Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

‘’Those that give up Liberty for short term security, Deserve neither Liberty or Security’’



by Captain Achibald.H.Maule RamsayCaptain Archibald Maule Ramsay Born 4 May 1894 Died 11 March 1955 Nationality British Occupation politician, soldier, writer Party Unionist and AUTHOR: was educated at Eton and the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, and served with the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards in the First World War until he was severely wounded in 1916 – thereafter at Regimental H.Q. and the War Office and the British War Mission in Paris until the end of the war. From 1920 he became a Member of H.M. Scottish Bodyguard. In 1931 he was elected a Member of Parliament for Midlothian and Peeblesshire.
Arrested under Regulation 18b on the 23rd May, 1940, he was detained,without charge or trial, in a cell in Brixton

Prison until the 26th September, 1944. On the following morning he resumed his seat in the House of Commons and remained there until the end of that Parliament in 1945.

The Thirteenth Tribe of Israel 1976 [Arthur Koestler]

400px-Arthur_KoestlerKoestler in 1948 Occupation Novelist, essayist, journalist
Nationality Hungarian, British  Ethnicity Jewish Citizenship
Naturalized British subject Period 1934–1983
Subjects Fiction, non-fiction, history, autobiography, politics, philosophy, psychology, parapsychology, science Notable Book linkwork(s) Darkness at Noon The Thirteenth Tribe Notable award(s) Sonning Prize (1968)CBE (1972)

Metapedia Arthur Koestler


Corneliu Zelea Codreanu For-my Legionaries.

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu[a] (Romanian pronunciation: [korˈnelju ˈzele̯a koˈdre̯anu];  September 13, 1899 – November 30, 1938) — born Corneliu Zelinski and commonly known as Corneliu Codreanu — was a Romanian politician of the emerging common sense politics of right wing, the founder and charismatic leader of the Iron Guard or The Legion of the Archangel Michael (also known as the Legionary Movement), an ultra-nationalist and was anti Jewish Zionism his organization was active throughout most of Book linkthe interwar period. Generally smeared in the Jewish controld media as the main variety of local fascism, and noted for its mystical and Romanian Orthodox-inspired revolutionary message, it grew into an important common sense voice on the Romanian political stage, coming into conflict with the political establishment and the Jewish democratic forces, and often resorting to direct action. The Legionaries traditionally referred to Codreanu as Căpitanul (“The  Captain”), and he held absolute authority over the organization until his death.

Codreanu, who began his career in the wake of World War I and was anti Jewish Bolshevism  and was an agitator against the controllers ‘Jewish Zionism‘. Corneliu was associated with A. C. Cuza and Constantin Pancu, was a co-founder of the National-Christian Defense League and assassin of the IaşiPolice prefect Constantin Manciu. Codreanu left Cuza to found a succession of movements on the right, rallying around him a growing segment of the country’s intelligentsia and peasant population, Several times outlawed by successive Romanian Zionist controld cabinets, his Legion assumed different names and survived in the underground, during which time Codreanu formally delegated leadership to Gheorghe Cantacuzino-Grănicerul. Following Codreanu’s instructions, the Legion carried out assassinations of corrupt Marxist politicians, including Premier Ion G. Duca and his former associate Mihai Stelescu. Simultaneously, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu advocated Romania’s adherence to a military and political alliance with National Socilaist Germany.

He registered his main electoral success during the 1937 suffrage, but was blocked out of power by King Carol II, who came to favor rival nationalists alternatives around the National Christian Party and the National Renaissance Front. The rivalry between Codreanu and, on the other side, Carol and moderate politicians like Nicolae Iorga ended with the former’s imprisonment at Jilava and eventual assassination at the hands of the Gendarmerie. He was succeeded as leader by Horia Sima. In 1940, under the National Legionary State proclaimed by the Iron Guard, his killing served as the basis for retribution.

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu’s views influenced the modern right wing. Groups claiming him as a forerunner include Noua Dreaptă and other Romanian successors of the Iron Guard, the International Third Position, and various right wing organizations in Italy and other parts of Europe.


Wagner Judaism in Music.

p00zpb3gThe letters and essays collected in Judaism in Music and Other Essays were published during the 1850s and 1860s, the period when he was chiefly occupied with the creation of The Ring of the Nibelung. Highlighting this collection is the notorious 1850 article “Judaism in Music,” which caused such a firestorm that nearly twenty Book linkyears later Wagner published an unapologetic appendix. Other prose pieces include “On the Performing of Tannhauser,” written while he was in political exile; “On Musical Criticism,” an appeal for a more vital approach to art undivorced from life; and “Music of the Future.” This volume concludes with letters to friends about the intent and performance of his great operas; estimations of Liszt, Beethoven, Mozart, Gluck, Berlioz, and others; and suggestions for the reform of opera houses in Vienna, Paris, and Zurich.


Tom-Goodrich Hell Storm

The PDF upload here is only the short version.      Michael Thomas Goodrich (November 21, 1947 -),    born Michael Thomas Schoenlein, is of German,  French and Italian ancestry.

A professional writer for nearly twenty-five years, Tom  Goodrich is an historian who became involved in the truth movement and White Nationalism after publication of his book, It was while researching Hellstorm that the author realized that much of what we Book linkhave been told about the Second World War is false. Most of the crimes attributed to the National Socialist Party in particular and the German people in general during the war were fabricated while actual atrocities committed against the defeated nation during and after the war have been covered up, including massive rapes, wholesale massacre, deliberate starvation, torture, wide-scale depopulation, and the attempted genocide of the entire German population.

A vegetarian and animal advocate, an unabashed “tree-hugger,” Goodrich is a native of Kansas who has lived in numerous places, at home and abroad. Before the collapse of communism, Goodrich personally smuggled contraband material behind the Iron Curtain.

Radio interview – Thomas Goodrich ‘Hellstorm’  –

The Inhumanity of  History’s ‘Heroes’


It was the most deadly and destructive war in human history. Millions were killed, billions in property was destroyed, ancient cultures were reduced to rubble–World War II was truly man’s greatest cataclysm. Thousands of books, movies and documentary films have been devoted to the war. There has never been such a terrible retelling of the story, however, as one will find in Hellstorm. In a chilling “you-are-there” style, the author places the reader at the scene, in the moment. Throughout this book readers will see what Allied airman saw as they rained down death on German cities; or the reader will experience what those below experienced as they sat trembling in their bomb shelters awaiting that very same death from above. The reader will view up close the horrors of the Eastern Front during the last months of fighting and through the mud, blood and madness of combat they may come to understand how the same German soldiers, who only moments before had destroyed an enemy tank, could now risk their own lives to rescue the trapped Soviet crew inside. Readers will witness for themselves the fate of German women as the rampaging Red Army raped and murdered its way across Europe–all females, from “eight to eighty” feared the dreaded words, “Frau Komm.” The worst nautical disasters in history which claimed thousands of lives, the greatest mass migration known to man in which millions perished, the fate of those wretched victims in post-war death camps and torture chambers, these and many other dark secrets of World War II now come to light in Hellstorm. Hellstorm – Goodrich

The Last Days of the Romanovs From 15th March 1917 by Robert Wilton

Robert Archibald Wilton (31 July 1868 – 18 or 19

January 1925) was a British journalist and a proponent of antisemitic thought.

Wilton, who was born in Cringleford, Norfolk, was the son of a British mining engineer employed in Russia. In 1889 he joined the European staff of the New York Herald, remaining with that  newspaper for fourteen years, and corresponding on both Russian and German affairs. He then took up an appointment as The Times correspondent in St Petersburg, and became known as a keen observer of events in Russia during the last years of the Tsarist regime. After the Revolution, he moved to Siberia. Following the collapse of the Kolchak government, Wilton managed to escape from Russia and eventually arrived in Paris where, in 1920, he rejoined the New York Herald. In 1924 he joined the staff of a newly founded newspaper, the Paris Times (which published in English). He died from cancer at the Hertford British Hospital in Paris early in 1925.[1]




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