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‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Problem, reaction, solution …

Three Arrested After Fire-bomb Attack on Swedish Synagogue.

Oy Vey!!! Read article first…..

The Dialectic! Problem, reaction, solution is a Jew conjuring trick within their forever wandering diaspora in order to play the victim, and influence global changes in laws to protect all their historic and contemporary lies ……Who still falls for this old Yiddish trick manipulating policy changes  to hide and protect Jewish crimes, acting out Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution against the gentile, changes which gives (((them))) immunity when hiding the truth.

1, Five Jews Arrested for Painting Swastikas on Israel Consulate.. see here…

2, Two Jewish Students Vandalize Christian Church To Fake Hate Crime, Spray Paint Swastika, “Trump”… see here…

3, Jewish Man Caught Spray Painting Swastikas & Making “anti-Semitic” Threatening Phone Calls. see here…

4, Europe’s top rabbis petition the EU demanding new laws that allow Jews to carry guns to protect themselves in the wake of recent terror attacks see here …..

5, Florida Jew arrested for posing as online jihadist, encouraging terrorism. see here….

6, Israel is killing Americans in Iraq. see here….

7, 1200 Rabbis sign deal to race destroy Europe and USA through immigration. Genocide by immigration is genocide. see here…

So lets analyse other prescribed methods that the (((Yiddish hand))) conveniently conjures up from obscurity. I say obscurity because being involved in national politics for some years now I can recognise the trigger mechanisms that help accelerate changes in law which always favours Jews and Israel. The following 2 examples stink of gefilte fish all over them.

1, ‘Anti-Semitic’ singer in court after private prosecution. see here…

2, The National Action political group, leading angry blind men down a dead end street.

3, Paul Weston arrested for Quoting Churchill! The reality is to be sure the Muslim issue remains in the public spotlight. see here…. 

4, Britain First is Shill’n for Israel – A Zionist Front exposed..

On another level of problem, reaction, solution we have the super Zio-puppet ‘Trump’ with his recent recognition  of Jerusalem Dec 2017 as being the capital of Israel. This triggered Palestine into recognising Texas as being part of Mexico instantly increasing pressure on Anglo-America while at the same time accelerated the white hate agenda lead by Jews.

The Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood’s sacrificial pervert is another baiting rouse, a sudden global phenomena to accelerate, and reinforce the feminist agenda which is attacking the natural order of patriarchy in order to deplete the spirit of the male Caucasoid/Aryan. This forever solvent beast will glide through all this so-called scandal and still come up smelling of roses as the agenda reaches the prescribed level, etc, etc… The dialectic list is endless yet the sheep are oblivious.

Jack the Ripper is another example of Jewish trickery and manipulation to limit, or deflect news, but in this case, Jewish ritual murder. Professional pathologists and historians have exposed the cover-up and named the sociopath as being Aaron Kosminski and still after decades of mystery and intrigue the silence from their media monopoly is deafening which allows (((them))) to reek havoc on the gentile. Stealthy we gentile are being encircled by the same Jewish Bolshevik blood families who slaughtered Tsar Nicholas II followed by 60+ million Europeans in Russia 1917 and later the Holodomor butchery of 16.5 million more.

If all the above info fails to alert you then take a look at this long list of Jewish Child Molesters, Rabbis and Jewish homosexual paedophiles that hardly get any media coverage. Zionist pedophiles from Hell.

The Jew sees and compares us to a parody of sheep knowing if sheep could vote they would pick the guy who feeds and conditions them, even if that same guy will slaughter them later. To Catch a Wild Pig

They are masters of wolf-crying themselves an indus£ry on the back of their false martyrdom that ‘by proxy’ instantly credits the tribe which initiates public policy changes in all nations where their Shetar infrastructure occupy. It is their forever laughing at us, their Chutzpah over gentile for our gullibility.

Chutzpah is a Yiddish word that derives from the Hebrew word ḥutspâ (חֻצְפָּה), meaning “insolence” or “audacity”. It is the quality of Jewish audacity or brazen nerve. The individual Jew receives much praise from the tribe for the amount and quality of chutzpah uses against the European. A perfect example is expressed during a Holodomor presentation that a Jew manipulates into the Holocaust construct. 

It was no surprise to me to eventually learn that it was Israel who ultimately, and conveniently benefited from the 911 Twin towers attack, their problem, reaction, solution on this occasion was one of the more obvious of false flags to bait public opinion in their favour, so  be ready for the conditioning signal that is being rolled out in major cities around the world i.e  Melbourne Australia were a terror warning system has been trialled for the first time, with loud speakers to broadcast information following a so called” attack!  ….. They Did It – Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Jewish) Israel did 9 11 and here….

So what could be the next creative Zio-structure to benefit Israel?

Keep an eye on this convenient little problem now that winter is setting in but keep in mind Israel’s bitch Putin with his BRICS trojan horse banking miracle, Putin being the golden boy controlling the main supply of energy to public utilities throughout Europe.

1, Major North Sea Oil and gas pipeline to be shut down for repairs in Aberdeen –

2, Austrian Explosion Rattles Europe’s Gas Market and triggers a Police investigation. see here...

3, Oil Prices Rise as UK Major Pipeline Closes for Repairs. see here..

4, Major Jewish newspaper directs Israel’s proxy enforcers ISIS to potential targets. see here…

Now watch the interest rate on your mortgage tighten around your goyim neck….  Oy Vey!

Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business.. Part 3/5 – 5th Columnists

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  2. pan283
    December 24, 2017

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    Jewish Dialectical Materialism…

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  4. Flanders
    May 4, 2018

    “Feds Indict US-Israeli Man Responsible For 9% Of All Anti-Semitic Acts In 2017”, read one article.

    The jewish groups made a lot of money off of this fake series of events by the Israeli Michael Kadar, through Homeland Security grants, which the jews in every state of the union get the bulk of every year in America.

    False flags are very profitable to jewry through money collected and advancement of their anti-White narratives.

    “Jewish groups get most money from federal security grants”

    [2009] “In an event announcing $1.7 billion in Department of Homeland Security grants, Napolitano noted that 63 percent of nonprofit grant recipients were “affiliated with Jewish organizations.”

    [2010] “The following year, according to the Jewish Federations of North America, that number grew. In 2010, 94 percent of the department’s nonprofit security funding went to Jewish groups that are, in the words of the Department of Homeland Security, “at high risk of terrorist attack.”
    “Nonprofit Security Grant Program Updates”

    “[Feb 12, 2018] JCRC-NY guidance for the Nonprofit Security Grants Program from the US Department of Homeland Security … The New York State Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes Program will provide a total of $25 million statewide, to eligible nonprofits at risk of hate crimes or attacks…”.
    “Black Man Confesses To Vandalism At Jewish Cemetery That Was Blamed On Trump Supporters”

    “Last year the desecration of graves and vandalism at a St. Louis area Jewish cemetery was exploited by leftist groups and the media as another concrete example of how the election of President Trump had led to an increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes.

    Here is what the roiling sewer of filth that is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) published at the time:

    ‘Vandals who toppled tombstones in a Jewish cemetery near St. Louis last weekend did more than an act of desecration. Their vile crime prompted the new Trump Administration to finally speak out on a growing wave of anti-Semitism.

    “The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community and community centers are horrible, and are painful and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil,” President Trump said Tuesday at during a visit to the National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.

    His response came two days after as many as 200 headstones were tipped over or vandalized in the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in University City, Missouri, near St. Louis. There have been no arrests.’

    The guy who overturned all of those headstone at the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery is a African-American BLACK man!” [Details continue]

    That means there is a bumper year coming up for free grant money.

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