Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

The Yiddish Ambush

Remember this!!….. WWII was the death of “good” and the survival of “evil”. A win that allowed (((them))) to deliver us their “new normal”. The logic of “illogic”. (((Their))) “new normal” of “abnormal”. Driven through (((their))) politically correct constraints of which we are allowed to exist in today. So long as we stay within the parameters of (((their))) forever lying and distorted official thought, that delivers us gender dysphoria and pro noun delusion-ists. Now leading the faithless and spiritless Europeans into dispossession. But hey” look who’s leading the pack!

“Meet The Jewish Billionaires Who Are Bankrolling ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for Your Children”

Then this highly decorated jew; lieutenant colonel, billionaire philanthropic tranny” Jennifer Pritzker

We have been farmed and presented to the faith and testosteroned fuelled far and middle eastern countries as being faithless, genderless and morally bankrupt link here……. Easy pickings that act like a magnet for their subversive army of sleeper invaders (5th columnists) and behind almost every Zio-lobby group or Zio-anarchist uprising in Europe today you will find a cowardly Jew with a megaphone stirring the mix.

Remember the reason you exist is that your parents were straight and by today’s definition unfashionable. The Zionist logic to this unnatural chaos shows unofficial thought is dangerous to any one who naturally thinks. A one sided structure of contradictions that will eventually make you race conscious, as well as in faith and spirit. Only the “Autarky” of National Socialism restores our connection with race, faith, and spirit. ….. Knock!! Knock!! We’re here to deliver the Yiddish business of ‘Democracy’ the (((Zionist way))) 1…., 2…, 3..., what other proof do you need than the 3 previous socially dysfunctional and sexualised videos along with these 3 additional videos showing 3 homosexual marriage proposals within the Military and Police during the annual gay pride vulgar circus 1….,   2….,   3….,

Let’s take a peek into their planned format in this link now that (((they))) have opened the flood gates in all European nations, intentionally, to trample the constitution of nation states within the white nations, Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc for (((their))) impending constructed global crisis. Remember the Jews mysteriously own the oldest students union in the world Jewish Students Union UJS UK 200 yr old with head quarters UJIA  in Israel directing the agenda using the malleable youth in nation states to agitate because it’s not enough pitting global hate among Muslims and Christians so are now accelerating even faster the black and white issues as was done in South Africa with the Jewish lead communist ANC=Bolshevism using the Tavistock trendy buzz word “white privilege”. These (((same))) manipulators are all part of the Perestroika deception which also manifests through the Jews very own poodle bitch ‘Putin’ who oversees (((their))) new BRICS global bank, as well as the Novorossia and Eurasia Muslim alliance within his ordained global hemisphere of rule as the world witnesses the petrodollar scam breaking down in favour of the Jews …….. The stage is being set in Africa…… The New Colonization: China Is Building Enormous Self-Sustaining Chinese Cities All Over The African Continent”  ……..   “Uganda orders military to protect Chinese businesses”

BRICS and the rest of Kosher Nostra bankers continue to agitate and finance anarchist groups in all White nations and only White nations. With their ‘black lives matter’ rouse to radicalize and racially unite black communist foot-soldiers. Who, wolf crying black power under the protection of politically correct bullshit that initiates no go areas for tribal unity to assure a black power free-pass for the streets and university campuses against Whites, once again any contradiction to race doesn’t matter.

The impervious Jews with their privilege and supremacy stoke up trouble among goyim then stand aside while we kill each other. Then stands aloft the carnage… Problems… Reactions… Solutions, warranting the illusion of Jewish benevolence. Will the blacks ever wake up to the real historical (((merchants))) of slavery and realise nothing has changed? They are still in a continuance of being slaved to the bidding of the Jew, the traditional slave traders Link…

As for the other global hemisphere of rule is it a coincidence communist China is now securitising off shore assets while its president, Xi Jinping, sabre rattles (shrouded threats) on his new Yiddish global platform by objecting to outside nations using protectionism = (Autarky) ? Especially in the present climate as “China’s” massively steroid inflated economy brinks on the tip of Yiddish manufactured implosion. Surely this alone reveals the objective of communism/capitalism. For instance, in my home city of Liverpool alone the Jew controlled city council under the auspices of the “twinning of cities = Liverpool/Shanghai” land banking British assets and infrastructure, energy, transport and security which is an actual hypothecation of the lives and assets of our folk, to the communist Kaifeng and Shanghai and Harbin Jews. Likened to taking chattels to a pawn shop to exchange for money, Liverpool is pledged up to the hilt, and Liverpool has paid for all the construction in Shanghai. Meaning our assets now dwell in a communist jurisdiction. Stealthily our assets are being gifted away, via the Rabbinical Chabad network, to communist/corporate giants to quell any attempt at protectionism. Take note: Jews have been deeply rooted in China’s social and economic fabric for millennia as recorded in the history of the Kaifeng and Harbin Jews: So it’s not hard to conclude that within China’s Harbin provinces during circa 20th century that harbored an active nest of Jewish Zionists makes it obvious that they played a major roll in sewing the seed of class, and economic division which saw the sudden rise of “Mao Zedong’s” solvent Communist revolution that wiped out faith, culture and 70m Chinese goyim while turning it’s present day military into an in waiting automaton global police force for the Jewish criminal banker families. The same strategy of proxy plundering is happening to Germany (Germany still controlled by the victors of WWII) where Communist China is asset stripping Industry at a rapid pace.

The Jews of China ; “A Thousand Years of Jewish Settlement in China”

China/America deal, in lieu of a default on US loans the Jew banks have secured the eminent domain /compulsory purchase clause which gives Communist China precedence to occupy and land grab assets previously secured by the regime, equating to unconditional surrender. It doesn’t take a genius to work out Britain’s well groomed trade deals up and down our nation from Lands End to John O’groats have similar in waiting clauses/Zionist triggers.

Once the manufactured hand over takes place the Zio-Jew World Bank with his creative book keep looses nothing, yet gains all.

So with the impending threat of implosion back home in China, God help any off shore nation attempting protectionism against any of (((their))) overseas land banks. These Kaifeng, Harbin, Beijing and Shanghai kosher nostra Jews control the largest automaton Police force in the world. A subversive force of goyim finger puppets who will be more than willing to be deployed to any location across the globe once an internal meltdown takes hold in order to protect offshore assets, home economy, and most of all Jewish infinite compound usury … guess who foots the bill, et cui bono? The added bonus for each of these puppets will be the inducement of bagging themselves a female birth donor, a scarce commodity for these goyim puppets in their own nation. As the one child per family policy has created a huge void. The ratio of men to women outnumber women by 33 Million, conservative estimate……. Once the pending crash is triggered it will show white dispossession again works wonders for Israel and their Kosher Nostra bed fellows = The (((Zionist ideology))) …….

So with the absence of their overseas population shadow boxing once again for the Jew, I envisage China;s mysterious moth-balled ghost cities, as shown in the enclosed video being presented to the world as some sort of communist reel-estate blunder, will then be energised with a new generation of goyim consumer debt slave puppets, at Hobson’s choice, having been enticed away from their self sufficient agrarian land, then shepherded into the Jews main controlling mechanism of consumer hypothecation which will give (((Monsanto))) freedom to fill the farming and food void. From which point, the culture of credit dependency and control that castrated the West into submission will start all over again, in these new BRICS regions, in order to sustain the new power transfer. So it looks like the Jewish Kaifeng, Beijing, Harbin and Shanghai policy of one child per family, along with their BRICS banking and these so called Shanghai ‘twinning of cities’ in all, is, in reality, a hypothecation pledge. A swift pathway card to residency into European nations but ironically has been another great investment for Israel.

WWII was about National Socialism liberating Europe by demolishing the Jewish Banking usurious system the choice was either ‘Jewish compound usury‘ or ‘interest-free National Socialism‘.

The next attack on Nationalism and protectionism is now accelerating towards its finality of ‘absolute’ (((usurious))) dominion over the globe.

The ideology is in the throws of the inevitable implosion. The Jewish bankers, unable to sustain the illusion of stability need, and so are continuing to draw us into chaos and disorder.

So let’s hope the following quote comes true “Once the cost of lodging, food, and fuel hits a certain point the public will be universally galvanised by the force that builds up from the pressure of their arses against the wall” Snordster 2011.

Once again take note … WWII was fought over who would control the monetary system after the war … The choice was either the retention of Jewish Usury. Burdened with “infinite compound interest“, insured by the usurped and contracted military of the (((Allied powers))), to enforce their Zio-Democracy on the Axis powers, (Germany, Italy, and Japan) who were battling against these demonic Talmudic materialistic Jews. The Axis was the true Democratic holder of the ultimate remedy for world peace… Their “interest-free” system, inspired by Germany’s moral economist Gottfried Feder and the British economic reformer Major Clifford Hugh Douglas that Japan was using which would have also halted the dispossession and what we now see today as the racial genocide of the Europeans.

So, in reality, we fought for Jewish Usury to burden our country and ourselves to this day with “infinite compound interest” to have it personally loaded onto us, the preferred stock and guarantors. It was a Yiddish sleight of hand…. Didn’t we do well!!

So the only way the (((money changers))) can sustain their forever control over humanity is, through their manufactured immigration deluge against their ultimate enemy, ‘Europeans’. To which, (((they))) continue to herd us all into a race,  religious, gender and class war. They have created a Yiddish toxic mix of goyim, objectively to kill off diversity and eradicate their ultimate enemy, the remains of our European kin“. While the kosher nostra crime families with their deep state shadow government, Shetar and Kehilla global syndicate use the establishment within the nations to deflect, distract and deliberately mismanage by the Jewish favorite chutzpah trick and their kaleidoscope spiral competent incompetence buying for time. Throughout all this psychological terrorism whoever knows how anything turns out or cares… Jewish chutzpah all the way for their advantage.

So heed the warnings both WWI/II were fought not to make the world a safer place for us goyim but a safe place for Jews and their Satanic banker leaders in order to keep us all subservient to their compound debt based usurious system.

The psychological warfare and propaganda are always the enabling-art of the parasite jew. While the whole deception follows the tenet of Sun Tsu’s Art of War and has already won the battles before entering. Appearing weak when strong, appearing strong when weak. Having pre-conditioned our psyche with a millennia of spiritless distorted philosophy, history and warped principles.

Meantime, while we, the Europeans, are distracted by trying to decipher the psychological dialectic surrounding all the above, the Jew continues on with his objective straddling both sides with his insurance policy;.. ‘I’m not white I’m Jewish

Now read about the Jewish origins of the open borders movement within this link….. Then study the real face of the Jew within this link……

See my Facebook page here (Jubook) before the global Israeli Police and their impervious insignificant community remove my efforts of exposing lies and fiction. But always take note… If the Holocaust were real, there would be no attack on those who question the story and offer opposing evidence… Oy Vey!!!

“We are dealing with a ruthless creed whose survival is based on destroying all that represents decency and nobility who’s objective is to create chaos while gaining special standing within all nations Ukraine, Germany, Birobidzhan, Europe, Palestine and more etc. “Plunder part 10 of 10 …. Summary

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  16. Cyrilbrest
    May 29, 2020

    The only good jew is a……..?
    There maybe some decent jews, but if for the good of mankind, we had to get rid of every last one, man woman and child, I am sorry, but I would sanction it.


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  18. PeterQuiggins
    February 1, 2021

    See the farmers at work: Viscount Ingleby “POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT COLOMBO CONFERENCE” HL Deb 21 February 1979 vol 398 cc1839-70 Population control –


  19. PeterQuiggins
    July 13, 2021


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