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‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Commercial redemption – Part 5/5 – Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business….


The education you didn’t get but should have had that which the Jew smears with conspiracy theory.

The Jews know if masses ever figure out this deception, especially those who honour a misguided loyalty within (((their))) civil service, military, and Zio-Marxist infrastructure the heavy guns will be reversed away from the masses and onto the real targets as happened in 1933 before WWII was ever thought of.

I have re-written, from this link, the following to punctuate the same template used to subvert Britain’s  Celtic/AngloCelts/Europeans:

“Britain and it’s Celtic/AngloCeltic folk either have a lawful right of access to our un-written constitution or it does not. We need full access to our constitution hopefully it occurs through reason, and reason will then lead our representatives to, make unconstitutional those laws which, by any objective standard of justice, should have never been considered in the first place. However, we cannot assert our claim to restore our liberty

If we but accede to a single Zio-Democratic/Marxist construct (non Celti/AngloCelt/European).

Freedom and serfdom cannot coexist. We cannot have it both ways.

Life, and the means to preserve it, cannot coexist with disarmament and the Isles this small archipelago is a prime example where subjective law by non-Europeans has silenced us into submission.

Liberty, and its rational exercise, cannot coexist with subjective constraints.

Property, and its acquisition, use, and disposal cannot coexist with expropriation.

The first task of a government is to obey the Constitution. It has refused.

Our first task as free men is to, if not by reason “force” the Zio-government to obey and prioritize it.

The unwritten Constitution of Britain is a constraint on the Zio-government, not on the individual.
Likewise, the constitution of local and regional councils are constraints on the state governments, not on the individual.

Britain’s unwritten Constitution obviously contains provisions that has allowed the violation of our natural rights as free men by immoral and unethical men in government… i.e. free speech is one such being the key.

The true heroes for the ratification of our un-written constitution are those trying to secure guarantees that the Bill of Rights etc continue to overlook which is why creeping mercantile legislative/statute (subjective law) is killing Britain and our AngloCeltic folk (Europeans). No rational man desires ends without means


The most dangerous man to Jewish usury ‘Adolf Hitler’ who against all odds and many assassination attempts on his life by the banker crime families still managed to revive Germany’s European pride and spirit and created using the Feder economic model without the backing of gold or Jewish illusion, the only truly socialist ideology to have ever existed. No way were the Jewish Banker crime families going to allow this ‘broken free’ rogue nation to retain for its folk 100% employment, protect agrarian production, ban mortgages, offer interest free loans and pay married couples to have children. This contagion had to be stopped in its tracks before it liberated the whole of Europe!’. Pay attention to the attached link “James Perloff – Hitler vs. The Elite Cabal of International Bankers”

Jewish Dominion


The Deception.

My explanation below may not be script perfect but armed with the following maxim..

‘Equity looks at the substance and not the form’  ….. which will make the  Shetar gatekeeper Judge hone in on you for his escape routes, because according to their itinerant Jewish judge Chief Rabbi Neuberger of their very own (((Supreme))) Court based in Britain, before his resignation he alluded to: Winning or losing is (((their))) con’ju’ring  trick.

In England and Wales Commercial Redemption within our Constitutional Monarchy is a protectionist cure for when nationals (you) as a sentient being are drawn into commerce with legal fictions ie  corporations/authorities =(temporary residents) objectively it protects nationals/you from ie sin/debt during commercial transactions with these legal fictions redeems you from accruing debt. 1….,   2…..,    3….., 

Deemed contracts are the main source of intentional entrapment noted by the (((ruling authorities))) to have already been considered by you. The deception allows (((their))) manager through administration within (((their))) fiction to raise new money into (((their))) system.

Sovereign Nationals = Special measures act section 9 = (you)

Nationals and residents ss (1) sss (a) ss (2) sss (b)

The Zio-Ideology generates a ‘resulting trust’ known in (((their Shetar system))) as a ‘bill/money owed’ which they issue in your name to raise ‘new money’ this ‘bill/resulting trust’ automatically deems you into contract (gas, electric, welfare or penalty etc) having previously volunteered yourself onto the public register ie electoral roll, licensing etc. in doing so you have gifted away rights to which you previously owned. (The Shetar is a distortion of our law)

Unknowingly public registration transfers all your powers, and of attorney through implied consent allowing corporations/authorities when triggered to access your trust bond account (pre-paid acc) ie birth certificate/NI number/public hazard bond to draw new money on the back of your name, you now act as the guarantor for money raised etc.

The following is a paint by numbers approach showing the people/sentient beings how we have been blindsided by (((their))) monetary system which has all the hallmarks of the Rabbi’s favourite parable on how to herd the gentile ‘To Catch a Wild Pig’ and consequently why this creature must be removed from all European interests. : –

During these transactions, you as the sentient being have always had the freedom to instruct at any point, before or after registration to have yourself redeemed out of corporate commerce.  The Jew, of course, has made sure the knowledge has been kept for the selective few.

Maxim in law ‘Equity will not allow a statute to cloak a fraud’

but under (((their Shetar system))) and Masonic alchemy ignorance of the masses is their road to plunder. So remember Maxim in law

Equity aids the vigilant, not those who slumber on their rights’

The objective of the public register is to entice (deceive) you as the principal trustee to relinquish your rights of your own NI (National Insurance) trust bond by deeming you into an agreement or a default penalty known as bilking’ by way of their creative thinking in order to allow the Zio-ideology to raise funds (new money) negotiable instruments/notes issued in your name ‘signature bond’ from which point they can either credit/HP it back to you or, invest it for themselves in a separate (still in your name), working account that from its inception numerically inflates in, fictional stock market value which they retain for their own use, yet, the sleight of hand action still retains you as principal and primary stock and shareholder = id fraud.

The doctors prescription for medicine or spectacles is a prime example of a paid in advance cheque. … Now think (Covid19 prescriptions!)

Ask yourself what does our nation GB ever produce from our almost depleted Industry? They have engineered it into a skeleton of its former self, producing nothing more than telephone call centres and inflating insurance and pension scams that creates bond tradable paperwork which the select few hedge onto the Jewish off-shore stock market; casino trading us into compound debt based usury = (((Central Banking)))

If we as sentient beings don’t redeem ourselves out of these commercial (corporate) transactions by reversing the power of attorney to act in our favour during any claim against us, their (((Shetar system))) will continue to bind us to settle a second time with ‘old money’. The action of handing over ‘old money’ is in fact, a double dip payment to them and ultimately an unconstitutional act (treachery) against our Sovereign nation and folk because, from it’s originating point it is sent off-shore and brought back as borrowings which increases our national debt. It also makes you an accomplice once you have the knowledge, as it is an intentional Tax and ID fraud.

Yet redeeming oneself out of commerce will settle and reconfigure the resulting trust/bill and put your Trust/public hazard bond account back to zero/0 out of the red back into the solvent black, in doing so it not only unburdens the national economy, it will also neutralise (((their))) bailiff muscle at your door.

The leveller.

The true method for corporate commerce  should be the protectionist method = “Autarky” along side an interest free banking system that was used by Gottfried Feder during Germany’s National ‘Socialist’ era circa 1933 to favour the German sentient folk, his principal carried through labour and production having locked up, or banished the (((pirate shareholders))) out of the loop. The old controlling Jewish system of divisive party politics had bilked, into insolvency the German nation and folk as well as manipulating the class system during (((their Wiemar reign))), now under lock and key in work camps it neutralised their parasitic scam, and in doing so made (((their))) scientifically created depressions a Yiddish business of the past. Physical labour and production under the Feder system became the means of exchange which was the antithesis to (((Zio- Democracy, Zio-Capitalism Usury = (((NWO))) Germany soon became a super economy, the method soon settled the class system into unity with all their folk because it justifiably secured and retained an unimaginable roll over inheritance for each. It was Hitler with his national principles who identified the simplicity of true Socialism through Feder’s moral logic of redemption.

In our case here in Britain your trust is still being managed by the same

The public hazard bond swindle. Trading your national insurance indemnity on the gilts market.

tribe who caused and became the victors of WWII still to this day managed by the same private Jewish Bank of England and Federal reserve network which is how they sustain their divisive party politics to clash the so-called class system ‘gentry’ who are themselves useful indentured servants to the Jew system, nothing more than Thespian tenants presiding over what has become a dismembered heraldry, a select few who are allowed to use the commercial redemption by way of a similar method but through what is known as the P card principal, privileged access to an endless line of credit, and so long as they keep their mouth shut and stay within the Zio-remit their privileged position, life, character, family and credit will remain solvent. These were the remnants of European Royals and gentry who were more useful alive to the (((Bolshevik victors))) after WWII, and undoubtedly bargained/compromised into position to remain as useful surrogates, as high level breeding stock for the tribe 1…….,    2…….,   3……, but for the time being remained as targets to distract and be pitted against the lower indentured goyim/gentile. It is now becoming more obvious that the Royal lineage is nothing more than a Yiddish circumcision, and the laws of protection surrounding the Jew reinforces the many unofficial facts outside of their official history.

Retain division.

The formula is/was structured and upheld to bait and finance into action their Zio-Marxist foot soldiers who target the class system, in doing so; the dialectic helps tighten the suicidal grip on the confused sentient mass that sustains Jewish usury/Central Banking.

Their system of creating money out of the fresh air is stealthily making the workforce redundant but still available for voluntary or pointless job creations. Their production of worthless negotiable instruments circulate within their cyclical sickness called the ‘economy/stock market’ the effect of which, long term is to minimise the global workforce by automating industry and turning the indentured mass away from the land, and into a dependent automaton army of consuming city dweller servants, administrators and obedient enforcers protecting their own enslavement for the Zio-corporations who have outlawed national protectionism = Autarky, they use a dialectic and economic science to sustain their worthless paper cycle.

I have come to understand the psychology behind the annual pomp and ceremony surrounding WWII, handing out medals, and opium poppies to low-level indentured goyim slaves doing nothing more than preserving Jew victim-hood and reinforce their whole ‘Jewish criminal network’ which pivots on the magic numerical figure of “6m” the fiction that cowers us Caucasoid/Aryan/European folk into submission. But! Which 6m fiction do we have to suffer?

I believe the poppy day scam to be their chutzpah on us, celebrating (((their))) drug monopoly scam against the goyim. They use the poppy day scam to salt the open wound of WWII which help sustain (((their))) victim-célèbre while baiting into action their anti war foot-soldiers…problem reaction solution that oils their Zio-cycle.

The poppy represents the Sassoon dynasty during Chinas opium wars, and still to this day, a global Yiddish business from source to street level drug gangs which they like to celebrate in this guise, a public display of feigned compassion for the victims of war while bilking their poppy charity trust creaming funds and default sympathy from the gullible public. This is the nature of the unconscionable Jew method, to parade chutzpah in full view thereby justifying unconscionability by forewarning you in plane sight which is allowed in their Talmud/Tora paedophilic book.

Here is a prime example leading us down their “Yellow Brick Road” of destruction, YBR being another entertaining classic from their Hollywood platform, a parable with hidden messages exposing evil corporatism and sinister political forces, without mentioning the (((Talmudic hand of chaos))). The (((hand))) that was asset stripping and tearing apart the social fabric of America at that time. The same (((hand))), now globally stronger and more coordinated continues to do so today, warring or just (((Shetar plundering))) nations at its leisure. Make sure you watch ‘The Wizard of Oz – poppies’ in the link and let the message hidden in plain sight sink in.

David Ride-out – How to navigate and financially settle your unlimited prepaid public hazard bond account 2

The biggest game in town –Link here…

The Bottom Line.

“A. One funds,

B. One insures,

C. One re-insures and

D. Returns are made to investors from profits made from your guarantee/money…

Simple, right? Think it through, it’s in every single Public Office records and dealings. Learn to spot it in the newspapers, media, internet news etc”. Link here….

First read this article from Mossad watch ‘Deemed Jewish’ …… Now listen and view the paint by numbers guide to trust law.  1…,,    2…,,    3…,,    4….,     5…..


Bailiff = Shetar…. Bailiff = Shetar….. Bailiff = Shetar…. Let that sink in!

ID theft of an evicted home-owner –

“Once settled I was shocked to learn that the 75 room YMCA is classed as a Registered Charity! Yet the cost of my keep was £188 per week from my NI (National Social Insurance bond) plus additional £12 cash from my subsistence allowance totalling £200. Some goyim (cattle) were being charged £200+ because of other needs. I don’t call that charity!”   Link here….


“And we stand convinced that there shall be war as long as the goods of this earth are not fairly distributed, and as long as this distribution is not a voluntary and just one.” Adolph Hitler speech at the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich, 8 November 1939.

Proof of speech without prejudicial narrator, and be sure to listen to the following 4 videos before )wtube removes them!  1….,    2….,   3…..4…..,

Enforcing (((their))) Perception…..Part 1/5

The Antithesis……………………………Part 2/5

5th Columnists.…………………………Part 3/5

Oblast the Roach to Birobidzhan..Part 4/5

Commercial Redemption………….. Part 5/5

To Catch a Wild Pig.


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  7. Flanders
    May 4, 2018

    It’s not going to stop even when dead:

    “The 3-D Hologram Holocaust”

    “The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Skokie has a “Hologram Holocaust” survivor exhibit. It involves life-like holograms, using cutting-edge technology as part of an exhibit called “Take a Stand.”

    Pinchas Gutter is a “digital survivor, [of the “holocaust”] though he is a real person; he just has an electronic hologram copy of himself. Gutter 2.0 has become one of the museum’s prototypes for a program that seeks to continue the so-called Holocaust narrative by making holograms of Holocaust aggrandizers to preserve their cockamamie stories. These tall tales were carefully designed to promote themselves among a group of people where victimization equates to status, while also promoting “white guilt,” which has been designed to cripple the will of the Aryans to resist being slaves to Gutter’s people.

    White guilt is of paramount importance to the Jews and they damn well sure want the children growing up nowadays, whose grandparents were born after WW2, to be able to have the same crippling experience every generations has had after the war.

    “Nothing replaces the testimony of a survivor who is in front of an audience. It really creates this empathy that we don’t see any other way,” says Shoshanna Buchholz-Miller, the museum’s vice president of education and exhibitions. “And we are so blessed that we have that opportunity now, but we’re not going to have that opportunity forever.”

    “Holocaust” survivors are elderly and dropping dead like flies. To keep up with times, the “Tribe” will use holograms that can answer audience questions, effectively the way Apple’s Siri voice-recognition system responds to questions by picking up on key words.
    Emanuel Maiberg of Vice TV’s Motherboard claims he was at the “Holocaust Museum” and pressed the button to talk to Gutter [One of the Hologram jews], then leaned into the microphone and told him: “I don’t believe the gas chambers existed.”

    Maiberg said “Gutter sits there and listens to me patiently. He crossfades from an idle animation to his response.”

    [Gutter Croaks]: To someone who has spent five years in hell—a living witness—[people who say] that this did not happen…I believe that they are just as bad as the perpetrators,” he said. “Every one of them should be taken to a court of law because they are in contempt of humanity itself.” [End Creepy Gutter’s Quote]

    For a hologram program, Gutter is a sanctimonious asshole.”

    There is more at the link about this continuing jew propaganda initiative intended to indoctrinate actual younger people throughout the future.

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