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Enforcing (((their))) Perception – Part 1/5 – Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business….

This is for all you pathetic “anti-racists” out there; the Lemmings who will follow the script the Jewish enemy has scheduled right into the grave.

Prior to reading this blog post in its entirety it would be advisable to deprogram your preconceptions with the linked video ‘Europa – The last battle part 5’ , which gives a crash course on the destruction of Race through ‘Racism’. If that doesn’t help pull up your trousers from around your ankles continue later with the additional 9 of the series before the Jewish Shetar completely censors facts. Take a look into their initial phoney war that eventually lead to their  WWII.

(The linked video and its accompanying series are independent thus we do not endorse all content. However, it is a very good introduction. Serving as a stepping stone for the dialectically confused masses it gives the naive an understanding as to why race and our ancient European symbol that represents the Sun and life have been outcast).

Enforcing (((their))) Perception Part 1/4

Jewish manipulation has been propagated by various means in the West for decades not least their control of Western Governments. WWII, a Jewish war of aggression, succeeded in spreading its tool of Communism aka Marxism under the guise of Democracy. Unwittingly WWII soldiers were led by the sexually compromised Churchill into a Zio-Marxist war to sustain Jewish Usury. This thieving banking system has been enslaving nation after nation globetrotting the world enforcing their evil system on the back of their construct anti-Semitism.  The Jewish cry of anti-Semitism is a mesmerising shield giving the host false guilt.

The Jewish victory over Europe allowed for their successful delivery of Europeans to this pervasion. Stealthily unleashing decadence and chaos on society-Zio-Marxism under the tool of ‘Democracy structured in such a way so as not to be seen as failures of Democracy’. They are instead conveniently attributed to what was known in the Soviet construct as wreckers‘, anyone who failed to tow the party line, re social structures or production, were either sent to Siberia or condemned to death. Currently those that question the status quo have the stigmata of ‘wreckers’ grafted onto them. Germany’s own tenacious warrior Ursula Haverbeck is just one example of a small section of global ‘scapegoats’. Such people have been alerted and had the audacity (according to the Jewish authorities) to take action, or bring attention to the supremacist one sided Zio-Marxist ideology. Jewish Zio-Marxism has set its course to target and genocide out of existence all Europeans. (((Their))) enforced miscegenation,  dysfunctional LBGT wolf cry, forever expanding weapon formulated through Zio-Marxist lies, junk science and a poison food chain that sexually confuses and debases our folk in a direct contradiction to real diversity that respects race and culture.

Those who show even some concern are now branded or outcast as the new untrendy heretics, while the distracted confused or trembling majority with materialism, football, pulp celebrities and (((alt-right performances))) = (((fake news))) and are driven to the cliff edge like naive lemmings. Meanwhile, encouraged through mass media manipulation the apparently trendy drug up hate fuelled rapper or gun toting (((Black Panther hate group))) show up in American shopping Malls or other public places to intimidate, agitate and generally advocate violence towards Whites …and go unchallenged. In Britain the weaponised immigration deluge is sanitised for the naïve mass under the term ‘refuge regardless of the fact that their importation is meant to fractionalise a racially homogeneous Europe and even the displaced have been deliberately uprooted by Jewish wars for usury. These imports are pampered only for their temporary usefulness as a means to destroy the European. (((Their))) 10,000+ black associations, Operation Black vote and the very vocal of the so called ‘Islamic’ community are managed by a gaggle of Zio-Marxist baby sitters. Thus are given a £ree bus ride meanwhile the naïve European mass dance to the Jewish narrative that race ‘doesn’t matter’.  Of course when ca££ed upon this imported army will assemble for their covert Jew puppet master to racially agitate against the indigenous population; a terror tactic that frightens the occupied into submitting to (((their))) narrative and another dialectic really meaning “White lives don’t matter”. Did you really think this invading deluge is an organic process!! This is another actual footprint of Jewish hegemony/supremacy secured through their Jewish press monopoly, Shetar gate keeping, selective policing and creative financial book keeping that oppresses the target group… ‘Whites’!

Indeed it is ‘fascinating’ to note that in introducing (((their))) nemesis (Whites) to their Middle Eastern enemy as always the Jew has killed several birds with one stone so to speak. Immediate issue is the obvious importation of non-Europeans to course race and cultural tension forming the backbone of their politically correct agenda. Less obvious is that Halal slaughter conceals the Jews barbaric treatment to animals re kosher slaughter. This impervious minority community needed a buffer zone not just to deflect attention away from their sadist cultic ways but also to hide their criminal activities re the stealth kosher tax applied globally to the gentile food chain.

Consequently during the Barcelona declaration 1995 (((they))) manipulated dealings in their favour to open the gates to non-Europeans (business as usual). This created The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) an intergovernmental organization of 43 countries from Europe and the Mediterranean Basin: making the European Union (EU) and 15 Mediterranean countries from North Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Europe an even larger economic and banking conglomerate. This cleared a cosy pathway to bond trade all non-Europeans into service while displacing the indigenous Europeans. Now the Jewish itinerant can reinforce the symbiosis with their immigrant invaders while securing their dominant minority position.

However, what Wahabbi, Donmè, Young Turk and Sabbatean ‘converso’ never mention to guinea-pig Muslims is the long term science of their Jewish cousins: although the birth rate of the European is in decline and the none European finger puppets is increasing it is also the same for the dominant Jews and their crypto-Jewish cousins as suggested by the Jewish Rabbi in this link, or maybe what is more serious is what the Israeli politician Naftali Bennett Minister of Diaspora Affairs stated!’ according to Israeli mainstream outlets: There could be as many as 90/15om  Jews out in the diaspora,

‘A matrix of 3 powers that support each other and make the Jews unnoticeable and so powerful. The 1st is the media news and entertainment, the 2nd is politics, and the 3rd is finance’ David Duke 2016

Meanwhile silencing the truth is gradually being written into the statute books using the Jews creative word play, contradictions and one sided agitation. An Example is the Jewish Controlled Oxford University Press endorsing the Zio-Marxist Homosexual Professor Gregory Gordon’s Call for laws against speech. This is clear evidence that the Jew has shifted the balance against European self defence mechanisms in order for the confused mass to favour the Jewish tribe and their Zio-Marxist foot soldiers.

Indeed in December 2016 the government expanded the Yiddish protection racket by adopting an internationally recognised definition of anti-Semitism:

“a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews”

Therefore, the Jew is of the opinion that its very being must be favoured over facts, truth and basic arithmetic. This is their cry of ‘anti-Semitic and has been the case since the Jewish controlled Nuremberg trials. Critically this was an international tribunal in which Article 19:“The tribunal shall not be bound by the technical rules of evidence” and Article 21: “The tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof” allowed any and all allegations made against those standing trial to be ‘fact’ without investigation thus granting the Jew the art of illusion over evidence. So be careful not to hurt the feelings of the saintly Jew or you could be whisked off to Guantánamo bay or were ever else the Lisbon Treaty protection racket bond trades domestic terrorists….

Consequently, a dialectical strategy is constructed that controls both sides. Such groups consistently perform public display to terrorise and sway public opinion. The objective is to leave the way clear for the Jewish terrorist organisation called ‘Israel’ to occupy all nations, enacting laws to silence the truth and justify arresting and disarming the host populations, so that the Jewish tribe can continue to (Kalergi) blend out the European race: their final solution to their European problem

It may seem too many that there is no stopping this deluge of violent sexually depraved hordes descending on the silenced majority or the old defenders of nature. This so called ‘new normal’ has been weaponised against us in order to break our morale and spirit. If you’re not aware by now it is because of Jewish media control. We are under attack from these anti-Whites and I for one do not intend remaining on my knees kissing Jew arse. There are many of us who have spent years on the shirt tails of a myriad of tenacious historians and philosophers. One such is the late Ernst Zundel RIP who became one of the leading figures exposing the lies and deceit of those who gained victory over Europe. Even the myth of the pogroms was another Trojan horse strategy to covertly invade and settle in target nations Nevertheless, at long last many more of our folk are waking up and seeing through the ‘official’ illusion.

It is also vital to note that while only 3% (so were told) of the global population Jews are overrepresented in every nation at every level and always have been. While intended as a piece of propaganda “A Contribution to the Jewish Question” by Dr. E. H. Schulz and Dr. R. Frercks link here actually provides evidence or how this creature inserts itself into native population destroying the soul of nations.

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