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‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

National Health Cyber Attack.

“The recent Cyber attack against Britain’s NHS asset ………A great way to negotiate and supply a £50m contract to change a tech system just before privatisation to another Jewish company. Oy Vey!!!


Operation Talpiot coordinated through their so called military ‘Unit 8200’. The recent UK NHS cyber attack has all the usual hall marks of problem, reaction, solution and their satanic reach goes as far as supplying the stock market payment systems on the electronic trade floor.. Oy Vey!!”

  2. NHS seeks to recover from global cyber-attack as security concerns resurface – 
  3. Stock market Unit 8200: Israel’s cyber spy agency –
  4. City of London (Jewish Banker criminals) and Israel’s role

“Is it a coincidence that MATIMOP a global Israeli life sciences company conducts clinical trials  in the UK while the same Jewish squatters bond trade our NHS prescriptions as stock market gilt sureties to be held as ransom in Israel in-case of boycott, then their nice little scam is for Israel to trade back to us medicine and massive technology to manage sickness instead of outright cure.” “teva” 1, ……“teva” 2,

  1. Look who’s in charge of UK government cyber security.


  1. Minister: Israel boycotts put ‘100 million prescriptions at risk’ 
  2. Inside Israel’s Cyber Security Capital... Holocaust trickery does well for these chosen’ites

Open your eyes, our NHS asset is in managed descent and the Jewish parasitic cartels sit in wait for the hand over, while in some sectors of the industry whistleblower Doctors are being bumped off at rapid speed, mysterious deaths of none Pharmaceutical doctors = Cancer cures. My own city of Liverpool is home to the Jewish initiative ‘Pathways’ to Murder, a so called ethical euthanasia program for gentile, and although being warned to stop the (((cartel))) continues under another ethical name. Link….,               Link….,                  Link….



  1. Potential cure doctors have been killed over –


  1. Jewish initiative Pathways euthanasia Liverpool
  1. NHS still using Death Pathway despite ‘ban’ with charity warning that controversial end-of-life programme is merely operating under ‘a different name’


  1. Medical experts furious that doctors will be paid to dole out ‘risky’ statins
  2. Database shines light on pharma payments to UK doctors –


  1. Jewish David Cameron mentions the Israeli Pharmaceutical ‘Teva’ in his recent Israeli address – 

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine” Should be our food. ~ Hippocrates.

“Remember security, literacy, life skills and of course a nutritional diet are fundamental to a protectionist and healthy sovereign nation. Link here…

Yet these anti-Christian so called persecuted emaciated survivors of WWII are sill forever crying themselves a lucrativ£ protection racket and somehow in just 70+ years engineered themselves the monopoly on life, while warning the Europeans if any attempt is made to oust their rogue state ‘Israel’ they will use their nuclear Samson option       link2…. to wipe out all major cities, but also, if not already in use, these sociopaths have bio specific bio-weapons to target population groups or individuals.”

  1. Israel threatened to nuke Europe –




14 Israel’s racial Bio-weapons –

“Yiddish Contingencies.

To secure global dominance Israel have even secured anti Semitism into it’s foreign policy meaning unofficial thoughts are a threat to their power structure which is why Amazon has banned unofficial thought books of truth re their £aundering protection racket and why Trump has sworn an oath to combat it so as to keep us ignorant of Jewish criminality re Holodomor genocide of Europeans in order for us to accept their lies and business or they will embargo, shut down industry and or freeze all our Bank accounts as was done to manipulate pro£itable war’$ of theatre with Gadaffi, Sadam Hussein, Assad, Japan, and similar in Germany 1932 and of course today with North Korea freezing $60+ billion in foreign banks yet NK Juche, still maintains a self finances healthy ‘racial’ nation… Further  reading here….   . It seems the unnatural order of Zio-Democracy has a hatred for racial strong nations similar to the spirit shown by the Japanese Imperialists during WWII … but then, of course, the Japanese are cousins to the Koreans both cut from the same racial cloth.” Plunder Summary  10 of 10 Peter Quiggins Killer Culture.

  1. Sleuths for Israel now work to uncover malicious hackers – 


  1. Top Official In Israeli Army Comes Out As Gay ….  ‘Unit 8200’    is also filled with a high percentage of homosexual, lesbian and transsexual personnel.


  1. Israel’s high-tech sector is thriving, and now Kaifeng Chinese Jews and their BRICS banking want in on the action to now deprive the west of the Technology –
  1. TECH TALK: 8200 INTELLIGENCE UNIT START-UP PROGRAM is supported by six leading partners: ICL, Naschitz-Brandes-Amir, Amdocs, KPMG, Bank Hapoalim and Nefesh B’Nefesh.-
  2. New York home to the Kosher Nostra even hold their own Hackathon no doubt a head hunting initiative – 
  3. The Kehilla Kosher Nostra, how they globally network
  4. The Sovietization of America (Edited 2)

Have you ever considered why the so called victim Jew can globally wield so much influence?

The most dangerous man to Jewish usury ‘Adolf Hitler’ who against all odds and many assassination attempts on his life by the banker crime families  still managed to revive Germany’s European pride and spirit and created using the Feder economic model without the backing of gold or Jewish illusion, the only truly socialist ideology to have ever existed. No way were the Jewish Banker crime families going to allow this ‘broken free’ rogue nation to retain for its folk 100% employment, protect agrarian production, ban mortgages, offer interest free loans and pay married couples to have children. This contagion had to be stopped in its tracks before it liberated the whole of Europe!’. Pay attention to the attached link “James Perloff – Hitler vs. The Elite Cabal of International Bankers”


19 comments on “National Health Cyber Attack.

  1. pan283
    May 16, 2017

    Reblogged this on Peter Cooney Enabler and commented:
    NHS Ransomware attack – Look who’s in charge of UK government cyber security.


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  3. Renata B.
    May 17, 2017

    Thank you Peter for exposing this.


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  7. pan283
    October 27, 2017

    As ever the non sensical Jew lying media want to point the finger on North Korea, in the pursuit of shekels apparently. When it’s obvious who loves shekels more and North Korea are self sustainable. God this just gets easier, here’s the latest Jew article.


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  13. PeterQuiggins
    April 10, 2020

    Reblogged this on Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture'' and commented:

    Save our NHS! ….

    WTF are you all sleep walking !!!

    National Health Cyber Attack.

    #NHS #GDL #Handsometruth #COVID19


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  16. PeterQuiggins
    April 26, 2020

    The Phony Coroni

    Mass testing or vaccinating is a prime example of Jews harvesting, not only to claim your DNA but they are intentionally “Phishing” from you to give them permission to access your NI number in order for them to establish a health prescription from your ID/NI account The health prescription is a negotiable instrument Bond/IOU that they can monetize through your NI.

    The more prescriptions they can gather they can then be either traded on the futures stock market or do as Israel often does ie

    “Is it a coincidence that MATIMOP a global Israeli life sciences company conducts clinical trials  in the UK while the same Jewish squatters bond trade our NHS prescriptions as stock market gilt sureties to be held as ransom in Israel in-case of boycott, then their nice little scam is for Israel to trade back to us medicine and massive technology to manage sickness instead of outright cure.” “teva” 1, ……“teva” 2,”

    This is how they revitalize their new monetary system. Notice the only solvent business thriving today is the Phony Corony because it is self financing from the blind goyim who initiate the flow of money from the prescriptions and also from charges from the Police when they refuse to obey the Planned’emic regulations. …. Contract law is business as usual for the nice Jew.

    #PeterQuiggins #killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL #Handsometruth #COVID19  #CORONAVIRUS #5G #petercooneyenabler


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