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‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Jewish Dominion

I am writing this blog post as a sentient being, protectionist and former Trust manager with decades of experience in the UK of so called ‘free enterprise’. I worked within the small cottage industries for over 30 years in the face of opposing Jewish Zio-Marxist forces that put them at risk. This post is to show how the ideology (Zio-Political correctness), over decades of indoctrination, have criminalised truth and legitimised criminality under the auspices of ‘Democracy. However, the wolf cry of Democracy, delivered parrot fashion by globalists  is a deception only carried through by Nations subverted by the enemy around the world. Those who refuse to accept this pirate system destroying Europe’s sovereignty and the worlds to gain control of sentient beings are criminalised or outcast; it happened to the National Socialist Trust manager Adolf Hitler of Germany, Romanov Czars Russia, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu Runamia , Mussolini of Italy, the abdicated King Edward VIII of Britain, Vidkun Quisling Norway, even Muammar Gadhafi of Libya and Sadam Hussein of Iraq all proven, trustworthy Trust managers and anti Jewish Central Banks.

i.e In laymen’s terms: Hitler = Trust manager over the nation’s infrastructure ie Transport, energy, NHS and all community social trusts etc etc…. The wealth of the nation secured in trust for his folk = beneficiaries/folk.

Which interprets as i.e Any named person/beneficiary receiving a bill out in the community having used the nations services needed only to sign the allocated bond document to initiate the flow of money once returned to its point of origin where it was processed through the National Socialist Trust manager’s team who held power of attorney to settle all debts through the national bank, similar to that covertly used by those in the loop within our local council by the Section 151 officer/Q section who has direct access to the private bank of England to settle; Section 79 ss2 of LGA “All duties and liabilities of the inhabitants of a county shall become and be duties and liabilities of the council”. These are the pirates who covertly have access to your allocated public hazard bond (NI)” which is fully valid for each of us being the prefered stock holders to access the networth of our nation which is fully operational by way of definition of legislation passed in the United Kingdom Houses of Parliament Special Measures Act 2001 Section 9 Nationals and Residents.

1, Local Government Act 1888 section 79 ss (2)
2, Local Government Act 1985 section 17 (1) (a) (b) (2)
3, Trustee Act 2000 29 part 11 section 3 (5) (6) Pay from my trust bond which secures all my third party liabilities.

Now ask the likes of Israels Jew Minister in Britain’s Parliament “Boris Johnson” why is our NHS, as well as other social services on the brink of collapse when our folk are the guarantors/signatures over the flow of money and rightful heirs to their own labour and production within our own lands?

In the eyes of the Yiddish money changers anyone questioning any part of the pirate system makes us all Adolf Hitler, this I wholeheartedly accept as a badge of honour…… Thank you.

It’s advisable to understand how we have been shepherded into all this mess that can (once the “spirit” and “will” is awakened in our folk) be reversed with the introduction of a Gottfried Feder interest free banking sytem in unison with “Autarky“. Read and listen to the following road map which will remedy for all goy and take us out of this suicidal existence of compounded debt slavery;  Audio book “A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind” by Stephen Mitford Goodson (2014, 3rd Edition 2017) also read “The Day of the Aryan Awakening”

Jewish Deception. 

“By way of deception thou shalt do war.” Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky.

Indeed has the Jew really ever declared war? In 1905 it used the cover of the Russo-Japanese war for an initial attempt to seize Russia. This seizure was successful under the Jewish Bolsheviks in 1917 but still it is concealed under a ‘Russian Revolution’. The deception also allowed Jewish terrorist in 1948 to seize and occupy Palestinian land to this day and just because criminals and international Jewry recognise it as a Jewish state does not negate the performance of a criminal act. The same blind side deception was played on most malleable Europeans to incite and justify war with the, more than Honorable Japanese nation.

I will add at this point that the “covert Yiddish” government currently occupying Germany have been sitting on a volcano for decades. This concerns the validity of their rule since to this day a ‘Declaration of Peace’ has never legally been declared so is still under, proxy military rule (Martial Law) in effect a Jewish land seizure. This also applies to all nations involved in WWII. Once Caucasoid races unite we can also evict the foreign and Yiddish squatters who have been managing our nations against our people since their ‘victory’ in 1945. The Jews are laughing (chutzpah) at our gullibility as they draw us into their Ju’World Order.

In Germany’s case they need to trigger article 146 of the German basic Law

Today we happen to be amongst the lucky few generations who may be able to witness the opening of never before seen WWII classified documents. Media and film footage that has been hidden for almost 80 years could, now and then have swayed public opinion away from the ‘allied’ Jewish Zio-Marxist powers and onto the National Socialists who where defending Germany and the European continent. The victors/Zio-Marxists like the sexual compromised Churchill and his Jewish masters needed to have these embarrassing classified documents archived away from public scrutiny in order to hide the truth and project the official narrative of hate and lies towards the enemy of the Jewish banker’s; meaning “all Goy”. Although many documents are still classified awaiting public scrutiny and will be for many years to come, there is still enough evidence to date that exposes the Jewish tribe as the true harbinger of death, and destruction to all races across the globe.

The following video is one such classified video now available for public scrutiny but only for the few who are void of preconditioned judgement.

WATCH AND TAKE IN THE DETAIL BEFORE BEING DELETED: Adolf Hitler Speech “The Fight Between Two Worlds” 

Because the Jew always uses a dialectical strategy, it has taken many years for me and our band of brothers and sisters to unravel the decades of selective stories that suit only their ideology. It has been my consolation to have lived/survived and navigated through the illusions presented to us. I am now able to count myself as being one of the lucky ones to find the reason for all the constructed failings of this imposed system. This has helped preserve my sanity and brought me peace of mind.

We also owe an immense debt of gratitude to an outcast group of tenacious historians across the globe. The recently deceased German patriot Ernst Zundel deserves a special mention. This post is dedicated to his memory and to punctuate the 27th January as his annual Remembrance Day. He dedicated his life not only to bringing truth to our German brethren but to also helped shed light on the many unspoken of realities of WWII; a period that continues to enslave Europeans in an unconscious state of false guilt depleting our spirit and will to defend our now failing Europe. For decades and in spite of all the hardships imposed on Zundel he continued to scrutinize these classified documents and eventually was able to bring them to the public attention. Having left a massive evidential footprint, even in death Zundel will continue to be a thorn in the side of the Jewish enemy for generations to come. Indeed the Jew now has to change the law, making truth a crime and develop new hate speech just to protect their official history. I now count myself as one of the lucky few of unofficial thinkers within society able to continue and expand on his work, in other areas, and in order to bring more facts and conclusions to the attention of the indoctrinated public. Be aware, any Caucasoid/Aryan today seeking to preserve racial identity ‘white’ is already an enemy of the Jewish Politically Correct state but one day it will be passed into statute then ‘anti-Semitism will be a death sentence just as it was post 1917 following the Jewish Bolshevik seizure of Russia.

The Rabbis lantern “TV”

Back as a child in 1966 I was always fascinated by a TV program ‘All our yesterdays’. A presentation through celluloid and Zio-Marxist narration I now know it showed a distorted interpretation of WWII through either the eyes and mouth of the Jew, or one of their Zio-Marxist finger puppets in order to indoctrinate to masses with the official Jewish narrative. Fortunately for me I always questioned the official translations. This eventually inspired me to attend German language classes in order to arm myself and listen beyond the Zio-Marxist interpreter checking if the narrations we were being fed were factual or embellished. Although I never mastered the language the passion to understand the people and why we fought our own brethren never left me.

All our Yesterdays and, The World at War are just 2 examples of deliberate distortions. Here

These Zio-marxist programs fail to mention Germany was actually in a defensive for survival against Jews who had declared an economic war on them in 1933, National Socialists have forever been portrayed as a monstrous enemy all for having the audacity to wrestle control away from the Jewish Bankers and back into German hands. Germany, having been disarmed and defenceless in 1918 under the Marxist-Weimar Republic was seen as one of Europe’s poorest nations. Indeed in comparison to the allied Empires it had inherited an absurd national debt and was on the brink of bankruptcy. Germany was a territory raped, looted pillaged of its pride, spirit, land mass, gold, and chattels, and burdened with (signed under duress at the point of a gun) the unlawful ‘Treaty of Versailles’ after WWI. Nevertheless to this day the Jew casts this nation as history’s supreme aggressor even though during and after WWI Germany’s vast empire is once again, back in the Jew purse. However, with the ballot box as yet unfixed by the enemy in 1939 and to the dismay of the Jew, Germany was still able to revive its European pride and spirit and create without the backing of gold or the Jewish stock market illusion, the only truly socialist ideology to have ever existed. National Socialism or socialism caped by national/racial solidarity is the only form of socialism anything else has been corrupted by the Jewish enemy and is a form of internationalism (Marxist/Communism). Therefore, more than able to see through Jewish manipulation Adolf Hitler was a true pioneer encouraging the natural abilities, and talent of both sexes and with this unity and will of his people Hitler legally reconfigured and nullified the contrived national debt and built a super economy making his nation self-sufficient securing 100% employment distributing the financial returns from such back to his folk, re-establish gun laws, even lowering the age to 18 for the security and defensive measures against the Yiddish controlling forces of the previous Weimar, he banned Jewish usury (mortgages, loans) on homes and farms suddenly making both the hedge fund speculators and Frankfurt school conditioning surplus to requirement. The folk were now free of extortionate ‘credit’ (debt) that previously produced Jewish profit and European destitution, Hitler even introduced real animal welfare. Thus their new revitalised and re-energised agrarian based society soon declared unemployment and Wall Street, with their hedge fund parasites… history’.

The British people were unaware of the National Socialist ‘Pax Germanica nonaggressive peace treaty’ that Hitler applied to his nation and people which was monumental and meant for home consumption. Yet it also extended to his people out in the Diaspora, instructing them to respect the folk and the Nationalist laws and culture of the accommodating host nations. A never before seen diplomacy of peace and as such other nations lapped it up and applied the non aggressive model  to their diplomatic system as leverage which was against the will of the controlling and divisive global ‘Pax Judaic Diaspora’ (Jews), who through their media monopoly applied lies, conspiracy and hate to deter the mass from truth. – France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Persia, Iraq, and Afghanistan applied the common sense peace pacts.

It was by recycling the wealth back into the nation that Germany soon exposed unemployment, National debt and debt based usury as the controlling mechanism of the so called ‘allied’ (Jewish Zio-Marxist) powers over the European masses who occupied their respective nations. Through the Gottfried Feder principal, Hitler whom the Jew has demonised proved that it is the Jewish middle man who sets the value on gold and other commodities thus only he can profit from the guarantee of the people. This exposes the allied powers as protecting alien Jewish interests against native European interests and declaring war against Germany, who was protecting German interests over alien Jewish interests, proves this. I for one thank god that this demonised nation, our German brethren had the leadership of such a great man. So next time you see Hitler in a meme grouped with Lenin, Stalin, Mao see it for what it really is, another part of the Jew dialectic pointing you in the wrong direction. It is also important to remember this:, Japan also implemented a similar social economic system during the 1930’s and a similar system was implemented as early as 1860 (a legacy of Russia’s Tsar Alexander I (1801-25) ) resulting in super economies also void of the Jew.

In fact show me a normal nation under attack from enemies outside its boundaries that allow those same enemies to freely roam and wreak havoc within the boundaries. Yet that is the situation we are facing today. The enemy at the door and within the gates as the activated puppets of the Jewish tribe-Anarchists, Marxist and Zionists and cross party puppets agitate the same tensions that promote fratricidal wars and artificial divisions that sustain their usurious system.

Read it yourself just in this one book alone ‘The Case for Germany’ A P Laurie 1939 ch 5/6/7 which also details the misinterpretation of Mein Kampf by the Allied powers and the (((league of nations))) who had denied Hitler membership because of his economic system, but have galvanised since victory as the in-waiting Global government.

(((United Nations))) = (((Global Jewish Bankers United))).


Instead of navigating through confusion and in many cases serious mental distress, all workers of today inc, self-employed and more so, those in the depleted civil and military services should heed the warnings because their divisive political system with its open door and corrosive policy still have us in this evil cycle that continues to deplete your investments and inheritance. I also advise the actor Gary Oldman to face facts that he has helped the Jew deceive the public in their new (((Hollywood))) blockbuster “The Darkest Hour” playing Britain’s greatest traitor the sexually compromised Churchill.

Nevertheless calling our people racist and Anti-Semitic has done plenty of psychological damage to the Caucasoid people. Using the ‘Holocaust construct to initiate false guilt in Europe this name calling has provided the Jew and his tools a weapon that is conveniently launched to conceal his criminal acts. The Caucasoid/Arian needs to awaken to the fact that name calling does not conceal criminality.

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’

The fact is that Jewish terrorists have slaughtered their way to power and are still by deception and decades of nepotism dominating over Europeans. Yet it is their ability to precondition the masses with what is known as an “outcome variable” (dialectics) to always favour their official history; the application of a simple mathematical equation as political correct strategy, that has castrated us into submission. The Jew is fully aware that his tribe is the global accountant (recorder of digital money) and custodian of debt-based usury. He is aware of the long-term consequences of failing to preserve the cycle that increases tribal inheritance (liabilities over the goyim); that in doing so each individual Jew enjoying all the benefits of screwing the larger host nation will be forfeit and once the Caucasian is aware of this parasite in his midst there will be no mercy.

National Socialism with its message of racial unity has always been the remedy to Jewish constructs and it is not just exclusive to our folk. The formula adapts to suit all people and their nations (See Green Book – Qaddafi ). This is why many non-European nations joined forces with German National Socialists during WWII. However Pax Judaica within its Jew global Diaspora still uses the Zionist element of the Asiatic casts as a Trojan horse to subvert power over goyim governments particularly in Western Europe. So remember, National Socialism will never be formulated without alluding to the only leader who ultimately put it into practice -Adolf Hitler, otherwise it would be like making an apple pie without apples. Similarly mentioning the Balfour declaration without alluding to the Jew would be like leaving out the main ingredient to the recipe of arsenic. The Jewish tribal in Hollywood and all their multimedia buddies needed to turn the remedy for all gentiles-(National Socialism) into a monster, loading the subject matter with decades of lies and myths because if the goyim knew the truth the Jewish gravy train is threatened. In his own words Hitler stated:

”A Socialist is one who serves the common good without giving up his individuality or personality or the product of his personal efficiency. … Our adopted term “Socialist” has nothing to do with Marxist Socialism. Marxism is anti-property; true socialism is not. Marxism places no value on the individual, or individual effort, or efficiency; true Socialism values the individual and encourages him in individual efficiency, at the same time holding that his interests as an individual must be in consonance with those of the community. All great inventions, discoveries, achievements were first the product of an individual brain. It is charged against me that I am against property, that I am an atheist. Both charges are false.”

Adolf Hitler. Daily Express. September 28, 1930

“We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

“In my scheme of the German state, there will be no room for the alien, no use for the wastrel, for the usurer or speculator, or anyone incapable of productive work.”

Adolf Hitler

Is this not in stark contrast to the international Marxism promoted as ‘socialism’ with its track record of mass genocide (Holodomor Genocides)?

Noahide Laws

The objective of the Jew is to have all gentiles/goy follow their Halakha and the 7 Noahide laws of Noah!

Stealthy and Incremental… “Dr Lorraine Day Tells About the Passing of the Noahide Laws”  and here……“Now the Government can legally kill Christians” 

Listen to what the Rabbi says here…..

As Jewish ‘scripture’ the Noahide law can only ever be interpreted by the Jew. Therefore, if the Jew ultimately reaches his higher goal of global dominance he expects all the goyim races who the Jew views as cattle (goyim) to eventually comply with these so-called ‘moral’ laws. Nevertheless, the word ‘moral’ to the Jew is a conveniently ambiguous word as its interpretation depends on the discretion and will of the Jew. Even today he sits protected under his creation of political correctness; name calls (anti-Semite) to deflect his crimes and applies international (Jewish) law as a strong arm over and above National sovereignty. With the power the tribe already weald, if the Jewish New World Order is not yet here then when it does emerge you can bet our deal will only get worse! Get on the wrong side of the Jew then and he can interpret of any breach of his law any way he pleases. Once the goyim submits to this cult he will always be vulnerable because the rules will always depend on the temperament and interpretation of the Jew. How can you comply to a constantly changing situation (Trotsky’s Constant Revolution aimed only at the goyim) Notice how distorted Shetar statutes are. The law directed by the Jew is already moving in this direction to silence unoficial thinkers.

Well take note goy! Their Noahide predicts the coming New World Order were all goyim men, women and children will be Jewish property and therefore available for their sexual needs, Man will be defenceless against all actions from his Jew master who will own, slave and suffer him the indignity of the imposed cult. This Noahide code is the legacy that the Jewish Zio-Marxist finger puppets are helping deliver to all our offspring.

An advanced pattern for our future is accelerating fast today in Palestine were the Jew openly wields his Yiddish hand of ‘Bolshevik butchery‘ having sent forth the next level of Military Rabbis under the guidance of Halakha and Noahide to cleanse and subvert the Palestinian goyim (non Jew). Meanwhile the Jew media tries to blind side the gullible goy of the West for support………… “The Occupation of the American Mind – Israel’s Public Relations War in the US (2016)”

The only logic of the Noahide is that it binds the Jew to his truth and so he is duty bound to inform the goyim of his fate. The Jew does this in its own twisted and cryptic logic of deception that the cult allows in order to avoid discovery. Hollywood and other Jewish-controlled media is a prime example of public notice. A particularly significant warning was the recent made for TV series of a dystopian future ‘The handmaid’s tale. In a typical Jewish inversion the emblems and regalia of National Socialist and Fascist organizations are used to expose Zio-Marxist dogma and this is a consistent theme churned out of Hollywood. In fact, Noahide laws are applied though these alien supremacist cult fiction in order to deflect attention from their fast approaching totalitarian Jew World Order. It is the Jewish way of agitating decades of indoctrinated fear to undermine the spirit of Caucasoid/Arian/European while reinforcing fratricidal war and artificial social division. Maybe the $1,000,000 Dan David Prize from Israel influenced the writer “Margaret Atwood” into creating a twisted logic of National Socialism in her book “The Handmade’s Tale”. The prize was a gift for her outstanding creative achievement in helping deflect Jewish supremesism and their global third wave feminism that continues to divide sexes which is diametrically opposite to that of National Socialism.……… (Listen to this US presidential candidate being interviewed by NBC News From May 21)

How much more hate does our race have to endure from this alien Jewish tribe before our folk shove their politically correct straight jacket right up their Khyber pass and take back with pride our sacred symbol that has represented our Caucasoid/Aryan folk for over 15,000 years…. The Sun of life.

The Jew has disarmed the spirit and will of our people making most susceptible to nihilism that makes it easier for (((their))) proxy army of occupiers to squat. It is the Jewish Zio-Marxist occupying European governments that purposely uproots the non European races by means of war. Their hatred is then misdirected at the European which is officially sanctioned by the Jew to stampede over Europe wealding a well bonded faith and spirit. Meanwhile, our folk are defrauded, robbed, raped and murdered in our own land. Criminalised and demonised if we speak out thus as a consequence faith, hope and spirit has been engineered out of us.

Having had insight into this inconvenient truth it makes me sick hearing programmed Zio-Marxist critics condemning our youth for their irresponsible or pointless lives.

I know that our youth have been purposely sent forth with a distorted road map.

‘Good things are easily destroyed but not easily created’ Germany, January 10, 2018. Jewish controllers continue their cleansing spree.

1, Flag of the Noahide

2, Flag of Jewish Autonomous Oblast 

3, NHS Phony Coroni stay safe flag programming children and the clap happys.

4, The Homosexual flag, or can all this be just another mind and birth control cohen’cidence ?

This Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev admits to wanting to annihilate the White Race.

Listen to the ‘Confessions of Zionists’ – Thomas Dalton, PhD


Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin sensing that something is amiss and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance.” ― Henri Bergson


If the global debt is currently over 49 trillion, to whom do we owe it to exactly?

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  1. pan283
    January 25, 2018

    No matter how hard they try, they can’t hide those noses. Great article, shared and liked.

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  2. pan283
    January 25, 2018

    Reblogged this on Peter Cooney Enabler and commented:
    No matter how hard they try, they can’t hide those noses. Great article – The Kosher Nosetra


  3. larryzb
    January 26, 2018

    Yes, let us have the truth of the 1930s and 1940s out in the open.

    My lament is: Why can Jews not live peaceably in a host country without constantly trying to subvert that host country’s culture and values?

    The Jewish revolutionary nature drives Jews mad, and they act from that madness.

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  5. Sav
    January 27, 2018

    Why are Jews even allowed to exist,there terrorists and as soon as Israel is nuked we can then have world peace,


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  7. Mawloud Ould Daddah
    February 4, 2018



  8. Tommy Roberts
    February 7, 2018

    Nice Work


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  16. PeterQuiggins
    June 4, 2018

    Richard Walther Darré

    ‘Maintaining the health of our farmers is the primary foundation for the prosperity of industry for german business and for foreign export’,_Walter_Richard_Darré.jpg/220px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_119-2179,_Walter_Richard_Darré.jpg

    “The German peasant, who had been on the verge of
    utter ruin, was given an honored status as the source of the nation’s food supply, his land
    was released from the grip of the Jewish usurer and measures taken to ensure that it should
    “remain permanently in the possession of one family, handed down from father to son.” 319” The book “Which way western man” by William Gayley Simpson:


    The the most dangerous man to Jewish usury ‘Adolf Hitler’ who against all odds and many assassination attempts on his life by the banker crime families still managed to revive Germany’s European pride and spirit and created using the Feder economic model without the backing of gold or Jewish illusion, the only truly socialist ideology to have ever existed. No way were the Jewish Banker crime families going to allow this ‘broken free’ rogue nation to retain for its folk 100% employment, protect agrarian production, ban mortgages, offer interest free loans and pay married couples to have children. This contagion had to be stopped in its tracks before it liberated the whole of Europe!’.

    “The deception also continued to deceive the sovereign British people. Not even aggressive oil sanctions that international Jewry placed on ‘NSDP Germany’ could stop the rise of natural order. The NSDP with their creative and defensive measures were the pioneers in making synthetic oil from coal, This, alongside a Feder economic monetary system reinforced independence and self sufficiency. Unlike today where Intentional Jewry still use (((oil and banking))) to bait nations into submission. 1………, 2…….,. The war was not about fighting the Germans’! It was about the Corporations/Judaism deceiving the Europeans” Peter Quiggins Killer Culture ”

    ”A Socialist is one who serves the common good without giving up his individuality or personality or the product of his personal efficiency. … Our adopted term “Socialist” has nothing to do with Marxist Socialism. Marxism is anti-property; true socialism is not. Marxism places no value on the individual, or individual effort, or efficiency; true Socialism values the individual and encourages him in individual efficiency, at the same time holding that his interests as an individual must be in consonance with those of the community. All great inventions, discoveries, achievements were first the product of an individual brain. It is charged against me that I am against property, that I am an atheist. Both charges are false.”
    Adolf Hitler. Daily Express. September 28, 1930

    Hitler had created a new monetary system for the Germans, called the Labor Treasury Note. He had outlawed usury, by punishment of death, and created a new Deutschmark that was backed only by productive German physical and intellectual labor. His method cut out the cancerous,international banking cabal, and was also the blueprint for shattering the NWO. The Rothschild cabal was about to be out on their asses, in more countries than just Germany. They had to burn Germany from end to end to stop this financial revolution from taking root on an international scale, because the world was watching the German economy as it took off like a rocket, after the parasitic banksters were deleted from the equation. In fact, the holocaust story exists really to distract people from Germany’s economic miracle.

    “National Socialism will never be formulated without alluding to the only leader who ultimately put it into practice -Adolf Hitler, otherwise it would be like making an apple pie without apples. Similarly mentioning the Balfour declaration without alluding to the Jew would be like leaving out the main ingredient to the recipe of arsenic”


  17. mike carroll
    January 27, 2019

    never too late to go rat hunting…

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  20. Monika
    May 20, 2020

    Another excellent article Peter!
    I just clicked on the very last video link “Love your Race” and it is gone – censored out. I guess it is dangerous and offensive to love our people. Dangerous to our eternal enemy that is, if we wake up to this natural inclination to love our people. It is the kind of thing they invert and call “Hate”.

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  21. milissa61
    October 3, 2020

    Reblogged this on Site Title.


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