Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’



It’s not hard to see that (((Zio-Governments))) have now made it “lawful” to racially, and or religiously attack/target “unofficial thinkers” and more so, to attack all “Europeans” around the world, in doing so (((they))) have made it even more essential for our folk to find alternative platforms that are friendly, not just to historical facts, but the truth in general.

One such platform I am impressed with to date is the new “GoyimTv” channel which up-to-now is allowing unofficial thinkers to publish thatTHE-MEDIA-BIAS_01-2 which has been “globally outlawed/banned” from other social models et al: Youtube, Google, etc; revealing to me, and others that corporate/Internationalism sees our folk as being pivotal to toppling a major part of their power structure (((Central banking))).

COVID-AGENDA-IS-JEWISH-V3-01It’s becoming more prevalent by the day that Europeans are now officially the new pariah of humanity, not only on the streets, but on social networks, phone monitoring, surveillance and data collecting (mass spying programs), censoring our ability to find truth and understanding to this planed’ emic chaos that is shepherding the uninitiated goyim into solitary confinement.

Yet, the Black Lives Matter trans lash movement, the multi-billion dollar Trojan horse, are gifted aDisney_Jewish-791x1024 free rein, on our streets, to Anarchy and murder without opposition.

The solvent BLM/Trans lash movement mysteriously sprang from college campuses across America and Britain conjoined with the oldest student’s union in the world “Jewish Students Union” JSC UK 200 yr old with headquarters in Israel directing the agenda on how to attack, or transpose victimhood using the malleable youth in nation-states, alongside their Kehilla network to agitate; buttressed with (((their very Biden-Administration-is-Jewishown))), solvent “Self-Défense Committee” nick named “The Jewish Panthers” in every student campus across the world, because it’s not enough pitting global hate among Muslims and Christians so are now accelerating even faster the black and white issues which spin’s on a (((weaponised semantic))) of “white privilege” which is meant to trigger chimp outs in non European groups to silence our folk into submission.

While )w’s stage self inflicted attacks across the globe to gain favour from unaware goyim; Blacks are used by the same central banker slave masters as a spear head in order to configure tighter banking methods and roll out the Noahide Law which is signified by the rainbow Marxist flag that which we have been conditioned to celebrate during our downfall into the abyss. Flag of Noahidism.

What does “Rabbi Goldstein” have to say in a sincere performance of “loxism” before the UN (without their cliché violin) he’s calling to have their Noahide Laws applied globally to secure total control.

I just hope the founders of GoyimTv have the will to resi$t £emptation once established!

My membership mission statement on GoyimTv.

Joined May 4, 2020

1, Have you reached the point of trauma, worrying about your family’s future, about rolling an inheritance over to them, or just surviving this slow kill mental torture?

2, Are you aware of the sort of future that this one sided racially motivated Zio-ideology has in-store for you and your family?

3, Do you realise you still have a chance of changing global politics and the financial control that manipulates chaos, plunder, anarchy and misery as they roll out one-sided racial hate policies to agitate and divide and rule? Well, read on;

I’ve been an ardent unofficial thinker for most of my life, always questioning the official narrative that eventually leads me to work outside of the norm; Early days; I chose self-employment that I’d wrongly predicted would secure my family’s future.

To the displeasure of the Town Hall cabal and (((their))) covert plans, the planned obsolescence to dismantle European culture, I held on tight and become very successful locally, nationally and internationally within the cottage and creative industries.

My true awakening to becoming Jew savvy was triggered having had subversive government policy finally forced on me by those Town Hall (((occupiers))) in 2006 resulting in the confiscation of my long-standing business and premises, rendering me and two hundred and fifty responsible bread-winners within our complex; homeless and without income, ordinary creative working people that I’d shielded from corporate gluttony and Town Hall bullying for over 20 years.

It wasn’t until this date 2006 did I conclude that the international Jew Bankers have the European/Caucasoid under siege, recognized as the hidden hand (enemy) within the halls of power so decided to engage in front line activism against this slow kill (((power structure))).

Needless to say, and with the benefit of hindsight I eventually realised I too “had been” guilty of advancing Zionism/Judaism through my ignorance, but after many “thousands” of hours of cross-section research with my younger brother and others, alongside my lifetime of experiences, I was able to retrace my footsteps and recognised the mistakes I’d made, and can now confidently interpret the “psychological dialectic” that farms us into destruction.

When we, without hesitation decided to step forward in 2006 and face down this (((pirate system))) seeing it had killed the “will and spirit” of our European folk, now recognising it as a forced agenda = “Kalergi plan” for the (((Ju’ish Banker crime families))) and there in the loop “Masonic” Zio-Global oligarchs intent on displacing and shuffling all “Goyim” around the world to change global demographics and erase our European footprint through war and a plethora of social engineered slow kill policies that forces integration to enable miscegenation that completes their objective to eventually kill off diversity by eradicating European blood.

As a result of losing my business in 2006, I eventually lost my family home 2013, a manufactured repossession by the Jewish central banker crime families and had to move my disabled son to temporary accommodation (mother’s) while I couch surfed friends and family until I could secure a more stable environment, not realising how long it would take.

I eventually had to sign myself into Liverpool’s YMCA homeless shelter in 2015, where I spent 8 months, which allowed me access to a charity register which is under a contrived obligation to rehouse me if I played along with their program.

I am now two years out of Liverpool’s YMCA back with my son in a secure home having” served a year of enlightenment and adventure among the discarded. During my time in the city centre branch, the public library becomes a welcome sanctuary for me to access the web/net to remain active and in touch with global events and thank god for every minute spent in that humbled position.

It was a consolidation of ideas why I became a content creator, I did so to punctuate the European/Caucasoid struggle circa 2012 having decided to temporarily set aside the charade of party politics and patriotic street activism until we could recognise a mood swing in our favour. A major issue was that our uphill struggle and dedication had gradually depleted our equity to almost insolvency, which made us more determined and focused; in that, it stimulated a more productive attack and earned us the most from the least.

Lucky for us after many years of uphill struggle opportunities are now opening up, seeing and feeling the mood swing in our favour, now making it a priority for us all to “man the pumps” and increase production, whether it be through “street evangelic activism” or “intellectual content” We all need to face down the JQ monster because the “Goyim know” that this Planed’emic, Phony-Coroni is another hoax…

This is a global struggle for the whole of humanity.

Members of this new “Black Power/Trans lash” uprising (BLM) the mysterious phenomena that appeared from thin air, used as a buffer and or, an attack dog to protect Jewish behaviour having been allotted the use of a separate, and distorted semantic away from anti-Semitism called “racist” that shelters Semitic trickery.

Blacks should listen to their blood brother MUHAMMAD ALI when he explained logic and preferring the right of return for all his folk.

One should be asking why aren’t the opportunities which Muhammad Ali speaks of heavily publicised to help these programmed, persecuted souls of BLM and Afro-centrists to find peace as shown here on this independent site, but then why should they when the Jew has programmed these newly empowered blacks to believe they are in line for a repera£ion pay-out as long as they remain as the buffer and attack dog to protect their slave masters…. “Ghana Calling, Ghana Calling”

The White Man’s Burden and Black Dysfunctionality is business as usual for (((the Shetar))).

I agree that blacks need to stand with all Goyim against Zionism/Judaism to safeguard their ethni-groups and avoid their constant displacement from their historic homelands but, blacks and sub-Saharan groups are already favoured above the “genetic continuity” of the Europeans in this climate” the inducements offered on arrival into our lands for these groups are constant and will eventually wipe out the European; at which point diversity ends = Genocide!

Bathed in Zio-Marxist freedom on arrival they don’t even notice their short term usage as a weaponized Trojan horse an attack dog that compounds competition between European ethni-groups, which is meant to deplete our gene pool and genetic kinship.

We are now faced with a proxy army of subcultures subverting our territorial birthplace for the ultimate benefit of the controlling )w’sh homogeneous group of criminal banker families. Considering these facts, and against all odds, the task is difficult enough trying to push water uphill.

So unless the tide rapidly turns to unite our folk before (((their))) global reset succeeds, we don’t need to curry favour, or go gooey over an awakened non-European/Caucasoid, nor do we need to depend on them. It is they who need to play catch up with us to stop these genocidal megalomaniacs/money changers/well poisoners who have poisoned our food chain and altered our genetic code.

We are a pivotal race who have proven our worth and compassion for humankind. So, un-apologetically, all our folk should cast “guilt” aside and stand positively “proud” of our achievements and if non-Europeans choose to have “us” help them with their quest for justice I will then support 100% their fight back against our common enemy.

Time is against “all goyim” and still we are “tiptoeing” “cap in hand” around these favoured non-Europeans.

)udaism is in a constant battle for total control now manifesting as the Black Lives Matter “ruse” wolf crying the “white privilege” semantic used to racially attack our ethnie-group, another weaponized Zio-Marxist phrase meant to agitate racial tensions and divide European genetic kinship to guilt and coward us into submission, and to stop us reproducing…… “Kill whitey”

Henry Ford’s message continues to resonate … see video here. 

We are a far cry from 100 years ago when we represented 33% of the world’s population now configured at only 8%, of which 2% is of child bearing age and rapidly depleting as they discourage in-group preference for our folk while encouraging non Europeans to miscegenate outside of their own to accelerate (((their))) prophetic “Kalergi plan” to breed a new rootless type of people, and when doing so, for them “not” to lose sight of their distant heritage but stampede over ours….

Stand up; We have nothing to be sorry for!!

WWII was a lie… see the 10 part series “EUROPA – The Last Battle” and wake up from your slumber!

Keep “)u’s” and their Marxist foot-soldiers out of banking, administration and party politics.

We are all duty bound one way or another so our content/contributions, and “Duty” will continue for as long as it takes.

National Socialism will implement Autarkratic Meritocracy which stands on national principles alongside the social conscience that works the economy bottom upwards instead of this  top downwards corporate system which is killing us. Our economic system will rein victorious once implemented which can only happen if the Jew is unmasked! …….. “Gott mit uns” …. Peter Quiggins

“Bog Roll” or “Drum Roll”

9 comments on “GoyimTv

  1. welshukrainian
    July 28, 2020

    Hi P,

    Add to your email list. He’s sound. He recently discovered G-TV. He’s horrified by the truth.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jim Rizoli
    July 29, 2020

    Blacks seem to attack in groups not by themselves

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jim Rizoli
    July 29, 2020

    Goyim TV seems to linked to other media platforms….so if those go done so does Goyim am I right on this?

    Liked by 1 person

    • PeterQuiggins
      July 30, 2020

      I’m not sure Jim….. HT has assured us longevity.


      • Jim Rizoli
        July 30, 2020

        Yes but if BS goes down then goyimtv will go down to.

        Liked by 2 people

  4. labour25
    August 16, 2020

    Hi Peter, I think your endorsement of GTV may have been a little premature mate and I wouldn’t like to see you lose credibility. Have you seen this exchange between two of HT’s buddies Fascifist and ChuckThemClouds?

    Translated from the original German to English

    The Fascifist – “At that time it was said in German Propoganda that England was to blame and that their hypocrisy was a world-wide shame. You can still see this English-Jewish hatred today.”

    ChuckThemClouds – “The eternal Anglo (English) screams in pain when he hits you, mate.”

    The Fascifist – “Look how he writes. He shows his wearer face.”

    The Fascifist – “They do not distinguish between England and America. They are all part of the “Anglo Saxon Master Race” as Benjamin Franklin and Cecil Rhodes would probably think.”

    The Fascifist – “Hitler called the Chinese and Japanese superior cultures to his own if I recall correctly.”

    ……. They are stirring it up between us Irish and our English brothers!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Tommy True
    January 10, 2021

    I’ve registered for Goyimtv a couple of times and clicked the confirmation email but the site never logs me in. I get an error message “log in attempt has failed x”. I registered again just now with same result.


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