a stew dish and donated the money for fuel, etc. to the needy, who could enjoy a hot meal in a large common kitchen. More than 17 million unemployed, day labourers were widows and orphans who were supported by these charitable efforts of the people.

In terms of crime, one of Hitler’s first antitags was to disarm the police and remove their rubber nicks. He did so to make people feel less threatened and gain more understanding of the role of the police. At the same time, a law relaxed the private possession of weapons. Crime fell to very low levels, while drug addicts were unknown.

The protection of the rights of the animals was an important concern of the National Socialists, who created a law in this sense, namely the Reichstiersschutzgesetz. The Reichsnaturschutzgesetz was a notice of 26 June 1935. It was one of the most progressive laws of its time and included the long-term forest management, which is still used today for the reforestation of forests.

German Youth!

“For the third time you have assembled for this parade, over 50,000 representatives of a community which is growing larger year by year. The importance of those you represent here each year has constantly increased. Not just in terms of numbers; no, we see it here, in terms of value. When I think back to our first parade and to the second and compare today’s parade swatsztikawith those, I see the same development which we can see in all other aspects of German national life today. Our People are becoming visibly more disciplined, fit and trim, and our youth is beginning to follow this lead. The ideal of what a man should be has not always been the same even among our People. There were times – they seem to be long ago and we can scarcely understand them – when the ideal young German was the young fellow who could handle his beer and his liquor. Today, I can say with joy that we no longer idealize the young fellow who can handle his beer and liquor but the young man who can face any weather, the tough young man. For what matters is not merely how many glasses of beer he can drink, but how many blows he can withstand, not how many nights he can spend doing the rounds of the bars and pubs but how many kilometers he can march. Today the German People’s ideal is no longer your average beer-drinker but the young men and girls who are fit and trim.

What we want of our German youth is different to what was wanted in the past. In our eyes the German youth of the future must be slim and trim, swift as a greyhound, tough as leather and hard as Krupp steel. We have to educate a new type of person so that our People are not destroyed by the symptoms of the degeneration of our time.

We do not waste words, we act. We have begun to educate our People in a new school, to provide them with an education which begins in youth and is never-ending. In future a young man will be transferred from one school to the next. Schooling will begin with the child and will end with the old veteran of the movement. No one shall say that for him there is a time when he can be left entirely to his own devices. It is the duty of each of us to serve his People, it is the duty of each of us to prepare himself for this service, to toughen his body and to prepare and strengthen his mind.

And the earlier this preparation begins, the better. In future we shall not waste ten or fifteen years in the German education system and then be forced to correct previous unfortunate mistakes. It is our intention and we have the will to inculcate in the hearts of our young the spirit which we in Greater Germany would like to regard, indeed do regard as the only possible one, the one which we want to see survive into the future and which we shall see survive. This is not merely our wish, this is what we shall accomplish. And you are part of this development, much fitter and much tougher than three years ago. And I know that this will continue to improve in the coming years.

A time is coming when the German People will look at its youth with great joy; we will all enter our mature years free of anxiety and with complete confidence, happy because we are profoundly convinced, we know that our lifelong struggle has not been in vain. Behind us others march on. And their spirit is our spirit. They have our resolve, our toughness, they are true representatives of the life of our race.

We will make ourselves tough enough to withstand any storm. But we shall never forget that all our virtues and all our strength can achieve their combined effect only by obedience to a single will and one command. It is not by chance that we are all standing here now. It was not because each individual did what he wanted. You came here because you were summoned by an order from the Supreme Commander (Reichsjugendführer) of your movement and because this command was echoed in a thousand individual commands. And because each one of these commands was obeyed, an organization has formed from millions of individual young Germans and tens of thousands of your fellow members of this organization in Germany have come here today to form this rally, this parade. Nothing can be achieved unless one will commands which others must always obey, from the highest to the very lowest. And this, together with physical education and the toughening process, is our second great task.

We are a body of followers, but as the word implies, to follow means to show allegiance. We must educate our entire People so that if at any time anywhere one person is destined to command, the others recognize that it is their duty to obey, because the very next hour it may be their turn to give orders, and this they can do only if in turn others obey them. It is the expression of a nation state which speaks with the voice of authority, not of a weak and wordy democracy, but an authoritarian state in which everyone is proud to have the privilege of obeying, because he knows: if I have to give orders, I shall be obeyed in precisely the same way. Germany is not a chicken coop where everyone runs around and cackles and crows. We are a People who from an early age learn discipline. If others do not understand us, this need not be our concern. It has never been the worst things in the world that most people did not understand, quite the contrary.

We have not put our hands in our laps and said: “That’s something we simply are incapable of doing; nothing more can be done about it.” No: something can be done! And we have done it! And you, my boys and my girls, you are the living proof of the success of what we have done. You are the proof that this idea has taken root in the German Reich and you are the proof that this idea has now been realized. Believe me, there will come a time, when German youths will have wonderfully healthy and radiant faces, healthy, open, honest, brave and peace-loving. We are not a bunch of rowdies. If the rest of the world misinterprets our discipline, we cannot help that. This discipline will cause the world less trouble than the parliamentary democratic chaos of our times! We are following our own path and have no desire to cross anyone else’s path. Let the others not bother us on our way. That is the only precondition for our love of peace. Do harm to no one and let no one harm us!

If we in this way map out and put in place the path that the German People will follow in life, I believe that there will gradually develop and grow within other nations an understanding of such decency, and this understanding will induce one or the other of them to offer us their hand as brothers. Let us, however, never forget that friendship is deserved only by the strong and granted only by the strong. And so let us make ourselves strong, that is our watchword. And you have a responsibility to me to see that this wish is fulfilled. You are the future of the nation, the future of the German Reich!”

“Not just in terms of numbers; no, we see it here, in terms of value”.

Fuehrer Adolf Hitler, Nuremberg.

September 21, 1935


Richard Walther Darré 

‘Maintaining the health of our farmers is the primary foundation for the prosperity of industry for German business and for foreign export’

“The German peasant, who had been on the verge of
utter ruin, was given an honored status as the source of the nation’s food supply, his land was released from the grip of the Jewish usurer and measures taken to ensure that it should “remain permanently in the possession of one family, handed down from father to son.” 319″ 

National Social Economy.

“It is the high task of our national economy to direct the consumption power of our people along lines which can be satisfied out of the resources of our own national production.” – Adolf Hitler. 

“A National Socialist economy is not centrally planned, but centrally directed. Central planning involves taking demand for granted and then using the state to regulate supply. Central direction involves determining adequate supply and then using the state to limit demand. Hence a National Socialist economy should not be confused with a mixed-market economy, which is a fundamentally capitalist economy with state intervention in subservience to implicitly capitalist values. Hitler himself had no role in micromanaging the economy of National Socialist Germany, but rather was responsible for preventing the economy (and hence those who would seek to manipulate it by investments) from leading astray the state” – Adolf Hitler.


“The idea that a national economy needs to constantly grow in order to be healthy is insane. Economic growth implies more consumption, which in turn implies either increasing indulgence by the same number of people or an increasing number of people (or both), neither of which are positives. A healthy national economy from the National Socialist perspective is simply an economy where nobody is hungry or homeless or otherwise in fear over their imminent future, and where nobody is in debt to anybody else” – Adolf Hitler.
“The economy should be viewed in a light no different than any other of our means to accomplishing a purpose. Our motto, UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY, is based on the same spirit of cooperation in pursuit of a final goal, as a prerequisite to which the folk must have total unity, including economic unity. Under such a worldview, class becomes merely a differentiation of occupational skills, with no social status or egotistical prestige pertaining to it. The steering wheel of a car is not higher or lower in status than the road wheels; nor is the engine more or less prestigious than the fuel tank; what matters is the ability of the car to complete its journey, which depends on the cooperation of all mechanical parts essential for this function. Thus the very notion of “class conflict” becomes as absurd as the notion of the different parts of the same vehicle declaring war on one another – all it would accomplish is disabling the entire vehicle and preventing arrival at our destination” – Adolf Hitler.
An end to class prestige is reflected in practice by minimizing the gap between profit margins of the various occupations, so that profit becomes solely a function of the quality of work, and not of the genre of work. For example, an excellent doctor deserves to earn more than a mediocre doctor, but there is no reason why an excellent doctor should earn more than an equivalently excellent plumber”.
“There is no hierarchy between professions; there are only necessary professions and unnecessary professions” – Adolf Hitler.
“The essential cause of the stability of our currency was to be sought for in our concentration camps. The currency remains stable when the speculators are put under lock and key.” – Adolf Hitler.
“A National Socialist economy must be one that prevents monetary gain through lease or financial speculation of any kind (including insurance and similar businesses), which is always reducible to the Jewish idea of profit by possession, the principle behind usury whose mathematically certain conclusion is concentration of all money in the economy under the ownership of the usurers. (“The reason why the Jews and their fabrications find such credence becomes apparent if you take a look at a country like Switzerland. In that country, Tom has milk interests, Dick follows the prices of the grain market, and Harry exports watches.” – Adolf Hitler) 
“The advantage of a labour-backed currency in this case is that it prevents usurers from disguising their gains behind inflation or other temporal distortions. In a National Socialist state, identification of usurers will be a trivial matter of spotting non-producers who are able to remain solvent”.– Adolf Hitler.

“When someone says, “You’re a dreamer.” I can only answer, “You idiot.. If I weren’t a dreamer, where would we be today?”

I’ve always believed in Germany. You said I was a dreamer.

I’ve always believed in the rise of the Reich. You said I was a fool.

I’ve always believed in our return to power. You said I was mad.

I’ve always believed in an end to poverty! You said that was utopian!

Who was right? You or me!? I was right!” ~ Adolf Hitler!!

Further reading on the Feder principal press 1…..,     2….,      3…..

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    “Using all the Hollywood rhetoric to identify National Socialism/remedy i.e megalomaniac, racist, supremacist, white power, white supremacy etc is the reason why the following facts remain unattainable to all European nations because folk have been feared into ignorance. ….Switch off the Rabbis magic lantern and start demolishing the politically correct scam because the race card is a long worn out wolf cry that is starting to sink the (((banker crime families)))” ……

    The ballot box is over!

    “The only road to economic freedom for nations is to destroy political correctness, this gives us freedom to pursue an interest free banking system, a system that could only come through the “Nationalist” advocating “race matters” this is the ultimate enemy of (((Zionist-Usury))) because it self finances the repellent to a nations last line of defence “Nationalism” ”

    Non-racial International Brotherhood is the the death of racial diversity and the forever increasing acceptance of Jewish compound “debt based Usury bodyguarded by the (((state controlled))) Police, Military, civil service, Anarchists, soccer tribalists and bleeding heart liberals.

    Now ask yourself what does Britain gain from the Brexit scam if we remain under the thumb of Political correctness?
    All the (((banker crime families))) need to be removed from all nations administration but wont be unless we can voice out loud the … “JQ” ….. Remember the Muslim, or the blacks don’t own the banks, media or Hollywood.

    Maybe the Jew Brexit Secretary “Dominic Raab” can shed light on the wild-goose chase.”

    “The most dangerous man to Jewish usury ‘Adolf Hitler’ who against all odds and many assassination attempts on his life by the banker crime families still managed to revive Germany’s European pride and spirit and created using the Feder economic model without the backing of gold or Jewish illusion, the only truly socialist ideology to have ever existed. No way were the Jewish Banker crime families going to allow this ‘broken free’ rogue nation to retain for its folk 100% employment, protect agrarian production, ban mortgages, offer interest free loans and pay married couples to have children. This contagion had to be stopped in its tracks before it liberated the whole of Europe!”

    “The deception also continued to deceive the sovereign British people. Not even aggressive oil sanctions that international Jewry placed on ‘NSDP Germany’ could stop the rise of natural order. The NSDP with their creative and defensive measures were the pioneers in making synthetic oil from coal, This, alongside a Feder economic monetary system reinforced independence and self sufficiency. Unlike today where Intentional Jewry still use (((oil and banking))) to bait nations into submission. 1………, 2…….,. The war was not about fighting the Germans’! It was about the Corporations/Judaism deceiving the Europeans” Peter Quiggins Killer Culture ”

    ”A Socialist is one who serves the common good without giving up his individuality or personality or the product of his personal efficiency. … Our adopted term “Socialist” has nothing to do with Marxist Socialism. Marxism is anti-property; true socialism is not. Marxism places no value on the individual, or individual effort, or efficiency; true Socialism values the individual and encourages him in individual efficiency, at the same time holding that his interests as an individual must be in consonance with those of the community. All great inventions, discoveries, achievements were first the product of an individual brain. It is charged against me that I am against property, that I am an atheist. Both charges are false.”
    Adolf Hitler. Daily Express. September 28, 1930

    Hitler had created a new monetary system for the Germans, called the Labor Treasury Note. He had outlawed usury, by punishment of death, and created a new Deutschmark that was backed only by productive German physical and intellectual labor. His method cut out the cancerous,international banking cabal, and was also the blueprint for shattering the NWO. The Rothschild cabal was about to be out on their asses, in more countries than just Germany. They had to burn Germany from end to end to stop this financial revolution from taking root on an international scale, because the world was watching the German economy as it took off like a rocket, after the parasitic banksters were deleted from the equation. In fact, the holocaust story exists really to distract people from Germany’s economic miracle.

    “Germany issued debt-free and interest-free money from 1935 on, which accounts for Germany’s startling rise from the depression to a world power in five years. The German government financed its entire operations from 1935 to 1945 without gold, and without debt. It took the entire Capitalist and Communist world to destroy the German revolution,and bring Europe back under the heel of the Bankers.” Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People (1984), Sheldon Emry
    “If in this war everything points to the fact that gold is fighting against work, capitalism against peoples, and reaction against the progress of humanity, then work, the peoples, and progress will be victorious. Even the support of the Jewish race will not avail the others”.ADOLF HITLER .BERLIN, RHEINMETALL-BORSIG WORKS


    “National Socialism will never be formulated without alluding to the only leader who ultimately put it into practice -Adolf Hitler, otherwise it would be like making an apple pie without apples. Similarly mentioning the Balfour declaration without alluding to the Jew would be like leaving out the main ingredient to the recipe of arsenic”

    #patricklittle #littlerevolution #VoteLittleWinBig #killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts


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    It was fought for more reasons than monetary it was the fulliment of thousands of years of planning as to who would determine the distiny of mankind.


    • PeterQuiggins
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      ‘It was fought for more reasons than monetary it was the fulfilment of thousands of years of planning as to who would determine the destiny of mankind’

      Money has always been their power and control, and Germany was about to bust their balloon.


      • jOE PENNY
        August 9, 2018

        The other is their understanding of human nature, they have few equils in this.


      • PeterQuiggins
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        There’s nothing human about the unconscionable Jew …. Its’ only equal is “Cancer” and that cant change it’s nature..


      • jOE PENNY
        August 9, 2018

        Yes, but the way it succumbs it’s host.


      • jOE PENNY
        September 13, 2018

        Nothing can change its nature as with the “saying a leopard can’t change its spots ”
        Lonthrob Stoddard wrote Bolsheviks are born not made the same could be said of national socialists as Savitra Devi wrote.
        One of the remarkable things about civilisation is it came into being over the last 6 thousand years after 50 thousand years of barbarism and savagery, the Jew could be said to be the worst of all races distilled into one race that finds its like in other races and brings out the worst in man.


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October 2016
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