Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

“Oblast the Roach to Birobidzhan!” – Part 4/5- Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business….

Our political system is in urgent need of a reformation; a complete clear out of the Zio-Marxist finger puppets and intruders. The present democratic system, a tool of the Jew is occupied by foreign agents. It has brought about the demise of our people and its culture having caused unnatural behaviour in society through policies such as Political correctness. This is alien and out of character with our National development, cultural and economic needs.

With their clever psychological use of language Jewish Cultural Marxist Frankfurt School ideologies have drawn society into a headlong battle of wills and put our easily impressionable children under great strain as each are emotionally drawn into their conditioning. Schools are presided over by an army of cherry picked Zio-Marxist teachers, ideological terrorists that churn out emotionally compromised and sexually depraved warriors to swell the Zio-Marxist foot soldier ranks. Even prostitution is being alluded to as being a career choice for our children. Take a look at other methods used by teachers and policy enforcers.. here… ie  1…..,    2…..,       3….,   4….,       5…..,     6….,

Group politics is a Cultural Marxist (Political Correct) strategy for internal and external upheaval. Internally it ‘groups’ women against men instigating sexual tension, the disabled against the abled then imports non-Europeans grouping them into ‘voting-blocks’. On the surface this looks like merely a radical ballot box strategy. However, since the ballot box is dead and all roads lead to Jewish Zio-Marxism the real function is to divide and alienate the host (white) from its roots making sure it has no social kinship network-closing of pubs etc… It begins in very early childhood with sex education for primary school children  and continues throughout their adult life meandering through a myriad of Zio-Marxist trade Unions and quango’s that endorse sexual perversion. In tandem art, social spaces, and leadership programs are all subverted by Zio-Marxismrecruiting platforms for anarchists or the non-European imported by the Jews themselves. The outcome is a secured group to indoctrinate with the Zio-Marxist ideology and direct against the target-whites

Group politics is also vital when it comes to government support.  Governments identify certain groups when gifting out funds to secure their Politically Correct power groups. The groups themselves are warned in a PC manner to identify whites collectively as an oppressive group. However, in contradiction to their apparent ‘equal status’, when whites try to achieve racial unity with or without funding, the structure will be attacked or removed and be told we are all one, making sure we don’t structure our own unifying politics.

Consequently is it any wonder whites can’t organise! They keep having all their social and political organisations shut down due to Zio-Marxist corporate policies. These have been carefully, scientifically thought out and continue to separate us wearing our folk down because of this our spirit has been depleted. We need to understand who the enemy is subverting Europe as our German folk did under National Socialist guidance. They identified the same (((key subversives))) dividing their nation.

I am using Germany as the example. It is important to note that like the same media documentaries that are pumped out regarding the ‘Holocaust construct what I find most mysterious about Germany’s National Socialist era is that daily life of the Court and Justice system-documentation and court transcripts-seem to have mysteriously ‘disappeared’. Could this be because this documentation and transcripts would shine light on the type of criminals being sent to the labour camps?  Where these in fact the remnants of well-groomed political agitators, violent Jewish communists, paedophiles, rapists, and other criminal types harvested by the Jews during the Weimar the vast number of which Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin secured leaving Germany in 1933. Intent on reversing the moral compass back to the debauched ways of the Weimar with an infrastructure so sick it almost broke the back of Germany, it makes sense that following WWII the victorious tribe withholds such evidence from the European public.

Can you see the similarities being replicated here today in our homelands? I say it is lucky that our German brethren slowed down the takeover of Europe in WWII  or no opportunity to reverse this chaos would exist today!

Once again they are bringing about unnatural conditions of dependency, with political social confusion. They have destroyed industry and most importantly the protection of agrarian production that fed our nations they are bringing about a condition of state dependency. European Nations must revert back to our own production and resources to help sustain independence. It is also vital to note here that the European Union (EU) bears no relation to Europe or have the interest of Europeans anywhere on its agenda. It is a purely economic and international judicial structure instigated to aid (Jewish) banking and global (Jewish) business. Ask yourself why its law is able to transcend that of any nation in its grip allowing multinationals to disenfranchise nations through outsourcing mainly to China and India.

These (((international))) terrorists calling themselves Israel whose centre of operation is occupied Palestine employ Zio-Marxist foot soldiers within their quango institutions and political corridors across Europe cannot be reasoned with. There is no middle ground or co-operation with these ‘actors’, criminals and killers so if the natural order is ever to be restored the enemy must be stopped from interfering with European interests.  We need to get the Jew, Europe’s historic threat with their apparently ‘benevolent’ double speak that intoxicates gentiles globally, out of issues that affect the European people.  The only antibody to tribal Judaism is for all European nations to fight as a racial unity.

Whilst this change is capable of moving across Europe without bloodshed the Jewish threat has specifically designed internal upheaval (importation, culture clash, sexual tension etc.) to course so called ‘civil’ war.  However, once our folk bond and focuses on the now demonised race‘ issue as our only biological defence standing as a template for other races to unite against this global Jewish threat indeed only an extension of that which National Socialism intended. It must be noted that once our blood stock has been replaced it can never be remedied so a racial bond of discipline, unity and a heightened morale is necessary with all our folk in Caucasian nations.

Inside the Matrix

Analyse societal conditions-we are being programmed to exist in today’s terror, paranoia, guilt etc. Many of us already know ISIS is terrorist Israel‘ along with the so called  ‘Muslim brotherhood’, Al Qaeda, Daesh, Boko Haram of Africa and many other small elusive, well financed, apparent ‘radical’ groups. Zio-Marxist insurgents such groups appear in nations across the globe using Bolshevik mass murder methods in order to spread fear and displace country after country on Jewish command. It is like a film director setting the scene for an ethnic cleansing and mass migration program, a demographic chess game changing the racial makeup of the world….More NK study here….

North Korea issue is the same back door method to attack an independent country and insert a Jewish banking system. The same is being done to Assad in Syria and was done in Iraq etc. So ask yourself what drives the NK Juche system that makes them so outcast, What sort of economic principle are they using that makes them self-sufficient, has a working Catholic Cathedral,  advocates private ownership, supports small local private industry while protecting the ethnicity of its own people? Don’t these few examples contradict what we are being programmed to believe North Korea to be? Well read the attached link here yourself before you make a pre-programmed judgement.

It’s so pathetic that Europeans of today are still not allowed to defend themselves, still fearful to even mention the Jew out of context in-case the ideology targets us. Compare this to what these same alien occupiers were preaching the moment they reached European shores. Communism synonymous with Bolshevism and promoting the main tenets of Judaism an alien ideology totally opposed to European values that terrorised Eastern Europe, assassinated European monarchs, politicians and initiated the 1917 Jewish Bolshevik seizure of Russia culminating in the Red Terror and Holodomor Genocides.

Back here in Britain a miner internal squabble has lasted 150 years thanks to Jewish Zio-Marxist manipulation. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) still use the old religious nugget to agitate and divide begging the question?

 If the IRA are supposed to be nationalists why do they hate their English brethren yet have opened the flood gates to none European immigrants even allowing a homosexual Indian to act the position of an Irish PM

 Who really sings the rebel song… ‘Give Ireland back to the Irish’… What about this Jew!

Divide and rule is the key to Zio-Marxism and terrorist Israel wins all the way…

In this vein also take heed the Roman Catholic Relief Act 1829 Sec 9 and sec 12 disqualified Catholic priest of the Roman Church from British Parliamentary membership. While repealed with the House of Commons (Removal of Clergy Disqualification) Act 2001′ this only allowed the Roman Catholic Priests into the lower House of Commons. However, Jews ‘Lord’ Sacks and their tribal spiritual leader Chief Rabbi (Jews in Britain) Ephraim Mirvis sit above European Roman Catholic spiritual leaders in the House of Lords. Consequently the question one should be asking is why the spiritual interests of Europeans (Rome) are being dominated, manipulated or inverted by those of itinerant aliens (Jews) in their own land!  If nothing else, the Jew is dictating the national curriculum of our children which constitutes a paedophile holocaust.

East and West Jewish Bankers see it best…… ie Loosing $9 Trillion dollars. In the following public exercise the video shows the self administered ideology going through the usual motions of concern… always resulting in some sort of distorted obscurity! Video here…..

Trodden road

Yes….The ballot box is dead so spreading a relentless stream of truth is the only way if we are to slay this Talmudic beast…. The Removelors need to wake up because the almighty international (Jewish) bankers controlling this one party state already control the likes of Jeremy Corbyn of Britain’s labour party who pied piper the mass into miscegenation and sexual perversion. All decent politicians and economists were killed in Germany during WWII to silence the remedy. So if we are to ever be rid of this Talmudic beast and their front fodder puppets and secure the Feder principle the temptation needs to be removed…. Kill usury not Feder  ….Our job is to keep spreading a relentless stream of information to enlighten and arm the disarmed mass.

So remember The Bolshevik has new clothes

We are armed, however, with truth and the remedy as foretold in the ancient Aryan Sanskrit of 3,000 years ago. This is the ancient Aryan scripture that the victors and their Media alchemy have for decades loaded up with Hollywood rhetoric of hate and satirical baggage to smear and disconnect us from our spirit and ancient heritage.

‘We are the Feder revivers and Holodomor survivors now exposing the Holocaust liars’

Retain this thought! Their creative book keeping having stripped individuals and nations of their means and inheritance still remains in the æther and when National Socialism rises from the ashes to remove the Yiddish bane, It will also reverse their creative book keep… We will enable redistribution back to its rightful place.

Can you see it yet, the controlling mechanism to keep you in line has always been ‘property’ so if the silent majority fail to assert self-defence measures… Now!!!  They are leaving a trail of disaster for their spouse…

It has been said many times before without heed…. These Jews have to be removed from Public life they are a hegemonic self serving immigrant state within a state and have no right to represent our folk, Each of them are covertly in a silent war against us, don’t be fooled by the nice Jew having penetrated your natural immune system they all represent the most dangerous ideology known to mankind. A solvent tribe lucratively reaping the benefits of lies and deceit as they draw nation after nation into managed descent.

So when it comes to making amends for long standing disputes be careful… ‘Spain’ case in point after 522 years of Jewish expulsion were with open arms invited back in 2013, then coincidently 4 years later the Catalan independence issue raises its ugly head but this time attached to an ultra solvent hand of division which is highly likely built on the backs of…. on one side Royal compromises, while on the other, a tried and tested formula of spiralling promises to a gaggle of Zio-Marxists into compound debt based usury and as with all global nations contracted, just like Britain into taking up security training in Israel.

In fact another pirate presiding within the (((Supreme))) Court in Britain, the itinerant Jewish judge Chief Rabbi Neuberger, confirmed their historical and contemporary devious methods in his 17th May 2017 speech presented to another Jewish lobby group. It confirmed his belief that they had the upper hand, explaining just how Jews concealed themselves in what was known as “Domus Conversorum”, (from Latin meaning “House Converts” explained on page 3 in section 8 at end of paragraph). Link here…

So why should we question such a confident Shetar Judge on this matter? He has already judged the Talmudic/Judaic Shetar to be dominant over English law. We question it because it is international law and it is the nature of the tyrant. While so called ‘nice’ Jews and well-hidden conversos gleam their skewed concept of ‘benevolence’ publicly through charities and trusts they conspire against gentiles globally and their ultimate nemesis Europeans in private. The aim is to debouch and enslave as perfectly demonstrated by the Judges apparently ‘respectable’ colleague the homosexual paedophile Lord Greville Janner another tribal Jew. Or maybe this Jewish Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev will convince or their global immigration project link here

…… and according to their finger puppet MP Diana Abbot immigrants  are not the problem white people are. Therefore, all defeats of the British are a good thing… Also stating: protectionism of ones own people and nation is far right and radical so we must arrest and outlaw these unofficial thinkers. Oy Vey!

 “Maimonides ruled that when Judaic persons are weak they should feign friendship for Christians as a way of gaining power over them. But when Judaics are totally dominant, as they are in the Israeli State, they should slaughter anyone who obstructs their supremacy.”   

Make it loud and clear

Historically we have witnessed European nations fighting each other; we have also witnessed Muslim nations fighting each other but show me a Jew fighting another Jew.

We have been programmed to believe ‘Islam’ is the problem yet scrutinising history of Europe alone- the Holodomor Genocides with a death toll of 16.5 million committed by Jewish Bolsheviks the wider European death toll in their soviet construct greatly exceeding 60million.   Both so called ‘world wars’ in Europe actually wars of Jewish aggression

Talmudic law by proxy.

with a combined European death tolls of at least 80million military and civilian lives. The genocidal firebombing of German cities devised purely to wipe out civilian life rather than take out military targets. Then in a global context there is Nagasaki and Hiroshima 200,000 driven by the Jew Oppenheimer, with WWII wars directed from the Jewish occupied US- Vietnam war 5m dead, and the plethora of terrorist action against the Middle East.

Get the Jews out of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England to bring peace here amongst our own 4 tribes. Our European tribal brothers and sisters need to do the same so we can bond all our tribes in unity to a justifiable cause. Ask yourself what are you going to do to shut down this evil ‘not so Kosher Holocaust business‘?!!!! … Their infrastructure may seem overwhelming to contemplate, but consider the law of unintended consequences for such a dominion it can also deliver a surprising outcome, so remember tenacity’ is ‘your family and friend’. We don’t need mice we need men to stand up and be counted like this principled man.. Anti Holocaust memer ‘Alfred Schaefer’ Danish

Let me make it clear the Jew as a single autonomous tribe never had a homeland. As PART of the mixed Semitic race it has Middle Eastern links and claim Palestinian territory on shaky ‘Biblical’ grounds… here In fact the very vocal seizure and occupation of Palestine serves to obscure the little know Jewish Autonomous Oblast of which Birobidzhan is the capital another territory in Siberia stolen by the Jewish tribe. The difference here, however, is that this perfectly good piece of land the size of Switzerland did not have the potential to exploit for Jewish propaganda purposes.  The question then becomes ‘just how much land do they want?’ They do not represent the greatest number in their apparent ‘Jewish State’ that dubious honour still lies with America. Indeed what they have done, and their seizure of Palestine attests to this, is established a centre of operations while continuing to maintain a stable footing in powerful target Nations. This is not a tribe who desires a homeland but a creature that has immunity to enter countries unregulated (without visa) to destabilise and cause anarchy in order to   dominate the world. The European and Gentile as a whole’s only hope is to wake up and send it a message take what has been given to it or alternatively would they prefer for us to use our own initiative to relegate or expel’ … It’s up to them …. Sorry is not enough because we are at present in … ‘The Yiddish Ambush’ which is why (((they))) have a New ‘Ring of Steel’ planned for (((their))) out of control autonomous London Square Mile financial hotbed.

Or maybe they would prefer their own eco-friendly option that would have them move tax free to their favourite memorable Island of ‘Nazino‘ accompanied by all their Zio-Marxist and non-European friends. Once there isolate, sanction and food embargo the Island just as they did to our people then let’s see who can outlive a kosher diet… Or maybe they would prefer what they had install for us…. their Morgenthau plan to sterilise our people out of existence.

First they came for the fascist, and I did not speak out — Because I was not FascistI said “Live and let live”,  and I got on with living my life.

Then they came for the Nationalists, and I did not speak out —Because I was not a Nationalist… I said “Live and let live”,  and I got on with living my life.

Then they came for the Patriots, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Patriot… I said “Live and let live”,  and I got on with living my life.

Then they came for the Christians, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Christian … I said “Live and let live”,  and I got on with living my life.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.  Link….

Just a sample of where to start –

  1. Shut/face down the international Zio-Marxist baby sitters and their street action groups name, shame and fear these basket cases and cellar gimps ie Antifa etc… ie list names, 2….,
  2. Alert the puppet civil service who enforce a selective policy against National security.
  3. Alert the institutionalised Police and Military to their misplaced loyalty.
  4. Wake the masses up to the injustice of the Shetar.
  5. Demand a national interest-free bank away from the private control into a Gottfried Fedder type formula and reverse all the lend lease privatisation programs that help subvert nation states.
  6. Protect the anti thesis of politically correct servitude “Ernst Zundel” he sacrificed his own life for you as does his family, friends and colleagues still to this day. Make use of them.
  7. Bring attention to their places of business-synagogues and Judeo-Masonic halls of secrecy and be creative in doing so…..

Do I have to spell it out to you !!!… Our constitution demands and protects that we severely deal with Pirates and traitors.

  1. Demand indigenous status as stipulated in Oxford University.
  2. Shut down all their brain washing Frankfurt School/Common Purpose offices from Land’s End to John o’ Groats.
  3. Shut down Kosher slaughter.
  4. We are all Holodomor survivors demand recognition and reparations.
  5. How many lands do they want! Make a big noise about the stolen land of Birobidzhan.
  6. Dismantle the Zio-Trade unions who have helped the internationalist in their objective.
  7. Lock up all the big pharmaceutical syndicates who have poisoned our food chain and distorted our genetic make-up as were herded into (((their))) global cull1…,   2….,    3…..,    4….,

It has taken the beast a long time to create this dominance over mankind having us now in the throws of the end game but they know at this point of the game they are still out at sea rapidly taking in water and need to move faster.

Remember we are unapologetic and owe no one.

Just as I’ve pointed out with the economy society itself is being scientifically created with white guilt projects. The notion of ‘guilt’ stops you fighting back. Only tenacity and a spiritual drive will win through this politically correct straight jacket and free our folk before the dehumanising of the white by the invaders replicates that of the South African white farmer ethnic cleansing programs of Milena, Mugabe etc… 1….,    2….,    3…..,     4…..,   5….., 


Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business. 5/5

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The Yiddish Ambush

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