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‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Alder Hey Liverpool.

It has to be said as a warning because, no Zio-Journalist will even allude to it….. Once a supply is identified it’s not hard to follow the demand and how (((those involved))) have turned it into a bond stock market investment; black market or by Shetar presumed consenteither way we gentile/goy are being farmed for harvest.

Which is why I’ve always been suspicious of the Liverpool Children’s #Alderhey Hospital organ scandal and there’s no smoke without fire :-

“Dick van Velzen was responsible for removing hundreds of organs from infants at Alder Hey children’s hospital in Liverpool, when he took the parts without the consent of their parents.

More than 2,000 pots containing body parts from 850 children were discovered in a filthy cellar at the hospital during an investigation into the retention of organs” Former Alder Hey pathologist struck off.….


What kind of conscience are these immoral Judges drawing upon who insisted in aiding Alder Hay Children’s Hospital Liverpool to follow Israel’s “Pathways Program” in order to starve the baby “Alfie Evans” the child who against all odds fought and clung to life, only to be legally dehydrated to death April 2018?

These Zionist Judges are not normal and seem to be working to some sort of alternative road map which we are not privy to.

The track record of all these Judges, including this sexual Bolshevist writer and book publisher “his Hon Mr Justice Hayden” author to “Children and Same Sex Families” a Legal Handbook who at the time of his kidnap was gate keeping Alfie’s future.

It seems to me that all these Judges attend the same Yiddish school of distortion, blood libel, kidnap and sacrifice.

What is it that their after?

Is this the legal route for “organ”, and “adrenochrome” harvesting?

Lets see what a “news reel” should look like as the veil starts to lift on the )w Kehilla (((Mafia))).

Dual passport holder, )’w MP Louse Ellman MP … ……………………………….Guilty!

 Dual passport holder,  )’w Gideon  Bentovin OBE  ……………………………….Guilty

Dual passport holder, )’w Councillor Luciana Berger …… ……………………Guilty!

Dual passport holder, )’w Councillor Beatrice Fraenkel ………………………Guilty!!

Dual passport holder, )’w Max Steinberg NHS Partnership…………………..Guilty

Rabbi and Dual passport holder, )’w Julia Babette Sarah Neuberger … Guilty!!

Supreme court Judges Lord Justices Moylan and Davis, and Lady Justice King ….. Guilty!!

Alder Hey hospital is an obvious organ harvesting ground that needs exposing.

Pathways to murder ….. )’w MP’s ………………..Guilty!!

Who are these sicko )’w Gate Keepers?   

Who is the Israeli spy MP named Berger, Mossad or Mi5?

Now lets hear from the  

(((wolf crying))) Parliamentary

member herself in the following video!!

)’ws mysteriously own the oldest students union in the world = )’wish Students Union JSC UK 200 yr old with head quarters in Israel directing the agenda using the malleable youth in nation states to agitate against national interests and security. Here is their )’w application form for funding from Israel. Link here…

Now lets take a peek into the real “Luciana Clare Berger” and her family connections…. link here 

Worldwide Market Fuels Illegal Traffic in Organs – Link Here….

Global organ trafficking network – Link Here…

Jewish organ trafficking Centre where kidnapped Syrians are stripped of their entire bodies – Link here

Israeli Kosher Nostra criminals trafficking Syrian children’s body organs – Link Here. 

Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without consent – Link Here

Israeli Organ Harvesting: From Moldova To Palestine.  Link Here….

War Zones and disaster areas our speciality – Jewish Bolsheviks butcher and steal organs of Serbs,   Link here….     

Kosovo organ donor ring: the Israeli connection – Link Here...

Israel Has Harvested 18,000 organs From Dead Syrians Since The Beginning Of The War –    Link here……

Harvesting for Israel – Hirntod – Tod bei lebendigem Leib – Autor Silvia Matthies       Link here……

Organ Donors are Alive when their Organs are Harvested.

Prior to 1968 a person was declared dead only after their breathing and heart stopped for a determinate period of time.
The current terminology “Brain Death” was unheard of.
When surgeons realized they had the capability of taking organs from one seemingly “close to death” person and implanting them into another person to keep the recipient alive longer, a “Pandora’s Box” was opened.

In the beginning, through trial and error, they discovered it was not possible to perform this “miraculous” #surgery with organs taken from someone truly dead, even if the donor was without circulation for merely a few minutes, because organ damage occurs within a very brief time after circulation stops.
To justify their experimental procedures it was necessary for them to come up with a solution which is how the term “#BrainDeath” was contrived.

Much is being done to get your organs.
For an organ to be suitable for #transplantation it must be healthy and it must come from a living person.
Once DBD (Donation After Brain Death) or DCD (Donation After Cardiac Death) has been verified and permission extracted from distraught family members (in cases where relatives cannot be located the #government often now makes the determination on our behalf) the “organ donor” undergoes hours, sometimes days, of torturous treatment utilized to protect and preserve the body-container of “spare parts!”
The “organ donor” is forced to endure the excruciating painful and ongoing chemical treatment in preparation for organ excising.

Literally the “donor” is now an organ warehouse and used for the sole purpose of organpreservation until a compatible recipient can be located.
Donation after circulatory death (DCD) can be performed on neurologically intact donors who do not fulfill neurologic or brain death criteria before circulatory arrest. This commentary focuses on the most controversial donor-related issues anticipated from mandatory implementation of DCD for imminent or cardiac death in #hospitals across the USA.

The truth of the horrific treatment and DEATH OF THE “DONOR”
Organ removal is performed while the patient is given only a paralysing agent but no anaesthetic!

Multi-organ excision, on the average, takes three to four hours of operating during which time the heart is beating, the blood pressure is normal and respiration is occurring albeit the patient is on a ventilator. Each organ is cut out until finally the beating heart is stopped, a moment before removal.
It is well documented the heart rate and blood pressure go up when the incision is made. This is the very response the anesthesiologist often observes in everyday surgery when the anesthetic is insufficient. But, as stated below, organ donors are not anesthetized.

There are growing numbers of protesters among #nurses and #anesthesiologists, who react strongly to the movements of the supposed “corpse.” These movements are sometimes so violent it makes it impossible to continue the taking of organs. Resulting from their personal experiences and attestations, many in the medical profession have removed themselves from this program altogether.

New York hospitals are routinely ‘harvesting’ organs from patients before they’re even dead, an explosive #lawsuit is claiming.
The suit accuses transplant non-profit The New York Organ Donor Network of bullying doctors into declaring patients brain dead when they are still alive.

Plaintiff, Patrick McMahon, 50, reckons one in five #patients are showing signs of brain activity when surgeons declare them dead and start hacking out their body parts.
‘They’re playing God,’ said McMahon, a former transplant coordinator who claims he was fired just four months into the role for speaking out about the practice.
He said that the donor network makes ‘millions and millions’ from selling the organs they obtain to hospitals and to insurance companies for transplants.
‘Hearts, lungs, kidneys, joints, bones, skin grafts, intestines, valves, eyes — it’s all big money.’

The Air Force Combat veteran and former nurse added that financially strained hospitals are easily influenced to declare a patient brain dead because they’re keen to free up bed space.
The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court in 2012, cites a 19-year-old car crash victim who was still struggling to breathe and showing signs of brain activity when doctors gave the green light for his organs to be harvested.
Network officials including director Michael Goldstein allegedly bullied Nassau University Medical Center staff into declaring the teen dead, stating during a conference call: ‘This kid is dead, you got that?’
But McMahon said he believed the 19-year-old could have recovered.

The lawsuit cites three other examples of patients who were still clinging to life when doctors gave a ‘note’ – an official declaration by a hospital that a patient is brain dead, which, as well as consent from next of kin, is required before a transplant can take place.
The suit claims that a man was admitted to Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, a month later, again showing brain activity.
It claims McMahon protested but was blown off by hospital and donor network staff, and the man was declared brain dead and his organs harvested.

In November 2011, a woman admitted to Staten Island University Hospital after a drug overdose was declared brain dead and her organs were about to be harvested when McMahon noticed that she was being given ‘a paralyzing anesthetic’ because her body was still jerking.
‘She was having brain function when they were cutting into her on the table,’ McMahon told MailOnline.
‘He had given her a paralyser and there’s no reason to give someone who is dead a paralyser.’
He said he confronted the person who gave it to her and he was speechless.
Finally he said he was told to do it because while they were cutting her chest open she was moving her chest around.
And a paralyser only paralyses you, it does nothing for the pain,’ he said.
McMahon added that surgeons ‘took everything’ with regards to body parts.
‘They took her eyes, her joints. She was right there when I was having the conversation. They were inserting the plastic bones where the real ones had been.’

According to the lawsuit, when McMahon probed further on the disturbing case another network employee told hospital staff he was ‘an untrained troublemaker with a history of raising frivolous issues and questions.’
McMahon added that staff members who collect the most organs throughout the year qualify for a Christmas bonus.
‘If counsellors do well by getting a lot of organs they are given a bonus in December,’ he said.
The veteran – who worked at the donor network between July and November – said there are about 30-40 staff who are out in the field, going to hospitals and trying to get signatures and donations.
Estimated U.S. Average Billed Charges Per Transplant: Heart $1,000,000 Double Lung: $800,000 Liver: $580,000 Kidney: $275,000

More than 123,000 people are on waiting lists for organ transplants in the United States, 100,000 of whom are waiting for new kidneys. Yet the need for healthy organs far outpaces donations. Only 28,000 transplants were completed in the last year, according to the 2014 national data from the U.S. Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network.

Because organ donors are often alive when their organs are harvested, the #medicalcommunity should not require donors to be declared dead, but instead adopt more “honest” moral criteria that allow the harvesting of organs from “dying” or “severely injured” patients, with proper consent, three leading experts have argued.
This approach, they say, would avoid the “pseudo-objective” claim that a donor is “really dead,” which is often based upon purely ideological definitions of death designed to expand the organ donor pool, and would allow organ harvesters to be more honest with the public, as well as ensure that donors don’t feel pain during the harvesting process.

The chilling comments were offered by #Doctor Neil Lazar, director of the medical-surgical intensive care unit at Toronto General Hospital, Dr. Maxwell J. Smith of the University of Toronto, and David Rodriguez-Arias of Universidad del Pais Vasco in Spain, at a U.S. bioethics conference in October and published in a recent paper in the American Journal of Bioethics.
“Because there is a general assumption that dead individuals cannot be harmed, veneration of the dead-donor rule is dangerously misleading,” they write.
“Ultimately, what is important for the protection and respect of potential donors is not to have a death certificate signed, but rather to be certain they are beyond suffering and to guarantee that their autonomy is respected.”
Instead of the so-called Dead Donor Rule (DDR), the authors propose that donors should be “protected from harm” (i.e given anaesthesia so that they cannot feel pain during the donation process), that informed consent should be obtained, and that society should be “fully informed of the inherently debatable nature of any criterion to declare death.”

The doctors note that developing the criteria for so-called “brain death,” which is often used by doctors to declare death before organ donation, was an “ideological strategy” aimed at increasing the donor pool that has been found to be “empirically and theoretically flawed.” They also criticize the latest attempts to create new, even looser definitions of death, such as circulatory death, which they argue amount to simply “pretending” that the patient is dead in order to get his organs.

Based on an interview in 2013 with Dr. Paul Byrne, 80-year-old neonatologist blowing the whistle on the dark side of hospitals, it became clear that the concept of “brain death” is a complete fabrication conjured up for the sole purpose of legitimizing the murder of living people in order to harvest their organs.
These people (who often end up in hospitals as a result of car accidents or drug overdoses or the like) are given paralysis drugs during organ removal — BUT NO ANAESTHESIA!!!
Medical staff are literally cleaving open the chests of these innocent people and tearing out their organs, one by one, leaving the heart for last, after which point they are, of course, dead.

It’s wakey wakey time people. This is no joke.
If you do not want to be tortured to death by medical sadists, SAY NO TO ORGAN DONATION! Evil is still evil by any other name.

Organ donation after circulatory death: the forgotten donor? Link Here

Unadjusted Graft and Patient Survival at 3 Months, 1, 3, 5 & 10Y Survival (%) Link Here.. and Here...

Outbreak Investigations in the following – Link Here..

The effect of race and income on living kidney donation in the United States. Link Here.

Donating a Kidney May Carry Hidden Insurance Costs – Link Here...

Jewish human organ trade in turkey stealing Syrian children – Link Here...

Shipping aborted baby heads? ‘Make sure the eyes are closed,’ agrees StemExpress CEO – Link Here 

NY organ trafficker admits buying kidneys in Israel for $10,000… and selling them in U.S. for $120,000 – Link Here….

Trafficking Charges for Adviser to Jailed Americans in Haiti – Link Here

#AlderHey organ scandal – Link Here...

Further reading here – NHS Cyber Attack

ORGAN DONATION, ORGAN THEFT, MEDICAL MURDER: Dr. Paul Byrne “Organ Harvesting & System of Death”   Link here……

The Shetar presumes consent:  Will change to organ donor rules mean more transplants?  Link here…..

Jewish Dan Gertler – Congo Zionist Merchant of death: Unsettling African countries for Israel  here…….     here……      here……

Hebrew speaking Viktor Bout – Africa’s ‘merchant of death’ sold arms to the Taliban   Link here…..   Jew media does it’s best to steer it away from any Israeli connection.  here…….  

All roads lead to Israel!

Coming soon Kosher Slaughter = Abortions

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