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‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

5th Columnists – Part 3/5 Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business..

The Jew has created an infrastructure so complex it could not happen so smoothly if the higher echelons of Zio-Marxism within the corridors of power did not have direct access to the criminal underworld. In Britain alone during the so called ‘swinging’ 50’s and 60’s the Jewish homosexual Kray twins controlled by Meyer Lansky, Jewish brethren occupying America were given immunity during their degenerate spree before the baton was passed over to the next level. These 2 degenerate bitches were the street level fixers for their political Kehilla agents, employed to help collapse any governmental opposition during the Profumo affair. So let’s take this example to another level.

The fanned breakdown of Communism and the protracted collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989, behind which was a Bolshevik safe house incubating a tribal Zio-Marxist infrastructure. It is a fact that it coincided with the upsurge of Political Correctness (Cultural Marxism) in the West. Indeed the flood of Jews that have left Eastern Europe since the pseudo-collapse are the same Jewish Bolsheviks that have been responsible for mass murder of upwards of 66 million Europeans during the Jewish Bolshevik seizure and occupation of Eastern Europe in 1917 including the 16.5

“Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”). “Some call it Marxism [Communism], I call it JUDAISM.” – Rabbi S. Wise, The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism) !

million European murders in the Holodomor Genocides. Again just like the pogrom, the Berlin wall fiasco of 1989 acted as the prime signal for the Jewish criminal network in Eastern Europe to expand business and join up with their B’nai B’rith, Sayanim and government sleeper agents in target Western Nations.

I have read strategic articles recently concerning the so called ‘Russian mafia’ who are holding governments to ransom using terrorist and blackmail methods so that they do Israel’s bidding. The very use of the legend   ‘Russian’ is identity theft for as previously stated the criminals operating in Russia are Jewish. This is the usual dialectic used by Jewish journalist to confuse and point you away from the Jewish Bolshevik criminal network running rampant throughout the world.

The Jews are trying to program us to believe that presiding governments are nothing more than innocent parties detached from the criminal element. In fact it has been a multilateral union since the end of WWII. This was the Jewish victory over Europe and everything inverted meaning that the Jewish criminal underworld became government. If this is not so! What sort of sane government would allow dual passport holders to overnight dispatch their own Shomrin Police force to cities across Europe and America in the shadow of dubious threats while monopolising their long worn out Holow’cause sympathy vote.£”. Link here….         here……

The facts regarding the Kosha Nostra mafia, Putin, Trump, EU and the false state called Israel tell a different story …. All Guilty as one unified body. (((The launderers)))

Whatever they masquerade as Georgians, Armenians, Chechens, Polish and various other ethnic groups, the kingpins are all Jewish, oiling the laundering wheels of commerce, geopolitics within our cities, drug dealers, protection rackets, prostitution, sex trafficking, employment rackets, small businesses, and shop front safe houses with the usual disproportionate to use ratio which should  make even the most naive amongst the sheep suspicious. 1…….,         2……,

They elevate local street level gangs in order to accelerate the destruction of Europe’s moral compass and break down the European spirit and system…

All the big guns Semion Mogilevich….., Monya Elson……, Marat Balagula….., Vyacheslav Ivankov….., Vladimir Ginsberg….., Ludwig Fainberg……, Boris Abramovich Berezovsky……, Roman Abramovich… and ….Oleg Deripaska …, etc the list is endless all controlling a motley crew of unmerciful criminal bandit underlings contracted to the Zionist vision of a NWO; while the FBI, CIA, KGB, Mossad, Interpol and MI5 etc. deliberately point you in the wrong direction away from these Jewish blackmailers.

It is a huge unending cycle of crime, debt, and perversion all under Jewish control. Indeed the only way this enemy could have introduced, and have the masses accept the degenerate ways of their Talmud was to molest the works of the Koran through their Zionist agents in the Muslim communities. Again the Jew is covered for the spread of his degeneracy while his actions are furthered in the cultivation of racial and cultural tension. This all coincides with strategic propaganda structured around their Zio-Marxist politically correct program that sustains the dialectic. This has disarmed Europe, debasing the spirit and weakened or ‘feminised’ our men. 1…..,

The death of the man is expendable while the death of the woman is the death of the tribe’

This is why Jewish propaganda continually projects the non-White as the ethical option through anti white and racial manipulation in media commercials,  while pounding the drum for a plethora of rainbow mix dating sites. 1……, 2…., 3….. 4…., 5…., They have turned us into sitting ducks, easy pickings for their empowered and toxic mix of non-European imports, underpinned with their ‘Jewish criminal network’ stoking the fire, at street level of their global village scam. Who would have thought your local “Chemist” plays a significant roll in the Jewish chain ie London.. The pharmacist drug dealers: “This man sold us 60 Xanax for £150”, or as far as Nigeria ‘Africa’ where Pharmaceutical company “Emzor” suspiciously, a stones distance from Glaxosmithkline  deploy similar methods to comatose sections of their society into marketable groups.

With all the available evidence it is not hard to conclude that the Jewish terrorist organisation calling itself ‘Israel’ has a global Red Kosher-Nostra network that underpins their terrorism, money laundering, gambling, drug, protection, black market labour, immigration and sex rackets in our towns and cities across the globe  Sex  1……,     2……,       3…..,       4…..,       5….,,

Supplying their drug diaspora with sophisticated equipment to safeguard the network .. 1….,      2….,,      3…..,

This network, ghost claiming from the British Trust purse DWP (Department of Works and Pensions), is laundering for Mossad terrorist groups out in the Middle East. It has a well organised sex slave of European boys and girls from America, Latvia, Ukraine and Russia etc to the Wahhabi Arab Emirates, China, and to Israel. It does its baiting on the

World Wide Web (WWW) with the paedophile rings on the dark web. Meanwhile, terrorist Israel’s Hasbara and cyber security collates the negotiability’s to use as obedience to compromise on high profile targets as and when needed. 1, B’nai B’rth Israelis Collumbia….    2,  Mossad Paedophile ring

The network manipulated and debased the populations of Thailand and the Philippines into an industrious sex industry. This is used to sexually pervert the Western market and intern fosters misguided hate towards the West within the affected Thai and Pilipino communities just as the ideology predicted.

The Jew has set the stage over a period of decades ensuring the debasement of the moral compass of European nations. They now bait the West with its other enemy the Middle East. This it has seeded with its own agents-Zio-Muslims and puppet imports to agitate. The Koran is held up as bait for all the ‘apparent’ failings of Western cultures; failings that the Jew incited, clashing for war in order to kill off both Islam and Aryan Europe leaving the Jew dominant over an enslaved globe…problem, reaction, solution. 1…..,  Isis is Israel and Anjem Choudary is their Zio-puppet and Trojan horse….  2…..   3…..

The Muslim and his book has become a tool along with all the contrived politically correct minority structures and are being led by the nose. It is a well formulated symbiotic proxy army, a stepping stone to demographically reduce the European into insignificance in time for the coming Jew world government. This will allow them to fully rule over a more controllable confused slave population and allow the Jew to roll out the degenerate ways of their Talmudic bible.

Compare the freedom of Jewish criminals to that of a rogue country or nation stepping out of line. Just watch the World Bank, Federal bank and all major banks around the world close ranks and freeze the accounts of these apparently ‘rogue’ states.  FBI, CIA, KGB, Interpol, MI5 and the puppet US army all do the bidding of the Jewish Mossad

Meanwhile, during the events of 911, airport security was operated by an Israeli company. Then we have Britain secured by SERCO and G4S Jewish companies protecting the Banks, courts, Jails, Gas, and Electricity and the Gaza Strip etc etc  … In America alone Putin has sent forth over 5m prowling Bolsheviks from his new Novorossia and Eurasia ‘Muslim’ alliance, reinforcing his new Bolshevik vanguard globally …..

It must be recognised that European people including our European American folk are largely innocent, naive to the fact that they have been used to secure the (((banker’s))) infrastructure and sent forth as front line fodder in wars as proxy Armies. The face of the European has been used for decades in contracts across the globe to shield the controlling Jewish war mongers. This is now used against us to stir up racial tension between non-Europeans that Jewish occupiers have imported into Europe.  With their false guilt they seized and occupied Palestine. A safe house for Jewish criminal’s recognition of their pseudo-state in the Middle East is only condoning another Jewish criminal act virtually identical to the seizure of Russia by Jewish Bolsheviks in 1917. Meanwhile, should the Jewish terrorist organisation called Israel be threatened it blackmails the world with the Samson option  threatening to nuke Europe into oblivion to accelerate us even faster into the dark ages. They also control bio-specific weapons as back up.    1……   2……, it doesn’t stop there, even their Shin Bet security services Chief Warns: ‘If European Countries Fail to Protect Their Jews, the State of Israel Will’    3…..,

Problem, reaction, solution… The reality of …. “The War on Drugs”,!

I fully understand the reasoning behind the Columbian Narcos drug trafficking in Latin America with the so called ‘Escobar and Cali cartels, useful idiots supplying the global market and 5th columnists. Their global network was projected to the mass as being their genius of smuggling, when in fact it wasn’t just the breaching of security, or laws of export throughout Latin America, it was about the laws of exit and entry of the Kissinger lead US, (((Chile, and Argentine Government’s))) who allowed the export of key ingredients to support Escobar in his manufacturing and distribution.  1…….,     2…….       3………       4…….,      5……,      6…….,    7……..,     8……….,

Working the dialectic Escobar was the Kehilla cartels choice, to enable and finance back door Communism through their FARC allies in order for both to protect key positions and create a bridge head for communist China to secure a monopoly over the Panama Canal, the gate-way to America. As was done with the  African Marxists ANC, and ETA Basque separatists in Spain, and even Ireland’s very own IRA each playing out a dialectic roll for their Kehilla paymasters to enable Marxism/Communism. The Jewish Banker crime families forecasting the long term “deuce game” used a similar formula to manipulate the 1956 Suez crisis that fractured eastern and western relations but helped Egypt secure a useful patsy in the “Gamal Abdel Nasser” government giving the Jew a firm footprint over the canal and middle east.

The Guantánamo Bay camps located in Cuba were about silencing patsy prisoners and retaining them in Communist jurisdiction which is why we now see the new Cuban alliance with Castro’s old guard franchise amalgamating strategy with their outside US Political cartels.

It was so easy for Escobar to consider a social conscience once he’d secured dominance and a luxurious lifestyle for his family and friends on the back of murder, debauchery along with His ‘Robin Hood’ image amongst his …. ‘Living in fear’ followers. The biggest mistake Escobar made was to challenge the countries political premiership in his bid to lead the country against the ‘Gringo’ (non Latino’s) not realising the dialectic and his lowly street level position in the pecking order of (((cartels))). This little narcissistic upstart had to be replaced in order for the global Kehilla cartels to continue the global ‘cat and mouse’ pretence for the gullible goy public.

This is the art of the double speak; straddle both sides of the Kehilla. Nothing has changed when contrasted with today’s continued (((Zionist))) occupation of “Afghanistan”, the region now secured as a global opium supplier, or historically to the Chinese “Opium wars” where, the Sassoon Jew family were pivotal –meanwhile, and historically the Kaifeng Jews fed revenge sentiment socially amongst Chinese against the Europeans in order for the ‘(((Tribe)))’ to keep a clean face while positioning key players of their political Kehilla cartels and their (((Bank of England financiers))). The same revenge sentiment is being programmed amongst non Europeans today across the globe; Europeans having been indoctrinated with decades of self hate which has made it easier for the pirates to roll out a more dominant global Cartel Government over the now defenceless whites. So remember anti Semitism is about the oppression of Europeans in order to stop them becoming Jew savvy, or Mossad alert.

I fully understand how challenging the real (((Cartel structure))) of City Hall will see all party ranks close in as one, while sending your life into spiral, but not enough to stop me recognising miracle coincidences that always seem to favour 5th columnists, Narcos and Mossad bad boys, by way of the “Israeli based shipping line Maersk” and the fake Muslim ‘Wahhabi Saud Jews’ who are behind the Peel Holdings/Ports in Liverpool UK running, and hosting a weekly RoRo service named the “Columbia Express” a weekly Latin American cargo service to Liverpool which is baby sat by the Jewish visionary guru Max Steinberg, Jewish MP Louis Ellman, and the new Maritime and “transport minister” friend of Israel Nusrat Ghani MP”  !! So, the biblical (((well poisoners))) are in “Town” .How Chutzpah is that!  1, Columbia …..….    2, Columbia….      3, Israel sells back to us our own oil… ……  4, Maersk delivers drugs and Israeli guns to Liverpool.……,   5, “Epidemic’ of psychotic patients hooked on monkey dust”   6, Mossad on tour …..7MP Ruth Smeeth batting for IsraelBut then of course how hard would it be to limbo dance beneath’… just in Britain alone,… rules and regulations of border control, Sea ports, Airports, Passport Office, courts and Jails etc when it is gate kept by the Jewish global security firm G4S which is owned by the Jew “Brian Kingham”  now babysitting a drug fuelled network of chaos in UK Jails. Meanwhile 10,000 children in care went missing last year, and the local, and now regional adoption agency guru’… “Jewish”… “Barry Kushner” of Liverpool CC children’s services happens to be in a pivotal supply and demand position. Or maybe! it’s just another coincidence that Lisa Osofsky director of UK’s Serious Fraud Office married to lawyer husband Marc Wasserman gets to be another gate keeper.


It’s plain to see the battle for Europe did not end on D-day 1945. The victorious Jewish Bolsheviks aided by their tools Churchill and Roosevelt presented a gateless pathway through governmental halls and corridors of the vanquished are the same international Jews that hand out loyalty peerages like toffee apples to their select, while promoting quango £rust funds and a plethora of Zio-Marxists non-Europeans having gradually conditioned us over  decades to view Zio-Marxism as the moral option … problem, reaction, solution. Link …. to be sure everything fits the Jewish narrative ie MP David Lammy

Almost the entire global power switch has taken place by this self-proclaimed non-white tribe. They have subverted the administration within corridors of power, commerce, and secret societies in accordance with their fixed road plan. The Jewish ‘count’ Alois Lexa von Aehrenthal in Austria who cleared a root that ignited WWI is a prime example of this positioning. Then, of course, how else, could Jews be so disproportionately represented during the ‘Nobel peace prize’ display?

Meanwhile a gift of 96% of the world’s media rights goes to 6 Jewish companies. This media coverage guarantees that Jewish propaganda has global exposure to pervert and deprave all gentiles.  It is high time that we prescribed Judaism as a radical terrorist organisation. It uses our cities as sanctuary for sleeper agents, grafted in imports and pseudo-religious minorities. Here their tribe is secured and safely camouflaged.

Already it’s not hard to appreciate that race is a vital issue indeed the only solution to end this contrived chaos. It is their international tribal (((hegemony))) that maintains a hold over Europe and the world. Jewish Zio-Marxist tools are used to deliberately divide Europeans, coursing suspicion and alienation.  You need to face down false guilt and intimidation enforced through Jewish Zio-Marxist formulas like racist’ because the only way to defend our people is to restore our racial empathy. So, to all you lemmings if you want a safe future for your family and not this slow kill hateful policy take heed now. Remember compound interest is compound Judaism…. compound Judaism = Jew v gentile. The answer to their hate is race …Reclaim it….. race matters….

Jewish Zionism is not organic and does not think in moderation. It is an artificial mechanism, complex and counterproductive to the natural order of things. It takes control of all major professional sports programs, leagues and clubs right across the sports spectrum. Look closer they are now owned by either Jewish Oligarchs or their Wahabbi cousins. This they use as a source for socially engineering the gentile into small easy to handle fractionalised packs. The Jew and his crypto-Jewish cousins see the gentile as nothing more than distracted idiots who can be hypnotically triggered into whatever action is needed. Nevertheless the Jew relaxes in the knowledge that the ‘simple’ public, having been indoctrinated and enticed with trendy superficial market forces is unaware of the long term consequences. The gradually drip feeding into credit card dependency and the depletion of their own wealth, inheritance and freedoms. Inevitable servitude follows what will then be the landless mass totally dependent on the ideology for food and material so long as they retain an activated credit card from the same Jewish administration…

Heed the warnings Jews are well prepared for their manufactured eruption; these dual Passport holders who secure their own nation within all nations swear loyalty only to Judaism and reap all the benefits feeding on that “Israel”, nucleolus, these wandering pirates are now arming up all synagogues across Europe and America and should be seen as a clear warning. 1…..,   2……,

Public pressure has triggered the Jew media to highlight Unknown territory: America’s secret archipelago of UK bases that the US = Israel still retain a Military presence in Britain it doesn’t take a genius to work out that in Britain alone old disused WWII US army bases with there subterranean bunker bolt holes may still be, covertly playing a leading roll a hidden network obviously protecting the Jewish Diaspora.

The Talmudic message for tribal Jew has always been Division is unity!! 

So the next time you feel the need to support the Jew remember what the Israeli politician Naftali Bennett Minister of Diaspora Affairs stated according to Israeli mainstream outlets: There could be as many as 90/15om  Jews out in the diaspora, so when these wandering dual passport holders within occupied nation states coordinate support rallies to sway public opinion for flooding in immigrants, it is to accelerate demographic changes in order to kill diversity.

Rememberer Jews have been very successful destroying a nations last line of defence  “Protectionism/Nationalism”

Think You Know How Deep Trump-Russia Goes? Think Again: This Chart/Info Will Blow Your Mind – enlarge criminal network here.

Trump ♥ Putin – Trump Russian Mafia Connections Exposed BayRock Thread Chabad Mafia | Felix Sater Roger Stone


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8 comments on “5th Columnists – Part 3/5 Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business..

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  3. Tom Vernham
    January 19, 2018

    I believe the Nobel Peace Prize came about due to the Nobel Brothers and Rothschild collusion on oil transportation from the Baku oil fields and grew from there.
    Worthy of research is the Rothschilds Baku to Batumi oil pipeline which I believe was behind the Armenian Holocaust…….

  4. Tommy Roberts
    March 30, 2018

    Reblogged this on Tommy Roberts and commented:
    I’m guessing that in typically noble Aryan or rather “too blond” sentiment, we White goyim figured we should give the poor devil a “head start” in the race we didn’t know we were competing in, to win the last, dry, stale, biscuit in Ye O’l Biscuit Tin.

    The Bolshevik/Russian Revolution, WW1/WW2, contemporary Greater Israel-PNAC-Neocon Wars for Balkanisation, the Invasion of Europe, corporate indoctrinated careerists ambitiously facilitating our ZOG’s to confuse, divide and own us, ad nauseam. All this and more is so well outlined in this illuminating article by, Peter Quiggins.

    Yes. White people as history has too well proved can be such well intended, losers. Especially when we’re believing we are the winners we so clearly aren’t. Perhaps we’re just trying to figure out if it’s because we’re so unutterably, stupid or too utterly, nice … or the other way around with the utter-lies?

    Yes. We are too easily duped, divided amongst ourselves and/or against the enemy of our enemy who we’ve failed to identify ’cause we ‘hope’ … as opposed to having any real ability to actually ‘think’ or see the reality in front of our eyes … the enemy, is our ally.

    Notice how even the last five words in my above paragraph, if not read correctly with respect to grammar and context, are susceptible to contradictory interpretations. Yes, the devil is certainly in the details. The devil is also however in academia and particularly, bureaucracy.

    So giving too much or all attention and credibility to details while affording too little respect to human intuition, common sense, practical life experience, personal sincerity of insight into the human condition etc. is a great mistake. Yes, a whole-istic approach is required.

    Predictably, as Neoliberalism attests, the devil attempts to de-value the worth of the most profound philosophical qualities and human attributes while hijacking them, along with everything else, under the guise of fancy, disingenuously magnanimous terms such as Globalism.

    How demoralising it can be to wake up on a Monday morning to be reminded one is owned. Grim.

    So, for me at the least, it begs the question. What exactly do I need to do about it all in order to put it right or rather, fix it, so it’s made good and proper?

    Suggestions? … from Dad’s Army perhaps?

    – Tommy R

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