Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

Israel’s Jackal!

“Re Notre Dame Paris and Sri Lanka …..

Once again” strip down the dialectic” to, pattern recognition, basic arithmetic on the balance of probability and conclusions are far from “Muslim”, but the Jew-controlled media weapon of distraction, “terror and indulgence” for us is the name of the game.

The question should be, who benefits more from clashing Islam and the Muslims with Spiritual Europe and the Europeans than the (((cowards in the background))), the usual suspects, the Torah’rist Jews. Why is it of benefit to the Muslims, when it is easy to see how it’s of more benefit to those who wish to hold up Judy to be rattled by Punch.

Maybe this Shabbos goy (non-Jw), in the following vid, with his insurance “bond shareholder friends” is leveraging another double dip’, just like the 5 detained, then set free dancing Israeli’s during their “911” 3 towers, trigger for “war insurance” Scam!   Link to vid here…….

All these patterns are (((Kehilla))) triggers… signaling (((their))) in the loop Masonic/Shabbos goy (non-Jew) bond traders to pay attention and invest in their (((NWO))) futures market where Jewish Dominion/Noahide law of solvency and security has been (((promised))) to those “Shabbos” willing to dance and suck bris, to lockjaw for their Yiddish master. But! we all know the Jw (((promise))) can be likened to Aesop’s fable: “The frog and the scorpion”.

Yes said the frog I will give you a ride on my back over the river if you  promise not to sting me. Ok said the Scorpion as he jumps on for the ride… next minute zap’…. and the frogs in a coma.

“Well, what did you expect’ I’m a Scorpion, that’s what I do.”

Double dipping is a Yiddish business which is why you must consider these re-kindled, “solvent and profitable” border and religious wars haemorrhaging into the African nation of “Niger”… remember “Niger” became the very last, wafer thin, bastion holding back a stampede of African refugees once the (((Central bankers))) with their (((Democracy trick))) had terminated the awakened Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The mass exodus of fleeing refugees is once again, on the move to Europe and other European nations from “Chad” Congo, Nigeria, Algeria, Libya, masses of Niger’s African neighbors fleeing Israel’s … “Solvent” and once again! “Solvent” Warhorse “Boko Haram and Isis” and other minority factions and private mercenary groups. Jw media reports re the issue are either down played, or distracted into obscurity.

Mali coup: UN joins global condemnation of military takeover – BBC News

You only need track the rat run of Ruth Feigenbaum and the benevolent humanitarian Jewess, friends and “The Travelling Rabbi”, in Zimbabwe, the empty shell of the former civilised country Rhodesia. Now, has a legion of open cheque-book charity front groups, another laundering arm for Israel to asset strip, through, medical, regional and border conflicts.

The following link gives a great timeline re the African and middle east crisis while revealing Israel’s poison chalice as philanthropy.

“The Zionist Infestation Of Africa: Zimbabwe To Uganda, Congo To Somalia And Beyond”

The criminal banker families are in the process of “manufacturing defaults” re China’s offshore investments, in order to trigger into action (((their))) overseas emergency plans.

“Lender’s Remorse? China finds Africa Projects require a growing wave of Debt Forgiveness”

“China’s vast investment in Africa hits a snag in Congo”

“Congo sends in troops to guard Chinese-owned copper mine amid fears of human rights abuses” (Kaifeng Jw’s)

Israel’s “staged sabre rattling” has already started!… “US and China tensions soar over military base in Africa – ‘Irresponsible actions’..” 

“Migrants from Congo and Angola arriving in San Antonio, Texas and Portland, Main”

The Jews of China ; “A Thousand Years of Jewish Settlement in China”

Jews in Asia; “Crazy Rich Asian Jews – Singapore’s Least-known Elite”

Coordinated land swipes are rampant across “Africa and middle east” supplying the immigration stampede …. ie Israel’s Saudi Royal Family bring war torn “Yemen” almost to submission. .. More than five million children in Yemen risk starving to death as food and fuel prices soar”

Hiding amongst this African exodus are even more seasoned and solvent jackal reinforcements for the already settled, in waiting sleeper agents, 5th Columnists ready to shipwreck the European economy which can’t happen without, race and religious bating to trigger, and start up a race and religious war, objectively to wipe out the demographic footprint of their ultimate “nemesis” = “Europeans/Whites/Caucasoid” to roll out a new monetary system from which point their easily manipulated Trojan war horse, no longer solvent will gradually be culled into manageable units in order to continue shepherding the mass into (((their))) cycle of divisive politics. …. See here… Manipulating global economys,……. and here……. 

The Long March

If you study history, politics and the Rabbi’s magic Lantern “TV” with a critical eye with an understanding of (((their))) secret ingredient that they use and abuse to denigrate and guilt the European into submission with psychological terrorism through the “Marxist Dialectic”, being a distorted version of “Hegelian’s dialect (Hegel’s observations of natural behavior) only then will conclusions start to unravel. Seeing repetitive patterns which, for millennia the money changers have used on us “Goy” to socially change the mood, demographics and cultural landscape and attitude of nations while playing global table tennis with economies of each, transferring at will, financial and economic power to their next level of global policing now being seen as “(((Harbin, Shanghai and Kaifeng Jews)))” former puppet masters to the old psychopath leader “Mao Tse Tung”, deep seated oriental looking Jews who are now in full control of China through their so-called! “economic miracle”, the miracle that over decades (((Marxist worker’s unions))) around the world helped transfer “labour and production” in the guise of “strikes”, redundancies, automation, health and safety rules/reg’s, minimum wage and the class war” Scam! while the power of the (((merchants))) media weapon of distraction taught us to leisurely consume and without guilt “indulge” but produce nothing!! ….

Yes (((Jews))) behind the rise to power of Mao Tse Tung in China who murdered 80 million countrymen’…. and nationalists, being the last line of defense of any nation is always (((their))) ultimate target ….. Link here….     here…….  and here….. 

Take note! Jw’s do not fit into a stereo-type that their Hollywood propagandists like to portrait. (See my “Pinterest” photo album of Chameleons) ... Link here

These Chinese looking Jews have certainly done a genocidal job and blended in amongst an unaware automaton, in waiting Police force”, a well-groomed “Goy” force, fuelled on misguided colonial fictions of perdition that induces hate towards the Europeans which, to the unaware and well-groomed 1.386 billion Chinese folk justifies redemption against the, now fluoridated, and vaccinated Europeans who’s declining birth-rate, street gang drug wars, mental health, cancer and induced apathy epidemic has turned us into profitable customers and more so! sitting ducks for the Jw’sh banker crime families….. Wake up we are being “Monsanto and Sassoon” culled!

It must also be noted! a “pendulum axe” swings over China’s “goy work force” in the guise of automation. Is this part of the trigger to help their (((Bolshevik masters))) reprogram and stampede a global army to expand their “George Orwell’s Dystopia”, the road map that shepherds us closer to their “Jewish Dominion/Noahide Law” ……  Inside China’s High-Tech Dystopia’

For Israel to mobilise a major part of its global Police force “China”, the nation/people of China would have to believe a major financial catastrophe is looming and one such example that stinks of mortgage manipulation meant to brace up the Chinese while instilling a false sense of security in the west is the recent article in the (((Telegraph Jws’paper))) 26th April 2019 “China can no longer afford the Silk Road, and that is a blessing for the world”.. But! One must consider Israel/Jw’s being the “Shetar” global accountants in the background, always holding “foreseen bail out solutions” Will trigger another major situation in the west that will enable them to send forth the rest of their customers (China’s military) to protect “China’s offshore land banks” which are already being manned and secured in ie Africa, Canada, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc to name but a few. It doesn’t take a genius to work such an outcome for “Hypothecated/pledge/Shetar contracts” in wait for defaults to justify land transfers as was previously discussed in the “Yiddish Ambush”. Link here..…..

5 African Nations Most in Debt to China | China Uncensored

Yes… Israel has this well-groomed, in wait global police force, buttressed with Putin’s USSR Jw’Bolshevik old guard and their in waiting Eurasian (also filled with hate fuelled Goy) foot soldiers, this is (((their))) final push for world dominance that will deliver the in waiting monetary system “similar to, or if not Putin’s “BRICS” banking miracle.

China’s Ancient Jewish Enclave: By Matthew Fishbane


So what is the remit for Chinas puppet leader “Xi Jinping”?

When will “real, cultured, unmolested Chinese nationalists” stand up and spearhead sovereign rights, to then honour blood and soil for their folk? Link here.. is this a chink in the armour!

Just consider these few patterns of distraction to date:

1, New Zealand attack on Muslims v white supremacist March 15th, 2019

2, Philippines another massacre of Christians 16th March 2019

3, Paris Notre Dame 15 April 2019

4, Numerous unspoken of Church and religious attacks against spiritual Europeans and Christians across the world.

5, Now the Sri Lankan Christian Easter massacre 21st April 2019

6, The recent IRA shooting of the homosexual journalist 18th April 2019, another (((Ju Bank of England and US federal))) signal to rally all Marxists/atheists to (((their))) anti-white (Caucasoid) global push.

Question? “Why does Ju media always associate blame to Muslims yet no significant Imam comes out in their defense! except that is, “Ahmed Bhamji the high office Muslim who blames Israel for the New Zealand Mosque shooting, now getting basted with hate for voicing out loud his observations, blaming “Mossad” because, just like the spiritual Europeans being fed up of accepting blame, he is also sick of it……. See video link here

The patterns are endless …. so beware the “Wahhabi Trojan horse” which is Israel/Judaism by proxy … Wahhabi Saud’s are Jews hiding in Islam …

An open cheque

There is an unspoken of pact between “Muslims/(((Zio-Wahhabi))) and Jw’s” giving Muslim community freedom to stampede freely, across western nations and on arrival making them “solvent”. The negotiability from the outset was for the Jw’s to establish Israel and secure a global central banking system, and in return Muslims (((Zio-Wahabbi))) where to protect Israel and be allowed to gift out interest-free money known as (Sharia finance) void of Ribba/Usury issued through their Imams to their Semitic cousins.

Sharia finance is guaranteed through the (((Money changers))) which puts all westerners at a disadvantage and each generation western nations sees their inheritance being plundered in their “Usurious scam” almost to depletion. Similar privileges also apply to all “in the loop” (friends of Israel) Goy “puppet politicians” of the masonic class in all (((central bank))) occupied nations.

The Muslims are being used by the (((Zio-Wahhabi/Jews))) as a spearhead, a Trojan horse for the (((International money changers))) = (((Jw’s))) …

“Islam is the broom of Israel; know this, that is to say, that instead of us doing the work, we send Ishmael [the Arabs] to solve the problem.” — Rabbi Rav David Touitou.

I will spell it out! …… Notice I say Wahhabi….(((Wahhabi are Jews))) hiding in Islam, there is nothing Islamic about (((Wahhabi))) they are all Zionists helping Israel fund the chaos across the world making sure we shadow box in the wrong direction.

Take note…… Mentioning the word Jew or Muslim is not anti-Semitic or racist, Semitism is a language, and be sure of this”, Their Anti-Semitic trick is not about the hate for Jw’s,…. it’s about who Jw’s hate which is a tribal mental state of extreme racism ‘lok’sizm‘ to be superior over the “Goyim”. Link here ……

So don’t be afraid of the “SemAntic” table tennis argument, or they’re long worn out …..”You’re a racist” card that’s meant to PC silence us all into submission… Say it out loud Islam is (((Israel’s Trojan horse))) and Jw’s are the puppet masters.

Now consider this simple, paint by numbers formula!

If I say it’s the:

Zionists, you confidently comment!

Nazis, Illuminati, Banker’s, Muslims, you confidently comment!

Vatican, Royals, Free Masons, Globalists, immigrants, you confidently comment!

Capitalists, Jesuits, Catholics, NWO, you confidently comment!

But! If I say it’s the “Jw’s”… your comment trembles” and you call me names… Yet” global laws rapidly change in their favor”, and still you can’t decipher facts, but yet I’m” still crazy!!

It has been said many times “truth is hate to those who hate truth” … Which is why laws are rapidly changing to silence us into submission, in a Yiddish problem, reaction, solution strategy, race baiting, and slowly shutting down the www’eb…. while gun grabbing/disarming and silencing western nations, meantime the baiting continues to clash both Islam and Christianity to be sure that all “Goy” are disarmed and being pointed in the wrong direction.

The same logic applies to the mysterious spate of knife crimes, re drug turf, and young buck wars that may result in each of us, needing, for home use, a “knife license” to butter a piece of toast if we don’t cull this global Ju problem’, …….. Wake up “Goy” from your apathy and slumber!

Politically correct policy has castrated us into a submissive silence which is why many will view this post as toxic as our food chain because it challenges their short term security and indoctrination.

So don’t be thinking (((their))) Democracy trap will result in a solution for us “Goy”, the trick that subverts Britain’s sovereignty and our unwritten constitution, the trap which also applies to all nations now conditioned to demand it for themselves.

Blood and Soil

No solution will materialize unless we stop corroborating with the Ju and “you/we forcefully” demand, secure a “National Socialist leader” who is willing to forcefully reclaim our sovereign rights, unwritten constitution and bond a Gottfried Feder economic guarantee, from blood and soil = “Autarky” being the ultimate remedy to feed and bring peace to the world, the road to global redemption, the economic model which will instantly sink the “criminal banker families” ….. Outright!  link 1 here.....      link 2 here…..

The absence of this common sense solution reveals to many of us that all “Shabbos Goy” (non-Jw) politicians are working for their (((Ju’sh criminal banker family masters))) .. ….Fact! … link here …….     here……...

The warnings are in full view, Europe is at war again, and at this point, we all should be realising by now how sad it is to think our boys died for the wrong reasons during WWI/II. The reality was they were sent to suffocate an interest-free banking system under the well-primed “assumption” that it was to save Jw’s from racism and supremacy when in fact it was to secure their (((Jw’sh Shetar” and their Usury scam))) = (((Jw’sh Bank of England and their Federal Reserve))) It was our misguided military who were sent forth to take back control, from Germans, who had successfully liberated the European banking system.

Our boys where sent in to fight our European brothers and sisters under the premise of “King and country”, shadow-boxing, in order to burden us all to this day with a cycle of Shetar and banker Usury = compound debt slavery that now/then spread (((their democracy trick))) to displace and shift communities from nations around the globe to force on the people/nations, (((their central banking system))), historically and contemporary, at the point of a gun.

Yet the unspoken of remedy for world peace will always be that same interest-free banking system as was implemented through the “Gottfried Feder economic model”. The powers that be tremble at the thought of the masses advocating such a system but political correctness are the cuffs to keep us all silent on this pivotal matter.

Now consider all the above as we enter their new Brexit for Britain trick….”In” or “Out” will continue to retain “the Jw Shetar and Usury” alongside that which their (((Marxist EU))) gifted us …. “Political correctness” to keep us all silent……..

Think about it ….They have us shadow boxing once again but this time imagine if back then we had joined the Gottfried Feder system how your inheritance would have compounded into infinity for your family had we sustained that interest-free banking system across Europe and the globe…..

God bless the memory and fighting spirit of our boys historically and contemporary who had/have only good intentions but were/are being lied to.

Ban Usury and advocate the Gottfried Feder economic model in order to reverse the chaos and help to get us back to natural order or the west is finished…..Ban Usury!

Because Israel is rapidly accumulating all your inheritance through …. terrorism and … “Their Shetar“and Usury … legal scam….

Say no to the “Shetar” ……..

Say yes to “Interest-free banking” ….

The Feder economic model works …..

Voice, and demand it out loud or the public will remain ignorant of the “ultimate remedy” for “world peace” but be alert to anti-Caucasoid/white, symbols of hate and rainbow birth control! ie (((✡ Ⓐ ★ ✊🏴🌈☮🕎☭w’s)))


All the unofficial observation within this post and previous posts may give people unofficial thoughts on matters that unofficially concern them.

Please unofficially excuse my observations and continue hating “truth and diversity” which is killing “diversity and truth” …because “officially truth is hate and racist”. …..

Forced diversity and my white privilege is unofficially affecting me and may be in need of official help.

Please contact (((officialdom))) if you have been hurt by my unofficial observations and thoughts in order for my reprogramming and shepherding back into …

“stare crazy”……. Or if not!

Banned video selection re Israel’s sitting in wait global police force! “China”

Further reading here:

1, “Who Will Invest In Innovation Free Asia?”

2, Unity is our… Power!

3, The Antithesis – Part 2/5 – Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business …..

4, The Cohan19 scam 

16 comments on “Israel’s Jackal!

  1. larryzb
    April 26, 2019

    Clearly it is the damn Jews.


  2. thefedermodel
    April 27, 2019

    I bet not so many know about the interest free Sharia loans for Muslims in our countries, where we have to sign up for 30% at cost of losing everything if the, out of our control, eco-no-money fails. Luckily we have dependable politicians to rely on, knowing they won’t be making £1.6 tln contracts with the Wahhabis, or that we can use our own oil and not pay the Wahhabi’s, or that all manner of Semitic jibba jabba is in our beeswax.
    When they say it’s open season on White People, they mean on their interests as well as their physical selves. All the children, and the unborn, are being deliberately robbed of a future. Meanwhile the comatosed will wave the flag of Israel before applauding what our own home nations have achieved and can achieve. There’s nothing worse than anti-European Europeans and unfortunately they’e been bred to be exactly that for the most part.
    Why is it when Anarchists run rife and willy nilly causing political chaos amid political turmoil everyone thinks it’s a normal occurrence. It’s very frustrating when the kernel of Anarchism is deeply rooted in Jewish created Communism. From Karl Marx, a Jew, Leon Trotsky, a Jew, to Jews like Peter Mandhelson, Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Netenyahu and Maurice Blank the baseline of their operations is clear. From Robert Maxwell, a Jew, Max Clifford, a jailed Jew and Phillip Green, a Jew who should be in jail, to Lord Janner, a Jew who dodged jail to Lord Neuberger, a Jew who runs the jails they have it pretty well sewn up. Yet people look at the shiny trinkets of Saudi Arabia and the OPEC riches allowed/bestowed upon the sand rich country of oil production that just happens to neighbour their apparent insignificant Semitic cousins, Israel.
    People would have a heart attack if they saw the funding operations granted by, through and for Israel from such mysteries as the unevidenced Holocaust. The robbing of the Romanov Dynasty, the Chinese, the US and the Jewish administration of the Jewish Federal Reserve, with such Jews as Alan Greenspan, Janet Yellen and others there, while on the flipside at the US Treasury such Jews as Jack Lew, Timothy Geithner and Steve Mnuchin seem to manage to be blamed as part of the US monster, but when it comes to them being Jewish all bets are off and they get a free pass… BECAUSE THEY’RE JEWISH!!! C’mon… People need to wake up, because there’s a bleak future while Jews and their covert empire continue to boss world affairs.

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  3. PeterQuiggins
    February 9, 2020

    America beware; Pategonia could be another bridge head for Israel.


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  8. PeterQuiggins
    May 15, 2020

    Punctuating the New World Order = Jew world order… JWO


  9. mattACAB
    April 3, 2021

    Reblogged this on matthias331 and commented:

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  10. PeterQuiggins
    May 3, 2021

    Israeli Arms Trade in South Sudan Was Disguised as “Agriculture”“Agriculture”

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  11. PeterQuiggins
    July 13, 2021


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  12. PeterQuiggins
    December 2, 2021

    CIA = Mossad

    When the shit hits the fan in the UK and Europe, Mossad will feed their trojan horse (young immigrant influx) “Captagon pills” to fuel their killing instincts, which will have our folk running around like headless chickens, still cuffed with politically correct semantics without a clue to what’s happening, while mossad’s UK government play out a mock fight back with our puppet military and civil service.

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  13. Flanders
    June 5, 2022

    Let’s not forget to “Remember the Liberty”.

    .Information about the attack which most Americans don’t even know about, and about the Crypto-jew who played a major part in the USS Liberty slaughters and cover-ups, as well as in many other damaging actions against America and the entire world:

    “Remembering the USS LIBERTY Attack – June 8, 1967”
    “LBJ & the Zionist Cover-up of the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy”

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  14. Flanders
    June 5, 2022

    “Communist China was created by Jewish infiltrators working for the International Banking Cartel”
    “Communist China was created by the Jews and serves their interests.”
    Chinese communists recite the jewish ADL’s propaganda, saying …. – People’s Daily Online

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  15. Flanders
    June 5, 2022

    That last China online link:
    “Research finds white supremacy propaganda on rise in U.S.”

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  16. PeterQuiggins
    June 26, 2022

    “Likewise, the communist bosses in Russia, practically all of which are Jews, have accumulated unto themselves all the riches of the countryside. While the communist slave laborer is toiling away twelve hours a day and then comes home to a dingy, dirty, filthy, crowded little apartment shared with other families, his Jewish bosses have opulent palaces spread all over the countryside. They drive the best of cars, chauffeur driven, of course, and eat the best of foods. Not only that, but they have the best of planes at their disposal to fly wherever they see fit to govern their slave laborers. These Jewish communist bosses usually also have at their disposal imported clothes and tailors and a galaxy of servants. When they need a rest from running their slave empire, they have private villas on the Black Sea or other choice vacation spots at their beck and call. And so it goes in the Proletarian Worker’s Paradise.”


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