Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’

The Jew’dicial Con’voy

Grand JewryWow…. At first glance I sat open mouthed” in some sort of giddy excitement as I watched and praised the “initiative” and “principle” re this lawful “Grand Jury in the court of public opinion”, re the Cov19 criminal action which is being fronted by so called representatives of the people litigating an action against (((their))) selection of globalists in the above video… I was actually enjoying the simplicity of the live streams up until 38mnts into it, when … suddenly! …… Lol .. Bingo!!. ……….. Secondary link here 36mnts in… 


Having studied the rudimental workings of the “law” and the “legal” system, alongside ourThe Dialectic unwritten constitution here in the UK for over a decade to date, I believe this action to be a great idea and more than possible if it were to be in the hands of an Autocratic/Meritocratic syndicate to seize back control of “sovereignty” for each and every sentient being, and respective nation on the planet before the cabal in the said video, cycle us all back into the hands of their (((puppet masters))).

When the video started, the hairs at one point stood up on the back of my neck, with the thought that this action might be a way of helping face down this global.19 (((Chabad mafia))) even though the perpetrators are not in the dock.

I was open minded until the end of the opening statement, the introduction of the nice Jew witnesses;

1, The Rabbi from New York… 2, The Holocaust survivor… 3, The Israeli witness…

4, (((Their))) Shabbos goy “Brian Gerrish” with his; .. It’s everyone else but the Jews!

Lol… Show me a Jew who doesn’t benefit from Jew tricks!

Just these 4 points alone made me “keel over” into a belly laugh.. What was I expecting from these (((atheistic parasites))) who play all sides of the “problem” “reaction” “solution” scam!… No wonder it went viral, and freely available on (((their))) corporate network. …..

It’s so obvious that this is just “one part” of their end game plan;

To end the Cov19 scam with a global criminal action, pointing at a gaggle of cherry picked fall guys as being the chief engineers, alongside the promise of mass insurance pay offs for the injured, or affected which will certainly induce mass support and continue to reinforce their lucrative (((legal system))) just like the furlough appeasement payments stopped a national uprising in UK during the lockdown.


Once this Court action has been accepted globally, you can bet a solution in (((their great reset))) will be offered to us all, especially now that the Canadian freedom convoy is generating global support, along with the fact that millions across the planet have had the “jab/s” and volunteered all their personal data and DNA to some sort of (((corporate dysgenics agency))).

Meanwhile the objective of the new scam from those who “(((ride gunshot)))” is to continue to lead the sanctioned narrative:

1, Blame the (((Vatican)))….. 2, Blame the Royals…… 3, Vindicate the Jew… 4, It’s the class system…


 5, Legitimise Israel… 6, Hide Mossad’s 911 attack… 7, Legitimise the 1945 “Nuremburg farce… 8, Legitimise the Holocaust scam… 9, Attach it all to the Germans and National Socialism… 10, Sustain (((Central Banking for the criminal families)))… 11, It’s white supremacy….

That’s all it takes to supress the rise of “Autarky”, using an economic interest free banking system of “protectionism” and “distributionism” which will end (((Central Banking))) and all (((their trickery))). All the Jew, and his Shabbos goy helpers have to do is just keep shouting from the roof tops what (((Hollywood))) taught the masses to shout; …. It’s the Fascists, Nazis, white supremacists!!… and yet Autarky will allow for 100% employment through “public” and “private” works, supported by “agrarian production”, interest free banking and mortgages which will neutralise evictions and all bully boy bailiffs at your door. The Gottfried Feder economic model/money is their best kept secret and why Muammar Gaddafi had to die because he implemented a similar system for his people.


Let me make it more clear; The Vatican from its inception was a dialectic created by Jews to shepherd non Jews (goyim) into whatever direction they needed for them to be led, So took all the best morals and goodness from our Aryan past and inserted into their teachings to be sure it always led back into the hands of the (((central Banker crime families))) which is why the (((Vatican))) gifted the money changer Jew the usury scam to pendulum swing over Christians in order to slow kill, harvest away all the assets of the world, and more so all European nations, an “actuarial formula” which was to the Rabbi, just a mathematical equation that could forecast the end game because he held all the cards, and rules, only he knew he was waging war on non Jews (goyim).

On the face of it, the open court hearing tells me that it’s been a well “planned” and “lawful” pursuit, and yes, the reality is, its just another dialectic event to re-entrap “non Jews” back into (((Jewish hands))).


I have listened to the facts and substance of the evidence being presented and am in full agreement with it, but who couldn’t be! It was obvious “to me” from the beginning that the planned’emic was meant to be “a sloppy Jew joke (chutzpah) from the word go“; Toilet rolls………, face masks…., anal swab tests…., self isolation and…. social distancing from family and loved ones etc. Which is why I released “The Emperors new clothes” video to point out the obvious.

The web of judges and witnesses is the give away and the fact that it is so freely available on Youtube and other Jew corporate platforms.

Rube’n Duck 

A Jew is chosen to be the spokesman for the Canadian Freedom Convoy

It’s also a coincidence that the Canadian freedom Truck convoy has gathered momentum at the same time as this court action, not just across Canada but New Zealand and other country’s, and once again,

lucky for the (((Central Banker crime families))) the “naïve and good intentioned Truckers” have nominated or accepted a Jew spokesperson to represent them. Meantime (((their))) man Putin is flexing war games over Ukraine to swing mood the masses. The (((Central banker criminal families))) have triggered a coordinated attack/trap.

I can see right through it now, why it looked odd that non of the Truckers, or anyone along the whole rout highlight the fact that “Israel did 911” and that “Pfizer” and “Moderna” are run by Jews, just several obvious points of fact, and yet no signs or boards!

Now it makes sense after seeing the above truckers video why Trudeau is condemning the convoy! He is directing folk by default (dialectic) to support the (((well organised))) sanctioned rally. Is it not also a coincidence that, some Medea news casts play the impartial card” Yet, at some point in the cast will guide you to an alternative selection of groups that always to seem to gravitate in a loop back to the same faces. Well done (((central banker crime families))) = Israel Now I know why I couldn’t work out who the convoy is targeting other than …

 “Lets go to Parliament and steam off” 

Meanwhile the logistics re food supply etc … across the country, and more so “the world” is at risk of collapse which suits Israel and the elite Jew = (((The Central Banker Crime families))) because they have manufactured it so they can blame us for any future food crisis. 


For what its worth, using simple pattern recognition, basic arithmetic, facts and evidence on the balance

Jew Savvy and Mossad alert!

Jew Savvy and Mossad alert!

of probability” is that the Jew needs to play both these dialectic cards, because (((they))) know that their Holohoax scam, their free bus ride is over, So their great reset is crucial which is why they silence Jew name’rs

Refugee 2So, unless “we”, “us”,” you” (The Removalers) start naming the “Jew” and dragging them out howling loud their lucrative “wolf cry” … help me “its all anti Semitic” , I foresee this global class action, and Canadian freedom convoy allowing them to, once again merge into the background to continue to puppet their slow kill agenda over us “non Jews” Goyim.

This time we block (((their))) last line of defence “the (((Vatican)))” from settling them into another part of Christendom as has been getting done for millennia when the heat starts ramping up, Non Jews/goyim cant afford to keep falling for their ie “just turn the other cheek epithet”, the semantic trickery to keep us all “passive” and “pliant”. Zio-Democracy does not listen to “love”, “peaceful”, or “passive talks”…

You need to take parliament from them, otherwise the Holocaust, central banking and Mossad’s 911 attack will remain intact and all your “love talk” will have done a great job for (((them))) = Israel … Well done mother truckers!


At what point in this global crisis will you be ready to accept why voicing out loud “observations” and “truth” is anti Semitic?

Make the War Referendum go viral… Best hash tags for:

Farmers here! …. Truck drivers here!….Train drivers here! …..Bus drivers here!.

Taxis drivers here! ……. Football here…….. Vaccine here.……..  Nationalism here.….

The War Referendum….

Because: “Gottfried Feder is the storm”

2 comments on “The Jew’dicial Con’voy

  1. claudius1889
    February 12, 2022

    I am sorry but I did not get the point of the video. I never saw the rabbi or the Holocaust “survivor”. Anyway, I basically agree with you and I think that the Canadian trucker’s march or convoy would not achieve anything.

    I mean what is the idea behind this? Honking non-stop like a bunch of morons/hooligans? Why this pathetic and cowardly insistence on “peaceful protest”? Do these idiots think that the (((enemy))) will buy that? I am sick and tired of the stupidity of the huge majority of Whites who think that “peaceful protests ” will achieve something. These morons still have not learned, maybe they never will, that “human rights” and “free speech” are to be enjoyed only by our enemies.

    Liked by 4 people

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