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La Patagonia argentina y chilena en peligro

Question: Patagonia? What is that?

Answer: Patagonia is the vast, immensely rich, sparsely populated, southern area of ​​South America, extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Shared by Argentina and Chile, Patagonia has been a clear objective of the global power elite for more than a century, being listed as its future “refuge.” There is evidence that foreign interests want to appropriate southern Australia.


“It would be of interest to read first my footnote, then watch the attached video before beginning the Hispanic article/blog I copied, that shy’s away from the precious unspoken of … Word!



While we observe the disaster they have made of our world, that “future” may be on the other side of the corner. Aimed by the International Zionist Movement, this silent takeover of Patagonia has progressed dramatically in recent years; not through war and invasion, but through territorial acquisitions, economic infiltration, fifth Israeli columns, global media support and geopolitical positioning.

Last week (Jan 2012), fury emerged in Chile after a group of Israeli “backpackers” set fire to the virgin forest of Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia. The suspect? One Rotem Singer, who was “touring in Patagonia” with other Israeli “backpackers”. They insisted on his innocence in statements to Israel’s military radio. The Chilean authorities, however, arrested him, and even President Sebastián Piñera expressed concern.

Why so much concern? For decades, young Israeli army officers, camouflaged as tourists and backpackers, have been studying, mapping and traveling throughout this vast, rich and sparsely populated region, conspiring, planning … preparing the future?

This is nothing new. 26 years ago, on January 5, 1986, the main newspaper in Argentina, the traditional and prestigious La Nación, published an article under the title ‘Study the settlement of a Jewish colony in Santa Cruz’, citing Israelis studying the area, who say “this is a long cherished project”. It is affirmed that these “carry out a survey of the area, to study the climate, flora, fauna and potential wealth of the place.”

For decades, the Israelis have been systematically “furrowing” this region thanks to the extreme flexibility of the successive governments of Argentina, all extremely permeable and submissive to Zionist influence. This was evidenced in September 2003, when the then Commander in Chief of the Argentine Army, Roberto Bendini, was forced to resign from a media scandal fueled by the local Zionist lobby of the DAIA (Delegation of Argentine Israeli Associations), after Bendini He expressed concern about the presence of Israeli officers posing as “innocent backpackers.”

Again the newspaper La Nación of September 30, 2003, explained that “as for the Israelis, it is important to warn: that there are in Patagonia, there are. They move in groups, are young and speak among themselves in Hebrew. A good part of it comes from the militia. They just took off the uniform of the Israeli army. ”

There is then a justified reason for concern between Argentine’s and Chileans. Especially when considering that the founding father of international Zionism, Theodor Herzl, wrote in 1896 in his book ‘The Jewish State’ (in a chapter with the important title, ‘Palestine or Argentina?’) Things like “We must choose, should we Palestine or Argentina? … Argentina is, by nature, one of the richest countries on Earth, with immense territory, sparse population and moderate climate. The Argentine Republic would have the greatest interest in giving us part of its territory… ”

Let’s move on to the year 2002, when, as we reported in a recent RT article, Argentina collapsed suffering its worst financial crisis and The New York Times suggested that the country should sell Patagonia to pay its sovereign debt.

In Argentina, personalities such as Eduardo Elsztain, the largest landowner in the country, who “turns out to be” the local partner of the Jewish-North American-Hungarian magnate and speculator George Soros (director of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission) are also very active. Elsztain owns large tracts of land throughout Patagonia and also “turns out to be” executive director of the Jewish World Congress and an active militant of the Zionist movement Chabad Lubavitch.

Elsztain is not alone in accumulating millions of hectares of Argentine land using its thousands and billions of dollars in money. He associates informally with Carlo and Luciano Benetton, Ted Turner of CNN and TNT, Douglas Tompkins (American eco-billionaire who owns land especially in Chile), Joseph Lewis (the British owner of Planet Hollywood), Daniel Lerner of Walt Disney Enterprises, Ward Lay owner of the famous french fries, and even the former Treasury Secretary of George W. Bush and executive director of Goldman Sachs, Henry Paulson, through the NGO The Nature Conservancy.

But the Zionists are not alone in this.

The morning of The Telegraph in London just titled an article on January 2, recommending that a nuclear submarine be sent to the Falkland Islands to illustrate the British fury over the decision of South American countries to prohibit entry to their ports of vessels carrying the flag of the islands ”, adding that“ Great Britain should… carry out military exercises in response to the ‘aggressive’ decision of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay to close their ports to ships flying the ‘illegal’ flag of the Falkland Islands ”, occupied by Britain since 1833 and become a powerful nuclear military base against Patagonia and Antarctica since the Falklands War between Argentina and the United Kingdom. The Telegraph concludes by saying that “nobody should have doubts about the British Government’s commitment to support this area, which involves a vast extension of potential mineral-rich waters in the South Atlantic.”

Do we need to remind readers that Britain has been the main engine of the Zionist movement, since its 1917 Balfour Declaration traced the path that led to the violent creation of Israel in 1948, for well-funded terrorist organizations such as Irgun Zvai Leumi, Stern and Hagganah?

Are the elites preparing to seize Patagonia at a good time?

One thing is certain: neither Argentina, nor Chile, nor any other country in South America, wants to see Patagonia become a new Palestine. The world has seen enough Zionist terrorism in those lands.

Original Hispanic article before translation to English: Press here…….

Footnote from PQ:

First, let me put more of a perspective on the Argentina issue!

With reference to the British Government in the above article and video, let it be known it has nothing to do with the Celtic/Anglo Celtic British people” Now, or during the WWII deception” We have all been mislead!

The British Government is the private Jewish Bank of England the relative of the Jewish Federal Reserve Bank in the US, both secured within their own private dominions and Shetar jurisdiction “Washington DC and City of London” both private nation-states within Sovereign nations able to manipulate all goy with debt and blind faith through their divisive party politics that has surrendered our Sovereign and constitutional rights of protection, in doing so, the masters of illusion have been able to confuse all during their business adventures “War, peace, and Philanthropy” and while having us in distraction, have built up a fat economic purse of plunder and a sitting in wait global police force “China” (Harbin and Kaifeng Jews) and “Sleeper 5th Columnist’s” around the world in what has become a strategic Yiddish ambush ready for deployment as and when tensions and conditions prevail. These criminals have already secured the Panama canal and earlier, the Suez canal, these strategic bridgeheads for their proxy armies are well and truly primed.

Now let’s move back onto the above article and concentrate on “Douglas Tomkins” It is said that this billionaie philanthrepist and owner of North Face clothing co, apparently has 4,000 kibbutzes on his properties, resulting in 200,000 Jews secretly residing in the entire Patagonia area, Chile and Argentina combined. Link……,

Now on-to understanding the concept of settling a debt in default with a Jew bank” First off, one must compare it to them repossessing your car, evicting you from your home, or in the case of Argentina, in the above article and video, selling off Patagonia to these same Jews to settle its foreign debt crisis, Yet, under normal circumstances, the debt does not exist” It was a contrived debt to mislead the people, making it easier for them to accept the passive “secession” of their land” just for Israel to gain another Jewish bolt hole procured by economic subversion. So, one should realize the following” for instance in Britain, all money raised from bonds in the absence of a National bank is raised from their empty Usurious banking system” bonds that they sell on the futures stock market to speculators making the Bankers owners of the production in due course” But! now that they have depleted labour and production within Britain, having had 90% transferred to the far East, these usurpers need to create “bonds”, “securities” and “charges” through their Police state “Shetar” court system. This is the devised method for them to create, take, or rent money back to you at compound stock market interest (magic bookkeeping of debt based fresh air) because they know” money can only be initiated with bond guarantees, being the insurance securities from landowners/nations (signatures from the people) making them the preferred stock investment “we” being the bond and shareholders in due course of labor and production, this is what becomes the negotiability. In essence, we have been stripped bare and removed as shareholders only to be replaced” in order for those off-shore Banks to drip feed back to us benefits” in place of our full  entitlements”.

So now look at the case of “Argentina and Patagonia” and their obligation to the Jew banks”! Why not remove the rental hire purchase from the equation” Then bingo!” no debt!” no secession needed”!

For millennia the whole Jew Shetar method has been managed through their puppet politicians and governments who have programmed our unsuspecting folk to accept their distorted ways, and with the absence of knowledge, the jew has enabled piecemeal land banking while forcing all nations into debt slavery, away from their last line of defense, national sovereignty and the Gottfried Feder economic interest-free banking system.

(((These))) were the victors of WWII, the tribe we were warned of who tricked us to fight against an interest free banking system under the auspices of “racism” and “antisemitism”, the tribe we’ve allowed the privilege of being the holders and distributors of money, who over decades have implanted piecemeal unilateral contingencies across the globe” not only to long term preserve their tribe above others, but also, to sustain the privileged lives they’ve become accustomed to.

“A National Socialist economy must be one that prevents monetary gain through lease or financial speculation of any kind (including insurance and similar businesses), which is always reducible to the Jewish idea of profit by possession, the principle behind usury whose mathematically certain conclusion is concentration of all money in the economy under the ownership of the usurers. (“The reason why the Jews and their fabrications find such credence becomes apparent if you take a look at a country like Switzerland. In that country, Tom has milk interests, Dick follows the prices of the grain market, and Harry exports watches.” – Adolf Hitler) 

 “The advantage of a labour-backed currency in this case is that it prevents usurers from disguising their gains behind inflation or other temporal distortions. In a National Socialist state, identification of usurers will be a trivial matter of spotting non-producers who are able to remain solvent”.– Adolf Hitler.

After considering all the above, all the folk of Britain should be asking!

Who owns our National Trust? = Who has control of our land, water, oil and other mineral wealth other than those who we are drip-fed to see as the controllers?

Britain’s recent  political reshuffle Sept 2019 alone stinks of a favorable Yiddish landslide for Israel and their diaspora.

Long term who do you think will survive these race and nation destroyers who use a weaponized actuarial science of “cause and effect”? initiated through war games of problem, reaction solution that advances debt slavery under their Usurious banking system.

If you know of other solvent people who build nation-states within nation-states with such a cut and thrust precision infrastructure other than the usual Hollywood and media programming pointing us all in the wrong direction,! Then please enlighten me”.

As Iv said many times before … To put an end to all this madness!

When will we see all Goyim evict these Yiddish criminals to their well-established autonomous region (the size of Switzerland) of Oblast within the Town of Birobidzhan Siberia. How much landmass is needed to accommodate this impervious tribe?

Be sure to read my additions in the comments below this post! PQ

It’s now time for all goy to stand and face down the Jewish question!

Further reading on the Argentinian subject here……

12 comments on “La Patagonia argentina y chilena en peligro

  1. PeterQuiggins
    October 21, 2019

    Patagonia if needs be could hide a standing in wait military force to suffocate the whole of America.

    So lets see some more cohen’cidental patterns … Oy Vey!

    1. In the early 1990s the Mossad front group “CIA” allowed Jews to sell U.S. secrets to China” doing so for over a decade previous. –

    2. Israel gave the Kaifeng and Harbin Jews of China the Keys to Its Largest Port –

    3. For public consumption ‘Israel’ feigns concern that they may have made a mistake allowing “China to maintain its nuclear submarine array in Haifa! mentioning nothing about their Harbin and Kaifeng Jew cousins leading a NWO Yiddish ambush –

    4. ‘Israel’ in 1982 having provided their Kaifeng and Harbin Jews in China with advanced missile tech that helped upgrade their tank fleet to reinforce Israels defense relationship it also cohen’cidentally. prospered even more so after the events at Tinanemen Square.

    5. Israel and China’s Kaifeng and Harbin Jews’- Increases China’s liability/futures trade debt to $13 billion, approx 260 times what it was in 1992 –

    6. China’s Harbin and Kaifeng Jews gave their Wahhabi Saud cousins explicit backing for their war on Yemen – 


    8. Now tell me its not a from end to end a Zio-Jew war  –

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    • PeterQuiggins
      October 21, 2019

      1. How Jews in Britain Built Thatcherism –

      2. Israel sold weapons to Argentina at height of Falklands War, reveal declassified Foreign Office files

      3. Israel’s choice for the so called parties of the right = London mayoral Argentinian candidate “In English: “In 1982 I volunteered to go to the Malvinas Islands [the Falklands]”.

      4. What Is Israel’s Project in Argentina?

      5. False Flag Attacks in Argentina: 1992 and 1994 by Adrian Salbuchi, James Fetzer –

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    • PeterQuiggins
      October 21, 2019


      “It’s interesting to note when considering the Argentinean connections, their biggest economic group happens to be Jews and home to the foundation trust “CRESUD” owned by two Jew families Eduardo Elsztain and Midling. Owners of 480.000 hectares of Patagonian prime agrarian real estate bordering Chile and Argentina. Connections that also lead to another landmass owner and Zion-loyalist Douglas Tompkins with ties to many Jewish organizations within Argentina and all committed to Israel and their objective for global supremacy.

      Does it beg the question? Are these the associates behind Argentina’s puppet junta who back in 2002 proposed the settlement of the country’s foreign debt crisis in exchange for the secession of Patagonia?

      Is Patagonia the negotiability that could expose the country’s heckles heel and make that area vulnerable to either; a negotiated Jewish takeover or, a War for the Jew to realize the long-awaited, yet silenced Plan Andinia the creation of another Jewish headquarters for their global criminal network.

      Once again! I’m not a lawyer but, how hard can it be to consider all these patterns into the overall evidence when evaluating Israel’s support for Argentina against Britain during the 1982 Falklands war that seen Chile proxy used as the good cop.

      Was their support just for public consumption?”

      #killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL

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      • The Nightingale Files
        September 13, 2020

        They wan’t Venezuela as well, hence the sanctions, Bank of England not giving Venezuela back it’s gold and Trump imposing his freemason mate Guaido to be president. Trump wants to give Venezuela to Netanyahu. Good grief, no wonder the growing presence of ISIS and US spies all over the show in South America.

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  2. Bob in DC
    November 17, 2019

    “Plan Andinia” related article from 2017:

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  3. The Nightingale Files
    December 3, 2019

    Reblogged this on The Nightingale Files.

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  6. PeterQuiggins
    May 31, 2020

    What did the former President of Venezuela “Hugo Chavez” have to say about Israel before he was assassinated ?–Damn-you-State-of-Israel—Damn-You–Terrorist-and-Assassin–


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  7. PeterQuiggins
    September 10, 2020
  8. PeterQuiggins
    April 11, 2021

    Ask yourself…Who benefits from attaching blame to the “British” and “Americans” for “Operation Condor” and “Gladio” ? = Mossad! ..

    Well done Israel your reverse psychology on your chess board is working as planned.

    Clear the board of the last line of defence = Nationalists in order to make it easier for back door communism to control the Panama canal, land swipe Patagonia while strengthening the Iron grip of the (((Jewish central banker crime families))) and now the Suez crisis: Communism blocking the canal! 

    #Peter Quiggins 5th Columnists – Part 3/5 Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business

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