Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

(((Khazar trickery)))

Can anybody else see what I can see concerning the questionable:

their not real )ew’s

Well read on:

If the not real )ews are not real, then the only conclusion is that they are Goyim = us/me/you and everyone who’s not a )ew.

All these divisive, manufactured altercations suit the )’w who forever promotes the conclusion that “Khazar’s are Goyim”….. So if that is the case it makes it our fault that we are seeing diversity being eradicated within our unique European nations’ through forced integration, and witnessing our national society, in general, falling apart.

For those who believe the; “their not real )ew’s” googly! It would be wise to consider this:

How come “ALL” )ews as well as not real )ews benefit from “ALL” )’w tricks that they deceive and plunder from all the Goyim ..behh

At what point in time do “small hats” become “small hats” if, for over 2000+ years they have interbred with real )ews ….

Liken their “Khazar” theory to their well-worn out “out of Africa” and “Ho£ocaust” protection racket! along with the voicing of arguments about poor innocent “Israel” of which, individually helps legitimatise each and everything in the minds of the sheep” while their forever religious bating sustains division among “all” spiritual Europeans. Yet the fact is Palestine which is now occupied by these genocidal pirates is the home to an identical (similar to) “Stone Henge” place of worship built … Wellllllll before any of the officially sanctioned dogmas had established a foothold.

But even if it were true that the “not real )ews” were “not real )ews”…double behhh !

Take this into account;

Under this )ew system, the New-Zealand Maori where allowed a mere 650 years to be accepted as an ethnic group in line with (((their))) global agenda. Yet! the 2000+ year “Khasar joke” were Semite interbreeding has compounded (((their blood))) into a toxic pedigree” at what point do you identify them as )ews!!

Wake up” )ews are laughing chutzpah at us for even debating beyond 10  minutes of this googly.

The same goes for the contradiction of “national” “Bolshevism” which is responsible for the genocide of millions of our European spiritual folk.

The clock is ticking and we are still spending excessive time promoting their illusions when googlies are thrown in to distract us, googlies that lead us into “Straserissm” and “Duganism” arguments which are all part of their National Bolshevist shepherding to keep it/us in the hands of the same (((criminal banker families))) that sustains their controlling mechanism over the Goyim which is “Usury” ie Alternative for Germany or their Pegida parties and groups, or Britain’s EDL and Patriotic Alternative, or even the Alex Jones’s, David Icke’rs, Q.Anon’s and Trump’rs, or Putin’ites which are all managed by the same in the loop… “say Nazi! but, don’t mention the )ews” alt-right gate-keep nonsense that continues to establish the generic semantic “Paganism” that without specifics divides our )ew savvy European spiritual brothers and sisters. Suggesting to me that our spiritual connection to our folk and heavenly father/s has certainly been engineered out of us, having had to, constantly navigate (((their))) dialectic scam.

One should face the fact that we Europeans stand on the shoulders of these so-called “Pagans”. Our more than capable footprint did not begin at the birth of )udeo-Christianity.  Video here…….

At what point did (((their))) dialectic infect our spiritual and intellectual pursuit’s etc. (((their))) cancerous claws are in deep.

I would like to know why a Converso )ew from the 1st century is considered to be more trustworthy than a Converso )ew from the 15th century, after all, it was the Converso (((Paul))) who is credited with three-quarters of the new testament.

Why did we Christians self-sacrifice to an outside (((Usurious))) system which now tramples over our very existence.

The only way to fight this racily motivated parasite is to set aside all these manufactured divisive altercations and unify all Goyim in one cause; “Goyim v )udaism” and replace their “Usurious debt slavery system” with the unmolested Gottfried Feder economic NS system, Feders Autarky is the natural and only way forward for “ALL GOYIM” to bring peace on earth; the philosophical National Social system is meant to be adapted to suite each respective nation” and the only way to remove their “controlling” magic mechanism that they use to create wars, famine and poverty ….. MONEY!. 

The Khazar Joke!

The Khazar hypothesis argues that Ashkenazi )ews are the descendants of the Khazar’s a multi-ethnic collection of peoples who allegedly ‘converted’ to Judaism in the 8th-9th century AD. It is then claimed that it was these ‘)ewish converts’ that migrated into what is now Russia, Eastern Europe and later Northern and Western Europe. It is critical to highlight however, that the primary exponents of this theory are )ewish from the earliest alleged reference to a connection between Khazar’s and Ashkenazic )ews to Benjamin Freedman in a speech given before an audience in 1961 at the Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C and Communist Arthur Koestler in The Thirteenth Tribe first published in Britain in 1976. For further reading

Links to the following “unmolested” site are being blocked –


)ews will hold tightly on to their Shetar power structure for as long as possible, even commissioning a military, civil, and private global protection racket against the goyim, in the hope of continuing to project their crimes of genocide and world chaos onto the goyim, any threats to their power structure will be “stigmata branded” as “extreme” or “terrorist”. How obvious does it have to be now that they have us in free-fall within their planned’emic, Phony Coroni scam that deflects the reality.

No smoke without fire so how do these Talmudic creatures expect us to view them as victims, such a small impervious community yet have so much influence over governments and Royals, to order this global atomic smoke screen, and before your very eyes, the illusion in the attached link is revealed showing the US senate house of swill in its full glory!

109 evictions from various countries across Europe in the past 2000+ years, what small community could stimulate such a reaction.

Well  once again the time has arrived were the sleeping goyim will be tasked with facing facts or accepting politically correct appeasements. But let me enlighten you to a long-standing solution to the JQ “Birobidzhan” the home land that the )ews have silenced into insignificance.”

We witness daily the fabricated excuses for justifying away the biblical land-mass Israel from the Palestinians.

Compliant world governments and (((their))) controlled tabloids have for decades been using ‘dialectic’ distractions on us all, to mislead us into supporting and condoning the Israeli land grab. Imagine applying the same mentality, of giving back Britain to the Celts who were here at least a 1,000 years well before the Anglo Saxon settlements (English) come to these lands! Although both Aryan (racially bonded) it is only our tribal interests that separated our folk and how the )ew has manipulated us. Do you think it would have the same impact and support from world governments? And yet, as if by magic, Israel has taken a mere 74 years to establish a new world-dominating, Imperialist nuclear superpower, based on debt usury; a Talmudic blood sucking paedophile cult with a parasitic nature.

Be alert to anti white symbols of hate and homo-pride birth control! (((✡ Ⓐ ★ ✊🏴 🌈 ☮ 🕎 ☭w’s )))

America beware (((they))) are about to kick in your back door!….. in “The Yiddish Ambush”  

As for us here in Europe ….. further reading here – Israel’s Jackal! The Long March

10 comments on “(((Khazar trickery)))

  1. larryzb
    May 19, 2020

    Dr. Raphael Johnson wrote a piece in The Barnes Review (a US based revisionist magazine) that tells of Russian sources which support the Khazar theory. It certainly would explain why there were so many Jews in the East.

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    • PeterQuiggins
      May 19, 2020

      Cheers larryzb I will follow that up…
      My point is really about;
      At what point in time after millennia of in breading does a, “not a Jew”
      become a full impervious Jew.

      Liked by 1 person

    • pan283
      June 25, 2021

      In juk right now we have a Jew Prime Minister, his name is Johnson, it is a name they use. So, I would have to question the validity of your citing as a credible source to reference.

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  2. pan283
    June 2, 2020

    Reblogged this on Peter Cooney Enabler and commented:
    Find ways to unravel truths, and all roads lead to Tel Aviv.

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  3. pan283
    June 2, 2020

    Great article, shared.

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  4. PeterQuiggins
    July 4, 2020

    Re: The so called capture of Ghislaine Maxwell.

    “Shortly after Janner was accused of child rape Jewish Labour MP Peter Mandelson lobbied Blair to give him a peerage. 

    The child rape scandal has not left Mandelson untouched. Blair is known to have issued ‘D’ notices effectively terminating investigation of several senior members of his government and later Mandelson and his boyfriend’s name appeared in the ‘little black book’ when it was in the possession of Jewish child rapist Jeffery Epstein. Once belonging to Robert Maxwell’s daughter and known to be a list of names to which young children were supplied this would place Mandelson in the same Westminster child sex ring as Janner”. –

    That little black book has enough information to bring down the )w’s and their global shabos goy elite .

    So let’s punctuate a few tell tale signs of this next episode being either “fake” or “legitimate” and ask oneself:

    Will (((their))) :

    1, (((Holocaust protection racket))) survive? 
    2,  (((Phony Coroni Planne’demic))) be exposed? 
    3, (((central banking usury scam))) continue? 
    4, World and National debt” be nullified?
    5, (((forced vaccinations))) be mandatory. 
    6, (((violations))) of our constitutional law of protection continue? 
    7, Criminal bolt hole “(((Israel)))” survive?
    8, Zio-Democracy trap be demolished?
    9. Will the phony war on terrorism survive?
    10, Will the global warming scam continue?…. etc, etc, etc , etc….

    If Autarky, under a Gottfriead Feder economic system (interest free banking void of )w control) is not an option! then look forward to international (((collectivism))) and another Holodomor on a global scale as well as, land and property plunder in the guise of bankruptcies and insolvencies, and watch unofficial thinkers and the www’eb be silenced into infinity…… Oy Vey

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    • Arnieus
      January 16, 2022

      You forgot to mention their ‘global warming’, and ‘war on terror’ scams.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. PeterQuiggins
    June 25, 2021

    “The fact is that Jewish terrorists have slaughtered their way to power and are still by deception and decades of nepotism dominating over Europeans. Yet it is their ability to precondition the masses with what is known as an “outcome variable” (dialectics) to always favour their official history; the application of a simple mathematical equation as political correct strategy, that has castrated us into submission. The Jew is fully aware that his tribe is the global accountant (recorder of digital money) and custodian of debt-based usury. He is aware of the long-term consequences of failing to preserve the cycle that increases tribal inheritance (liabilities over the goyim); that in doing so each individual Jew enjoying all the benefits of screwing the larger host nation will be forfeit and once the Caucasian is aware of this parasite in his midst there will be no mercy.”

    Jewish Dominion


    “Once again it’s not hard to deduce from all the cohen’cidental patterns that these unconscionable Jews have had an intoxicating influence within the Christian bible, still in its infancy this 2000 yr old submissive dogma has allowed them to plagiarize and achieve supremacy over the goyim, having construed and distorted “ancient prophetic script” in a dialectic, which shows us (the capable, spiritual Europeans, and our achievements) as the pariah over humankind and sees the Jew as the selective “dower” by legitimizing their usury scam. Once done, it only took a mathematical equation to conclude a global outcome for themselves using the guise of prophecy to deceive what they see us as being “goyim/animals”. ”

    Plunder Part 6 of 10 .. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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  6. PeterQuiggins
    June 25, 2021

    Oh yes, the so called clever Jews complying with an ancient game plan, an “accounts exercise” against the goyim which is/was a “mathematical equation” that was formulated from their “usury scam”. But the goyim are unaware they exist in any sort of game plan so naively stride through life, till death oblivious to the rules.

    The cleverness of the Jew was injecting us with (((Christian morality))) which goes against gods work. Once the Jew established his usury scam it was plain sailing from that point. 

    There’s nothing clever about a parasite, it always kills it’s host so must find another before it dies.

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